Dingo Sofa and the art of scamming

I got one of those scamming emails the other day, telling me I’d won millions in a lottery that I’d never entered and to contact someone in Burkina Faso for the details on how to collect my non-existent winnings. It was sent by someone calling himself Mr Dingo Sofa, which is the best name ever. His email address is din.sof0@gmail.com and that of his associate in scamming is fatimzangobf@gmail.com if you fancy signing them up for stuff. Like, I dunno, press releases from an Australian pet furniture company.

There’s a way you can get your own back on West African scammers, but Scotland got scammed in 2014 and we’re told there’s nothing we can do about it – at least that’s what the scammers say. Mind you, that’s what Dingo Sofa would probably say too. 2014’s scammers had far less amusing names, there’s nothing remotely amusing about Alistair Darling or Blair McDougall, at least not their names, but there’s certainly something we can do about their scamming messages telling us that we could win EU membership, job security, the stability of the pound, the permanence of the Scottish Parliament enshrined in law, and the safety of the NHS in return for a No vote. Instead we got a batshit Brexit, job losses, a pound that makes the Argentinian peso seem like a hard currency, a Sewel Convention that’s meaningless cant, and an NHS that the Tories are hell bent on privatising. Dingo Sofa is a more honest person, at least he’s only pulling the one scam and has the decency to promise untold wealth. The Better Together campaign were only promising that Scotland could have a very basic level of public services and economic security, and they couldn’t even deliver on that.

It would be bad enough if the great Better Together scam of 2014 was the only scam. The really annoying thing is that the Tories have pulled multiple scams, and they’re scamming still. There was of course the great Brexit scam, in which they gave up freedom of movement, put hundreds of thousands of jobs at risk, caused the risk of a 10% reduction in incomes by 2030, and plunged hundreds of thousand of EU citizens into insecurity. But hey. At least we’re going to get blue passports, bent bananas, and fluid ounces back, all of which will come in very handy when we go to war with Spain. The Brexiteers promised to take back control and secure the sovereignty of the British parliament, only for them to use Brexit as a Tory coup d’etat and turn it into absolute power for the Prime Minister and her cabinet appointees. Meanwhile they’ve surrendered control of the UK economy to the remaining 27 EU members, who’re now going to ensure that the UK is stripped of the jobs that depend on access to the EU’s single market. That taking back control meant that they’ve given the EU far more power over the UK than it did before.

But now we’ve taken back control, or at least Theresa May has taken back control from Parliament, she can wield that power wisely to deal with the truly important issues that face us today. Which is a bit of a worry from a person who looks like one of the characters in the Walking Dead who’s been infected with the zombie plague virus and is just waiting to bite the rest of us in the jugular as she goes on a rampage to Gibraltar. She wasn’t overly concerned by the threats of war. She’s not too bothered about denying the democratic right of the Scottish government to fulfil one of the manifesto commitments on which it was elected. She’s certainly not bothered much by the number of children that her government is throwing into poverty. She’s not bothered by the fear and insecurity she’s fostered amongst EU citizens resident in the UK and British citizens resident in other EU countries.

As an aside, can we please stop with the guff that citizens of other countries who live in the UK are migrants, but UK citizens who live in other countries are expats. There is no pissing empire any more. They’re not British expats. They’re migrants. Just because they’re about to get blue passports doesn’t stop them being immigrants in someone else’s country. And perhaps, just perhaps, if our media didn’t foster this ridiculous double standard and admit that there are large British migrant communities abroad, there might be a shade more understanding in the UK of migrant communities here, and Kurdish refugees in Croydon wouldn’t have to worry so much about getting their heads kicked in. A British citizen who lives on the Costas is every bit as much a migrant as a Kurdish asylum seeker in Croydon. Their motives for migrating might be different, but that doesn’t stop them being migrants.

But back to Theresa. Sorry, but we must. She’s not bothered by selling arms to dictators, causing wars that make people flee for their lives and become migrants. She’s not so bothered by Donald Trump that she won’t sook up to him. What she is bothered by is the National Trust supposedly dropping the word Easter from its Easter egg hunt despite the fact that EASTER is by far the largest word on the National Trust’s publicity for the event. She’s bothered by this because she’s a Christian, she says. Although she’s not enough of a Christian to care that the kids living in families on low incomes are seeing those incomes fall even more as a direct result of Theresa’s policies and they won’t be seeing any Easter eggs at all. Still, it’s nice to know that she’s got her priorities right. That’s the Christian message of Easter after all, take chocolate out of the mouths of weans and condemn their families to poverty so you can give a tax break to a millionaire.

Theresa and her egg thieves are about to discover they’re in for a shaming that even Dingo Sofa will escape. Despite the bluff, despite the claims in the friendly press, there’s really very little that she can do to block Scotland from having its say on Brexit and having its say on Theresa. She’s determined to stop us because she knows the verdict will be as harsh as her government is on the poor. But scammers always get caught out in the end, and Theresa’s Tory scammers are about to come crashing down. By the time Scotland’s had its say on the unfolding catastrophe of Brexit, Theresa will be looking to Dingo Sofa as a model of business success.

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  2. Awesome name. 😀

    Anyroads… Y’know, I don’t think the average folks in Brexitland have the first clue of what they’ve done yet. I don’t believe they have any idea of the economic shitstorm that’s about to break over them either. And last, but by no means least, I don’t think they’re in any way prepared for what they’ve done to continental relations or what that means for them on an ‘in your livingroom’ level. The shear breadth of how this is going to affect the lives of every person living in the UK on the economic, societal and political levels is beyond calculation.

    To try to grasp what’s been done on a daily and personal level, a couple of things to consider. The weekly shop for example. How much fresh produce comes from the continent? The fresh fruit and veg you buy, meat, pastas,sweets and choccies, beauty care products, shaving foams, toothpastes. All pretty familiar named brands folks get on a week in, week out basis. With tariffs, if we still trade at all with the EU, these may rise in cost as much as 10-20% across the board. ALL onto your weekly shopping bill.

    Import/Export administration costs at every port of exit/entry, administration delays and the creation of whole new rafts of customs procedures and infrastructure. Who do they think will pay for all this? Who do they think it will affect most? God! Airports alone will become the stuff of nightmare as both goods and people bottleneck.

    Holidays! Back to the good old days of visa applications and costs for every single overseas destination. No more nipping across to France, Holland or… SPAIN for mad weekends on a citybreak whim.

    Come to think of it. Spain might be a little problematic this year for your average English tourist. Sure, they love tourist money as much as the next holiday destination, but with relations developing the way they are? I’m thinking there are more than a few travel agents out there today sweating for all the wrong reasons. A lotta deposits on the line I’m thinking.

    Then we get to it, don’t we? International relations and profile. Just how will the English abroad be viewed and received on the continent? Just how welcome will people be who told folks to take a hike because… FOREIGNERS! You think Joe Public on the continent doesn’t feel? Doesn’t take it personally? Doesn’t have a hurt national pride of their own? It’s one thing to reject a system of government at odds with your democracy and need to express your body politic, quite another to reject a multi national trade and peace union because… FOREIGNERS! (again)

    Because whether people like it or not. Whether they rationalized otherwise or not. That is exactly the predominant message sent out by 52% of the UK who voted for a blind, hard Brexit whose leave campaign detail couldn’t fill an A4 sheet of paper… single sided. I’d say it is also exactly how a great many on the continent views the UK vote too. Anyone looking for evidence of this need only look at the rise in hate crime over the past year. They need only listen to any statement by Mr Davis on Brexit deals, Ms May on ‘unity’ or Bojo on diplomacy.

    This IS an omnishambles of biblical proportions and it WILL be ongoing. It will also leave a nasty mark on UK international relations for many, many years to come. On the bright side though, it’s one stain among a great many. So, not so noticeable eh? Also, at least folk got EXACTLY what they voted for, right? I mean, they did know, didn’t they?

    • Absolutely Sam. Some no voters, probably many, still want to be in the EU, for themselves. They do not want to have restrictions on travel, business etc.

      I heard someone, a no voter, last week say ‘maybe it won’t happen’,brexit they meant. Even saying there might be a 2nd referendum on it(!) oh dear, they are in for a big shock. But then, these are people who could easily upsticks to say, Norway.

      They thought we should ‘be more like Norway’, then voted no, to Scottish independence, I despair, for the less well off, the poor, sick, disabled, jobless, homeless, (and the nowhere near cosy retirement age people with free bus passes), who will surely suffer in a Scotland that is shackled to an extreme right wing regime in WM. Not like Norway, more like north Korea. Great.

  3. Paul The picture you and Macart paint is grim indeed. Many sensible people I know are taken in by the many years of Unionist media crap and are not even thinking it through.
    I saw the light in 2013 and have been preaching the message of self determination ever since.
    If I had the hoped for lottery win every household in Scotland would get a copy of your books Paul and also version two of Stuart Campbell’s wee blue book when it appears.
    Onwards and upwards!

  4. WGD manages something I lack, in his writing: Brevity. 🙂

    But I would like to solicit answers to a question that’s been bugging me for a long time. If shot down in flames – happy to be a lurker again from now on. But on the premise there is no such thing as a stupid question — can I use WGD’s lovely post to address an elephant in my particular room? (Feel free to skip – but scan on the QT & have a think too).

    Our FM and team have done a brilliant job of engineering an IndyRef2 out of what looked before to be an exceptionally weak hand. I hope they apply that same foresight to the possible mechanisms for Indy. I hope & trust they will, as they have given me reason to believe that so far.

    Honestly, I don’t want another IndyRef; Let me explain (my own view)

    England is £1,8 trillion in debt and since England ran up that debt, we (Scotland) don’t need to assume any of it post-Indy. But without Scotland’s resource wealth, London has no hope of servicing said debt. So any ref has at it’s heart the probability of a fix. It may be a high probability or a low one, depends on your own personal views. But I worked down South for almost half my life and I am very well aware of how they view Scots: and the majority of my experience over that time – it’s not as equals. And there is along line of historical precedent to indicate why Westminster earned the epithet ‘perfidious Albion’.

    England (as-is) depends on a supine Scotland. I will never believe that England will place it’s financial, economic and/or political future in the hands of 5m Scots armed only with a pencil. They understand risk/reward very well. And they will always move to mitigate risk if they can. But we need to understand that that mitigation is being driven by their dominant Empire philosophy. Decisions will not be grounded in facts, but facts-as-they-perceive-them. GERS was designed with just that in mind, for example. Disinformation is better than Truth.

    Go low-level a bit: admittedly one person’s experience but also not unique. If you have ever visited the Green Welly Stop you can even buy a little kitchen sign for your fridge based on this.
    That’s how much of a meme it is.

    Ever had a Scottish banknote refused by an English business?

    Ever been asked to repeat yourself “in English mate, can’t unnerstand a word u say!”? References to whingeing, subsidies, drunks, feckless, lazy, wear skirts, feeble, bottle-crashed – in two referendums? And English football – “Two World Wars an’ one World cup!”

    I know thats all low level racist crap: except I am work in a career as a professional, surrounded by other professionals – and I worked in the M25 zone for a long long time. It is not the exception its the rule. It’s just ‘Banter.’.

    Over 30 years of it, across more than 30 different blue-chips. But I’m thin-skinned and paranoid?

    Aye, right.

    The xenophobic intolerant attitude of many English is now apparent to us all. It’s practically Government policy! (See “Are you in the Country illegally?” bus and van posters thought up by … T. May, when a Govt Minister). Everything UKIP. Brexit was all about “Taking back control” – from whom? Why, those bloody Foreigners! Fleg-waving and gunboats. David Cameron at least had the sense to f*** off once he realized the loonies had control. No way was he going along with their political philosophy. So he dropped them in the doo-doo and quit. Good for him!

    Attacks on the “others” – in the workplace, on the trains and ports, in the street, are not an exception now.

    Brexit has tapped into a powerful pool of voters down South. Powerful enough to win a Leave vote: these people are the majority no matter how much the Liberal hand-wringers refuse to accept it.

    For more than 30 years successive Westminster governments blamed their failures on the EU. All that pesky “Red Tape” – like workers rights, working hours, pensions, etc. But that message sunk in. Hard.

    So if we all expect a fair fight next ref – it we ever get one – fought out in the best Corinthian spirit, by the cut and thrust of honest debate – dream on. Not a chance! As all of you know -we didn’t get that last time either.

    Astroturfing by the yoons is in full flow already and we have not launched Yes2 yet. The yoons are deliberately also aggravating the EU, because they know they have no chance of a deal they can sell as “Good” so they are looking to leave under the worst terms possible. They won’t be dictated to by ‘Johnny Foreigner’. And that’s bad for all of us.

    Nicola is going to have to face down May.

    I hope she has sufficient backing from all of us that Nicola feels that’s the correct and moral choice. And I hope to God she has a (workable) plan. Any route except a referendum is preferable: cos UK will (have to) fix it and they will definitely try. Yes, I’m paranoid – but that doesn’t mean they are not out to get all of us. Sample the Postal Vote eh?

    The English parliament, like a Nigerian Scammer, will promise us something that can never be delivered. (super-sexy Home Rule, Federal UK, the devolviest Parliament in the Universe with full powers over errrr…road signs?..Vow anyone?) If we are dumb enough to fall for the promises (we know are unrealistic), then the scorn, mockery, beating and rape we receive as a result is one we chose for ourselves.

    Anything offered to Scotland by T. May and associates, countersigned by Gordon Brown, Ruth Davidson, Willie Rennie and dumb Kez/dumber Anas , (and their cyberspace cheerleaders like that twat Hotherstall and the useful idiot Tomkins) should be read as signed by Dingo Sofa.

    He has more credibility than any of them. And just as much ability to deliver.

    If we go into ScotRef with the mindset: “This is not a fair contest!” Then what can we do to ensure it is?

    Then, even if we lose, we can justly accept it. But we must ensure an honest vote, against an opponent who wants anything but (see yoonsteam – today or any day post-Indy1 – for details).

    This is a discussion that’s needs to be out in the open and widely discussed. We cannot sit back and accept it will be fair – just because. Think defensively.

    How would you ensure it? Do you agree we have to?

    Is it OK to accept Dingo Sofa’s promises at face value?

    • Something that worries me also.. Could we invite the EU authorities to ensure fairness and validity? Leavers will love that but, will they no’? Great post again Paul, treats for the dug..:)

    • I agree. Without our assets WM is doomed…… which means they’ll perform every dishonest trick possible to hang on to our wealth. We know they are not an honest crew at the best of times but with the threat of a future without Scottish assistance they will be positively dangerous.

      In comparison, Dingo Sofa sounds more like an Easter Hopalot..

  5. Speaking of double standards. On the ‘arms to dictators’ thing. The USA is the world’s biggest arms dealer, including selling to Saudi Arabia, and Nicola Sturgeon is across there pimping Scotland oot, doing deals with companies involved in fracking. Also, that country has a prison-industrial complex that locks up poor and black and Mexican people. Has religious fundamentalism – shooting abortion doctors – to rival Saudi Arabia, only with baseball caps instead of turbans. Wants to build a wall to keep Mexican people out. Has a white supremacist-supported government that has dismantled their EPA, putting the whole world at risk. Has a terrorist organisation – the NRA – that is genocidal and hates the people and values profits over lives. Hates women. Has a president who wants to turn the country into White Person Central, keeping people of other colours (or even the same colour) and races out. Has shady dealings with Russia. Spies on other countries. Invades countries for imperial gain and oil and deposes governments it does not like, or assassinates leaders it does not like and can no longer use. Sends people to the grave destitute because of healthcare debts. Pumps out white trash blockbuster propaganda rah-rahing about how it is the (sneer) ‘Greatest Country On Earth’ to deaden the minds of the people who consume its braindead, violent, psychopathic popular culture.

    Bit tired of this phony sanctimony from people about May and her scum dealings, when we deal with regimes every bit as bad, out of self-interest.

    Just an observation.

    • Nicola’s endorsement of Green Energy with the State of California is in no way an endorsement of Trump or the USA/Washington Foreign Policy generally. Now or is the past. It is deliberate misinformation to conflate the issues into one.

      Nicola’s visit and agreement is very much AGAINST the prevailing Washington mindset (Climate change denial etc). As is the stance of the State of California on this issue.

      We do business with those that invest in Scotland and agree that green is better than hydrocarbon. And those partners think that even at the cost of disagreeing with their own Govt and President on the bigger issues.

      There are no double standards here. Except yours. Only trade with Nations that have no sins eh? … well let he who has no sin cast the first stone.

      Don’t tar 200m+ Americans with the actions of the zoomers in Washington: and don’t tar 5m Scots with the views of those in Westminster.

      Scale down your world view to those who can find common ground: despite their differences.

      • She gave money to ION Geophysical; why? I genuinely want to be proved very wrong on my suspicions on this one:


        They’re a vile wee company, obviously, so why is she doing business with them? They are involved in fracking, which very clearly goes against her much-vaunted environmental views. It’s pure hypocrisy, really. See, here’s what gets me here. All of a sudden, a great many Scottish people seem to have become pompous, pious preachers, holier-than-thou caricatures, all puffed up and crowing about how much better we seemingly are than England. There were arms dealers in Holyrood last year. Yes, it was down to the Tories, but isn’t there some way that that could have been stopped, some moral argument? Who knows.

        Know this is from The Herald, and thus potentially untrustworthy, but I’m curious as to the veracity of this story:


        We’ll see how this all turns out. If Sturgeon allows this fracking filth, she will be committing suicide, right in the middle of her second independence drive. which will be a spectacular implosion. Not one I want to see, quite frankly, because I want independence, even though I don’t support her or the SNP.


        I didn’t say Sturgeon was endorsing Trump. Nowhere did I say that. She obviously can’t even speak to the man because she spat on him repeatedly, clearly lacking in diplomatic skills in some arenas. Still, better than Kezia Titanic parading aboot with a cardboard cutout of Hillary, I suppose. That was a major embarrassment. As for me having double standards, well, I merely pointed a few things out. I personally would not choose to, say, do business with these ION vermin. But that’s Sturgeon’s prerogative, I guess. Whilst giving money to a fracking company, she chose to make a tokenist climate exchange with Jerry Brown, whose state have been waffling on aboot secession from America, a laughable concept, for a while. Half the bloody states in America threatened to secede when Obama was president. None of them did.

        I get very clearly what Sturgeon did/is doing. She’s trying to show she can operate on a world stage. Her government is kind of a fascinating sociological and psychological and societal experiment, just a generation beyond the primordial swamps of local politics, with local-minded politicians having to learn on the job to be internationalist. I’m very interested to see where it all ends up, but her aping Thatcher’s photos and wardrobes is not a good sign. I find her very domineering, brusque, and I do not like her. But that’s just me. It’s not only the SNP that speak for Scotland. People outside self-congratulating political parties have a right to have their say too.

        Your brushing aside all of the very real, and disgusting, crimes against humanity, and its own people in general, America is guilty of…is excuse-making of the highest (dis)order. America is a rogue terrorist state. There is no denying this. So we are doing business with a rogue terrorist state. Period. As is May. Same as it ever was.

        There are more than 300 million Americans. I lived in America for many years. I would say I know the country and its mindset far better than you do, trust me. It’s a horrible, vacuous, vapid place. As for ‘Scale down your world view to those who can find common ground: despite their differences.’ Feel free never to order me to do anything. You might suggest things, but I don’t take kindly to random strangers telling me what to do. Thank you.

        • After 3 years sitting on your arse doing nothing, Blair, you certainly have a lot to say for yourself, haven’t you?
          Or is this Roden’s and McTernan’s wee Black Ops Team of paid clackers flooding pro Indy sites with the usual shite?
          It’s five to nine. The assembly bell is ringing. Time to get back to your desk.
          Juvenile tosh and its most irrelevant.

        • If you want the SNP to disappear – then the solution is simple – vote for independence.

          Once we get it the right and left of the party will split apart. They are just too far away (in policy) from each other.

        • You seem to be the HYPOCRITE here since you are the random stranger on this site.
          It is quite obvious what you are from the frothing and hateful generalisations you spout. Your post is a poor and dishonest attempt at disguise.

          Since you are open to suggestions, can I suggest you disappear and do not return.

      • Well said, the nay sayers are out in force, they cannot stand Scotland being visible on the world stage, even less the fact that many countries now see the britnat establishment for what it is and always has been. Greedy, selfish crooks.

        It’s so obvious, to spot the plants, just like the english guy at the UN yesterday. Nicola’s speech and rebuke to his obvious britnat, state sanctioned so called question, was excellent!

        • You forgot about how they spread fear and terror to stop discontent economy suffering blame the poor even though they bleed dry blame the disabled doesn’t matter they need care because they might of lost a limb in one of Westminsters wars or ended up with mental health problems like ptsd or those they made jobless by closing down hmrc offices for example that’s always westminster and the majority of English people don’t give a damn as long as they not affected I know I lived down there for 26 years and hated that country for its bigotry and xenophobia which was always there brexit just made the mask fall off

    • No. In California, the voting went 8,543,280 votes for Clinton and 4,373,049 for Trump, a majority of over 4 million, and about 2:1 against Trump. This is why Trump kept yapping on about those mythical millions of illegal Mexican immigrants who had voted against him. California in general and Governor Brown in particular are leaders in environmentalism and green energy, and have stringent regulations on vehicle exhausts, for example. The place is bitterly opposed to Trump.

      Nicola Sturgeon talked to Governor Brown there, and also gave a speech at Stanford University on Scotland’s place in the world. She took the opportunity to invite people to come to Scotland, and pointed out that Scotland has world-class universities, and more of them than anyone could expect given the size of our population. All true. She also talked about our philosophy of inclusiveness, which she said united Scotland and the US as a principle. This is a nice counterattack against the openly xenophobic and racist regimes in both Washington and Westminster. It was a historic speech, in my view. You can catch it on Youtube, among other places. Some good questions in the discussion afterwards too.

      Our First Minister went on to New York, where she talked at the United Nations about gender equality, and human rights generally. She did manage to find time to have a photo taken with Hillary Clinton, though, and a very nice and friendly photo it is too. Hillary Clinton, just to remind everyone, won the popular vote for President of the US by a significant margin this past November. This is a fact that evidently sticks in the presidential craw.

      Nicola Sturgeon made no visible effort to speak to Trump, and as far as I know did not at any point ask for a meeting. Reportedly, she said she would talk to Trump (in general), but I sounded to me more like an “I won’t not talk to him if he wants to”.

      So, she made her presence felt in a place that is about as bitterly opposed to Trump as you can get, she spoke at a world-class university – coincidentally, not long after Trump just settled the lawsuit against his own, fraudulent “Trump University” – when it is well known that the man, like certain parties over here, abhors “experts”. Fortunately, this means that his appointees in Washington are a bunch of incompetent deadbeats, and this is preventing him from doing many of the awful things that he would really, really like to.

      The First Minister then went to the United Nations, an organization that is loathed by every swivel-eyed, tinfoil-hatted right-wing lunatic in the States as a hotbed of Liberalism and Socialism and Progressiveness and World Government and Black Helicopters and is poised to overthrow America and take away their guns. Worse, she talked to them about gender equality – and Trump supporters seem to believe that women don’t have any rights over their own bodies – and human rights generally, which the Trump people dislike, because the only thing they believe in in their own Constitution is the Second Amendment. Alert readers will have noticed that gender equality in the UK has gone out the window at DWP with “rape clauses” and so on, and it is increasingly evident that the approach is that you can have your human rights here, but only if you’re wealthy enough. Everyone else can go hang.

      My view of it the First Minister’s trip to the US, during the parliamentary recess, is that the First Minister actually dished out a rather finely judged diplomatic snub against Trump and his corrupt regime. She was also doing a great job of raising Scotland’s profile as a country with a set of policies and priorities that are very much not the same as those of the Tory regime at Westminster, and generally winning friends and influencing people.

      A day job well done, I think.

  6. You are making the mistake of assuming Independence and the SNP are and must be one and the same. That’s a pretty serious mistake.

    For now (the immediate future) the SNP offer a possible roue to Independence. Voters across the political spectrum will hold their nose and vote SNP on one issue only – self-determination.

    They are the only party offering that. Hence their overwhelming popularity with Scottish voters (over 10 years). Good governance, oppose Westminster austerity, etc etc.

    But – post Indy: voters will move to their natural political home, left or right. In an Independent Scotland, hell even I might start my own political party – or you. The SNP is a means to an end for many. Get Indy, then decide what we want to be as a Country.

    Post-Indy, the SNP vote and Membership will split: into Scottish based parties. Whatever their names and agendas. And they will fail or thrive depending on how they appeal to the common voter. Indy Scotland foreign policy etc will be driven by who has control at that time.

    Those who favour independence will vote for and support the parties that offer it. But we are all aware that post-Indy, it is all to play for.

    The SNP right now is a means to an end, and not an end in itself. Don’t judge it’s support by your narrow view that it will endlessly continue. It won’t.

    You say you do not support Nicola or the SNP: but you want Independence. LOL. In the real world – how are we to achieve it outside of them? Answers on a postcard…

    If you lived in the USA for an extended period but laugh at “secession” then I don’t believe you. I lived there too for a while. To many affected by policies driven by Washington then secession is no joke. Prominent amongst those States is California: http://www.cnbc.com/2017/01/27/california-succession-movement-starts-gathering-petition-signatures.html

    Many States are pissed off at being dictated to by a Washington govt they did not elect (and have not over years): sound familiar?

    The USA is not a great role model for any Country. Neither is the EU. Or Asia-PAC. Or the Middle-East (the Saudi’s being a tolerant bunch – not). Or South America either. Who in your opinion is snowflake pure enough for us to trade with?

    As for ‘Feel free never to order me to do anything. You might suggest things, but I don’t take kindly to random strangers telling me what to do’

    NB: on the internet I may suggest something – it’s not the same as me telling you anything. Make up your own (narrow) mind.

    Thank you.

    • That reminds me of indy refurendum back in 2014 some voted no out of sear hate for the snp saying they love scotland yet voted against independence for no reason other than there hate for the snp hope there won’t be any of those indyref2

      • wm11 is right. The SNP and the YES movement aren’t one and the same thing. They simply travel along the same road and folk are smart enough to know who is holding the gate open for them at this point in time, so the SNP enjoy their support. If they continue to govern as prudently as they have been, they may enjoy that support for some time to come. As for how people will vote in an independent Scotland? Who knows? (shrugs)

        On the point in the first comment about ‘engineering’ an indyref? I do disagree with that. What we are seeing today is the inevitable legal and constitutional consequence for actions taken which resulted in constitutional crisis. The UK government are THE sole cause of this crisis and no one else need apply.

        Had they stood by their constitutional/economic pledges and assurances made to the Scottish population in indyref1 we wouldn’t be where we are today. Two referendums. Two constitutionally incompatible outcomes. The only ethical social democratic way to decide the issue, for ANY Scottish government who stands by the Claim of Right, is to offer the Scottish electorate the deciding vote and that vote could go either way.

        It isn’t a matter of wanting a referendum. I’d say it’s more a matter of needing one. Of doing the right thing by your population and offering them the choice.

  7. As an aside, cats are animals with tails and 4 legs. Therefore all animals with tails and 4 legs are cats.
    I note that the Yoon Trawler, let’s call him/her/them Hyena Couch, aka ‘The G with the Criminal Behaviour’, observes:-
    “There are more than 300 million Americans. I lived in America for many years. I would say I know the country and its mindset far better than you do, trust me. It’s a horrible, vacuous, vapid place.”
    An earlier poster recounted years working in England and experiencing prejudice against the Scots constantly.
    I have sharpened garden shears, mended pots and pans, sold lucky white heather and wooden clothes pegs, told fortunes, as I turned a coin all over the UK, and particularly England, over the thick end of 4 decades,yet have found that not all animals with 4 legs and a tail in England are cats.
    I have relatives and friends in the US and Canada, whose homes and towns are neither
    ‘ horrible,vacuous, or vapid.’
    We must be wary of falling for prejudicial generalisations of any sort either innocently or malevolently intended.
    People in glass houses, and all that.

    • I lived in CA for some time and find the description “horrible, vacuus vapid place” absolutely ridiculous.

      Crazy blanket condemnation from an unwanted source.

      • It would be the work of generations of lifetimes to be able to speak for 300 million folk. Indeed, it would be like painting the Forth Bridge, because, as you reached the end, the folk you started with might have changed their minds.

        If one were to describe anywhere in Scotland as a “horrible, vacuus vapid place” (vacuous, btw), I’d assume that it would get some folk’s dander up.

        What a poorly thought out comment.

  8. “[…] the guff that citizens of other countries who live in the UK are migrants, but UK citizens who live in other countries are expats.”

    Thank you WGD, I couldn’t agree more.

  9. Dingo Sofa directs himself at the 0.001% of folk that are credulous of scams. There is (probably) a living to be made out of it.

    Our concern ought to be that about the half of our population seems to (still) believe that ‘Theresa Sofa so Unbelievable’ is in any respect better that a scam artisté. Maybe the media has something to answer for?

    Frankly, we’d have a better chance of getting a return on our money by sending it to Dingo Sofa than entrusting it to Theresa May and her gangster crew.

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