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  3. Corbyn, the Valentine Michael Smith of England. A Stranger in a Strange Land indeed.
    Lovely whimsy stroll through the Eve of Destruction.
    Cheered me up and saddened me in equal measures.

  4. At over half an hour, way too long? Many times it collapsed under the weight of its own too-long sentenced script or was this parody? (who cares self-referencing yawn) . I could only do 20 minutes and then go to work. Which is a shame, because i enjoyed the gathered together gallery of rogues.

    Couldn’t help but think of Orwell’s Winston in the Victory cafe watching Oceania’s tanks in the endless war on the screen. There – that took all of a few seconds to convey that image.

    Have a nice day y’all.

    • You may have a point, Paul. But then again, I am a retired Baby Boomer, with plenty of spare time.
      I welcome all efforts to get a message across, even the farcical BBC and STV interviews with the Three Nonentities, Davidson, Dugdale and Rennie.
      They certainly got their message across.
      “Although the GE has nothing to do with us, it’s beyond our paygrade, we can lie our heads off, and we hate the fucking SNP and Nicola Sturgeon is a bitch. BTW we are also stark raving Loon Yoons.”
      My stab at a precis of their Better Together message.
      This election will go down in the annals. The year England completely lost its head.

    • I’ve sat through all SIX interviews foisted upon us by the BBC and STV with Dugdale Davidson and Rennie,now.
      Where do I pick up my merit badge?
      We can but laugh at the English Parties’ allegations of BBC bias Up Here.
      Our MSM do not have that problem.
      They are a unified anti Independence bloc, unashamedly, openly, and proudly united in flooding our airwaves and print media with Unionist Propaganda porn.

      Dugdale faced up to Ponsonby last night, and whined and moaned her way through twenty minutes of insane rambling, like a fifteen year old whose Daddy forbad her from having Justin Beiber tattooed on her forearm.
      The Fucking £15 billion deficit lie got an airing, and Ponsonby just let it pass. It he was within seconds of giving in and giving her the address of a Tattoo parlour.

      To all Labour supporters in Scotland,
      New Labour Dugdale denied Ponsonby’s direct quotable evidence that Corbyn would be more amenable in dealing with the SNP in the event of a hung Parliament.
      No he wouldn’t, screams Dugdale, but this spoilt little woman, ears tattoo-less, screeched wildly that she would NEVER do a deal with the SNP, but would go into bed with the Tories to increase the chances of Tory Gains in Scotland…she is as mad as housefly banging its head off the inside of my kitchen window.
      I nodded off, as my still alert brain filtered her nonsense out of my attentional span.

      God help Labour in Scotland if you allow this wildly irrational woman to remain as your ‘leader’.

      • The silly wee bitch is so insanely jealous of Nicola that she’s blinded to the fact that, by her words and actions, far from damaging Nicola (who is just as popular as she ever was) she is damaging her own party in Scotland and helping Theresa May to a big majority!

  5. Just read Severin Carrell’s rumour-piece in the Guardian on the SNP’s cash for votes. On the same day as the Tory candidate for South Thanet is charged with election fraud at the last GE!! Jeez…

  6. Just fantastic. Funny, sad, truthful. It’s how history is written, who tells it, what they record. This is a very good overall summing up of the past 100 or so years of UKok imperialism.

    Thanks, I will donate when funds allow asap.

  7. Like previous comments, I found this incredibly funny but also heartbreaking. It’s quite shocking how much damage has been done to our country and yet so many people are happy to forget or remain ignorant to what has happened. The media tycoons have done a brilliant job at twisting the facts and brain washing the masses. Why have we not had a revolution? Why are we allowing this to continue? Am I being pessimistic but it still feels like the establishment and their media pals have the upper hand. When is everyone going to wake up?

  8. Ps) I have made a donation and will continue to do so when I can afford it. Please keep up the great work! It is so refreshing to see a different take on what is happening by intelligent, thought provoking artists such as yourselves.
    I will be forwarding it to everyone I know! 👍🏼

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