Coming home to roost

A guest post by Samuel Miller

Today’s the day we saw betterthigitherness coming home to roost in all its pooling and sharing glory. Are we surprised that a Tory government finally came for you where you live? ‘Forward together’ with ‘strong and stable’ government in the national interest. “Stronger, fairer and more prosperous than ever before” is the claim. And if you don’t agree with that leadership? Presumably yer agin’ the national interest I suppose.

Today was Tory manifesto day and it’s a helluva document for yer average Joe Public to peruse. Full of the usual policy wonk doublespeak (as are most manifestos tbf), and robbing Peter to pay Paul economic waffle, which basically means we’re still skint and I’m passing round the hat to those who can least afford it. There are however, subjects that stand out to almost everyone who takes an interest. Even if you don’t understand in depth everything your’re reading, you’ll find something that catches your eye and hits you right where you live. This latest offering from the Conservatives has a fair amount to struggle through and more than a few hot chestnuts for the clever clogs out there to be chewing over. How and ever, a wee taster to be getting on with:

The repeal of the Fixed Term Parliaments act (Translation: If any PM or government finds itself in the shit, as now, call a snap election and try to extend your term in office).

The end of the triple lock for pensions post 2020 (You really, really don’t want a translation for that one).

Scrapping stage 2 of the Leveson inquiry (Translation: keep your best buds sweet and onside).

Enactment of the Great Repeal Bill to proceed (Translation from Bond villain speak: Mwahahahahahaha!)

Fracking to be actively pursued as a revenue stream (Translation: see under Great Repeal Bill)

Immigration in general to be cut to 100k across all nationalities and a focus on reduction of immigration from Europe after Brexit (Translation: Vote for me ’cause I’m jolly difficult!)

As I say that’s just a taste, but let’s move on to the devolved legislatures. Obviously we’re particularly interested in Scotland at this point which, as everyone knows, is still part of Theresa’s preciousss, preciousss union. Just so folk are crystal clear on the current state of the Scottish parliament and its powers:

“It was the Conservative and Unionist party that delivered the 2012 and 2016 Scotland acts, and only the Conservative and Unionist party can deliver further powers and the best possible deal for Scotland as we leave the European Union” (page 32 Conservative manifesto)

Should we thank Theresa for control of the awesome powers of APD, aggregates levy, road signage and responsibility for collecting a percentage of income tax now or on June 8th? Also, I’m wondering if Labour and the Libdems should feel relieved that the PM has expunged them of any complicity in the current settlement or not? The dears did work so hard before, during and after the last indyref to bring the current constitutional omnishambles to everyone’s doorstep. Gordon, I’m sure, will probably feel terribly hurt and left out. It’d seem a shame not to give them their due place in the big show, or perhaps the PM has? Now that is a thought for their current leadership to ponder.

Moving on though, we find on page 36 and 37 the meat on the bones. The enactment of the Great Repeal Bill. The good news? EU laws and protections won’t end overnight (honest). There is however a ‘but’ to that statement:

“The Bill will also create the necessary powers to correct the laws that do not operate appropriately once we have left the EU, so our legal system can continue to function outside the EU. Once EU law has been converted into domestic law, parliament will be able to pass legislation to amend, repeal or improve any piece of EU law it chooses, as will the devolved legislatures, where they have the power to do so.” (Uh huh!)

“As powers return from the EU we will be able to determine the level best placed to take decisions on these issues.” (Uh huh with knobs on! Oh, and who is this we Kemosabe?)

“We will not bring the European Union’s Charter of Fundamental Rights into UK law. We will not repeal or replace the Human Rights Act while the process of Brexit is underway but we will consider our human rights legal framework when the process of leaving the EU concludes.” (The knobs now have knobs)

Oh and “No deal is better than a bad deal”, “Brexit means Brexit” and the sun always shines on TV. There’s something in there for everyone, from the youngest in our society to the oldest, NO ONE gets missed out for special treatment. That you may not want to go forward together with Treeza is understandable by this point. That, haud the phone, you might not agree that she presents either a strong and stable leadership, or a vision of a fairer, more prosperous society could mark you as a dangerous extremist acting against the ‘national interest’. Pure divisive this politics lark, so it is.

Make no mistake though, this is Theresa’s idea of moving the UK to a fairer, stronger, more productive society and country (don’t get me started on her use of the singular). That would be a fairer, stronger, more productive Conservative society then. A society where you better not be a third child. A society where you work till you die. A society where you daren’t get ill, or through no fault of your own become jobless. Theresa’s society is a society for those strong enough, fit enough, lucky enough.

The rest of us? The poor, the disabled, the jobless, the disenfranchised, those who don’t conform, don’t think the way Treeza does? Well she did say this was a Conservative manifesto. The PM’s vision of the UK going ‘forward’ doesn’t sound very forward at all to me, but then I’m not big on the whole survival of the fittest school of political ideology.

You can change this future with only two more votes.

Think about that.

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  1. I like your summary Samuel. The great repeal bill and what may follow it worries me. Getting our fellow countrymen to vote SNP and then YES also worries me. However as an optimist I know it will go our way. If not I move overseas.

  2. That is certainly one plausible way of interpreting the possible intention behind abolishing the fixed term Parliament Act.

    How and ever, there is also another plausible way of interpreting the intention behind that manifesto commitment. Perhaps Yougov got a better response to its question the other week than most of us would like to think?

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  4. I give you the following, from her speech somewhere in the North of England today: ““Conservatism is not and never has been the philosophy described by caricaturists. We do not believe in untrammelled free markets. We reject the cult of selfish individualism. We abhor social division, injustice, unfairness and inequality. We see rigid dogma and ideology not just as needless but dangerous,”” WT actual F???? Does she think we are so stupid that we can’t see the VAST gulf between this wee soundbite and the actions / policies of the Conservative Party in the last 50 years? It is Conservative policy which has CAUSED “untrammelled free markets, the cult of selfish individualism, social division, injustice, unfairness and inequality”. Does she really think that we cannot SEE this for ourselves? I am totally stunned at her blatant, bare-faced effrontery … my blood pressure was through the roof at the clinic this afternoon and I blame Treesa!

    • Well said Macart, thanks and also above comments.

      Treeza not green, has surely been taking intensive lessons in propaganda and then uses ‘philosophy’ to describe toryism, a totally anti humanity, negative, destructive ideology, wow.

      Tories are the epitome of selfishness, they know that and work each day to ensure that they keep what they have, while denying others even the most basic needs.

      I see that the Tory, rogue council, in Aberdeen have already removed all funds for helping the homeless. Nice eh. Seems a wee bit counter to anything resembling equality or fairness to me.

      • hetty,

        …”Tories are the epitome of selfishness”…

        Someone used the term, “Self-servatives”.

        Read it in the comments section on a blog of this ilk. Findin’ it would take forever, so I can’t quote my source; apologies. Sums them up tho’. Whoever came up with it can take a bow.

        Not up to speed with Aberdeen, cannae imagine it’ll gladden my heart when I do!

    • I’m busy in the garden but, well said, Sam.
      If we are daft enough to stick with the Ultra Right Wing Fascists, and allow ourselves to be dragged out of Europe, the English Parliament will set about dismantling not only the Scottish Government, but also the Welsh Assembly, and Stormont.
      We have seen this week the emergence of a new Unionist Group, the Purple Tories. In Aberdeen Red and Blue Tories merged to form the Purples.
      Labour has broken into squabbling factions: Real Labour, Provisional Labour, and now Continuity Labour, along the meaningless preposterous gradings used by the IRA to distinguish one set of nut jobs from the other.
      I must declare an interest here.
      The last time I looked, I am heterosexual, a 69 year old pensioner, and a Baby Boomer, one of those fat cat pensioners who sits by the side of my pool in the back yard evry day smokin’ big cigars and drinking a constant supply of Moet served up to me by one of the three nubile handmaidens who cater to my every needs.
      Apparently there are millions of us, and May has decided enough’s enough.

      She wants my money back.
      Aye, right.
      Poor wee Kezia is so traumatised by Stu Campbell brutish tasteless joke about the Mundells that she can’t think straight. She was too upset at FMQ. All she could think of was what a nasty homophobic piece of work WoS is.
      Aye, right.
      In reality, the Purple Tories are on the march, and Dugdale is powerless to halt its progress.
      She is no longer ‘Leader’ of the Branch office; her members are in open rebellion.

      Let’s leave her to pout in a darkened room for a few…years.

      Wendy, It gets to all of us at on point.
      The insane asylum occupied by the Unionists is written up by the Media as the norm.
      We shall prevail.

      It is a big mistake to ask pensioners to fill in a form detailing their income in order to be entitled to a Winter Heating top up.
      Presumably the trigger for means tested entitlement is that the claimant must be in receipt of Pensions Credit supplementing their basic risible State Pension.
      We old fogies don’t like to divulge our personal stuff.
      Many will not go cap in hand begging for handouts, or as the Pencil pushers would have it, fill in a form and wait a few months while they will assess entitlement, in a booth next to the rape victims pen pushers, presumably.
      She has lost the silver vote on this one, and scrapping of the triple lock on pensions. Rob the elderly to pay the rich.
      The sun should be hot enough now for me to flop back on to my recliner poolside.
      Beulah, peel me a grape.

      • I have retreated indoors momentarily, a biggish cloud over the sun turning Spring into the tail end of winter momentarily.
        If the cut off point in income in order to receive a winter fuel allowance is set at Pensions Credit level, then 1.3 million pensioners will freeze next winter.
        It is estimated that about 4 million are entitled to Pensions Credit, but that 1/3 do not claim, probably because they have a perception that they are begging for charity, or their pride and values will not prompt them to divulge their personal financial circumstances at any price.
        8% of 1.3 million pensioners, that’s 104,000 Scots citizens, will lose £200 this winter. Let’s hope they aren’t living in a council house with a spare bedroom.
        The Red and Blue Purple Tories.
        The Purple People Eaters.
        I leave this here. 65% of pensioners voted Leave apparently.

      • I am a 67 year old. Jack can I have three nubile hand maidens as well please? I have a couple of spare rooms. This would also mean I would not be liable for the bedroom tax. A plus plus.
        Like you I have always been a dreamer.

        • Andy, they may say you’re a dreamer, but you’re not the only one, I hope some day they will join us, and the world will be as one..
          May has committed the cardinal political blunder. She has alienate us Grey Grumblers, who go out and vote in numbers.

          • Well said guys. I always thought we were supposed to be revolutionaries back in the 60s. Some lucky ones were but I failed miserably. However, now may be the time, before moving to wherever we are supposed to, when we leave this planet, to give one resounding revolutionary push for future generations, in order that we are not considered failures but, that we did live up to our moniker of changing Scotland, if not the World

        • Hi Andy,

          Nubile handmaidens are in short supply; they’re likely to be gettin’ exploited by the rich on minimum wage or less.

          So cynical, a mere 53 me; then again, I did get made redundant on 24/12/79 at the age of 16. Admittedly; my Saturday and Summer job while I did my Highers, but a job nonetheless. Eight quid a week; not a fortune, but my brother and sister lost that too. Mum (boss and nepotist-in-chief) lost a full-time job. Dad and my brother-in-law got canned by BL.

          By way of thanks Maggie, your successors too, “Up ye”; then, now and forever!

    • You know the old saying “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”

      Well to paraphrase that for the Tories “The greatest trick the Tories ever pulled was convincing the world they don’t do ideology.”

      Well of course they do. But the ideology they believe is the status quo. As such it is easier for it to appear as just how things are.

  5. The Tories have always been a party of bastards, searching for a morally superior justification for being selfish pricks. And it was ever thus. And so many people who voted No and Leave did so for reasons that the Tories have never cared for. For the Tory, any vote for them is an endorsement of their party and no other reason has a seat at the table.

    On the SS Union they are simply rearranging the deck chairs. Disaster is looming and Scotland needs to get off.

  6. You know, May reminds me a lot of Spain’s General Franco. A mediocre leader who came to power by a stroke of luck. A person who divided the country by prolonging a disastrous conflict that wrecked the country. A philosophy that looked back to past glories rather than the future. A political elite that divided the country into winners and losers, always favouring the latter. A leader who claimed to want self-sufficiency, but only succeeded in bringing misery, poverty and isolation. An absolute autocratic leader who strived to protect the interests of the elite against everyone else.

  7. Today, I received three election related items of correspondence in my English constituency.

    I received a letter for the SNP asking for money. Fair enough, I have been a member of the party and am on their system.

    I received a leaflet from Labour Party. The correspondence was clearly from Labour. I am not a big fan of Labour because of their position on the constitution. But I am tempted to vote for the English Labour Party as they are the nearest rival to the Tories. (My preference would be to vote Green here, but they have no chance.)

    I also received a blank white envelope, which only had my address and the phrase ‘Election correspondence’. Believing it to be an official communication, I opened this non-descript envelope, only to find that it was propaganda from the Maybot party.

    It seems that the Tories are so unconfident of their brand, they have to send their propaganda in unmarked envelopes. I am no fan of Labour, but at least it was clear to that the correspondence was from them. I was quite furious that I was tricked into opening their envelope and found myself reading a Tory pamphlet.

    Does anyone else think that this is underhand of the Tories?

    • hoplite 39, the Blue Tory and Red Tory leaflets flopped onto my Welcome mat this morning.

      Chris Land is apparently Blue Tory hopeful.
      Taking up the right hand side of this not so glossy nonsense is a big photie of Ruth Davidson, double chin not so subtly photo shopped out, and a quote:
      “You have my guarantee that the Scottish Conservatives will oppose the SNP every step of the way.”
      Now, Davidson is not standing for WM, yet seems to have more Big Brother Brainwashing coverage than Saddam Hussein or Colonel Gaddafi had in their homelands.
      Why is Mundell not spearheading the Tory onslaught Up Here?

      Chris Land, the actual Tory candidate is shown in the top LH corner of this Ruth Promo, obviously an insignificant but necessary add on to the latest junk mail that is the Ruth is Brilliant campaign.
      Mr Land, are you a man or a mouse?

      Why the fuck did you agree to be humiliated in this way?

      His No. One priority?

      “Oppose the SNP’s plan for another independence Referendum.”

      This appears on the reverse side of the pamphlet, and, oh yes, yet another photie of Ruth, this time with the candidate.

      Whoever you are, Mr Land, ditch the vote loser Davidson the next time you stand.

      Michael Shanks seems to be a nice young man, yet he fibs ,no lies, on his Red Tory election material.
      This young Purple Labour hopeful’s Number One priority is:

      “Oppose a second independence referendum’.
      Oh dear. I wish the SNP would not obsess about independence, and concentrate on the ….election. Aye, right, ye fresh faced young hopefuls.

      Blue and Red Tories unite. The Purple Tories. The Purple People Eaters.

      Under a ‘fair deal for pensioners’, young Michael announces that he will bravely ‘protect the pensioner bus pass.’
      You’ve probably been listening to Kezia or Jackie again, Mr Shanks.

      Pensioners bus passes are not under threat, never have been, apart from during the Jo Lamont ‘something for nothing’ regime.

      Two pointless bits of straight to recycle bin junk from the Purple Tories.

      Of course they are no hopers, both of them.

      Chris Land has been well and truly shafted by Davidson, who is the original:- ‘That’s enough of me talking about me, what do you think about me?’ egocentric.

      At least Michael Shanks didn’t have to pose with Dugdale to get the funds to produce his recycle bin fodder.
      The Purple Tories are united now. Stop the Scots at all costs.

      • If I was in Scotland, I would not consider voting LibDem or Labour, as they seem happy to sacrifice everything for England’s lost imperial glory. I never understand why the yoon parties go for the Orange vote, as if they assume there is a 75% silent majority who want the Union at all costs.

        However, there is now clear water now between the Tories and English Labour. It’s fair to say thatEnglish Labour are not Red Tories in the current campaign. I doubt Labour can win here, but I would love the Tories to get a proverbial kick in the teeth in England. I suppose it depends on people like me tactically voting Labour if there is any chance of that happening.

  8. Tucked away on the back page ” the internet ” they believe should be controlled, you better f/n believe they do, all resistance will be crushed any choice will be removed , any reporting that does not agree with our view will be removed .

  9. ‘Keep your best buds sweet and onside.’ I guess you could call them the darling buds of May.

    I’ll get my coat.

  10. ‘The poor, the disabled, the jobless, the disenfranchised, those who don’t confrom’…..well….

    ‘we hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal and independent; that from that equal creation they derive in rights inherent and inalienables, among which are the preservation of life, and liberty and the pursuit of happiness; that to secure these ends, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whenever any form of government shall become destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing it’s powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness. prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes: and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. but when a long train of abuses and usurpations, begun at a distinguished period, and pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them to arbitrary power, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security’

  11. Not directly related, but I greatly enjoy and savour your writing. I have donated to Wings over Scotland. I just left a comment on “Wings” site about the homophobic interpretation of his “Mundell father” tweet that was picked up and used by Kezia Dugdale., My comments were not published. Seems to me like “Wings” is a bit authoritarian. I had noticed that Jeremy Blackwell gad blocked him. Appreciate thoughts?

  12. Nice one Sam .

    You speak for us all my friend .

    I said on Wings i am expecting troops next . Nothing would surprise me with that shower.

    How can the English not see through this fakery. A people i worked and lived with and admired are now so different , so blind and easily led , ignoring facts for sound bites and dreams of a new Empire .

    twilight zone methinks 🙁

    we gotta get out NOW

    Use the GE and SNP cruise with FPTP set up indi and Europe and UN must recognise us. WHO the hell are they to refuse us and our elected representatives . TM is a dictator in waiting .

    • As a person interested in history I agree with your last paragraph. In the 1930’s Goebels, the Nazi party propaganda minister used the same type of speech format as the Nasty party is now using here. “Hiel May”.

      Frightening is’nt it. Good Germans voted for Hitler just like good blinkered people are now doing here.

  13. I loved Angus Robertson’s comment about TM’s Scottish visit yesterday. He said that she came to Edinburgh with one purpose – to tell Scotland to get back in their box!

    • TM is terrified to be in public up here in Scotland. Fearty.

      No doubt though the Tories are making progress which means we all need to vote at the GE. Why people can vote for a PM who is scared to talk to the public. Then her ‘superb’ policies are an attack on most of us. Can’t understand why people are so blind to fact.

  14. Thank you for an excellent article.

    Having had a quick look at the Tory manifesto, it seems to me that it potentially alienates large sections of traditionally Tory support. I’m really beginning to wonder if Mrs May is deliberately trying to lose the election so that someone else has to try and sort out the mess. If so, it’s a pity no-one’s told the BBC, Daily Mail etc. to go easy on the propaganda.

    • I too am beginning to think that May is deliberately trying to lose with the stuff she’s coming out with. The whole GE is turning into a complete farce, with leaders refusing to debate, press being barred from attendance and the Tories pretty much ‘stage managing’ the whole thing.

      • Annie, I think that it might be a photo finish, with the Lib Dems retaking the West Country, and ‘traditional Labour voters’ in the North of England who voted Brexit and got their wish, returning to their natural home, the land of any monkey in a red rosette, and voting Labour, now that Corbyn has turned out to be as xenophobic and isolationist as the Blue Tories.
        Nationalising the railways, outlawing zero hours contracts, and renationalising the PO, seem to be vote winners Down There according to the polls.
        May’s catastrophic mistake of attacking the Silver Vote, their traditional ‘banker’, by means testing winter fuel allowances, unlocking the ‘triple lock’ on state pensions by doing away with an automatic 2 1/2% annual increase on the risible small state pension, and making the chronically sick elderly sell their house posthumously to pay for Care, adding salt in the wound by asking, ‘why should the young pay for older people’s Care’,
        She has also scrapped free school meals for infants to fund grammar schools.
        Yet the MSM in England peddle this nonsense as a manifesto for the workers.
        If she gets in, but on a majority less than she had when she pulled the plug on the last Parliament, she will at the very least, have to resign, and take Johnson, Fox, Davis, Rudd, and Hammond with her. It will have been a £300 million pointless exercise. That’s 6/7 of a week’s additional funding which Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson promised the English NHS when they tell Europe to eff off.
        Every cloud; perhaps Davidson will resign Up Here if it all goes pear shaped for the Blue Brigade?
        The only thing pear shaped in her world is her figure.

        • From your mouth to God’s ear Jack! My dream at the moment is for TMs cynical calling of this election to backfire on her drastically!

        • Wishful thinking I’m afraid. I live down here and the Tories will win by a mile. They are so confident of victory that they think they can afford to take the grey vote for granted.

          I’m confident we can keep them at bay in Scotland although I expect we’ll lose a few seats after the frankly incredible result last time.

          I’ll be happy with 45 seats or more. That would still be over 75% of all Scottish seats and another stunning achievement.

          • I get the impression, though, that English Labour voters are now reacting with shock and anger at the shameless promotion of the Tories by certain BBC reporters, for example? I know that many of these are young voters, of course, who don’t remember as some of we oldies do, the miners’ strike.

            Remember the Battle of Orgreave and the editing of the tape to make it look as though the miners had attacked the police rather than the other way round? That involved actual altering of evidence to distort the truth. Can’t be explained away as ‘ difference of emphasis’ or something like, which apologists for the BBC still pretend. ( The actual editing, I believe, was done by ITN but the footage was shared with other news outlets like BBC and used again and again.) The Tories could not have beaten the miners without the help of the mass media of the time.

            We are familiar, unfortunately, with this onslaught from the supposedly impartial BBC in Scotland. Surely by now the illusion of impartiality has been blown – at least among those who have suffered from this style of reportage. ( Tories, needless to say, don’t complain. QED. ) You could call it reporting ‘with extreme prejudice’, to paraphrase a well-known military intelligence euphemism.

          • Still 3 weeks to go, TheStrach.
            Depends where you are living Down There. In Solihull, May may be a darlin’. In Gateshead, not so much. I’ve spent a lot of time in Cornwall. They are a Lib Dem sorta people.
            Like the Northerners, they’re glad to be out of Europe; they’ll be quite happy to revert to beige coloured politics, and that’s what the Lib Dem’s offered them. Minimum fuss, minimum interference. The long and winding A30 from Exeter to St Ives suits them just fine. It rains a helluva lot down in Cornwall, and it can get bliddy cold and wet even in July.
            They will not take kindly to some Tory taking away their £200 no matter how ‘weel off’ they are deemed to be.
            I predict SNP Returns in the fifties.
            That would be mandate enough to trigger UDI, or Indyref2.
            It’s comin’ yet for a’ that.
            My thinking is more analytical, less wishful these days, TheStrach, believe you me.

    • I wonder if they are just suffering what Labour did in Scotland. Have become so arrogant they will win they don’t need to try.

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