The Scottish Tories’ self-harming obsession

Only two days to go now, and then the general election that no one wanted will all be over. It’s been the most dishonest election in memory, and some of us can still remember Tony Blair and Margaret Thatcher. This is the election that no one wanted, and this is the election that will seal the UK’s demise. We’re standing on the edge of the white cliffs and the Tories are about to push us all off as Theresa May sticks up two fingers to the world.

The Scottish Conservatives will most likely gain some seats in this election, although they don’t deserve to. They will have won them by lying, cheating, and spending money they’ve received from secret donors. They will have won them by pretending that a vote in this election is able to change history, to undo a bill that’s already been passed by the Scottish Parliament respecting a mandate that was won in the Holyrood election of 2016. The Scottish Conservatives hide behind the politics of opposition to another referendum in order to distract attention from the very real and painful divisions that their policies have created, divisions of inequality, divisions of lack of opportunity, divisions of deprivation and despair. They hide behind opposition to a referendum because it means they don’t have to talk about austerity, they don’t have to defend their appalling record on social injustice.

What use is a Tory MP going to be to you if you have an issue with the bedroom tax? It’s a Tory policy. What use is a Tory MP going to be to you if you have been unfairly and capriciously sanctioned? It’s a Tory policy. What use is a Tory MP going to be to you if you’re facing many extra years of low paid work before you are eligible for a pension? It’s a Tory policy. Working class people who vote Conservative because they don’t want another independence referendum is like voting for a horde of brain eating zombies because you’re unhappy with the low life expectancy of parts of the East End of Glasgow. Has it not occurred to them that if there is another independence referendum they’re perfectly free to vote No? The Tories want to deprive everyone of having a choice.

The Tories campaign on a lie. They claim that the independence referendum was divisive, nasty, and ill-tempered, that it divided families, tore friendships apart. They lie. Democracy by definition means disagreement, and the peaceful resolution of those disagreements at the ballot box. That’s exactly what happened in Scotland in 2014. The only casualty on the independence side was Jim Murphy’s egg besplattered shirt. The violence that did occur came from the Unionists. If Ruth Davidson claims that she doesn’t want another referendum because of the divisiveness and nastiness it caused, she’s talking about the nastiness and divisiveness of her own side and it’s her responsibility to keep that in check. But all her party has done since 2014 is to cosy up to the neanderthal element in Scottish society. They don’t call the Scottish Tories the Jaffa Party for nothing, because they’ve got an orangey bit in the middle.

The only reason we are where we are now is because the Unionist parties didn’t fulfil their part of the bargain, they didn’t fulfil the promises and commitments that they made to the people of Scotland in order to win that no vote. Ruth Davidson wants her party and her Westminster to be freed from the constraints of democracy, to be beyond accountability. It’s a profoundly cynical and undemocratic position.

It’s insane to vote Tory to avoid the supposed divisions of a referendum campaign when a Tory vote only legitimises far worse, far deeper, far more painful and lasting divisions, the divisions between rich and poor, between have and have-not, between hope and despondency. It’s insane to vote Tory in order to avoid the uncertainties of an independence referendum when the Tories will plunge us into the certainty of the damage and destruction of a planless and clueless hard Brexit.

And to their utter shame, Labour in Scotland have all too often nudge nudge and wink winked with the Tories in informal agreements to defeat the SNP. A Labour party whose priority is not to defeat the Conservatives is a Labour party in name only. It’s a sham of a party, a disgrace to the labour movement, a stain on the proud history of the left wing movement. If Labour doesn’t prioritise fighting against the Tories there is no point to their existence. They deserve to lose their last Westminster seat. They deserve to be removed from the face of Scottish politics, because they’re a distraction, they’re useful idiots for Theresa May and Ruth Davidson.

The Tories in the rest of the UK have been every bit as dishonest as their Scottish counterparts. Theresa May tells us that she’d walk away without a deal with the EU, no deal is better than a bad deal she claims. But no deal is a bad deal. No deal is the worst deal of all. The only deal worse than no deal would be to sell off the entire population into the slave armies of alien overlords and condemn us all to a future of endless serfdom, although to be honest that’s pretty much the Conservatives’ plan for the economy after Brexit anyway. No deal isn’t like walking away from a purchase in a market. No deal means massive queues at ports as exports are delayed. No deal means massive disruption to the economy, it means hundreds of thousands of families living with uncertainty and the fear of deportation. No deal means a return to the empty supermarket shelves and collapsing country of the 1970s.

But here’s the good news. However well the Conservatives do in Scotland in this election they can’t win it. Even if the worst predictions of the polls are borne out, polls which are all over the place and are as reliable as blindfolding yourself and throwing a dart at a wall, they will still end up a long way behind the SNP. They’ve put everything into a single slogan, a single policy, a single minded obsession with opposing another independence referendum, and they’re going to lose. After Friday, even if they pick up a dozen seats or more, even if they have gained 10% or more in vote share, they’ll still be a long way behind an SNP which will have convincingly won the election in Scotland, and the Tories will have lost their right to claim that Scotland doesn’t want another referendum. By this time on Friday, the SNP will have won three elections in a row, massively and unequivocally. In any democracy, that’s a mandate.

All the Tory self-harming obsession with opposing another referendum has done is to make one more likely. But they can at least console themselves with the thought that there won’t be a third independence referendum. Because we’re going to win the next one.

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0 thoughts on “The Scottish Tories’ self-harming obsession

  1. At least we know the better together voters are all in the one party, a party majority of scots hate ,It,s only a matter of time until we have 51% majority

  2. Amen to all that, Paul, but I have other concerns.

    I have one of the hardest-working SNP MPs and yet she seems to be coming under pressure from BLiS______d. Their candidate just arrived at my door but his response to my questions (Trident/Labour voting with Tories/abstaining/ coalition with Tories in councils/NL Labour sacking classroom assistants and closing breakfast clubs/Scottish Labour opposing Corbyn und so weiter) could be reduced to “I don’t know about that, I’ve just newly come into politics” with a Bambi Face.

    Twister, and deeply unconvincing, but the false dawn of Corbyn and his new shiny socialism may seduce some away from the SNP.

    My hope is that BLiS______d and the Unspeakables cancel each other out and the SNP benefits.

    Christ, don’t they remember Jimmy (“Like my Jag?”) Hood?

  3. I was making this very point – about the Tory lie and the utterly divisive nature of Tory politics – in the festering sewer that is the Time OnLine today. Someone was bleating about how Nicola – and Alex – are a divisive element in Scottish politics. Give me strength!

    Tory policy is about division from start to finish, for Pete’s sake! They cynically and deliberately set out to divide rich from poor, well from ill, WASP from immigrant, ignorant from educated … the list goes on ad infinitum, ad nauseam! Just about the only thing any of them seem to remember from their expensive, private education is the old maxim of “Divide and conquer”!

    If folk would just use the brains they were born with, they would see that this is our last hope of showing once and for all that the undemocratic, divisive and downright nasty politics now paramount in Westminster are NOT what Scotland – or the Scots – are about and we will not tolerate it any longer!

    • I don’t really care if she’s suffering from Paris Syndrome or not, the way she’s been during this election is absolutely ridiculous and she’s not fit to lead the country.

  4. What have they spent all that money on?. Those 16+ road signs on the A75 must have 22c gold lettering on them. I’ve had a couple of leaflets – both saying No to 2nd indyref and nothing else and I haven’t seen one Tory canvasser anywhere near. Local SNP activists have been out and about – some nearly every day since the election was announced. Majority of their leaflets delivered by hand by the willing foot soldiers pounding the streets in an effort to keep the Tories out. If we don’t get our local MP back in it won’t be for lack of trying – and anyone who votes for the Tory multi-millionaire instead of the good guy is a moron.(As is anyone in Moray who votes for the absentee referee instead of the dedicated and brilliant Angus Robertson). I’d dearly like to see Mairi McAllan defeat Fluffy too and may try to blag my way into the count in case she gives us a Portillo moment – that would be almost as good as a Yes vote. Not sure the wee blue rinsers and their grand gents will drop their devotion to Mundell though. As for any Labour voters who vote Tory -they are worse than the lifetime working class Tory voters and they deserve the shock they will get when the Tory cuts hit them. Just a shame the rest of us have to suffer too. This time. if they come greetin’ – I will be saying “I told you so” – nae haudin back.

    • Of all the SNP MPs I bet May wants rid of Angus most, he’s been such a thorn in her side at Westminster!

      • Oh aye angus shows may for what she is and now to fight terrorists may willing to rip up our human rights so shes a coward liar robber arms dealer and now Could be the 2nd pm to become a terrorist the last one was also a tory Edward heath who in 1972 escalation of the troubles in northern Ireland which is dubbed bloody Sunday

  5. The simple fact is, there is a big percentage of people living in Scotland would rather see a Tory government then an Independent Scotland, Ruth the Big mouth fought her campaign on Independence and not on one single policy that would help Jobs education, NHS, that says a lot for the people on the face of it call them self’s Scots. You can choose your friends but you cant choose your neighbors.

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  7. It’s Scottish democracy v Tory narrative. Its selflessness v self interest. Inclusion v exclusion. Tolerance v intolerance.

    This is where 300 and odd years plus change has always been headed. The next two ballots in our journey are perhaps the most important in our history. The choices we face will define us to the world. It’s more important than flags and the surface cosmetics of statehood. It’s more important than party politics. These ballots are about who we are as people. What we sign our name to. Where we stand on social justice and true unity with like minded souls across the globe.

    What KIND of country do we want to live in? What legacy do we wish to leave to future generations and to the world at large?

    Those who are familiar with this site and a host of other indy sites KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt who we are and what we stand for. We know beyond a shadow of a doubt what the Tories of all shades are and what they stand for. What they’ve done to protect their hegemony. What they’ve done to our politics, our communities, our families.

    They cannot and must not be allowed to win.

    You know what is at stake. You know what they intend for our democracy.

    Get Your Vote Out.

    • Sam, there is a mighty storm brewing.
      Even if the SNP/Greens returned 45 MPs, thus confirming the democratic will of the Scottish People in three straight elections, the unionists, backed by the Dead Tree Scrolls and the Broadcasters would still argue that Black was White.
      I heed you exhortation with bells on.
      Even if you intend voting Labour, Lib Dem, or Independent.
      ‘Get your vote Out’.
      Even if you have to crawl to the Polling Station on your hands and knees. We must stop the Madness of Queen Treeza.
      Supplies in, emergency generator fuelled up.
      Bring on the empty horses!

    • Oh no not the postal vote geez Douglas didnt you learn from sept 2014 they can be tampered with thats why i go to the polling station everytime oh dont forget your pens on Thursday for those of us going out to vote never use pencil it can be rubbed out use pens take no chances with these imperial asshats they are getting desperate if that debate on stv was anything to go by

    • Same for me. Had a cracking argument with Tory canvassers yesterday. Enjoyed hitting them with facts about Tory rule.

  8. ‘But here’s the good news. However well the Conservatives do in Scotland in this election they can’t win it.’

    And here’s the bad news (as most here, incl you will know). Whatever happens the media will spin it into a HUGE Conservative/Unionist/anti-SNP/anti-Referendum/anti-Independence win and those of us who don’t pay attention to politics or who don’t use the internet for politics/news will swallow it whole.

    I have some very switched on friends on Facebook but if I post a video of my dog playing on the beach it will get dozens of ‘likes’; when I post something political e.g Rape Clause, sanctions, terrorism hypocrisy etc it will get virtually nil. I may even find myself having a conversation days later about the particular subject to which my friend will say ‘Oh my goodness I never knew that!’

    The elite want an uneducated, apathetic, disinterested populace. It suits their agenda.

    I despair.

    Apologies for the negativity.

    • Same problem for me letting people know facts they were unaware about. I asked them if they can read in the end their knowledge was so poor.

    • You are so right (as in correct, that is)! The last thing the political establishment in Wastemonster want is a well-educated electorate, capable of analytical thought. Hence their thinly-disguised assault on the education system south of the border and their steely determination to ensure that only the wealthy will be able to afford a University education from now on. Can’t have ‘Hoi-Polloi’ thinking for themselves, now can we?

  9. I watched the STV ‘Leaders’ ‘ Debate last night, which, like all the other broadcasted ‘debates’ from Scottish outlets was not a ‘Leaders’ ‘ event at all.

    Nicola Sturgeon was there.

    After all, she is Leader of the SNP, and earned her right to be there, and indeed would have been branded a coward, if she had not submitted herself to the quite intense scrutiny of the press, and more importantly, the electorate, over the past 6 weeks.

    And , by the Chief, the Scottish and English Establishment have certainly thrown everything at her.

    She has been grilled by the British Inquisition: She’s had the bell, book, and candle thrown at her. They need to improve their aim.

    Neil, Marr, Brewer, Robertson, Bird, Snow, Smith, Wark, Campbell, and a ‘Sewer’ (thanks for the collective noun, Derek Bateman) of Unionist hacks and EssEnnPee BAD propagandists have all tried to put the boot in, often mob handed.

    Sunday Politics, Daily Politics, Scotland Tonight, the Andrew Marr Show, Newsnight, Sky News, have all had a go, and failed miserably to give her a ‘doin’ ‘ .

    (As an aside, speaking of ‘doin’s ‘, I note that Ian Davidson, fresh with dyed black moustache, looking every inch the Thompson Twin with a ‘p’ of Herge’s Tin Tin fame, is standing in the Borders. How is the BAE Frigate order for Govan going now that we voted No, Ian?)

    The clutch of BBC PQ Unionist Propaganda Unit favourites, Carrell, Clegg, Uncle Tom of Herald Britland, Torrance, Massie, and well, the Usual well paid long list of Suspects who have relentlessly attacked her, and the BAD SNP, have not laid a glove on this remarkable woman.

    May calling a snap GE caught them all on the hop.

    I can imagine the MSM and the Unionist Parties holding an emergency meeting.
    Mundell, Carmichael, and Murray are political poison.
    At all costs, they mustn’t be exposed to public scrutiny.

    What to do?

    Someone in the overflowing conference room came up with the bright idea of putting forward the Tory Queen of Scotland, the unelected List MSP Red Tory Branch Manager Dugdale, and the Bus Driver Rennie, as the ‘leaders’ of Westminster Parties .

    It is our democratic right that Sturgeon present herself to be publicly held to account for her stewardship. After all, her party has 56 MPs defending their seats, and contesting the remaining 3.

    Although ably and quite forcefully supported by some of her WM MPs, including but by no means exclusively, the Unsinkable Angus Robertson, and the remarkable Joanne Cherry QC, Sturgeon, who was openly insulted last night, (‘Saint Nicola’, with venom, ‘That Woman’, with venom) has never faltered, and turned up when invited and sat through some alarmingly hostile snide grillings and insults, and has never once flinched, or shown signs of cynicism or insincerity. They haven’t been able to lay a glove on her.

    Mundell, the Secretary of State for Scotland, Frenchgate Carmichael, and former SoS, and Murray, who has been ostracised by his own WM Party and wasn’t even considered for the Shadow SoS job, are the three Unionist MPs seeking re-election.

    They are political jobsworths. They are nowhere to be seen.

    It must be the first General Election in History anywhere in the civilised world where the Parties who hold the thick end of 550 seats out of 650 have been allowed to ‘hide from’ 4 million or so of the electorate in an Unspoken Pact between the Establishment Oligarchy, Public Broadcasters, the Dead Tree Scrolls, with the endorsement of the Wealthy Elite, Big Business and the Masters of the Money Universe.

    Hence the Better Together Three Stooges got to front the Unionist Cause Up Here.
    They have argued long and hard that their Branch Offices are autonomous, but have tied themselves in knots over the past month defending the ridiculously contradictory policies set out in their ‘Scottish’ manifestos.

    Dugdale’s contortions over Trident, Federalism, a penny in the pound tax, scrapping the Barnett formula, and Rennie’s idiotic ‘£15 billion’ non-existent deficit, ‘150,000 college places cut by the BAD EssEnnPee’, ‘mental health’,’ £500 million more on Education’, a penny on the pound income tax, but not the same penny in the pound which the REAL Leader of the UK Lib Dems is proposing,

    And Ruth, the Tory Queen of Scotland, whose ‘Ruth Davidson’s Party’ has somehow broken away from May’s Far Right Fascisti, who turned to a pillar of salt last night under the scrutiny of the others on the Rape Clause, the Dementia Tax, and 20,000 police sacked in Merrie England.

    She turned back and gazed on the Sodom and Gomorrah that is Westminster and froze.
    Lot’s wife is not named in the Bible. Perhaps her name was Ruth.

    Suddenly Blue Tory MPs elected in Scotland would be hidebound by EVEL.

    They would be part-timers, who would fill in their expenses claims when Parliament debated the Security threat to these isles.
    They’d be singing in the members’ bar on Karaoke Night when the House debated Welfare Reform and more cuts.
    The Bedroom Tax, the Dementia Tax, the Rape Clause, the savage cuts to police, fire, A&E, border controls wasn’t Ruth’s fault.

    It was happening in England, and after all she was only a Branch Manager in the Scottish Parish Council. She could hardly be called to book over the Big-Bad-Woman-Did-It-And-Ran-Away’s policies. Blame Big T, not me.

    It was a far cry from her equally farcical ‘Ask the Leader’ BBC cosy wee blether with Glenn Campbell on a window sill in Pacific Quay.

    Then she spoke as though she were at the heart of Government Down There.
    She used the first person plural personal pronoun.

    She declared that ‘we’ were doing to get the best Brexit Deal for Britain.
    Mundell couldn’t even get in to make the tea for the Brexit committee, but Ruth assured us all that ‘we’ have a clear plan, and that it would all be right on the night.

    Last night, she was exposed for what she is. A junior politician in her Tory Party, who came a lamentable second in last Year’s Holyrood Election, and who lies unashamedly when challenged.

    The WM Government will not restore the 200 mile fishing zone and devolve fishing to the Scottish Government. The official Brexit stance is to try to remain within the EU Common Fisheries Policiy.

    But hey, say anything, you might get away with it.

    I firmly believe that we are headed for a hung parliament now.

    If you are reading this, I’m fairly sure that you are committed to go out and vote tomorrow, and that many of you will vote for pro Independence candidates.

    This will probably be our last UK GE.

    And it IS a UK General Election, not a mock run of Indyref 2.

    If you vote Tory, you are endorsing the Blue Tories assault on society, and the ultimate destruction of the Social Contract.
    The young, disabled, infirm, elderly, low to middle income workers, ordinary families, will all be punished by a systematic transfer of more wealth to the richest, from the already politically engineered stretched resources and incomes of the majority of UK citizens.

    You will be voting to leave the EU, and sit isolated in the Atlantic, a colony of Fortress England.

    I have no doubt that Labour and the Lib Dems want to defeat theTories’.
    The irony is that there is an ‘Anyone But The Tories’ impetus gathering momentum in the closing stages of the campaign.

    I therefore urge those who may not vote SNP or Green, to get out and vote, Labour, Lib Dem, or the Monster Raving Loons, and help us stop the Madness of May in its tracks.

    It will possibly be the last time we will act in unison within the dying UK.

    Finally, whatever you do, don’t spit in the soup.

  10. “Ruth Davidson wants her party and her Westminster to be freed from the constraints of democracy, to be beyond accountability. It’s a profoundly cynical and undemocratic position.”

    Merely acting as an echo chamber for her boss in Westminster. A full three quarters of the only local Tory leaflet we have had in our locale in Yorkshire during this campaign features Theresa May and includes the following passage:

    “● Build a more secure and united nation by taking action against extremists who try to divide our society and Standing up to the separatists who want to break up our country.”

    Analysing that single bullet point alone would fill reams. The “seperatists” is clearly a reference to Scottish Independence supporters who are being told without any subtlety that Scotland is not, can not and will not ever be a country in its own right as per the two equal States in the 1707 Act. Nor will Scotland ever be allowed that status while the Unionists have a breath in their body.

    They would rather themselves and everyone else die than concede Scottish Independence from “Their Country.” In much the same way they are openly prepared to sanction a first strike Nuclear attack which will wipe out all life on the planet so they can be seen as the biggest, baddest and bestest.

    Because that’s what WATP means. It’s the very essence of that position and mindset.

    It will be argued that the “extremists” reference is tightly defined to mean the Islamist terrorists who are in fact funded by Theresa ‘s friends in the Gulf and whom Theresa herself, her immediate family and the Tory Party benefit from. Yet we have all witnessed and experienced to some degree or other the mission creep which leads to the elasticity of the definition of that term.

    Where anti terror legislation is used against civil protest against particular policies or utilised to spy on individuals to catch them out putting the wrong rubbish in the wrong bin etc etc. Where the definition of “extremist” is extended to include anti-fracking or whatever issue those making the decisions with our votes in their back pockets want it to mean to whip the peasants into line.

    Some of the PLP down here in RumpUK, mainly from the so called Progress (sic) section of the Party, are unfortunately little different. Wanting to separate, according to the Daily Telegraph, if Corbyn stays on after, in their view, losing. So we have to put up with letters sent out to local known Lib Dem voters begging them to vote for the local so called Labour candidates from this cargo cult Blair faction who seem to be standing as individual independent candidates under a small Labour banner promising to hold the Tories to account when they get back on Thursday.

    Letters containing the following extracts:


    “In the last few weeks I have met many previous Labour voters who, this time round, are giving serious thought to voting for another party or not voting at all.

    Many of them think we need a strong government at this time of change and uncertainty. I understand that, and I agree.”……..

    ………”it is clear the Conservatives are going to win a big majority – perhaps with more MPs than ever before.”…..

    ……….Theresa May is certain to be re-elected as Prime Minister”………

    ……..”When you come to vote on 8th June I hope you will give me your support as a strong and independent member of parliament.”…….

    …….In this seat it really is neck and neck now: just a handful of votes could make all the difference. If you support me I promise not to let you down.”


    I’m advised that our local RT candidate has told one canvassed voter that “Jeremy Corbyn is not going to be Prime Minister” and that May will win on Thursday.

    One question I do have and would appreciate some feedback on. In the event of their being a ‘hung parliament’ would it be rational for the Labour Party to attempt to form a Government in partnership/alliance with the SNP knowing full well that Government will collapse the moment independence comes about?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Dave, thanks for news from the People’s Republic of Yorkshire.
      Blair’s New Labour spawn are behind the arras, ready to reappear if old age or electoral failure halts the Corbyn Carousel.
      The use of ‘extremists’ and ‘separatists’ in the same sentence is common Better Together fare Up Here.
      WE are ‘divisive’, father against son, neighbour against neighbour, and our Dead Tree Scrolls warn of violent conflict if we keep voting for Independence.We are going to end up with an Ulster Thirty Years War if we don’t shut up and get back in our box.
      Apparently we are as much of a threat to the UK as psychopathic nuts who blow themselves up and attack crowds of innocents with machetes.Aye, right.

      Nicola Sturgeon as Deputy Prime Minister? That brought a smile to this wrinkled old puss.
      There will be no formal coalition, Dave.
      Corbyn would limp along with a minority Administration and anticipate that the SNP Greens and Lib Dems would offer their support on a case by case basis.

      No matter how it pans out, all Unionist Parties realise that SNP WM support would be ephemeral, since we shall eventually become Self Governing in the not too distant.

      A thought: we are deliberately starved of ‘real news’ from the ‘Regions’ of England and Wales.
      Perhaps you could become a regular contributor with a ‘Letter from England’ article, along the lines of Alistair Cooke’s ‘Letter from America’?
      Whatever you do, don’t spit in the soup.

      • Thanks for the thought Jack. Seems to me that just as it’s not possible to say that what takes place in Westminster represents what is going on in the rest of these islands it is equally not possible for someone like myself living in one part of what is England (PRSY) to adequately and accurately reflect and represent what is going on down here. Everything seems so atomised.

        From a personal POW, being something of a Groucho Marxist (I would never normally join a club who would accept me as a member) the last 12 months since I bit the bullet and decided to work with the implements available in front of me so to speak has been frustrating. Particularly this last 7 weeks or so. I, along with a number of others locally, are between a rock and a hard place. Having to campaign for a Labour alternative to May and the Conservative and Unionist Party where the sitting candidate is adamant that Corbyn will not win and seems eager to participate in bringing about a self justifying outcome to that end.

        A lot of people I know who are active are really having to grit their teeth to do participate in the face of such disruption from this section of the Party. A difficult position when at the back of your mind there is this nagging thought that, having already signalled via the Daily Telegraph a few weeks back that many of them will sit independently of the Labour whip when, in their view, Corbyn loses and stays on as leader, should Corbyn form any kind of administration they may well do the same anyway. Either walking anyway and denying a Labour Government or undermining it by voting against their own Government on a case by case basis the opposite of any informal arrangement with the SNP/Greens/PC.

        Having run a local campaign based on the Tories are going to be elected come what may please reelect .me and I promise to hold them to account goes well beyond hubris when considered with the fact that May has already declared they will bypass Parliament on everything covered by the Great Repeal Act by instigating the 1539 Statute of Proclamations via the Henry VIII Clause.

        Perhaps, if May fails, and it is June now so perhaps we have seen the last days of May, and Corbyn forms a Government we will see those of this Group who manage to keep their seats reporting back to their Constituencies that as Government back benchers they are damn well holding the Tory Opposition to account. I know I’d buy tickets to watch that conversation.

        My advice. Pull up a deckchair and stock up on popcorn, juice, and some carryout. (Confession; I worked up in Livingstone, with digs in Edinburgh for two weeks just over 20 years ago so I know some of the local language. Anyway, down here in Yorkshire we are not that different from the Scots. It’s just that we happen to have had every ounce of generosity squeezed out of us).

        Gu (Go) steady Jack, as we say down here.

        • Then all the ducks will eat the worms, Dave.
          I happen to know your neck of the woods pretty well. I’ve travelled the Yorkshire countryside selling lucky white heather, wooden clothes pegs, sharpening garden shears and mending pots and pans. Fortune telling I leave to Professor John Curtice, the BBC’s Yoon pollster.
          I have some dear friends in Leeds, Doncaster, Sheffield,and Hull even, who are all by accident of birth Sassenachs, but who are the salt of the earth nonetheless. One of them is even a Supermac Tory, but he now has fled the county and lives in darkest Nottinghamshire.
          I have my essential Survival Pack ready for the Electionathon, and a supply of non threatening wooly balls to throw at the screen as required.
          It is sad that Labour candidates are selling themselves as ‘strong opposition’ in God’s Own Country, having given up on an outright Labour victory. Blair has a lot to answer for.
          I can see the Tory vote collapse dramatically still.
          Anyhoo, thanks for ‘Letter One’ from Ilkley Moor.

          I repeat, don’t spit in the soup.

          • Cracking stuff all round on this blog post.
            “Finally, what ever you do, don’t spit in the soup”.
            O/T, but I know of someone who used to do exactly that, many years ago, when working as a porter in a Country House hotel in the Borders – It wisnae me…
            I would love to say more, but my life long silent insolence prevents me from doing so.

    • Last time it came up, the offer was confidence and supply Dave. I’d reckon it’d probably be along similar lines and very much doubt any formal coalition arrangement would be on the cards.

      On timings and exits? Horse trading and a great deal of negotiation between a number of parties to see out a parliamentary term I’d imagine. The SNP would hopefully supply a solid, disciplined voting block for as long as they attend Westminster and that is what they bring to the table along with their commitment to more socially progressive politics. In whatever period this is over, that’s when Labour could push through the most important legislation on their wish list. When they could count on a good majority to do so.

      That should also buy the Scottish representation a decent amount of quid pro quo and hopefully build bridges with a more socially progressive Labour which have long been in need of repair.

      Labour in Scotland? Probably not so much.

      Anyroads, it’s (a) scenario. What Friday will actually bring will be anyone’s guess about now.

      I’ve never seen a GE like it for swings and roundabouts.

  11. Forgive me, I am English and curious about opinions on Indy 2. This article mentions democracy, Scotland democratically voted to remain part of the UK, is democracy to cry and stamp your feet until you get what you want, if the majority of people in the country voted remain surely their vote should be respected, or is it just to be disregarded and keep having votes until the outcome is favourable.

    Sounds like I am having a dig, I’m not, its your country not mine, just wanted to try and understand the feelings people have, Polls suggest the people of Scotland do not want another referendum, if that’s the case then why have one and also if there were to be another Indy Ref and the vote was to remain given the cost of a referendum, how long should it then be before the process is repeated

    • The vote was ‘no’ due to many factors.
      1. The promises which were made which would be fulfilled if we voted ‘no’. None of these have been met.
      2. The threats which were made if we voted ‘yes’. Many have been carried out.
      3. Hours after the result was announced, David Cameron announced that Scottish MPs would be prevented from voting on matters which a committee decides are purely English.
      4. It has been proven that the postal ballots were rigged.

      In essence, we were betrayed, and then punished. Nobody likes that.

      If a fight is fair, you accept the outcome. If you are knocked to the ground in an unfair fight, you get back up and fight again, this time with more determination.

    • The result of the first Independence Referendum would have stood had the UK not decided to withdraw from the EU. Scottish voters overwhelmingly voted to stay in the EU but, as usual, the weight of votes south of the border prevailed. The Scottish government had a mandate to renegotiate the referendum question “if circumstances changed significantly” from those pertaining after the first Referendum. The failure of the Westminster Government to keep a single one of the promises made to the Scottish people in order to persuade them to vote “No” first time around, coupled with ‘Brexit’, absolutely represent that significant change of circumstances. THAT is why a 2nd referendum is called for.

  12. “In any democracy, that’s a mandate”

    Not in Tory Britain. In Tory Britain, there is NOTHING that would equate such a mandate. So it’s either capitulating, or not playing by their rules anymore. (i.e. – denouncing the need for a Section 30 order as a prerequisite for a *consultative* referendum.

    And I think that’s the root mistake – the SNP should NOT play in a game, and strengthen a narrative, that acknowledges that the decision on whether or not to have a referendum on self determination belongs to anyone aside from the Scottish people (i.e. the Scottish parliament).

    Stop saying it’s a “once in a life time”. It’s a “whenever the Scottish people want to”. Period. Stop treating the referendum as a favour from Westminster. The Scottish people (whether they are for, or against, independence) are the sole owners of this decision, and they’ll make it whenever they want to.

    • Assaf, the Three Unionist parties, in a vainglorious attempt to deflect the Scottish people from their actual draconian manifestos by banging on in three part harmony about stopping a second referendum to Independence, will be hoisted by their own petard tomorrow if we return 40 SNP MPs or more.
      Those who vote SNP tomorrow can be in no doubt that they have been voting for a Party which obligingly Willie, Kez, and Ruth have ‘denounced’ as only having one aim in mind(untrue), Scottish Self Determination.
      So if 66% or more vote SNP, it is clearly ‘the will of the Scottish People.’

      After all a 52% majority Brexit vote is constantly referred to as the ‘will of the British People’.
      ‘The British People have decided to leave the EU’, is a common thread.

      By Friday morning FPTP will be ignored and Ruth Kez and Willie will forget democracy again, and declare that the EssEnnPee ‘do not have a mandate’, which they clearly have, even before we visit the Polling Station tomorrow.
      Many of Dugdale’s Davidson’s and Rennie’s utterings are just the stark staring ravings of mad people.

    • Spot on! Under a re-elected Tory government there will be no democracy – period! They have been itching for an excuse to ditch any pretence of Human Rights in the UK and now they think they have found one. Please, please let us disabuse them of this notion tomorrow!

  13. A referendum should be held when the people want, I whole heartedly agree with that, poles (if they can be trusted) are currently showing the majority of people do not want another referendum, so should it now be put to bed for a while.

    Surely there would need to be some sort of framework in place regarding having a referendum, having a vote on the same subject every other year because the loosing side are unhappy is expensive and would get tiresome very quickly, it is a little disrespectful to the voters if the losing side is constantly wanting another vote.

    If the majority voted against independence and the majority do not want another referendum then surely its time for politicians to concentrate on other things such as the running of the country.

  14. A depressing view of the future should Mayhem be elected president for that is what we will have .A simple remedy – go and blow yer brains out , thats a instant fix ,a remedy to avoid what is guaranteed with another tory government , because we get what England wants , we could vote for the next hundred years and the outcome will be the same ,, outvoted by shear weight of numbers , We are in a straight jacket with only one escape route available , and that isn’t Westminster, OH for a magic pill to waken up Scots who dont bloody care .
    I bet labour supporters in England dont have a clue what their Scottish branch are up too .

    • You are on the money there, Robert! As someone with a foot either side of the border I can safely say that Labour supporters in EngWales largely don’t have clue (and couldn’t care less) what SLab are up to. When I tell them about their chosen ones teaming up with Mouthie Ruthie’s mob solely to defeat the SNP in key areas, they look at me slack-jawed and vacant-eyed with the words “And your point is …?” hanging unspoken in the air! They say we Scots are parochial …. the words “pot”, “kettle” and “black” spring to mind!

      • ockletycockletywitch – Christ thats some name ha ha anyway -they might have got away with this years ago , but they cant hide Kezias failure to back Corbyn , infact to ever back Corbyn ,he in turn undermines her at every opportunity, her Scottish party is beyond confusion ,here they are in coalition with the tory party , the same tory party Corbyn is trying to oust from government , its totally baffling lets hope voters clear up any confusion tomorrow .

        • LOL! OCW is my “nom de plume” but please feel free to call me Wendy! It’s my profound hope that if the result of tomorrow’s vote is a hung parliament, Jeremy and Nicola will work together (on an issue-by-issue basis) to thwart the Tories at every turn. I believe both of them are smart and savvy enough to do this, in spite of Dugdale’s disaster of a campaign. There are, as other posters have said, some long-term issues with this but “sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof”. One step at a time, eh?

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