It’s fine to change your mind

On Tuesday evening STV broadcast its Scottish party leaders’ debate. Although the programme should have been more accurately titled the STV Some Party Leaders but not Patrick Harvie Debate. This meant we were treated to the Scottish media’s favourite kind of political show, a wee gaggle of Unionists ganging up on a single supporter of independence. Maybe one day Scotland’s broadcasters will understand that support for independence is not equal to support for the SNP, and that in the Venn diagram of Scottish politics, the SNP circle is a smaller circle than the independence supporting circle within which it sits. But we shouldn’t hold our breath, otherwise we’ll end up more blue in the face than Adam Tomkins screaming “It’s the law!”

We didn’t learn much that was new from the debate. Actually, we didn’t learn anything that was new. We learned that Ruth Davidson is a shameless creature who tries to defend the indefensible but we knew that already. We also learned that when she’s not banging on about her favourite anti-independence obsession she has all the substance of Donald Trump’s hair, which may explain why she’s recently taken to ripping off his political slogans. The Scottish Conservatives want to build a wall between the rich and the poor, and they’re going to make the poor pay for it.

The big news was that Nicola Sturgeon revealed that Kezia Dugdale once told her that she could support another independence referendum and drop her party’s obstinate refusal to consider independence as a realistic option for the people of Scotland. Kezia reacted like Tory MSP who’d been accused of appearing at a socialist rally denouncing the monarchy. Oh there’s Adam Tomkins being blue in the face again.

It’s not a surprise that Kezia once supported independence. She said as much herself prior to the EU referendum when she stated in the press that it wasn’t inconceivable that she could support independence, and cited a hard Brexit against the will of the people of Scotland as a circumstance which might lead her to changing her position. She’s since changed her mind back again.

There’s something about becoming a politician that means you can never admit to changing your mind. Theresa May has spent the last couple of weeks trying to pretend that she hasn’t changed her mind on key aspects of the uncosted Tory manifesto, but we all know that she has. She’s changed her mind because she’s a blowhard who collapses at the first sound of gunfire. Likewise, Kezia has clearly changed her mind on the subject of independence. There are no longer any circumstances under which she would consider allowing the people of Scotland to escape becoming drones in the slave army of the lizard aliens from the distant galaxy where Theresa May formulated her Brexit plans.

In the real world it’s OK to change your mind. I’ve changed my mind about Kezia Dugdale. I used to think that she was probably a nice person in private, but as leader of the Labour party in Scotland she was way out of her depth. Now I think that Kezia is probably a nice person in private, but as leader of the Labour party in Scotland she’s totally out of her depth.

I’ve changed my mind about Ruth Davidson too. To be honest, I’ve never had much time for Ruth Davidson. I despise her for saying that we should get over the Thatcher era because she can’t even remember it. Well I bloody remember it, and it was brutal. If we don’t remember the brutalities of the past, we’re condemned to repeat them in the future, and the future that Theresa May has in store for us looks like it’s going to be even more brutal and inhumane than the Thatcher era. At least during the 1980s we had housing benefit and foodbanks were unheard of. At least during the 1980s there wasn’t an epidemic of benefits sanctions. At least during the 1980s there were strong trade unions.

I’ve never had much time for Ruth Davidson because I have a very low opinion of anyone who believes that the entire point of the LGBTQ movement was “please don’t be nasty to gay people so that we can be reactionary Daily Mail reading bastards too”. The Tories were the main obstacles to LGBTQ equality because they were the party of stigmatisation and prejudice. They’re still the party of stigmatisation and prejudice, they’ve just changed the targets of their hatred. Now they focus on the poor, the low paid, the disabled, migrants, and the Scots.  It’s not OK to support bigots just because the group you belong to is no longer a target of their bigotry.

Despite all that, I did think that Ruth Davidson was human, shouty and unpleasant, totally full of herself, possessing the political insight of an empty crisp packet, attention grabbing with a propensity to cheap photo opportunities and entirely lacking in any political substance, but human. However I’ve changed my mind, at least on the human part. Now I think that she’s an alien lizard person from that distant galaxy where Theresa May is formulating her Brexit plans.

Ruth the Lizard Alien is now trying to make out that the real issue here isn’t that she’s a lizard alien whose idea of standing up for the people of Scotland is to demand that we all bend over and offer up our arses as bicycle parks for the Tory government in Westminster. She’s trying to make out that the real issue is that Nicola Sturgeon revealed a private conversation to the public. That might be the case, if it wasn’t for the fact that Kezia had herself made her thoughts about changing the Labour party’s stance on independence known in that newspaper article. It can’t be comfortable being defended by Ruth Davidson. That’s like championing human rights and then finding out that Attila the Hen is a big fan.

The truth is that Kezia Dugdale changed her mind on independence, and then she changed her mind back again. Now Labour in Scotland is firmly behind the Conservative party and expects Scottish behinds to be used as bicycle racks for Tory Brexit plans, because after Brexit no one will be able to afford petrol anyway.

It’s fine to change your mind, but where politicians lose credibility is when they try to pretend that their changed position is the same position that they’ve always held. That’s dishonest. It’s precisely that kind of dishonesty which has reduced Theresa May’s predicted crushing majority to hung parliament terrority in some polls, and it’s the same kind of dishonesty that has reduced the Labour party in Scotland to irrelevance. Tomorrow we have a chance to show them what we think of them.  Let’s vote to keep the Tories, and their little helpers, out.

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0 thoughts on “It’s fine to change your mind

  1. I find puzzling the situation where we have good leaders in the SNP and plans for a better future for Scotland but some can be swayed by a London MP who hasn’t been in Government or previously been a leader in his party and the just the possibility of a change in Government which could be better than what was happening before.
    But a massive chunk of his party doesn’t support him.
    One thing which we did that made his chance being leader and staying leader quite a bit easier by getting rid of 41 Blairite MPs from Scotland.

  2. Needed that Paul and ‘Attila the Hen’… 😀 Awesome!

    I’m stunned Kezia is even attempting to waffle this away. Her own statements were all over the Herald, Telegraph and Record at the time as I recall on the earlier release and Kenny Farq wrote the piece in the Times back in February on the conversation occurring. (shrugs)

    As for tomorrow?

    Most folks have had time to look at the contenders by this point. I’m sure we’ve had extremes of reaction to the contents of the respective manifestos to boot. If people aren’t informed by this point or haven’t seen fit to inform themselves, drag them along to a polling booth anyway. The exercise will do them good.

    I think we know only too well what’s at stake. Just get out and vote people.

  3. I remember the brutalities of the Lords Wilson and Callaghan era.

    I have lost all respect for Patrick Harvie. There is no need for him to stand in Glasgow North against sitting MSP. Patrick Grady. Lie Robin Harper he is just another opportunist.

    • I am not sure what Patrick Harvie reasoning was or what he hoped to achieve in having a go at Nicola Sturgeon at FMQs today , I would have thought his fire should have been directed at the Tories and Ruth Davidson , this tory party are the only obstacle to his ambitions as a party , and in Holyrood the SNP are his only friends , strange friends the greens , as was said Opportunists

      • This is precisely the reason why I have never voted Green.
        Harvie is not as bad as the yoon leaders, but he is untrustworthy and an opportunist.
        I agree wholeheartedly with your comment Robert.
        The are those in the Green Party who are not sure of Harvey either.

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  5. Paul, i did a wee bit checking in respect of the Dugdale volte face volte face… sure as fate it was reported at the time that she considered indyref 2 as a means to prevent Brexit. Meantime, I still can’t get my head round the Tory logic of we had our indyref so we are stuck with Brexit. As any lawyer will tell you if a court makes a decision, in family matters in particular, then the decision can be revisited if there is a material change in circumstance.

  6. I used to be in two minds about Independence, now I’m not so sure.
    The die are cast, guys.
    I believe that we have fended off the Lizard People, and their Human slaves in the media.
    I fully expect the SNP to have another landslide, in the mid forties at least.
    Then the fun begins.
    The English Parliament will storm the beaches of Normandy, two weeks behind schedule, and take on Johnny Foreigner, and then ceiling will cave in on them.
    The EU has already set out their red lines, agreed by the 27 nations.
    No cherry picking for England and Wales. We voted Remain,as did Norn Irn, so we’ve been sidelined.
    Somebody is going to make a packet selling:-‘Don’t blame me. I voted Remain’ T shirts on the beaches of Benidorm this summer as patriotic Brits nurse their pint of ten euro lager, which will be £12 in ‘real’ money by then.
    We shall have had 3 elections in two years, and the democratic mandate for IndyRef 2 could not be more emphatic.
    The Person Who Makes This Terrible World Bearable for me is Irish. I’ll fair miss her.

    • Hello Jack

      Nothing will shake my belief that we will win more than 50 seats for the simple reason the main contenders have shite leaders and shite policies. Ever hopeful and Scots are no daft despite what others say.

      Big turnout too, that’ll do it.

      • Me too, Thepnr. I’m just trying to cheat fate, like I used to do as a kid.
        Pretend to have modest expectations then be delighted when things turn out much better(what you really expect) than you publicly forecast.
        50 plus it is then.
        Planning my itinerary for tomorrow.
        We always vote at teatime and have an early dinner in our favourite Curry House.
        Good luck tomorrow to all Duggers!

    • As usual Jack, you are right on track IMHO.
      I can’t help thinking that the Jaffa Tories, with a slight majority and dependent on some others in Norn Irrn will have to see Brexit through. They created the mess along with the brexiteers. It is their mess and nobody else’s.

      As you say, then the fun will begin and realisation will begin to dawn on them that they have made a colossal error of judgement. However, it will then be far too late for them and their precious Union which has always taken them and us for fools and has used them as tools. They are cutting off their noses to spite themselves. They have no idea what is coming and have their heads firmly in the sand.

      We have seen this kind of behaviour before and just recently, with a certain so-called sporting institution. Utter hubris and a feeling of entitlement. What is so galling, is that SLab are infected with the virus as well.

  7. Once we have cast our lot on matters temporal, tomorrow, one question Remains…..

    When shall we all meet again?
    In thunder, lightning or in rain?
    When the hurly-burly’s done?
    When the battle’s lost and won?

    Where the place – upon the Heath?

  8. Well I posted on Wings a wee while ago, Mr Stuck came home from a late night at the pub to report that a drinking buddy and wannabe Labour councillor would be voting Tory tomorrow in Dum&Gal despite acknowledging that the Tory candidate is a nasty piece of work. Reasons? Hates Nicla. Wants Brexit. I dread but expect to wake up on Friday knowing we will be back to having a Tory MP down here.

    • Oh dear, I hope you are wrong! More than anything else I want Fluffy out. It just shows how screwed up democracy in Scotland is at the moment that a Scottish Labour man would be happy to vote Tory!

  9. Fingers crossed for today. I am sure the will be between 45 & 50 SNP MP’s on Friday.

    I do not want a Labour SNP alliance under any circumstances as this will damage the SNP, look what the Tory/Liberal alliance did for the Liberals. Best to let the Tories have power and their Brexit.

    This will help the Indy cause as the mess will be on the Ruth Davidson ‘no referendum’ party.

  10. I’ve just had a thought – it’s good for me that TM called this election because in 2020 we will have been in Spain for 15 years, and I wouldn’t have been able to vote!

    • Hello Annie. I did not know that you immigrants in Spain could vote in elections. Sorry just using the Tory definition for people from one country who live in another. Ex Pays is not accurate. Hopefully your weather is better.

      • Andy, we can’t vote in Spanish national elections, only local ones, and we can only vote in UK elections for 15 years from leaving the country. Seems crazy to me since we are UK pensioners and my disabled husband receives DLA, so elections results can affect us too.

        Yes, thank you, the weather is MUCH better lol!

  11. Herald Scotland must be on the brink of the next phase of its relentless ‘downsizing’ exercise.
    How else do we explain Alison Rowatt’s toe-curlingly embarrassing offering yesterday:-

    “Oh, jeer, was this the moment SNP and its leader twin peaked?”
    Alison Who? you may ask.

    She apparently reviews the endless UK and US hegemony TV and Movie dross that is foisted upon us every day.

    She is a fan of Ruth?

    Look how cleverly she combined Davidson’s ‘SNP have peaked’, and the revival of the 80’s trendy ‘Twin Peaks’. Smart lass, this one.

    Her evidence that the SNP is on the wane is twofold:
    QT from Edinburgh, manipulated by Nick ‘He did not answer’ Robinson, with a QT audience chock full of middle class Unionist hecklers, selected by a company for the programme by a right wing type.

    They were laughing and jeering at Nicola, so this, in the eyes of Ms Rowatt, with Herald Scotland Owners and the Human Resources Downsizers looking on, is irrefutable evidence that Sturgeon is now damaged goods.

    Scotland has awoken from the SNP induced trance, and about time too.

    Poor Ms Rowatt got caught up in the traffic which jam these pesky Nats created marching through the centre of Glasgow. Horns were tooted, not in support, but in anger, by fed up with the EssEnnPee rabble, honest to goodness Scot drivers trying to get on with their day’s leisure activities, like polluting our City Centre with exhaust fumes.

    Of course, Ms Rowatt is entitled to her opinion, especially on which brain dead celebrity is going to win Big Brother, or her precis of the latest storyline on EastEnders.

    Her conclusion that Nicola Sturgeon, arguably the most important and sincere Scottish politician of this century is now a figure of derision, because her pals and probably ex classmates at the BBC set up QT to falsely demonstrate this, will get her in good with her bosses.

    As desks empty around about her as her US bosses ‘rightsize’ the Newsroom, she has demonstrated with this lame brained piece of dross that she is ‘the right stuff’.

    She’ll be kept on to fill increasingly pointless column inches of the Dead Tree Scrolls with brain numbing comments about brain cells destroying English TV programmes.

    Meanwhile children starve, rape victims are humiliated, and dementia is a ‘burden on society’, not an illness to be treated by a publicly owned NHS. The Estate Agents must be rubbing their hands with glee.

    I know which politicians are being jeered at, Ms Rowatt, and it ain’t Nicola Sturgeon.

    Worry not, on the evidence of this nonsense, I am certain that you will get ‘kept on’.

    Get out and vote, people: this is what the Establishment really thinks.
    They will do anything, write anything to destroy Scotland.

  12. Like the lady in Spain I would have been out of the country for 15 years in 2020.However,I have a proxy vote in Inverness today that will go to the SNP candidate.I am hoping for a good night.Currently I live in Swaziland.Np Tory canvassers down there.

  13. This is what Wings thinks about you if you are young or old. His tweet this morning stated.

    “Today we will find out if we live in a country where the old people are evil cunts and the young people are useless lazy bastards”.

    As an old evil cunt who has supported Wings since 2013 I have decided to be really evil and will never support them financially again. Is this your true character Stu?

    • Andy, cut him some slack. Not for the first time, his attempt at satirical irony missed and hit the wall with an embarrassing splat.
      Too glib for his own good sometimes. But he is a powerful voice for truth on the social media.

      • Yes he is a powerful voice but I still intend to stop supporting Wings. Plenty of other Indy blogs including this one to help.

        I understand the meaning of his tweet but he forgets that about 40% of over 60’s now support Indy.

        • OH i wouldn’t take it too seriously he has annoyed most people in some way at some time , but a better source of information would be hard to find , I haven’t seen the comment you refer too but i believe he has a point , i am no spring chicken myself and have heard some older people saying some really baffling things , it usually starts with that sturgeon ,before it was that salmond , why dont you like them ? – blank look and its I just do- Aye well that covers that then .
          As for young voters well lets say its not No 1 on their priorities , so education might help .

          • Jack lets hope more than a few have today , its sometimes a little dangerous too quote stereotypes well maybe just lazy we are all different , some have woken up , some just need a wee push , lets hope common sense prevails today , I am really not looking forward to this tonight , And i guess the BBC will have the bubbly on ice waiting for the first SNP seat to fall
            This constant devolved mantra thats been pushed and in my opinion should have been pointed out in every debate , this is an election to send mps to Westminster not Holyrood , i really hope the SNP dont regret missing to chance to nail this point , Anyway best of luck to all tonight .

  14. Andy, such a pity because Wings does a fine analytical job on a lot of examined rhetoric and logical flaws in unionist arguments.Do you think he was asking whether today will test whether some of the stereotypes are true,rather than expressing a personal opinion? Whatever the truth,there is a need to be careful about tweets because people will apply the interpretation that suits them and comments on social media are prone to misunderstanding.

  15. Good Luck to yessers today, and make sure everyone you know has voted. Nobody on the yes side can afford to stay home today.

  16. “To be honest, I’ve never had much time for Ruth Davidson. I despise her for saying that we should get over the Thatcher era because she can’t even remember it. Well I bloody remember it, and it was brutal.”

    I remember it too and it was an apocalyptic eye-opener! I remember sitting in my little “bothy” in Lochaber, reading the newspapers and watching TV (on the rare occasions when we could actually get a signal), and thinking “Surely this can’t be true? Surely NO Government could do this to its own people?”. I remember losing my home when Thatcher’s policies caused interest rates to sky-rocket, making my mortgage repayments unaffordable. I remember the demonisation and vilification of striking miners. I remember the desolation of huge swathes of Fife and the Central Belt as industry after industry was allowed to collapse and whole communities were rendered workless and hopeless. I could go on … there are those who say I frequently DO go on!

    If Mouthie Ruthie isn’t old enough to remember this, then I recommend a course on recent Scottish history before she flaps her jaws in future!

  17. Regardless of how England, Wales and Northern Ireland vote, the Scottish National Party is still the biggest party in Scotland.
    The reasons to be independent are many, and constantly evolving.
    We’re a small country within the world.
    The world has problems.
    The ongoing struggle and need for peaceful cooperation, and the overwhelming need to take care of our environment. These are the “big picture” items.
    Being decent people; that’s a good start.
    For me, that’s what the SNP represents. Good, honest, decent people, trying to do the best for ourselves and other people.
    Scotland can be a peaceful, positively progressive, environmentally friendly country.
    A good example, and a positive partner for world peace and cooperation.
    Call me a dreamer if you want.

  18. Just tuned into BBC Scotland and Glenn Campbell has just said ‘past peak SNP’ on an exit poll predicting SNP with 34 seats. That’s enough of BBC PQ Unionist-fest for me. Switched over.
    They’re having orgasmic convulsions live and in colour, the poor wee souls,
    The storm clouds are gathering.

    • Jack, we are “lucky” enough to be getting Election 2017 on the BBC World News here in Canada. JIngs! Crivvens! And help ma bawb!! I switched off at the point where 3 resounding Labour majorities in England were described as wins for the Conservatives because there were a couple of percentage points swing towards the blue – and Kirsty Wark was predicting that Alex Salmond and Angus Robertson would lose their seats to the Tories and this would be a HUGE win for Mouthie Ruthie, regardless of what happened to Ms May-hem in England!

      I narrowly avoided regurgitating my supper onto the cat (who was sitting on my knee at the time) and came away into my wee sanctuary to see if there was any sanity in the online community!

  19. Fishermen are top of my shit list angus and moray 2 fishing communitys just sold themselves to the torys ffs im really mad right now at them hope they suffer under there new overlords

    • With you there, Robert. And what about Gordon? The loss of ‘Eck is a sair one tae me. What I can’t get past, is that those 12 Scottish seats have made it possible for May to pretend she can go on governing. I am sick to my stomach!

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