Journeys to Yes, 11, 12, & 13

While I was away a few more of Phantom Power’s excellent videos in his Journey to Yes series have been released.  Help to make some more of these videos which are a wonderful campaigning tool to persuade wavering voters to come to yes – contribute here

Number 11 – Kathi

Kathi left East Germany when the wall fell to study in Scotland . She now works as a language teacher and lives with her British family in the Scottish Borders. Kathi and her family are just one of many who now face the agonising wait to see what their post-Brexit future in Scotland will be. Kathi discusses ideas of nationalism and her experience of Scotland as an open and international country where anyone can be Scottish if they choose. . After voting No in the first independence referendum, Brexit proved to be the catalyst for Kathi to find out more about the viability of an independent Scotland. Kathi began to distrust her traditional news choices in favour of The National and new media Wings Over Scotland and Bella Caledonia. Kathi has reached the view that Scotland can be a successful country and needs to go in its own direction unhampered by Westminster. Kathi has become increasingly active politically and now runs the twitter operation of Germans for Independence at Germans for ScotRef . In a short time Kathi has built a strong online community of Germans, Europeans and Internationals who have embraced the idea of self-determination for Scotland. EU Nationals’ voice may prove vital in the next referendum. After a year since the Brexit vote, the UK Govt and Ruth Davidson’s Scottish Tories have provided no guarantees for EU Nationals and the attempt to move the next referendum beyond the EU exit date will deny the voices of 160,000 of our EU friends.
NB The Berlin Wall fell in 1989.

Number 12 – Sophie

Sophie Grace-Chappell is a highly regarded Professor of Philosophy at The Open University and lives in Dundee. Professor Grace-Chappell is transgender and has a particular interest in how power structures impact the society we live in. The idea of internationalism, tolerance and a more caring society is fundamental to her philosophy. The promise of a federal UK through which Scotland’s democratic defecit would be addressed encouraged Professor Grace-Chappell to vote No. The series of democratic betrayals since 2014 and outcome of the Brexit vote gradually convinced Sophie that independence is now the correct moral action for Scotland. Professor Grace-Chappell also discusses the rise of the Tory right-wing authoritarian government and disturbing implications for the LGBT community. A safer and better future awaits if Scotland chooses a different path.

New Scottish Media recommended by Sophie Grace-Chappell
Wings Over Scotland
Wee Ginger Dug
Craig Murray

Sophie Grace-Chappell on Brexit…
Sophie Grace-Chappell on becoming Transgender…

Article on Trans Parenting recommended by Sophie Grace-Chappell…

Scottish LGBT Organisations
Terrance Higgins Trust
Stonewall Scotland
Parents Enquiry Scotland
LGBT Youth Scotland
LGBT History Month Scotland
LGBT Centre for Health and Wellbeing
Glasgow LGBT Centre
Fair For All – LGBT
Equality Network
Diversitay LGBT Group

Number 13 – James

James is a pensioner and former paratrooper who lives in Old Meldrum, Aberdeenshire. James voted No to independence and leave in the EU referendum but has completely changed his views on both. James discusses his disillusion with the UK Govt and their inept handling of constitutional issues, a famous relation and deeply unimpressive Scottish Tories and Labour.

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  2. Scotland is changing and growing. Politically and societally we’re at a tipping point, a crossroads.

    One vote at a time, changing attitudes to what was and what is possible are proving an essential part of that growth. We are potentially two votes away from redefining our politics, our society, our culture and our identity… on our terms.

    Imagine that. A population defining the terms of their nation and not the machinery and trappings of the state. 🙂

  3. 1 by 1 its coming ruthie and kezia can deny it all they want like today on the Sunday politics which was car crash interviews with kezia coming of worse than ruth the mooth brewer missing an open goal on davidson with the question on public consent davidson was reeling and he didnt press enough like he did with kezia he showed kezia as the hypocrite she really is. Independence is coming and they cant stop it

  4. This democracy we keep hearing about, when does it start ? . Does it start when Ruthies liars or Kezias liars tell us we can have it ? , will they let us know through the media they control, they control everything Press , TV ,Radio , you name it they have it covered, a wee fly in the ointment is , this dumb electorate are not following the script, yes they are just trying to be bloody awkward , The Unionist side by now must be getting desperate their message is not getting through, We ain’t bloody listening, heard it all many times before and it’s still Pish .

    • The person who is telling us that we can not have a voice in establishing our democracy is Theresa May. I am absolutely fed up with her defining democracy on her terms and not ours.

      • Thats all it ever is with imperials in england brexit is to be on englands terms with scotland wales and northern Ireland supposed to just shut up and let it happen andrew neil admits that inevitably when interviwing nicola but trys to say the eu doesn’t want to hear scotlands voice in the negotiating when really its the English conservative party only because the snp would show Europe Westminster has never spoken on our behalf at all

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