Hypocrisy thy name is…

A guest post by Samuel Miller

I honestly don’t know who or what is worse; Corbyn and his wannabe Kezia Dugdale, or May and her mini me Ruth Harrison (Fallon, the gift that keeps on etc.). Today was a benchmark day for both teams in hypocrisy and shear disingenuous cobblers.

Let’s start with Ruth Davidson shall we? It seems Ruth gave a speech to the George Orwell Foundation (irony klaxon). Aye, apparently people get confused between nationalism and patriotism and they’re really quite different you know. Nationalism, especially Scottish nationalism, is bad. It’s all that ‘bullying and hectoring’ the Scottish government and their supporters do. Patriotism however, especially Ruth’s fleg wavy, tank riding, buffalo wrangling variety is good. So some folk who wrap their bigotry, their violence and their hatred in flegs will be delighted to find out that they’re not bad nationalists, but rather good patriots. Who knew?

Just for the removal of doubt and of course to prove that both hypocrisy and irony are dishes best served cold, I’d suggest Ruth looks up both words in a dictionary.

Here’s the thing though, patriotism and nationalism are just words and a flag is merely a piece of cloth with bright colours. What gives words weight and a coloured symbol meaning are associated actions.  The extremes of both those words have led to some of the greatest crimes in humanity’s history, equally some of the worlds greatest criminals hid behind the symbol of their country.

Of themselves there is no harm in feeling patriotism or national pride,  a sense of belonging in your community, your country, your population. Taken in the extreme to a sense of exclusion, exceptionalism and even xenophobia? That is a different and darker path altogether. Which politics in the UK reflects the latter more accurately today? That’s one for the reader to decide.

A final thought for Ruth (in case she’s confused you understand). ‘Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel’ Samuel Johnson

Then we come to Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour manifesto.  Well what can you say?

This is the relevant quote from page 104 of Labour’s 2017 manifesto:

Labour opposes a second Scottish independence referendum. It is unwanted and unnecessary, and we will campaign tirelessly to ensure Scotland remains part of the UK. Independence would lead to turbo-charged austerity for Scottish families.

‘Unwanted and unnecessary’ … says who?  Last I checked the Scottish government is the only legislative body in the UK with an overwhelming public mandate across all elections and under three completely differing balloting procedures. ‘Independence would lead to turbo charged austerity’. On two counts this is pushing the boundaries of credibility. Firstly, that is an untested and unquantifiable opinion. No one has any idea what measures an independent Scottish government would take to grow their economy, marshall their resources and revenue stream or indeed who that government may be. Secondly, Scotland was already promised a great deal of security, pooling and sharing, broad shouldered better togetherness a little over two years ago. What Scotland received was somewhat less than that, as thousands of newly unemployed folk can attest to. We were also promised guaranteed membership of the EU, that we’d be living in a near federal state, that our state pension arrangements were safe and that job security was assured only by voting NO.

Safe to say that Mr Corbyn’s idea of ‘unwanted and unnecessary’ may be somewhat different to anyone else’s. Jeremy’s big catchphrase this time round is ‘For the many, not the few’. So far, he’s doing a damn fine job of protecting the entitlement of the few to decide the fate of the many. Also worth noting Mr Corbyn’s well publicised stance on leaving the EU. Regaining full sovereignty is good for only the goose apparently.

Just so he’s aware?

The UK is ‘notionally’ a union of nations. Scotland is a nation, a partner, a signatory to the treaty of union and the people of Scotland have the inalienable human right to self determination. The principle… is that we have the right to choose.

We decide.

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  1. Very good article.

    Sad that Labour just do not see the writing on the wall.

    Patriotic to me is love of your country. Scotland only, no naff UK, England or Wales. Although I feel sorry for the Taffs, they have been an annex of England for too long. Ulster should rejoin the other three counties of Ulster and be where they belong, in Ireland.

    No problem with the people’s of the UK common trading area. I simply want a free self governing Scotland first and in the single market EU second.

  2. Aye–austerity UK is bad. But it will be even badder and pure mental as anything worser and everything if Scotland goes indy. It will. ‘Cos, em, Jezza says so.

    Thus Jezza effectively admits that UK economics is bad for Scotland. Thanks Jezza. But we knew that. And we also know the reasons behind it. Begins with ‘U’ ends with ‘N’ – it has been a disaster for Scotland from day 1 with London in charge of our economic affairs.

    Can Scotland do a better job? I don’t know but I rather doubt it could do any worse on its own. Indy–I’ll take my chances on it.

    • Yes, as Callum McCaig SNP (Aberdeen South) MP recently asked the PM, tongue in cheek, in The Commons…

      …The UK has one of the worst perfoming currencies in the world, it has a trade defecit of £133 Billion and a National Debt approaching £1.7 Trillion …. can you afford to be an Independent Country?…..

      • It’s actually nearing 1.8 trillion torys let that slip on the daily politics a while back jo coburn changed the subject quick think people wouldn’t notice it was just after the labour manefesto was 1st leaked the draft version

  3. I was sitting reading the Common Space about Corbyn’s about turn on independence and thought to myself, “There’ll be a new Dug on this and Ruthie’s Orwellian lecture”, when lo and behold my iPad pinged to let me know there was a new email – WGD!!

    How on earth does Ruth manage to spout such bollocks with a straight face? Does she really not see how ridiculous she is – really? And as for Corbyn, how does he hope to win back Scottish voters by telling them they don’t something when it’s patently obvious that they do!!

    • I think they train Tories to talk pish with a straight face, AnnieM. They also only select as candidates people who have had a total irony by-pass! They get more like the Republicans in the good old U S of A every day!

  4. 4 lines obviously penned by The Dug.
    ‘unwanted and unnecessary’; ‘campaign tirelessly’; ‘turbo charged austerity.’
    Oh dear, oh dear.
    Sam, you have summed it up neatly for us all.
    The Unionists have simply lost it as far as capturing the hearts and minds of the citizens of Scotland.
    Corbyn is a born again Brexiteer.
    ‘Turbo charged’ madness would be if we allowed the Islington Boy, and his WM pals to drag us out of the EU against our will.
    80,000 jobs lost, 180,000 EU nationals working here, settled here, vital to our economy, would be chucked out, families would be £2000 a year worse off, there would be a £9 billion hole in our GDP, if we are forced out of the EU by our neighbours to the South.
    When are Murray, Carmichael, and the Grand Panjandrum Mundell, going to break cover and pitch for our votes?
    Davidson, Dugdale and Rennie are of no importance in the UK GE campaign.
    I doubt that any of them are ‘reckoned’ by their political puppet masters Down South.

    Yet they have an all day bus pass to travel betwennr the TV and Radio stations, and the Dead Tree Scrolls spouting guff and malice.

    • I hope that Corbyn succeeds in England – although I won’t be holding my breath – just for the pleasure of being able to sing, dance and express unmitigated glee in the face of a defeated Tory party. Unworthy of me, I know, but that’s how Tories affect me. Nevertheless … I discount anything and everything that he says in respect of Scotland, because however much I might want to him to black Treeesa’s eye, he is just another Unionist irrelevance North of the Border. Dugdale, Davidson, Corbyn, May … what are they to us? They don’t speak for us … Hell! …. they don’t even listen to us. They have the square-root of bugger-all to offer most Scots and thankfully, most Scots seem to realise that.

  5. Tory, Labour and Lib Dem unionists are the problem, never the solution. They all deny our democratic right to choose. A plague on all their houses.

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  7. Davidson has gone beyond irony and has swallowed the Doublespeak dictionary whole. According to Common Space she says, among other lies, that the FM has fanned division by “claiming a monopoly on Scottishness.” Well, I must have been asleep when the FM made that claim on behalf of the SNP. CS continues: ‘Davidson said: “In Scotland political nationalism has introduced the idea that only one side of the constitutional divide can be the authentic voice of ‘the people of Scotland’, that only it has the right to be heard, that other voices are, by their nature, illegitimate and phoney.” ‘ Sorry, but I missed that too. Maybe I was visiting relatives in England at the time.

    This truly is the politics of the sewer, or perhaps the Stalin era, where someone accuses their opponents of doing exactly what they are doing themselves – and provides no evidence for their lies. Nor has she dealt with the issues of the, recently revealed, vile creatures in her own party.

    I fear for Scottish politics if people like her thrive, spreading pernicious nonsense, sowing division, appealing to the lowest of human motivations, there being no depths to which she will not sink.

    As for Corbyn, he never has understood Scotland, and now, while supporting self-determination for certain other countries, as far as the UK is concerned he’s an unreconstructed colonialist. Pathetic.

  8. I believe something has been added to the water supply , or its chem-trails or something akin to stupid pills on a daily basis . Have people in this country lost their bleedn marbles ? , the tory party whos record in office would make even Maggie blush , and they want a bigger majority ,how much do they want ? , do they want to wipe all opposition out , I despair how stupid and gullible a lot of people are , besides physically shaking them how to you waken them up .

  9. Excellent post and comments folks , I shudder to think of all the crap directed at Scotland after ” T Mays wipe out of all the other parties ” . It may even get nastier if T may refuses us a Section 30 , she may be so arrogant as to dismiss us as an irrelevance ” past attitudes may confirm my fears”.

    I would be so happy if all SNP MPs and SMP ” lost the rag a wee bit and told reporters how it was ,dismissing all the irrelevant fake news as sh–e . How long are we to be subject to this never-ending-tirade of P–h . my statement to them would be ” We have a voted mandate and demand our say.

    sorry folks for my rant, but everyone has their limits .

      • john 58, they are like spoilt children. They believe that if they nag at us often enough, we shall relent, and give in, and let them have their precious Union.
        Rant away, young man.
        One man’s rant appears sound measured argument to many of us.

        • Thanks Jack and O W , I read every comment on here and digest them fully , I am in no way educated in Politics but as semi retired nurse of 40years I can smell Sh–e 100yards away be it Tory Lab or Lib dem, Unionist Parties in my view have an never ending supply of manure that Scotland doesn,t need or want . mini rant over , john

      • I was very happy just now watching SNP Calum ripping into Daily Politics Jo Co, re SNP Baaaaaad educational standards in Scotland, this is the type of answers and attack all Snp politicians should adopt and not let the M S M away with anything that is biased or one sided and untrue , ” gon yersel Calum , gie it tae them tight !!!! “

  10. Am bloody lost wi aw this politicin. We. Scotland only have a trealty wi England.
    Any other place on this planet would have their legal eagles all over it and it would be ended. I wish the SNP would stop reacting and do some bloody punching.
    Ah mean after 10 years come on. Am a pensioner, long time SNP supporter, SNP voter at every opportunity, a even gie them money. The SNP are pussy footing about far to much IMHO.

  11. Unfortunately for all of us on this side of the argument, the elephant in the room is, as always, the M.S.M.
    The voices of the establishment, once again, are being given unlimited airtime to spout, in most cases unchallenged, their vile propoganda. This is what we are up against. The gaggle of third-rate politicians aren’t our problem, it’s their promotion by the unionist media that’s our greatest obstacle.
    Whatever the outcome of this General Election, there are datk days ahead, not only because the tories will probably win, but the looming economic disaster of Brexit, and when we start campaigning for the second Scottish Independence Referendum, the sectarian tack taken by Davidson will, I fear, become more pronounced.
    We must never sink to the level of gutter politics that our opponents employ, because if we do, then we are no better than they are.
    We can win the next time around, but with the full might of the British establishment using every dirty trick in the book against us, it’s going to be one heck of a battle.

    • Hear! Hear! Well said, Alex Beveridge. We must do all within our power to squash, stymie and dismiss this sectarian pish. “Ulsterisation” is only in the minds (or what passes for them) of the rabid Unionists … it has nothing to do with us and we MUST make sure that everyone knows it. As you say, easier said than done when the published and broadcast media slavishly repeat every lie the Unionists tell and attempt to convince “Joe Public” that it is the truth!

  12. I have never trusted Corbyn and today he once again exposes himself for the fraud that he is. He is truly just the left cheek of the British state.There is nothing ‘nice’ about him or what he stands for. I would go so far as to say that he is as bad as May and would be as autocratic if he got the chance. Democracy is a process that he has no commitment to and he doesn’t have the intelligence to lead anywhere except into the wilderness. The stance he takes in relation to Scotland is interestingly different to that which he apparently takes to a divided Ireland. Why? I can’t begin to imagine except that it serves his purpose.

    The statement about turbo charged austerity implies that the Scots are and always will be life’s scroungers, living off the backs of their neighbours. The learned helplessness of a large section of the Scottish population suckers them into accepting this definition of themselves. Whether it was Dugdale or Corbyn who was behind this statement, Corbyn has put his stamp on it – the stamp of a sordid little socialist imperialist.

    The likelihood is that May’s Tories will have a walkover in the GE. With that in mind I hope that Corbyn and his crew are utterly humiliated. They deserve to go down in history. When I consider that the election wasn’t even resisted by Corbyn, along with most of the Tory attacks on the vulnerable, humiliation is the least that he and his Labour Party deserve. Scotland has suffered long and hard under the cosh of Labour and I would take great pleasure from seeing them neutered permanently.

    However, the much more important question, to my mind, is whether the SNP/Green vote is going to stand up. This GE is going to be a test of how hard our vote is. If we are to gain independence it needs to be rock solid. No-one who is committed to independence will allow Corbyn, Davidson, the media etc to subdue them.

    • If you believe recent opinion polls the SNP vote may be down from 50% in 2015 to between 40% & 46% now. Still a great result but we all know how the MSM will react.

  13. Patriotism is to nationalism what freedom is to power. The former word is a sugar-coated term for the latter word. But both mean the same thing.

  14. I am glad that you emphasized the right of the Scottish people to self determination, which is not only a moral right, but a legal right. Despite this, people like May and Corbyn, as well as their respective Branch Managers, Ruth the Mooth and Kezia the Dugdale, in their arrogance and ignorance think they have the right to totally ignore international law and continue to treat Scotland as a colony. However, we do not, and never have needed their permission to hold a referendum on regaining our independence.

    I, for one, do not intend to tug my forelock or spend the rest of my life on my knees, kow-towing to our colonial masters who continue to treat us as too wee, too poor and too stupid to govern ourselves. Not only that, they continue to lie to the back of their teeth about Scotland’s finances and spread fake news and black propaganda that we have to rely on them to finance us; this despite the fact that it is Scotland that has been propping up England.

    I hope, therefore, that when May finishes stuffing up the four nations of the YUK at the end of the Brexit negotiaitions, and leaves us with massive job losses and in financial penury, that Nicola will tell her that we intend to have another independence referendum, in accordance with the wishes of the Scottish people. It is we, the Scottish people, that have the sole right to decide our future, not our colonial masters.

        • Annie, when we vote for Self determination, Standard life will stay where they are.
          Once Independent, Scotland will boom as international companies flee London, and head North.
          The silence of the MSM over the real impact of brexit on the citizens of England and Wales is criminal.
          We still live in the Make Believe Land of Farage, May, Fox, Johnson, Gove, and Davis.
          England will fall, and with a resounding bump, April 2019.
          Madness and Ultra Right fascism stalk the land.
          Davidson Tomkins and co., are just that; fascists out to enslave Scotland, secure our vast resources for a London Oligarchy, and imprison scots in the North Colony..
          There is no other choice for sane people now. Independence.

          • It just worries me that by the time we get independence too much damage will have already been done!

          • Annie, you may recall big business, banks, insurance houses, supermarkets, and, oh yes, Barrhead Travel threatening to up sticks and move to England if we voted yes in ’14.
            The threat was based on the lie that Scotland would be kicked out of the EU and would have to join a ten year queue behind Turkey and the likes, and even then might not get back in, because rUK would veto our entry. Lord Darling was big on that particular lie.

            It was all part of the Coalition of Crap emanating from the Herald, the Scotsman, P&J, the Record, Sun, Express, Guardian, BBC/STV and a gaggle of failed politicians who have quite literally effed off into their grubby little jobs for the Establishment. Job done; fucked up Scotland for another few years. Where’s my money, title, and Wimbledon tickets?

            Well, they can’t threaten us with being cast into the international wilderness this time.

            It’s England and Wales who have cut off their NO’s to spite their face.

            Where are the liars and bullies now? Cameron, Clegg, Brown, Darling, Miliband, Balls, Murphy, the Alexander Brothers, Osborne, Ian Davidson?

            Kicked out on their sorry arses by their own kind.

            When Scotland becomes Independent as a member of the EU, firms will be trampling over each other in the rush North, to escape the EngWaland’s Final Countdown in April 2019.
            Car giants, international finance houses, banks, and Supermarket chains may relocate their UK plants,HQ’s, and distribution centres Up Here, back in Europe.

            England will collapse and drag Wales into the vortex with them, yet nobody seems to be seriously addressing this certainty Down There.
            This time ’round, I don’t hear any body shrieking that Independence would be a disaster, except intellectually challenged chancers like Davidson, Dugdale, Rennie, and….well, that’s about it.
            WE shall be independent very soon now, and shall thrive as a free nation, taking its rightful and long overdue position in the world.

          • Spot on! Once the full reality of Brexit starts to bite … and to sink in with those who currently still believe it is a good idea … Scotland will have more to offer than London!

  15. Rape clause ruthie can jump off the white cliffs of Dover for all I care after her vile comments that supporters of independence are not true scots how dare that 🐄 even say something so xenophobic that’s worse than her 2015 ge one the daily mail used back then that 9/10 scots was a burden to the state

    • Absolutely, a dreadful, ignorant, self serving tory lickspittle. They really have nothing else to offer Scotland, except ridicule, and contempt, and an attempt at divide and rule. Utterly despicable these troughers, who do not give a s**t about the poor, unemployed, sick or disabled. They don’t even care if children actually go hungry in 2017. Hope they are hit where it hurts on June 8th.

  16. See the msm not quoting polls on the indy question of late makes me think independence is currently in the lead as if the union support was higher they’d be ramming polls down our throats right now let’s hit them over and over again even if we not in the lead at the moment the torys support up here is down as they was saying torys would take 12 seats in June jo coburn today said 10 so it’s no peek snp it’s looking like peek tory

    • Do sing along if you feel like it… 😉

      Mother Theresa

      Sitting here looking out the window
      Wondering what to do
      I’m sick and tired hearing all your lies
      After all that I’ve been through
      You say you care and don’t despair
      ‘bout what you’ve gone and done
      Don’t you realise that I despise
      All that you’ve become

      Hey Mother Theresa
      What you trying to do
      You say you have the answers
      But you know that it ain’t true
      You turned your back on all our friends
      Relinquished all their love
      For a vanity excursion
      Of Eton’s Old Boy’s Club

      Being true and strong don’t get me wrong
      Is never circumspect
      A steady hand will sure command
      Loyalty and respect
      But when you say the only way
      Is to bow to your command
      It’s a grave mistake when you forsake
      This green and pleasant land

      Hey Mother Theresa
      Frack it night and day
      Lining pockets of the bankers
      Is the price you have to pay
      For a tenancy in Number Ten
      For the power for the fame
      Never mind our children’s future
      To you it’s just a game

      If led by fools then chaos rules
      Is the mantra of the day
      But look behind and you will find
      Clowns are already there
      Political perversions
      And dirty shady deals
      Britannia’s aristocracy
      Consumed by lust and zeal

      Hey Mother Theresa
      Why don’t you come along
      To the foodbank by the Guildhall
      Explain just what’s gone wrong
      I’m sure it’s really complex
      But tell us all the same
      How a strong and stable country
      Could harbour so much pain

      So vote for May on Election Day
      Set sail for pastures new
      Hard times ahead it must be said
      For the many not the few
      But not for Caledonia
      She’s tired of playing this game
      She’s cleared her eyes seen thru the lies
      Independence will proclaim

      So hey Mother Theresa
      Don’t you run away
      With your influential donors
      The masters and their slave
      For the strong and able bankers
      Will always have their day
      Whilst the puppets of democracy
      Their principles betray

      Don’t patronise, don’t sympathise
      Don’t say you feel my pain
      The deep sense of betrayal
      Embarrassment and shame
      Gambled on our future
      Stolen all our dreams
      Squandered them a-plenty
      On squalid filthy schemes

      Hey there, Theresa
      Kick off your kitten heels
      Let loose the pack of bloodhounds
      And see how the fox feels
      It’s really very simple
      It’s nothing that you’ve said
      We see the lies behind your eyes
      And the promises betrayed

      © Mar’sel 2017

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