What Unionist parties do on their holidays

What did you do on your holidays? Both the Westminster and Scottish parliaments are in recess for the Easter break so it’s a slow news week. You can tell it’s a slow news week because Scottish Unionists are having to be outraged by things that are more ridiculous than the inanities that they typically get outraged by. Admittedly they’re usually to be found scraping the bottom of the outrage barrel, but this week they’ve broken through bottom of the barrel and are running along the street holding it up in order to cover their naked opportunism.

While Holyrood is shut, depriving Kezia Dugdale of her chance to stand up at FMQs and complain about the divisiveness of complaining about going to war with Spain, Nicola Sturgeon is off in the USA for Scotland Week, making friends and influencing people and letting them know that Scotland wants to join the world.

This is of course an outrage, at least if you’re a Unionist politician. Nicola shouldn’t be gallivanting around the globe, she should be at home and doing the day job. In the case of the Scottish Tories, while Holyrood is in recess the day job consists of role playing Orcs in Dungeons and Dragons, which is how they practise for the rest of the year when they’re not pulling the wings off flies and being appalled by Gaelic road signs. Whereas for Labour the day job is binge viewing the last season of The Walking Dead and looking for tips on political campaiging from zombies because the living dead are a force in movement, which is a lot more than can be said for the Labour party in Scotland. Sadly for Labour, the key tactic of zombies is to form a horde, but Labour is losing members at such a rate that it would struggle to fill a handbag. The Lib Dems do at least have a proper day job, which is driving the number 17 bus from Cowdenbeath to Kelty.

The Unionists are very clear on what Nicola Sturgeon shouldn’t be doing. She shouldn’t be representing Scotland abroad, although you might have thought that this was within the brief of a First Minister. Like when Labour First Minister Jack McConnell went off to the USA and wore a silly kilt. What they’re a whole lot less clear on is exactly what she should be doing instead of being abroad when parliament is shut. But what you can be sure of is that whatever she’d be doing instead of being abroad, the Unionists would be working themselves up into a lather about that as well. Tories and Labour like getting worked up into a lather, as it’s the closest that they get to clean politics.

The Unionists are also getting into a lather about the latest economic growth figures for Scotland, which show Scotland as lagging behind the rest of the UK. Or more exactly, lagging behind London. The Unionists compare Scotland, which doesn’t have control over all economic levers, with the UK-minus-Scotland, which does. And then they act all outraged that Scotland is found wanting. A proper comparison is to compare like with like, which means comparing Scotland with other parts of the UK and not the UK as a whole. When you do that you discover that the only parts of the UK which have economic growth are the South East of England, and then – miles ahead of the rest – London. All the other nations and regions of the UK lag far behind. It’s not Scotland where the problems with the UK lie, it’s a problem across an entire UK which concentrates economic growth in London at the expense of everyone else.

There’s that Nicola Sturgeon eh, waltzing off to furren pairts when she should be getting on with the day job and doing something about a Scottish economy where the levers of macroeconomic control remain very firmly in the hands of Westminster, because that’s exactly how the Unionist parties wanted it. They’re unable to say what exactly Nicola Sturgeon should be doing about the Scottish economy that Holyrood doesn’t have much power over, except for dropping the idea of another referendum. Not having another referendum is the only policy that Labour and the Tories have. The Lib Dems don’t want a referendum either, at least not a Scottish one. They want another referendum on the EU instead, because it’s only the result of some referendums that need to be respected.

It’s not like there’s nothing to be resisted. At least if you’re not actually a Tory. This week new benefit regulations come into effect which anti-poverty charities estimate will throw around a quarter of a million children in the UK into poverty. The benefits cap means that families will only receive social security payments for the first two children. Women who have a third child as a result of rape will now have to prove that they were raped to a DWP clerk in order to avoid losing income and identify the child who was produced as a result of rape. That’s a proper outrage. That’s how disgusting the UK has become, how far removed from any semblance of human decency. What effect would it have on a rape survivor to have to go through the details of her ordeal in order to ensure that she can feed her child? What sort of effect would it have on a child to discover that they were a product of rape? What kind of empathyless zombie drone thought this crap up in the first place? A Tory, that’s who. A selfish I’m Alright Jackass who thinks it’s acceptable to coerce a woman to disclose the details of rape and sexual assault. It’s barbaric. It’s inhumane. It’s cruel. It’s modern Britain. But the Tories are far too busy complaining about another independence referendum and getting upset about eggs that aren’t Eastery enough.

What makes it even worse is that this measure was introduced through a statutory instrument, by ministerial fiat, so it was enacted without the need for parliamentary approval. Whatever happened to that sovereignty of the British parliament that the Brexiteers were going on about?

But let’s not bother about any of that. Let’s not worry about the structural imbalances in the British economy. Let’s not worry about the cruelty and inhumanity of Tory regulations that make a noose out of the social security net. Let’s pretend that everything would be just fine if only Scotland wasn’t going to have another referendum. Let’s pretend that Scotland’s problems can be solved by surrendering to the people who cause the problems, instead of resisting them. Scottish Unionists have no answers, no ideas, and no clue, all they’ve got is their faux outrage and their desperation to stop Scotland leaving the mess that they’ve created. That’s what they do on their holidays, that’s what they do all year round.

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0 thoughts on “What Unionist parties do on their holidays

    • Very proud of Nicola. After listening to her “Should Scotland be an independent country?” is no longer a question worth asking. She simply exudes quiet confidence and self-assurance. Here’s tae her, wha’s like her? (and ye ken weel the rest) 🙂

  1. I outright laughed at:

    “Tories and Labour like getting worked up into a lather, as it’s the closest that they get to clean politics.”

    Says it all for me.

  2. I was reading about the the Scottish economy today in the National no less which reported on the latest growth figures. I confess that I was feeling a bit gloomy about it seeing as I’d given a copy of the paper away to someone I’d met (wis chatting in a charity shop) and hadn’t fully read the paper myself.
    I am so thankful for the info in your blog about making comparisons with London etc. Noo I’ll be armed with rebuttals should I meet a gleeful Unionist only too willing to try and run Scotland down as usual.!

  3. Great post as usual. While Nicola is ‘not’ doing her day job, what exactly is Ruth doing? She seems to have gone very quiet after her atrocious display at FMQ. Is she on holiday? Or is she preparing her apology to the Scottish people for behaving like a boor in the Scottish Parliament??? Is she standing up for Scotland??? Just what??

  4. Just been watching Nicola speaking at the UN. Very impressive as were the questions afterwards and the video link to Staffan de Misturo, the Un Envoy to Syrian, to let him thank Scotland for the way we are supporting his conflict resolution training scheme for women. And I think we all know that Ruth Davidson in particular would give her eye teeth to be invited to speak at the UN! On another topic can you give the link to the UK regional growth figures. Been looking on ONS site but can’t find anything.

  5. Rape victims, newly bereaved widows with dependent children, 18-21 year olds with rent to pay, pensioners on Pension Credits receiving Housing Benefit, Just About Managing low income families….disabled job seekers….The English Parliament is killing people now.
    Dugdale Rennie and Davidson and the Pointless 59 support all of this.
    May they rot in whatever form of afterlife punishment their particular belief system has in store for them.

    • I even wondered if we were going down the Islamic route in demanding four male witnesses or a confession from the rapist to back up a claim of rape.

      Where is the mainstream media shouting about injustice ? Where is the mainstream media that can bring itself to tell truth unto this nation? Do they take pride in their deception?

    • I may be wrong, but what if either of the first two children were the consequence of rape, would that mean that the mother would not receive benefit for a third child, as they were not conceived due to a non consensual sexual act?

      This law is inhumane but you can’t expect humanity from a government of this stripe.

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  7. Dear God they actually did it. A rape clause.

    Folks, you’ve read and seen the reality of austerity/brexit UK for yourself. You’re not stupid. You’re not blind and you’ve given better togetherness a pretty fair opportunity by this point to come good. It hasn’t. In fact it’s turning into a nightmare in pretty rapid fashion.

    One more time with feeling. What KIND of country do you want to live in?

    We’re going to be given a chance to right this appalling wrong and we could use your help.

  8. Sadly there does not seem a limit to the depravity of some of we humans – ‘Dear God they actually did it, a rape clause’, says Macart.

    I simply do not want to live in such a society. I want to to free from such tyranny.The economic benefits to Scotland of independence are simply so obvious that our debate needn’t be about money, we will prosper. The debate needs to be about how we wish/ intend to exist/ administer a just, caring society.

    Holyrood demonstrates just how close to public influence a person can achieve. Consider Annie Wells, current darling of the BBC, an MSP with just 2030 votes. How by any measure can she be described as representative of the people – who did not vote for her? And this towering intellect doesn’t recognise the authority of the Holyrood parliament.

    Never ever forget, Perfidious Albion, and many of them live among us here in Scotland. Small minded people, bereft of any trace of empathy.

  9. I’m not sure how they think this kind of attack works, it requires people to have not observed anything politicians have done over the decades. Now that may be true for some but the majority do know that politicians go on trade missions.

  10. A follow up to my post, on Question Time from Gillingham, currently on, “I’m a teacher, it can be very hard to teach children who haven’t eaten”. C’mon, let’s get the hell out of this UK.

  11. Yes, your point about the damage to the ‘child of rape’ is very important. Very traumatic for the mother. For the child, equally hideous. It is bringing back the legal ‘bastard’ terminology. “Non-consensual conception exception”. And what about women in NI, no abortion possible. This is a big mess

  12. It is so obvious that the FM is well respected all over Europe and beyond. She is different class and stands head and shoulders above any of the other party leaders in the corrupt and broken UK. A real statesperson.
    Contrast that with the utterly puerile and oafish behaviour of Mayhem, Davidson, Dugdale and Wee Wullie whitisname.

  13. I am curious as to why, in Stanford, Nicola Sturgeon didn’t point out that America didn’t want Scottish independence in 2014, with Obama sticking his neb in after Cameron had a wee word in his lug:


    What makes the FM so confident that America would ever wants Scottish independence? If May is licking the USA’s bahookie, I don’t think even Trump’s ‘seriously Scotch’ mother would stop him backing May and what she wants. After all, they both clearly want to keep their nukes here.

    All this misogyny is inspired, as ever, by the evil people the Tories want to be – American Republicans, and, more specifically, their ‘war on women.’ America is an incredibly misogynistic country, with Jesus having told them to hate women. And, with a rampant misogynist lunatic in control of that country, for now at least, I wouldn’t look for things to get any better. In fact, I would look for them to start getting worse. Least we’re not shooting abortion doctors – yet. Give them time…


    • By the way. The worthless and tiresome constant political obstructionism against the SNP from the other side also comes from America, I forgot to say. If you want to know what the Tories/Labour will be doing not too far down the line, just pay attention to what the Rapepublicans (my word, obviously, to mock their evil and sick misogyny) are doing. It’s all very simple.

  14. Let’s just remember for a moment that the tories are led by two women – Theresa in WM & (God help us all) Ruth Davidson in Scotland. A clause has been adopted in law making it necessary for a woman to prove that a third child is the result of rape or a coerced relationship before they can claim less than £14 a week.

    Not only that, the child has to be identified as a product of rape – yes, unsympathetic civil servant person, it’s this one here, the one with potential disorganized attachment issues, poor educational attainment & trauma induced addiction.

    And yet two women – WOMEN – think this policy, now law, is okay. Is acceptable in 21st Century UK. Is a valid mechanism for “helping” mothers back into employment.

    How come men in their droves think this is an outrage, but two WOMEN consider it will advance the cause of reducing benefit fraud a hundred-fold, while tax avoidance by big business is fine ‘n’ dandy ?

    Sorry, but it is so disgusting that I feel any question from Ms Davidson in future during FMQs should now receive the response “Do you still agree with Theresa that the rape clause is an affront to decent society ?”

    • I’m trying to imagine the coverage which BBC Scotland would have given to Dugdale or Davidson if they had been invited to be on the same Woman of the World bill as Justin Trudeau, Michelle Obama, Hilary Clinton and Scarlett Johansson, as Nicola was the other day.
      Can we imagine Dugdale whining her way through a speech as the first of seven European Guests this year at Stanford University CA, or Davidson sitting down with the UN Equality Group, lecturing the ‘bloody audience’ about Right Wing Fascism and how it is good for women?
      Unless of course you are a rape victim with a young family, a young widow with children, or an elderly woman pensioner who faces eviction because Ruth has given your rent money to JK Rowling as a tax cut.
      BBC Reporting Scotland plumbed new depths yesterday.
      NS would greet that bad man Trump when he visits England, and she apparently was on a wee jolly to the US to sit in a gym hall watching Scots children on an exchange programme dancing.

      I have watched the vids of our remarkable FM’s successful visit to the States.
      Not on MSM, but through links provided by you, Sam and others.
      Suppress freedom of information, distort the truth, paint Scotland as a basket case full of child rapists and murders.
      Donalda MacKinnon has certainly made an impact at BBC PQ.
      There isn’t even a pretence now; they neither entertain, inform or educate.
      EssEnnPee Bad, full stop. Scotland a third world colony of the Motherland. Full stop.

      We have 56 out of 59 pro-independence MPs at WM, NS has been returned for a record third term Up Here, yet we have to go to underground news sources to get at the truth about what is happening in Scotland, and about Scotland in the rest of the world.
      But if Willie Rennie farts, it makes the front page of Herald Britland.

      • I’m beyond giving a fuck about any of our yoonstream media at this point Jack. There isn’t a one of them worth the candle or the cash.

        You’ve seen the way our First Minister was greeted at every venue and more importantly why she was greeted in this manner. The picture painted of our First Minister by the UKs mainstream is nothing short of dishonest and shameful. It was the same deal with Mr Salmond before Ms Sturgeon and almost certainly one of the things over the years which has most crystalised my opinion of the media. Or to be more accurate publishers, broadcasters and editorial staff in the mainstream.

        What they’ve done and what they are continuing to do today, makes them utterly complicit in the bills and legislation you’ve listed. When they willingly set out to deflect, deceive, rewrite history or words to suit a political agenda which is clearly and unambiguously harmful to the general public, to society, then they are part of the problem.

        If you fly with the crows…

        • How can we soar with the eagle when we are flying with turkeys, Sam?
          I am certain that Campbell, Magnusson, Brewer et al., read these incredible blogs.

          They and the Yoon politicians are perfectly aware that they are distorting and lying. But that won’t have a deleterious affect on their digestive tract as they dine in some trendy Glasgow West End Eaterie tonight as 260,000 Scots children who have been driven into poverty by Jackson Carlaw eat Poorhouse sowbelly, a family sized bag of chips washed done by a sugerally budget soda. The rest of the Scotland Deniers, the obscene wicked so called unionist politicians whom the MSM continue to support and to whom they give over airtime and page one column inches unflinchingly and without a tug of remorse to their well paid Establishment consciences serve only one purpose; to use up much needed oxygen in our Parliament Building..
          ‘I was only obeying orders’, will be their defence post Independence, when Scotland is once more a nation on the international stage.
          The Eichmann defence.

  15. The day job attack is symptomatic of yoonism. They are unaccustomed, in fact we all have been unaccustomed to Scots going out into the world as Scots. The msm-yoons need to get used to this. Scotland through Holyrood and through the SNP government in particular over the last 10 years have raised Scotland’s profile. Only yoons like the Gordo, worst unelected PM in decades, denied they were Scots, he called himself a North Briton!
    We have been conditioned sleekitly by the msm, the education system of yore, the “establishment” and indeed by our in places anglicised universities, to see Scotland as a province of yoonism.
    It took the SNP to rename Scottish Executive to Scottish Government,which still sticks in the thrapple of yoonery.
    But,get used to it!!
    It must hurt the yoon parties that being out of power in Holyrood and one MP each in Westminster they are diminishing in talent and experience of government.
    They merely look on and snipe aided and abetted by the likes of the Daily Mail.
    It was becoming more like hatred of Scotland when they opposed serious powers for Holyrood. SNP bad blinded them to the need for more Holyrood powers hinted at in the Vow.
    They are thrawn. It is like “the SNP are not getting any powers”, yet they do mot see that powers to Holyrood could mean they can use them if they ever got into government.
    All Davidson’s crew could aspire was opposition in 2016!
    Still, all are taking note. Their negativism is toxic. Labour are in third place, the Greens now are ahead of the LibDems, the Tories are lower than in Thatcher’s heyday and sliding. All gone quiet after the Spanish truth came out!!

  16. The necessity to prove you have been raped is such an awful situation to be faced with. God help those involved.

    How can Ruth Davidson for one second attempt to defend the indefensible.

    George Osborne and his pals are very sad people full of hate for others. We really need to face the reality of these people having such power over very vulnerable people and ask ourselves why do we allow this and what can we do to change this.?

  17. I have spent years of my life getting a full head of grey hair. During that time I must say that I have never observed such absolute rubbish being reported in the media or by our terrible unionist politicians. How their children must be proud of them.

    “What did you do today Dad”?, “Oh I just found a subject that was good news and lied through my teeth to discredit it”.
    “Why?” “Because I have no brains and am not at all interested in the tax payers that pay my wages”.
    “Dad is it easy to go abroad when I get older?” “No, because we are leaving a union with our neighbours”.
    “Why?” “Because I am a tory and dream of a past we actually never had, see I can tell the truth sometimes”.

  18. Changing tack for a moment…
    The problem with the London economy is that its based on 3 things. Casino banking, London house prices and consumer spending. The last 2 are inevitably bound to fall back. And the 1st is going to hit the buffers when Brexit happens with no Euro passport. Then the UK economy will tank. always remember that the best thing to do with a disaster is NOT be involved.

    • If things are getting bad, we must remember we are still in the EU.
      The finance firms ate taking steeps to move bits out of London to stay within the EU as passporting looks a Non!
      What next?
      Slow decline. At least ,we in Scotland have now got good credit in the EU. Good personal credit. We voted to stay. Yoons cannot gainsay that!

    • Some time ago, Standard and Poors stated that an independent Scotland would get a AAA credit rating. The UK at present has AA.
      The IMF, amongst others, class Scotland as the 16th wealthiest nation in the world.
      We have enormous potential without the millstone of Westminster. No wonder that they will do anything to keep us as a colony.

      • What will UK get when Brexit is in force?!
        All we have done is invoke Article 50!
        The way the world war mongers, Fallon, Trump and Co are reacting, careless actions, overreactions will cost us all dearly.
        The signals towards NKorea are startling, especially when Trump talks about stationing nukes in SKorea.
        May Hem will just join in

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