The incompetent bossiness of Theresa May

Theresa May is bossy and controlling. She’s secretive. She’s manipulative. She’s all the worst aspects of management rolled into a designer clown suit with extremely expensive shoes. What she isn’t is competent. Theresa May isn’t competent. You only need to look at her record as Home Secretary to see that. To see that she’s incompetent you only need to listen to her vacuous and content-free repetition of soundbites instead of answering questions. A competent leader can answer questions with direct answers because a competent leader doesn’t need to hide behind a smokescreen of strong and stable buzz phrases.

A competent leader wouldn’t have stood before the Tory party conference in 2011 and claimed that she couldn’t deport a foreign national who had overstayed his visa because he had a cat. But Theresa May did just that. “I’m not making this up,” she said. And that much was true. She didn’t make it up. Someone else had made it up but Theresa didn’t bother to check whether it was true because she’s incomptenent. Theresa May vomited up a Ukip meme because it suited her purpose. Six years later as Prime Minister she’s still vomiting up Ukip memes without bothering to check if they’re true, without caring whether they’re true. They suit her purpose, and her purpose is power.

Theresa May is the Home Secretary who sent grass up your neighbour vans to tour the streets telling undocumented migrants and people who have overstayed their visas to “go home”, channelling the language used by the National Front. Theresa didn’t bother to check whether the style and wording of her mobile billboards had been previously used by yer actual fascists, just like she’s never bothered to check the references to strong and stable government in Mein Kampf. Even Nigel Farage criticised the van campaign as being divisive and in poor taste. That’s like being condemned for homophobia by the Westboro Baptist Church or being told off by the Ku Klux Klan for racism.

Yet many people still apparently believe that Theresa May is a competent Prime Minister, but that’s because a lot of people confuse bossiness with competence. Theresa May is very bossy, and when you’re bossy but don’t allow anyone to question you you can create an aura of competence. With Theresa May you don’t have to look too far before that aura is punctured and her reputation for competence farts its way across the room like a depressurised balloon. Which isn’t a bad description of just about every Tory press conference that’s been held during this election campaign. Theresa May is the queen of cliché who couldn’t even last 30 seconds when a kid glove interviewer like Andrew Marr asked her not to use soundbites. There are genocidal killer robots in sci-fi shows with more tact, sensitivity and empathy.

And this bossy incompetent power hungry opportunist wants to abolish the Human Rights Act and replace it with a so-called British Bill of Rights. Because British Rights are special. British Rights are different. When you’re British you don’t need human rights. We’re told to trust in the apologists for the British Empire to respect our human rights. The apologists of the British Empire who claim that Britain is the only country that doesn’t need to apologise for its 20th century history, a history which comprised one of the greatest assaults on human rights that the world has ever seen, an assault which included the genocide of Native Australians, the mutilation and castration of anti-colonialist campaigners in Kenya, and the forced depopulation of the entire nation of the Chagos Islands. Those are only some of the most egregious examples of what the British establishment has done in the dark, while hiding from the light of international standards of human rights.

The bossy incompetent in Number 10 wants an increased majority so that she can do what ever the hell she pleases in Brexit negotiations with the EU. We’ll get the Brexit deal that Theresa decides is good for Theresa’s grasp on power, and we’re not going to be told beforehand what that deal is, nor have any opportunity to voice disagreement with it after the event. We’re going into these negotiations with a leader who, according to the EU president, seems to be on a different galaxy from the realities of what Brexit entails.

Theresa May is strong in her incompetence, and stable in her pursuit of power. She’s the head of a government of man and woman children who wrote their Brexit plans with a coalition of crayons. We’ve had innovative jam, cunning wheezes scratched out on the back of a comic, tousle haired public schoolboys, and threats to go to war with those dastardly foreigners in Spain. Life in the UK these days is like being trapped inside an Enid Blyton novel with a sociopath.

The promises made in the Tory manifesto have more U-bends than a public lavatory, and just as much crap. Theresa’s reversal of her previous position on free school breakfasts means that’s she’s yer actual cereal U-turner. And yet we’re told that the main selling point of a woman who changes her mind more frequently than RuPaul changes outfits is that she’s strong and stable. This is the election in which reality fled to that far galaxy which Theresa inhabits. When it comes to Tory policy, any auld mince will do. It’s whatever gets Theresa re-elected, there’s no need for it to be true, there’s no need for it to be put into effect. British politics is a post-truth zone, and that’s largely thanks to Theresa May’s Conservatives.

Yet the chances are that this incompetent robotic control freak will be returned to power with an increased majority. In Scotland she hopes her party will pick up seats and votes on the backs of people who don’t want another referendum, who don’t want to think about the kind of Britain that’s on offer, and who refuse to think about the Brexshit that is flying through the air and is about to hit the EU fan. A Tory vote is a vote for infantilisation, a vote to be lied to, a vote to be taken for granted, a vote to replace idealism with opportunism. It’s never been more vital, more important, more crucial, that we do all we can to ensure that their support is minimised. This is the election in which basic human decency, truth, and morality are at stake, this is the election in which Scotland learns that the only way to secure a future in which decency, truth, and morality are respected is with independence.

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0 thoughts on “The incompetent bossiness of Theresa May

  1. To be compared with our very own Nicola who, even a Tory friend of mine, declared was the finest politician around after her Andrew Neil interview tonight. She is still voting Tory though!

    • What a moron voting tory after admitting nicola is the better politician really thats a level of stupidity on its own

    • I don’t watch the BBC news and politics programmes anymore but I made an exception for this interview which I watched later online. I was extremely impressed by the First Minister’s performance. She was calm, assertive and answered questions authoritatively on a very wide range of areas. We are so lucky to have her as FM and leader of the SNP.
      In a different world she’d make a great UK PM as well. I bet many Labour supporters wish she’d chosen their party all those years ago.

      Her fantastic performance makes me wonder why the SNP are not doing better in the polls, if they can be believed of course. I suppose all the SNP Bad stories and the perhaps understandable fear about becoming independent are making a lot of people stick with the unionist parties. Hopefully, as the Brexit shambles unfolds more people will see that independence is the only way to secure our future.

      • Unlike Yoon leaders the media do not portray the SNP in a balanced way. In fact the media distort most news that involves Scotland. Here is the problem.

      • Are you kidding me!!! that was a woeful performance by Sturgeon. She spent 20 minutes of a 30 minute interview defending the SG’s education record.

        Anyone with any political insight would have highlighted the fact that this is a devolved matter and is irrelevant to the Westminster general election. Besides that – like with Marr – she answered the question in the first 3 minutes I can’t believe she made the same mistake again. Barely a mention of support for anti austerity measures.

        Sorry but this is bullshit. We stand zero chance of winning the next indyref unless NS starts being more aggressive and nails these bastards to the wall and calls them out for the liars they really are.

        I’m sick to death of SNP politicians playing safe and allowing the media to walk all over them with little or no real come back when there is a multitude of material to use.

        • I have to say that I spent a good part of the programme screaming at the tele, “This is a Westminster election, not a Holyrood one”!!!

      • There is a misplaced wee jump in yoons across the yoon spectrum trying to stop the SNP. In doing so, the Labour leader, Dugdale, encourages voters to vote for the superlative, nastiest party, the Tories, to save the precious union which means more Tory nastiness ad nauseam!
        Strange logic, followed by the yellow Tories, the remnants of the pre 1914 Liberal Unionists under what is his name, ah yes, Rennie!
        The last fling of the WWII generation like the ageing Windsor whose father was the last Emperor of India!
        Do not forget, the impact national service had on that generation too young for WWII !
        Then the Great British propaganda programmes on TV, trite nonesense.
        The better together crew are having a wee flutter! It will be curtains for them too if there actions help to promote the nastiest party. Beware of what you wish for, yoons of the red and yellow Tories!

    • Wow! Being an ex-pat I hadn’t seen that … Andrew Neil gives me the heeby-jeebies and sends my blood-pressure soaring. I am SO glad to hear that Nicola was able to stand up to his arrogant, opinionated bullying and emerge triumphant. She really is the best politician in the UK today.

  2. You were going for it with this one Paul. You are accurate of course. Mind you, you could have saved time and given Ginger his tea early if you had just written ” T May, a PM and a joke to the people”

  3. It is lugubrious to think that Theresa does not require a strengthened endorsement for the Brexit talks. Europe does not give a toss. But she needs a strengthened rahrahrah army to ram through the end of devolution, the power grab, the various draconic measures in the pipeline.

  4. Wow, Paul.
    That wee spell across the pond didn’t do you any harm.
    With all the passion and in the prose we’ve come to expect…nail, head, HIT.

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  6. The more the electorate see of May the less they like her. She’s the most incompetent PM I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, the Tories are still favourites to win with an increased majority.

    There’s still a few days to go so let’s hope more people see the truth and vote against the Tories.

  7. There’s no two ways about what is happening at the moment.We are coming rapidly to the end of the UK and an independent Scotland, the unionists are the cause of it and long may they be the driving force behind this.

    • Just goes to show paul was right on the nose when he said that the uk is dying and the unionists are killing it

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  9. Well said, Paul.
    The unfortunate truth is that there is a significant body of the Scottish electorate who will vote Conservative (Red Blue or Yellow)/Unionist no matter who is at the helm Down There.
    After all there were a million Scots citizens who voted Leave, and to muddy the waters even further many of them were Yes voters in ’14.
    I put myself through the not inconsiderable ordeal of watching Andrew Neil and our very own Hang On A Minute Gordon Brewer putting the ‘leaders’, May, Corbyn, Sturgeon, Dugdale and Davidson through their paces.

    It is still a puzzle to me why two MSPs are fronting the Labour and Conservative campaigns Up Here. They are fiery Unionists, yet counterintuitively have produced ‘Scottish’ manifestos, which, as Brewer systematically took them apart, proved to be the contradictory nonsense that they ultimately must be.
    Dugdale and Davidson did not stop for breath, or pause for thought as they rat-tat-tatted their way through a whole stream of meaningless drivel.
    They are truly women children ‘way ‘way out of their depth, and it showed.
    Dugdale doesn’t agree with Jeremy’s tax policies, and there is no mandate from the Scottish people for a second Referendum. She has apparently been on doorsteps from Stornoway to Stranrear , and ‘everybody’ said the same, so they did..
    The £15 billion black hole got two mentions.
    She is a walking babbling Red Tory pamphlet.
    Ruth Davidson asserted that 56 out of 59 MPs may be a political mandate enough if it was a Tory majority, but not the Bad SNP, and that thwarting the democratic will of the electorate ‘happens all the time’. WTF?
    She saw nothing wrong with giving millionaires £300 winter fuel allowance but restricting Tax Credits to two children of our poorest families.
    She rambled on about the Rape Clause reform, yet again.She came across as a bumbling idiot whose only policy is stop the SNP.
    They are both women children ‘way out of their depth, politically, emotionally, intellectually, and morally.
    Yet sadly, it won’t stop dyed in the wool well off Scots citizens voting for them, and indeed many white Trailer Trash Yoons brainwashed from birth and ‘tradition’ to be second class citizens in this Union.
    May was an absolute shambles when Neil put her under the microscope.
    The Dementia Tax, Winter Fuel Allowance, ‘No Brexit is better than a Bad Brexit’, ‘grow the economy’, and thus increase wages was the solution to the Tories cutting incomes of our just about managing…she came across as a drivelling idiot.
    Yet the Good Matrons of Morningside will trot along next Thursday and vote for her ‘strong and stable’ madness.

    Corbyn got a new suit and a comb over. It did not take the bastards long to turn the utter madness and carnage in Manchester to their political ‘advantage’ did it.

    Corbyn was blaming the UK Government’s Foreign Policy for the deaths of 22 innocents, not the nut job who perpetrated this act of unbelievable barbarism.
    Only, that’s not what he said.

    He got a grilling, quite rightly, on his rather questionable track record in supporting the IRA,to which he had no justifiable answer.
    He could not square his own unilateral stance on nuclear weapons with his party’s multilateral manifesto pledge.
    He was all over the place, and fell back on sound bites, truth, justice, fairness, and the British way.

    He came across as what he is. An aging Islington champagne socialist who wouldn’t have a clue how to run a menage in his local pub, never mind a nation.
    At this stage,I was getting thoroughly depressed .

    Through the wonders of I Player, like the Wedding at Canna, I left the best wine to the last. (well I would say that as an ‘ultranat’.)
    Sturgeon got the usual Neil grilling, but despite having 56 MPs, only on ‘parish council’ Holyrood matters;Trident, foreign policy, the UK economy, austerity. not a mention. (The SNP do have UK policies on the ‘wee things’, Mr Neil.)
    The usual tropes about Scottish Education being shite, which NS batted patiently, and, och, you know the rest. Dugdale, Rennie, and Davidson provided the ‘lines to take’.
    A staff nurse in Scotland working a twelve hour shift is apparently only £2.00 better off than her counterpart in England, according to Andra. Whit?
    Forget facts like the Royal College of Nursing Pay scales and grades clearly showing Nurses in Scotland considerably better paid than their English and Welsh counterparts. Let’s come up with a Staff Nurse 12 hour shift deflection.
    Neil struggled to make inroads, and it showed.
    IMHO Nicola Sturgeon and her WM team are the only hope we’ve got.
    May Corbyn Dugdale and Davidson are patently not up to it.
    If I lived in England, and watched the performances of the 4 Unionists, and then Sturgeon, I may consider that I have Hobson’s choice, and ponder moving to Scotland, back into the EU, and away from the ‘strong and stable’ asylum that is English politics.

    • You are right about Corbyn. He is dangerous too. An unreconstructed westminsterite. When he talks nationalisation, he means westminsterisation, westminsterisation, westminsterisation!
      HoC rules over all.
      Do not be missed. The yoons are for devolution, so long as the yoons can run it to hold Scotland in its shortbread tin.
      They are all clinging to their last gasp, no Indyref2. No policies, no vision, no view of Scottish government except take what Westminster hand out and keep quiet!!
      All ae need now in this election is for Gordo to come up with a Vow3! Which he will personally ensure will go through!!
      The reality check the westminsterites are about to receive at the hands of the EU is going to be hard. They will encounter the word Non, Nein etc for the first time. I will watch with glee as they chap the door as the outsider!
      They were saved in 1945 by others, pumped along as the Empire morphed into the Commonwealth and then existed in and outside the EU.
      Now, they will find that they are outside.
      Independence for Scotland means that Anglo- will no longer mean British- in treaties etc. The reality check to the Anglos dahn sath is about to hit. MayBot is , if PM, a disaster area!
      Keep up to date with the EU website on Article 50! The EU is open and transparent, it will inform what MayHem is aiming for. And even she has no clue!

    • Mr Corbyn is simply a good old fashioned hypocrite when it comes to the self determination of nations.

      Scotland is a nation and political partner within a union of kingdoms. That’s the legal reality of the United KIngdom. Neither Corbyn, nor May recognise this partnership. THAT is also a fact. One is a walking catastrophe of right wing extremism and kneejerk, dog whistle soundbites, the other a hypocrite and enabler of the Westminster system of government. A system which has brought about the current social, constitutional and economic crisis.

      They and their parties did this to the populations of the UK and they did it willingly, because it suited leaders and politicians past and present.

      • The incoherence of Corbyn’s various positions is due to the fact that he is a party man, first and foremost. He will do anything to keep the Labour party together, placating his disloyal right-wing and ignoring obvious allies such as the SNP.

    • Well said, Sir! I have a great many friends in Eng/Wales who are seriously considering a move North of the Border in the event of the expected Tory win on 8th June. My heart fair aches for those who don’t have the option!

  10. Tory UK. Brexit UK. Austerity UK. They’re all buzz terms too you know.

    What they all add up to is misery. A state construct so ineptly managed by the political class for the past fifty years or more that it’s teetering on the brink of economic and societal disaster. We’re part of a state divided from the ground up, or the top down depending on your perspective and in very real terms. Race, colour, ethnicity, class, politics, religion, sexual orientation, you name it, they’ve used the demographic du jour to divide and rule. All in the name of the agenda of the day and all in the name of the ‘country’ and established order that never was. In reality? They did it because it suited their needs.

    The division has gotten out of hand though. It’s a runaway train, a stampede, a mob riot. It’s a narrative gone desperately and dangerously wrong. Right now the political class of the UK, which includes the members of ALL establishment parties, are either running with the stampede or idiotically attempting to direct it.

    The runaway right wing narrative generated by the political class, their media and the very worst elements within our society will result in only one state and buzz names or terms need not apply.

    A state grounded in Intolerance, hatred, exclusion, fear and suspicion.

    It’s simply called the ‘United’ Kingdom.

    • To illustrate Paul’s point, try and catch (as much as you can stomach) Jackson Car-Crash-law’s hour on GMS Kaye with an ‘e’ this morning.
      Apparently he is the Amber Rudd of the ‘Scottish’ Conservative and Unionist party.
      It is reported that Rudd is deputising for the Big T in the Leaders’ debate.
      Strong and stable cowardice.
      Speaking of cowardice, Ruth couldn’t make this morning’s hour phone in for an undisclosed reason, so Car-Crash-law got the gig.

      I have seldom listened to such a mealy mouthed mindless repetition of Tory guff in my life on this earth.
      ‘Fastest growing economy’, ‘more people in work for forty years’, oh, and this was a good one, ‘100’s of thousands with mental health issues have been helped into work by Tory policies in the past two years’; this despite the testament of a psychiatric nurse of 22 years who demanded answers on the Tory cut of nearly £30 a week in Employment Support Allowance to disabled citizens registered for work, which Kaye with an ‘e’ allowed Jackson to dodge, and the harrowing tale of a woman in Clydebank whose 37 year old mentally ill brother is reportedly being put through hell at Clydebank Job Centre by Jackson Car-Crash-law’s Employment Advisers, the account of which Jackson described as ‘ghastly’.
      Who speaks like that?
      He is a product of our time.
      Mindless jobsworths, given a script, and a media which will play ball, regardless of the inane nonsense they spout.

      Why the fuck are the BBC and MSM parading Holyrood MSPs before us to ‘debate’ UK GE issues?
      Dugdale Rennie Carlaw Davidson have no authority to produce a UK GE manifesto, Stronger Apart Scotland supplement.
      May Corbyn and the Lib Dem chap cannot be pleased that their Branch Officers are undermining the WM Party’s policies on Care for the Elderly, tax increases, the Rape Clause, Bedroom Tax for pensioners, surely?
      Or, as is more likely, the PM, Corbyn , Farron, and the MSM consider Scotland and its electorate of no importance anyway, that Ruth Kez and Wullie can say what they like, because ultimately their parties will ignore their contradictory nonsense anyway.
      Why aren’t Mundell, Murray, and Carmichael front and centre?
      Because they are vote losers.
      I see QT is looking for audience members for the Sturgeon Farron farce.
      From Edinburgh, with the SNP in its box.
      I joked the other day about a hung parliament…I’m not joking now. Tories down to single figures and dropping, and Car-Crash-law and Amber Rudd fronting the Blue Tories.
      SNP kingmakers?
      Don’t laugh. Titter ye may.

    • Absolutely, Sam. Scotland may well have a problem with immigration in the coming years and border controls at Gretna and Berwick could be essential to restrict the number of horrified English from seeking sanctuary and refuge as their country implodes. Perhaps we can arrange a mutual transfer of die-hard unionists to ameliorate the influx – a win-win situation all round.


      • That’s not even funny, Mark. When Toyota relocate to Scotland within the EU, and other global brands follow suit, we could see our population double in ten years. But as the FM remarked, all are welcome, we are not full.
        Independence is so near now, that I can taste it.

        • Jack

          I live in Lancashire currently and there is a clear division on Scottish issues across the spectrum. Some, including many ex-pats, are vehemently opposed to independence and all things SNP, but their views have progressed from “no way” to “let them go” since the last referendum. Certainly within the Brexit camp, there seems an appetite for withdrawing from ‘unions’ now – European or the UK – and this group appear hell-bent on entrenchment and a ‘fuck ’em all’ approach to politics.

          On the other hand, there are many dismayed enlightened folk who are seriously considering moving to Scotland where they readily identify with everything the independence movement stands for. They see the FM as a honest broker that has more strength and integrity in her wee toe than the entire Westminster sham, with the exception of fifty odd opposition members that applaud from time to time.

          I was being serious. Sometimes divisions don’t heal as the people concerned just don’t have the capacity for forgiveness and conciliation – and from many of the videos and comments I’ve watched and read in the last five or six years, that will undoubtedly be the case with some of the unionists should Scotland decide to take responsibility for her own affairs.

          Don’t see why it should be a problem – it could just be like an Airbnb exchange but on a permanent basis – and we could do the same for all the unionists in Northern Ireland before the six counties seeks reunification talks with Dublin.

          Personally, I would miss the Lake District and west Wales but no doubt they will be designated Military Areas once the army and RAF are sent packing from Sutherland and the Borders and they’ll need to find alternative storage facilities for the nukes when Trident takes up residence in Milford Haven. I sense a homecoming in the near future….

          • Mark, I know Lancashire very well indeed, having spent a lot of my working life bobbing and weaving about the County, and Manchester, Liverpool, Preston, Blackpool, and Bolton.
            I have many friends and ex colleagues still there, and many are down to earth call a spade a ‘feckin’ shovel’ sort of realists.

            There are many Scots who have made their home in the ‘North West’ which is strictly speaking the ‘West Midlands’, if we follow the Yoon logic that ‘Britain’ is a country, but that’s a BBC weather map argument for another day.

            I love the sleepy calm of Lytham, and St Anne’s on Sea, and the unashamed brassiness of small doses. The Lake District is as amazing as our Highlands, and Wrea Green village is my idea of Miss Marple country. It even has a duck pond.

            I do not envisage cutting England out of my life come Independence; far from it.

            I have English born nieces, and life long friends from whom I shall always mooch a bed for the night on the way South to Plymouth on my way to Roscoff, or whatever.

            I have no doubt at all that many economic migrants from the North of England, the Potteries, and Sheffield, Leeds, and, irony of ironies, Corby, may consider heading Up Here. All are welcome.

            Our dear friend and neighbour England is going to need all our support once May and Co unleash No Brexit on the unsuspecting masses.

            It is going to be a tough time for all us Britons come independence, but a challenge worth facing in an Independent Scotland, still in a European Market of 500 million consumers. What does England face?
            I doubt that many ex pat Anglos will move back South, to tuition fees, a crumbling NHS, the Dementia Tax, and a toll on the Tyne Tees tunnel.
            You’ve put me in the notion to ‘drop in’ on one of the lads Down There.
            We are not full. All welcome.

          • Indeed. Look me up for a beer in the Taps when you do. If I’m still here!

          • I know just how you feel, Mark. I lived near Burnley for 5 years and have some dear friends there but Oh! how most of them hate the idea of Scottish Independence. I was called a “traitor” for being an SNP member and was told that if everyone had their just deserts, our FM would be tried for treason! And yet, and yet, ALL of them are Brexiteers, who see nothing wrong with breaking up THAT particular Union. It defies logic, really, doesn’t it?

          • Logic or reason don’t come into it for most. What is incredible is the visceral hatred some seem to have of the FM and her predecessor. My other day job is a chiropodist and many of my blue rinse brigade in St Annes would vote Tory even if the candidate had been caught buying ephedrine from a Brazilian rent boy and exposed by a Sunday newspaper.

            None of them have met the FM – their opinions formed only through what they hear and read in the media and tempered in the current climate of English nationalism. Few have any concept of what England now faces – almost complete political and economic isolation – yet they seem hell-bent on pulling up the drawbridge, shutting the door on everyone and cursing them in the process. I do detect a mood change though, perhaps an enlightenment might occur after all. Nine days….

  11. An excellent synopsis of the Tory party and their leader. I especially like the bit about “her vacuous and content-free repetition of soundbites instead of answering questions”.

  12. I have come across various references to a return to voting Labour in some quarters. If it does result in a handful of Labour MPs in Scotland being returned to Westminster, wouldn’t it be a nice irony if these new members were to be part of the disloyal Blairite faction who regularly stab Corbyn in the back, while owing their elevation to the Corbyn effect?

    In my own benighted part of the world, the Labour vote is resolutely Unionist but not large and any drift away from SNP would result in a Tory MP. However, I think that the Tories calculated that their simplistic bullish slogan of ‘ No Second Referendum’ would hoover up a large part of the No vote from the 2014 indyref. They certainly did not expect the Corbyn surge and thought to kill two birds with one stone/snap GE – damaging both SNP in Scotland and Labour in England. It will be interesting now to see how that plays out for them. If the Corbyn effect has influence on the Labour unionist vote, then the Tories might not be able to count so confidently on that Labour unionist vote which might in some crucial constituencies revert back to voting Labour.

  13. As a person who wants Scottish independence I cannot vote Labour as the were ‘better together’ and also were wanting to give nothing at the Smith Commission.

    The conservatives can just ‘pee off’ as their title Conservative and UNIONIST kills them off for me.

    Liberals have somethings I like but not much. They lost it by going unionist and away from federalism.

    So SNP for me. The only party that is Scottish and fights only for our interests.

    Then look at the leaders. Paul has explained TM well. Apart from Nutall all UK party leaders have good points but all are Unionist. Nicola is the best by far.

    ENOUGH said!!!

  14. I’ll say it again….Teresa thinks strong and stable leadership is standing in a garden shed in rural Aberdeenshire talking to yourself. She needs to not be PM as soon as possible. I’d love it if Jeremy became PM. Not because he’s brilliant (he’s not) but because we could then sit back with the popcorn and watch the tories/ukip/daily fail readers all have a simultaneous, gloriously nuclear (heh) meltdown.

  15. I watched Nicola and the Inquisition by Andrew Neil , I am a bit confused by the tactics she employed , this is the second time the BBC have intentionally mixed up reserved powers with Westminster .So prior warning was there .
    This is for the election of MPs to Westminster end of, Reserved powers however tenuously linked play no part .
    I think Nicola showed Neil far to much respect , he hates the SNP , the body language at the end spoke volumes , I had hoped Nicola and her advisers had viewed Jeane Freeman’s tussle with Neil , she nailed him to the wall by following simple steps , she didn’t allow him to complete a sentence without interruption , she simply kept saying not true in the middle of each question , that threw him off track to the extent when he was getting hammered , then surprise surprise he ran out of time .
    I have great respect for our first minister but on this occasion i feel she has been poorly advised ,
    Most of the country dont get the reserved powers question , probably the English electorate haven’t a clue or indeed care ,and a lot of Scots are a bit confused also ,
    She could have decked Neil in the first few seconds by simply saying while this question is a reserved power it plays no part in this election ,
    Can you see that big building behind you Andrew it gives you a clue as to the purpose of this election called by Mrs May , by Mrs May not us . She called this fiasco not us we are just responding . So with all due respect Mr Neil can you stick to the f/kn script thank you .

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