Getting the last word

The Maybot has spoken. Scotland, you’re not allowed to decide your own future. Remember all that about being a respected and equal partner in a family of nations? Well what it really meant was that we’re all equally under Theresa’s thumb. She’ll decide what future we’re getting. She’ll decide Brexit. She’ll decide everything. And Scotland can shut up and do what she tells us. That’s the equality and respect that you show to a piece of dog crap caught on your kitten heel.

Theresa doesn’t want Scotland to have another independence referendum because it’s inconvenient for her. It’s terribly inconvenient because it means she won’t be able to sell out the Scottish fishing industry in return for access to the European single market for the financial sector in the City of London. It means she won’t be able to use Scotland’s resources and exports as bargaining counters in Brexit. It means she won’t be able to sell Scotland off. She’s angry about that, because it’s her Brexit party, and Scotland spoils it for her. She’s angry because Scotland just reminded her that there are other people involved here, and we have views and we have opinions and we are damned if they’re not going to be voiced.

The Prime Minister’s insistence that Scotland must wait until after Brexit is concluded before we can hold a referendum is based on a lie. She says that it’s not fair for Scotland to have a vote before the terms of Brexit are known. But that’s not what is going to happen. We will know exactly what the terms of Brexit are by the time a referendum was due, in late 2018 or early 2019, before the UK is pushed out of the Brexit door and into Theresa’s sub-Trumpian dystopia of immigrant bashing and nostalgic nationalist isolationism. An agreement has to be reached, and then it must be ratified. We will know exactly what that agreement is by late 2018, and every country in Europe will then have its opportunity to ratify it and say whether they agree with it.  Except one.

Theresa is saying that every country in Europe can ratify the Brexit agreement, except Scotland. Scotland is to get no say at all. Scotland isn’t to be allowed to say if we agree with Theresa’s agreement, that is if she’s managed to make any agreement at all and we’re not facing the increasingly likely nightmare of being thrown out of the EU without any deal at all being struck. Little nations like Estonia and Malta will get their say on Brexit. They will be fully involved in the negotiation process.  They’ll have the legal right to debate the Brexit agreement in their parliaments, to discuss it in full, and then will have the legal power to decide whether their parliaments and peoples will accept a deal which has been struck with the full participation of their own governments. That’s a deal that will involve selling out Scotland’s resources, but Scotland won’t just be refused the right to ratify the deal, we won’t even be involved in negotiating it in the first place.  We get no say, no consent, no voice.

The British government is hell bent on determining the franchise for the next Scottish referendum. They don’t want us to have it before Brexit comes into effect because they don’t want EU citizens to have a vote and to have a voice. They’re scared of democracy. They’re terrified that this time they’ve gone too far and the people of Scotland, those of us who live in this country and have made it our home, will tell them that we reject their callous and cold-hearted rejection of human decency that leads them to prioritise the demonisation of migrants above all other public policies. They don’t want Scotland to have a vote until it’s too late. They’re determined that we will be tied to the lump of concrete that passes for the British ship of state and we will drown with the rest of them.

Scotland will not have its referendum when it’s convenient for a Prime Minister who has no mandate in this country. Scotland will have it when it’s convenient for Scotland. Theresa May has shattered the illusion that we live in a Union. We don’t. We live in a unitary state in which Scotland is a possession of English nationalism. We live in a country in which the views and distinctiveness of Scotland are traduced, insulted and abused by a government which knows little about us and which cares even less. Theresa May has just turned around to the people of Scotland and stuck two fingers up at us. This isn’t a rebuff to the SNP. This isn’t a slight against Nicola Sturgeon. This is a calculated insult against Scottish democracy, against the entire concept of Scottish nationhood. Theresa May has just told us that we are no more or less than an English region, and we will do what she tells us.

If democracy in Scotland means anything, then it is for Scotland to decide when it’s time for Scotland to make the decisions that are best for Scotland, not Theresa May. According to the Guardian, this hardline decision from the UK government comes after pressure from Ruth Davidson, a politician who lost the last Scottish elections. We now find ourselves living in a country where politicians who lose votes have more influence than those who won them. That’s not a democracy. That’s an authoritarian regime. Unionists complain about the dictatorial tendencies of the SNP because the party had the audacity to win three elections in a row, but the real dictators in Scotland are those serial losers in the Conservative party who still insist on imposing their views on a Scotland which has repeatedly rejected them.

Theresa May is a coward. She’s afraid of democracy. She’s afraid of being challenged in the Commons and elsewhere. She’s afraid of the Scottish people. She’s afraid of our voice. She’s too afraid to come out and state baldly that she will block a Section 30 Order. Instead she hints. She prevaricates. She says it’s not the right time. But she won’t come out and state boldly that she’s going to block it. She’s too much of a coward for that. She doesn’t know the difference between democracy and majoritarianism, she doesn’t know the difference between consent and being silenced. Scotland will not be silenced.

This is Scotland’s future. This is our choice and our decision. I’ve already detailed in a previous blog that there are paths to a referendum that don’t require the consent of Theresa May. The Scottish government should press ahead with its bill for a referendum and demand a Section 30 Order. If that is refused, then those other options are available to us. Scotland will be having its vote when it suits Scotland, and we will go into that vote in the full knowledge that the Conservatives are determined to squash Scottish democracy and refuse Scotland the right to have any say in its own future. All Theresa May did today was to hammer another nail into the coffin of the Union. She’s burying her precious under a pile of bile and disdain. It doesn’t matter what she says, Scotland will have the final word.

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0 thoughts on “Getting the last word

  1. They’re really rattled now. May can see her whole deck of cards crumbling and she hasn’t a clue what to do to stop it.

    Scotland’s voice will be heard and this time we’ll claim our independence.

      • And god help anyone who goes between me and my England, They are treating Europe like they are the ones that need the UK Tusk has already said Europe will walk away, what a fiasco and there taking us down with them.

    • A possible sequence:
      1. A majority of MSPs vote for a Section 30 agreement for a binding referendum on Scottish terms.
      2. An Appeal to the European Court of Human Rights on the grounds of being denied the right to self-determination by an undemocratic Westminster.
      3. An appeal to the United Nations presented by any of the 100 members who are smaller than Scotland, and yet are not too wee, too poor or too stupid to operate independently and democratically.

  2. I have heard May say that she doesn’t want to hear the word divorce well thats what you have just started and its going to be bitter. Nicola should call her referendum and hold it or call an election to obtain a mojority to declare Independence.

  3. If we take the option of calling an election for the Scottish Parliament before Brexit, the EU nationals and 16 year olds will all be able to vote.

      • I’d expect that EU nationals and 16 and 17 years olds are going to be elibile to vote in the referendum, same as last time. May doesn’t get to decide this.

        • I meant she not allowing a referendum until after we leave the EU. she the EU nationals wont have any say what a fiasco.

  4. Thank you Paul for this. What an inspiration you are. Am trying to keep calm here. But your writing helps to put into words what I and I’m sure what many other folks are feeling. Great.

  5. I rather hope she continues in this vein – I can think of nothing more calculated to arouse support for independence than being talked down to in this arrogant, high-handed and condescending manner, and basically being told to shut up because she’s got more important things on her mind.

    I predict another percentage point or so for us independentistas in the opinion polls from now on.

  6. Westminster will be Westminster.

    Ms May’s ‘intervention’ is pretty much a QED moment writ large. Arrogance, intransigence and ignorance. An epic display of self entitlement to state to a nation partner ‘thus far shall you come, but no farther’.

    Ms May is very aware of those other routes as are the Scottish Government and no doubt the EU. She’s in a tough spot and knows it. That she has been forced to play to the right wing balconies tells the more intelligent commentators and serious politicians much.

    The upcoming SNP conference should prove right interesting. 😉

  7. “We live in a unitary state in which Scotland is a possession of English nationalism.”
    I read that as urinary state – which is more accurate ’cause this woman is really taking the p**s.

  8. I cant understand why we have no say what so ever in our affairs, have we become so dependant on westminster and the unionist parties.

  9. Surely it’s Scottish MSP that would fight a referendum in Scotland not MP from westminster so whats the problem, it’s she knows she will loss it and big.

  10. Well said Paul.
    Interesting that Queen Theresa leaves it to Fluffy Mundell to play Governor and deliver her message to her Scots Colony.
    Now we know for sure how we are to be dealt with.

  11. Theresa May said “Now is not the time”. She was asked time and again to say whether she would block a referendum and she just kept repeating “Now is not the time.” She is therefore leaving her options open whilst stating her preference. Unsurprisingly, the mainstream media has portrayed​ this statement as something that it patently isn’t. There’s a name for that kind of distortion; it’s called propoganda. The mainstream media cannot be trusted.

    The Scottish Parliament should go ahead and pass a motion on another independence referendum. They should present it to Westminster for approval and see whether they dare to block it. If they do then, and only then, should the Scottish Parliament decide the most appropriate response.

    It’s interesting that the Pound immediately jumped up in response to May’s statement. Clearly, the prospect of Scottish independence reduces the value of the Pound and the prospects of it receding increase the value of the Pound. Surely the opposite would be true if Scotland was the financial basket case that the Unionist propaganda portrays?

  12. I do wonder where May is taking her advice from. The ignorance, arrogance and intransigence of the current Con-cabal at Westminster is truly fascinating to observe – they’re living in cloud-cuckoo land. Witness Davis’s evidence to the Brexit Committee. Plans for a hard Brexit? Put it on a bit of paper.Consequences of WTO rules on trade? Oh, we haven’t thought about that, ad nauseum. I’m amazed at their stupidity. To tell us Scots “You’ll have had your Indyref” will just turn more of us to vote for freedom and democracy. There is more than one way to skin a cat as you mentioned in your previous post, Paul.We’re a thrawn race and the more they say no, the more we’ll get out there and take democracy into our own hands.

  13. I commented yesterday that I liked your idea of an early Scottish Parliament election fought on the single issue of independence. I’m liking it even more now. Won’t be without its difficulties in determining what qualifies for a win – outright majority of MPs or 50.1% of the popular vote – but let’s just make sure we get both!

  14. Mundell looked terrified today, standing next to the tank commander, who it now transpires was behind the useful advice to May. He should be terrified.
    For the first time in my life I am going to be at a party conference tomorrow. Good pick for it to be this one. Can’t wait.

  15. What got me was BBC Scotland’s total disregard for the reaction which this Davidson inspired nonsense would engender.
    The thick end of two million Scots citizens, probably many more now, who have been involved in the greatest most peaceful and democratic political/civic/social movement in modern European history, are dismissed out of hand by the MSM, and notably BBC Scotland.
    WE are instructed, not now, maybe in five years, or maybe not, and expected to take it on the chin.
    David Porter and Brian Taylor are not journalists, broadcasters; they are propagandists for the English Establishment.
    Ruth Davidson is demanding that women who have a third child (Child Tax Credit is now restricted to two children, rather like China’s Social Engineering of child birth in the ‘eighties) prove that they had been raped before they are awarded CTC for the third child.
    Adam Two Jobs WATP Tomkins is forcing newly bereave widows with a young family to sign on for work because he has scrapped widow’s allowance.
    Murdo The Queen’s Eleven Fraser has just rendered 11,000 18-21 year olds homeless, by scrapping their Housing Benefit.
    Jackson Carlaw has scrapped Employment Support allowance by £30 per week to disabled job seekers.
    Now Ruth Davidson has advised May to tell the Scottish people to fuck off.
    Demockery, not democracy.
    The Neo Liberal Far Right Wing Tories are hell bent on destroying Scotland, and reducing England to a Victorian backwater, where the rich are the elite, and tens of millions mere wage slaves.
    I cannot understand Labour supporters in Scotland who still prop up Kezia Dugdale, Ruth Davidson’s very own echo chamber.
    The Dam is bust. There is no going back. WE hold a plebiscite before Brexit no matter what. There are 180,000 of our fellow Europeans who live and work here who are entitled to vote. There is the next ‘generation’ of 16-17 year olds,
    Come April 2019, Liam Fox will have scrapped HR, Employment Rights, Union membership, and so much more.
    We will be mad to even think of giving this evil regime any wriggle room.
    In fact, I’d write to every EU Leader to remind them that Davidson doesn’t speak for the Scots, and Scotland isn’t England’s to barter away.

    • You can of course see what prompted May’s catastrophic intervention Jack? She now faces going to that Brexit negotiating table with the assets of only those who mandated a departure from the EU. She also faces an EU negotiating team fully aware of her weakened bargaining position and who are increasingly pro Scotland’s situation. Not to mention the rest of the planet and more importantly the ‘markets’ will be watching the ensuing negotiations with some interest.

      So as far as the PM is concerned, now is really not a good time… etc

      Ooft! 😉

      Were I in Ms May’s shoes, I’d feel a tad rattled myself. Maybe, just maybe, Westminster should have honoured its indyref pledges. Or maybe when PM May promised to listen to the devolved legislatures proposals and form a unified plan, she should have followed through on that.

      But what do we know?

      Hey ho.

      • is it possible that when UK voted to leave the EU, the Tories expected the EU to beg for the UK to stay and now that hasn’t happened there in a panic followed by threats and more threats, or is the UK doing project fear what ever it is it’s not working.

    • Aye, that’s about the size of it. And we’re only seeing a part of the action, just one plane of the 3D board. But there’s not doubt who’s on the back foot, who’s showing a slight smile and who most certainly isn’t laughing …

  16. This takes me back… they certainly like to talk about ‘listening’ in this most equal of Unions……9th Sep 2014: Scottish independence: David Cameron cancels PMQs to go and ‘listen to people of Scotland’… listened that hard that EVEL was introduced a few days later (as Scotland conveniently has only 59 MPs with 650 seats in Westminster overall … again no need to actually ‘listen.’.ever again.. indeed the Speaker even gets to decide if a matter involves Scotland or not, if not – please leave the room-where we don’t need to actually listen to you any more.

    Whether they are ‘listening’ or not (suspect the latter going on recent form)… there will be a welcome lesson in O-Grade Arithmetic next week in the Scottish Parliament which will confuse the media.greatly. who are most insistent (at every opportunity… the same way they are insistent that is apparently ‘no desitre for another Referendum ‘) that there is an SNP ‘minority’ Government.

    True there is no absolute majority enjoyed by the SNP in a Parliament with a voting system designed to prevent an absolute majority, I am sure the ‘minority’ the SNP have to endure would be the dream of any other Party there (especially Labour) -as you would not want tyrranical rule across this Brittanic Land … but more on that in coming months I’m sure.

    Arithmetic Paper 1 (Ordinary) 2017:
    Question 1.

    At the last Scottish Parliamentary Election results were as follows:

    SNP MSPs: 63, Con.:31, Lab: 24, Green 6 and Lib Dem 5.

    Here goes, …please write in ink on both sides of the paper , show your working and no conferring:-

    Is 31 less than 63? Yes or No? (1 mark)
    What does 31 + 24 equal? (1 mark)
    Is 55 less than 63? Yes or No? (1 mark)
    What does 31 + 24 + 5 equal? (1 mark)
    Is 60 less than 63? Yes or No? (1 mark)

    So SNP votes alone outnumber the combined votes of the Conservative (blue) & Unionist Party and the reddish Branch of the Conservative and Unionist Party and the very yellow (Democratic -but only ‘democratic’ if its a second vote on Brexit) branch of the Conservative and Unionist Party.

    To add a splash of green and independent thought

    What is 63 +6 ? (1 mark)

    Is 60 less than 69? (1 mark)

    Through our elected representatives (MSPs) will the wishes of the Scottish electorate be represented in next week’s Parliamentary vote: Yes or No? (1 mark)

    What is the square root of 81 (2 marks)

    If the answer to any of your questions is Yes (then it is likely you are a natural Yes supporter .and .I was just trying to subliminary suggest how you should vote the next time – assuming you are ‘granted permission’ of course).

    Did you get 10/10?

    • Just a minor point red and blue makes purple so Purple Unionist verses very light green INDY. I also noticed that if you mix red blue and yellow you get a Shitty broon colour. Yir arithmetic is fandabadozy

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  18. She’s annoyed that her “Red, White and Blue BRexit” will only be a Red and White one!

    I know! Just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Poor little kitten 🙂

  19. I loved the Arithmetic Paper Patience.
    Only an imbecile would fail this …….. oh wait a minute?

  20. I hope the peoples of Scotland are made of the stuff I thought they were. We have to show them whether for or against independence that we are a nation and we cannot be treated like this.

  21. seemingly PM’s spokesman calls on Scottish Government to drop next week’s Holyrood vote on independence referendum because they are gonna say no

    are they fecking MAD – was that really gonna appeal to NS – she’s gonna nail them on this and call the vote AND FORCE then to reject it – especially now they have hung themselves out for it

    turkeys christmas

    and these are the people negotiating our exit from EU – OMG

  22. TM still goes to the negotiating table without Scottish assets, Nicola will go ahead with ‘ seeking authority from the Scottish Parliament’ to agree terms regards section30.
    The EU would have to caveat or disregard any negotiation including Scottish assets.
    UK borrowing may also be seriously affected.

      • In other words, Scotland’s call for independence has come as a surprise to him despite there being plenty of warning. In his opinion that call has genuinely damaged the UK’s bargaining power due to the doubts cast that they’ll be able to honour their end of any deal.

        To back to the tired analogy, this is like the spouse who is surprised after years of belittling their partner when they finally snap.

        Funnily enough there’s a line in this that springs to mind, . Perhaps more than one.

      • Can we get this out there? I’m not very tech-savvy but everyone who thinks the Scots hate the English and not vice versa should see this. So should anyone who deludes themselves that England has any regard for us at all. The so-called abuse whined about by JKR and others pales into complete insignificance compared to this.

      • Oh, how I love a well reasoned intellectual argument. People like that make you want to tow England out to the middle of the Atlantic and sink it. But then that’s what they seem intent on doing all by themselves … just so long as we get the use of the lifeboats first 🙂

  23. The eyes of the world are watching you TM. The mother of democracy and all that. Mummy is not well and is currently flat out on a bed of nails.

    • Correction.

      The eyes of the World are on the First Minister of Scotland. Our very own in over 300 years.

      If she’s doing what I think she’s doing – I’ll be there in eight hours. I’ll clean out my bank account and pick up as much champagne as I can lay my hands on.

      A minor amendment to my nom de plume – “I have now packed my bags and am Waiting for the Plane to Scotland.” Via Iceland of course.

      Our rise will be a deep breath for a troubled world.

      We’ll be overrun by everyone under the sun, all claiming their fifth cousin twice removed was from Helensburgh. It’ll be a glorious. The party will last for a month at least. I intend to be drunk for the lot.

      Reality will be a crashing bore, but it will be nice to feel comfortable in my own skin for a change. Looking forward to an adventure. Donald will probably claim he brought it about. I’m looking forward to it all.

      Now this is what I call creative destruction. The heritage of Adam Smith and Keir Hardie has been fused and is born again. How the hell did this happen! Have they been this stupid all along? Have we been just too drunk to notice? We’ve gotta cut down on the booze folks.

      And in future, if anyone comes along with a plan to make money in Panama, call for a doctor.

      Bon courage!

  24. As ever, you make great points! This certainly is about resources and May scoring points with the rabid, swivel eyed backbenchers who are chomping at the bit for all things brexit and glorious ‘Great Britain’. All very transparent!

  25. Just donated to the referendum fund and feel even better.

    It’s early days, with at least 18 months until the referendum which May cannot stop happening. Keep calm and trust in Nicola.

  26. To rip off a line from Ewan McGregor in the first Trainspotting movie we are ruled by a bunch of w****** .The Uk government are clueless truely do they not get it that to tell Scotland they can’t do something means only one thing light the blue touch paper and stand well back.It only makes us more determined and I am sure will drive more people into the Independence camp. If I hear one more thing from the Tories about coming together or unity I will personally throw up. They just don’t get it that the Uk is one state but 4 constitutent nations I hope that changes real soon.

    • And England is by no means “one nation”, certainly not under May. They have a narrow majority, apparently obtained by fraud, so there’s a real possibility that the wheels will be coming off their bus very soon. The Brexit vote too was really very narrow, too slim a majority to justify a major constitutional change, and likewise partly based on deception. How many ‘Leave’ voters expected to stay in the EEA as was often suggested? Quite likely, one way or another, Brexit will get derailed. So full marks to Nicola for seizing the day, the opportunity may not last.

  27. I’ve noticed both May and Sturgeon use the word ‘this country’ a lot recently, both meaning different things. that’s the big idealogical faultline – if you think the UK or Scotland is a country or not.

  28. As of FM Nicola Sturgeon’s declaration of intent earlier this week, Ms May realistically now goes to the EU negotiating table with national assets belonging only to those who voted to leave the EU. That is only right and proper. Bargaining with the national assets and civic rights of a nation partner who did not mandate this action would have been reprehensible on every moral and democratic level.

    Let’s be absolutely clear. No First Minister of Scotland, regardless of party or ideology would be doing ‘the day job’ had they meekly allowed central government to dictate the dispensation of their mandate, their national assets or their civic and human rights against the mandate of the population.

    Scotland isn’t a region. The population of Scotland aren’t an afterthought on a treasury balance sheet. Scotland is currently a nation partner in the United Kingdom. We have been told, an ‘equal partner’ in a ‘sacred and precious union’. Indeed as has been noted many times, the only other signatory to the treaty of union.

    It’s time for Westminster government and those who promote this union partnership in Scotland to prove that point and on recent evidence of their actions, you have to wonder if they actually can. So far, I’m not terribly impressed with their idea of unity and partnership, which basically consists of patronising soundbite, condescension, ignorance and a less than democratic authoritarian tone.

    Scotland’s electorate will decide whether those assets are added to or stand on their own merit. That is also right and proper.

    Right now and especially after Ms May’s, Mr Mundell’s and Ms Harrison’s intervention, I’m not convinced by our partners approach that we should be any part of their negotiations or empire 2.0.

    I don’t think they’re entirely trustworthy you know.

    Just a feeling.

  29. Oxford dictionary online defines a country “as a nation with its own government occupying a particular territory. We have that what we don’t is sovereignty which the dictionary gives one example of as the authority of a state to govern itself or an another state.That is what we need and are fighting for as currently there is nothing to stop the uk government dragging Scotland out of the EU despite only having one MP here.Cruella May keeps banging on about we have been one country for 300 years that only works in the sense we were not allowed our government during that period.Things are different now get used to Theresa

  30. That was The Week That Was, it’s over but we certainly aren’t letting it go. (Google it, Juvenes dum sumus.)
    Five days topped and tailed by the stellar performances from two Daughters of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon and Joanna Cherry.
    On Monday, the Establishment Propaganda Wing hauled its collective ass through to Edinburgh and was rendered speechless when our FM announced that she would be seeking a mandate from the Scottish Government to begin the process to hold a second Referendum on Self Government.
    The Dead Tree Scrollers and their Broadcast colleagues tried their best, flailing badly as they hurled Project Fear One tropes at our FM.
    Project Fear, so 2014.
    Borders, leaving the EU, which currency, the Scottish People don’t want one. Sarah, Severin, they all had a go, and Nicola Sturgeon calmly fielded every narrow wee Unionist fear/smear/ threat with her usual highly polished unruffled aplomb.
    It sure fucked up May’s Ides of March Launch of Brexit PR stunt.
    Spreadshit Phil Hammond should have stayed away from the ‘Senate’ on the 15th March right enough.
    His Cabinet Colleagues dressed in togas and flip flops and a basic knowledge of Shakespeare should have forewarned him. The knives were out, he was about to get stabbed in the back.
    We are expected to believe that he didn’t know that no tax rises was written into the Tory manifesto, and it took Laura Kuenssberg (surely odds on for the Press Officer job at No 10 for services to the Right Wing Establishment) to point this out to him, which prompted him to do a very public U turn and scrap NIC increases to the self employed.
    Of course May and the Cabinet were not aware of the Budget content until Hammond stood up and delivered it to the House, and even then, the PM and the whole Cabinet didn’t feel it necessary to intervene, despite a backbench revolt.
    It didn’t help that Spreadshit Phil admitted that he didn’t know what was in the Tory Manifesto. Jeez, surely it couldn’t get any worse for the Blue Tories?
    The Commons Committee on exiting the EU. Joanne Cherry sits on it, but Hilary Benn eviscerated David Davis quite nicely.
    30-40% tariffs on dairy and agriculture exports; 10% on cars.
    ‘Light touch’ customs checks at the N Ireland Border? Exist already? No they don’t.
    US-EU Open Skies arrangement. EngWaland out of it.
    Loss of passporting rights to EU Finance Sector? Yes.
    UK citizens no longer have EHIC health cover when in Europe.
    Oh dear.
    Costed No Deal Brexit. No, not yet.
    A catastrophUK of an interview. He hasn’t got a clue, 9 moths into Brexit. What has he been doing since June 2016?
    On a week to leak bad news, the Government attempted to slip through and amendment to Child Tax Credit rules in the form of a statutory Instrument, bypassing HoC scrutiny.
    Women who have a third child as a result of being a rape victim, must now prove that they were raped in order to be entitled to Chilc Tax Allowance for a third child, since Austerity Britain now limits welfare payments to two children, just like China’s Family Planning purge in the last century.
    It’s like something out of Heinrich Himmler’s SS manual. Disgusting.
    CPAG announce that 220,000 Scottish children are in state engineered poverty. Close the Attainment Gap, Wullie, Kezia, Ruth?
    This is Ruth Davidson’s Britain.
    Joanna Cherry made a surprising appearance on QT from Bognor Regis in the ‘Home’Counties.
    The battle hardened barrister ‘owned’ a hostile audience, and a panel which included Rees Mogg of Bertie Wooster fame, Matthew Parish, and Angela Eagle, and that wild haired Aussie guy who is CEO at Wetherspoons.
    Dumblebor must have thought he was back at Eton, and Matron was giving him a dressing down. He was positively flustered and cowed.
    Cherry refused to be silenced, and parried questions from the audience with her usual barrister like incisiveness.
    One mature ostensibly educated member of the audience actually asked why there were SNP MP’s allowed in WM?
    Cherry patiently explained Devolution and Reserved Powers to the E Sussex audience.
    Sturgeon and Cherry, stellar and committed Daughters of Scotland.
    I’m thinking of using ‘now is not the time’, when my Everlovin’ asks me to take out the rubbish.
    It worked for May, didn’t it? Not.
    What a mess May and the Brexiteers, Davidson, Dugdale and Rennie are in.
    What a week.
    We go, and we go now.
    I record this here for my record of the week. Sorry it’s so long.
    Happy St Patrick’s day to all those foreign nationals who came across the Irish sea in their conches to build Scotland’s roads.
    If somebody even thinks of dying my Guinness green tonight, I’ll whack them with my Everlovin’s hurling stick.

  31. Glad to see the Labour Party in Scotland are stepping up and assisting Scotlands education system by offering Jackie Ballie as a replacement Maths Teacher that their pals the Tory party are screaming about, good old Jackie, well done.

  32. James Melville tweeted “Scotland must be the only “democracy” where the opposition party leader gets to announce what the elected government won’t be allowed to do.”

    So much for the One Party State government that is being dictated to by an opposition party whose majority of MSP’s are unelected and represent NO constituency.

    There is holding a government to account and then there is the current situation of an elected government being held to ransom by unionist mercenaries who serve, not the Scottish people, but their beloved dictators down south… the real one party state.

    May’s statement re second Indy ref has been ridiculed for the analogy one could apply to Brexit situation……Tories are not shy in stating categorically that the Scots do not want a second Indy Ref , and yet they have become very much averse to agreeing to another one in the reasonable timescale requested by FM……why refuse something if so confident no appetite for one ?

    The Tories , once again, do protest too much and therefore one has to conclude that their confidence is but mere bravado in the face of the inevitable that they are so frantically trying to stop happening…….because they know there is a strong possibility that this is one campaign they may not win……..this time Ms May will be the Bridesmaid and Ms Sturgeon the Bride.

    Ms May playing political games will not divert that which will surely be a certainty irrespective of her permission or not……..she may not be for turning but then she is not my PM and her party does NOT represent me or mine…in or out of this dysfunctional union……so it is not she or her party who gets to decide …….it’s Sturgeon’s party and May can cry if she wants to…..and she will ……………post second Indy Ref.

  33. Dipping in and out of the Yoonstream Media this afternoon and dear God what a depressing experience that has been.

    The epic lack of intelligent reasoning. The shear ignorance and arrogance on display. Oh and let’s not forget the never ending line up of ‘experts’ on Scottish politics and the Scottish population’s political mindset. It’s been an education in deflection and projection.


    Utterly weaponsgrade, disingenuous, deceitful, metrocentric, bumtrumpetting fuckwittery on steroids. Reckless, dangerous, thoughtless and heartless idiocy of the lowest order.

    You can take it for granted that the ‘divisive’ SNP and in particular Nicola Sturgeon, are eeeeevil incarnate for picking on poor kittenish Theresa May. Ayup, attempting to fracture, tear, sunder and break up precious, precioussssss Britain. That’s the bottom line right there and all without the slightest hint of irony or shame. Oh, and of course endangering a successful Brexit process.

    So let’s be clear folks. Austerity UK is not the responsibility of Westminster government. Brexit Britain and an EU exit, which the Scottish population were expressly promised they would never face, is also not the fault of the Westminster government. Failing to deliver on the pledges and assurances of indyref 1? You guessed it. Not the responsibility of the Westminster government.

    No, the First Minister of Scotland. The person mandated overwhelmingly to represent and protect the interests of the Scottish population has quite suddenly and with apparently no genuine reason decided to throw a divisive and thoughtless ‘threat’ of a second indyref into the ring. Mainly because, y’know, that’s what them divisive separatists do.

    The Westminster political class and the media, near as I can tell, have absolutely zero redeeming qualities at this point. There is no empathy, honesty, humility or courage that I can see and most certainly they show a complete absence of conscience or shame.

    There are days where you can literally feel your faith in humanity exit the building.

    This could be one of those days.

    • From this week, a mother with two young children receiving Child Tax Allowance, will be interviewed by a DWP member of staff and ‘prove’ that a third child, conceived because she was the victim of rape, in entitled to support.
      That would be Ruth Davidson who has introduced this.
      The Blue Tories are the Anti Christ, hell bent on destroying civic society, and replace it with a heartless Oligarchy and London rule with an Iron Heel.
      I will not tolerate being governed by WM and a SE Diabolic Establishment any longer.
      If Scottish Labour vote with the Tories next Wednesday, that will be the end of them.
      Keep your faith in humanity, Sam. There are now quite literally millions of Scots citizens who have had enough of Professor Tomkins, Murdo Fraser, David Mundell and Jackson Carlaw.
      They are intent on reducing the people of Scotland to Victorian levels of poverty and penury, while they and their puppet masters slither about like dung beetles on the pile of dead and dying bodies.
      Our day has come, Sam.
      No good man or woman could surely endorse 20 more years of colony status while the Tories destroy civic society.
      It’s high time Scottish Labour realised this and backed Self Government. There is no more time to prevaricate. You are either with us, or you collude with the ubermenschen and torture rape victims so that the rich can get even more tax breaks.
      I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take any more.
      Chin up, Macart.

      • More than simple disgust Jack. More than anything about now.

        I feel a very cold contempt for the unionist political class and their media. Spring cleaning is about due. Never a popular chore, but this year more than any other, a very, very necessary chore.

        • I can’t now watch or read anything from the MSM propagandists and liars – it makes me ill.
          I stick to WGD, Wings and the rest of our terrific online commentators. For your own well being I’d do the same.

          We’ll definitely get there this time and we won’t be on our own. Our friends in Europe will soon be able to actively help us in gaining our independence.

          Keep calm, remain positive and trust in Nicola.

          All the best.

  34. “I walked between earth and sky and when I looked down I said – ‘This earth shall be English’, and when I looked up, I said – ‘The English should rule this earth”.

    Cecil Rhodes in conversation with Flora Shaw, quoted c1889.

    Nothing seems to have changed much.

  35. Maybe Tory Austerity is going to do the YES movement some favours after all. Between the new 16-17 y/o voters, our EU residents and those of us who’ve popped our cogs the last 4 years should be a good 600,000 potential YES votes. (Condolences if any reader has lost a loved one due to tory cuts).

    • Well said, I was thinking along similar lines. Tho it doesn’t appear to be reflected yet in opinion polls.

  36. Theresa really sounded as if she was saying a Scottish referendim would be baad for Scotland, baad for the UK (and, obviously, very baaad for her). She must have been listening to BBC Reporting Scotland.

    By the way Andrew Neil, talking tonight on Politics Europe (he gets around) said the Brexit deal should be sorted by October 12th 2016. If that is true, there would be plenty of time for a Scottish referendum between then and the end of March. What’s her problem?

    • We’ll leave it to Paul to analyse the Clunking Fist’s re-entry into the fray.
      Gordon Brown has much in common with Theresa May.
      An unelected Prime Minister with delusions.
      Ann, I’m sure that I speak for all on this site. We are all allowed the odd ‘slip of finger.’ Ahem.

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