The things Theresa forgot

That Mike Russell’s pretty pissed off, and quite right too. There he was, hanging on the phone on David Davis’s Brexit hotline and never getting an answer and being kept on hold, because now that the UK hate foreigners they had to give up their contract with the call centre in Mumbai, and then he has to discover from the telly that Article 50 will be triggered on March 29. Davie and Theresa couldn’t be arsed to inform the Scottish Government officially.

This may or may not be related to the fact that they’re in as much as a huff as the Huffy Fluffy because they’d wanted to trigger it last week, but then Nicola Sturgeon stole their thunder by announcing that there was going to be a second independence referendum. Although to be honest, the British government never had any intention of telling the Scottish government last week either. Besides, if the Scottish government want to know what that Brexit moment is going to feel like, they only need to stick a fork in a toaster. Even the one that won’t make David Coburn’s toast. It seems that the UK government has already been doing this, which goes a long way towards explaining the torn faces that Huffy Fluffy and Ruthie have been displaying all week.

Let’s be scrupulously fair however. The British government might have forgotten to inform the devolved administrations of the official triggering of Brexit, but they’ve forgotten plenty of other things too. So it’s understandable that something else might slip their mind. They forgot that this is 2017 and not 1817 and the UK is no longer a global power. They forgot that there’s no empire any more. They forgot that it’s the EU that holds all the negotiating cards in Brexit, and they made a call for everyone to get behind Theresa’s hard as nails Brexit while forgetting that 48% of people voted to remain. They forgot the difference between democracy and majoritarianism. They forgot a plan for Brexit. They forgot that the EU is going to do its utmost to ensure that whatever deal the UK gets when it leaves the EU it’s going to be worse than the deal it’s got just now as a part of it.

They forgot that just three years ago they were telling us that Scotland was an equal partner in a family of nations. They forgot that they promised we would remain a part of the EU if we voted against independence. They forgot to build those frigates on the Clyde. They forgot they promised those jobs in the tax centres in East Kilbride and Cumbernauld would be safe. They forgot the support that was promised for Scotland’s renewable energy industry. They forgot that we were supposed to get the most powerful devolved parliament in the history of the multiverse and the nearest thing possible to federalism.

It’s possible that, given that they’ve forgotten so many other things, the British government forgot that the BBC is supposed to be neutral and unbiased and not the propaganda arm of the British state and thought that by letting the Scottish government know via the television news that they were about to trigger Brexit that this counted as informing them through a British government channel. Maybe they thought that by treating the BBC as an official channel of UK government communication they could persuade recalcitrant independence supporters to pay their licence fee.

But back in the real world, as opposed to the world inhabited by Gordie Broon and Sky News in which full fat federalism is a real prospect, we all know that the British government didn’t forget to inform the Scottish or other devolved administrations at all. It just didn’t enter their arrogant heads in the first place that there was any reason why they ought to have informed them. It genuinely didn’t occur to them that Theresa May’s protestations that she was consulting the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish governments and keeping them fully informed would be interpreted in ways other than Theresa intended them to be interpreted – as meaningless sound bites for the benefit of an English media. It’s not that they forgot to inform the Scottish government. It’s that they didn’t care enough in the first place to bother. Scotland merits no greater consideration to the English nationalists of Torydom than any other possession of the crown.

Unionists accuse the SNP of grievance hunting, but that’s not true. The SNP doesn’t have to go hunting for grievances, the Tories hand them to them on a plate, tied up in a bow made from red white and blue bunting. Every time Theresa May opens her gob and says that the Union is precious, she’s providing another grievance, because everyone can see the difference between what Theresa says and what she does. She didn’t call the Scottish government because she wants to remind us of our place.

That’s a place where we do what we’re told, we’re grateful that Westminster manages our affairs for us, and we retreat to the kailyard telling bedtime stories for the benefit of tourists from Trowbridge and Taunton about how we used to be a real country once. We get to be the tartan ribbon that bedecks English nationalism that allows English nationalism to pretend that it’s not nationalism at all. Then we can turn on Sky News and listen to a panel of English voices explaining Scotland to us and be grateful for their wisdom and insight when they tell us that Scottish independence is based on hating the English and it has really been all about England all along.

The choice we have facing us in Scotland is a choice between determining our own future, or having that future determined for us by a government in Westminster that doesn’t think we’re important enough to keep us informed about its decisions. But there’s something even more important that the British government forgot. They forgot that Scotland has an alternative. They forgot that Scotland will have its say whatever Theresa thinks. And they forgot that the more they overlook the interests of Scotland, the more likely it becomes that Scotland will vote to forget them.

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0 thoughts on “The things Theresa forgot

  1. It’ll be alright on the night, when Gordon Broon become Prime Meenister of Engerland and Jeremiah Corbyn becomes electable and Labour in Scotland becomes socialist. Oh and Lib Dums might fly.

  2. Paul,
    I would love this article to be the basis of the one you write when we vote to break the Union. It might get through some of the Brexiteers who voted for it thinking of Eden revisited.

    • I already know what Paul is going to write on that day. In fact it’s already written.

      It’s very, very short. 🙂

          • Mmmppphhh nngggggghghgh no I won’t tell.

            ” … thought that by letting the Scottish government know via the television news that they were about to trigger Brexit that this counted as informing them through a British government channel.”


            DD got very sniffy and self-important when our Joanna Cherry QC MP was asking him if May would be informing Scotland and the other devolved nations of this event as she had promised. No-one need be surprised that May didn’t have the courtesy to let us know, but it’s not a good look when you’re crowing about rebuilding the empire with trade deals hither and yon.

          • Paul, at your acerbic best. Brilliant.
            Sam, on Independence day, I doubt that many of us will be able to focus on a Qwuerty keyboard; a mixture of tears and an excellent malt might fog the air.
            It beggars belief that they didn’t even inform Mike Russell before the announcement. But we know why. The impression must always be given that Scotland doesn’t matter.

            Well, I’ve got a few words to say to Dugdale and the 23, prior to the two day debate of Indyref 2.

            Today, the Scottish Government begins a two day debate on a motion to call for a Referendum on Self Determination on the eve of Theresa May’s Cabal triggering Article 50, and dragging the UK out of the EU, against the overwhelming decision of the People of Scotland.
            I address this to the 24 Labour MSPs.
            Alex Rowley, are you prepared to side with Ruth Davidson who now demands that young mothers with two children in receipt of benefits must prove that she was the victim of rape in order to get CT allowance for a third child, because Ruth Davidson has restricted Welfare Payments to families of two children to free up money to reward the rich with a 5% tax break?
            Jenny Marra, are you prepared to side with Professor WATP Tomkins, the man who inexplicably is allowed to hold down his University post, while trousering £1200 a week as a ‘back door’ unelected MSP, and who has introduced the Bedroom Tax to Pensioners on Pensions Credits. Their pension has been cut, and they either face eviction because they can’t afford to pay rent, or starve and freeze, to meet the rent?
            Jackie Baillie, who incredibly has been trundling around in Holyrood since 1999, and who blamed the rise in child poverty in Scotland from 220,000 t0 260,000 on the SNP Government, is siding with Jackson Carlaw, who is right behind the Rape of Scotland during the Clegg Cameron five years, or the Cameron/ May Austerity Rob The Poor, Reward The Rich policy, tens of billions in cuts in Welfare, public service jobs, and LA Funding? But somehow the Great Rotund One blames the SNP ?
            I despair.
            Neil Findlay, are you as one with Murdo The Queen’s Eleven Fraser who took Housing Benefit away from 11,000 18-21 year olds rendering them homeless and thrown on the scrap heap, to give it to the Obscenely Filthy Rich?
            Johann Lamont, are you going to walk arm and arm with Liz Smith who scrapped Employment Support Allowance of £30 per week to disabled job seekers?
            Kezia Dugdale, will you pair up with linesman Douglas Ross, who is setting up the English NHS for privatisation, by demanding £22 billion of cuts, sorry, ‘efficiencies and savings’, while English patients suffer and die prematurely?

            You get the drift. The Labour Party in Scotland. How did you come to this sorry pass?

            I hold the Blue Tories named above directly responsible for inflicting state engineered poverty and privation on Scots citizens, our children, our elderly, infirm, and disabled. Labour in Scotland, don’t you?
            This is the Union you want to prop up?
            I implore even one of the 24, to discover their backbone and vote with the Government.

            I am deeply saddened by the Death of the Labour Party Up Here.

          • You’re not the only one Jack, but they chose the road that THEY chose. No one forced them and no one forced their actions before, during or after indyref1. They have done ALL that they have done from free choice.

            And yes, I do believe the individuals you mention will side against the Scottish Government and against Scottish popular sovereignty. The Tories act like Tories always do, but those who signed the claim of right? Labour and Libdem alike, they will break their oath to that document and the concept it is dedicated to without even missing a beat or having the slightest pause for conscience.

            I’d love to be proven wrong, but I very much doubt I will be.

          • They are torturing young mothers who have been raped to ‘save’ money to give to the rich.
            I am beside myself, that Neil Findlay and Alex Rowley would side with these bastards on any issue.
            The day of reckoning is not far off. We shall not forget.

          • As usual I agree 100% with you two, and often wonder what real socialists of the past who supported Keir Hardie’s labour party, would think of this lot in Holyrood today.

      • I hope it’s pre-written. God knows, after a celebratory bender like the one I hope you guys get to hold this time, I’d be in no condition for days to write anything coherent.

        • I had to give up drinking due to chronic migraine years back but believe me, I will be completely rubberised for days when we win Independence – migraines ? Blah, I get painkillers for those – between them & the booze & the FREEDOM I’ll be delirious for weeks 😁

  3. Ayup, their interpretation of ‘fully informed’ is pretty much just as flawed as their concept and interpretation of union and partnership. Which is to say the Westminster political class and the yoonstream media haven’t clue one.

    As for Sky News? OFFS!

    What an absolute catastrophe of projection, deflection, misrepresentation and outright bumtrumpetting bubble fuckwittery. Aye! That about sums them up. Not so much the blind leading the blind as the clueless leading the hopeless.

    They’re neither bright nor subtle, but they do have opinions… bless. 🙄

    • Oh Macart!! That wee piece had me ROTFLMAO!! Oh BTW I’m nearly 70 so you’d better get your A*** here to lift me off the floor!! Seriously your comment is a belter!!!

  4. We all know TM has no common courtesy but it is now clear she has no common sense either. How arrogantly stupid, when you’re about to embark on a nationwide tour to build consensus for a specific action , to ‘forget’to inform those you’re seeking support from that you’re about to implement that action. She truly is one of the rudest and stupidest people I have ever come across.

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  6. It’s simple our Nicola has f*cked the crown and Ms billy no mates idea of a special deal for the Unionist regarding Brexit from the EU. There will be no deal and these little Unionist will end up either still being part of europe or having to stil be part of the single market. The world is shuting the door on little britain and the Scots would be well advised to get out before it all falls apart, because there isn’t any of these brexitiers with a smile on there faces they know whats coming I am f*cking loving it.

    • Even some of the Welsh seem to be getting restless now. I can’t say if anything will come of it, but I just wonder if there could be a two or three-pronged “Break Up Britain” campaign?

    • That wouldn’t be fair on the good folk in England. It’s Westminster that needs to be sent packing. The folk who stay in England should demand a new English Parliament and introduce a better democratic system at the same time

  7. Perhaps a leopard can change its spots – give them the benefit of the doubt… in regard of this Planning Application to Leave the EU …before the impending demolition of this part of the spiral arm of the Milky Way

    , perhaps someone had the plans on display somewhere…

    But the plans were on display…(they protested)
    “On display? I eventually had to go down to the cellar to find them.”
    “That’s the display department.”
    “With a flashlight.”
    “Ah, well, the lights had probably gone.”
    “So had the stairs.”
    “But look, you found the notice, didn’t you?”
    “Yes,” said Arthur, “yes I did. It was on display in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying ‘Beware of the Leopard.”

  8. Every time Theresa May talks about the “precious” union, I immediately think of the slimy, devious, vicious Gollum from Lord of the Rings. He too constantly drools on about “the precious”. I now also realise, as I recall his twisted personality and goblin-like appearance, that he and Mrs. May are doubtless closely related.

    • And Gollum-May is just about to jump into the erupting Mount Doom with its preciousss clutched to its withered bosom.

    • That’s because Scotland is “precious” to the English government. They need us to continue to finance their assorted super expensive projects, like their high speed English railway, their Trident WMD, their improvements to the M25 (which we paid for in the first place), their Crossrail project etc. etc.

      We are “precious” to them as they need us around so they can continue to steal our money and resources.

      But, you are correct, she reminds me of Gollum too.

  9. Excellent as ever Paul and no lies that I could see. Anyway, a quick question. A friend of mine was raging the other day about her council tax going up and I was very surprised at the amount of young/middle aged people who wrote comments on her social media page about this being the SNP’s fault and “the Tories aren’t so bad”. I was going to reply to my friend but felt I lacked a well informed answer. As far as she was concerned, she was a hard working, law abiding woman who paid her taxes and the SNP are ****s for raising her council tax. What could I have said to her to bring her to a more sympathetic understanding of the even greater need for Independence and see the SNP as a force for greater fairness and equality? You probably have written a blog about this but I wasn’t sure where to look – thanks

    • Far as I know the Scotgov have given councils option re CT. In Edinburgh, only top 3-4 bands are seeing a rise. This is to pay for essential services. My no voting friends complained that the council, and or, SNP Scotgov would not put CT up, they are v well off and would be happy to ‘pay more’. The Yoons, ie Labour Scotland branch,tories as well, all voted against the SNP wanting to give councils option to raise CT to pay for services. In act the SNP gov wanted to scrap CT, replace with local income tax. I live in an area where those with houses worth millions are paying just a few £s more than someone in a tiny flat, so it is right that the top bands are going up. Your local council, go to them if you are not happy, they decide how much etc, in fact I hear Aberdeen insisted on right to raise CT, but chose to freeze it! That council is one dodgy Labour run admin.

      I am no expert, but you cannot blame the SNP gov, thy kept CT frozen to help those struggling, now with huge cuts to the pocket money that UK gov condescend to send us back from our huge revenues taken by UK treasury, we cannot keep mitigating UK austerity, while securing no prescription charges, no tuition fees etc. The slack has to be taken up by those able to afford it, so, as I say, if yr friend is struggling do approach the council, and er, vote SNP, only, in May.

      • I’d also mention that if the SNP hadn’t put a freeze on council tax for the last few years, her council tax might now be a lot higher.

    • Tell them my council tax has gone up too. I live in Windsor. The SNP have no control over the levels of council tax in Windsor, I can absolutely assure you.

  10. Another great article, Paul and thanks for letting us know about those maps of the world sporting an independent Scotland. Mine arrived this afternoon. It’s a joy to behold!
    Delighted to see that Netherland is to hold the first International March for Scottish Independence in April. Managed to (gently) halt a Unionist in his tracks with that news!

  11. And odd, the Brexiters Unionists never say to Ireland, NI is ours and you will never get it, and to NI you will never get in the EU if you try to unite with Ireland.

    • NI has the Good friday/belfast Agreement to thank for that,There has to be input from the Republic and the EU.
      Add in the latest election results showing Unionists are a minority party for the first time in NI’s history.
      In NI Brexiteers do not command or rule the roost though they haven’t told the Loyalists that yet. or if they have the message hasn’t sunk in!!

  12. Honestly Dug, i was getting a bit bored with the lack of action in Scottish politics and political commentary. It had all been said and all been done and said again. Yada etc, but then boom you nailed it. Excellent article, great insight, fantastic commentary. Well done this one is a keeper. I am now going to donate to buy you a 🍺.

  13. Golum and tessy sounding similar with my precioussss…except it’s not hers, never was..Scotland should take her place proudly as an independent nation, without it there’s no self respect, how can there be when another dominant, malevolent force is in charge..time to take off the shackles and have faith…

  14. The campaign for independence must not become bogged down responding to Union grievance and deflection.

    The allies of union will try to make us disprove their false allegations and defend against their condescending contempt for an independent Scotland. If we fall into this trap, we will allow our opponents to shape the argument and debate. This is the real threat we face from unionist control of the airwaves and papers.

    The only solution is to not allow them to set the agenda. We must seize the initiative by highlighting the failure of the Union at every opportunity. Each opportunity they provide our people access to their media platforms must be ruthlessly exploited towards this end.

    For Conservatives and their factors, we must hit them with the bedroom tax, tuition fees, prescription charges, a collapsing and soon to be privatized NHS, an education system in chaos and grinding austerity for the many, to the benefit of a few. We must ram home this message on every occasion.

    If we allow the powers arrayed against us to force us to defend, or explain, our own plans for the future, we only allow them to escape scrutiny for our past. The latter is the greatest advantage they have if we allow this strategy to succeed. We must not allow them to beat us over the head with their tiresome misinformation and spin. Always remember that our past is the prologue of the future that awaits us if we should fail again.

    All other union parties have hitched their wagons to the conservatives and serve up only ineffectual and spineless opposition. In the coming struggle, they are practically bystanders. The Conservative and Unionist party is our primary foe here. Never let us forget it.

    An answer to all their mendacity is simple. After independence, the Scottish people will determine our future. All questions will be resolved by those people at a constitutional convention to be convened upon a vote for independence. How we choose to shape that future is for us to decide.

    We do not have to justify to anyone why we seek self determination for our people – the reasons are self evident. Scotland’s independence is not in any ones gift, to whom we must appeal. It is our right to hold, if we have the courage to seize it.

    The new wee black book film provides a wealth of ammunition. Use it.

  15. Two and a half million signatures on the following scrap of paper should do nicely to affirm the establishment of the Independent nation of Scotland. Sod the referendum.

    “Covenant of the Sovereign People of Scotland 2017 –

    We, the Sovereign People of Scotland who subscribe to this Engagement, declare our belief that reform in the constitution of our country is necessary to secure good government for all, and promote the spiritual and economic welfare of our nation.

    We affirm that the desire for such reform is both deep and widespread through the whole community, transcending all political differences and sectional interests, and we undertake to continue united as a Sovereign People, in resolute purpose for its achievement.

    With that end in view, we solemnly enter into this Covenant whereby we pledge ourselves, and our descendants, in all loyalty to the Sovereign People of Scotland, to establish and secure for Scotland a Parliament, empowered to exercise supreme legislative authority over all affairs affecting the Sovereign People of Scotland, both foreign and domestic.

    It is the will of the Sovereign People of Scotland that the Act of Union of 1707 be hereby repealed.”

  16. Theresa talks ” tough” for Home Counties consumption. In recent weeks she has really outthatchered Thatcher in tone, demeanor and arrogance.
    The UK is referring to crown prerogative in all matters by an unelected PM!!
    The dug is right, the EU hold all the cards in the Engxit talks. The 27 states and the other EU institutions will grant no perks.
    More worrying for May is the situation in Trumpland. How long can he last? Will bet Brittanic majesty, not sure which one, withdraw the invite?
    All hoped on the don to do deals? The don might be “got rid of” by the US authorities after the FBI investigations. Or maybe the don will get rid of the FBI by decree and declare them unamerican.
    In Labourland dahn sath and elsewhere it looks like cliff edge stuff – infighting, accusations and open warfare.

  17. Theresa talks ” tough” for Home Counties consumption. In recent weeks she has really outthatchered Thatcher in tone, demeanor and arrogance.
    The UK is referring to crown prerogative in all matters by an unelected PM!!
    The dug is right, the EU hold all the cards in the Engxit talks. The 27 states and the other EU institutions will grant no perks.
    More worrying for May is the situation in Trumpland. How long can he last? Will bet Brittanic majesty, not sure which one, withdraw the invite?
    All hoped on the don to do deals? The don might be “got rid of” by the US authorities after the FBI investigations. Or maybe the don will get rid of the FBI by decree and declare them unamerican.
    In Labourland dahn sath and elsewhere it looks like cliff edge stuff – infighting, accusations and open warfare. And Gordo is in federal LaLaLand somewhere over the rainbow.
    In Toryland May is facing challenge from Major, all is not well. The pound has fallen again against the dollar and Vera Lynn was on TV reminding us about WWII again, or rather the BBC used her 100th birthday to hark back yet again to THE WAR.

  18. Love this one Paul. You could have added that TM’s commandant in Scotia has forģotten everything she said last year too.
    Her latest wheeze that the Scottish Government does not have a mandate is crazy. To compare like with like using first past the post method the nasty party got in with 30+ % at WM. In Scotland SNP got 80% of the vote with a 60% majority. This uses the first past the post part of our elections and not the list vote.
    Well done Paul.

  19. Dear God Paul! Don’t know if you’re watching proceedings at Holyrood, but beyond the tank commander’s usual shoutyness, Kezia Dugdale’s input… WTF? 😮

    Just simply toe curlingly embarrassing.

    Oh Jeez! Willie’s gone mental, refusing any interventions. I’ve only very rarely seen this kind of behaviour from opposition benches in Holyrood before today. Looks as though they’ve been saving it up for a special occasion. 🙂

    • Embarrassing indeed. The unionists might have reflected on the words of the bard before opening gobs this afternoon…

      O wad some Power the giftie gie us
      To see oursels as ithers see us!
      It wad frae mony a blunder free us,
      An’ foolish notion:
      What airs in dress an’ gait wad lea’e us,
      An’ ev’n devotion!

      • Mark,
        ‘thy wee bit hoosie noo in ruin,
        its silly wa’s the wind hae strewn,
        and naethin’ noo tae big a new yin’
        just about sums up the withered husk that remains of the Labour Party in Scotland. Voting with the Tories yet again.
        Since most of the 24 are approaching retirement age, 3 more years on £1200 a week, plus a nice wee pension, is bribe enough to sell their souls to their Tory Overlords.
        Scots citizens are dying, but no matter.
        It is taking a while, but we are slowly but surely weeding this lot of wasters out of civic Scotland.

  20. As ever a very relevant post and a timely reminder of our worth and standing with Mayhems Government , in short we dont figure , we dont and never have done .
    Probably some civil servant couldn’t be bothered passing on the information , well we all have access to the government information channel , you know the BBC , so we would have in the end figured it out , this wasnt just a little intergovernmental lapse , it was a tit for tat after Nicola pulled the rug from under Mayhems brexit announcement , two can play that game sweetie , childish but in the end probably true , it more or less sums up this rotten and depending on Police investigations ,Criminal will be added to Rotten , uncaring , vindictive , oh the list is endless .

  21. Brexit: People want to scrap EU freedom of movement but continue free trade with Europe, says new UK survey.

    Do you think that it’s starting to dawn on the brexiters that there is no deal from europe its got to make you smile that the UK thinks that it has something to offer the EU, no they dont our Nic has seen to that and doesn’t make you proud that an man born in England Michael Russell fights for Scotland when Ruth Davidson wants to destroy it.

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