Journey to Yes, N° 9

The latest instalment in PhantomPower’s inspiring Journey to Yes series. Mark says Yes. We follow different people’s fascinating journeys to Yes and self-determination for Scotland. Londoner and businessman Mark followed Scotland’s first independence debate closely and had been inspired by the Yes campaign with its progressive and inclusive values. After the Brexit result, Mark was impressed by Scotland’s pro-EU vote and the Scottish Government’s handling of events. In November 2016 Mark sold his London home and moved with business and family to set-up in Scotland and join the Yes campaign. Mark reflects on the UK Government’s handling of Brexit and Scotland’s huge potential as an enlightened, open and independent nation.
Ninth in the series.
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  1. Another great video, and one that ties in neatly with Nicola’s conference speech. Scotland needs people like this, and it surely must be a confidence booster to some of those who still consider themselves as belonging to a country that’s too wee, poor and stupid. People are coming her for a better life and to help build the sort of country the majority of us want.

  2. We could be seeing a deluge of people from all parts of these Islands coming to Scotland as brexit gets nearer and nearer for a different way, a better way, from all walks of life and nationality, because they are starting to see things as they really are.

    Who could have thought after 18th of September, 2014 that this is where we would be, in such a position, with such an opportunity nestled in the outward looking arms of our country. Extraordinary changes are happening everywhere right now all over these Islands.

  3. Great video, thoroughly enjoyed it. A very uplifting and positive message, and one that hopefully encourages people from all walks of life to make Scotland their home.

  4. The same thing is happening
    in Nigeria about Biafra which Nazi Nnamdi Kanu is the leader ,that is also saying YES to Biafra Restoration and Nigerian Government detained him because of this journey to Biafra restoration I heir by call on the world leaders to assist Nazi Nnamdi Kanu to the end of that journey.

  5. Another superb vid by Phantom Power. Mark’s experience becoming a very familiar tale these days.

    As I’ve posted elsewhere, a big welcome to Mark.

  6. Hi Paul.

    Hoping you caught the FM on Sky’s Sophie Ridge spot. Did you clock the reinterpretation for the hard of thinking rolling along the bottom of the Screen? FM says one thing and media filter reinterprets it with context filter, fact adjustment and some judicious rearrangement to say and mean something completely different by the time it hits the scroll.

    Amazing really.

    There’s a word for that…

    • Yeah Sam, utterly sick of all this “deception” or downright lying. I switched off before Davidson, what more can she say that she hasn’t already lied about or as Dugdale did, misrepresentation of the reason for this material change in SNP manifesto”overlooking” that little word OR between both portions! AAARRRGGGHHH

      But seriously, I am calm. Just have to stop watching tv… 😀

      • Almost missed the notification ‘ping’ from my laptop. It’s amazing what a fistful of betablockers and a whale song tape does for your focus and attention faculties.

        • Another great video. Thanks, Mark. Now that you have settled Up Here (Edinburgh was looking magnificent BTW) you perhaps appreciate why we lifers are frustrated by the hegemony of the London based Broadcasters and journalists.

          On Andrew Marr’s Sunday Westminster Bubblegum today, Ruth Wishart, oops, sorry, Ruth Davidson, ‘Britain’s most popular political leader’ (!) presented Nicola Sturgeon with a ‘pony wrapped in a bow’ as an early birthday present.
          Let me explain.
          Ruth Wishart was one of three newspaper reviewers at the top of the programme. Andrew Marr was obviously practising every Tantric technique to forestall premature ejaculation ahead of his love-in with, as he billed her, ‘Britain’s most popular political leader’ Ruth The Mooth.
          In the near ecstatic throes of passionate anticipation, he committed the worst sin of all; he called the Wishart, Ruth Davidson.
          To the interview with ‘Britain’s most popular political leader.’ (I know, I can’t help myself. It is just so laughable it bears repeating as often as possible.)
          See that Nicola Sturgeon, see that EssEnnPee…etc., etc.,etc.
          All rouge and lippy, Davidson reminded me of the Wilson Basketball that Tom Hanks adopted as his soul mate in ‘Castaway’.
          And she talked as much sense.
          Theresa May apparently delivered a 12 point Brexit Plan in her Lancaster House speech this week. Eh/?Whit? My years may be advancing, but not that rapidly. I still have a pretty good memory. She did no such thing. Fake news Davidson.
          Liam Fox and David Davis must have sat up and questioned their recall powers too.
          According to Ruth Wishart, formerly known as Harrison and Davidson, May “wants to secure a free trade deal that allows companies in Scotland as well as companies in the rest of the UK to trade freely and operate within the single market as well as look for trade deals abroad.”
          So David Davis’ admission to the Exit Europe Committee that there would be 30-40% tariffs on agricultural and dairy exports was a lie?
          More of Ruth’s piffle:
          “Close Co-operation on crime and intelligence gathering. Things like workers’ rights.”
          I pause to reflect on Liam Fox’s speech. Scrap Union rights, employment rights. Google it, mes braves.
          Ruth was on a roll now.
          “The rights of EU ‘migrants’ living and working in the UK.’
          It was all getting a bit silly now. Marr was staring at the floor hoping that it would swallow him up.
          He pointed out that WM had not included any of that in the EU Brexit Bill just this week. That doesn’t stop Wilson, sorry, Ruth.
          These were all things that the EssEnnPee Government (that would be ‘the Scottish Government, Ruth) specifically asked for, and that they will not acknowledge were being granted.
          I can hear the collective sigh of relief from the 180,000 EU nationals who are living and working in Scotland.
          You are safe, no longer poker chips. And we are staying in the single market! Ruth has spoken.
          She was talking a load of bollocks of course.
          Andrew Marr, that was a disgrace. Goebbels would have been proud of you.
          To let this painted bawface utter such rubbish unchallenged plumbs new depths in propaganda porn.
          Of course there was a wee plug for some Moliere Play with a c ast of BBC comedians at the Garrick.
          I must raid the 20p jar to see if I’ve got a spare £1000 to pop down to the Capital see it.
          Next Up? Tony Blair condemning globalisation. The sickest of sick jokes.
          I switched off, the mental picture of a painted Wilson bobbing on the waves, receding into the distant horizon irrersistable.
          What is the point of the BBC broadcasting this claptrap Up Here?
          I’m sure Nicola will cherish the Pony, Ruth.

  7. There may only be a handful of people who take the same journey as Mark, but their story is going to be the killer app in ending the ‘SNP Nazi anglophobe’ narrative clung on to so desperately by the media / opposition parties.

  8. A great series of real peoples experiences for all to see , no manipulation ,no propaganda , and above all no Lies . I think most people instinctively know when something is right , when they have made the right choice , and an Independent Nation amongst all the other normal Nations feels good .
    Contrast this with the frothing Bile from unionists who for some strange reason believe amongst all the Nations on the planet we are the only ones who cant and couldn’t Govern ourselves , we arent asking them for their money we just want to keep a grip on our money , we know we are not subsidised and they have spent years and millions making sure the truth never gets out , once it does well this lot will have some explaining to do to their people , when it’s realised England are f/kn doomed , they need us , oops too late were off nice knowing you Byeee .
    This time tricks we haven’t seen before will be used , because they know it’s game over anything will be used and i mean anything , the last weapon is violence this lot wont give up without a fight , and thats whats to come incite real violence to bring us to heel , it’s worked before in previously ruled British colonies . and thats what we are a possession a colony .

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