Journey to Yes 15 – Beyond party politics

Simon says Yes. Simon Pia is a Journalist & Consultant, Lecturer and former spin doctor to Scottish Labour including former leader Wendy Alexander, Iain Gray MSP and Gordon Brown. Simon has always believed home-rule or federalism to be solution to Scotland’s democratic deficit. Torn over the independence question, Simon feels the Yes campaign’s economic argument was not strong or honest enough to sway him and the majority. Brexit now makes any offer of federalism or economic threats from the UK Government redundant. Simon believes more unites Scotland’s progressive parties than divides and a grand coalition may be a possible way forward.

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  1. Wow!!! That’s a turnaround! He was always one of the invited panelists on TV speaking against Independence! In fact, I shouted at the TV quite a lot when he was on! ( Back in the days when I actually watched TV and had a licence)
    No doubt there will be others still on the road to a Damascene conversion to independence!

  2. Do you think he could have a word with Kezia. It seems that she will always support the Tories no matter what the cost. She has absolutely no interest in ever working with the SNP and a coming together will be impossible under her leadership.

  3. I find this the best Journey to Yes so far. It makes perfect sense to me, but I fear that it will never happen as long as Kezia Dugdale and Willie Rennie are party leaders. They’ve been screaming SNP bad for so long now that they can’t back down without completely losing face.

    Oh, but what a lovely dream! Can you just imagine the look on Ruthie’s smug moon face if all the others turned on her? LOL!

  4. Yes Annie – Labour in Scotland need to clear out the Blairites together with the numpty desk slappers who are just and embarrassment to Scotland. If ever anywhere needed more talent and intellect it’s right there in Holyrood.

    I’m not a member of the SNP and I’ve always hated labour but Eric Joyce would get my vote!

    Imagine an independent Scotland still with the current bunch in charge. Don’t get me started on Ruth Davidson or her Queen’s 11.

    As for Willie Rennie well we need some light entertainment to get us through FMQ’s

  5. “As for Willie Rennie well we need some light entertainment to get us through FMQ’s”

    Hahaha! You’re so right, it wouldn’t be the same without his, “She needs to forget about this second divisive referendum” soundbite!

  6. 3 days old and its out of date already. A weekend is a long time in politics.

    The EU issue may have cost us votes. Curiously the party position has been about remaining in the single market not necessarily the EU,right from after the brexit vote.

    The Libdems vote distribution smacks of a very intimate collusion with the Mooth, and conceivably all 3 of the Yoon parties are acting in a coordinated fashion. They cannot be trusted at all.

    Ms May will be gone before the week is out. We need to regroup and campaign for independence. But I have a feeling the UK is going to fold its hand and accept the 4 freedoms. The ground is shifting. We need to get back to our core belief. Scotland should be governed by us. The best people to decide things for us are us.

  7. The unionist parties in Scotland are just that. Unionist. Part of the British State which will do anything necessary to hold fast its cash-cow, the wealth of our country.
    It’s nonsense to suggest they will ever compromise.
    Once the farce that is the Brexit negotiations are complete, we must have all our strategy in place to put before the electorate once campaigning starts in earnest for the second Scottish Independence Referendum. Heartening to hear of the work being done by the Scottish Independence Convention whose plans seem well advanced. We will need all supporters of the independence movement to come together if we are to finally win our battle to become an truly independent nation.
    Hopefully the ongoing shambles at Westminster will assist our cause. Who will finally rule, Tory or Labour? Who cares Who will be P.M, Boris or Jeremy? Who cares. When they retreat from Europe with their tails between their legs after finding the 27 were in no mood to give them any concessions, then the real reality of Brexit will begin to dawn on the electorate, at least I hope so.
    We must take full advantage of the confusion that engulfs Westminster and press forward with Indyref2 because we will never have a better opportunity.

  8. Labour lib dems in an alliance with the snp dugdale and rennie will never do it the snp a few times offered the hand of friendship yet those 2 partys slap it away hows it possible to work with those who supposed to have more in common with us if they say no wed never work with you lot ever all the time

  9. Good on him. I might add it’s at no small cost. I haven’t seen Simon Pia being asked to comment on political affairs recently. This’ll be why.

  10. Curious and curiouser.
    Good try, Simon, but no cigar.
    I heartened that you have weighed up all the possible futures for Scotland and opted for Self Determination, within the EU, prior to Wales and England, and now, DUP Norn Irn, exiting the biggest Free Trade Market in the world.
    A week is a long time in politics.
    We are now painfully aware that Dugdale, Rennie, and Davidson, and Carmichael, Mundell and Murray, met behind closed doors and carved up FPTP Scotland, to preserve their own grubby little sinecures, and feck the well being of the Scottish people.
    They will always be Me First, Party a distant second, the Well Being of the People of Scotland never, political chancers.
    If you are postulating that the SNP, and the much wider Yes Movement contemplate an alliance with Labour and the Lib Dems while Rennie, Carmichal Murray and Dugdale have any influence, may I suggest that you lie down in a darkened room, sip on several glasses of a good malt, with Hayden shutting out the Dead Noise of your version of reality for a week or so.
    ARainbow Progressive Alliance won’t happen.
    But welcome aboard the Freedom Train nevertheless.

    • The ‘other’ Hadyn works just as well, Simon.
      The Yes Movement is a broad church already. Labour and Lib Dem supporters are embracing Self Determination in increasing numbers.

      Indeed many conservatives with a small Supermac ‘c’ see Scotland in the EU as the only viable alternative.

      Which pull is the strongest?

      Stick with support for a UK exiled from the rest of Europe, or vote for Independence, and remain within the EU, and evolve as England’s strongest ally and trading partner during the chaotic post Brexit times.

      Similarly, many Leave/ Yes voters may be in the horns of a dilemma, faced with the option to vote Yes again, in the knowledge that the Holyrood Government prevailed in 2016 standing on a Pro EU platform.

      Is the rationale that we become an Independent country still within the EU first, and subsequently join Pro Leave parties later to fight Scexit at subsequent Scottish GE’s, enough for Yes/Leave voters to stay with it?

      The Yes movement is already a Rainbow Alliance, Simon, from Far Left to Right of Centre; a pendulum swing which should attract all of the Maker’s creatures who believe in Self Determination, no matter their political belief system.
      But not UK Unionists.

      It is the one stumbling block for many.

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