The monomaniacal single obsession party

The world’s most obsessional election leaflet is falling through Scottish letterboxes. A leaflet from a party with only a single policy, a single monomaniacal fetish, a sole idée fixe. That’s the single track mind of the Scottish Conservatives whose obsession is accusing another party of being obsessed. In the election leaflet from the Tories which dropped through my door this morning, the party’s entire policy on absolutely everything is saying no to a second Scottish independence referendum. And that’s it. That’s their only policy. This is an election leaflet from a party with a stalkerish infatuation, creeping along behind Nicola Sturgeon like a spurned lover crying nooooo!

There’s not a word about the hardest of unyielding Brexits into which the Tories are taking us all, very much against the express will of the Scottish electorate. There’s not a word about how Scotland would be a better place by adopting the Tory policies on the health service and education, policies which have seen the English NHS brought to its knees and the reintroduction of grammar schools and secondary moderns. There’s not a word about the record rise in foodbank use which has seen some foodbanks stripped of resources. There’s not a word about how many people driven to foodbanks are working. There’s not a word about how the numbers being driven to foodbanks continue to rise.

Of course there’s not a word about any of these things. It’s a lot safer for Ruth Davidson to present her party as a single issue protest group. Because if people start to think about what the Tories are actually doing then they’d realise that independence is by far the better option. There are certainly issues in the Scottish NHS, there are issues in all public services throughout the UK where total funding is set by a tax cutting Tory government which prioritises subsidies to the rich and the powerful. However NHS Scotland is by far and away the best performing NHS in any part of the UK. Voting Conservative because you’re unhappy with the management of NHS Scotland is like voting for a vampire because you’ve got issues with the management of your local blood donation service.

On Monday Ruth Davidson did another of her cheery cheeky photo ops, posing in a quad bike mobility scooter in the Trossachs, a machine designed to allow disabled people access to the Scottish countryside. At a price. That’s the same Ruth whose party is taking away the mobility cars of thousands of disabled people, 50,000 across the UK so far according to some counts. An able bodied woman poses grinning in a disability scooter in order to raise her public profile, giving her backing to a scheme to give access to a national park, her party deprives thousands of disabled people of the means of getting to the shops, of getting to work, of living an independent life. Because of the Tories thousands of disabled people won’t be able to use those disability scooters that Ruth so shamelessly posed in because they won’t be able to get out the house and earn the money that would allow them to have a holiday. That photo of Ruth grinning in a mobility scooter for her pals in the press sums up Tory hypocrisy in a single image.

Ruth doesn’t want us to consider Brexit in this election, despite the fact that Brexit is the reason that her boss has called it. She doesn’t want us to think about how her boss only called it for narrow party political reasons despite clearly stating seven times that she had no intention of calling a general election. Theresa May said far more clearly and far more unequivocally that there would be no snap general election than anyone in the SNP ever said that there shouldn’t be a second independence referendum. But Ruth only wants us to think about the SNP, not about the people who are taking Scotland out of the EU against the will of the Scottish people.

It has been said that those who have an obsessional criticism of others are revealing what they themselves lack. It’s a form of psychological projection. The Scottish Tories with their single minded focus on opposing another referendum reveal their lack of respect for the Scottish people and their lack of respect for democracy. They want the vote of 2014 to be preserved in ice forever. They don’t want the people of Scotland to hold them to account for the actions of Conservative governments since 2014. They claim that they want to hold the SNP to account but don’t want to abide by the same standards themselves. The SNP must be held to account, but the Tories want a free pass. Tory hypocrisy is an insult to our intelligence and our common humanity.

They’re exhultant today, because an opinion poll has been published which claims to show a huge drop in support for independence, down to 40%. It’s a poll which is wildly out of line with other recent polls, polls which were conducted later and which show support for independence hovering around the 49% mark. It’s a general law of life that anything that’s too good to be true usually is, and this poll is too good to be true for the Unionists. If it was a poll which showed that there had been a massive and unexpected rise in support for independence, a rise which was out of line with all other recent polling, and which wasn’t reflected in other polls conducted afterwards, the Unionists would be suspicious of it, and independence supporters would be right to treat it with caution. No matter how well polling is carried out, it’s a statistical certainty that a number of them will turn out to be rogue polls. It’s not an exact science. So I’m not too bothered by this poll. Even the BBC’s favourite polling expert John Curtice is suspicious of it.

So let the Tories and their Unionist enablers enjoy the polling straw they’re clutching at. It doesn’t distract from the reality that the Tories are fighting this general election on the single issue of opposition to another independence referendum, and even on the very best, most favourable polls they’re only going to pick up a handful of seats. The SNP is still on course to win a huge majority. It’s only in the warped world of the Scottish Unionist media where a party that wins an enormous majority of Scottish Westminster seats can be said to have lost the election. In the real world, it’s a reinforcement of the SNP’s existing mandate to hold another referendum, and that’s going to be a referendum on the Tories’ record as much as it is on Scottish independence. No wonder Ruth is so desperate to avoid it.

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0 thoughts on “The monomaniacal single obsession party

  1. Well said. We all need to keep hammering home to people just how toxic the Tories are for the health and well being of the vast majority of people in the UK, not just in Scotland.

    This is a General Election and should be about the Tory government’s appalling record over the last few years. They need to be taken to task at every opportunity.

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  3. And that’s the point Paul. They delight in telling you how bad things look for you. They gush over telling you how shite your country is, how deluded you are to have aspirations above your station. They are after all Conservatives.

    I neither forget, nor forgive their actions before 2014, during the indyref of 2014 and certainly not any action they’ve taken since 2014 toward us, our representation and the wider populations of the UK. Not once did they offer any olive branch in the post indy vote period. No effort at all was made, or even intended, to approach the YES voter and come to any concilliatory closure. They were too busy gloating over the pain and loss of others to give a shit about what they had done to the psyche and self esteem of near half a nation. They were too busy doling out punishment and scorn. They were too busy demanding respect from others. A respect they had yet to earn and from what we have witnessed to date, will never earn.

    They are greed and Darwinism in living colour. They are top down, dog eat dog, selfishness writ large.

    The Conservative party are state and establishment order before people. A party that believes people owe the state service, loyalty and a living.

    I happen to believe that the state and the party politician owe the people service, loyalty, a duty of care and the ability to live with dignity. The basics for all our requirements at point of need.

    Politicians, government is simple. It’s about meeting our needs. Putting food on our table. Keeping us safe and well.

    Cared for.

    In exchange we pay taxes to meet those needs and pay our public servants accordingly to administer and manage those needs.

    Right now some of our political class are taking our money to shit on our democracy from a great height. They’re taking our money and using it to publicly abuse our population. They’re taking our money and our vote and using both to underwrite abuse of our rights.

    The Conservatives want you to send a message to the SNP…

    I have a message in mind, but its not one any Tory would want to hear.

    • Paul, Sam, the onl way forward is to go for the jugular.
      I caught a bit of today in Holyrood on the news: looks like Kezia has begun to see the light. All four parties attacked the Devil’s Own Tories over the Rape Clause. Incredibly that doesn’t cut it with Davidson, who is so full of herself she’s about to disappear up her own arse.
      Unbelievably her counter is to challenge the Administration to mitigate all Tory cuts Up Here, if we don’t like them.
      Then in the next breath exalts us all to vote Tory in May and June, the assumption being that the majority of the electorate agree with her, and Tomkins Fraser Smith Carlaw Mountain Mundell Ross and the rest of the Listory Boys, that we must punish poor children, the infirm, the disabled, widows, pensioners, disabled Jobseekers, Rape victims and low pay low skill zero hours ‘hard working families’ queuing at foodbanks.If the EssEnnPee and the Greens don’t like it, mitigate it. Aye,right.
      They are cold heartless bastards to a man and woman. I call them out for what they are. Fascist elitist scum. Hands up all who will vote for the Devil?
      I cannot understand why any fair minded person in Scotland would vote Tory under any circumstances. The LA elections, and the UK GE are not Indyrefs. They are to decide who will govern us, to implement the policies which they present now, in the here and now, not April 2017.
      Great article, Paul, and fabulous supplement, Sam.
      Labour, get out from behind New Labour’s coat tails and attack the Ruth Davidson’s Austerity cuts vehemently, vigorously, and violently.
      Davidson will lose the election in Scotland on her obnoxious personality alone.

      • Still angry Jack, but believe me it’s a cold anger.

        The next three ballots are going to be vital if folk are to get through this.

        • Sam, I’ve quoted Zsa Zsa Gabor before: On divorce, ‘don’t get mad, get the house.’
          I struggle to imagine what form of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Nihilism, Agnosticism, Humanism, Paganism, Atheism, or any other form of humane belief -ism, accommodates depriving our weakest citizens of their basic human rights, by an arch Right Wing English dominated government decree, to reward the rich, and spend billions needed for health education houses, on Hellish Weapons of Mass Destruction, against the wishes of the Scottish people.
          The moral principle at the very heart of the Independence movement has never been more stark.
          We are in a ‘Union’ of unequal partners. The 85% will always dominate the 15%.
          In addition to this permanent 310 year old imbalance, there are enough ProudScotsBut collaborators who have made a more than decent living acting as ‘saboteurs’, in politics, the media, the ‘Scottish’ institutions, Universities, Law, Religion, the Professions, Industries, Finance, and the Land Owning Scottish Hierarchy.The Union Establishment runs through the very heart of our country, controlling the colony for the Motherland England.
          I use the words: ‘collaborators’, and ‘saboteurs’ with heavy heart. I genuinely feel that we are so close to Self Determination now, that I am hardly being subjective or pejorative in describing the last desperate attempts of the unionists to deny us our basic rights.
          The lies on oil, the true wealth of Scotland, the Base Treachery of Project Fear, the threats to pensioners, the infirm, the disabled, our children, our widows, our young men and women, our fellow EU citizens working here, studying here, contributing magnificently to our country, thenaked and bullying threats that the might of the London Establishment will ruin Scotland if we opt for Independence, and out of their poisoned xenophobic Little Britland Union,
          I am mad too, Sam. But with a cold resolve now.
          We are faced with true evil in the form of the Tories Up Here.
          They are literally condemning our fellow citizens to death by edict. We cannot let that happen.

  4. Well said, Macart. I think the the Scottish Independence movement needs to get the gloves off and say it how it is to the selve serving Tory unionists.

  5. Ruth Davidson posing on a Disability Scooter is as sick as her support of the Rape Claus. I also got Ruthie’s leaflet in which the word Independence appears 19 times, i have yet to see the same word appear in any SNP leaflets. Adam Tomkins assured us there is no need to worry about food banks as according to him people use the food banks only once, Oh to live in his little world.
    By the way i am disabled unable to walk at all and would love Ruthie to donate her scooter to me as i can’t afford one so i could ramble round the country side.

    • FREESCOT, I and my fellow constituents roundly rejected Professor Two Jobs WATP Bigot Adam Tomkins at the ballot box, yet he is all present, a darling of BBC Scotland, spouting spurious nonsense about food banks, on an item featuring the Scotstoun Food Bank, and the depressing news that usage of food banks had risen by 9% in the past year.
      My old man used to quip:-‘ All brains and nae sense.’
      Tomkins is a right wing Ultra fascist. end of. That’s why we didn’t vote for him; yet he’s still in my fuckin’ face, courtesy of the BBC and the Dead Tree Scrolls.

  6. Investigated by the Red Cross ,

    investigated by the UN

    investigated and fined by the electoral commission

    investigated by 15 police forces regarding electoral fraud .

    A distinct pattern developing here ,

    And this lot have the brass neck to call an election , so they can finally silence all opposition .god help us all if this lot are returned by the English voters

  7. Based on my admittedly limited experience of canvassing in Falkirk for the SNP, I can appreciate why Ruth and her vile band are concentrating on indyref2 denial. Not a single local issue was raised by those I spoke with on the doorstep. Voting intentions were all based on a) attitude to an independent Scotland and b) attitude to Scotland in Europe. Regrettably, a number of SNP voters indicated a switch back to Labour because they voted for Brexit and to their absurd way of thinking that is more important than indy Scotland. There were also a number of SNP voters who did not think Scotland should/could be independent. I doubt they would cross over to Tory but I can see why Ruth is having a go at persuading them. It is dispiriting, notwithstanding that the SNP should “win” the local elections in terms of an advance in the number of councillors and “win” the GE in terms of a majority of the 59 MP’s.
    Nicola and her senior colleagues have taken the cause of Scottish independence from fringe to mainstream so they know what they are doing. I just long for them to be much much more aggressive in debates and sound bites and always play the Tory/BBC man/woman with highly emotive and personalised attacks as well as playing the ball.

  8. Good polls for the unionists aren’t necessarily a bad thing for indy supporters, for a very simple reasons – if the unionists (e.g. Tories) think they could lose a referendum, they would do everything they can to block one. So it is in our interest that they get some sense of (false) security.

  9. Narcissistic personality disorder is different from having a strong sense of self-confidence; people with NPD typically value themselves over others to the extent that they disregard the feelings and wishes of others and expect to be treated as superior regardless of their actual status or achievements.[7][10] In addition, people with NPD may exhibit fragile egos, an inability to tolerate criticism, and a tendency to belittle others in an attempt to validate their own superiority.[10]

    According to the DSM-5, individuals with NPD have most or all of the following symptoms, typically without commensurate qualities or accomplishments:[7][10]

    Grandiosity with expectations of superior treatment from others
    Fixated on fantasies of power, success, intelligence, attractiveness, etc.
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    Exploitative of others to achieve personal gain
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    Intensely envious of others and the belief that others are equally envious of them
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    Ruthie and Spud Murphy to a T

  10. Ruth the Mooth disgusts me. She is incapable of reasonable, independent thought and is only capable of following her instructions from her London masters.

    Her photo-op perched on a disability scooter, which most ordinary disabled people would not be able to afford in a month of Sundays is sickening, to say the least. This is also the case with her attitude and support of the rape clause. She makes no comment either on the rising use of food banks in Scotland by people driven to desperation.

    I don’t know how she can manage to look at herself in a mirror, or how she can sleep at night. She remains a fully paid up member of the nasty party. May she rot in hell.

    • it appears the Tory party used today’s debate to continue their election campaign , allowing no interventions and choosing to defend their governments ” rape clause ” by making a case for saving money , f/k me is that what its come down to , Saving a few quid ? . that will probably be clawed back by yet another department .
      I used to think Maggie was a bit abrasive and annoying , this current lot are beyond disgusting they are f/kn EVIL .
      If any Labour supporters vote for this lot i hope they can explain it to their children and their conscience is clear , by Christ it would trouble me .

  11. I’m delighted that the Tories have chosen to fight the election on the ground of this single issue of resistance to a second referendum – because, having done so, Unionists now have to win 30 seats to avoid having conclusively and definitively lost the argument. They’re getting all excited at the prospect of gaining 12. That, in the circumstances that they themselves have have created, will amount to having their arse handed them on a plate.

  12. Most of the big changes that take place in people’s lives are the results of both push factors and pull factors, whether it is ending a relationship, emigrating, changing jobs or taking up black pudding bending as a hobby.

    Say what you like about the Tory Party, they are the best push factor out of the laughably mislabelled United Kingdom that we evil separatists could ever hope for. The penny will drop among our swithering fellow-denizens of Caledonia, and the clang will reverberate around the world.

    • This MUST be sorted. I am in absolutely no doubt whatsoever that votes can be rigged.

      A short time ago the public was asked to make submissions to the Draft Referendum Bill. After discussions with my local MSP I prepared a four page report on the subject of rigging, together with recommendations, which was then delivered to St. Andrew’s House.

      After the recent revelation that Postal Votes are being handled by IDox, a company owned by the Conservative MP Peter Lilley, I will update the document.

      I am having difficulty getting people to take this seriously. One SNP MP to whom I talked said “I don’t believe that theory.”

      If we don’t sort this, we will lose.

      • I sympathise with your efforts , i would have thought given the recent electoral fraud issues people on own side would have taken this seriously , i think i saw a piece on Argyle & Bute postal voting discrepancies , and how certain issues just didn’t add up .
        Also there is still a question over Tory involvement re postal vote sampling in 2014 , no party should be allowed to have access to these votes before the official count . and given the recent fine levied on on the Tory party , the Maximin possible these people should be kept well away .

        • I don’t believe it’s a theory, Les. The night our IndyRef postal votes were driven south to be counted, the A9 was closed between Thurso and Helmsdale – a most unusual occurrence. They had to be taken through a lonely strath which, since the Clearances, has been populated mainly by estate owners and their employees.

          I suggest the votes should be accompanied by both Unionist AND Independence activists.

  13. Delighted to learn John Curtice is chary of that ludicrous poll.

    We’re on our way because young people see through Tory self-centred callousness. Ruth and her companions are not popular with the youth of today……..for they see through the crazy determination of WM to hold on to “subsidy junkies” regardless of “cost”.

  14. “An able bodied woman poses grinning in a disability scooter in order to raise her public profile, giving her backing to a scheme to give access to a national park, her party deprives thousands of disabled people of the means of getting to the shops, of getting to work, of living an independent life.”

    This really just sums the very distasteful and untrustworthy Ms Davidson up. She will stoop to ANYTHING to raise her profile. Sad!

  15. The young are our only hope.

    Sans their help at the polls, the dementia ridden pensioners, the “I’m alright Jack” sociopaths and the John Bull/Orange Order fifth column, will hand May the rope she will hang us all with. Literally. I have no doubt the return of capital punishment would be widely popular with them too.

    The modern age of communications exposes, in shocking relief, the mentality of a significant minority of the voting public in present day Britain. Small minded, spiteful, avaricious. They remind me of the scene from “Scrooge” (the Sims version) when Ebeneezer witnesses himself signing the registry, accepting the worldly goods of Marley, while the Ghost of Christmas Past accuses him of being “…a covetous old sinner.”

    Have modern Tory voters reverted to a 19th century mindset, or have they always been this obtuse?

    The pensioners in particular, are a useful example of how advancing age sees our principles give way to our peevishness. These are the folks who advanced civil rights and were behind the anti war and anti nuclear movements. They were progressive when they were young. Now they are reactionaries. They demonstrate the fiction that age confers wisdom. For most of us it seems, as our arteries harden, so do our minds.

    As for the others, they will always be among us. Some folks will never give a tinker’s damn for their neighbors, while the fifth column are beyond redemption as they are nothing but frothing at the mouth fanatics.

  16. Always brilliant but loose the similies They are a distraction and need too much thought. You message is enough , and is always coherent.

  17. As a rule, I don’t watch ‘commercial’ television. Not out of any BBC2 snobbery, or disdain for glitzy talent shows and endless pointless soap operas; the BBC has long since conceded defeat and produces bread and circus tat for the Proles which now rivals the worst excesses of ITV, Sky and Netflix.
    I refuse to sit through adverts, in the hope that I can retain an interest, or even recall the storyline of a drama, after five minutes of relentless bombardment by bright young things selling me mobile phones, brand new cars that 90% of the population couldn’t afford to buy, or quick easy loans at 1275% interest.
    This morning, following the absolutely humiliating defeat by the unrepentant Blue Tories yesterday, I tuned in on STV iPlayer to Scotland Tonight, which unlike BBC’s late evening equivalent, Scotland 2016, has survived into 2017, presumably because it attracts more than the few hundred viewers that BBC’s best efforts could manage.
    John McKay chaired a discussion on the Rape Clause and the two child tax credit limit imposed by the Tories.
    Alison Thewliss, SNP MP, and dogged opponent of the Blue Tories attack on children and women, live from London, and …
    Anne Wells, Tory MSP for Welfare Reform and Equalities? No.
    Liz Smith, Tory Education and Skills Suprema? No, not her either.
    Perhaps Alison Harris, Tory spokesperson for Taxation and Financial Sustainability? No, don’t be daft.
    What about Rachel Hamilton, Tourism and Small Business? No, really?
    What about Margaret Mitchell? She doesn’t have a portfolio, but she’s, well, a wummin, and a Tory MSP? Naw.
    Perhaps Ruth the Rapefinder General might want airtime? No. Defo no.
    Six women out of 31 MSPs, and none were put forward to defend the indefensible.
    Instead we got Adam Two Jobs WATP Tomkins, that unelected blowhard who was allowed to reprise the obscene logic that Davidson tried to sell earlier in Holyrood. The SNP Government can mitigate the impact of his Ultra Right wing attack on the Welfare state if it wants; ergo it is not the Tories who are destroying the Welfare State, and killing thousands of our fellow citizens. It’s Nicola Sturgeon’s fault for not stopping Tomkins from pressing the trigger.
    The man is a dangerous boneheaded fool.
    I shall not repeat the universal outrage comprehensively set out in blogs, BTL posts, and newspapers against this evil Rape Clause.
    The Broadcasters are a lost cause now. They have formed a ring of steel around the Unionists, and STV has joined Sky and BBC in protecting the Unionists from criticism or scrutiny.
    McKay went through the motions, allowing Tomkins to tout his fascist nonsense unchallenged.
    Not one Tory woman would come on TV and defend this abhorrent Reform, not even the Welfare Reform spokesperson, the ex- check-out girl, and Tory poster girl of the Common People, Annie Wells.
    She could barely hide her embarrassment and disgust as Davidson posed and spouted fascist nonsense at the despatch box earlier in the day.
    Then we had the Unionist icing on the cake. LA Elections? Bring on the experts and pundits.
    John Curtice and the polls predicting a Tory surge, and the ubiquitous Severin Carrell, Scottish editor of the Guardian (circulation 9600) as the Voice of the People.
    The Unionists have cornered the Broadcast market.
    Curtice and Severin must be raking in fortunes in appearance money to spread the Unionist message.
    That’s my last sojourn into the glitzy pointless world of commercial TV for a few years.
    Like the Blue Yellow and Red Tories, the Broadcasters have joined Together to be Stronger Together, and fuck democracy and the will of the Scottish People.
    John McKay, must do a helluva lot better.

  18. I see the Brewdog was at it again today on BBC PQ’s Daily Politics afternoon tea party.
    It didn’t take Lib Dem and Labour long to break ranks over universal condemnation of Ruth Davidson’s Rape Clause. Gordon Hang On A Minute took up the Blue Tory argument and asked, why can’t the SNP just mitigate the effects of the Fascist State’s killing of the Innocents?
    Labour and Lib Dems pitched in. Yeah, why not?
    Well, for your info, ye Unionist apologists, we have reached the end of our tether.
    The SNP/Green administration should conjure money from somewhere, either by cutting budgets to already Westminster driven underfunded essential services Up Here, and let the corrupt Union limp along, while our taxes are spent on WMD, bombing villagers in the ME, subsidising London Sewers, London Transport, bankrolling WM Government Departments’ HO’s, and so on.
    They just don’t get it, do they?
    We refuse to be dragged out of Europe against our wishes,which many see as the final straw, a step too far, the ultimate insult.
    There will be a second Referendum within the 2 year Brexit window, and we shall prevail.
    Only then can we ensure that the Blue Tories are stopped in their arch right wing tracks. Ruth Davidson is hell bent on destroying the Welfare State, and reducing Scotland to colony status.
    We are ‘mitigating’ no longer, Gordon Brewer. We are taking our country back from the brink of annihilation by our WM Overlords.
    The ‘shed load of new powers’ that Brewer was peddling not so long ago has turned out to be what we always knew; another unionist con.
    Cheap shot at SNP Bad, Lads.
    WE are taking our country back, and it’s time Labour joined the struggle.

  19. Nail and Head come to mind.

    Well done but how h heck do we get the bleeding obvious over to all our fellow citizens in the upcoming elections, especially when we have a corrupt media, with only one or two exceptions?

  20. I think we should have Council Elections every six months- is it just coincidence that the various potholes in our street have been filled in for the first time in 5 years – must be all that extra money from raised Council Taxes (or just a looming Council election)- they moaned for years that Council Tax had been frozen, then moaned the moment taxes are raised…. Baaaad EssenNP likely to blame there, how dare they fill in the potholes.

    As for rumours of polls saying Independence support down to ~ 40%, as with every other poll, they certainly didn’t ask me … but intend to make my opinion known in coming months on several fronts.

    So in short, you can’t have Independence, because who would tell you what to do then?

    Perhaps what scares some people on Independence is actually having to get involved and make decisions.

    How could you possibly run your own economy – better than the Conservatives £1.7 Trillion National Debt ? – how could you better that? …. Better Together… no lectures needed on the economic front then..

    An infinite amount of natural energy reserves wind/wave/hydro. power and of course there is no oil, it has all run out,….were we not told – well apart from that stuff in the North Sea and in that totty wee field off Shetland (too wee to mention really).

    It is very simply about who decides, the people of Scotland, or others.

    if you are happy to be ‘dependent’ then vote accordingly, best stay too wee, too poor where your vote is ignored for another 310 years, then again…perhaps not.

    • and if you were independent you would really miss.
      being criticised by the United Nations .
      being criticised by the Red Cross .
      being criticised by Oxfam .
      being fined the maximum possible by the electoral commission .
      being investigated by 15 police forces over suspected electoral fraud .
      Incase anyone has any doubts this is the truly disgraceful record of a disgusting government .

      OH you havent guessed who this government is No No its not Russia or North Korea , it’s the much loved by english voters tra ra yep Mayhem and her band of crooks and liars .

      a Tory resurgence in scotland MY ARSE .

  21. Patience, the Glasgow labour pamphlet arrived on my doorstep today. Apparently EssEnnPee councilors would be obsessed with independence and take their orders from that Nicola Sturgeon woman.
    Only Labour will protect free bus passes, and will build 25,000 new homes, guarantee a job, apprenticeship or training for all Glasgow young folk, and 30 hours free childcare, a Glasgow Energy Company (Arms Length like the dozens of financial disasters already in place?) ‘tasked with the job of reducing household energy bills’.
    And that’s it. The SNP are doing nothing about affordable house building, free childcare, bus passes, and helping the young into jobs or apprenticeships? Absolute empty headed nonsense from the Red T’s. But Frank the Pieman is on the case. Aye, right.
    Oh, dear, oh dear.
    The main thrust of the Red Tories’ leaflet is the same as the Blue Tories’ effort : lies and distortion, and a single issue message, stop independence at all costs. The EssEnnPee are really really bad, BTW.

    • oh well when you cant think of anything positive any old guff will do they are just reverting to well used method’s , cant change its what they do . i wonder what they would do if there was no SNP ? , Christ now that would be a problem for them and a lot of head scratching no doubt .

  22. just seen you clip on u/tube of your wee stint in Dundee , will this and the other speakers speeches be shown on BBC Scotland ? . No laughing at the back now ha ha , great speech Paul i hope it gets widely promoted .

  23. I take it you’ve heard of the packages delivered to constuency offices Paul?


    Apparently the Jo Cox tragedy wasn’t enough for our polical class or the media.

    • any result seems to justify the means , they dont care its all just a game ‘
      it that was ruthies office ,the army , a UN peace keeping force , and the SAS would have been dispatched , its a wonder some kind of serious incident hasn’t been announced involving surprise surprise the independence movement as hinted at by mayhem just the other day , i really believe this lot are dangerous ,and bordering on evil .they will resort to anything .

    • I wonder who really did it. If it is a Tory supporter, they must be even stupider than I thought to sign it.

      Be optimistic, it will probably result in many votes for anyone but the Tories.

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