A few bits and pieces

I’m off to Thurso tomorrow as part of The National’s Roadshow events, and will be speaking at the Weigh Inn, Burnside, Thurso KW14 7UG from 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm. The event is free, so if you’re at the top end of the mainland, please come along and meet the National’s editor, me, and of course the dug. During the day you can speak to the National’s staff at the Caithness Horizons Museum, from where The National will also be hosting a series of live interviews.

The following day I’ll be speaking for The National Roadshow again, this time in Orkney. Like the Caithness event, the Orkney event is free and open to all and has been organised by those lovely people at Yes Orkney. It’s taking place at the St Magnus Centre in Kirkwall from 7.30 pm and I’ll be giving a talk along with Callum Baird, the editor of The National. Naturally the canine star of the show will be there to shake paws with his public. During the day from 12 noon The National will host a stall at the top of Castle Street, next to The Reel live music venue.

Because I’ll be away doing some speaking events that involve overnight stays and long drives, there won’t be any blog articles for the next few days. In the meantime, here’s a couple of snippets to help keep you amused.

Journey to Yes Number 17 – AC Grayling

One of the UK’s leading intellectuals, Professor A.C. Grayling is Master of the New College of the Humanities, and a Supernumerary Fellow of St Anne’s College, Oxford. Anthony has written and edited over thirty books on philosophy and other subjects. Anthony is a leading campaigner for human rights and Vice President of the British Humanist Association.
Anthony was one of the leading intellectual voices who strongly argued for maintaining the union in the Scottish independence referendum of 2014. His argument was based on the strong historical role and cultural bonds Scotland had within the union. However, the UK’s vote to leave the EU changes everything and Anthony now believes Scotland, faced with being dragged out against its will, has every right to choose the path of self-determination if Brexit goes ahead. Scotland could flourish and independence may even bring about a much needed reform of English politics.
Learn more about A.C. Grayling and his work at

The Indy App National Tour

by Jason Baird

The National Yes Registry, in conjunction with participating local members, are holding our second nationwide Tour of the Groups. Are you interested in how the grass-roots are coming together in preparation for Independence campaigning? Want to know how we are getting ready? Why not come along to your local event… all are welcome!

The IndyApp is the NYR’s concrete response to the many practical problems commonly encountered at grass-root level by Yessers during the heat of IndyRef1. The way that IndyApp helps tackle those problems will have strategic and tactical benefits in how we fight any new ScotRef campaign, both at local group level and at national movement level too.

So, these tour meetings are designed to start marking out where we think those campaigning benefits are, and encourage everyone to get involved in exploring how best to identify and fully exploit every new opportunity created by the IndyApp as a network.

Purpose of each Meeting: To help everyone collectively understand the networking platform tool The Indy App. We will show how the current version allows communication between individual members of a group, communication as a group and finally, communication between all groups at a national level. This system of communication is the bedrock of our grass-root network and is ready for all groups to start using now.

We will also discuss how to use the platform to initiate your campaigns. How it can help organise those campaigns across the full group network and within local communities (as well as across them nationally). This will include open floor discussions on the practical campaigning functions of the platform, such as the forums, resource archives and committee rooms. All currently under development and central to the next download version of the IndyApp.

We welcome questions direct from the audience throughout the tour and encourage everybody's feedback. This process is essential to tailoring the IndyApp to the needs of all its grass-root members. So, if your group would like to hold a meeting on any of the Free Dates, please contact Jason on info@nationalyesregistry.scot as soon as possible.

For full details on listed events, please visit each group’s facebook page or contact each group direct via the IndyApp. To download your IndyApp Free, visit https://chuffed.org/project/indyapp scroll down and click iOS or Android We would like to thank the participating groups for all their hard work and enthusiasm in setting up each local event. Everyone interested in advancing the grass-root Indy movement are most welcome to attend, there’s lots to talk about…



Journey to Yes, 16 : The Economy

The latest in Phantom Power’s Journey to Yes series.  This is the 16th in the series and the second of the Sector episodes, this time dealing with the vital issue of the economy and taxation. This episode is perhaps one of the most important and raises crucial issues for the independence movement.

Richard Murphy is a political economist, author, chartered accountant and one of the world’s leading thinkers on tax and how it can change society. He advises the Trades Union Congress on economics and taxation, and a long-standing member of the Tax Justice Network. Richard is Professor of Practice in International Political Economy at City University.

Just 10 years ago it was difficult to take the idea of Scottish independence seriously. Now Richard sees leaving the UK as the only way for Scotland to reach its full economic and human potential. In this special extended episode Richard discusses the economic forces powering the Yes movement, dismantles the case for GERS and looks at the key issues of currency, investment and taxation that must be addressed to win the independence argument. The prize is a better Scotland.

Richard’s Blog:
Richard’s fascinating book on the power of tax for a fairer society