Journey to Yes 14, Farming

Hilary and Carey say Yes. Help this series continue @ Hilary and Carey are organic farmers in South Lanark who voted No in 2014 and are now passionate Yes and SNP supporters. They are amongst 67,000 people directly employed in Scottish agriculture. The sector manages 80% of Scotland’s land mass and a further 360,000 jobs (1 in 10 of all Scottish jobs) are dependent on agriculture. Scotland’s farming community are in the frontline of damage done by the Brexit result and Hilary and Carey now face the possibility of losing their livelihood. Hilary and Carey believed the Better Together campaign’s promises about staying in EU and now see belief in ourselves and the country we want to be as the way forward. Increasingly angered by Labour and the Conservative Government’s mishandling of the Brexit vote and aftermath they see a bleak future for farming under Tories who do not understand or care about Scottish farming but will use Brexit as licence to return devolved powers back to Westminster – a plan cynically implemented and rubberstamped by Ruth Davidson and David Mundell. Hilary and Carey discuss the potentially devastating impact of exiting the EU with no long term plan could have on farming and how Scotland must seize self-determination to prevent a new wave of clearances.

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  2. Not normally a group that gets much sympathy from the public. This is a good film if you watch it to the end. I never thought about the CAP as a subsidy essentially to shoppers which has a role in food security. I suppose that like so much of the EU, we have been fed a line for years which turns out to actually be crap.

  3. I like all these videos, but this one in particular because it’s Fluffy’s constituency and I so want him to lose his seat.

  4. davidbsb
    3rd June:

    CAP a subsidy to shoppers? More like a subsidy to retail: an excuse to bear down on producers and leave the giant stores with a clean conscience. Shoppers can be mopped up by multinational food processors / supply chain.

  5. To Hillary and Carey thank you so so much for coming out in favour of Indy as a as a hill farmer myself in the northeast of Scotland I am desperately worried about the loss of EU support,it’s hard enough to make ends meet with it.i know that the impression of farmers is of Range Rover driving Tories but the vast majority of the backbone of Scottish farming are small family livestock farms.Many of my friends family and neighbours are supporters of independance WE ARE NOT alone thanks again.

    • Lets hope the rest of the Scottish farmers see it as well and the rest of the fishermen to because the torys will sell anyone out for there own gain everyones trash in there eyes to be used and thrown away the English are no exception yet scotland is treated even worse time we took back control scotland belongs only to those who live here no matter the race religion or creed time we make those imperial asshats like may mundell Davis etc remember that

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  6. This why i say to never trust the English the torys in england dont give a damn about us up here this could cause a food shortage and knowing mundells there mp i really feel sorry for them no one deserves that traitor as there mp sooner we are free the better we getting screwed out of everything by English mps who dont really care for the English people so why they scared of us telling them get out your fired

  7. Welcome Hilary and Carey *Waves*

    Well said on all counts.

    I’m the other end of the same region, but this one really does hit home family wise. Mrs M was raised a crofter in Argyll and needless to say most of the family and in laws are still crofters and farmers. Most, so far as I’m aware, firm pro YES.

    You’re not alone in your concern over what happens to agricultural policy and powers once repatriated. You’re not alone in your belief over the intent of of CAP and of what will replace it. Absolutely you’re not alone in your belief that it is the landowner/tenant, those who work and care for the land who will next feel the betrayal of central government and may well prove pivotal in the constitutional issue.

    I certainly believe Westminster will make a power grab for both agricultural competence and fisheries. 2020, the date of review for subsidies and of course supposedly post Brexit conclusion, is not so very far away. Worrying times for sure, but be aware that the tide is turning and we can still have a say.

    Pretty crucial the vote gets out next week and does what we all need it to do. It doesn’t get much more important than this.


    • All we are is stepping stones to these imperial asshats like may and Co glad the votes still thursday time to show the torys people and nations are not there toys

    • Agree the Westminster will do a power grab if Tories are still in. Says so in their manifesto regarding centralising of powers. I know a couple of farm land owners and they are definitely SNP and YES people. One moved to the cause only after Brexit. “Better the security of the devil you know” is his sentiments.

  8. Hey ho 5:30 on a Sunday morning last two cows calved last week but I’m finding it difficult to get out of calving hours, fed up with hearing about how we’ve to embrace brexit and be like New Zealand and have 10 months of grazing we,re lucky if we have 10 weeks if Indy doesn’t come I’d like to go and live there I hope they take in ageing fermers come on the all blacks!

  9. I consider food subsidy to be the wrong term. The population needs security of food supply, farmers need security of income. Bad weather, be it drought or storms for the arable farmer, disease for the livestock farmer will jeopardise his/her income. And so farmers need security of income. We don’t subsidise the NHI nor education, we pay via taxes, and so we must support farming.

    An issue that needs investigation; The “big boys” buy in bulk beyond their needs at low prices as the producer is content to sell enough cover his outlay. Next along come the middle-sized buyers and the producer astutely increases his prices to earn profit – supply and demand. And finally the small business buyer faces premium prices for artifically scarce resources, buying from either the original producer or the “big boys” from their surplus, at inflated prices.

    Another issue is the old colonial trick. Buy in bulk, package the produce sweetly, and then sell it on. No value added, just profiting via packaging

  10. So much of EU money for land/quasi-agriculture goes to those who do not FARM? Did I not read an article somewhere, where Boris Johnson boasted that he received EU payments for owning a piece of land? Or, the like of Dyson (of ‘vaceous’ fame) are buying up agricultural land (to avoid inheritance tax) thus, taking land away from prospective young farmers. He will in all probability be receiving an additional income from the EU at the moment,
    (until at least to the end of the Brexit negotiations?). Tory policy will eventually force the hard working farmers to visit ‘food banks’!

  11. wow is me…when they came for the poor, no one stood to defend them, when they came for the sick, no one was there to defend them. NOW LOOK….they have come for me…… is me, oh wow is me.

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