Now is the time

The Scottish Parliament has voted to press ahead with a new Scottish independence referendum. The unstoppable farce of Theresa May’s arrogance has crashed into the immovable objections of a Scotland that seeks a different path. Green and SNP MSPs stood up and one after another spoke about a better Scotland, a Scotland that has a right to decide its own fate, a Scotland in which decisions should be put in the hands of the people. And one after another Unionist MSPs got up and spoke about how Scotland should remain silent and do what it’s told by Westminster, blind to the irony that they were demanding that those in favour should respect democracy while they sought to prevent the people from having their say.

According to Unionists, the only vote in Scotland that matters is the 2014 referendum vote. It doesn’t matter that we’ve had other votes since. It doesn’t matter that the people of Scotland voted for a pro-independence majority in Holyrood in 2016. It doesn’t matter that the people of Scotland voted for a massive majority of SNP MPs in 2015. It doesn’t matter that the the promises and commitments that the Unionists made to the people of Scotland in 2014 in order to win that No vote were ignored, traduced, and dumped the second that the result was in. All that matters to them is that they regard the 2014 result as a carte blanche which allowed them to rule forever. And then they preach about democracy. Democracy means that politicians must be held accountable for the promises that they make. Ask a Unionist politician how Scotland can hold them accountable for the promises made in 2014 and you’ll get told to respect the result of the referendum.

Despite the appeals for a mature, grown up and respectful debate, Ruth Davidson’s speech was nasty, snide, and unpleasant. Rather like her party, come to think of it. She proved that her much-hyped political skills were exactly that – hype from a press pack that used to count her as one of their number. The mark of a real political operator is grace when facing defeat. Ruth showed no grace. Instead there was the unpleasant whiff of entitlement and privilege. The real face of the Tories was on display. Ruth’s veneer slipped and showed us that the nasty party was still as nasty as it ever was.

It was a speech born of frustration. Frustration that despite her efforts she won’t be able to prevent the Scottish parliament from voting in favour of another referendum. Frustration that there’s nothing she or her pals in Westminster can do to prevent another referendum happening. And frustration that once the referendum takes place she’ll be the Tory face of Unionism and attempting to defend a Britain that’s plunging off the cliff edge of Brexit. Frustration that her boss’s precious union is in its last days, and frustration that it’s in its last days because of the failures and duplicity of the unionist parties which claimed to cherish it. All Ruth had left was her unparliamentary shout at Nicola Sturgeon to sit down. But it’s Ruth who’s on the naughty step.

She was backed up by Baby Fluffy in a puffy huffy. Oliver Mundell accused the Scottish government of intransigence, moments after telling the chamber that Scotland couldn’t have another referendum because his da had said naw. It’s not really clear what else Baby Fluffy said, because as soon as he opens his gob normal people have the urge to poke rusty knitting needles in their eardrums and I’d stopped listening because I value my hearing.

But even a Baby Fluffy’s guff appeared statesmanlike and adult in comparison to Murdo Fraser’s intervention. He railed against the Greens, and came dangerously close to suggesting that the Scottish Parliament is illegitimate. He showed he had no class, and no manners. If he truly believes that the route to winning a referendum is by insulting Green voters, and by using his parliamentary privilege to heap scorn on voters who seek reassurances for their EU partners, he’s as well admitting that he’s already lost. I’ve always said that the greatest single factor leading to Scotland becoming independent would be the actions and inadequacies of the Unionist parties. Murdo gave a perfect illustration of that point. Murdo’s was the angry face of a Unionist who sees his Union being killed off by Unionists but who refuses to accept any responsibility for it.

Labour’s James Kelly managed to impress. No really. It was very impressive that anyone could deliver a speech that was even snider and nastier than Ruth’s, but James managed it. Previously notable only for his ability to make a tub of lumpy wallpaper paste seem charismatic and engaging, in an epic rewriting of history James insisted that the last independence debate was characterised by violence, abuse and intimidation from independence supporters. People opposed to independence were chased up the streets by pamphlet bearing cybernats, he puffed, like a red balloon on the verge of bursting. Naturally, this wasn’t something he’d experienced himself, because whenever James appears in a public street people flee in the opposite direction in case he bores them to death with his views on the number of social housing units built by the Scottish government and how this means we can’t possibly consider independence.

The talk of division is deliberate. The Unionists want to get people to disengage from the independence debate. They want the country to be passive and quiet as it accepts the decisions made for us by Westminster. They’re creating divisions, creating nastiness, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. They say they want to heal the divisions in Scotland, but you don’t heal a division by telling the people who disagree with you to shut up. You don’t heal divisions by pretending they don’t exist, and you certainly don’t heal them by demanding that Scotland doesn’t get a say on the cause of the supposed divisions. You heal them by airing the arguments, by discussion, and by a vote.

It’s not for Ruth Davidson, who came a very distant second in the Scottish parliamentary elections to tell Scotland when the time is. The Scottish parliament has spoken. It has voted, and it’s voted to give the people a say in their future. It’s up to Westminster now to dare to refuse to accept the democratic will of the Scottish people, and if they do all they’ll succeed in doing is hastening the end of Theresa’s precious union. If Theresa May overrules the democratic will of the Scottish parliament the United Kingdom is already dead and all that’s left is to discuss the funeral arrangements. It’s not for Theresa May to tell us when the time is. It’s for the people of Scotland and their elected representatives. And we say now is the time.

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0 thoughts on “Now is the time

  1. Terrific! Great to see the SNP and Greens voting together to give Scotland a say in its own future.

    No surprise the other parties voted to deny Scots a say. They know they are on the wrong side of history.

  2. Just watching wee Ruthie on STV right now straining to be heard over a yapping dug…you’re not outside Holyrood Paul, are you? 🙂

  3. Scottish Examination Board
    Arithmetic Paper 2 2017

    Is 63 + 6 a bigger number than 59? (1 mark)

    Does Brexit = Brexit ? (1 mark)

    Definitely full marks to Patrick Harvie and the Green’s amendment passing.- more on that story later!

    Zero points to the Labour Party (not backing EU nationals to get a vote …eh?)… Local elections should be fun.

    Zero points to the Liberal Democrats… who think you should not get a democratic vote (except if it is on the EU)

    and the Conservative Party = a predictable zero points in respect of speaking up for Scotland –

    the Majority of the elected representatives of the Scottish Parliament decided, democratically, 69 to 59 to speak up for Scotland.

  4. Well said Paul.

    That is the truth of the Yoon mentality in all its glory. The Scottish Parliament. The home of Scottish Government, our democracy and our protection against the excesses of central government to this point, is viewed by unionist politicians as at best, a parish council fit for second string politicians and a good wee earner. At worst? They deem it not fit to exist. ALL should be left in the warm, fuzzy arms of the mother of parliaments in that proper capital city in another more civilized country.

    And didn’t that literally ooooooze out of every single one of them.

    Well just to be clear people. A formal approach to Westminster will be made by the Scottish Government in the next few days. They have their wee launch to get past I understand.

    How and ever, make NO mistake, there WILL be a referendum and the intent is to hold this before Brexit is finalized. Section thirty or not, Scotland’s electorate will be given the opportunity to decide their own future and what kind of country they want to live in and leave for future generations.

    The people. The public will decide.

    We will be given this vote and as last time, a Scottish Government will act on the result. The other team didn’t feel the need to either respect 2014s result, or act upon its pledges and assurances.

    Kinda why we’re here today.

    Worth thinking about for the casual reader.

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  6. “They’re creating divisions, creating nastiness, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

    They might be trying to create that but they won’t. We’re on to them already and are having none of it.

  7. The total brass neck of the union supporting cowards at Holyrood is truly breathtaking ,
    They rant about respecting the 2014 result ok , that works two ways how about unionists respecting it as well , we are here because of unionists and their decisions firstly by voting down every single amendment proposed by English MPs in Parliament , this in conjunction with Labour in the background fighting to block every bit of power requested , and for that arsewipe Neil to stand up and talk piss about new powers and Federalism the powers his party activly blocked is beyond belief , Aye they think the stupid pill has well and truly been swallowed , lets see .

  8. It is important that, in the Council elections in May, that pro-independence supporter turn out in large numbers to vote, and since it is the Single Transferrable Vote to vote for every (alphabetical order) Green, RISE, SNP, SSP and pro-independence, Independent candidate in their wards.

    • I agree 100% . I only used to put a vote against (for) SNP candidate. This time I’ll be voting for all except Lib/Lab/Con.

    • Seriously, go right down the paper and rank everything but the Tories (and UKIP if they’re there). You DO have a choice which unionist gets in, potentially, and it should be bloody obvious that anything is preferable to the Tories.

      That’s how NI deprived the DUP of its majority. By voting even for other unionist parties to psh the DUP right to the bottom. We need to do that to the Tories.

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  10. Ruth Davidson has always had a nasty streak. It was just well covered while she was a list MSP and had no real status, and no one really knew her. WGD was right. That last speech was a temper tantrum worthy of a five year old, and about as disciplined. Great post Dug. And oh my goodness, I hope this works!

    The Torygraph has a podcast about how Theresa May should grasp the nettle and play hardball with the EU as it’s on it’s last legs, the British economy is strong, and the EU 27 are afraid of terrorism and need the UKs antiterrorism services and their export market. I laughed when I heard it, it seemed so unlikely, but shortly afterwards an ex-colleague phoned raging about the new referendum, and almost quoted it word for word. They ended with the thought that Scotland would then be out of the UK, out of the EU and Nicola would be begging to get back into Britain.

    Then I really laughed and said “But we would be independent, if we were out of the UK and out of the EU, so why would we want to be ruled by another country?” So I suggested that if the EU collapsed, which I thought was unlikely given the investment of all the EU nations, it would happen well after the UK left, and given that the EU would make scrupulously sure that none of the remaining 27 nations were disadvantaged in any way, it was highly unlikely the the U.K. would come out of the negotiations very well. Given that the SP had just voted for another referendum, that meant we had a choice not given to the rest of the UK. So Scotland would become independent, NI would unite with the Republic, as per the Good Friday agreement, which would leave England and Wales. So why would we want to rejoin? Strangely, they hung up at that point.

    However, that conversation did make me think how much Ms Sturgeon was putting on the line, how much was at stake – for her, Scotland and Westminster, and the possible outcomes. Ruth’s temper tantrum and David Mundell’s obnoxious TV interview really gives a sense if what’s to come. Macart, you are correct about the view Westminster has of the devolved parliaments, which is why I believe that once the Great Repeal Bill is in statute, Ms May will either repeal the devolved governments or withdraw significant powers. The Supreme Court has made it clear they only govern at the behest of Westminster, and there is sufficient anti-Scottish and NI reporting and feeling in England for it to be likely. Last time was about aspiration. This time it will be more like salvation.

  11. A major problem here with Scottish Tories is that they are very clearly misreading the political situation here in Scotland. The Holyrood elections did not see Scotland uncharacteristicly run to embrace Conservatism but rather traditional Scottish Labour voters sought a refuge as their party was in the midst of dying a death. Scottish Labour voters saw a party so impotent and so inept that any meaningful vote cast for them would be wasted in the expected sea of yellow. It was with realisation that Scottish Labour voters crossed the floor and voted for a brash pretender with gall and effrontery and a desire to hold the First Minister to account. Ruth et al need to stop proclaiming that they’ve somehow turned Scotland blue; it is absolutely untrue and is being used to muddy the waters surrounding talks of a mandate and support for Conservatism and Unionism in Scotland. This, by extension, is being used to somehow paint the Prime Minister as some demigod who’s broken through in Scotland. We need to challenge and remind Ruth et al of this at every opportunity.

    • No, don’t challenge and remind Ruth et al of this at every opportunity. Let them get an inflated sense of their own self-worth. It helps us, in the end. They will make mistakes because of it. 🙂

  12. Well said Paul you analyse the unionist intransigences showing them to have more faces than a town clock.keep writing my have given my wife and I a different outlook on many matters.Lang may ye write my man

  13. Great News!
    Scotland shall get to choose!
    The Labour Branch Office committed electoral suicide today, siding with the Blue Tories.
    Here’s the deal. We shall hold our Referendum in say, October 2019. Brexit will be well bedded in by then and we shall all be basking in the benefits of England back in control: our fishermen will be singing sea shanties as they head out to sea to plunder the oceans once more, our farmers will have EU level subsidies from the UK Government flooding into their banks accounts, and Austerity with Dracula teeth will be in full flow.
    In making this concession on the timing, the Scottish Government will insist that EU Nationals working here have the vote, as well as16-17 year olds.
    Work needs to be done on securing a MOU from our EU neighbours that Scotland will be welcomed back into the EU and that Transitional Arrangements between March 2019 and October 2019 are in place thus ensuring a smooth transition back into the EU when we vote Yes.
    I cannot believe that Labour in Scotland could have been so stupid and spiteful..
    We now know that we have 59 Fifth Columnists within the Scottish Parliament, who put England, Westminster, and UKIP before the wishes of the people of Scotland, and defy the democratic mandate of the Scottish Parliament.
    They are going to get a right doin’ in May.
    We did it!

  14. Disgraceful behaviour by Ruth Davidson in that speech in the parliament yesterday.I saw clip on Tv where she bawled at Nicola Sturgeon to sit down. Who the heck did she think she was talking to some daft wee lassie.She acted like a five year old She truely is an obnoxious human being with absolutely no class.

    • Truly disgraceful and embarrassing behavior. Murdo Fraser was, in many ways, even more of an embarrassment although they both gave an interesting perspective to the likely approach in the continuing debate as well as their true colours.

    • I was so disgusted by Ms Davidson I sent an email to the Presiding Officer to complain that her behaviour yesterday (telling the FM to sit down) was disrespectful not only to another member in the Chamber (in breach of the code of conduct) but also damaging to the reputation and authority of the SP and the office of FM. I have not had a reply yet or seen any signs of Ms Davidson apologising for her disrespect, but hopefully more people will complain and she will get her legs skelped by the Presiding Officer. (

  15. We need National Collective back to provide some relief from this endless unionist screeching. They gave us images, music and songs to help us on our way.

    Don’t underestimate the Tories, though. Here in the Borders John Lamont is organising meetings against another indyref and getting attendances of 200 plus braying folk, anxious to do whatever is necessary to shoot the indy fox and throttle the SNP. Lamont is even considering setting up his very own anti-indy campaign and plenty hands were put in pockets to help fund it. Willing potential activists, though I heard only an estimated 30 used the internet. So getting their news from the BBC and the Telegraph no doubt. Still, if this is being replicated by Tories across the country things could become very fraught and nasty.

    The good news is that it looks as if our Scottish government has a wily plan. Fingers crossed.

    • I am not surprised so few of John Lamont’s Britnat Brigade use the internet. Apart from their likely average age, broadband coverage across much of the Borders is pathetic.

  16. Words and empty windbag rhetoric are one thing, behaviour and the attitude from which it springs is something else.

    The Unionist mentality is a colonialist mentality. The mindset of a gang intent on constantly proving and maintaining to itself and everyone else that in its own warped hierarchy of tribe based culture it is and always will and should be the biggest, baddest and bestest.

    Attempting rational discourse with such a mindset, on both individual and collective levels, is an exercise in futility. They (desperately) need an ‘Other’ they can hate and exercise power over and the greater the challange to their fragile ego’s the more vicious the response.

    Be in no doubt that those of this ilk would be quite prepared to respond to what they would consider the existential threat from Independence to both their precious and their own shallow psyche by any and all means available -up to and including formal and informal armed intervention and insurrection. Because what you are dealing with here is the biggest bunch of mardy arses on the planet.

    The delusional stance towards Europe on EU exit negotiations of let us have our cake and eat it or we will release a financial nuclear armageddon on our own people is no one off. We are talking about people here who are so ‘patriotic’ they are selling off everything to the so called ‘foreigners’ they despise as below them in their cultural and tribal hierarchy. Including parts of our rail system to Hong Kong and energy generation to the Chinese and the French. They have no regard for even their own unthinking useful idiot cannon fodder who argue their case and will have no qualms about instigating officially sanctioned violent intervention to prevent the loss of any part of what they consider to be their rightful rightful dominion.

    Right now, as jingsandthings points out, they are stirring up the rhetoric and winding people up around the borders. If that does not work it will go up another level and another and another. It is an approach with a long historical track record which does not require reiteration.

  17. There is a bit of “Little England” in all of us now, as their is a bit of “Little Scotland, Ireland and Wales” in our neighbors to the south. How could there not be. We have shared these islands for millennia.

    After these past three hundred years of forced cohabitation with John Bull, the Irish and Welsh, we have brought good Scot’s common sense and innovation to the benefit of our partners in union. They certainly relied on our determination in battle to fight for their Empire 1.0.

    The “thin red line”, from Lord Tennyson’s poem, is the British 93rd Sutherland Highlander Regiment halting the charge of the Russian cavalry at Balaclava, in the Crimean War. Churchill’s speech to the nation upon the fall of France in 1940 was one of the most stirring of the modern era. My pride in the richness of the history of the people of these Islands is still fierce. After Independence it will still be fierce. But they are only memories now. We can cherish them, but they are behind us. They are stories for our grandchildren and the history books.

    The free trade deal that existed between the peoples of these islands, these many years, benefited us all while it lasted. But when a bankrupt administration has no other options, it plunders the assets. This was the Thatcher revolution. A philosophy that destroyed British society itself, because it didn’t believe it existed. And it continues to this day. It is interesting the parallel being drawn with Henry the Eighth these days. Ironic really. Henry’s administration plundered religion to fill its empty coffers.

    The past forty years has demolished the once proud heritage we shared in union, because the union itself has been hijacked by a kleptocracy.

    I for one will not join this parcel of Brexit rogues. And neither should anyone else. Only the English people can sort this out. They are primarily responsible for getting us into this mess. They must reform themselves. We can’t do it for them. We can’t even help. They no longer listen to us. We must leave them to get along with that day job.

    When they find their sanity again, we can enter into negotiations for a modern trade union. Not the fire sale that was the 1707 deal. A twenty first century trade union. Between two Sovereign states. The only union I could possibly accept.

    History is a moving tapestry – we must weave a new pattern with our own hands now. Its only my opinion, but I don’t doubt our success for a millisecond.

    • Scotland can greatly assist that needs essay process for England by becoming independent and setting a good, alternative example by demonstrating that TINA was and is a bankrupt empty philosophy.

  18. Ruthless Harrison showing her true colours, followed by Annie wells saying she didn’t recognise the sovereignty of the scottish parliament…whys she there if she can’t accept democracy….never felt so angry at these apologists that have no class or dignity…for heavens sake Scotland, cut the apron strings…it’s a complete albatross dragging us down, there’s no respect or decency left in it…nicola risking everything for a myopic electorate, 50pc that refuse to see the facts in front of them..sickening….

    • This morning, I forced myself to sit through a re-run of yesterday’s Holyrood Debate on Indyref2.
      It was clear that Davidson, Dugdale and Rennie, had all gathered together beforehand as they all spoke from the same hate filled script.
      Workshop run by MacDougall and McTernan: ‘The Scottish people Don’t Want.’? Full stop.
      The usual guff was trotted out time and again. It is to be expected from scores of bench fillers.Better Tohether 2.
      No original thought; just repeat and repeat, in the hope of wearing us all down.
      Kate Forbes was excellent, and may I suggest, if she’s not part of the Executive, it’s time she was given a step up.
      Clare Haughey was a breath of fresh air, having replaced the stale air of James Kelly in Rutherglen. Kelly’s contribution was lamentable. I can only assume that he was suffering from a heavy bout of ‘flu, and had forgotten to take a Lem-Sip prior to the session. How else can we explain the inchoate and incoherent slurring groggy SNP BAD rambling?
      Andy Wightman, and Ross Greer, of the Greens, also gave outstanding contributions. I may not agree with all of the Green party’s ambitions, but there was nothing to fault in their arguments for an Independence plebiscite. Patrick Harvie also had his sleeves rolled up, ready for the fight, using interventions during endless repetitive Better Together tub thumpers to great effect.
      Murdo The Queen’s Eleven Fraser closed for the Blue Tories. The man is clearly a buffoon.
      He gleefully insulted the 163,598 Scots who voted Green during SGE last year. Whit the fu…
      I shall not repeat the insult. The Blue Tories deserve this greasy little bigot.
      The Blue Tories oozed elitism in spades.
      Edward Mountain, not short of a bob or two, referred to ‘one of my sergeants’. Christ on a bike.
      Ruth Davidson, who continues to demonstrate what a nasty spiteful person she is, in quoting Joan McAlpine ,chuckled that she would not attempt to mimic Ms McAlpine’s accent, her guffawing bools in the mouth posh Tory Boys guffawing heartily at this wonderful Upper Class put down of McAlpine , the working class prole who happens to speak very eloquently and plainly indeed.
      Disgusting privileged little toadies.
      Johann Lamont, of the ‘something for nothing’ infamy, Anas 500 meal banquet Sarwar, and Alex Cole-Hamilton never disappoint.
      Tired old pros. In it for the money, and the easy life in opposition.
      Indeed, Cole Hamilton boasted that he had spent his political life ’chasing lost causes.’
      I bet that wee gem wasn’t on his election leaflets last year.
      The Lib Dems: The Party of Lost Causes.
      Kezia Dugdale was her usual hapless self
      John Swinney closed for the Government, and delivered a sincere passionate speech.
      Worryingly, Alex Rowley was complimented on his contribution by Swinney and other pro Independence Speakers.
      He must be hot favourite, and a man with whom the Pro Independence movement can work , when Dugdale is finally given the boot, inevitably in May, if not before.
      Scotland is in good hands if Kate Forbes and Ross Greer are the voices of Future Scotland.

  19. Davidson is in a panic. Labour has collapsed and has nowhere to go, not even dahn sath.
    Brexit will make Labour for Indy gain, draw support from the Dugdale rump of the party and find its Scottish roots in line with the SNP and the Greens.
    When yoons like Davidson resort to telling the FM to sit down, then they have lost the plot they never even had!!
    A fag end of a party that only keeks dahn sath to get direction.
    Their democratic credentials are rock bottom. Next gasp of the yoonier yoons will be to foment trouble to have Holyrood dissolved.
    May talks about preserving the yoonion. Final step will be the imposition of martial law north of the Tweed as a last gasp.
    Dad to even contemplate that this could happen, but there are precedents from Imperial history.
    The screaming acts from the yoons in Holyrood yesterday show their utter contempt for Holyrood. Even labour do not even have the wits to highlight their role in creating it. All they do is scream at the government in Holyrood. They have no desire for government. They can see the end after losing all bar one of their MPs when they thought the SNP would die after 2014. In the end it was Labour no more.
    Yet they cling on to their sense of entitlement!
    All yoons can do now is to screech Westminster rules, Labour even support a Tory Westminster, anything to deny the will of the Scots who have voted for the SNP and the Greens who have the majority at Holyrood the yoons have one MP each at Westminster.
    One wonders how lo g it will take for trade unionists in Scotland to see Labour is a no hope party for them Brown and Darling now work for the banksters. The faux socialists have taken the shilling. Time to ditch the UK once and for all.

  20. TM triggering Article 50 was on the Spanish news this lunchtime and on the ‘breaking news’ bit at the bottom of the screen it said that Scotland is seeking an independence referendum, but May has said no to Sturgeon. I would love to know what the other countries are thinking about this. As Nicola has said, if May treats the EU countries with the same arrogance and disrespect as Scotland she’ll get no deal.

  21. The outpouring of rage and hatred from many English people on every Scottish story online is fascinating, appalling, disgusting, disturbing, and, yes, even humourous. Free of irony or introspection, they rant about how the Scots supposedly hate the English, pouring incredible vitriol on us, calling us every name under the sun, calling into doubt every aspect of our existence, and railing about how to get rid of us. It’s fascinating.

    Some sort of huge lavasmash rupture has opened up in the English psyche, it seems.

    They can’t admit their own government is brutal and corrupt so, it seems to me, they take a stab at the Tories through their wholesale attacking of Sturgeon, the SNP, SNP supporters, and Scottish people in general. I look at this stuff and do not take it on board emotionally, genuinely deeply curious as to what is motivating these people. And it does seem, in part, to be a genuine, deep-seated loathing of the Scots, who merely exist as figures of fun to them, alkies and (subsidy) junkies and scroungers and suckers on the coffers of the faultless and morally and ethically pure Westminster. Pure Daily Heil manufactured-consensus senseless dementia.

    According to them, we’re whining sweaties, the quicker they are rid of us the better, and Sturgeon is ‘Jimmy Krankie’ (I wish I had a pound for every time I’ve seen that – the 1980s called, it wants its joke back!) or ‘Der Fuhrer.’ It’s complete madness. Centuries of subconscious enmity are now coming to the fore, with them clearly feeling free to tell us what they’ve always thought of us…and it’s hilarious! I don’t take offence, because I don’t care, though their deranged impotent calls to dissolve Holyrood are beyond sanity and beyond the pale. The Little Englander mentality, full of xenophobia and hatred and scorn, is on full fool display…and does nothing but help us.

    I expect this inchoate existential rage from some English people. It’s the self-loathing, ranting Scots, screaming about how Sturgeon doesn’t speak for Scotland, who get to me. I genuinely cannot understand them. This must be self-loathing and lack of self-esteem taken to new levels, or there are far more closet Tories in this country than I ever would have guessed at. And I very much doubt that. Who knows how many of these people on either sides are paid agent provocateur online trolls? But it hardly matters. Their cries of rage and madness and hatred are being led in bully pulpit chorus from the top, and they know their time is over. As is often said round these net parts, interesting times indeed.

    • Graham, WM and their Branch Office Toadies Up Here, are merely following Adolf Hitler’s strategy.
      Germany crawled out of the WWI, and was forced to pay crippling financial reparations to the allies, and deliberately neutered socially economically and militarily by the Treaty of Versailles.
      A combination of the Great Depression and an emasculated economy, mass unemployment, and grinding hardship was fertile ground for a dictator to be.
      It was the Jews, and the Communists, and the Romas, the Sexual Deviants and left wing intellectuals who were responsible for Germany’s Downfall. Demonise them and eliminate any opposition by any means.
      Fast forward. It’s all the Jocks’ and immigrants’ fault.
      That’s how they are playing it in the Dead Tree Scrolls, and increasingly on the airwaves.
      Yesterday’s performance by the unionists was full of the bile, lies, threats, and insults that must have swamped Germany during the ’20s and ’30s.
      Persecute minorities, crush opposition, brook no alternative argument.
      Empire2, England has taken back control.
      Their green and pleasant land will be purged of foreigners, and Jocks will be reprogrammed to learn to love Big T.
      Scotland is May’s Sudetenland, and the Yoons will not rest until we are reduced to an occupied colony of Empire 2. All that lovely oil, whisky, and nuclear weapons.
      I am particularly disgusted by Dugdale and the so called Labour MSPs.
      They have betrayed the Common People big time.
      O/T. I caught the start of PMQ today.
      I do not have the technical skills: could someone do a screen shot of May at the Despatch Box and the front row behind her.
      Priti Patel, Philip Hammond, David Davis, Boris Johnson, Amber Rudd, Liam Fox, and Fluffy the Teaboy?
      Do we trust this lot with Scotland’s Future?
      Of course not. Get this Rogues’ Gallery up on posters all over Scotland.
      Who cares if it frightens the horses?

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