Journey to Yes, N°8

Latest in the series of Phantom Power’s inspiring Journey to Yes video series.  Elizabeth says Yes. As more Scots who voted No to independence reconsider their decision, we follow their journey to Yes and self-determination for Scotland. Scotland is a small business nation. There are around 350,000 Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) operating in Scotland, providing an estimated 1.2 million jobs. Elizabeth owns a cosmetics business that depends on exports and the EU single market. Her decision to vote no was guided by fears that Scotland might not gain membership of the EU. The election of a Conservative majority in the 2015 made Elizabeth begin to reflect on her vote. Originally from Alabama, Elizabeth’s childhood experiences of segregation instilled a deep distrust of divisive politics. Brexit and rise of increasingly right-wing Tory party caused Elizabeth to reject UK politics and fully rethink her position on independence. Brexit now represents a real and present threat to Elizabeth’s business and the workers she supports. Elizabeth explains the barriers to trade that hard Brexit will bring including loss of access to vital EU single market and customs union at the hands of a UK Conservative Govt that does not understand the scale and complexity of Brexit. Scotland is now in a unique position to escape the economic damage Elizabeth believes will diminish the UK economy and can build a new and extraordinary independent nation.
Eighth in a series.
NB David Cameron resigned in 2016 and not 2014 as shown. This error will be updated in future.
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    • May has just stated “Scotland will be leaving the European Union, it will leave the European Union either as a member of the United Kingdom or were it independent. I wonder if this is a Indication that Nicola can have her referendum and the date of her choosing before the UK leaves.

      • I may not be the sharpest knife in the box, but… bring it on to coign a phrase. I hope it is so.

        Action brings reaction:

        Personally, EU membership or EEA/EFTA matters not a jot.

        Point is single market. That’s what I want.

        SNP conference just around the corner. I hope delegates reflect on that and make the criterion of Scotland being in the single market; i.e. EEA membership. The single thing (IMO) which is pretty much assured.

        The party can say (fully confident) that iScotland will remain in the EEA and EFTA membership is assured (subject to a ‘given’ procedure).

        IMO it will be the single unifying line between leave and remain if a referendum on full EU membership is assured on independence.

        In the same vein I hope she rejects a S30 order. I also hope the PO rejects the referendum bill as being beyond Holyrood competence.

        A Holyrood election with an indy majority, in the hand of Scots, within UK constitutional profiles… INDEPENDENT.

        The EU will be forced to recognise our free will. No automatic right, no problem.

  2. These are absolutely superb – and a great tonic for someone who rather foolishly decided to read below the line on the Guardian piece by Mr Monbiot not to mention visiting the Independent and doing the same . I never learn!

  3. Amazing story! Such a nice way of putting things in a very real way and fact based. Awesome! I do believe that right now, Scotland is the place to be in the UK. Anyone can see that having your eyes open and mind not fixed on something that is not only uncertain but probably for the worse is going to provide Scotland a great escape door from the Brexit.

  4. Well done,that woman.
    We have a variety of reasons to vote YES the next time.
    This is one of the most powerful and compelling arguments, and there are many, to look to a positive hope filled future for Scotland, our prosperity, and the well being of us all.
    I note that Davis left the Select Committee aghast when he admitted that there were no contingency plans in place, should there be No Brexit Deal, and May walks away from the table empty handed.
    They really do not know what they are doing, and freely admit it, as opposed to this remarkable businesswoman who describes exactly what a post EU Scotland would look like: tens of thousands of job losses, hundreds of SME’s folding because we are out of the single market, and customs union.
    The road is long, with many a winding turn.

  5. People have heard project since 2012 and are coming round to the idea that Scotland being in charge of its ows affairs looks more and more a better option, and you dont have to support the SNP its about a country not a party.

  6. Keep them coming Phantom. These vignettes are so much more uplifting than the mostly turgid and mendacious tripe that clutters up you-tube.

    Talking of which, I see that “once in a generation” has become the rallying cry of the opposition. Might I suggest the following as a useful riposte –

    It could be argued that the current generation has about 60 years for an average adult life span. Shorter as you move backwards in time to 1707 – conservatively speaking (please pardon my use of the “c” word).

    Considering that the Scottish People have only been given one opportunity to recover there Independence in the past 300 years, does this not mean we have four more opportunities to exercise our franchise just to catch up with the current generation?

    Onwards and upwards to my fellow travelers, and to our new recruits for the cause.

  7. all these clips need a wider audience , real people no pretence no hidden agenda no propaganda ,
    Great talk last night Paul the clearest coverage of all the questions we will be asked continuously , I wish the SNP MPs & Msps have taken note and i sugest a lot of them attend your talks for some well needed instruction .

  8. Once more, Royalty, Nobility, and the Filthy Rich have gathered for the Cheltenham Races.
    While the Working Stiffs , who are ‘just about managing’ on 2008 wages, are out working, and our Widows, Disabled, Elderly, and Unemployed Poor are pencilling in Thursday night’s dinner menu of canned soup and peach slices, the Idle Rich are at play this week.
    One unfortunate punter, (or should that read, some insane nut with too much money?) is reported to have lost £500,000 betting on the red hot 1/5 Queen Mother Champion Chase favourite Douvan, which limped home last. Oops.
    Somebody with more money than sense risked half a million pounds to win £100,000, and lost.
    The bookies cleaned up. Bookmakers are never wrong. Odds on favourites like this rarely get beaten, and on the rarest of occasions that they do, the bookie still wins.
    Turf Accountants are like Unionist MSPs. You never see a poor one.
    Bookies odds on the outcome of Indyref 2?
    4/6 Yes to Independence
    11/10 No
    A pie chart on the betting web site helpfully provides percentages.
    65.14 % are backing Yes
    34.86 No
    The timing of Indyref 2?
    Some time after 2020 is the favourite with Q4 ’18, and Q3 ’19 next likely dates.
    The FM’s Indyref 2 announcement has caught them all out.
    May is clearly rattled.
    In any race I always enjoy scrutinising the runners in the paddock, unscientifically trying to assess the filly that looks like a winner.
    Yesterday that Old Grey carthorse, Dave Davies entered the paddock, the Commons Exit Europe select Committee, and strutted his stuff before the Big Race.
    Chairman Benn: Post Brexit will there be 30% -40% tariffs on dairy and meat exports, and 10% on cars?
    Davies: Approximately correct
    Benn: Customs checks Northern Ireland?
    Davies: (mumbles) Already done in ‘a very light way’. (No it’s not.)
    Benn: Would we lose EU Open Skies agreement?
    Davies: Yes
    Benn: Loss of passporting rights to EU Finance sector?
    Davies: Yes, but…(trails away)
    Benn : Will EU citizens not have EHIC Health Card rights?
    Davies: Ahem, umm, snmph.. (fades.)
    The Old Grey did not pass the Whistle Test.
    9 months after the vote, and Davies could not answer the most basic of questions. The window cleaner would have done a better job. His heart is clearly not in it.
    It is small wonder that SME’s like Elizabeth’s are worried.
    Farmers and Fishermen are quite right to be up in arms.
    Meanwhile Mundell fulminates about Indyref 2 and continues to have nothing to say in defence of Brexit.
    Hammond’s climb down over NIC increases to the self employed yesterday also illustrated how feckless and out of touch May’s Blue Tories are.
    We are expected to believe that Hammond did not consult his PM before breaking a manifesto pledge and increasing NI. When she found out she immediately reversed it.
    Aye right, the first she knew was when he stood up in the House and delivered his budget speech?
    If true, we are up to our nostrils in it.
    As Damon Runyon, that well know betting man, quipped:
    ‘It may be that the race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong – but that is the way to bet.’
    This week we had the chance to look over the runners and riders. Our FM has been swift and strong this week.
    The bookies’ odds on a Yes vote seem just about right.

    • Tory party are the masters of putting a brave face on all desperate situations, Electoral fraud investigation ongoing, just been fined for accounting irregularities in some constituencies, no coherent plan how to approach the EU , that’s why no details have been given, even a simple question by Joanna Cherry yesterday ” will the government give the devolved administrations notice of when the trigger is pulled ” long pause then a vague answer eh Yes possibly, as Mayhem keeps saying we can’t be clearer oh f/k I give up , talking to a brick would be more interesting and productive.

      • Well, that’s it,
        May has spoken.
        Back in your box, ye Sweaties.
        You are an English colony.
        It matters not that your returned 56 SNP MPs.
        It matters not that you returned an SNP Holyrood Administration for a third time.
        It matters not that 62%, all 32 LA’s, voted to Remain in Europe, May as unelected leader of the Blue English Tories has spoken. Scotland is not a country. WE are a Region of England, and England voted to Leave.
        You are being taken out of the EU against your will, and you can’t have a Referendum on Self Government, so there.
        You don’t matter.
        You are an occupied nation.

        BBC Reporting Scotland.
        David Porter outside the HoC.
        According to him, May was ‘choosing her words very carefully’.
        It was a rebuff of the Bad SNP wummin, Nicola Sturgeon, not the Scottish people.
        This was David Porter’s interpretation of the Tory Grande Dame’s ‘carefully chosen words’.
        My eye.
        It is a rebuff of the people of Scotland.
        Look at the electoral returns , Mr Porter. Try reporting rather than acting as a Tory mouthpiece.

        Sally Magnusson patched us over to Toodle Oo The Noo Taylor, and he postulated that May meant 2020, 2021, or even beyond. ‘Way into the dim and distant future in other words. Not in my lifetime, Brian.
        I’m seventy this year. Fuck off. We go now.
        As an aside, can we have Severin Carrell replaced as the voice of the Scottish Press please? The usual Tory Unionist guff from the Dead Tree Talking Heads post PMQ.

        If Holyrood votes to trigger a S30 Order, and May refuses, we go it alone.
        BBC Scotland and the Unionists have seriously underestimated the mood of the nation.

        Next item on Reporting the Parish ( Donalda has attempted to reduce Scotland to a wee backwater) ‘Figures obtained by the BBC’, NHS SNP BAD Department.
        One third of averse events and maternity deaths not actioned. Interview with bereaved father, and it’s all the fucking nasty SNP’s fault.
        A third and final item. Two men are being prosecuted in Jedburgh for foxhunting.
        And that’s the BBC News from Scotland, that wee quiet backward colony of England.
        It’s all kicking off now.
        Taylor, Porter, May has insulted the people of Scotland; NOT Nicola Sturgeon.
        We’re as mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it any more.
        No quote from Davidson, Dugdale, and following today’s performance at FMQ, the utterly hope little lickspittle that is Willie Rennie?
        I wonder why?

    • That’s a contradictory argument.
      You started by pointing out that a 1/5 dead cert favourite at Cheltenham got beat.
      Then proof that we’ll win an indyref2 is that we are favourite with the bookies?

      Bookmakers are never wrong. – Yes they are , frequently. They make a mathematical book of probability which adds up to over 100% . Then probability takes care of the rest

      Odds on favourites like this rarely get beaten, – they get beaten often enough to keep bookmakers rich. The odds on a hung parliament in 2015 were 1/16 .

      and on the rarest of occasions that they do, the bookie still wins. – Bookies lose when odds on favourites win- they only win (not still win) generally when the favourite loses

      I hope the bookies are right on this one but basing it as proof I wouldn’t go with

  9. The people of the Netherlands have just recently overwhelmingly rejected the far right in their elections. The following link allows us to join in the thank you letter to the people of the Netherlands for overwhelmingly choosing democracy and inclusion and rejecting the bigotry and hatred of the far right. The site is that of AVAAZ and there is a copy of the letter to read before adding your name to the thank you list. Europe has been watching this carefully and is pleased at this election win as the Netherlands have rejected the isolationist policies of Trump and the UK. Please consider adding your name to the thank you letter.

  10. I see that the National has reported on a headline in yesterday’s Torygraph stating “Nicola Sturgeon is a liar and a traitor – off with her head!”

    We know the Tories are getting frightened that the Scots want to regain their freedom. However, the Torygraph headline is, under both English law and Scottish law, an incitement to murder and, therefore, a crime.

    I sincerely hope that this incitement to murder has been reported to both the press complaints people and the English and Scottish police, and that action is going to be taken against the Torygraph newspaper.

    Bearing in mind that there has also been a series of threats and extremely foul-mouthed abuse against Nicola Sturgeon on various social media fora, I hope, the police are taking action to deal with these vile and criminal people. This is also important in that the Torygraph is effectively inciting people to continue with such vile and criminal behaviour, hence the need to deal with them by enforcing the law.

  11. Well Paul? That intervention by May HAS to be the gift of the decade. 😀

    Hoping you’ve got something to say about this epic galactofeck later. 🙂

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