Theresa May’s Erdoğan election

Despite saying just a few weeks ago that she had no intention of calling a snap General Election, Theresa May has now done just that. Now is the time after all. The Brexit negotiations are being put on hold because we’re facing a snap General Election, which is not unrelated to the fact that the Tories are crushing all opposition in opinion polling in England. This vote is really about securing Theresa May’s position within the Conservative party, and annihilating the Remainers on the Tory benches. It’s got the convenient side effect of killing off the issue of Tory election fraud which had the potential to bring down the government.

For May, this is her Erdoğan election, the vote to destroy all opposition, the vote to give her absolute power, unchallenged and unconstrained. It’s a vote to give May her Henry VIII powers and to rule by decree. Theresa May wants to achieve unity by silencing everyone who opposes her. And Scotland is a part of that opposition. Theresa May intends to crush Scotland by achieving a massive majority in England. That’s how the Union works. May thinks that consensus is achieved by silencing and sidelining those who disagree.

If she was thinking about the future of the UK as a union, May has made a fundamental miscalculation. This General Election is likely to be the last UK General Election in Scotland. May’s unity election will spell the end of the Union. It will show that Scotland and the rest of the UK are heading in different directions, rUK back towards a nostalgic Empire 2.0, Scotland towards a future as a social democratic northern European nation. This is the election in which Scotland can break the chains. This will be the election which conclusively demonstrates that Scotland and England are on different political paths. The Union can only function as long as Scotland and England vote broadly the same way, and that’s what they did from the introduction of the universal franchise and throughout the 20th century. Those days are over. Politically Scotland and England are very different creatures. They want different things. They have different expectations. This can only end one way, with the end of the UK as a Union. Either Scotland becomes an independent nation, or it ceases to exist as a nation.

A Tory-free Scotland is within our grasp. Less than 800 votes stand between the SNP and David Mundell’s last bastion of Tory rule in Scotland, and despite the constant reports in the Unionist media that we’re past peak SNP, the SNP continues to ride high in the polls. The Tories have not recovered in Scotland, they’ve benefited from the collapse of Labour and are attracting Labour’s die-hard Unionists. But those voters are a minority, and positioning itself as the Union come what May party puts a ceiling on Conservative support in Scotland. It’s a position which in the longer term undermines and weakens the Union it claims to defend, because it associates that Union in the minds of voters with the hardline right wing policies of the Conservatives. It makes the choice starker, a choice between Theresa May’s hard right cruelties, or a social democratic Scotland that can only exist with independence.

Given the polling it is entirely likely that the Conservatives will achieve a large majority in England. Given that same polling it is even more likely that the SNP will achieve a massive majority in Scotland. The SNP will most certainly stand on a commitment to give the people of Scotland a vote on their future within the UK. Even if the SNP does lose a couple of seats, the party will still end up with a massive majority of Scottish seats, and those MPs will be elected with a clear and unarguable mandate for a second independence referendum. That’s how democracy works. A majority is a majority.

Despite the seeming insistence of the Unionist media that the SNP needs to increase the numbers of seats it holds, it means nothing at all even if the Unionist parties do manage to claw back a couple of seats. Barring something catastrophic, it remains a certainty that the SNP will be returned with a massive majority of Scottish seats, and a vote share that’s pushing 50%. Even though May is likely to end up with a huge majority in Westminster, she’ll certainly do so with a lower share of the vote than the SNP attain in Scotland. If this election gives May her mandate for a hard Brexit, it will also give the SNP a mandate for a second independence referendum. By calling this election now May has undermined one of her own arguments against a second Scottish independence referendum. She will no longer be able to argue that Scotland doesn’t want it. Now is the time after all.

As an aside, May has made the position of Ruth Davidson untenable – but then Ruth was always quite happy with sudden U-turns. If she had any consistency at all, she’d oppose holding a General Election now because it’s terribly divisive. But the only real consistency in Ruth’s politics is acting as an enthusiastic cheerleader for whatever her bosses tell her. In this election she’ll have to defend the cruel and heartless policies of a government that penalises the poor and the vulnerable. She’ll have to defend the rape clause and the removal of housing benefit from young people leaving them exposed to sex for rent predators.

Labour have nothing to offer. They’re facing a defeat in this election even worse than the defeat they suffered in 1983 which locked in Tory rule for another 15 years. They’ve lost all credibility. They had a chance back in 2016 in the aftermath of the Brexit vote when the Tories were rudderless and leaderless, without a plan and without a clue, yet instead of pressing their advantage to secure a soft Brexit, Labour’s parliamentary suicide squad decided that was the ideal time to mount a coup attempt against Jeremy Corbyn. It was a gross betrayal. Labour yet again put the parliamentary party before the country. And now they go into this General Election discredited, divided, and debilitated. The Tories are going to destroy them in England, and those who will suffer from the hubris of Labour MPs will be the poor, the disabled, and the low paid.

Scotland needs to make a choice about what sort of country we want to be. Vote Tory and rubber stamp May’s hard Brexit which will turn the UK into a tax haven for the rich with low wages and no social protection for the rest of us, or vote SNP and the chance to create a better country that looks after all its citizens. Now is the time.

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0 thoughts on “Theresa May’s Erdoğan election

  1. Carpe Diem. As Craig Murray has just said in his blog, this IS the second independence referendum. Get a majority of SNP MPs standing on a platform of independence and declare the union dissolved on June 9th.

    Seldom does such an opportunity arise. Fail to seize the moment, and watch as all power is transferred to Westminster and Scotland’s wealth and potential are gone for decades at a minimum.

      • Totally agree. We need to seize this opportunity. I’d favour a joint independence ticket with the SNP and Greens standing as one for this election. Scotland’s future is at stake and party politics should be put aside.

        If we gain a majority of MPs from Scotland on this ticket we should declare independence. The current Tory party will not support Scotland holding another referendum.

        • Agree, this is it. SNP stand on the mandate that if they win a majority, that’s it. Independence. No% attached to it. If Mahem has her mandate with less than 50% of the vote, same for us up here.

          Fortune favours the brave. This ain’t gonna be pretty folks.

          • Absolutely. May has opened her weakest flank to Scotland and we must sieze the opportunity. A majority of Scottish MPs in an openly Independence election and the deed is done – as even Thatcher recognised. We must not just talk about another mandate for a Referendum. May has opposed this now – and with an even bigger majority she will oppose it still more. This is Scotland’s chance – and it is a racing cert at that. Nicola must take it.

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  3. Hmmm, I have a feeling of unease about this.
    I can see Conservative voters coming out in force in Scotland just to spite the SNP.
    A lower turnout could give The Tories an increased vote share, they will then not shut up about “opposition to independence”
    The MSM have almost completed the job of demonising Jeremy Corbyn, his defeat in the upcoming GE will be job done.
    They will continue their onslaught of The SNP and criticising independence.
    I still can’t get over the fact that Scotland is the only country to have rejected independence, the electorate frighten me.

    • Remember we only need 30 MP’s in FPTP, no legal or constitutional challenge can be made, nor should we allow ourselves to be railroaded into trying to achieve 50%+, this is Westminsters prefered system, let’s use it to good effect.

    • I understand your trepidation but this is a huge opportunity which we must take. We must be positive and win people to our views. Many other countries became independent whilst facing far greater obstacles than we do.

      • My concern comes from what I hear when I’m out and about, there is some growing disquiet about The SNP (justified or not)
        Also about the second referendum.
        I am genuinely concerned that the Conservatives will get an increased vote share, they may not gain any seats, but they will use the increase to shout down any referendum.

    • I share your disquiet Jim. It’s obvious reading the online fora of The Times, The Telegraph and our own lovely Herald that there is a vocal anti SNP movement, a mixture of Scots and English posters, and I think we underestimate the anti brigade at our peril. In fact, we underestimate the Tories at our peril. We may feel strongly about issues such as the family cap, Rape Clause, disability benefits and food banks, but it’s clear that there is a very large group that is only concerned about their own comforts and devil take the hindmost.

      Ms May is a hardened and devious politician. She wouldn’t have pulled this move unless she was sure of the outcome. And let’s be honest, apart from the SNP there is no opposition. She was careful in her speech to ensure that she damned the opposition parties as being divisive, creating disunity and blocking the Brexit process, naming each one of them in the process. The only ones she didn’t mention were the Greens, Plaid and Sinn Fein. Then there was the snide comment that the opposition parties see politics as a game, again calculated to belittle opposition. She has focused the attention for the GE campaign on Brexit, virtually a rerun of last September, so she must be sure about England coming together over this issue, which is the only bit she’s concerned about. She surely understands divide and conquer, and that’s what she is trying, probably successfully, to do.

      It’s quite likely that Tory voters will come out in force, but then there have been so many shocks over the last 3 years that possibly anything could happen. I see a poll has come out this evening suggesting that she will gain another 100+ seats! Boy, I hope that one is wrong!!

      • It is not just ‘Tory’ voters that will come out in force. Undoubtedly, ‘traditional’ Lib Dem and Labour voters will turn out in force to vote tactically for the candidate whom they feel has the best chance of a win against the SNP candidate.

        So, SNP and Green and other pro-independence groups will have to come out in force, too, and, also consider how best to ensure a pro-independence candidate is elected.

  4. I know TM says she doesn’t see politics as a game but my gut feeling is that she now wants to play her “Get out of jail free” card and let the UK (English voters) do a u turn on Brexit as she knows how catastrophic it will be for UK – world trade. A dangerous game of Chance me thinks. Does she have a Cluedo?

      • Possibly. I wouldn’t want to underestimate Mrs May.

        But in the future, I’d expect May to beef-up the UK constitution to prevent indyrefs. Kinda thing they would do!

        Let’s take this opportunity to declare indy before it’s too late!

  5. As I posted on last thread, PM May has just publicly made lying, hypocritical chumps out of Davidson and crew. Ruthie should be on spin overdrive by this point and her normally stiff and brassy neck on permaswivel.

    Couldn’t agree more though Paul. Just as Brexit was a Tory pissing contest, a 2017 GE is all about Tory consolidation. A Tory government returned with a similar or increased mandate, a five year term suddenly become seven. A Labour party in England utterly routed and the UKs society in right wing disarray. The strong and more than plausible possibility of at least a further two Conservative terms puts the icing on the cake. Great repeal Bill and Henry VIII clause here we come. Who or what would or indeed could stop them?

    Is now a good time to say ‘we told you so’?

    Regardless, this GE is all about survival at this point and the big question on most folks minds round these parts will be independence ticket or referendum ticket for the SNP?

    It’s heart and head time again. Heart sez, ‘go for it Nicola’. Head sez, ‘the referendum process has precedent’. A constitutional issue given to the people to decide. Not governments, or parties.

    (Please bear in mind I’m trying to be objective here whilst my arse is making buttons, mkay?)

    A FPTP election run on an independence ticket. Say the SNP still win hands down returning the majority of Scottish seats on 45-50% of the vote? Upon a time that would have been that and the deal sealed. Today? After the precedent of a referendum? The other 40-50% may have somewhere to go with a gripe, if folks catch my drift?

    I’d reckon this may be similar to the thoughts running through the SG’s minds about now.

    I’d also reckon that a smart bet might be to go on the ticket of a guaranteed referendum and handing the decision of Scotland’s independence over to the people. Probably a few more sweeties besides, both in terms of future European participation and home based legislation, but most importantly cementing the people’s right to choose. Let’s not have Westminster dictate time or place. We choose the ground and the rules of engagement and remember just who has control of the voting franchise for a GE.

    Personally? I just want us to win the big prize and right about now, the coolest head will prevail.

    • Brexit, the Repeal Bill, and Westminster’s intransigence so far does not make me optimistic that a gently, gently one step at a time strategy is going to work. It only took Cameron a few hours past a No vote to bring in EVEL.

      No faith in Westminster to play fair with Scot Govt on “future” IndyRef

      • Oh hell, they won’t play fair whatever type of ballot is called. Referendum, GE, SE, you name it, that’s a definite given.

        As I said, I’m trying to look objectively at the two options most likely. I’ll also be voting for the Scottish government regardless of the ticket they take, but others may not be so fortunate. This is the franchise for a GE. Look at who won’t be elligible to vote and who does their absence from the vote benefit most?

        Also I reckon we’re beyond gently, gently at this point. I don’t think there’s going to be anything gentle about the SG’s approach whichever ticket they opt for. I’d say we’re almost there and it’s more about how we want to arrive.

        • Nicola isn’t a gambler, more of a consensus builder. So I think it more likely the SNP will go for the “Guaranteed Referendum” option and that will give them time to work out their plans for economy, currency, EU/EFTA and all the rest. The SNP would also control the franchise and so improve their chances of a win by including younger voters and the EU nationals. It would be the least risky option.

          But that future referendum may never get to happen if Westminster decides against it (like, the day after the GE). The Tories will have all the power they need to block it, and remove devolved assemblies (which were only imposed on Westminster by the EU).

          Unfortunately, I think the more risky option (SNP Majority=UDI) is now the safer one; at least we know we will get a GE vote. If the Tories can block IndyRef2 now with impunity, despite the SNP manifesto, and Holyrood majority approval (they did) what’s to stop them doing it again?

          I said before the SNP were too timid last time, for fear of upsetting/scaring away some voters. They cannot be that timid and insipid this time.

        • As usual I agree with you Macart, I think most of us are in two minds as to how we could achieve indipendance, and how quickly it could be done.That is why I think the SG are the people to trust to complete the job.It has got to be this time.

  6. The SNP have nothing to lose by going all out for Majority SNP in GE17 = UDI. So grasp the thistle and campaign on that.

    Scots will have to make their minds up: Tories or Independence. And Labour/LibDems have shown themselves as just a bunch of Tories anyway.

    Nicola said she trusted the people of Scotland to decide their future in IndyRef2, which the Tories then denied us. We cannot now have a GE vote about having a future Indy vote. SNP already had a mandate, got Sect-30 through Holyrood – and were ignored by Tory PM. So there is no point to re-running the “I have a mandate to IndyRef” election. Nicola already had and still has a mandate.

    If the SNP campaigned on SNP Majority=UDI and lost, then the support for Indy was never really there to begin with. At least we will know the truth of it. Are we collectively too feart? If (when) the Tories are re-elected in England, they will make sure we never get another chance at Indy anyway. Indy is completely doomed (along with Holyrood).

    So just go for it, now. And make sure the postal ballot is kept away from Roothie

    We will lose the advantage of EU Nationals and the young people voting which will make an SNP clean sweep harder, but a non-compete deal with the Greens in key marginals would help. WGD is right – it’s remain a Nation, or be a region of direct-rule England now.

    • With you all the way. If we can’t win now then at least we know the position. May is a dictator who I don’t think will ever grant a referendum. We’ll never gain independence by playing to their rules.

      • Lads, as NS quipped to Glenn Campbell, ‘we already have a mandate for a second referendum.’
        It is clear that May and the intellectual giants in her Cabinet, Johnson, Rudd, Fox, Davis and the like, are running scared. The EU has responded to their Article 50 letter. Fuck Off is a brief summary.
        It will be a hard Brexit, with concomitant disastrous consequences to the UK. No trade deal, no freedom of movement, no passport for the London Counting Houyses.
        It is also clear that the Tories have done the maths; Scotland will vote Yes in Indyref 2, remain a member of the EU, and multinationals will close up shop in EngWaland and head North. A snap GE is a last desperate throw of the dice for the Yoons.
        Corbyn cannot insist on a three line whip and order the Labour Party to vote with the Tories to trigger a GE.
        It is on record that 180 of his own MP’s voted against him in the Leadership contest(s). They are Blair’s New Labour Red Tory Boys.
        There is nothing in it for them to fight another election.
        Some may even fear for their Gravy Train seats. No GE, means 3 more years’ wages.
        It requires a two third majority to hold an out of sequence GE. If the SNP, the New Labourites, and dissident Tories like Ken Clarke (oh, how he’d love to shaft May!) vote against the motion, there won’t be a GE, and May will be left to limp on, weakened even further, or resign in principle and hand the Brexit headache over to ‘President Johnson’.
        The Tories ‘won’ the last GE with Cameron and Osborne at the wheel. Nobody voted for May as PM, or Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary.
        I would not be surprised if the motion is defeated.
        The Fat Lady Up Here has not stopped singing, nevertheless. Ruth Davidson would be a laughing stock if she weren’t such a malevolent nasty little shapeshifter.
        I did warn, madness and evil stalk this land.
        Regardless, Indyref2, October 2018.
        They must be pissing themselves over on the Continent.

        • That IS an interesting take. But nobody in Westminster has indicated they intend to vote against the snap GE. Would make for one hell of an ambush. Where’s a Progressive Alliance when you need one eh? I might die laughing if it happened.

    • I agree, but it wouldn’t be UDI as such, it would be a democratic mandate for the Scottish government to negotiate an independence settlement with the UK government. If they refuse to negotiate, we would have the EU and the UN on our side.

  7. well its going to be mhiri black for me as i live in paisley another snp majority right after snp take councils from the unionists then it will be the case that scotland does want its say the torys wont be able to say scotland doesnt want another refurendum after two butt kickings at the ballot boxes for the imperials that would prove to those who truely love this nation westminster doents give a crap about them once and for all but going udi is quicker this is our chance to fight for indy one way or the other lets not waste it in may or june as lets be honest so far the snp have done a great job all things considered with english mps overuling us at every turn this is our chance to end that once and for all as they have to listern to us or we go independant

    • I love the FM’s response. As someone said a short time ago, Sturgeon is playing three dimensional chess while May is playing drafts.

    • See my post above, Sam. NS seems to be saying that the SNP bloc will vote for a GE. Can’t think why.
      The motion can be defeated if enough MPs of all faiths vote it down. Such a rejection might hole May’s Brexit team below the water line, and lead to her resignation(s).
      UK Labour would be Turkeys voting for Christmas. There must be quite a few who face unemployment in 7 weeks’ time if they back a GE.
      There are few gains for the SNP contingency. We have a mandate for Indyref 2 already.
      If it goes ahead, I hope that the Greens withdraw candidates from Mundell’s, Murray’s, and Carmichael’s constituencies. They are all on shoogly pegs with majorities in the hundreds.
      I still have a gut feeling that there will be some behind closed doors horse trading overnight.
      This space is being watched.

      • From the evidence of her response, all the FM need do is stick to her statements Jack. Don’t budge an inch.

        May has hung the northern branch out to dry and left them in the most gawdawful omnishambles with her reversal. They’ve lost their soap box of ‘mandate’ and ‘nobody wants’ rhetoric. As for ‘Now is not the time’ …. EPIC LOL.

        If the FM shows consistency of line throughout, the only consistent line, then independence won’t seem such a big step. As I said above, the home stretch beckons and I reckon relentless attention to detail, procedure, cause and legal effect may deliver.

        One thing’s for certain. May has just handed the FM a massive moral club to beat her with.

        • As I have observed before, Sam. We keep our powder dry. There is no need for UDI. We do it at the ballot box. As widows Rape victims Bedroom Tax pensioners and the Children of the Poor are maliciously punished by Ruth Davidson on orders from her Mistress, and Brexit spells disaster for Empire 2, Scots citizens will know upon which side their bread is buttered, As you point out, EU citizens and 16-17 year olds cannot vote in a UK GE. They can in Indyref 2.
          That’s 300 or 400 thousand votes.
          A great game played slow.

          • ‘Course all this may be moot Jack. May is ‘seeking’ an election, she can’t declare one. She requires a 2/3 parliamentary approval to proceed in order to overcome the fixed term parliament legislation.

            What an omnishambles.

            Popcorn at the ready. 🙂

            Mmmmm… one other thing occurs. What happens if Ms May declares her Brexit strategy as part of her election manifesto? Would that constitute the notice that the SG and Scottish electorate require to inform our referendum choices and timetable?

            Interesting, yes?

          • But what about Chukka . Owen Smith, Yvette Cooper, Liz Kendall, and 170 odd New Labourites, Brian?
            I cannot see Labour whipping the anti Corbyn faction into line, do you?
            It suits them to let Corbyn bumble along for another two years, eventually to stand down, a year before the next GE.
            I’d imagine the New Labourites are playing the long game. Corbyn will go either through ineptitude or age catching up with him.

  8. Time to start selling the dream of an independent Scotland. Michael Moore painted a wonderful picture of what a modern, european country should look like in his latest film, Where to Invade Next. Highly recommended to those in search of inspiration.

  9. Scottish Goverment should write a Scottish legal document resinding the act of union. The leader of the S.N. P. at Wesrminster can hand it to the Speaker of the House and take all Scottish mps out.

  10. Better to fight the GE on a clear statement that we are 100% committed to independence and will carry out our mandate to let the Scottish electorate decide once we have clarity on the outcome of the Brexit negotiations.

    That way we will have made our position loud and clear to the Scottish electorate and the international community.

    This would prevent London from using Scottish resources as bargaining chips with the EU and would put pressure on London to behave equally responsibly in co-operating with the referendum or lose credibility as an international player.

    A number of people have argued that London will never allow Scottish independence. International recognition of the democratic process being pursued is the best safeguard to that. Scotland can only become independent by democratic means. We are civilised people. We can never sink to the base forms of action that too often characterise those who oppose us. Ultimately we may have to turn to the international community to support our claim and we have to be aware of that at every turn. There can be no shortcuts.

  11. May wants the “divided” country to unite under her beliefs, in other words absolutism. No opposition can be tolerated even within her own party.
    The one flaw in her aim is that she imagines it will give Brexit more power One against 27 will it away the EU. May may propose, but the EU will dispose and each EU member has a veto. May’s only veto is to walk away with nothing.
    Delusion is making her take a gamble. Ted Heath tried it! In 1974.

    • That bastard murder and child molester heath that’s the bastard tory who escalated the trouble in northern Ireland in 1972 (the bloody Sunday incident) plus he sold scotland fishing industry to the eu in the first place no there’s a wants to take our fishing from the eu and keep it in there hands let’s destorying these evil twats at the polls in both votes the 1st in a few weeks time

  12. Who said 2017 was going to be boring, they lied. I hope the next surprise announcement is where out by David Dimbleby Scotland has voted to become an Independent Country again.

  13. As soon as I saw the PM announcing the GE, I thought of Erdogan. The timing seemed too coincidental. Of course it may have just been the last push she needed as she saw him crushing all resistance even though he had a narrow ( contested ) victory. I was waiting for someone else to mention Erdogan and, true to form, you were the one.

  14. Because of FPTP, the Tories can make gains from the SNP without the SNP vote share falling at all: the collapse of BLiS since 2015 means that the Tories and Labour are no longer splitting each other’s vote in several constituencies. It looks like the SNP can still win 50+ seats, and may take Edinburgh South from Labour, but it’s still a concern.

  15. The SNP could easily clause a Westminster GE manifesto – just like they did in the Scottish GE election with Brexit.

    Just state that the Scottish people have a right to choose in a indyref. If material circumstances later determine that Westminster would deny Scotland’s choice then on taking a majority of Westminster seats in this GE than Scotland should declare UDI.

  16. It occurs to me: are we seriously to believe that the Scottish Branch Office, Kezia Dugdale will get to appoint 59 Labour Hopefuls to stand in the June GE?
    Jim Murphy, Tom Harris, Anas Sarwar, Douglas Alexander, Ian Murray, Mags Curran, and the rest of ‘fecking useless’ failed forty will be dusted down, given a fresh lick of paint, and presented to the Scottish Public as the all new ‘progressive’ Labour Party?
    Kezia and Co have seven weeks to put together the equivalent of the Dirty Dozen.
    I can’t see many of the former Hangers On giving up their new Arch Right Wing careers to go back to pretending that they are Labour Social Democrats.
    Neil Findlay, Jackie Baillie, JoLa to stand? Doubt it.
    Beware the Press Gangs.If you’re out for a drink this Friday, I caution you all never to let your tipple out of your sight. It may be spiked. You could end up representing Labour in Shettleston if you are not careful.
    There is a rumour that the Lib Dems are training a Shetland pony to replace Liar Carmichael when he steps down in June, as he promised.

      • Sam, here are the figures for the 2010 GE. £113,255,271 of public money, £70 odd million of which was for the fees and expenses of Returning Officers alone,
        In addition to this, £45.5 million was spent by individual parties, many 10’s of millions of which were on leaflets and PRESS CONFERENCES.

        You may recall that during the 2015 GE Labour decided to pump most of their money into backing their Big Guns, Murphy, Curran, Alexander, and Harris: and a lot of good that did them.

        Of course the Short Money, the funds available to each party depending on the number of current MPs they have, means that Labour Tory and Lib Dem hopefuls in the upcoming election have virtually no fighting fund, never mind bodies to contest 59 seats.

        An unelected Tory MP, with David Cameron’s workable majority in Parliament, whose Brexit programme is sailing uncontested through the English parliament, has announced a pointless GE, at a cost in today’s figures of probably £200 million, to ‘crush the saboteurs’?

        Of course there is a hidden agenda. Strike that; there are several not so hidden agendas.
        It is clear that the Unionists private polling has shown that Scots will vote a resounding Yes to Independence the next time.

        Brexit, and the ‘bargaining chips’ threat to EU citizens working here, and the over whelming pro Independence momentum among younger Scots, including 16-17 year olds, ( groups are excluded from voting in May’s GE), will return a Yes vote probably by 2:1. Scotland will be independent, and sooner than even we anticipated.
        Scotland is lost to the Tories for ever, and they know it.

        May is out to destroy any opposition in England and Wales.

        Corbyn and a wee hard core of Marxists, and the odd Tony Blair dissident will be ‘crushed’.
        England is about to become a one party state ruled by an Iron Heeled Oligarchy which will be hell bent on destroying Civic Society and turning Merrie England into the 51st State.

        As I observe, we need to nothing but stand back and watch the madness unfold like a nightmare orgy of violence and depravity from a Ken Russell movie.
        There is no way that Labour and the Lib Dems can put together a team to fight an election in 7 weeks time.
        Corbyn and Farron should be voting against a snap GE, not supporting it.

        I have always contended that Corbyn is an old style Militant, whose mission in life is to destroy the Labour Party. Nothing that he, and his Momentum fan club, have done in recent years has altered my view on this.
        England has gone, folks. It’s time for Scotland to go it alone, big time.

        • It’s ALL about the Tories consolidating a power base and grip of England’s electorate. It’s about removing their nearest opposition in parliament as a viable alternative for the foreseeable future and finally it’s about giving cabinet and PM unchallengable powers to enact any legislation they feel like without parliamentary oversight.

          Pretty much end of.

          A fairly cynical and transparent political move Jack, but then we’re talking Tories here. (shrugs)

  17. The BBC interviewer on radio 4 who liken her to Erdogan was 100 per cent right. Her speech yesterday was profoundly chilling and she is now a danger to us all who must be stopped. Glad to have found your blog as I think it is timed I stopped blogging about bloody flowers!

  18. The torys as two faced arrogant hypocrites just now on unionist stv news they saying that any loss in seats for the snp may will see as a rejection of independence even though she lost it in pmqs especially with angus and labour hitting her where it hurts even one less seat for the snp is going to be reported as scots rejecting independence lets naff them up by taking all 59 seats as well as the councils in these 2 elections and send that message let us go she even let it slip they need us hence the no indyref2 stance and why thats all the yoons are going into these votes on nothing on what they got planned just rejecting independence

    • i guess we all should know by now it wont matter how many times we tell them to piss off they aint listening , we could win every Council seat , elect every single MP . win every seat at Holyrood , to what end ? Nothing the same as usual , a different approach is required

  19. Can’t beleive Labour Mps voted en masse for the General Election- how many times have those turkeys now voted for Christmas? I have lost count. Cruella May is nothing but an opportunistic hypocrite.She must think the Scottish electorate are daft.If I see soor ploom face Ruth Davidson on the telly one more time this week I really won’t be able to resist doing serious damage to my Tv.

    • oh god mine is close to getting it as well ha ha , especially when we hear a tory opening their entitled gub , you know whats to follow is going to be total pish .

  20. I’ve just read Neil Findlay’s, Ian Gray’s and Ian Murray’s tweets.
    Yes they really are as pig thick as I assumed them to be.
    Murray is a self serving little toad of an individual. He wants Tories to vote for him to keep out the SNP. He therefore backs the Rape Clause, Bedroom Tax for pensioners, PIP claimants having their motability cars taken away from them, and our 260,000 poor children being made even poorer by Labour’s Partners , by backing Tory cuts to the poor to reward the rich.
    What a wee weasel of a man. Even his own party marginalised him.
    And Findlay and Gray; we are paying these idiots £1200 a week to spout bitter lies and nonsense.
    What a fucking waste of our taxes.
    Independence is inevitable now. I urge any Labour voters left to vote Murray Mundell and Liar Carmichael out on their gravy train pointless asses.
    Seriously, is there anyone left in the Labour Branch Office with two brain cells rubbing together?

  21. The Union, the Dugdale-Davidson dispensation, gave us foreign wars, imperialism, racism, orange sectarianism, emigration, ethnic cleansing, anglicisation, the Scotch cringe, no international presence and no effective national ‘voice’.
    The independence parties should be able to make something of that I think. Classic no kid gloves, no quarter, no-brainer.

    • I did warn them. No more Mr Nice Guy.
      Davidson and Carwell were both given the opportunity to condemn the Rape Clause today at FMQ. Both squirmed and declined.
      The bitter irony that is the Blue Fascists, is that they have two women leaders who are mounting a hellish assault on women of all ages. Widows have had widows’ allowances scrapped, rape victims are tortured, 260,000 children live in poverty, Pensioners, the vast majority of whom are women, are to fall foul of the bedroom tax, women’s pension rights and entitlements have been deferred because of Tory edicts, and rises in all Welfare payments have been frozen for at least another two years while Brexit fuelled inflation explodes.
      They are evil incarnate.

      Kezia Dugdale has lost touch with reality. Her logic and ramblings today at FMQ are approaching mental breakdown status now.
      Rennie is a grinning little fool. He seemed to find Rape, sleazy landlords touting rooms for sex, and the prospect of working with the Blue Tories in Government again, hilariously funny, as did his wee bunch of gravy trainers surrounding him.
      We have thrown more out of the road to get to a fight.
      Bring it on.

      • I hope Dugdale digs in for the long haul. I don’t want any last minute conversions to the Indy cause from SLab. They have screwed us over too often. It would be just like them now to try and muddy the Yes waters, grab a few seats, only to sell us all out again to Westminster at the first opportunity. Weasels the lot of them.

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