Journey to Yes, N°10

Jackie says Yes. As more Scots who voted No to independence reconsider their decision, we follow their journey to Yes and self-determination for Scotland. Jackie Kemp is a writer living in Edinburgh and author of ‘Politics on the Hill, an Edinburgh View’, a stunning essay reflecting on Scotland’s changing post-Brexit identity that has resonated with people across the political spectrum. Jackie campaigned against independence in 2014 alongside long-serving Scottish Labour politician Tam Dalyell who himself described devolution as “a motorway without exit to a Scottish state”. Jackie reflects on her disillusion with the UK’s current constitutional settlement (England has left us) and how Brexit has altered her view of independence which she now sees as vital to maintaining Scotland and Edinburgh’s ancient links with Europe.

You can read ‘Politics on the Hill, an Edinburgh View’ and Jackie Kemp’s other writing @
10th and final in this series.

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  3. Jackie’s experience highlighting yet again, the material change in circumstances (plural) from 2014.

    The vision of the UK going forward proffered by Better Together and underwritten by all Westminster party leaders did NOT materialise. It is that stark and that simple an irrefutable fact. People were led to believe agreat deal more was on offer vis a vis devolution than ever was intended or ‘delivered’. The watered down Smith commission proposals, the farce of the Scotland Bill debates which saw every SNP amendment (incl. FFA) binned out of hand as a punishment exercise and the capper of the trashing of the Sewel convention saw to that.

    In terms of economic protection, the pledges and assurances given to the Scottish electorate were reneged upon time and again. The Clyde yard still awaits its warship orders. The oil industry which received specific assurances of ‘broad shouldered’ protection during the indyref campaign was abandoned during the oil price conflict seeing thousands of jobs lost and the near devastation of a region. Ongoing austerity indeed saw jobs lost across all sectors from production to retail and as for pensions protection? Under review to lose the triple lock in 2020 and the age of claiming the state pension to be increased to 70.

    Finally, and the straw which broke the camel’s back, constitutional settlements. Being taken out of the EU against an express indyref assurance that we would remain members upon voting no. A second referendum, this time on EU membership, which would inevitably place said membership under threat against those express assurances given the Scottish electorate in 2014. Of course the Conservative government didn’t give a toss what the Scottish population thought. They didn’t consider the outcome or the probable consequences either. They were too busy settling their own internal wrangles to care. THAT is how much value they placed on the union partnership and the pledges they swore to uphold.

    The precious union. The partnership of equals. The oldest most successful family of nations is a sham and always was. The rhetoric of loyalty to family, friends and social unity on these islands must never, EVER be confused or conflated with the Treaty of political union. One has absolutely NOTHING to do with the other and again, NEVER DID.

    Westminster’s political class conflate the two deliberately in order to cement their hold on only one. The one which allows them unchecked control of the sovereignty of nations and the rights of populations. If anyone reading this believes that those who protect the established order in Whitehall give the smallest shit about societal unity on these islands, then it’s about time you disabuse yourselves of that notion rapidly.

    Only the most closed mind could look at the UK today and say that ‘all is well’. It’s not. It hasn’t been for a very long time and your civic and human rights are under threat as never before. It’s not too late though. There is still time to stop this abuse and take back what belongs to YOU.

    Jackie, just like the others in the Journey to YES series, is living proof that it’s never too late.

  4. Phantom Power have done amazing work with the no to Yes series, even down to the music!
    Thank you Paul, thank you Jackie.

    Fair cheered me up after two recent encounters with ‘proud Scot buts’ – who I will now refer to as Scots born with no imagination. (paraphrasing RB Cunningham Graham)

  5. just been on the herald site that opposes our right to have a voice and posted this

    oh you so wish

    your article is quite wishful

    you see the SNP have built for the future without gain for themselves


    Every one of them is a benefit to scotland for more years than as you assume the SNP will be in power

    I can find no greater gift that a political party who will invest in my childrens life and their children’s life despite knowing that it would not guarantee them power for the next 40 years

    we do not require to hold power for power’s sake, we just require to have made life better for our people

    and on the whole that’s exactly what the SNP have done within the limits they are constrained by……….

    done things not for their short term gain in this land, so even when they may not be in power in the scottish parliament, they have done things that will outlast them in a good way, ie not the trams and not the disaster of a scottish parliament build

    so go on, what do you want to throw at me as a very long term SNP supporter – when we were lucky to get 8% of the vote, but we have spent our lives understanding that we will look after our people (and as you have seen will not exclude others as our neighbours and friends but at least they will be equals)

    so ask me, for there is nothing in my heart, as it beats, in this land now that I can think to ask forgiveness for…..or that another could judge me for, for I wish no wrong on another, but wish the best for my people

    So judge me now……..

    When I can go to my grave saying the above SO JUDGE ME NOW …and not even begin to compare my situation with rosie park

    that when you think about it, our fight for independence is a walk in the park, but it is a walk in THAT same park of paradise of freedom, that so many others have started and died for before us, so that we may walk it with less pain

    we couldn’t even begin to be listen to, but for those who have gone before us who have granted us that voice in that park

    All of them, whether soldiers in wars or slaves…our voice is a gift of their sacrifice

    never forget that……our voice is a gift of their sacrifice

  6. O/T Sorry the best of luck and hopefully good weather for all those who are making the effort by attending Yet another protest outside the BBC on the banks of the Clyde.
    Its being Live streamed on Independence Live from 2.00 give them some support because the BBC and the rest of the media certainly wont be reporting it .

  7. There’s a fair chance that Ian Murray is Jackie Kemp’s WM MP.
    If so, it would go a long way to excusing her growing disillusionment with the WM system and her gradual, soul searching journey from No to Yes. An excellent video, and again, Edinburgh looking brilliant; truly the Athens of the North. (Yes, and I’m a ‘Bankie!)
    I caught Murray on Brewer’s Sunday Politics show today.
    As a Unionist guest, Hang On A Minute didn’t interrupt, or talk over replies.
    Perhaps he should have.
    BBC PQ had given over 10-12 minutes to the Labour Branch Office to advertise ‘The Labour Family’s’ Jolly Boys Outing to Cardiff next week, where they will discuss the ‘exciting prospect’ of Federalism in the UK ‘ in the middle to long term’ future.
    Kezia will be there, and the Clunking Fist.
    Brewer let him ramble on, talking nonsense, as befits the man of no consequence in Scotland, Westminster, and all points North of Auckland.
    Even when Brewer tried to bring him back to reality, he refused to admit that a manifesto commitment is a commitment, and that the SNP Government were actually delivering on it, and he waffled on about the Greens and ‘a million signatures'( a late addition to the YOON Bingo card.) Brewer pointed out the hopelessness of Labour debating Federalism at all because Murray himself tweeted that Labour would never win an election while Corbyn was leader; the man who is not Shadow SoS for Scotland babbled on, refusing to let the light of reality into the darkness of that space where The Labour Branch Office Faithful sit on the floor, sucking their knees to fend of the withdrawal symptoms from no longer being in power, or mattering in any political sense at all these days.
    This man voted with the Blue Tories for £30 billion in cuts to welfare, pensions, disability allowances. This man would have been a member of a Miliband Government which was committed to the Austerity Package which the Blue Tories are delivering now.
    Pensioners will now be evicted from their houses as they fall under the rules of the Bedroom Tax. Widows with young children will lose their widow’s Allowances and have to sign on as unemployed. Disabled Jobseekers have had their Employment Support Allowance of £30 a week scrapped. 10,000 18-21 have been made homeless because their Housing benefit has been scrapped.
    I could go on.
    Yet The Labour Family are off to Cardiff next week for a Spring Break piss up.

    • Yep maybe they will feel at home there because they have certainly lost their way up here , this is the same ( does he look like a wee ned to you ) stick a hoodie on him and he would get lost in the crowd , anyway he seems to have got into the same lying habit as dear Kezia , on National News he flatly denied not opposing the Tory vote at Westminster despite it being recorded in Hansard indeed out of the whole labour contingent only one turned up to oppose the Tory bedroom tax debate . Labour seem to believe we as a country have suddenly been struck by collective amnesia , yet they continue to flatly deny all knowledge of their actions .
      If ever a organisation needed put out of its misery its them , a hollow rancid Corpse .

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