The nasty divisiveness of Scottish Unionism

The Tories were right. Scottish politics is divisive and nasty. But the problem for the Tories is that it’s them who are the primary source of the divisiveness and nastiness. The thing is that when you spend your entire time screaming at the top of your voice that the normal processes of a healthy democracy are nasty, vile, and divisive, the people who believe you are your own supporters, and that in turn provokes them into nasty, vile, and divisive behaviour. You’ve just brought into being your very own self-fulfilling prophecy, and then you can pat yourself on your smug back about how right you were to complain that Scottish politics are divisive and nasty, because the nastiness of your own supporters is proof in your own eyes of the nastiness of the parties you oppose.

Of course the Tories neither support, condone, or are responsible for the events on Wednesday, an act which was most assuredly carried out by a single nutcase acting alone. But when you base your entire political strategy on stoking up fear and preaching hysteria, you bear a moral responsibility when the more extreme elements amongst your supporters go off the deep end. When you spend your political life screaming “There’s a monster!” you have a moral culpability when your own supporters get out the torches and the pitchforks.

On Wednesday a letter containing suspected anthrax spores was sent to the council offices in Forfar along with the message “Get SNP out, Tories in”. Police, ambulances, and the fire brigade descended on the town centre. The centre of Forfar was closed down to the public for a number of hours. Although there were thankfully no injuries and no one has suffered any damage to their health, the cost to the public purse of the emergency service operations runs into the thousands. Let’s be clear, this was a terrorist incident. If you send a package containing a substance purporting to be anthrax spores along with a message making it clear that your target is the SNP, that is an action designed to provoke fear and terror for a political end. That’s the definition of terrorism. That’s a threat to use biological weapons – whether the substance turns out to be genuine or not.

Wednesday’s incident came just a few days after a suspected package was delivered to the offices of East Dunbartonshire SNP MP John Nicolson. That, thankfully, turned out according to some reports to be a crushed biscuit and some glittery substance. Police say that the incident was definitely malicious. Although the package was nothing dangerous police are clear that it was sent in an attempt to cause fear and alarm. That too is terrorism. The identity of the biscuit has not been revealed, but this could turn out to be the world’s very first use of a Tunnock’s caramel log as a weapon of terrorism.

And the response in the Scottish Unionist media to these incidences of Unionist terrorism, one of which shut down a Scottish town centre and terrified council staff putting them in fear for their lives? Silence. Compare and contrast with the wall to wall coverage of suspected terrorist attacks directed against the British state.

The Scottish media gave more coverage to the appalling and terrifying outbreak of a Yes sticker on the door of Labour MP Ian Murray’s constituency office. Oh my god there’s been a sticker! That’s vandalism. That’s a crime you know. Some poor Labour person might have been badly injured when they attempted to peel that sticker off the door. Just think of the effort and the expense as they tried to prise a hateful sticker saying YES off that door, while blinded by tears of anguish. And will no one think of the paintwork! Have you any idea how much it costs to get paint matched in Homebase? Probably not, because you’re a vile and selfish nationalist.

But when the SNP are targeted by a Unionist with what purports to be an actual biological weapon, a weapon condemned the world over as a crime against humanity and which is legally defined as such, they look the other way. Well, it was just the actions of some isolated bampot wasn’t it. And it wasn’t really anthrax was it. Let’s get things into perspective eh? Anyway, yes supporters have no right to get upset, because their extremists commit crimes too after all. Look, someone put yes stickers on a statue of Donald Dewar. That’s vandalism that is. That was a real crime that caused real damage so it did. Nicola Sturgeon should condemn.

If an independence supporter had been stupid, selfish, and nasty enough to commit the exact same offence. If the only difference had been that the letter containing suspected anthrax spores had come with the message “Get the Tories out, SNP in”, you can be certain that it would be the lead item in the Scottish press today and for weeks to come. It would set off paroxysms of debate and discussion in which independence supporters were invited by the media to defend the cause of independence, a cause which so clearly would be associated with terrorism in the eyes of a media which would then define Scottish independence as a terrorist proposition, characterised by violence and extremism. The actions of a single nutcase acting alone would be taken to be characteristic of the wider yes movement as a whole. There would be tv debates and endless media discussion about how Scottish nationalism was inextricably linked to extremism and terrorism.

But this wasn’t an instance of pro-independence terrorism, it was an instance of pro-Union terrorism. Because it was pro-Unionist then the media refuses to see it as in any way characteristic of the cause of Unionism. That’s the cause of Unionism that’s supported by your actual fascists like Britain First. All movements have their nutcase fringe, but the double standards of Unionism mean that the independence movement is defined and characterised by the nasty words that its nutcases post on Twitter, but the cause of Unionism is not to be defined the the evil deeds of its nutcases. How very dare you imply that it should be.

The reality is that despite the claims of the Unionist establishment, despite the repeated and continual attempts to portray the cause of independence as nasty, vile and divisive, despite the constant characterisation of the entire independence movement by the words of a few idiots on Twitter or Facebook, when it comes to actual acts of violence, actual harm, actual crime, it’s the Unionists who have the problem. During the first independence campaign the sole violent attack carried out against a Unionist was the assault on Jim Murphy’s shirt with an egg. That got considerably more publicity than actual assaults carried out against independence supporters. It wasn’t independence supporters who went on a rampage of violence in the aftermath of the independence referendum. It wasn’t independence supporters who were jailed for making death threats.

It’s Unionism that has a problem with violence and extremism, and it’s high time that the Unionist parties condemned it, unequivocally, and clearly. It’s time we had a national discussion about the violence and extremism that lurks within the Unionist cause.

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0 thoughts on “The nasty divisiveness of Scottish Unionism

  1. Bit surprised to see The Sun’s bullshit repeated here of all places, but just for clarity the package delivered to John Nicolson’s office didn’t contain a biscuit. Police Scotland confirmed it to have contained “chemicals in crystal form” designed to cause alarm.

  2. Quite so: a media blackout, as far as I can see, on the events in Forfar and the usual MSM hypocrisy.

    I’m still waiting for the False Flag/Black Ops incident before the GE or next referendum which will be attributed to “shadowy nationalist groups” in an attempt to smear the independence movement.

    Our masters are getting jumpy and desperate and it sounds like Bojo wants a nice war in Syria or Korea to take our minds off Brexit.

    Beam us up, Scotty.

    • First I’d heard about it too. I don’t suppose if I’d had a TV it would have made much difference either.

    • During indyref 2014, some unionist idiot tried to run Salmond’s car off the road using his own car. First I heard about it was reading a link put up on a forum when an American journalist was reporting the referendum on an American talk radio station. The journalist said if that had happened in the US to a state governor, the assailant’s car would have been riddled with police bullets. Unionists back in the UK were laughing at Salmond for having a “copper” from diplomatic protection, a decision made by police; not Salmond. There really is something sinister in the Yoon mindset, apparently endorsed by unionist MSM.

  3. Double standards from the unionists. No surprise there. I’m sure the police are treating this seriously even if the MSM are not.

  4. I hate that my only comment to an excellent piece of writing is a negative one, so I’ll add a thank you for so eloquently putting into words the same thoughts that have been rattling around in my head, in ruminative and far less articulate form, for the last couple of days.

  5. I honestly don’t think there’s any other way to interpret both events. These were acts of terrorism. The intent was to cause terror. To intimidate through, if not actual, then threatened violence.

    Our media, the unionist political class? Barely a whisper.

    Murphy literally dined out on a single egging for weeks and Murray played the victim for who knows how long in the media over, as you say, a vile sticker incident. I know I’ve been banging on for a good while about the recklessness and the near inevitable outcome of the unionist narrative, but dear God.

    What they’ve done. What they are continuing to do is not simply reckless madness, it’s wrong on every conceivable level. The reckless and the stupid leading the impressionable and the insane. This type of politics led to appalling tragedy last year with Jo Cox. THAT really should have been a heads up for both the political class and the media.

    The ONLY logical conclusion to draw with their continuation of the narrative of hate and division at this point, is that they simply do not care. They are wilfully placing the general public in harms way to influence opinion and achieve a result in their favour. Politics and greed, another dynamite combo.

    The Conservatives especially (though both Labour and the Lib dems have both contributed) and the right wing press have stepped over a very dangerous line. They have a great deal to answer for.

  6. Well said, Paul.
    It recalls Torrance’s evil little ‘Ulsterisation’ remark.
    I have no doubt at all the David Mundell will issue a very public condemnation of this terrorist act some time soon now. Not.
    The MSM are completely signed up to saving the Union now. The Union must be saved at all costs.
    I note that SNP has announced its line up for the first GE Debate in June.
    Mundell, Murray, Carmichael, and, perm any one from 54 sitting Mps, Robertson, Cherry, or the Leader of the SNP, Surgeon, leader of 54 sitting WM MP’s?
    No, we get Davidson, Dugdale, and Rennie shoved in our faces.
    Fuck debating UK issues, and Brexit.
    We are to be treated to the whining carping from the sidelines of Holyrood MSPs who have no authority to speak on any issue, not have they low level knowledge of their UK Parties, policies on anything. Brexit, Defence, Foreign policy, the Economy? They can and will say anything they like. They are not accountable.
    What the feck would Button Up The Back Rennie know about his Party’s UK policies on anything? Dugdale leads a Scottish Branch Office which is opposed to Trident, so what could she contribute to a debate on Defence when her UK Big Brothers are WMD fans.
    And Davidson? Whit?
    STV has deliberately set up a farcical SNP BAD cathouse.
    Of course they won’t report UnionBad stuff.
    The implied threat of civil unrest, division,Loyalists blowing things up if we vote Yes, because of ‘division’ will be cranked up to 11 over the next moth or so.
    What an insult to the Scottish electorate.
    Where are you hiding, Mundell, Murray and Carmichael? Afraid to be held publicly to account?
    Cowardy custards, all of you.
    John McKay, think again.

    • Not ‘SNP’, but ‘STV’.
      You can tell that I’m spitting teeth mad about the direction in which the Yoon Black Ops are taking this.
      When’s the OO march through Glasgow?
      They are crapping themselves.
      Their private polling clearly shows that Indyref 2 will be Yes 655 No 35%, unless Ruth Davidson or John McTernan can get access to the Postal Votes again?

      • Sorry about this outburst.
        I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take any more.
        Davidson grinning her fucking head off on a disability scooter did it for me. The Tories are the anti Christ.

        • Im the same Jack , i try to be reasonable listening to the yoons but now all i want to do is shout ARSEHOLE everytime one of them opens their mouth

      • Don’t spit teeth, Jack! You need them. But please keep giving us your comments. We all look forward to Paul’s blogs and the replies by you and Sam.

      • this stv debate usual 3-1 farce , as the unionist parties all act in unison as seen by the rehearsed questions in Holyrood by any sense of fairness the SNP should get twice the time to present their argument , but when has fairness ever been considered when it involves defence of the union .
        Will Mayhem be invited ? Just asking ha ha

        • Rennie Dugdale and Davidson do not represent their UK Parties: in fact they constantly harp on about their autonomous position, as ‘Scottish’ Parties.
          STV is setting this up to be the usual whine-fest from third rate politicians who don’t have a dog in the fight. They can and will say anything they like because there will be no comeback, no accountability.
          Remember Dugdale’s Federalism nonsense. Corbyn strangled that at birth.
          She speaks for no one as a List MSP, never mind the UK Labour Party. It’s a sinister turn from STV. Mundell Murray and Carmichael have obviously refused, shitting themselves at the thought of facing Robertson, Cherry, or Salmond.
          NS will use Davidson as the handle, Dugdale as the mop head, and Rennie as the bucket, and wipe the floor with them.
          EssEnnPee Bad for an hour and nothing else.
          Crap telly, STV, but I suspect that you know that.
          I demand that Mundell be held publicly to account, and Liar Carmichael, and Murray quizzed about their past performance and manifestos.
          I note that Labour are fielding just 3 candidates..says it all really.

        • Hence why no greens it would of been 3 🆚 2 instead 3 🆚 1 meaning the field would have been a bit more level and the yoons don’t like that

  7. Contrast this with the wall-to-wall media coverage of a ‘man arrested near [Westminster] Parliament with two knives’ currently going on.

    • It was also on the BBC News at Ten but with no context nor the targets just saying that a politician was targeted. The BBC Scotland news however did dedicate a chunk of time to it but as said in the article it was nowhere near the hysterical reaction to Murphy’s breakfastgate.

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  9. With the forthcoming Council Elections, I picked up my usual 2x Conservative Party leaflets today through my letterbox, urging us all ‘to send to Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP a message they can’t ignore’- yes I’ll go along with that, certainly will be doing that.

    It also says ‘Scotland doesn’t want another Independence Referendum.’ What Ruth fails to point out in her Council Elecetion pamphlets (I assume these are Council Election pamphlets, unless of course she knows more than us and an Independence Referendum is indeed imminent (who knows, we were recently ‘very clear’ from the PM that there was not going to be another General Election in the foressesble… but when walking the dog with her hubby she simply changed her mind, (was the Cabinet not involved?)… any way Ruth fails to point out that the place where she does her day job voted by overwhelming majority to actually have a second Independence Referendum, and frankly if you have a majority …. in any other country, that would be that.

    Indeed the vote, as you may recall went as follows:-

    ‘Scottish Parliament backs second independence referendum
    Holyrood approves new plebiscite by 69 to 59 votes’

    Now any reasonable person would have to acknowledge that if you hold an Election (last Scottish Parliamentary Election) and get the following results you kind of get the idea where that ‘mandate’ in the Scottish Parliament for a vote on Independence comes from:-

    SNP= 63 seats, Conservative = 31, Labour = 24, Greens = 6, Liberal Democrats = 5 (63 by the way is more than double 31)

    So when your Conservative Party Local Election ? leaflet has a bar diagram showing % support the SNP at 47%, Conservative at 28%, Labour at 14% and Lib Dems at 4% (and yes you do need a magnifying glass to read the claimed stated source of thos poll: ‘Panelbase poll 18th March 2017) -it is unlikley that the elderly readership will even notice ‘the source’ – but perhaps a more uselful diagram (if indeed true) alongside this, might be useful to show the % votes at the Parlaimentary Elections that returned our elected representatives to Pariament, who came up with the decision of having an Independence Referendum… it as after all, about ‘who decides.’

    The pamphlet would therefore benefit greatly form the addition of the words:-

    ‘Scottish Parliament backs second independence referendum
    Holyrood approves new plebiscite by 69 to 59 votes’ – t

    his may even be be news to some.

    This in bar diagram format would show the Conservatives less than half that of the SNP (elected by proprtional vote etc).

    Other points other the ‘manic leaflet state:-

    1. Nicola Strgeon is demanding another Independence Referendum -well no actually Ruth, your place of work had a vote, the Parliament followed due process, acting on the mandate presented to it by the People (though it is rather rude not to answer letters in a timely manner)… but maybe the reply is being worked on as we speak… it will inevitably be ‘very clear.’

    2. ‘We need to send her a clear message- we don’t want another vote on independence’ (there is that word again… clear!)…. well if you are prepared to ignore the democratic will of an elected Parliament – even the Supreme Court tried to warn in its recent ruling that to do so would be at your peril.

    3. ‘Only the Scottish Conservatives can be relied on to send that message’ – only the Scottish Conservatives could contemplate issuing such a message, given the democratically expressed will of the majority of the Scottish Parliament.

    I was sort of hoping they were going to tell me they would perhaps build a new school or even fill in the potholes – but the Baaaad EssenP.have already done that..

    i look forward to the Conservative Party’s General Election leaflets which surely must follow.

    • Patience, you were well named.
      I’ve shredded the Red and Blue Tory LA leaflets. Same message in both: vote for a Yoon councillor to stop independence.
      But if you are a young widow with young children (no more than two TVM) don’t call on your new shiny Tory Councillor to help you out when Ruth Davidson plunges you into poverty, just in case your awful bereavement is not stressful enough. You’re still in their precious feckin’ Union, so all is right with the world, especially if you are a Tory.
      If you are a Pensioner receiving Pensions Credit and you are living in a council house with an ‘extra’ bedroom, your PC will be reduced by 27% under the Bedroom Tax rules, and you will have to choose between heat and eat, or be evicted. Don’t think that your shiny new Lib Dem Councillor will be of any assistance. They’re hoping to go back into Coalition with the Blue Tories, and cut your pension even more. No triple lock for you old dears.
      If you are 18-21, and paying rent, worry not, your Housing Benefit has been scrapped. You’re out in the cold, homeless, because JK Rowling needs another 5% tax break, otherwise she might leave these shores and settle in Monaco, and that would never do. Don’t expect your wily old Red Tory councillor to offer a shoulder to cry on. These are the ‘difficult decisions’ that New Labour HO foretold. The rich get richer, and the rest of us can just shut the fuck up.
      The Red Blue and Yellow Tories will do anything other than talk about local and national issues; that’s why they are all peddling the Independence menace trash.
      They are a bunch of shameless hucksters who don’t give a wet fart how many millions of UK, and Scottish citizens they harm, and in some cases send to premature deaths, in their lust for power and the wages of the Devil.
      Rol on Thursday, the next significant step to self determination.
      Patience, Patience. A lovely measured read, TVM
      Bisous, Cherie.

    • Here we go, I think this one through the letter box today is about the General Election- as it starts ‘the General Election on 8th June will be an opportunity for local people in East Renfreshire to defeat the SNP’…..the bar graph on this (yes , again you need a magnifying glass to read ‘the source’ = ‘Eastwood result 2016’ ) – but that would be…. Jackson Carlaw (MSP) then, Scottish Parliamentary Election, so not actually relevant to the General Election on 8th June – the official vote being

      Jackson Carlaw
      Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party
      12,932 35.6%

      John Duncan
      Scottish Liberal Democrats 921

      Ken Macintosh
      Scottish Labour Party 11,081

      Stewart Maxwell
      Scottish National Party (SNP)
      11,322 31.1%

      The MP for Eastwood is of course Kirsten Oswald, for anyone paying attention… that is Kirsten Oswald (MP) at Westminster (i.e. relevant to the ‘General Election’ on 8th June).

      Kirsten Oswald (SNP)..

      So in the bar graph of reality, the SNP is actually top, in relation to the General Election on 8th June..

      I look forward to the Conservative Party’s Scottish Independence Election leaflets … which surely must follow… as they have been going on about it for some time now.

  10. I was trying to pick out a pithy quote from this to head up my post to FB but the whole piece is SO pithy and SO relevant that I was unable to choose one. Well said, Paul, and thank you, once again.

  11. The suspicious packages finally got a wee mention on Reporting Scotland tonight, but of course it was no big deal.

  12. On the previous Ruth D issue of the rape clause, Prof Jill has a letter in the Independent today castigating the SNP (and in passing the other parties) for their “manufactured outrage” on the above matter,this outrage of course being dismissed as purely for electoral purposes.

    As part of her defence of Ruth, she also deplores the use of the label “Rape clause Ruth”. I am not aware of the extent to which the above soubriquet has circulated or passed into public consciousness south of the border, but if it hasn’t done so to date, Prof Jill may done her leader a profound disservice in broadcasting it beyond Scotland.

  13. During indyref2014 we put up YES posters on the windows of our house. We promptly had 3 double glazed windows broken in 3 separate incidents. Repair bill was £600. I am pretty sure the SNP and YES campaigners had nothing to do with it. We will put up posters come indyref2, but have now installed a full system of night vision security cameras so there is a sporting chance of catching a vile unionist in the act.

  14. I don’t know if anyone watched the BBC 6olcock news and noticed how awkward it was for the presenter when he was supposedly going to show the clip of Angela Merkel and her message to British people telling us where being conned there is no deal to be had for any third country that would be better outside the EU than in, deja vu scottish referendum now it’s the Unionist on the receiving side, Brexit is going to be so soft you can take your slipper and walk on it. We don’t hear from anyone saying it’s going to be so good there all typed lip, surly this is Nicola pitched to the Brexiters in Scotland because the Tories are trying to put it down to Independence when the Tories can’t afford to let it slip that Immigration will just have to be apart of every day life.

    • No worries.
      Our strong and stable leader has made it clear that she is prepared to use trident.
      Getting the best possible deal for a strong and stable UK, what !

  15. Paul, I have my office in Forfar the town was brought to a complete standstill from Castle Street onwards, traffic was diverted and the Police and Fire brigade were stretched with this incident. Meantime the BBC are going overboard tonight re some deranged individual with a knife in a public place in London.

  16. I don’t think we can go on like this much longer. How can we hope to regain our independence through referendum when we are up against this criminal level of state sponsored BBC/MSM bias. I despair. If this continues we will have to say enough is enough and rufuse to take part in the circus that is UK politics. If the next referendum continues to be denied I say UDI and take our case to the international courts.

    • Or perhaps to the Lord Advocate of Scotland, to get his comsidered opinion on how the Treaty of Union is being applied and whether it, in light of recent events, serves Scotland and its People to their betterment …in the modern democratic age.

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  18. Terror is there weaponry now they pulled this kind of extreme fear in Derry 1972 and that lead the war with the ira to go on for another 24 years before the talks which lead to the Good agreement even began the stupidity of britnats is sickening how can they not learn from past mastakes i think the fanatics among the britnats know indys in the lead and these acts of terror is basically to hit home an indy scotland Can’t defend itself its a desperate attempt to kill independence idea of even though unionist partys haven’t shut up about indyref2 thats what its looking like to me reading all this so far

  19. The future iof an Independent Scotland may be “unsure” however we as a nation are willing to adapt to a way that ensures that all people are being treated fairly and equally rateher than the unelected system we find ourselves in and if that requires an adjustment in our lifestyles and choices then so be it. We will be triumphant in the long term.



  20. No fighting fire with fire from the SNP so far.

    imho if they won’t take on the Yoons in both Council and General elections, the SNP are going to take a kicking. Once again, we seem to be dancing to Westminster’s tune. And who pays the piper calls the tune. They -the Yoons- are framing the debate yet again.

    FFS SNP, fight for what you say you believe in. Call the Unionists out, you have no end of ammo to do it!

    I am still confident we will see Indy in my lifetime, but I am very impatient at this gradualist softly softly be polite and nice approach. If I can be very blunt: nobody gives a flying fuck how many MP’s we can return to Westminster, so that they can be marginalized and ignored. That is the reality of what happened to our vaunted 56. They are, at best, an irrelevance. It does not daunt English domination of Westminster one iota, since the SNP are easily outvoted on every issue. Good PR though. But no practical use whatsoever. An example: Did they stop the Rape Clause?


    So what’s the point of them then? PR?

    So stop fucking about and go for the throat. It really does have to be now or never. If the polls are to be believed, Indy is still on a knife edge: almost 50:50. I find that very hard to credit, given all the signs from Westminster that the Tories intend the hardest of Brexits (aka economic chaos) and total war against the have-nots in our society. Knowing the Tory agenda (they have not bothered to hide it) are 50% of Scots really such cowards? To vote for any yoon rather than SNP/Green? Knowing what is coming if the Tories win by a landslide, still opting to vote Labour or Tory “to preserve the Union”?

    Vote Yoon – to be thoroughly raped. But hey, at least you have a fleg to wave. Christ.

    Is it really worth scrapping the Welfare State, NHS, Pensions, extending Bedroom Tax and Zero-Hours contracts, keeping WMD 20 miles from our most populous City etc etc for a fleg and some laughable notion of being -always lesser- “British” and an even more laughable notion of being “equal partners”? (not you Huns, I know your worthless knuckle-dragging servile answer already).

    In the face of the yoon onslaught and dirty tricks so far, what have our side done? Hee Haw.

    Nicola: take the gloves off hen, and get stuck in. No more Miss Nice. They will bury you and your party and your Parly and all of us Indy supporters in this GE if you are meek enough to let them. And you were too meek last time. You are making exactly the same mistake. The MSM and the various TV stations will cheer the Yoons on at every opportunity. Got a plan for that? Not that I have seen so far.

    You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, if you would just go hard at them. And if it does not work, at least we will know the true value of Independence to the Scots. Give us a voice and a choice in the GE Manifesto: UDI is on the table, under certain conditions (refusal of Westminster to respect the will of the Sovereign people, Indy majority in Holyrood). Are you too afraid to measure your true constituency? If it isn’t now, against the cruelest Tory majority in modern times, it is never.

    The yoons are not the only ones getting angry. For me, a minority of one, I get angry because;

    SNP/Green won’t publicly agree to an Indy non-compete agreement (aka let’s cut each others throat, who cares if the Tories get in as a result? ‘My ideology is purest’. Known as the People’s Front of Judea effect, and the perennial curse of the political Left)

    SMP/Green won’t rebut Westminster/Uinionist lies via their own websites/media outlets on same day basis. Rip their lies apart in real time AND GET THAT MESSAGE OUT THERE.

    SNP/Green will not publicly challenge yoon candidates on their actual voting record (bye bye abstain Liebor). FFS put every one of them on a Billboard!!!

    SNP won’t insist Green’s share a TV debate platform or no deal. Allies or not?

    SNP won’t commit to an independent solution for what happens if Tessie says now is not the time (again). Tell us what your solution to that is: before we vote!

    SNP won’t field a candidate in every local Council ward, despite 100k+ new members and no end of willing helpers. Who makes the decision to exclude new wannabe’s and why? Do you understand how many allies become enemies as a result?

    Reports from out in the field suggest that the SNP have a lot of internal divisions that they prefer to cover up rather than acknowledge and deal with. That is a serious worry.

    I am still confident of Indy overall. But I am losing faith in our current leaders. It seems they prefer the status quo to an outright confrontation. Imho only confrontation will win it. Westminster will not let us go (why would they allow the welfare of 55m English to be decided by 5m Scots armed only with a pencil?)

    Well, maybe things have to get a hell of a lot worse before the Scot’s majority finally wakes up. I watched a youtube video of a heartbroken Indy supporter post IndyRef Sept 18th: his message – bring it on. Destroy us. Beggar us. Pour on all the misery the English State can bring. I am beginning to think he was a wise man. Because that’s what it will take to wake the majority of us from our collective delusion of “British”.


    • And I thought that I could lose it big time on occasion. You take the biscuit, wm11.
      Take a glass of any flavour of Barr’s fizzy drinks, add a dollop of Walls ice cream, stir until a wonderful creamy fizz poppin’ drink forms, and down it in two gulps. My version of taking a ‘chill pill.’
      The plot is unfolding nicely, and to our pace and timetable.
      Glasgow and Dunbartonshire will fall, as will the two Lanarkshires.
      The GE manifestos will appear in the next few weeks. Then is the time to don the Doc Martens, and look out the fighting suits.
      I share your frustration but lack your energy.
      Count to 100, in multiples of 4…for your sanity’s sake, if nothing else.

  21. This lack of balanced reporting has been going on for years.

    It has however got more extreme and distorted since say 2013 pre indyref1. Then Brexit when most reporting was ‘leave’ and full of lies. MP’s in the nasty party were saying absolutely crazy things which was rarely challenged as being daft by the media.

    Now in this crazy time when 52% of the UK want ‘leave’ and 50% of Scots want independence how can they say the SNP are decisive when it is Westminster politics that has help cause both social splits.

    I also get very frustrated with all this media crap. I am even more frustrated when I meet people who know so little about what is really going on that they are against independence due to belief in decades of yon lies. Whisky helps for a wee while.

    Like many contributors to this and other blogs I have a white mop on top and wish freedom before I get attacked by the MSM for polluting the air with my cremation burn.

  22. When you have the continual hatefest against the SNP and independence from the Mainstream Media and the State Department of Propaganda aka the BBC.
    When you get combative rhetoric spouted constantly from unionist politicians.
    Then sadly something like this was always going to happen. Some easily led, empty headed Yoonatic decides to defend the union personally from the hated nats.
    Thankfully no one was hurt, thankfully the Yoonatic responsible didn’t have access to explosives or a gun to directly target one of our MSP’s or MP’s or party members or indeed simple bystanders.

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