Ye’ve goat tae be kiddin

It’s official. We’re in a mess. It’s an official mess, as opposed to the unofficial mess that has characterised the UK ever since a slight majority of the people of England and Wales decided that curvy bananas were more important to them than job security and the ability to travel freely throughout Europe. Theresa May has apologised to Conservative MPs for the mess she created with her single minded pursuit of what was good for her career, but she hasn’t apologised to anyone else. She hasn’t apologised to the public, and she hasn’t apologised to the goats who’ll die in order to produce the goatskin for a Queen’s Speech that’s a tissue of wishful thinking.

But then to be honest, she did stand on a manifesto commitment to animal cruelty, so the goat sacrifice is about the only one of her promises that she’s going to keep. If you’d ever wondered if the Tories were merely metaphorically or literally in league with Satan, just ask the sacrificial goat. If ever there was a time when Westminster politics was getting on the public’s goat, this is it. It’s hardly surprising that the process of forming a government is being held up by a goat, seeing as how Theresa May is looking to do a deal with a King Billy. You have thought that they should have used reptile skin for the Queen’s speech, then the members of the cabinet could have used the ones they’ve shed themselves.

Possibly the most concerning thing about the proposal that the British government is seeking to be propped up by the climate change denying, misogynist, homophobic, sectarian, fundamentalist, bigoted, budgie swing tier-uppers of the DUP is that the London-centric media has only just realised just how horrific that the party is. Ruth Davidson said that she’d sought assurances from Theresa May that LGBTI rights in the rest of the UK wouldn’t be affected, and Theresa said she’d see what she could do. This is a woman whose idea of saving the climate change agreement was to tell Donald Trump that she was “disappointed” that he’s condemned us all to a future of rising sea levels and a climate that’s even less stable than Theresa’s government. So that’s us reassured then, Ruth. Meanwhile the rights of the LGBTI community, women, and minorities in Northern Ireland can safely be surrendered to the No Surrender mob.

Equally concerning is the damage that’s being done to the Irish Peace Process. The terms of the Good Friday Agreement require the British government to remain neutral as far as the communities of Northern Ireland are concerned. Just how neutral can Westminster be when it’s reliant on the main party of one of those communities to prop it up? How neutral can they be when they’re making deals behind closed doors with people whose idea of Peace is indistinguishable from victory and who want the right to hold parades in Catholic areas. How neutral is it if one of the terms of the deal is for the British government to block an Irish reunification referendum? Brexit always threatened the Peace Process, this deal puts a bomb under it.

Theresa May went to the country to seek a mandate for a hard line Brexit which she was going to define all by herself. She went to the country to seek a mandate for secret plans that she wasn’t disposed to reveal to anyone. But mainly she went to the country in order to further her own career and secure her position as the unchallenged boss of the Tory party and the country. And then she got humiliated because having based the entire campaign on her personal character we discovered that she has all the personality of an unbent banana rotting away on the compost heap of Tory manifesto promises. So now the country is in a mess, and so is Theresa’s career. That much at least serves her right.

Several days on from the election, and still no one has any idea what’s going on, where the country is going, or what the government is hoping to achieve in the Brexit negotiations that are due to begin in a few days’ time. We don’t even know what the government is going to be. We still don’t even know if Theresa May will be able to negotiate an agreement with the DUP or whether by this time next week cabinet meetings will conclude with a rousing rendition of The Billy Boys, up to our knees in Fenian blood, and goat blood too come to think of it.

Meanwhile Ruth Davidson is acting as though she won the election, and much of the Scottish media is cheerfully going along with her. No one is denying that Thursday was a poor day for the SNP, but they still ended up as the largest party by quite some considerable margin. They have more Scottish MPs than all other parties put together. What we are witnessing now is a calculated attempt to undermine the Scottish government, the Scottish parliament, and the entire devolved settlement for the party political interests of the Conservative party. Repeat after me, thirteen seats out of fifty nine is not a majority. It is not a vote of confidence. It is not a mandate. It is frankly gobsmacking that this point needs to be made. Scotland’s interests take a back seat to the interests of the Tories, and Northern Ireland’s interests take a back seat to the interests of the Tories. This is not how a united kingdom is supposed to function. This is how a unitary state functions when it’s dealing with troublesome provinces.  Ruth’s attempts at a goat butting putsch on Holyrood must be resisted.

The British state used to boast that it was one of the world’s leading powers. Now it can only vie with the Trump administration to see who’s the most ridiculous. Is it the orange skinned Trump, or the orange hued government of Theresa May. If you honestly think that this bagatelle of bagots, this failing anger management class of angoras, this orange parade of self-serving ruminants, this goat skinned wrapped parcel of rogues, is the best that Scotland can do, I can only reply – ye’ve goat tae be kiddin me.

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0 thoughts on “Ye’ve goat tae be kiddin

  1. The media building up Ruthie gets on my ‘goat’ right enough. They will need to widen doors in Holyrood for Queenie the tank commander. She seems so full of herself. An erse.

  2. No goats were harmed during the writing process – mind you it was a bit tricky getting one to stand still long enough.

    Her Majesty’s Goat Wrangler General is happy to announce that the speech can now go ahead but it will be a short one – well Lizzie’s eyesight isn’t what it was and there’s a limit to how much LARGE TYPE you can get on one Goat!

  3. The old saying, “He who sups with the devil should have a long spoon” comes to mind. But, of course, the Tories and their (pro tem) leader don’t really care if they sup with the devil as long as they can cling on to power. Power, after all, is the only thing the Tories are interested in and would sell their souls, along with the country, to any devilish bunch of nutters who’re prepared to prop up their rotten edifice of privilege, greed and self-interest. Their nauseating mantra of strong government “in the national interest” is as cynical a piece of hypocritical cant as you’re ever likely to hear. As for Davidson and her rush to seek assurances about LGBTI issues, that is little more than another piece of grandstanding on her part to paint herself as a doughty champion of the rights of those threatened by prejudice and discrimination. it’s a pity it doesn’t seem to extend to all the others such as the disabled, poor and disadvantaged so cruelly affected by Tory policies and relentless austerity. On reflection, where this bunch of grasping self-seekers and narrow bigots are concerned, I’d recommend Auld Nick to use a long spoon if he’s ever invited to dine with them.

        • So now I’m thinking “Billy the Kid”. So there’s May going into the Brexit talks like a Wild West gunfighter walking into the saloon ready to take on the whole town, except someone’s quietly swapped all her ammo for blanks … laugh or cry?

    • Selling your soul to the deil comes with an AWFUL price. Karma will most certainly bite. You never escape the consequences of your actions.
      The pursuit of power is evil and corrupt. – The Tory campaign on both sides of the border, but especially up here was nauseating, hypocritical and full of hubris. A campaign fought on bigotry and hatred.
      There are most definitely some pretendy Christians out there who smile like the viper and speak with a forked tongue.

  4. I am worried about the attitude against the Irish republic, one of the cherished members of the European Union. The EU will not let altercations between a truant state and one of its members pass – certainly when a deal on a brexit is waiting to begin. It is conter to all values which led to the foundations of the EU itself. Having the Norn Irn peace threatened will have been an expensive mistake in that sense, and not the only one. Thrashing desperately to keep the financial basis of the union intact by going full force against Scottish independence might produce the very effect they are trying to avoid.

  5. I find it disturbing that Ruthless is a staunch defender of the union but only in Scotland. She wants her part of the union to be exempt from DUP bigotry and homophobia but the folk in the North of Ireland can go chase themselves, apparently.

    Ruth doesn’t look at the union as a family of nations, it’s merely a springboard for her political ambition – such as it is. She’s already thrown Scotland under the bus for political advantage, now it’s NI’s turn. Shameless and opportunistic.

  6. and so it begins

    the press are combing through every inch of the DUP and finding the links to the gunrunners and the pictures to go with it.

    Every part of the DUP group will be probed to find that barbs against the Tories, which in truth, I believe would have been known in NI, but whispered and laid aside to preserve the greater good

    Now to be splashed through the pages of UK newspapers

    peace may be the victim here

    • Peace will almost certainly be the victim, Sandra. It has – as you say – already begun, with minor riots in Liverpool when the Orange order “marched” past some Irish pubs. SinnFein have said they will walk away from the Good Friday Agreement if this dirty little alliance goes ahead. 20 years of hard-won peace down the drain for one woman’s overweening ambition. It is sickening.

  7. Ruth Davidson’s attempts to defend LGBTI rights are just another part of the strategy being worked here. She is positioning herself for Holyrood when she is asked about her and her pals involvement with the gorgeous DUP. ‘ I tried to protect them I did’. She did not appeal for the removal of the Rape Clause or a restoration of the missing third child. Horrendous behaviour Ruth!

  8. “What we are witnessing now is a calculated attempt to undermine the Scottish government, the Scottish parliament, and the entire devolved settlement for the party political interests of the Conservative party.”

    My only quibble is with your last phrase here “… interests of the Conservative party”. It may well be just as much about ‘… interests of the Union’!

    As Yessers argue online about who did or didn’t do what and who’s to blame or not in the SNP’s GE2017 campaign, the above quote from your post gets to the heart of a real and present danger we face, aided by a relentless, negative ‘framing’ by the corporate media and the BBC (the state broadcaster).

    Yes, the reaction of the SNP to this ‘framing’ in the next few weeks is crucial – and more of the same is not enough. But perhaps even more important is the reaction of bodies such as the Scottish Independence Convention. Our aspirations for independence need the SNP but while necessary, this is probably not sufficient. However defined and however ‘operationalised’, this is probably the time for the ‘Yes Movement’ to up its profile and actions. ‘Momentum’ is, I am led to believe, crucial in achieving eventual political change. Let’s not lose it.

    • Momentum spent considerable money effort and online media campaigning to return a unionist Labour party.they are not an aid to independence at all.

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  10. Something which hasn’t been talked about much (yet) is that the DUP will almost certainly make a block on IndyRef2 one of its conditions for supporting a Tory government. They may not state it publicly but there is no doubt it will be high on their agenda.

    We always knew that the Tories were going to resist agreeing to the Section 30 Order anyway, so it may make no difference in the grand scheme of things, but the Ulster shade of Unionists will simply never allow it to go ahead if they have any influence on the decision.

    They are far more terrified of an independent Scotland than even some of the most ardent Scottish or English Unionists. It would completely undermine their identity and their sense of what it means to be ‘British’. We don’t often think about their views on independence except in terms of their links to Scottish elements of groups like the Orange Order, mainly because it’s not their decision to make. But all of a sudden they have a say in the decision and they’re not going to let Scottish independence slip through under their watch.

    Basically a Tory/DUP coalition firmly closes the door on the Section 30 Order. Which means either an alternative route needs to be found, or we bide our time until the next change in government.

  11. Great article. Ruth the Rottweiler true to character. How can fellow Scots not see her for the charlatan she is?

    • Not only do many fellow Scots not see her as a charlatan, enough of them voted for the Tories in Scotland to save May from utter defeat. Without some of our “fellow Scots”, even the proposed cabal with the DUP wouldn’t have been enough to save the Tories. Sobering thought, isn’t it?

    • Hah that is what I was thinking. 12 disciples, wasn’t the 13th a Judas or something.

      I see that May has said she will help newly unemployed tory MPs, they are struggling you know. Utter troughers, can’t manage on £100k a year when expenses are included. That ‘Magic money tree’ has been located, phew!

      • Oh hell no excuse my language but mutha fuckers these bastard torys fishermen must have rock salt for brains voting these assholes and farmers must stop smelling manure to much really voting the London party that politically rapes you is insanely stupid over real scottish partys like the snp and the Scottish greens turkeys voting for Christmas is a damn understatement glad that’s out of my system

  12. Excellent one of your best Paul.

    What a disgrace, these tories have taken their so called precious UK on a kamakaze roller coaster ride and we are all still witnessing the nightmare. Utterly despicable and of course untRuth is swanning around as if she is FM of Scotland. Unbelievably arrogant to say the least. You only have 13 seats at WM untRuth, the SNP have 35, bit of a difference, but we know that numbers mean nothing when you are full of self importance and arrogance.

    I see that the EU27 are just horrified at the utter mess of the so called UK right now. Not surprised.

  13. A minister and a priest attend a boxing match. They watch as the boxers come into the ring. The minister sees one of the boxers cross himself. So he turns to the priest and asks, “What does that mean?” The priest says, “Not a damn thing if the man can’t fight.”
    I think that I stole this from the Flight of the Phoenix, but maybe not.
    They can have all the marches and hallelujahs they like as far as I’m concerned. It doesn’t mean a damn thing to us.
    We shall not be painting the kerb stones red white and blue, or flying Union Flags from Town Halls under threat that an Irish Loyalist Paramilitary Unit will bomb and shoot 400 hundred of us if we don’t bow down to their sectarian will.
    ‘Poofters Not Welcome Here’ doesn’t seem to be a red line for Ruth Davidson and David Mundell though, but.
    They will sacrifice any principle, deep held belief, or basic humanity, just to hold on to power.
    They are not fit to move freely among free men and women.

    I have observed elsewhere that this Coalition has more holes in it than the A82 in winter.
    It changes nothing. We still stick to the timetable. Indyref 2 by April 2019.
    Rennie and Dugdale are part of this Unionist Coalition of course. What price Lib Dem values, and Socialist principles now, Stronger Together Bed Fellows?
    It will end badly,of course.
    May’s looking a tad peaky..standing down by Friday?
    Loved this, Paul, and managed to avoid a goat pun so far.
    They are in an almighty mess..

  14. We are now seeing the worsed of the worsted and we are wondering what happened. Ruth Davidson did not win but it’s portyed as if she did. She was allowed to run an anti indy campaign totally unopposed. No party stood up to her by pointing out that independence was great and worthwhile and has so many amazing outcomes as opposed to Davidson’s portral of Indy as the disease that just might kill you. Her one and only policy was never challenged never argued it just hung there and was accepted.

    The snp thought, to mention independence would harm their campaign. In fact it’s the entire opposite. They should have challenged the torys and told the Scottish people that independence was needed and would transform Scotland and we would through Indy finally get rid of the failed state of GB and hopefully stayed in the EU on our terms. We should have made as much of a shout and balling match about the greatness of Indy as the Tory did about vilifying independence. Instead we got a directionless message of the usual ‘strong voice for Scotland in Westminster’.

    Corbyn won with his message because it gave hope, it was full of social justice and he believed in it. Imagine what the snp could have done had they dared to support and campaign to not only negate the Tory slaughter on independence but to support and promote it to give hope of a much better future.

    In my view our message was weak and did nothing to combat the hate for Indy that the torys knew would gain so many votes if the snp became to scared to promote a better way of life for Scottish people. They shouted louder without any oposition and took many of our statesmen from us.

    Also, if Corbyn can weather the hellish press he has had so can the snp. They should stop being on the defensive and start giving the people of Scotland some hope and vision.

    • Agree that the SNP should assertively given the benefits of independence to counter the Yoons no referendum rant. We just let it pass uncontested.

      • Exactly and also keep hammering the fact they keep calling Scotland a basket case yet why don’t they want us to leave the UK if we are such a drain on them every time they bring indyref2 up

  15. I agree, Lizzie55. We should take a leaf from Jeremy’s book and go full steam ahead, regardless of all the bile, vitriol and spite hurled at us. It did him a world of good and may well do the same for us. I’m up for it if anyone else is!

  16. Jaw dropping, isn’t it? As it happens, it’s also inevitable and I think necessary. This is where Westminster’s narrative and political practices were always headed. You use division as a political tool on your own population for decades and who knew you’d create a state in complete political and societal turmoil?

    Most especially here in Scotland we see the three establishment parties morphing and melding into a single party with only a single issue dominating their ‘day job’. The branch offices doing exactly as their masters bid… mainly because they can. It’s all that has ever been required of them. Keep the natives in line. Keep them economically and politically dependent on central government. As appendages of larger parties who form policy for the largest partner of the UK, their policy and instruction is whatever is decided for them. Today? Today it’s mainly destroy Scottish democracy. Stop the SNP in any way that you can and whatever you do, ensure that the Scottish electorate stay on side by whatever means necessary. Scotland’s abundance of resources and tax base have never been more essential to the financial security of the state. A state which has clusterfucked the economy and international trade relations so badly, it requires to be especially grippy with all remaining assets in order to survive in the style to which it has become accustomed.

    AGAIN… Who knew?

    And again, this was inevitable. The people of Scotland need to see this, YES and NO voter alike. We need to see the populations, the wider society of the UK break apart under the unbearable strain of artificially fomented divisions. We need to see for ourselves what the effects of catastrophic and corporately compromised central government and their manipulative practice of politics looks like up close and personal. After the conciliatory and reasoned approach of 2014’s indyref, the ONLY way this was going to come to a conclusion, was the hard way. To let Westminster be Westminster.

    The writing for UK politics and for the UK has been on the wall for some considerable time. I’d say since the end of WW2. It wasn’t a foregone conclusion though until 2014. The UK government and establishment had their opportunities to turn things around on several occasions over the past 70 or so years constitutionally. They could have started with true home rule for what are now the devolved legislatures. A confederation of fully empowered small nation states working together through social, rather than political union. The word ‘UNION’ really could have meant what it said on the tin. A partnership of willing equals, but y’know, too difficult, impossible administration, legislation, badgers, witches, impractical woo…etc.

    The empire is gone. The ‘GREAT’ has long since been removed from Great Britain. The idea of a single national identity, conceived in the minds of greedy, selfish, elitist bastirts to keep the plebs in their place? Well, that has been overwritten by their own narrow minded social and ethnic bigotry. A hypocrisy exposed for the world to see and either laugh at or reel away in disgust.

    The real story now is just how Scotland’s populace will respond as the smelly stuff hits the fan? What KIND of country do they want for themselves or their children and generations to come?

    • My estimation is sadly that many of our countrymen do not care and are just not interested. It would need to be really bad to wake some of them up from their narrow minded stupor.

      • ‘Many of our countrymen’, Andy, but definitely not the majority.
        I see Dominic Raad has joined May’s Cabinet. He and Goldsmith are the future for the Ultras in the tory Party.
        He could be the stalking horse that plots to oust May in the Blue Tories next internecine war; probably in weeks, rather than months.
        May could limp along until the summer Recess, but I doubt it.

    • ‘The branch office’. That should have been the jibe hurled at them every time they shouted their ‘No Referendum’. That, and calling them out on trying to destroy Scottish democracy.

      Unfortunately we were spoiled by Alex Salmond. He managed to combine the roles of able politician and firebrand campaigner for Independence, capable of putting shouty unionist politicians and journalists in their place. Nicola is not of the same calibre, few are.

      At least the GE proved once and for all that the SNP cannot deliver independence on their own. They are ‘necessary, but not sufficient’ as someone above said.

  17. We need to get real on this Coalition of Terror proposed by May and Davidson, and given the Unionist Stronger Together tactical voting ‘paper candidate’ stitch up by Scottish Labour, Lib Dem, and the Blue Tories, Rennie and Dugdale are as much in bed with the DUP as the Blue Tories:
    This from ‘the Troubles’ in Northern Ireland.

    ” The Greysteel massacre was a mass shooting that happened on the evening of 30 October 1993 in Greysteel, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

    Three members of the Ulster Defence Association (UDA), a loyalist paramilitary group, opened fire in a crowded pub during a Halloween party, killing eight civilians and wounding thirteen.

    The pub was in an Irish Catholic and Irish nationalist area. The group claimed responsibility using their cover name “Ulster Freedom Fighters” and said that the attack was revenge for the Shankill Road bombing by the Provisional IRA a week earlier.

    On 23 October 1993, a Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) bomb prematurely exploded in a fish shop on Shankill Road, west Belfast. Eight Protestant civilians, one UDA member and one of the IRA bombers were killed.

    The IRA’s intended target was a meeting of UDA leaders, including brigadier Johnny Adair, which was to take place above the shop. Unknown to the IRA, the meeting had been rescheduled.

    Shortly after two IRA members, Thomas Begley and Sean Kelly, entered the shop dressed as deliverymen and carrying the time bomb under a tray, it exploded accidentally, killing Begley along with the nine others inside the shop at the time.

    This became known as the Shankill Road bombing.
    The UDA launched a number of “revenge attacks” for the bombing. Later that day, it shot a Catholic delivery driver after luring him to a bogus call at Vernon Court, Belfast. He died on 25 October.
    On 26 October, the UDA shot dead another two Catholic civilians and wounded five in an attack on the Council Depot at Kennedy Way, Belfast.”

    Of course the DUP and Sinn Fein had nothing to do with the paranoia fear and terror which haunted NI for 30 years’

    Nor can they blamed for the actions of literally thousands of psychopaths who terrorised communities, killed men women and children for their fucking ’cause’ or religion.

    The DUP would sue me if I made any connection between the evil men and women who took to the streets to gun down innocent men and women, and their party.
    Some may assert this, but I couldn’t possibly comment.
    Of course a UK Government which sells arms to Saudi Arabia to kill innocents in Yemen will have no problem sharing Government with NI politicians.
    Mundell Davidson Rennie Dugdale, these are your new partners in the Stronger Together Unionist Gang which will abandon all morality to stop the SNP and the Yes Movement at all costs.
    You are a fucking disgrace to humanity, the lot of you.
    Hang your heads in shame.

    • They refuse to see or accept, for whatever their reasons, the complete failure of their system of government and politics Jack. They refuse to acknowledge their system as being at fault in any way shape or form for the state of the country’s economy, for the fractured nature of it’s populations and society at large, for it’s historic record of abuses at home or overseas and the collapse of trust in our institutions or services.

      Four grown human beings sticking their fingers in their ears and repeating a mantra of of NO SECOND INDYREF, ’cause y’know, more division or something.

      When something essential is irrevocably broken, you ditch it and replace it with something fit for purpose. Our system of government IS irrevocably broken. It was catastrophically flawed in its creation, only held together so long as it had the purpose of expansion and empire. Now when empire is no more and in years of contraction and want, those inherent flaws are exposed and a major reason for the omnishambles we see before us today.

      Davidson, Dugdale, Rennie, Mundell and far too many others in our public life are wilfully putting the population in harms way because of their ‘blind’ loyalty to a system that never has been loyal or in service to its own population.

      You can’t put it in any plainer language than ‘the government are causing harm to those in their care’.

      Their answer? It’s someone elses fault. It’s always someone elses fault and we have the poooowwwwerrrrs to offset, mitigate and nullify. It doesn’t occur to these fuckwits that devolved government isn’t there to fix the screwed up legislation of central government. It’s not there to spend massive portions of their handout budget repairing the damage done by our ‘betters’. Devolved government is not there to offset, mitigate or nullify any fucking thing.

      Technically and theoretically, the primary function of their own precious devolved legislature is to return a degree of control to the populations of the UK. They are there to administrate functions which would otherwise remain in the remit OF central government and the monies of said handout are for that purpose alone.

      What devolution is in reality? Power devolved is not ceded. It is power retained.

      ALL of this is their mess and no amount of media bullshittery or spin will ever change that. What is happening now and the hardships yet to come? ALL OF THAT is on them.

      • Indeed, Sam.
        I just caught the clip where Brian Taylor announced to the Scottish Public that Ruth Davidson had won the election Up Here.
        When did this man first consider that stupidity was a virtue.
        Yesterday they opened RS with a clip of Davidson striding along Downing Street and through the hallowed portals of No. 10.
        Two items down, over to Nick Eardley for a NS second feature. Technical problems, Eardley could not be heardly.
        Item ditched.
        It has started.

  18. I’m not saying that the SNP should get as dirty as the rest of them, but I do think they should be making as much noise. While Ruthie is swanning about behaving like FM of Scotland and saying things that Nicola has been saying all along, there seems to be nothing coming from our side. Even talk now of bringing Nigel Farage into the Brexit negotiations – wtf is that all about!!

    It just goes from bad to worse. I feel as though I’m living in a nightmare at the moment, with every day bringing about yet another horror.

  19. Just listening to the odious little shit Gove being feted on the Today Programe, my reaction is more “for fuck’s sake” than WGD’s headline above. No way people. No way.

  20. Not that I think the EU would allow us a soft brexit, but could we use the Tory minority teaming up with the DUP and therefore putting the NI peace process etc in jeopardy, as a reason for holding a second Indy Ref . I see this as a “significant and material change in the circumstances”

  21. WGD that was a magnificent summing up of the political situation in the YUK.

    The situation also reminds me of that ancient Chinese curse, i.e. “May you live in interesting times”. It is going to be interesting to see how long MayHem lasts with her deal with the devil (i.e. the DUP) and how she can even justify talking to them.

    As for Ruth the Mooth, is she lining herself up for a safe seat in the Tory south, or for a seat in the House of Lards? Like MayHem, she’ll end up strangling herself with her own arrogance and blatant lies.

  22. Davidson is a media creation, although she could easily be a creation of British intelligence too. Either way one foot wrong and she’ll be toast. The system expects a lot from its agents. Also, she’s Scottish which makes her less than reliable on the Brit loyalty scale. Despite her unionism she’s not actually ‘establishment’.
    In a parallel universe there’s a Ruth Davidson eagerly doing the Brit loyalist shtick until she stops getting what she wants, no longer see potential for her political future in that cause and goes ScotNat. Impossible? She’s an ambition woman and Paris may well, in pursuit of that end, be worth a Mass!

  23. Well things are about to get a whole lot more interesting on a particular scale of interesting.

    With SF flying in to occupy Westminster office space like Banquo’s Ghost. It will be like Scrondinger’s Parliament with people wondering what will happen if Pandora’s box is opened – will the cat jump out or stay curled up in the corner with a big silent grin on its face like the Cheshire Cat?

    That is one cat which will bounce. No kidding about.

  24. While Westminster staggers on till it implodes. The YES movement should get organised with all the parts of the movement coming together and working towards educating the NO voters on every doubt they may have, especially regarding Scotlands wealth, how it is produced and proof that Scotland has all the main natural resources in its people and every source of energy product including clean energy such as wind, hydro,solar and wave an abundance of every asset required for our country to develope the wealth making industries, such as Manufacturing and Farming both land and sea, that would support all the service industries every country needs. If we get organised it would allow the political parties backing indyref2 in Holyrood with managing Scotland

  25. The SNP have to accept they will never get fair air time in this country. They have to use the powers they have not to mitigate Tory policy but to ensure that those who vote Tory cannot do so with impunity and are exposed to the full brunt of Tory austerity. In addition, the SNP cities and towns should put in pace a congestion charge for those entering from the hinterlands…except Perthshire!

      • I’m sorry Andy but Perth seems to have a lot of tory loving bastards of late I get the impression your area wants Scotland to suffer no matter what all for there bastard brittannia hope I’m wrong here. tory brexit will kill the UK there’s no stopping that think it’s time the north east like perth Aberdeen etc as well as the borders wake the hell up or we all lose when London dies as the banks are leaving and that means when London dies England certainly dies and if we are not free we get dragged with them

  26. OFFS! The ignorance of the metro bubble meeja set never ceases to amaze.

    Bonehead interviewer chatting to ex conservative who has chucked his party membership over deal with DUP and their record on LGBT rights.

    Interviewee gives his reasoning and views. Interviewer sez why should it matter to people in the UK…

    On several levels this is ignorance and insensitivity of the highest order. Oh, and NI isn’t part of the UK since when precisely?

    • We are edging ever nearer to a combination of Terry Gillliam’s ‘Brazil’, and Orwell’s 1984, Sam
      The Broadcasters just say anything these days.
      There is no regulation now.

  27. Well, our lovely SoS for Scotland says that the Scottish Tories will support the anti-independence Scots. That’s fine, there are a lot more Scottish MPs who will support pro-indy Scots.

  28. Here are some interesting stats to discuss

    look at the vote swings that then show no movement or small gains for the third party

    not quite sure, but I find it really weird that there wasn’t big drops on both sides

    ie where LID DEM lost most seats, labour gained some, but didn’t have any drop in in of them – no double removal from both labour and lib dems

    where labour lost seats lib dems didn’t have any drop (although very modest gains)

    Discuss? Tactical voting only targeting one side of the possible swap over to Tory

    Not particularly familiar with all these areas so not sure if it can be explained

  29. It’s worth checking the election result in N Ireland what the BBC aren’t mentioning is that pro unification or neutral re unification with Ireland parties now have a greater share of the vote. Indy ref 1 N Ireland?

    • Interesting letter. To me this is what the SG were trying to do at the end of last year. That was ignored.

      FM still tweeting yes to indtref today.

      • Consistency is everything. If your message varies by hair, the opposition and the meeja would pounce on it in a heartbeat. The twist is in the para I’ve posted below.

  30. There are still too many folk on Scotland who stand like zebra watching one of their number being dismembered by lions, it wasn’t me this time. Munch, munch.

  31. If I wondered about talking to imaginary people, the white coat people would hukle me into the white van and never again surface. They are now about to become part of the Government of the UK

  32. The Good Friday agreement was nearly 20 years ago. In the history of Northern Ireland politics this is the mere blink of an eye. The agreement predates the internet and social media. We’ve already had two ill-advised tweets from two members of the DUP. How much easier is it going to be to reignite and aggravate legacy grievances in an age of trolling and tweeting. The Tories have never covered themselves in glory, but this unholy alliance is going beyond what I even thought they were capable of.

  33. The saddest thing is that so many innocent people have lost their lives in recent weeks due in no small part, it would appear, to the total neglect and self-interest of the UK Government.

    If it wasn’t for Brexit, there’s absolutely no way TM would still be in position.

    • Yes, I am extremely alarmed at the way things are going at the moment.

      I saw a tweet this morning, “In Scotland the Unionists combined got 24 seats while SNP got 35, perhaps it’s time to take the UK off the table”.

      Also today in The Times they said that TM should listen to politicians who want a much softer Brexit like (wait for it) Ruth Davidson! Can anyone point me to any occasion during the election campaign when Ruthie called for a softer Brexit?

      It’s not Indyref2 that’s dead, it’s flaming democracy!!

      • More and more these days Annie, our politics reminds me of this quotation of Martin Niemoller’s.

        “ First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a Socialist.

        Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

        Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a Jew.

        Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

        If the Scottish electorate aren’t careful, through our own negligence and apathy, there will be no one left to speak for us.

        • Y’know Wendy, I think that those wiser authors of sites like this are right to take a rain check about now. It’s bad and bad enough the YES movement arguing the bit against political opponents and their sewage pipe media and supporters day in day out, for God knows how many years, but what I’m seeing across pro-indy sites right now? It’d make a stone weep.

          No amount of calming words, positive reinforcement, or cool appraisal of the actual situation makes a dent. Everyone has a ‘hot take’ on the could have done, should have done du jour. ‘Peak SNP’ klaxons going off wherever you look and some, sadly, from supposedly supportive quarters.

          I need a holiday… someplace far, far, far away would be good. Mibbies someday I’ll win the lottery. 🙂

          In the meantime, lots of long walks and a crappy garden beckons.

          • Enjoy your walks and your garden – you have earned a break, I think. My antidote is “Aquafit” and my garden and I foresee both getting a bigger share of my attention for the foreseeable future. However, I hope you won’t give up on us as your voice will be sadly missed, even if you feel that we are not “hearing” you. Had I a magic wand like my namesake I’d conjure up that lottery ticket and we could mebbe go halfers?

    • Q.E.D.

      Perhaps also the question is – what difference would it make if they (or any Party) won 59 out of 59 seats in Scotland? – when a Country is shackled to a ‘contract’ an ‘Indissoluble’ contract where one party to the contract, has, in perpetuity, around a tenth of a say / representation at Westminster compared to the other party in this contract – how in any way is that ‘equal’ ?? (and now, even that, is further constricted by E.V.E.L. (which was not signed up to in either in 1707 (or 2014, by either those in the Yes or No camps) – arguably the Treaty of Union itself was broken the moment E.V.E.L. was introduced.

      IF Scotland is genuinely supposed to be an ‘Equal’ in this Union (I believe David Cameron (once said) Scotland was an equal –

      then either the Union has to be radically reformed to effect this (at Westminster and other institutions) – or (as there is no apparent willingness for anyone to engage with the Scottish Government , including the Secretary of State for Scotland (Conservative) – who in P.M. style can only utter the mantra in every sentence ‘another devisive Independence Referendum’…..

      there needs to be an ‘alternative’ sought that meets the democratic requirements and aspirations of a Country and its People in the modern Democratic Age.

      Perhaps the Treaty of Union should be revised to give Scotland, for say, 307 years, 10 times the representation at Westminster than England – and hold the UK Parliament in Edinburgh for 307 years, on a rolling basis – perhaps then, and only then, others may get a feel for some of the issues that Scotland has tried to raise in recent times. Voting down any chance of a Constitutional Convention -post Smith Commission (Labour and Conservatives equally guilty parties to this, although to be fair Every amendment was voted down by Westminster – democracy in action- or rather, the Democratic Deficit in action) – leaves no logical option for those who are aware or care about the Democratic Deficit in Scotland.. other than Independence – we have followed the democratic path

      Frankly with a £1.8 Trillion pound ‘UK’ National Debt, Scotland, the SNP or anyone in Scotland should take any ‘advice’ from anyone about not being able to manage our own economy / finances – or is Scotland unique in this world as one that must be governed (incompetently).-see £1.8 Trillion National debt above if you have any doubt on the matter..

      Ths Country needs a Constitution (and not one written by the Conservative Party or imposed by the Conservative Party or written by England and imposed by England or by the ‘UK’ or by anyone – but written by the People, for the People to reflect the aspirations of the Country of Scotland to define the Country and its Future.

      The Treaty of Union is not fit for purpose. let’s get this out in the open.

      Recent events have proved (even with 56 SNP MPs out of 59 sitting at Westminster representing Scotland most clearly on Trident 58 out of 59 (including Liberal and Labour) and the EU vote where every Constituency, every one in Scotalnd (remember that includes Conservatives voting for this also) voted to Remain in the EU …… to no avail.
      The EU issue (no matter which side of the argument you may be on) simply highlights, in glorious Techni-Colour – that Scotland has , under the Union, no effective means of genuinely reflecting the wishes of its People and its future in the current arrangement.

      The Democratic Deficit has to be remedied as a priority and other matters to follow (e.g. EU – which are important and Common Agricultural Policy (in respect of Fishing has destroyed Scottish Fishing/Ecology-needs.radical reform / scrapping) -but most of all –

      its about Who Decides,

      The vote by the Scottish Parliament 69 votes in favour of a Second Independence Referendum to 59 (Ruth, Kezia and Willie were all at their place of work that day – but have difficulty remembering … but they Lost the vote,democratically. The Mandate was given by the People of Scotland (refelcted in the large number of MSPs of Independent Mind .sitting at the time of the vote…….and Scotand/the Scottish Parliament has asked nicely..has asked democratically…… David Cameron (once said) they were ‘listening to Scotland’… we shall see.

      P.S. I am alarmed, and care.

      • No, they’re not listening. They can’t afford to.

        And yes. Most folk with any kind of empathy or sense of justice and fairness should be alarmed.

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