The monkey and the organ grinder

Politics in the United Kingdom is increasingly resembling a toilet pan down which democracy is being flushed. There’s already a clear mandate for a second independence referendum. A bill for a referendum has been voted through by the Scottish Parliament with a majority achieved entirely legitimately according to the most impeccable processes of democracy, and yet the Unionist parties refuse to recognise it. There’s a serious question hanging over the democratic process of a country in which the normal rules get suspended when the state feels it’s in its interests to do so. Scottish democracy is conditional on what the British state will allow.

Both Kezia Dugdale and Ruth Davidson have gone on record to state that they’d refuse to recognise any mandate for a second independence referendum even if the SNP managed to attain more than 50% of the popular vote. The logic of their argument is that there is no point in anyone in Scotland voting at all. But then that is the logic of Unionism. Within the Union it doesn’t matter what Scotland votes for because Scotland gets what the rest of UK decides to give us. Scotland is a permanent minority in a state which struggles with the distinction between democracy and majoritarianism.

The reason they refuse to recognise the right to another independence referendum is because they fear that they’d lose. If they were confident of winning, if they were so convinced that the people of Scotland would vote convincingly for the Union, they’d have no problem with it. That’s the exact same reason that Ruth’s boss in Westminster repeats her now is not the time mantra, because according to Theresa May the only time to hold another Scottish independence referendum is when it’s certain that the pro-independence movement would lose it.

Not that Theresa’s judgement on matters of vote-winning is particularly acute. She called this general election after stating clearly several times that she wasn’t going to call an early general election solely because the opinion polls suggested that she’d be returned with a crushing majority. Having spent the entire campaign to date robotically repeating soundbites and keeping as far away as possible from anyone who might ask her a question, telling everyone that she’s strong and stable while doing more turning than a windmill in a hurricane, she now finds that the polls are slowly turning against her. It’s still likely that she’s going to win, but it’s no longer beyond the bounds of possibilty that we’ll end up with a hung parliament. That would be fitting, Theresa May has made this election entirely about her, and yet like the supreme monarch she fancies herself as she refuses to submit to the same cross examination that every other wannabe Prime Minister in recent times has endured. For Theresa May, democracy exists solely in order to acclaim her.

Theresa May is still refusing to participate in the party leader’s debate due to be held on Wednesday evening. Obviously her handlers have decided that no Theresa May is better than a bad Theresa May. She’s sending some minion instead, because in the Conservative party a monkey has evolved more human warmth than the organ grinder. It just shows how robotic and alien that Theresa May comes across to the general public that Amber Rudd counts as relatable and humane. That’s the Amber Rudd that said she’s still not sure what the cap on the dementia tax is going to be because her boss hasn’t kept her fully briefed on all her U-turns.

Theresa’s given a number of reasons to justify why she’s too feart, sorry, too strong and stable, to debate with Jeremy Corbyn and the other party leaders. She’s not debating because she debates Corbyn anyway at PMQs, when she can get away with not having to answer any of the questions that he puts to her. She’s not debating because she’s more interested in meeting members of the public, or at least members of the public who’ve been carefully vetted in advance and who’ve been told that their jobs are on the line if they don’t stand in reverent silence while Theresa tells them how strong and stable she is. She’s not debating because, as she recently told the press, debates are a bit pointless, as opposed to what she prefers to do, which is the mindless intonation of stock phrases and making the same speech repeatedly in front of a handful of Conservative supporters deep in a forest in Aberdeenshire. And she’s not prepared to debate because she’s far far too busy preparing for Brexit, which in her case entails involves avoiding all questions, preaching about a coalition of chaos, and holding a photo opportunity in a factory in Kent. Theresa May expects the public to place absolute trust in her when she doesn’t trust the public enough to speak to them on their own terms.

Of course we all know the real reason why Theresa won’t debate with the other party leaders. It’s because she’s got all the warmth of the planetoid Pluto, and all the wit of Pluto the cartoon dog, and like the Greek god Pluto her mission is to take us all to the lowest depths of hell. Theresa is to witty and engaging banter as plutonium is to health food. But what do you expect from a woman who’s going to turn the country into a plutocracy.

There’s a connection between Theresa May’s haughty disdain for engagement and her lackey Ruth’s disdain for the outcome of Scottish votes. Both occur because the British state has no written constitution, no clear division of powers, and no effective means of holding politicians to account. Democracy in the UK has always been a thin veneer on the British establishment’s firm grasp on power and wealth, but now increasingly they’re no longer even bothering with the veneer. The pretence of democratic engagement has been replaced with a sneering disregard for accountability. The voters get what they decide to give us, and they can’t even be bothered to tell us what they have in mind when they’re up for election.

The contempt in which Theresa May and Ruth Davidson hold the democratic process needs to be met with contempt from the voters, and sending them both a firm and clear message on Thursday of next week that we don’t appreciate the way in which they take Scotland, and the rest of the United Kingdom, for granted. We need to tell them that we won’t be governed by an organ grinder who throws poo on democracy like a monkey.

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0 thoughts on “The monkey and the organ grinder

  1. Brill, Paul. Wasn’t going to tune in tonight, but now I just might.
    I see that it has just occurred to Paddy Ashdown that English politics resembles 1930’s Germany.
    Why hasn’t he been reading WGD all these years?

  2. Mention of the possibility of a hung Parliament with neither of the two main Westminster based Party’s obtaining a sufficient number of seats to form a working majority inevitably leads to consideration of what happens then.

    In normal times the tendency is to consider only two possible scenarios. Either the largest of the two Partys in terms of seats limp on as a minority Government towards the inevitable collapse and further GE, or a coalition is formed along the lines of what happened in 2010.

    However, from the point of view of the British Establishment this may not count as ‘normal times.’ With what they see as the threat to the Union, the looming debacle of Brexit, and the challange to status quo economic and foreign policy from within the current Labour leadership it is not inconceivable that a third option is played out.

    A National (Unity) Government. Where, depending on which of the two main party’s get the most seats either; the Tories (with the 1922 Committee playing a prominent part behind the scenes) offer the PLP faction opposed to Corbyn (who have already floated in the Torygraph a few weeks back that they will break from Corbyn if he stays on as leader after failing to win the GE) seats in the Cabinet, with specific concessions over Brexit negotiations, of a National Unity Government; or those in the PLP deny Corbyn a chance of forming a coalition by splitting straight away and offering to go in with the centre and left of the Tory Party to form a National Unity Government.

    Whether or not this is considered to be an extreme possibility is beside the point. When considering potential outcomes all possible scenarios along with the specific consequences following on from each individual scenario require serious thought and consideration. How else is it possible to be sufficiently prepared?

    • According to the above the Westminster political scene, aka Incorporating Union of 1707, is in dissolution.
      What a sotter, as one says in Aberdeen.
      May and her mini me Davidson just make it up. It is interesting that the other yoons go along with it without thinking.
      A Labour government in Holyrood with a Tory UK government would be subject to the same anarchy.
      Dugdale and Co do not see that as they have abandoned any attempt to think they would be in power at Holyrood.
      Their SNP bad blinds them to the fact that the voters elected through the SNP and Greens a working democratic majority.
      But democracy only rules if yoons are in power!
      Strange times. Next step will Ge to declare the Holyrood government a terrorist organisation and send in the army! Like Chile under Allende. The forces of the CIA and the Chilean army staged a coup.
      That is the “logical” conclusion of the May point. Worrying indeed.
      Yoons will stoop to illegal actions .
      Create a crisis and take direct power under any pretence. The monarch will sign the order.

    • Depends on what the descriptions are being compared with. May and the Brexit crew currently on the bridge trying to steer the SS Tory through the rough waters and high sea storms they have created are so extreme there is an argument for saying there exists sections of that Party who are on center and left of that narrow band within the Tory Party.

      I have heard an argument put forward by some Tories in this campaign that the rationale for calling the GE is for May to strengthen her hand within the Party against the Brexit headbangers who are even further extreme than she is. If their is a hung Parliament expect the backbench 1922 Committee to force her out the way they did with Thatcher.

      • A quote from Burns may be apt at this time:
        ” The best laid schemes o’ Mice and May gang……..”
        Complete the rest without Schadenfreude!
        We must coin a new word ro use if/when it becomes relevant:

        • “Thy wee bit hoosie, noo in ruins,
          Its silly wa’s the winds hae strewn,
          And naethin’ new tae big a new yin.”
          Burns rather sums up May’s disastrous decision to call a ‘snap’ election.

          The ‘silly walls’ of Westminster have crumbled at last.
          They have nothing left with which to threaten us ‘separatists’.
          Where is Liam Fox hiding?
          May’s lifted the ban on tearing animals to bits for fun.
          Get him front and centre over the next seven days.
          He is apparently beavering away in Whitehall with a vast army of 30,000 civil servants (aye,richt) working out the Blue Tories’ Brexit strategy.
          David Davis was on CH4 last night looking every inch a man who had just enjoyed a damned fine 7 course dinner with wine at the Ritz, downed a fine vintage port digestif, and on his second or third Remy Martin, as he pooh poohed criticism of May’s weak and wobbly campaign, feigned an urbane air of ennuie, while not providing any information or detail on the lightweight Blue Tory Manifesto or, even, more alarmingly, his Brexit Plan.
          I have an eerie feeling that the 1922 Committee ordered this election, knowing the Blue Tories would crash and burn, so that they could duck out of having anything to do with Brexit.
          I look forward to Ruth Davidson on the Pacific Quay window sill tonight.
          Glenn Campbell, take some valium son. This will be your third doze of mind bogglingly stupid this week.
          Take up where Ponsonby left off the other night.
          What does No Deal mean, Ruth Davidson, Minister for Europe?
          “Ugh, WTO, an’ ‘at.”
          Oh Christus, what a night it’s going to be.
          Meanwhile Kirsty Wark’s in Anstruther talking Education collapse in Scotland with our FM.
          Easy money for the churns at BBC .
          And Stu Campbell predicted that 2017 was going to be a quiet year?

  3. Sorry Paul the UK isn’t resembling a toilet pan it’s actually starting to resemble Yugoslavia circa 1991 with the sectarianism; the failure to allow self determination etc. It’s very frightening but we are now staring into the abyss and it’s about to look back.

  4. Everything you said is true Paul as are the other great opinions.

    It is a pity that most of us will not get this information nor will the MSM report it. People should be screaming from the rooftops about what Ruthless and Kez said. Absolute discrace they should resign if they had even an ounce of decency.

    Many of our politicians are so poor, so spineless, so awful. They are lying dinosaurs. Sooner they are extinct the better.

  5. I dont think i have ever had a feeling of bad things are about to happen as i have now in the run up to this vote , if the english ,because it’s their election , we are only onlookers , if the english despite all the warnings go ahead and vote this nutcase government back in , we can expect revenge from Mayhem ,she will remember , and punish she will , there will be no dark place no depths she won’t visit to make us pay for having the nerve to question her authority .
    Oh well done Angus a good show tonight , and a well deserved rest for Nicola , the strain must be overwhelming, we are well served by her let’s make sure she knows it by giving her our support .

    • “Oh well done Angus a good show tonight , and a well deserved rest for Nicola , the strain must be overwhelming, we are well served by her let’s make sure she knows it by giving her our support .”

      Absolutely Robert. Well said.

  6. The EU are now saying that, if Corbyn becomes PM, they will delay the start of Brexit negotiations to give him time to prepare.

  7. Watched the debate tonight, Angus Robertson was magnificent and a full head and a half above the tory, labour, ukip and libdem speakers. He did us proud.

    • Amber Rudd: ‘Judge us on our record.’
      Cue: Raucous derisive laughter.
      Earlier, I postulated that her appearance would lose the Blue Tories 1/2 million votes.
      Strike that. Make it a million instead.
      They really are going into this election saying, we don’t know what we are doing, or how much it will cost, but trust us anyway.
      Just look at our record.
      That we will, Amber,
      I joked earlier about a hung parliament.
      Me and my stupid big mouth.
      I’ve been toiling out in the back garden today, time for bed.
      Angus Robertson was fine, without getting embroiled in basically Anglo-centric arguments, and prompted applause several times.
      Corbyn reminded us all, and that includes you too, Ms Dugdale, that his is a Labour UK manifesto; any comment, oh leader of the autonomous Scottish labour Party?
      Bed now.

      • “I have an eerie feeling that the 1922 Committee ordered this election, knowing the Blue Tories would crash and burn, so that they could duck out of having anything to do with Brexit.”

        It might well be that this is indeed part of BlueKip’s plan Jack.
        I wouldn’t put it past them.

  8. Heads will roll…..on the 6.30 edition of mis-reporting Scotland David Porter (westminster correspondent) gave a wee advert for the leaders debate…….Liar Liar was playing in the background!

  9. No, they most certainly do not wish to accept a result which is not in their favour. This however, doesn’t mean to say they can’t be compelled to respect public mandate. As a famous fella once said, ‘there are many paths…’.

    In their heart of hearts they’re not democrats and never have been. Democracy is ever shifting to suit the needs of the majority and the establishment and establishment politician needs a stability in their world beyond true democracy. They can’t operate in a world where the need and will of the many dictates their service.

    No, yer establishment politician, for all the lip service they pay to the word ‘democracy’, is actually an old fashioned autocrat. They give the public the illusion of freedom of choice whilst dictating the choices available. When those choices are broadened, or outwith their control? It’s toys oot the pram time.

    That is and always has been the nature of UK politics as it is practised. Control the choice for the population. Dictate the boundaries of their freedoms. Manipulate their perception of what defines them as this or that. Stick a label on something and decide for them who they are, whether they belong, whether they are worth something or not.

    To paraphrase a famous movie line ‘democracy is what they say it is’.

    The truth of the matter is they wouldn’t know democracy if it jumped up and bit them on the arse. It scares them shitless.

    Ruth Davidson, Kezia Dugdale and even Wullie Thingy are purely and simply dishonest and hypocritical. Their soundbites change with the weather, but at the end of the day its all about what suits them, their world view and their party aspirations. It is about self, not about the needs of the population and it is why they fundamentally are unfit to serve in public office.

    Selfishness personified.

    Something to really get across to people from now on. It doesn’t matter whether you vote YES or NO in any future referendum and it doesn’t matter what part of the current political spectrum you support.

    If you truly value democracy. If you value the public’s right to choose. If you value free will at all, then remove the likes of May and her mini me Davidson from your political life. I don’t believe for an instant that these people respect your human rights. They certainly don’t believe they serve the public in any way shape or form. They absolutely believe that we serve and owe the state. That what is good for the state is best for the population. The state and parliament are sovereign.

    Loosely, though I believe accurately, translated as ‘me, myself and I’.

    Democracy is about meeting the needs of the many, the majority view.

    noun: democracy- a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.

    “a system of parliamentary democracy”
    synonyms: representative government, elective government, constitutional government, popular government.

    You either believe in it, or you don’t.

    You either use it, or you lose it. So on June 8th… USE IT!

    • Ace, Sam.
      To think that if we did nothing, in April 2019, Scotland would become a closed colony of Little Britain.
      ‘Freedom of Movement’?
      We would be forbidden by a totalitarian English Government from leaving these shores on holiday, to take up work, to resettle elsewhere in Europe unless a British jobsworth approved our ‘letters of transit’.
      We would have the same status as Poland, Romania, or East Germany under the brutal USSR regime.

      Border guards and machine gun towers keeping us in, but erected ostensibly to keep Johnny Foreigner out.
      No matter the outcome next Thursday, the English are leaving the EU, and it is clear that Corbyn will be as ineffectual as May in negotiating Brexit terms.
      However in the short term, if he forms a coalition Administration next week, the Blue Tory domestic agenda will grind to a halt, and austerity binned, well 2/5ths of the cuts will be reversed according to the Red Tories’ UK Manifesto, apparently, anyway.
      Our Angus kept his powder dry last night.
      Rudd and Nuttall did all the damage to themselves, live and in colour.
      Tim Farron comes across as a wee sweetie, nice but powder puff.
      Nick Clegg without the ‘if I was chocolate, I would eat myself’ vanity.
      You’ve got to love the Greens and Natalie Woods, sorry Leanne Thingummy.
      Only seven days to go.

      • Whether it’s an implied threat or merely the idiocy of mouthing a soundbite without thinking it through, THAT is exactly the outcome of denying democratic mandate at the ballot Jack.

        Ruth and Kezia’s idiotic statements makes a nonsense of electoral democracy as pretty much anyone understands the process.

        Democracy is NOT ‘what they say it is’.

        • Sam, and they know that they talk nonsense. That’s what they are paid to do.
          Destroy Scotland’s civic society, reduce our country to a colony of England, and who gives shit how many Scots citizens are consigned to poverty despair, and an early death?
          I am charitable enough to consider that they are just too thick to realise that they are directly responsible for deaths and misery.
          No I’m not.
          They are killing and maiming our citizens to give the rich more wealth and power.
          I’ll shut up now.
          Roll on June the 8th.

    • Well said Paul, of course. And very well said, Macart.

      It makes me sick to the bottom of my stomach that the main parties feel it perfectly reasonable to openly declare against democracy, and to actually make it their main policy! If they think the union is so good, then show us what is good (still waiting to hear about that one), don’t tell us we should not have a choice! They seem to be so detached from reality they seem incapable of looking and seeing what people are actually voting for in Scotland. It’s just beyond belief that they think promoting anti-democracy in a supposed democratic process is going to be a winner.

      That some people will actually vote for this, to the detriment of all, is just depressing.

      I got a real live labour leaflet through the door (Glasgow north), with real life social justice policies, I stood agape reading this – only a tiny bit about ‘supporting the union’ or some such. Amazing. Unfortunately Labour’s track record of corruption and right wing ideologies when in power makes the candidate an unacceptable option. Shame when she obviously has real socialist values that she has tagged herself to such an untrustworthy party.

  10. I see that the YouGov poll is now suggesting that there will be a hung English parliament. That is all the more reason why we should be trying to convince as many people as possible to vote SNP in this election. The more SNP MPs we have, the more we can force the English government to listen and act on Scotland’s wishes and concerns.

    • You refer to the ‘English Parliament’. Last week, I was in the company of a man from England who, in spite of having lived in Lochaber for the past 30 years, referred to just that. I queried the man, and he changed it to the ‘British Parliament’.

      However, he is correct, and you are correct, since that is exactly how Westminster behaves.

      I shall refer to it that way in future.

    • What if, after Dugfale’s tacit support for tactical voting to choose a yoon candidate to spite the SNP, it results in May getting wee majority!?
      You can imagine how the Tiries will crow!! Ha ha Labour in Scotland!!
      That would surely finish Dugdale and Slab for good!!
      Be wary, Slab, what you urge some to vote for!

    • Thank you AnnieM, this is very interesting, and, of course, makes me wonder why the MSM has not mentioned what the Naylor report is, is that not their job; to inform us? What on earth do journalists DO all day? The shallow repetitive reports we get are staggeringly inane, let alone biased.

    • AnnieM,

      Why is it that this is the first time I have ever heard of the Naylor Report? This should be front and centre of a campaign against the Tories.

      Thanks for enlightening me!

    • Shocking to watch that woman casually mention the Naylor Report – now that we know the content. Thank you very much indeed, Annie M. This should be broadcast far and wide.

  11. Enjoyed last nights show. Angus did us proud. The more they see of Jerry,he will be losing some of the rabid right wing press Bogeymanning of the last year. I suspect a lot of Tory faces are a lot less smug now about the totally unelectable Labour lefties. It will be a long and interesting night next thursday.

  12. I was late on parade when it came to reading this piece, Paul. But as always, it was well worth it. “The pretence of democratic engagement has been replaced with a sneering disregard for accountability.” That sums up the whole, sorry shambles so well. I may be forced to quote it (anonymously, of course) in the annals of a once-august organ of the British Press! Thanks again for providing me with such excellent ammunition!

  13. Open note to Glenn Campbell and Bernard Ponsonby.

    As respected broadcasters/journalists why did you agree to a series of pointless low intellect interviews with three MSPs during a UK GE?

    None of them have authority to speak on their parties’ policies at UK level, and all three made sure that the opportunity was used to turn this ridiculous propaganda series into a conjoined SNP BAD farce.

    BBC and STV are clearly Establishment Unionist mouthpieces now, and are complicit in shutting down Free Speech and thwarting the democratic process in Scotland.

    Where are the last two SoS Mundell and Frenchgate Carmichael? Where is Murray?

    They are like May, in hiding, cowards terrified to face the nation on TV.

    Why aren’t the newshounds at STV and BBC not hunting them down and holding them to account?
    Because they have been ordered not to.

    We the viewers are treated like fools, being served up the usual three part We Hate The SNP harmony from Davidson Dugdale and Rennie, who persistently refuse to criticise or condemn each other’s manifestos.

    Truly they are the Red Blue and Yellow Tories.

    I watched Rennie, until I could stomach no more, on STV last night. Bernard let him trot out the same £15 billion deficit, once in a generation, blah de blah, verbatim, as Ruth and Kezia have done all week, and doubtless Davidson will be allowed to get away with tonight when Glenn puts her through her paces on BBC.

    Meanwhile, the People of Scotland are kept in the dark, and if not for sites like WGD, WoS, Bateman, Grouse Beater and so many many more actual grown up on line vehicles, the Establishment Unionist line would be the only game in town.

    Rennie is an absolute fool, who mouthed oft repeated nonsensical Better Together tripe, and Bernard sat back and allowed it.

    Incidentally, to Duncan McKay, ‘nobody wants a second Referendum in the next two years?’
    Oops, did I say ‘nobody? that slipped out, Duncan.
    What you really mean is that you are vehemently against a second Referendum. Your Freudian slip was showing, young man.
    We could be in North Korea, or China.

    The Fourth Estate, Fifth Column.

    Is it a ‘cultural’ thing?
    Are our broadcasters and journalists all from the same, ahem, Old School background, education, and Unionist belief systems?
    It would explain a lot.

    I’ll look out my Better Together Bingo Card for Davidson’s Rant tonight.

    Let’s have a question from the audience.
    The man with the Union Jack underpants on his head.

    ‘Ruth, do you agree with me that Nicola Sturgeon is a wee bastard?’
    ‘I hear this every day on the doorsteps.’
    Organ grinders have we none. Monkeys aplenty.

      • Wendy, the gloves are off.
        I pay a TV licence fee.
        I DEMAND to know why Willie Rennie, a political nonentity, gets equal, nay more, air time and column inches than our First Minister, at all times, and why, during arguably the most important GE in the past 300 years, Mundell, Liar Carmichael, Rushed Off His Feet Murray, are shielded from public gaze and scrutiny.
        The Scottish public are denied its rights of access to the candidates, and are instead is fed a barrage of Unionist Better Together Propaganda Porn by so called impartial observers in the press and broadcasters.

        We are already hemmed in behind the barbed wire shores of Empire 2, an imprisoned people, at the moment proverbially, but in April 2019, as a fact, we shall be cut off from the rest of the world physically, barred from freedom of movement by our English masters.

        Well, I know BBC and STV are avid readers of this incredible blog.

        How about it, Glenn, Bernard, why are you not noising up M&M, and Liar Pants On Fire?

        You may note that the Glasgow City Equal Pay decision was deferred until after the LA elections, and GCC is being sued because it awarded its IT contract to a single bidder, but news of the suit held back until after the Council elections too.

        This is clear manipulation and censorship by an accommodating Brit Establishment controlled media.

        I’m waiting, Glenn and Bernard. Care to comment via this alternative news outlet?

        Wendy, we will be subjected to a half hour of Davidson again tonight.
        In an earlier post, I mentioned getting out my Better Together bingo card.

        Come on, Mister Campbell, refuse to take part in this farce on a window sill at Pacific Quay. Or is it more than your job’s worth?

    • I am with you on this one Jack. My thoughts too. There are a few good paper editorials and TV questions that are balanced and/or probing but not many.

  14. I recorded the UK debate and didn’t watch it until today. I must say that I actually quite enjoyed it because TM was called to account by everyone for calling the election then being too arrogant to debate.

    Angus was brilliant and I loved his little asides to Paul Nutter next to him.

    One detail that I found telling was that the audience were asked not to applaud until everyone had made their closing statement due to time constraints. When Amber Rudd was last I said to my husband that it wasn’t fair because it would appear that the audience were applauding her. However, surprise, surprise, when she finished, not one person applauded!

  15. Given rapid implosion in Ruth’s and May’s “lead” so far, what will happen over the remaining days?
    Start calling themselves Tories again!? Either way, the toxicity remains.
    The EU must be having a good laugh! Someone said May would be like a rag doll. That insults rag dolls. They are warm and cuddly and comforting for wee girls.
    May the MayBot is the opposite.

  16. One word decribes this Tory party EVIL. That more or less covers the whole party .
    I wonder what rabbit they will pull out of their hat to stop the free fall of their lead in the polls, what stunt they with the assistance of the security services they will pull ?
    The mind boggles there are no depths this lot won’t go to, no dark places they won’t visit . EVIL once you figure that out everything falls into place .

  17. It is customary when one uses the first person plural pronoun in the nominative case, ‘we’, as opposed to the singular perpendicular pronoun, ‘I’, the receiver of any communication correctly assumes that, either their interlocutor is the sovereign Queen Bess II, or in all other circumstances, is representing themselves and one or more others who share in the action of a verb.

    Sorry. I’ve been watching reruns of ‘Yes Prime Minister’.

    Now I had it in my head that Nicola Sturgeon was first Minister of Scotland, and that Mike Russell was Holyrood’s Brexit Minister, who attends Joint meetings along with the other devolved Administrations chaired by David Davis in London, and reports back to the Scottish Parliament on Brexit developments, which to date are, well, none.

    The Scottish Government produced its own post Brexit Plan, arguing the case for Scotland to remain within the Single Market, protect EU citizens’ rights to remain and work in Scotland, and maintain Scots citizens’ freedom of movement throughout the EU, which Davis rejected out of hand on one side of an A4 to Mike Russell.

    Apparently I was wrong.

    Ruth Davidson’s Down There, working as part of the Government’s Brexit Team, attached to Treasury formulating monetary and economic policy, a junior Minister in DWP, and, probably Deputy PM, PM in waiting.

    Well, no, she’s not. She is an MSP Up Here, and EVEL applies to her as much as the rest of the Scottish Government.
    She has nothing to do with WM, but seems to think she is right in there at the heart of Government.

    Oh dear.

    It was her turn on the Campbell Spit Roast tonight on the Beeb.

    It is not for me to observe that, as an ex-employee of BBCPQ, for Ruth’s gig, the Ask The Leader venue had been moved from the window sill in the attic, to the recreation room on a lower floor, with the pool and foosball tables shoved to one corner out of camera shot.

    At least the audience had swollen to, oh, 20, maybe 25, and to be fair, were more challenging than earlier Dugdale and Rennie groups.

    My Better Together Bingo card lay unscored at my side.

    We were discussing grown up GE UK issues here, once Glenn had slapped her down for nearly wandering off into NS/SNP Bad territory.

    I return to the use of the first person plural ‘we’.

    On Brexit, Ruth referred to herself constantly as ‘we’, being part of a group of others who have been developing Brexit Plans behind doors, meetings with businesses, Trades Unions, and so on.

    She has developed the Treeza non answer technique, but remembered to ditch the ‘I am very clear’ opening employed by May when she rambles and refuses to answer any question about anything.

    Davidson managed to talk a lot, and say nothing. Brexit, the Rape Clause, the Disabled punished and the rich enriched.
    She had answers to none of the questions put to her.

    Try as he might, Glenn was getting nothing out of her, and neither was the mild mannered audience, clearly bitterly frustrated by Davidson’s bland nothingness.

    She is now the rounded cold eyed Tory, who is developing megalomaniac tendencies.

    She used ‘we’ a lot, inferring that she is involved at low level WM Policy making, which she most certainly is not.

    But that doesn’t stop her.
    It was: ‘we’ are going to get the best deal for ‘the country’ possible, with Free Trade and Movement, and all the stuff that the EU negotiators have already warned May that she will not be allowed to ‘cherry pick’.

    Ruth was in a wee ‘we’ world of her own during the session.

    Rape Clause? No answer. Cuts in disability ? No answer. And so on.

    Some of the Tory WM candidates’ leaflets declare that the Hopeful is ‘Ruth Davidson’s Candidate.’

    I am Ruth Davidson’s bitch.

    Has she finally tipped over the edge?

    Poor Glenn was disappointed that time had flown by so quickly, aye right.

    The Blue Tories; the party with no answers or moral justification for any of their ugly perverse assault on society and our least fortunate; of that, this perpendicular pronoun is very very clear.

    Fill your boots with Nicola tomorrow night, Glenn.

    • I started to watch it but my wife changed channel after five minutes so that I did not break our lively new big telly. I less polite circles I could hear a punter mumble ‘wan**r’.

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