A guest post by Samuel Miller

In the posts of the past week or so I’ve written a goodly amount on concerns over a Conservative ideology dominated future. I’ve provided a fair few links on not just current examples of policies to date, but on policy pledges which should provide the reader with a real concern as to the direction of future UK government, our democracy and our society.

Thing is, are we beyond caring now? Are we beyond acting on those concerns? Have the political class and the media won? Have they dumbed down, brow beaten and manipulated the populations of the UK to the point where we no longer worry over what kind of country we want to live in?

Watching the goggle box, listening to radio, or reading a paper, the sheer saturation of mainstream political narrative is immense. There is a real danger of people switching off to the world around around them. There is a danger that they’ve become so fatigued with a seemingly never ending stream of political carpet bombing of their senses, that its gone beyond white noise. People simply want it to stop without knowing how to make it stop. Or rather, that they feel powerless to make it stop. Nothing, of course, could be further from the truth.

If you’re not being faced with the laughably, (yet creepily controlled), robotic and stage managed appearances of Prime Minister May, then in the northern province you’re faced with the manic, pointy, shouty mini me of Ruth Davidson attempting to hide the fact that she’s a Conservative. An angry persona who, with not another single policy or initiative to her name, has dined out well on STOP THE ESSENPEE! No answers. No suggestions. No alternative policy. No real reasoning behind why they may require stopping. Just STOP something or other and a whole lot of anger management issues.

That’s the thing though, isn’t it? It’s stage managed, choreographed, monotonous, loud and repetetive. A vertiable deluge of substance free blandness which, as everyone should be aware, is always a great way of hiding evil and unpleasant deeds in plain sight. Make no mistake, the omnishambles that is austerity UK, Brexit Britain was created by successive UK governments. Their handling of politics as it is practised, ‘the day job’, ALL of it. No one did this to the UK. A big boy didn’t do it and run away. The buck stops with the government and the system of government. The same people who want your vote right now are the people who placed all our futures and freedoms in jeopardy in the first place. They did it and not for you, but for themselves. For good old fashioned self interest. (Readers should be made aware that the ‘day job’ in Scotland differs in that our government is required to mitigate and offset the legislative bumtrumpetry of central governmenent.)

It occurs to me that seemingly the only time people get the heads up that the unthinkable has actually happened, is when it strolls right into their living room and slaps them in the face. Y’know, when people have lost their job because no one fought for their rights, or those rights no longer exist. When the benefits and services they’ve paid for their entire working lives aren’t there when they are needed most. When their pension and fuel allowances are pilfered or slashed. When their next door neighbour and friend of many years is deported for not dotting an ‘i’ or crossing a ‘t’, or simply for being furren. When their right to complain is crushed and their voice is taken away. When they are considered ‘extremists’ for even daring to complain.

It’s only when you discover what being out of a job and having your income slashed means in austerity UK really. It means relying on the charity of others. A charity and empathy that is slowly being choked out of our society by the likes of May, Davidson and all their Tory kindred. Oh, and after their atrocious actions of recent years, Labour and the Libdems don’t entirely come out of the wash sparkly clean either. They did their bit in both creating and supporting this appalling travesty.

It means that YOU will rely on the charity of people who care. All you need do is hope beyond hope there are enough people left who do.

Or, you can put a stop to it now. Stop it NOW before it comes to this for you and yours.

You have and always have had the power to make it stop. THIS is the reason for the blanket repetetive narrative. This is the reason they want you to stop thinking. Stop asking questions and stop complaining. They’re terrified that if you are fully and properly engaged, you’ll do some something radical and vote their arses out of office and out of your lives. They’re terrified of your anger, your engagement, your questions and your judgement on their actions.

They’re terrified of you.

Put aside the soundbite. Look past the vacuous, metro bubble bullshit streamed into your living room. Bin the horrific, empathy free headlines of a hopelessly politically compromised press and look around you at your family and communities. Look at their lives, consider their future and imagine how much worse it could be if Scotland’s newly discovered voice were either extinguished or never present. Imagine if the right to choose were denied you altogether. Imagine handing the political establishment of Westminster a blank cheque on your future.

A simple request.

Get Your Vote Out!

Show Tories of all shades that you’re better than a soundbite or a stage managed photo op with a buffalo. Show them that you deserve, that you have earned, better than austerity UK or a soulless, intolerant Brexit Britain. Show them what the right to choose truly means and choose a different path.

Today will be my last post before our host returns folks. I’d like to thank the readership for bearing with me for the past week or so and for contributing as enthusiastically as ever in comments.

See you below the line.

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  1. See below an example of what now constitutes the thinking of the Tory voter in the UK. When challenged on the unfairness of policies which render people penniless – for whatever reason – and remove their safety net, a contributor to the comment threads of a well-known Tory organ of the press offered this:

    “Let’s get back to basics and step back in time: If 10 of us [you me and 8 others] go hunting and every day I catch all the food and 9 of my fellow hunters never catch a thing – but help me carry it back to our camp, who should be given precious winter supplies to keep us alive when we cannot hunt? Who gets fed, stays strong and hunts another day? Who does not? Would you expect the decision to be made by and in favour of the unsuccessful hunters? Do you think that they would keep catching your dinner?”

    A self-confessed cave-man / hunter gatherer who sees nothing wrong with reverting to that way of life.

    Let us show him and his ilk that Scotland is no longer in the stone age and its people have evolved from this appallingly selfish mentality!

    • That was soooo well put. Although the nine that caught nothing (and possibly did nothing while hunting) they laboured and helped bring the spoils back to the village. One person on their own could not have carried all the meat back. This is what working together means. (not to far-right Tories, UKIPppers, Liebour and LieDems.

      • Not to mention that of that nine, some probably were excellent trackers but rotten shots. Some probably made the tools needed – spears, nets etc. and, as you say, all were needed to carry back the prey. The man is a nincompoop and utterly convinced that he is correct and the rest of us are morons. I have had to stop “engaging” with him for the sake of my blood-pressure and my “dicky ticker”!

        • It has always been team work that has produced wealth throughout the ages, from the days of the cave man through the clan system to the industrial revelution when wealth production multiplyde faster than ever before. The problem is the wealth produced has never been properly devided to the teams that produced it and the gap between rich and poor has got larger. In my lifetime this has been under 40yrs of tory guv/ and 13yrs of Tory Blairs New Tories.Unfortunately too many of us think like the example you have given above, how do we educate these people.

          • It is beyond me. I have tried reasoned discussion / argument but all they do is (a) pat me on the head and patronisingly tell me that I don’t understand “economics”, and when that fails to shut me up (b) call me a Communist and accuse me of the “politics of envy”. You can’t win with these people … you can only wait for them to die out, like the dinosaurs they are!

    • That ‘caveperson’ outlook worked well enough (at least for the fit and healthy etc.) back in the days of “full employment”.

      Back in those days I left school intending to go to uni but just fell short on my grades. So having had enough of school I took a job for a year while I retook the necessary subject. I went into the Labour Exchange as was and the man jotted down a few details, consulted a card file and sent me off to a job. A real job mind, no pretendy make-work scheme. I could have stuck with it, progressed up the grades … and quite possibly ended up espousing just those attitudes we all criticise.

      However I made the grade and took the academic route. Skip forward maybe ten years and three degrees. I go to the Job Centre and they go through a sort of bureaucratic hand-wringing act which amounted to them admitting that they had no suitable jobs, so I’m on the dole. Later we get the make-work schemes, you pretend to work and the government pretends to pay you, and after that the schemes where you pretend to be self-employed … all really just to disguise the unemployment figures. For many it’s just a series of revolving doors …

      So for those of a certain age and/or background who one way or another landed a secure well-paid job, it’s probably natural to think that the less fortunate have only themselves to blame. But the truth is most people have neither the skills/experience nor the capital to simply create a job for themselves, and if no one else wants to pay them a living wage, then they’re simply stuck. The world has changed completely, that Golden Age they fondly cherish is long gone.

      Time for the ‘cavemen’ to go too.

      • Well said, Marco.

        Vince Cable was banging on about the 170,000 college places which the Bad SNP ( no Scot on the panel to refute this Bad EssEnnPee lie of course) on QT last week to dismiss Scotland’s ability to fund higher education by offering Free Tuition, and how England couldn’t afford it.
        Vince Cable, the man who gave his pals in the City an immediate £1 billion profit by selling the Postal Service off cheaply, and knowingly.
        The ‘college places’ were in part a method used by Blair/Brown to massage the unemployment figures.

        I recall the basic IT Awareness Course foisted on mainly the young unemployed; ‘The European Driving licence’ or some such, which was no more than corralling unemployed youngsters in a room and taking them through the basics of MS DOS.

        It kept them off the unemployment register and outrageously starved colleges of funds and diverted lecturers away from actual vocational courses.

        There are testimonials on the net somewhere of college lecturers lambasting this monumental waste of money by New Labour at the time.

        But Wullie, Ruth, and Kezia still reprise the ‘174,000 College Places’ scrapped by the SNP, as one of the litany of lies they regularly churn out with the tacit, but often actual, backing of the Dead Tree Scrolls, and the broadcasters.

        The ‘£15 billion Black Hole’ lie got three mentions on the Sarah Smith Sturgeon Roast the other night.

        ‘Job Creation’ Schemes, like ‘rebranding’ the Unemployed as Jobseekers, is part of the1984 Doublespeak lexicon of the Blair ‘no one can expect a job for life these days’ era.

        Patients on hospital waiting lists should be called Bedseekers; the homeless, ‘Houseseekers’?

        New Labour started it. The Hoi Polloi were expected to be an ephemeral zero hours minimum wage ‘Human Resource’ at the beck and call of New Labour Donors, the Supermarkets, the ‘Service industries’, and so on.
        ‘Personnel’ morphed into ‘Human Resources’ under Blair and Brown.

        We, the people, became an impersonal item, a resource, on a par with a photocopier, or a swivel chair, or an HB pencil.

        Hence Davidson ‘s party (and Wullie’s, and Kezia’s) consider the poor, the elderly, the disabled, the unwell, defenceless children, rape victims, elderly home owners with dementia, low skilled workers, the Scots, as ‘things’ that cost the elite money, and can be ‘downsized’, ‘rightsized’, and cost-cutted into subjugation, penury, and hopelessness, so that JK Rowling can enjoy another 5% tax break.
        We need out of this corrupt little Union NOW.

  2. What you say is true Sam, but what I cannot fathom is how some Labour and Tory voters seem to believe is that they are better off in this union. Was canvassing in what is a very working class area of Tullibody yesterday and believe me not a few voters out there actually still await the day when their lot will be bettered by Tories or Labour! Fantasy land is alive and well!

  3. Agree with the logic of your sentiments on how people can be led to believe in their leaders and how they can need an earthquake to waken them up to reality. Here is a poem on how governments subvert dissent so that they can control.


    Here’s the thing about freedom: freedom is not a couch.
    It’s not a television, or a car, or a house.
    It’s not an item you can possess. You cannot put freedom on layaway;
    you cannot refinance freedom.

    Freedom is something you need to fight for, not once, but every single day.
    The nature of Freedom is that it is fluid; like water in a leaking bucket,
    the tendency is for it to leak away.
    Left unattended, the holes through which freedom escapes widen.

    When politicians restrict our rights in order to “protect us”, freedom is lost.
    When the military refuses to disclose basic facts, freedom is lost.
    Worst of all, when fear becomes a part of our lives,
    we willingly surrender freedom for a promise of safety, as if freedom weren’t the very basis of safety

    The poem above is a famous poem written about the complacency of the German people under Nazi rule. In a much less mild way than the 1930’s German Nazi’s there are parallels today. We, Scotland, need our freedom to grow as we wish.

    Well done for some great articles Samuel.

    • Andy, thanks for this. I’d query your ‘much less mild way than the 1930’s German Nazis’ qualification of Brexit Britain. We are in exactly the same stage of totalitarian Fascism as Germany was in 1929-30. Brexit will accelerate the process towards a dictatorship. It won’t be May, who already looks frail and ‘old’ as she stumbles from one empty factory to the next.
      There will be an as yet anonymous young Eton/Oxford Tory lad being groomed in the background to ‘make Britain Great again.’
      Boris may be the inter regnum bum warmer until Britain finally ‘stands alone.’
      Sam’s spot on.
      The press and the TV will attempt to dumb us down, fanfare bread and circus talent shows and ‘Royal’ weddings, and such. Settle down with your six pack and munchies and watch 22 millionaires kick a ball about.
      We are only a door knock away from being accused of subversive anti British treachery.
      In this I do not exaggerate.
      My too lengthy post on Sam’s excellent ‘survival of the fittest’ piece on the outrageous SNP BAD stitch up of last night’s BBC UK GE ‘debate’ was my attempt at expressing outrage about how blatant and uncaring the Yoon MSM have become in lying to, bullying, and threatening any of us who seek Self Determination
      For evil to triumph, good men(sic) need do nothing.
      Never again.

      • Well said Jack.

        I am trying to keep up with what is happening in Venezuela, and of course other Latin ‘American’ countries. An absolute nightmare. Not forgetting Venezuela has oil and their socially democratic government against huge odds, has used the oil revenues to improve the lives of the people in the actual country! Oh no, we can’t have that!

        Take a look at teleSURtv, and watch how at least half a population can be manipulated into violence and civil war, in order for those orchestrating it to win. Naming no names, ah hem! How orchestrated it all is, even going to extremes, setting people on fire in the streets, murder, attacking maternity hospitals etc.
        Western (we all know who they are) capitalism knows no bounds when they want something, they will go any lengths, any at all.

        Talking to my older bro in NE eng this evening, he is already resigned to the T.May, ‘getting in again’. Er, well in fact, she was never elected by the people, for what it’s worth.

        ‘Let’s see what happens in June’ says bro, too tired and bored to be anymore engaged. 😟

        Yoon job done, Crosby I hear is a dab hand at manipulating whole swathes of voters. The tories might lose May, but they don’t really give one hoot about her do they.

        UKgov becoming even more right wing, with more power, is a very scary scenario indeed.

        Thanks for some great articles Macart.

  4. Sam you have done everyone that takes the time to read & share posts from here, thank you for filling in for the host, can’t wait to read more from yourself. Saor Alba Gu Brath

  5. I agree Sam, and good post!

    However, my concern about the soundbombing of No Indyref! No SNP! is that it’s very repetition persuades people to believe it. It’s the reason the Daily Express and The Daily Mail were censured by the UN because the number of anti-immigrant and anti-refugee headlines promoted racist responses. Ms Davidson is doing exactly the same against the SNP and it is insidious.

    One of my friends recently gave me the benefit of her thinking about another referendum and the “facts” that Scots are a nation of complainers without the ability to get out and better themselves. The only Scots who do better themselves have to leave the country to do it because there is nothing here for them. Apparently we have no entrepreneurial abilities at all and are unable to manage ourselves – really a variation on the “too poor, too wee and too stupid” or “genetically incapable of governing ourselves”. She doesn’t trust Ms Sturgeon because “all she wants is Independence” (well, duh!), we are in a mess with education, the NHS and development and inward investment, and if we become independent we will be back in the Stone Age, so she is changing her vote from Labour to Tory to stop Ms Sturgeon. Asked about Ms May’s welfare cuts and a few other salient points, I got the “well that’s the democratic government” soundbite, and a shrug, followed up with “you only read what you agree with”. Not true, as I also read The Times, The Herald and occasionally The Telegraph, always helpful in gauging spin.

    I despair at times because it feels like every form of media reporting is so solidly biased to the status quo, that the positive messages don’t get through, and I don’t think the SNP has as yet offered a strong enough contrary soundbomb to get through the snash. Though Ms Sturgeon quip at Ruth last night came close. Columns and posts like yours and WGD give me hope ……… almost!

    • I am not persuaded – in what is certainly a deluge of propaganda – that people are llike empty vessels into which misinformation can be poured. I would think that your friend like many others, might well have been voting Labour but that she stuck with a party which many had left, because she was perfectly content with that party’s drift to the right.

      In other words, many of the residual Labour voters are already attuned to right-wing policies and are already receptive to what unionist propaganda is put out because it is aligned with their own attitudes. Propaganda only serves to give shape and substance to what is already there, to frame and give structure to personal inclinations which are already present. In other words, Labour voters relate to Tory policies because they are compatible with their own beliefs/prejudices.

      Certainly the propagandizing of the MSM helps to shore up the attitudes of these people but you cannot convert people to an opposite point of view. They must already be susceptible. Like you I think we need a stronger counter-narrative but you cannot achieve that in the short term. I understand why the SNP felt that a softy, softly approach was needed but I think that they did not appreciate how much Thatcherite views had got inside the skin of a certain demographic.

      I confess, I don’t know the answer to what is clearly a substantial faultline in society which has formed over several decades with many causes and no simple answers. All I can say, somewhat unhelpfully, is that I wouldn’t have started from here.

  6. Keep hoping and fighting. It’s the only way we will win.

    I’m one of those who had to leave Scotland to get a job because Westminster politicians screwed the Scottish economy. With independence we will make Scotland a fairer and economically more successful country.

  7. Well said. It feels as if we are at a critical stage of our campaign. As Therapymum above says, it’s so difficult when faced with friends who believe the deluge of SNP Bad which they are constantly fed, but we have to keep trying to win them over. If we don’t manage to escape soon, we will find our routes blocked for the future and eventually lose Holyrood. Please Macart, keep writing. We are blessed with many excellent pro Indy writers who are invaluable in our campaign.

      • “The United Kingdom Government has in the past tended to ‘devolve and forget’. This Conservative government will put that right.”

        In other words, they’re going to be meddling in devolved matters in Scotland, Wales and NI.

          • I’m not sure there’s much we in Scotland can do to keep the Tories out, thanks to the democratic deficit. However, while it’s not ideal, any such interference will strengthen the case for indy, especially if HMG decides to disregard the Sewell convention and legislate directly on devolved matters.

          • You are right, of course. The most we can do is to ensure that the Tories do not increase their foothold anywhere in Scotland and that our SNP Team keep up the pressure for a 2nd Referendum. As you correctly point out – any further interference from Westminster will only strengthen our case.

  8. Thank you for holding the fort, Sam. We are fortunate to have such excellent writers – you, Jack and of course Paul, to regularly keep us informed.

  9. I have weighed up what the Conservatives and the/their media news outlets have had to offer over the past few weeks ……and frankly ..they have been found wanting….I have determined that I am unlikely to cast my vote in their favour.

    indeed only today … the mantra of ‘strong stable secure goverment’ gives us…

    22nd May 2017: source BBC News:- ‘Theresa May changes Social Care plans’ ..(an apparent change in a strong, stable and secure way of course) . …. can only wonder why!?…
    as we were all so much looking forward to our £100,000 inheritance max, after the newly created and absolutely required, for our ‘greater good’ Social Care (Conservative & Uniomist) Plan.for us to look after ourselves in our old age…that’s over and above our National Insurance contributions of course …yes another memorable, ‘strong, stable and secure performance’… I wonder how many of us will be able to recall any of this in our dotage?

    in addition to the former clear, messages provided…..at risk of repeatedly spewing out the same messages…..

    ‘Remaining inside the European Union does make us more secure, it does make us more prosperous and it does make us more influential beyond our shores’

    – Theresa May 25th April 2016

    ….but of course we are now heading in the opposite direction under the same ‘strong, stable and secure leadership’.

    and for those of us in North Britain…keen to hear what the Scottish Conservatives have to say…

    ‘You don’t get a Referendum for free. You have to earn it. So if the Greens and the SNP – and the SSP or any of the other Parties who declared an interest in Independence – get over the line and can make a coalition, make a majority, get the votes in Parliament, then they’ll vote through a Referendum, and that’s what Democracy is all about..it’s perfectly simple’

    – Ruth Davidson 2011

    Certainly Scotland’s voters had their say on the previous occasion and consequently the democratically elected representatives of the Scottish Parliament had their say ….in calling for a second Independence Referndum….

    28th Mar 2017 … Holyrood approves new plebiscite by 69 to 59 votes – Scotland’s elected representatives vote by Majority for second Independence vote – ‘and that’s what Democracy is all about..it’s perfectly simple’

    ….you can of course choose to ignore a Parliament but do so at your peril (see recent Supreme Court ruling), whether that is a Westminster or Scottish Parliament.

    1st May 2017 – the National – Poll finds 51% of Scots want Indy -blow to Unionists as survey finds support for independence at its highest since EU Referendum

    Independence of course does deliver, indeed returns ‘more powers’- whereas we know from experience that despite all the ‘listening hard’ to Scotland .and ‘Respecting’ Scotland … we are,, despite every Constituency in Scotland voting to Remain in the EU , that even giving due consideration to reasonable proposals to Remain in the Single Market/EU on behalf of all of the electorate/political parties in Scotland – bar ‘one’, (on this and any other issue as may come along)- that Scotland is ignored, has been ignored and will continue to be. ….ignored.

    The only way to rectify this is, logically, to vote for Independence and any Party that may advocate Independence.

  10. Belatedly, I have to say, well done Sam Miller for an excellent job filling in for Paul. Welcome back to our side of the line next week, as Macart!

    • The comments above are excellent as usual.

      I have to say a heartfelt thanks to you,Sam, for your superb posts and your dedication in Paul’s absence.

      I was in Iceland last week and experienced a wonderful and independent country with a small population (just over 320,000 I think), a high standard of living and high taxation (supporting local services) to go with high salaries, an extremely high employment rate and a Government, President and State which looks after the population and provides schemes to support the purchase of houses and development of small businesses etc etc. This is a transparently real society in my opinion. Human rights are to the fore and membership of Unions are encouraged. All the Icelanders that I spoke to were extremely happy with their lot, as were immigrants to Iceland such as Scots and other Europeans who had settled happily there. Indeed one ‘Fifer’ working at the Blue Lagoon, said to me that they did not miss the UK as it was “dog eat dog” back there and that in the UK, society was mostly based on self-centred interests with a class ridden society. Icelanders visit the UK regularly every few months to shop in places like Edinburgh as the change rate currently benefits them enormously.

      The Icelanders in Rekjavick that I spoke to brought up our situation with independence without being prompted, when they heard my Scottish accent. Their comments were knowledgeable and very supportive and they generally stated their utter disbelief that we did not embrace independence the first time round. “What was not to like about running your own affairs” was a common comment. “What are you scared of?” I thought this latter question was a very good one. I stated that I was not scared and neither were those of like mind to me, but certain others seemed to be. Their astonishment was obvious.

      I found Icelanders to be a very tolerant and friendly society and thought every day that I was there of how I wish Scotland was also in charge of its own destiny. I am definitely going to go back soon.

  11. How do Nicola and her team get out of bed in the morning and gather together the inner resources necessary to continue to lead the independence movement? They are on the receiving end of a beating each day of the week and yet they get back on their feet to fight again. And we have to do the same.

    We are in a David and Goliath struggle and our only hope lies in a combination of our absolute determination never to give up and the fact that life is wont to throw up totally unexpected opportunity.

    That is all we have to stand up against people who have actively resisted every decent change that has taken place in my lifetime, while turning their heads away to avoid the awful truth of what is done in their name.

    Let’s not let the bastards grind us down, as they say.

  12. Sam that was a brilliant article and the best I’ve read of yours. I loved it.

    The truth will OUT!

    Thanks for all the articles while standing in for WGD, you did a great job. Cheers.

  13. Thank God we have some of the brightest politicians on our side. We must never give up. I am 73 and I want to be living in an Independent country before too long. All these posts give me hope. We must keep fighting for our rights.

  14. and there was Steven Jardine on RS 10.35 bulletin making great play of Joanna Cherry apologising for repeating the false rumour that the poor nurse was married to a tory councillor, with David Torrance smirking his head off in the Edinburgh BBC cupboard.
    Well, BBC Scotland, which food bank did she attend? Are there thousands and thousands of vacancies for Scottish nurses? Has she NOT had year on year Independent Review Board rises Up Here which her Better Together colleagues in England Wales and Northern Ireland haven’t had?
    Is the BBC denying turning their GE Leaders’ Debate into a full on assault on Nicola Sturgeon with an audience packed with Unionist plants?
    Well, name the foodbank.
    How did she get by the vetting process with a wage of £22, 345?
    Why didn’t Chair Sarah Smith not intervene. Dimbleby would have.
    As usual BBC Pacific Quay trundles along regardless.
    Corrupt anti Scottish little Unionist stockade to the last.
    Name the foodbank!

  15. Wonderful job Sam .

    The wee dug will be delighted you’ve kept the hoose well in his absence . Great articles and fantastic comments .


  16. OFFS! LOL 😀

    Strong and stable mind? Just can’t do sums. From the empathy free zone that gave you the end of the triple lock pension and the dementia tax omnishambles, they now proudly present this:


  17. Real questions slowly are starting to be asked about these cuts to the Police forces in England that were made by Mrs Mayhem while she was Home secretary , having failed on immigration and despite being warned of the consequences of further cuts she attacked the Police federation as being scare mongers , the price of these shortsighted failures is there for all to see , when the army are been used to bolster police ranks , thats cause and effect ,not strong and bloody stable yah useless tory moron . I hope people waken up to what is really happening and not what the media tells them ,headed by our BBC and the Murdoch press .

    • From what I have been seeing on Social Media, a lot of people are beginning to see the light about this. Even die-hard Tory voters are talking about having to “hold their noses” to vote for her. Also, there seems to be a sudden awareness that Murdoch, The Barclay Bros. and the Biased Bullshit Corporation are not telling the truth … or anything like it! I believe that if we keep spreading the facts there is a glimmer of hope – even in EngWales.

      • agreed I wonder what Murdoch was promised after that disgusting hatchet job on Corbyn just hours after events in Manchester , and linking him with the IRA , Given the anticipated backlash along the lines of the what happened to sales of the SUN after them printing smears about Liverpool fans after Hillsborough , SKY news got in on the act the day before with an attempted ambush that failed miserably but gave everyone a good idea where SKY stands or sits in the same Gutter as the rest of our media .
        I believe Murdoch is trying to acquire the remainder of shares in SKY, and that is the centre of an inquiry just now , whats the betting this is dully dropped after services rendered .
        Good old tory party they never change , but now this lot dont care , they dont care if they are found out , who in the media are going to question them ? . answers on a stamp .

        • Two petitions were started by a lady called Charlotte Hughes – one on 38 Degrees and one on Change.org – petitioning against The Scum being sold in Manchester (similar to what happened in Liverpool). They attracted over 3/4 of a million signatures in about 36 hours. Murdoch’s lawyers jumped on both organisations with threats to sue if the petitions were not taken down – so of course they were. Amazing what money can buy you in a supposed “democracy”, isn’t it?

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