The last UK General Election in Scotland

In France the National Front’s Marine Le Pen has done shockingly well in the first round of the French Presidential election, and it seems that the second round will focus on keeping the far right out of power. Here in the UK we don’t need to worry about keeping the far right out of power, because here in the UK the far right are already in power. What we need to worry about is what they’re going to do after a general election in which the polls are indicating that they could have a majority of 200 seats. They’ve already managed to wreak havoc with a majority of 18, the damage they could do with a majority ten times greater doesn’t bear thinking about. It’s like taking away a box of matches from a teenage arsonist and giving them a flame thrower.

For all that the hard line Unionists on social media are crowing about the Conservative revival in Scotland, the truth is there’s not much of a revival at all. What’s happening is that the Labour party is in the last stages of its death spiral and the Tories are picking up the votes of hard-core Unionists who previously voted Labour. Those are the people who support the Union blindly, and who would continue to support it even if it could be conclusively demonstrated beyond any shred of doubt that independence would make Scotland a far more prosperous country. They’re the people who support the Union without caring what sort of Union it is that they support. They’re the people who would never, under any circumstances, vote for independence. They might be vocal, they might have a lot of media support, but they’re a segment of the Scottish population that’s always going to be a minority.

Despite this, the Scottish Unionist media will do its best to paint any increase in the number of Conservative seats in Scotland after June’s election as a blow for Nicola Sturgeon and a reverse to the prospect of independence. But that’s nothing more than a desperate act of self-delusion. The fact that that people who would never under any circumstances have voted for independence are now transferring their red white and blue loyalties from one Unionist party to another Unionist party doesn’t damage the cause of independence any. Their votes were never available to independence campaigners anyway.

It’s a bit like you had a cake that was divided into halves and then you divided one of the halves into into two equal quarters. Then you get a new cake and divide it into halves, and divide one of the halves into two pieces, one of one third of the whole cake and the other one sixth. Then you point to the part that’s one third of the whole cake and say that the half cake has got smaller and it’s a huge blow for those separatist half-cakists.

What’s really happening is that the sixth part of the cake is far more likely to throw in its lot with the half cake, because the half cake isn’t flavoured with the stale and bitter seasoning of Conservative contempt. Those same polls that show that the Tories are sooking up hard line Unionist votes like a hoover nozzle stuck down a drain also show that 40% of those who are undecided on independence are more likely to vote for an independent Scotland if there’s a large Tory majority in Westminster. The Tories can have their stale one third of a cake if they want, it just makes it all the more likely that independence can get the tasty two thirds that’s left.

Meanwhile Scotland’s sole remaining Labour MP Ian Murray has said that he supports tactical voting to defeat the SNP, because for Ian defeating the SNP is clearly far more important than defeating the Tories. In Ian’s imagination it’s the SNP who are taking us all out of Europe into the hardest Brexit imaginable. He think it’s the SNP who have introduced the rape clause. He believes it’s the SNP who have denied housing benefit to young people making young women more at risk of sexually predatory landlords offering sex for rent deals. It’s the SNP who are demonising immigrants. It’s the SNP who are threatening employment rights. It’s the SNP who are responsible for turbo-charged austerity. Ian thinks that the SNP are worse than all the evils inflicted on the poor and the vulnerable and the low paid by the Conservatives. As such Ian represents the blinkered and tribalist thinking that has led to the Labour party being an irrelevance in Scotland, and even worse an irrelevance in a UK in which it’s still the official opposition. If Ian wants to understand why his party is staring electoral oblivion in the face, he only needs to look into his own soulless eyes in the mirror. Ian’s advising Scots to vote tactically for the Tories in order to keep the SNP out, and then he’ll blame the SNP for allowing the Tories to get into power.

Upset that people have been taking his comments to mean precisely what he was clearly implying, that Unionists should support Tory candidates in constituencies where the Conservatives are second to the SNP, Ian has tried to clarify by claiming that’s not what he meant at all. Oh no. When he said he supported tactical voting against the SNP he really meant that he supports tactical voting to defeat the SNP in his own constituency, not in anyone else’s. Which means that Ian has just admitted that he’s not merely blinkered and tribalist, he’s also opportunistic and bereft of any principles at all. Although to be fair that’s pretty much the definition of a Blairite or Brownite Labour MP.

Even if the Tories do manage to claw back a few seats from the SNP in June’s election after standing on a manifesto commitment to oppose an independence referendum, it will still be a massive defeat for them. Scotland will still have said in a very loud voice that it rejects the Tories and it rejects their policies, and it rejects their commitment to oppose another independence referendum. They are likely to come out of the other side of this election with a massively increased majority in England and Wales, but they’ll still be defeated in Scotland. The Tories will be stronger in Westminster, but Theresa May’s precious Union will be a whole lot weaker.

There will be another independence referendum within the lifetime of the next Westminster Parliament. June’s vote will be the last UK General Election in Scotland.

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  3. I hope you are right about this being the last westminster election in Scotland. I would like to see the SNP include in their manifesto a commitment to hold a referendum at the time of the Scottish parliaments choosing and reserve the right to declare independence unilaterally if a referendum is denied delayed or otherwise frustrated by Westminster eg attempts to set conditions not agreed by the Scottish Parliament.
    This would fulfil the wish to allow the Scottish people to make the choice unless Westminster chose to deny them that choice.
    It would also have the added benefit of compelling the unionist parties to campaign for a referendum on Scottish independence which would give me a good laugh.
    Give them a choice independence for certain or an independence referendum.

  4. Paul, your second paragraph describes the views of (thankfully) my former MP, Jimmy Hood, who famously said he would oppose independence even if it could be shown to benefit Scotland: the sort of deep thinking which has served BLiS______d so well recently.

    In France, the other parties will unite to oppose Le Pen in the second ballot.

    Sorry to disappoint the BBC but Europe isn’t going to fall apart to suit Mayhem’s agenda.

    Seven important weeks: get involved, peeps.

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  6. I do hope you are right. I’ll be doing what I can to boost the SNP vote despite not being able to vote for them myself.

    I fear for the future in England and Wales with a potentially massive Tory majority for the next 5 years at least. Labour have a lot to answer for by once again showing they are a fake opposition to the Tories.

  7. Poor Ian. All those Remainer tactical voters in Red Morningside and all unsure where to go now. All over the place, methinks, and not very likely to him any more…

  8. I would like to see all the pro independence parties include in their election promises a commitment to a Unilateral Declaration of Independence if the Conservative government get an unassailable lead at the election, because with all that power and no European support during Brexit – the Scottish parliament is on shaky ground. Theresa May talking about quashing those who would break up our Union – sounds like a Dictator.

    It’s kinda scary living downunder, (a Thatcher refugee) watching what will unfold……c’mon Scotland – get out and vote !

  9. Great post as we have become so accustomed to on this blog.. Thanks a million Paul- the last sentence gives the hope I need right now, so many I’ve spoke to, of late, seem to have their heads in the sand.. Get’s me down..

    Nice typo(?P.6) Ina..! That works! Ina.. in a muddle! lol!

    Will share a stale cake tale if I may .. I worked with an old painter recently, nearly retired, he was serving his apprenticeship around 50 years ago, with a local firm.. They were working at a ‘big hoose’ nearby, where the woman (called herself a lady) would instruct this young lad(as he was), or any of the other men, by means of speaking to their boss while they were actally standing there..
    ie. “Mr Grant, could you kindly tell that boy not to sand the windows while we are seated on the lawn?”
    You get the picture, anyways, one day, tea time comes and the painters get a tray full of cakes and scones and these pancakes.. Turning them over, they were mouldy, the cakes and scones all stale..

    The old yin said that was just what they expected them to eat..

    Ayrshire in the 1960s (and 1860’s) (and no doubt 1760’s too..)

    Next day on arrival at work the posh woman was not pleased.. “If you don’t like the food, just say!! “She barked and stormed off..

    The painters later heard the dog of the house had, the previous evening, found their stash of stale cake hidden in the compost heap, and proceeded, one cake at a time, trapesing earth as it went, to devour them indoors with the inevitable inquiry and result that followed.. (hound puked on the Persian..)Mmbwahahahah!! Good doggy!

  10. I hope that you’re right. My opinion is somewhat darker though; if you think back to how many times we were told,during the 2014 referendum , that turnout was expected to be unusually high and how many times we were assured of the intentions of the “silent majority” ,I think that this is all just stage setting,to pre-justify a shock Tory win,after some serious ballot stuffing.

    • You are so correct, the people of Scotland needs to know that there will be massive voter fraud taking place at the next referendum even more than the last one.Mi5 is already at work dividing scots into catholic/protestant sides to stop us coming together as a nation.I have tried to tell both sides of the fence that after independence there will still be marching bands and rangers and Celtic ends of the bar in your local pub and the big difference is you will have more money in your pocket and your families and friends will have a chance of a future in a brilliant prosperous new country.Don’t let them destroy us over the resources that we have here in Scotland and let’s fight together to stop them being stolen.

  11. “There will be another independence referendum within the lifetime of the next Westminster Parliament. June’s vote will be the last UK General Election in Scotland.”

    Yes. Yes it will.

    I think we’re all familiar with the despicable evils of Conservative government by this point. We’re also all very familiar with their campaign strategy, but just how many people d’you reckon have considered its inevitable and eventual conclusion?

    Ms May’s rhetoric, which is scarily reminiscent of V for Vendetta’s ‘Strength through unity, unity through faith’ (shudders), doesn’t really stack up now does it? May’s campaign strategy is to scare the bejebus out of England’s voting electorate by threatening them with…

    … Scots.

    The evils of Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish Government, the Scottish electorate. A government and a people who have done them NO harm. A party of government who would indeed insist that Scots do not and should not have a say in how England’s electorate wish to govern themselves. Yet we are used as cannon fodder by a UK PM. A whipping boy and bogie man all rolled into a neat marketing strategy and political campain for Theresa ‘Strength through unity, unity through faith’ May.

    Every crime Paul has laid at their feet ATL is indisputable. They’ve done all of that and so much more over the decades to ALL of the peoples of the UK. What they’ve done and are continuing to do with their narrative of division, demonisation and othering of the Scottish electorate is beyond despicable.

    It’s way past time now that this farce of ‘partnership’ was ended. The UK government doesn’t do partnership. It NEVER did. It doesn’t give a shit about unity, societal cohesion, tolerance or inclusion. It thrives off precisely the opposite. It needs society divided. It needs opposition DIVIDED.

    Duty of care, public service and public accountability doesn’t apply to a parliament which claims total sovereign power of the state. If this is the state as we see it today, what do you think a UK labouring under Brexit, a Great repeal Bill, a British Bill of Rights and the enactment of the Henry VIII clause will be like?

    Think about that. A state body with unimpeachable power to legislate at ministerial level with no parliamentary oversight or debate.

    Not quite what Better Together or HMG promised only two and half years ago… is it?

    You can still change this, but the choice is yours. No one is going to make it for you and no one can make it all go away. It’s going to take all of us together and all the help we can get.

  12. The extent of the Labour Right ambitions here in England in this election:

    “we want to have a strong presence in the House of Commons.”

    Says it all.

  13. BBC Scotland-Sunday Politics.
    Week One of the Bad EssEnnPee Campaign.

    Part One : The Yoon Format

    Who needs the grotesquerie of Spitting Image Puppets to lampoon bumptious politicians when you can parade the real thing, in the form of Jackson ‘Awkward’ Carlaw, Alex Rowley, and Neil Cole-Hamilton before the 5000 viewers who still watch Gordon Just To Be Clear, Hang On A Minute, What You Are Saying Brewer’s quaint but increasingly amateurish ( and dare I say it, deliberately lightweight) Sunday Brunch offering?
    The format is well established.
    It is after all the ‘flagship’ of the Unionist Propaganda Machine Up Here.
    Politics Where You Are. Pacific Quay; the Last Redoubt.
    Prof Curtice, the man with the Brillo pad hairpiece, whose polling company relies on 65% of its funding from the Tory Government was first up.
    Two polls/ good news/ Tories between 28-33% /eight seats /blah de blah.
    Bang goes your independence bid then.
    Aye right.
    He may well over take Dara O’Briain and that other wee odious Irish chat show nyaff as the most exposed nobody on BBC over the next 6 weeks. That will take some doing, right enough.
    Scene set: Headline news:-Tories spearheading the Unionist fightback against the Separatists.
    Up next: a prominent Bad EssEnnPee Big Gun from their constituency (preferably pre-recorded so that the editor can work their Yoon magic before broadcast) in a one to one with the Brewdog.
    Angus Roberston was the latest victim of a technical ‘satellite delay’ hitch from darkest distant Moray which as we all know nestles just behind Juno out there in darkest space.
    He was his usual patient self, refusing to allow Hang On A minute, even with the delay, to put words into his mouth.
    Duration, 5 minutes; more than enough time allotted to the party which has 56 of the 59 seats at Westminster.
    Then ‘live’ in the studio with the Better Together placemats.

    • If this wasn’t so painfully accurate I would be laughing, but I applaud your perspicacity . Well done . Typically brilliant column by Paul too

  14. BBC Scotland-Sunday Politics.
    Week One of the Bad EssEnnPee Campaign.
    Part Two : The Yoon Only Studio ‘Debate’.

    Are we are to assume that Mundell , Murray ,and Carmichael had more important things to do than face the Scottish Public.
    With Gordo chairing and nursemaiding, any old Bleu Jaune or Rouge (well, it’s about getting rid of Johnny Foreigner after all) Tory mouthpieces will do.
    Rowley, Carlaw, and Cole- Hamilton: three middle aged men for whom the axiom ‘living off the fat of the land’ could not be more apposite and GB, were debating the rape clause, which it was agreed was an ‘awkward’ policy.
    Next week Sarah Smith will lead a debate with three Yoon women on the question:
    ‘Men should be compulsorily circumcised on hygiene grounds.’
    Presumably all women politicos in Scotland were busy at home making the Sunday Dinner for the menfolk at that time in the afternoon.
    Don’t get me wrong. I like Alex Rowley. He has come up through the Labour ranks; he is obviously a clever man. University educated, Gordon Brown protégé, with a marvellous Fife man of the people accent. If he addressed an audience as ‘comrades’ he would not come across as sounding insincere.
    Yet he talks like a Red Tory pamphlet, manging to get the Better Together mantra: ‘why leave our biggest market (the UK) ‘ three times in his opening mumbles, and sadly ‘mumbles’ they were.
    Jackson Carlaw must practice in front of a mirror.
    The Baroness Goldie school of Tory elitism.
    Posh voice, haughty demeanour, yet more Better Together ‘Best Brexit deal’ soundbites.
    ‘A party for all the people’, my arse.
    Not for widows or their children; not for pensioners; not for the disabled; not for 260,000 Scots children in poverty; not for Bedroom Tax Pensioners; not for zero hours low paid low skilled ‘hard working families’; not for rape victims; not for 62 year old women; not for disabled Jobseekers whose ESA has been scrapped; not for EU citizens living here, working here, married to Brits, the parents of children born here, not for those who are not wealthy enough that they get to live anywhere in the world they choose, that being cut off from travel, work, or relocation anywhere in Europe will be a USSR like reality by 2019,: not for 80,000 workers whose jobs rely on being within the EU single market, not for 18-21 year olds who have been rendered homeless by Jackson the Awkward because Housing Benefit has been scrapped by his Tory Handlers Down There; not for the 500,000 Scots citizens living below the poverty level queuing at foodbanks.
    The list is of the Scottish citizens who are not included in the ‘all’ of Big T’s ‘the party for all the people’ that Carlaw and his ilk are peddling is not as they say exhaustive.
    Rowley and Carlaw, the Yin and Yang of Scottish Unionists.
    And Cole-Hamilton , through a looking glass, darkly, from the Edinburgh studio, talking the usual sit- on- the- fence Yellow Tory rubbish.
    I ask, what was to prevent Angus Robertson taking part in this debate?
    It was rhetorical. I know the answer. He would have wiped the floor with the three of them. And Donalda McKinnon, the New Broom at BBC PQ knows this.
    Under no circumstances will the EssEnnPee be involved with lightweight Red Blue and Yellow Yoons live on the Beeb; until it is absolutely unavoidable in the last few days of the campaign(s).
    Of course Carlaw Rowley and Cole-Hamilton can say anything, promise anything, lie about anything live on air.
    They speak with no authority, and none of them are privy to their Westminster Masters’ cunning plans. We had 15 minutes of hot air and nothingness, with neither the SNP or the Greens (remember them) present. Fifteen minutes of unadulterated Yoon Propa Porn.
    Of course there will be no outcry.
    Nobody is watching your channel, Ms McKinnon.
    Why do I get the feeling that this was why you were appointed?
    To switch the citizens off politics once and for all?
    It isn’t working.

    • Jack, I admire your ability to sit through GB’s programme. Not a possibility as far as I’m concerned. Even the suggestion of his voice on the radio is too much. As for Donalda, she has been carefully chosen – probably by Macquarrie. So no hope there.

      But there’s great hope in Paul’s article! The last UK General Election in Scotland. We’ve been working hard for that great future much of my life!

      • Jan, I’m looking forward to Andra Neill announcing 35 minutes into his Sunday Politics Westminster Bubble:
        ‘And we say goodbye to viewers from Scotland..for the last time.’
        It’s comin’ yet for a’ that.

  15. BBC Scotland-Sunday Politics.
    Week One of the Bad EssEnnPee Campaign.
    Part Three : The Local Authority Elections/The General Election

    As Paul admirably points out, the Council Elections and the UK GE have nothing to do with gaining a mandate to hold a second Scottish Independence Referendum.
    We have established that the Scottish Government has secured a mandate to let the people decide. Now that may be a novelty to the FPTP Yoons.
    ’Let the people decide’? Mmm, doubt if that would catch on with Ruth Wullie or Kezia. (where are they hiding, BTW?)
    The Pro Independence movement must fight both elections on the issues that matter to the people of Scotland.
    I live in Glasgow, and I know the policies with which I expect hopefuls to be wooing me.
    At LA level, we have had a Labour Administration which has overseen the destruction of the West of Scotland’s industrial base over the past 5 decades.
    We have a Bacofoil Exhibition Centre, and the new SSE Hydro, a giant Flying Saucer that has arrived from Planet Tory delivreing dozens of low wage low skilled zero hours jobs selling burgers and cartonsof beer to concert goers, and making lots of money for the haves.
    We have PFI schools which are made of the crumbliest flakiest brick walls in the developed world, where a new sink costs the LA £2000 because Gordon Brown tied us into 25 year contracts with off shore Investment banks, and the children can’t get text books.
    We have New Labour ‘contratced out ‘Arms Length Contracts , like City parking and City Building which have to be financially propped up year on year because the privatised companies are constant loss makers, but still are allowed to carry on regardless. We pay through the nose for their massive inefficiencies.
    We have had a series of financial scandals, three New Labour Council Leaders with ‘colourful’ pasts, and Unionist also rans who blame the schools attainment gap, A&E waiting times, bed blocking, well. Everything, on the Bad EssEnnPee, despite these issues being clearly the responsibility of Local Authorities, Health and Education Boards.
    They plead poverty and blame their fuck ups on EssEnnPee cuts, yet have squirreled away £1.2 billion, demanded an end to the Council Tax Freeze, then are divided about increasing CT or retaining the freeze.
    Most local issues have eff all to do with Brexit, or independence. We have bad lousy corrupt Iazy local councillors. Simples.
    I shall vote for those local politicians who promise change and an end to the corrupt ancien regime.
    In June, I shall be voting SNP. I am not a member or a fleg waver.
    I demand the return of my country, that’s all.
    A Scottish Government, elected by the Scottish People, and accountable to the Scottish People. The union is gone. May and the Brexiteers have seen to that.
    It’s over, let it go.
    Enough of me.
    One bright note. The Brewdog appears to be on a diet. Getting lean and mean for the battles ahead?

  16. I think the SNP have to adopt the same scare tactics as used by better together .
    People only have to look south to see what kind Horror story will happen if this Tory party gains any seats here
    Labour have to make a choice , a Tory government for the next 20 years is that what they really want ? is their hatred for the SNP so deep that they would welcome this , their support for the union that even they see is not working is baffling , how bad does it have to get before they waken up .

  17. yesterday on sunday politics alex rowley really pissed me of with the torys are more dangerous than the snp line so why do those stupid labour lot ally with the torys against the snp everytime if they beleave the torys are the bigger threat to scotland and the delusional that only labour can stand up to the torys really gets my goat labour had decades of that and did nothing to stop thacther or cameron doing what they wanted to scotland hence why im snp labours useless lib dems would side with torys if needed and torys just wreck lives for there own gain only the snp is doing anything to stop them

  18. The case for the Union will more and more be the case for a Conservative central government in London. After the probably desastrous local election and general election results of the Labour Party, the hope of getting a better UK by a Labour government will fade further.

    That is an opportunity for those advocating independence: a unknown but hopeful future in an independent Scotland or a known and for most people hopeless future in the UK.

    If I am allowed to say as someone from abroad – an advice for those who want independence: give some space to the sincere feeling of loss and bewilderment for those who think of the UK as their home country. It is no longer that (apart from the Conservative minority), but they need time to come to live with that.
    An understanding, yet determined independence movement is more helpfull than an angry, shouting one.

  19. It’s not all gloomy bad. Ruth Davidson, in a predicament over the Rape Clause made matters considerably worse for herself by challenging the SNP to take action to prevent it being applied in Scotland. Dear old Jackson Carlaw smirks and plummily describes the Rape Clause “as awkward”. Awkward!

    Consider, if you have daughters/granddaughters, just what aspects of Tory policies are more important to you than the Rape Clause, that you will to vote Tory?

    Election expenses fraud? Not a concern to you? Cole-Hamilton, is under investigation, what’s keeping the authorities? Why didn’t Brewer enquire of him on progress? It is a big talking point – around 30 Tory MPs, in a neck and neck race to have the general election before any action is taken, or kicked into the long grass.

    May is a pitifully unconvincing Minister, as was her attempt to justify a general election – two of her staff have since walked. Then there is Boris Johnson, and Davis, Fox, Gove. Would you offer any of them employment in your company?

    Some are wringing their hands over the prospect of the SNP failing to hold all the MP seats gained, fearing the media response. The Sunday Herald – Indy supporting eh? – had a full page article on Tory MSP Brian Whittle, lucky him. You recall, he raced with just one shoe once. So it looks like the media strategy to have the Tories appear nice and normal has started.

    And we can look forward to Willie Rennie for Cartoon Calvacade.

    Did I forget to mention SLabour?

  20. The way I see it, there should be an advance for the SNP in the local elections in terms of councillors elected and councils controlled followed by a reverse in the GE by way of a reduction from 56 seats to 40 or so as the loony yoons and Brexiteers coalesce around the vile Tory party. Nicola carries on with the indyref2 timetable from the base of most MSP’s, most councillors, and most MP’s. The frothing bile from the loony yoon media is just so much white noise.

  21. It occurs to me. Jackson Awkward Carlaw is popping up everywhere nowadays. WATP Tomkins and TQE Fraser have retreated to the relative obscurity of Twitterama.
    Ruth has been promoted in the TA or whatever they are called these days, and is to deliver a Conservative funded lecture on the perils of Nationalism under the banner of the cynically titled Orwell lecture.
    She is being groomed for ‘stardom’?
    Is it outwith the bounds that she stands against Murray in the GE. After all Murray is a Tory in all but name. The Morningside ladies would love wee Ruth, Rapefinder General, surely?
    You heard it first on WGD.

  22. I am appalled that there seems to be some acceptance that the Tories are going to win seats in the GE in Scotland.

    In my view, the time has come now for the SNP and the Greens to go on the offensive – with the emphasis on OFFENSIVE. The Tories are truly despicable and they have to be called out as such. They have already cynically hurt the vulnerable and they are bent on doing them even more serious harm. This is not some abstract notion, it is already the reality and it is going to be even worse for those who are least able to cope. The Scottish electorate need to be left in no doubt as to their personal culpability if they choose to back the Tory Party.

    I am sure everyone is familiar with the description of the Tory Party by Bevan:

    ‘No amount of cajolery, and no attempts at ethical or social seduction, can eradicate from my heart a deep burning hatred for the Tory Party. So far as I am concerned they are lower than vermin.’

    The Tory Party today is as bad or worse than the Tory Party of Bevan’s time and the the focus of the publicity material of the SNP/Greens should be on communicating this unequivocally.

    It is time for the gloves to come off. It is time for the Scottish electorate – who are all adults – to behave responsibly by collectively rejecting the dismantling of our civilisation.

    Why am I surprised that the cringing miserable-ists from the bottom of the Slab barrel are gravitating to the nasty party? They need to know exactly what they are and the lack of social conscience that lies beneath their microscopically thin their veneer of respectablity.

    This is not about attacking the ‘English’ or even the ‘British’. It is about fighting back against a political party made up of people who think that being uncivilised and without conscience is acceptable in 2017. To compound this they the disseminate their poison to the gullible via their tame media and private newspapers and they infect the other British political parties with their beliefs.

    We can’t stop them in rUK but we can and should do everything in our power to make their nastiness socially unacceptable in Scotland.

  23. “a political party made up of people who think that being uncivilised and without conscience is acceptable.”
    This needs to be rammed down their throats at every turn over the next six weeks. They are the anti Christ, Arthur, yet not a word of condemnation from the pulpits, the synagogues, or the mosques on this systematic destruction of society by Davidson May and the Far Right Oligarchy.
    Blessed are the filthy rich because they have inherited the Earth?
    Well said, sir.
    There are many who subscribe to this Rule by the Elite, and fuck the plebs philosophy, but not enough to halt the inexorable march towards Self Determination.
    When are Labour supporters going to realise that their Union is dead? When it’s too late? Again?
    We fight tirelessly, attack their lies and distortions condemn them loudly for destroying lives, killing citizens, sending our wealth South to the Motherland. We pillory them incessantly, with no quarter given.
    I described a BBC Programme above. They have no qualms about providing a broadcast vehicle for the Enemies of Scotland.
    We fight and fight to win.

  24. I hear the beginnings of rumblings from Nicola and others.

    It has to become a crescendo.

    We need to find the right words to define the Tory Party and we need to use them at every opportunity. Uncivilised, primitive, barbarous, feral, brutish, amoral, self-absorbed, indecent and vulgar would be my choices.These people like to think that they are a cut above the rest but of course they just hide their base greed behind the tsunami of lies that the media put out on their behalf.

    Until now their sensibilities have been protected by our reluctance to shame them but that has to stop. It is time we stopped trying to respond to their deliberately inane questions and attacked their lack of morality. We need to attack them with venom. They don’t have to openly accept that we are right, we just need to rattle their gilded cages and taunt them with the truth – mercilessly.

    We need to let these Tories feel a little of what it is like to be on the receiving end of the kind of moral condemnation that they are so quick to hand out to the vulnerable. Just the truth mind. No need to invent smears – we aren’t Brits after all.

    That is what I hope I am going to witness in the weeks ahead.

    • Hear hear, Arthur. No more Mr Nice Guy. It’s too important to stand idly by and sigh every time the Yoons belittle, lie about, and downright threaten Scotland.
      Rowley ‘threatened’ his fellow Scots when he asked THREE times: when we opted for Independence in the EU, why would we turn our backs on our biggest single market? The rUK. Utter pish of course. It’s time broadcasters stopped them in their tracks and rubbished the Yoon nonsense for what it is. Empty headed crap. Sorry, pusillanimous sophistry.
      We’ll get the £15 billion deficit what currency will you use 10 year queue to rejoin the EU the oil’s running out and so on trotted out, three times per programme to one Pro Independence rebuttal…
      They are enemies of the Scottish People and the Fourth Estate are their Fifth Column.
      It borders on treason, IMHO.

      • …and no sooner do I write this than I come across Davidson on a Disability Scooter grinning broadly for the Yoon media shamelessly exploiting a Trossachs disability charity event to promote her satanic policies.
        What next for this self publicising little nyaff? Making tea at a Rape Crisis Centre?
        Helping out behind the counter of a Food bank?
        What a disgusting heartless little individual she is.
        She has taken 48,000 motability vehicles away from severely disabled people already, with 1000 a week to come, to save money to give to JK Rowling as a tax break.
        Evil walks this land, and its name is Unionism.

  25. Labour yoons need to read the runes. Labour down south is imploding, ergo nae Labour government ever at Westminster.
    So Labour-SNP-baaad types jump to the Tories to preserve the yoonion which is Tory-Ukipped and anti Labour! Nae real!!
    It is sad that Labour in Scotland do not, cannot see a future in an independent Scotland!
    Corbyn, having thrown in the towel while screeching sotto voce the fight goes on to get a good deal, is a loser.
    Labour would rather put the boot into the Scots by linking with Tories at Westminster by default.
    Of course, Kezia forgets they are in oblivion electorally already in Scotland.
    What a stramash. But as they keep saying “the fight begins now”. With what?

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