The ship of fools in the ship of state

Theresa May is supposed to be conducting what are widely agreed to be some of the most difficult and important negotiations that the UK has faced in recent history, and she can’t even negotiate a deal to keep her own government in office. Mind you, it’s not like anyone should have had high expectations of success. This after all is the Prime Minister who put David Davis in charge of getting a good Brexit deal, even though he paid for that U2 album in full and thinks that BOGOF is the lead EU negotiator from Bulgaria.

The deal with the DUP to keep Theresa May’s government safe is looking as though it’s as lifeless as the atmosphere of a rocky asteroid in that distant galaxy where Theresa May dreams of a making a success of Brexit. According to reports on Tuesday, the DUP were saying that they were surprised at the low level of negotiating experience in May’s government. That bodes well doesn’t it. The DUP is reportedly angry at being taken for granted, a perception which wasn’t helped by Theresa May’s office prematurely announcing that a deal had been reached and then having to hurriedly withdraw. You’d have thought that the DUP would have approved of early withdrawal, seeing as how they oppose contraceptive rights, but apparently not in this instance.

The government of the UK which is going to take on the entire might of the European Union in order to get Britain a good deal for Brexit, and it’s been outwitted by a bunch of creationists and climate change deniers whose idea of negotiating is to march with a big drum and some guys with orange sashes singing about killing Catholics. Although to be honest that’s an unfair characterisation, certain supporters of the DUP have many years of experience, having been involved in negotiations for decades. There’s negotiating cash for ash, not to mention the hostage negotiations, protection racket negotiations, and negotiating a truce with the paramilitary crime gang in the next estate.

The talks to arrange a deal, according to the DUP, have not been progressing as expected, by which they meant that they had expected the Conservatives to have some sort of a clue about what they wanted, how to achieve it, and how to put it into effect. One of those things that the rest of us call a “plan”, in other words. The Tories don’t do plans, at least not in the sense that anyone else would recognise it. What Tories do is short term self interest, bluster, and bullying. When faced across the negotiating table with people who do have a plan, the Tories are left with nothing except confusion and Daily Mail headlines blaming the Germans. Instead of the smooth and easy progression that the DUP had expected, they discovered that the talks were progressing like an Orange Walk in Drumcree and were being hampered by people who were pointing out, quite reasonably which is unusual for Tories, that the DUP are climate change denying creationist whose idea of women’s rights is allowing women to choose what tea service to use and who think that not actually being stoned by an angry mob of Presbyterian fundamentalists counts as all the gay rights that anyone has any right to expect.

The Queen’s Speech is on top of us, and there’s no deal agreed with the DUP. The fate of the UK government is more uncertain and more chaotic than it was last week, and it was pretty messed up then. Theresa May can, and probably will, press ahead with minority government even without the support of the DUP, but that’s making a weak position so much weaker. The British government descends into a confused disaster zone, just at the very time that the country is crying out for leadership, and they’ve created this mess all by themselves. It’s all so needless, and all a result of the greed for power of the Conservative party and their determination to put short term party interest before all other considerations.

They’re doing that again this week in Scotland. Tory MEP Ian Duncan stood as the Westminster candidate for Perth, and lost. But the Tories wanted him in the Scotland Office, and so they’ve given him a peerage and have installed him in government anyway, despite the fact that the voters rejected him just a few days ago. What happened to respecting the result of the ballot box eh? It now turns out that it only applies when it suits the Tories, but now they’ve proven that their insistence on respecting votes is hypocritical cant. And we’ll be reminding them of it at every opportunity.

The only reason that Theresa May is limping on in power is because no one else wants to take responsibility for the epic galactofuck that will pass for British government for the foreseeable future. Many amongst the Tories want Theresa to carry the can for the next few months at least, and then they can mount a leadership challenge when the shape of Brexit becomes clearer.

It was already considered as difficult to get a decent deal on Brexit as it was to get a Tory MP to vote for stricter regulations on rental properties. Now it’s likely to be impossible. Westminster doesn’t have the foggiest idea of what it wants to get from the Brexit negotiations beyond a confused mush of contradictory wishes and fond hopes. As a nation, we’d be better off buying a lottery ticket and putting all our hopes for a better future in a daydream of a jackpot win. At least there are finite odds of winning the lottery, vanishingly small, but at least they can be quantified and are realistic. All there is for Brexit is a fantasy of flag waving and empire nostalgia and there’s not even slim odds of any of it coming true.

The only certainty left in British politics is that there is no certainty. There is no stability, there is no security. Not risking the supposed certainty, stability, and security of the British state was one of the main campaign points of the Better Together campaign in 2014, the British state has destroyed that all by itself. We can’t predict what the shape of British politics will be next month, never mind in two years’ time. Anyone who says that Scotland must rule out any prospect of a referendum on the outcome of Brexit is a fool. But then the Tories have demonstrated that we’re governed by fools. The British ship of state is a ship of fools.

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0 thoughts on “The ship of fools in the ship of state

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  2. Excellent post paul. As ever.

    One of your remarks “who think that not actually being stoned by an angry mob of Presbyterian fundamentalists counts as all the gay rights that anyone has any right to expect” resonated strongly with me.

    As it summed up one of the justifications/motivations Orange/Loyalists frequently use.

    To be quite honest it’s justification No 5, as reported herewith reference to northern ireland.

    5) “Why worry? You’re lucky to survive! In the wake of loyalist attacks, nationalists are often described as ‘lucky to be alive‘. Instead of anger and outrage, the victim is encouraged to feel ‘fortunate‘, in having ‘escaped‘ certain death or injury. As if being ‘lucky to be alive‘ should suffice.

    Comment: Catholics aren’t second-class citizens, they are non-citizens, and as such, like the beasts in the fields, loyalists believe they should be content with being ‘lucky to be alive‘.

  3. Hey, haud oan… 3rd line from the end…anyone who says that Scotland must rule out any prospect of a referendum on the outcome of Brexit is a fool.

    Advice proffered to we Indy folk is to be nice and seek to persuade people to back independence. My life experience is that some folk, fools(?) must suffer the consequences of their intransigence before they will change their views. Brexit will do that for the many who have independent incomes and pensions. However there remains the group on state support that fear risk their benefits even as cuts are made and more intended.

    We have a group of wealthy Englishmen negotiating Brexit, not on our behalf, because we are excluded from the negotiations, as are Wales – N Ireland maybe, but on their behalf.

    Not in My Name, maybe should be our slogan.

  4. “…early withdrawal” had me seriously lol-ing. What a beauty of an article Paul, cannot keep up with the quality you are producing.

  5. I’m feeling very angry and worried about Ian Duncan’s sudden elevation, because it has finally made me understand how desperate the Tories are to sell off Scotland in the Brexit negotiations.

    The timeline goes: Theresa May triggers article 50, so the Scot Gov pass a motion for Indyref2 which means that Westminster will be unable to use anything Scottish as leverage in the upcoming negotiations (i mean, they can’t bargain with it if it’s, potentially, not theirs to give away).
    So Theresa May calls a snap GE, not to strengthen her hand, but to weaken Scotland’s. If the SNP lose their majority, indyref2 will be off the table, and Westminster can plunder away. After weeks of relentless propaganda and ceaseless pounding from the MSM heavy artillery, all centred on the repetitive “No to Indyref2” slogan, the suggestible, the Unionists and the Brexiteers of Scotland combine to deliver 12 new Tory MPs. It’s not enough to kill indyref2, but Ruth and the MSM act like it is anyway. (One wonders how small an increase they would have needed to still claim a victory?) “Indyref 2 is dead!” they crow, whilst hurtling towards day one of Brexit negotiations with no Scottish assets, trying to figure out how to get their greedy hands on them. Then comes the lightbulb moment! They’ll just parachute in someone with a connection to Scotland and Europe and let him hand it all over. Enter our favourite also-ran of moment, Ian Duncan MEP. And here we are. This is truly despicable behaviour. We must find a way to protect ourselves. But as long as the Indyref2 flag keeps flying, away in the distance somewhere near the conclusion of negotiations, we may have hope yet.

    • I am glad somebody else thinks the same as myself regarding the snap GE, the fact that she wanted to weaken the Scottish goverments hand about the threat of Indyref2 situation I think was a major reason. It would have ment negotiations concerning Scotlands Assets coming in to play for her to use in her dealing. Indyref2 must stay on the table to strengthen Scotlands hand so that we can use it to get the best deal for scottish people, and if we dont get a suitable deal then bring it on.

    • Brilliant point Kate.

      That’s why it would be utter INSANITY to pull indyref2 off the table, or even to be equivocal. If we do that, they can do what they like!

      One of the main planks of the No campaign was that if we voted Yes, we would be out of the EU and that was a bad and scary thing. Fast forward to the Brexit referendum and the very same people who told us it was a bad and scary thing are now pulling us out and telling us it is a great thing.

      We were deceived – that is the reason the question must be put to the people of Scotland again.

      Nicola – say it, loud and proud. INDYREF2 WILL HAPPEN.

  6. I have yet to come across a more intelligent and considered analysis than this from Al Harron on A Wilderness of Peace. He catches the reality of May’s foolish assumption that she had the English electorate in her handbag; that she was certain of the death of Labour in england and had, therefore, only to quell the SNP in Scotland to take ultimate control of the yookay. What a joke that has turned out to be, I’m happy to report. Check out Al’s astute thinking:

  7. Paul, usually you are good and funny. Now I don’t like them any more than you do, and I have directly suffered as the result of their policies, but the way that you described them was not helpful. Yes the hold social views which are way off line. and it is fair enough to characterise them as you did, but they are not stupid, rather socially conditioned, and they know how to negotiate because they play hard ball with SF who also know how to negotiate.
    Looking at them as a bunch of hayseeds does the last thing which you should ever do, and that is underestimate your enemy. They will be taking Maggie May for a Ride and they will tell her to fuck off if they don’t get what they want. Perhaps we in Scotland could learn from their brutal ways of negotiating, and how they manage to keep their vote on line when there is absolutely no rational reason to support them in any way

    • Agree with your analysis bigirishman. Read a bit about NI politics. To me it is so black and white. Amazes me that the chuckle brothers were a success, on the surface anyway.

  8. It’s not good is it?

    I’ve maybe mentioned once or twice that the UK system was taking us down a dark path. The past fortnight has been one long Q.E.D. moment.

    Westminster will be Westminster.

  9. Excellent piece, Paul. I love the word “galactofuck” and in these perilous times it is not exactly difficult to “shoe-horn” it into everyday conversation, is it? I foresee it becoming “le mot juste” when describing everything to do with UK politics. Thank you for expanding my vocabulary!

    • Paul coined that particular piece of literary epic-ness last year about the time of the Brexit vote. It’s my favourite too and I like to use it at every opportunity! 😊

      Another cracking piece and I agree we shouldn’t underestimate these ‘Christian’ fundamentalists, loathesom species that they are.
      I would like to be a fly on the wall at those negotiations…

      • “I would like to be a fly on the wall ,,,” You and I both, Sir! At the very least we would get to see/hear the absolute truth of the matter. Hard to say whether we will know that without actually “being there”.

  10. Can anyone help me convince my German partner that Scotland isn’t an English colony She just couldn’t get her head round the concept of the Scottish office after we discussed the appointment of Ian Duncan who we rejected in Perthshire. And a state broadcaster that denigrate it’s own country? It’s all difficult to argue against.

    • She’s from the Rhine area which was occupied by us until the 1990s.

      In any event Moscow only controlled the DDR because Konrad Adenauer refused to agree in the 1950s that a reunified German would be neutral and would not be in NATO. (they like to keep that a secret). West Germany went on to join NATO and the allies released all the Nazi generals to form the backbone of the Bundeswehr.

  11. Excellent piece again and a superb title, sums it up beautifully.

    I am reminded of the last opening of parliament which my youngest son decided to watch in its entirety since in this house, it has never been watched. He began open-mouthed in disbelief and then hilarity set in and he spent the rest of the time in hysterical incredulity as each new piece of ridiculous flummery was enacted. The highlights for him were Michael Gove dressed up like a bauble and looking comically awestruck and the crown getting a coach all to itself and driven in solemn procession. By the time we got to Black Rod and White Stick, he was rendered speechless with laughter.

    I realised that we older folk might be innured over the decades to the pompous and over-blown idea of itself that the British establishment has but my son’s reaction to this Ruritarian grandiosity reminded me of the boy and the Emperor’s new clothes. Looked at with fresh eyes it seems incredible that we have put up with these snake-oil salesmen and their hollow titles and empty ceremonial and dreams of empire for so long. By now they should have been drowned in laughter. The ship of state is heading for the rocks.

      • That was the first time I had ever watched it too. It was a ludicrous pantomime carried out with studied solemnity which made it even more hilarious. There is also the Cap of Maintenance and the Sword of State which have to have their own transport too. My son asked, ” Where is the Cloak of Invisibility and the Fireball Spell?” All we needed was a Shadowmage and a Spellcaster and we had a computer fantasy game. The whole thing was unbelievably silly.

  12. So far the English torys threw out all suggestions from us in the other 3 nations went to Belgium solo without knowing what they themselves wanted and now waiting to knife there leader when it all goes south imperials they never change

  13. Lord Ian Duncan of Strawcamelback, has been bred for this role; degree in geology from the University of St Andrews, before earning a PhD in paleontology from the University of Bristol. Lord Duncan, Hemmer of the Scots. He has been appointed to hem us in to our pen, like sheep awaiting the shearer.

    During the late 1990s, Duncan served as a policy analyst for BP’s political affairs team where he worked on the company’s strategy for emerging economic prospects in post-communist eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.
    No ‘mud logging’ on the rigs for young Duncan. Straight on to the Yellow Brick Road.

    Lions and Tigers and Bears, no way!

    ‘Duncan served as a policy analyst for BP’s political affairs team where he worked on the company’s strategy for emerging economic prospects in post-communist Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.’

    Which was obviously great experience for his next leg up as an expert of Fishing?.

    ‘In 1999 Duncan became the Deputy Chief Executive, and Secretary for the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation, where he developed policy and worked closely with the European Union, namely lobbying for the development of a regional management model which was later adopted by the European Commission.’

    Still no need to unpack his geology hammer and chisel just yet.

    Presumably he contributed to his wiki blurb.

    ‘From 2004-2005 he acted as the Head of Policy & Communication for the Scottish Refugee Council, a charity which offers advice to those taking asylum within Scotland.’
    By Christ, he’s been busy.
    ‘Before becoming an MEP, Duncan worked as Head of the EU Office for the Scottish Parliament, a position he held between 2005 and 2011, at which time he was appointed Clerk to the Parliament’s European Committee and EU Advisor to the Parliament.’

    That would be during Baron McConnell’s time as FM. Well, after all, McConnell was a Tony Blair New Labour New Conservative at the time. They can swap stories about the Good Old Days Pre-Nats in the House of Lards along with Lord Darling, Lord Purvis, and Lord For Foulkes Sake.

    ‘Duncan sits on three committees of the European Parliament – the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy, the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety and the Committee on Fisheries.He is the European Parliament’s Rapporteur on post 2020 reforms to the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme.

    To paraphrase Billy Connolly’s quip about the busy Glasgow sex worker:
    ‘If he had another pair of legs, he’d open up in Edinburgh.’

    In June 2017, he momentarily stepped off the Yellow Brick Road, and stood for WM, and lost.
    Oops, that wasn’t supposed to happen.

    He stood against Munchkin Pete Wishart and lost by 21 votes. The Bad Witch of the West, Nicola Sturgeon, unleashed her flying harpies to visit the doorsteps of the good burghers of Perth and despite tactical voting, the future Lord Duncan failed, probably for the first time in his preordained life.

    But that didn’t stop the Establishment. Damn it, they’ve spent a lot of time grooming this lad for stardom.

    Forget D’Hondt, forget FPTP, forget STV, forget PR, forget Yes/No, and Remain/Leave Referendums.

    These are merely illusions of democracy allowed by the Oligarchy to fool the plebs into thinking that their ‘X’, or 1,2,3,4, preferences actually matter.

    We, the people of Scotland, are irrelevant.
    Good Lord, it is Ian Duncan’s ‘turn’.

    He will be Grand Panjandrum of the Scottish Colony.

    He is now Lord Duncan of LastStrawcamelback, whether we like it or not.

    I’m sure that Mundell’s tailor will be inserting a slit in the back of his jackets, and Lord Duncan is receiving a crash course in ventriloquism as I type.

    He is a ‘good egg’, ‘one of us’, ‘the right stuff’.
    He is on the Old Boys’ Yellow Brick Road to wealth and power.

    Our votes will never alter this corrupt elite system until we leave their crooked little Union.

    The silence from the Dead Tree Scrolls and Gordon Brewer and Co., has been deafening.

    Dear Reader, this is Scotland under the Tories and the Compliant Unionist Labour and Lib Dem ‘Opposition’.

    Back in your Indyref boxes, your votes matter not to the Iron Heel.

    • To his (Ian Duncan) credit he’s also openly gay and a member of the Tory LGBT group should go down well with his DUP masters.

      • I am getting a bit fed up of the phrase ‘openly gay’, M.Boyd.
        I recall Billy Connolly ( yet again) observing that in Norn Irn, Protestants were referred to as ‘staunch Protestants’, and Catholics were always ‘devout Catholics’.

        What does ‘openly gay’ actually mean?

        I am ‘covertly heterosexual’, if it comes to that. I fancy women, but I don’t declare it ‘openly’. Not if I want my tea tonight.

        There is still a long long way to go in Scotland before the underlying prejudices with regard to sexuality, religious persuasion, ethnic grouping or economic status have been eradicated, and lord knows, I cannot even begin to imagine the suffering, personal angst, and familial turmoil which homosexuals may have endured and still endure because of their sexuality.

        I am heartened that in the last census, 51% of Scots citizens declared that they had no organised religion at all, and that the young look forward in Hope, while old fuddy duddies like me cower behind the Linus blanket of our sad and prejudiced past.

        I have a love of the English language. I still get an ‘ouch’ when folk who happen to be attracted and fall in love with members of the same sex are glibly classed as ‘gay’, but that the daily usage of the euphemism I am aware does not cause offence.
        It seems slightly dismissive and somehow pejorative to my ears, that’s all.

        Similarly, calling somebody ‘openly’ gay seems as irrelevant as calling me ‘covertly’ hetero.
        Is the qualifying adverb really necessary in these modern times?

        Of course there are many homosexuals who are ‘still in the closet’, another phrase which I don’t like, and again, I can only imagine the stress that this places upon individuals.

        But to use your sexuality as a political device, is another thing.
        With that I shall not put up.

        • “Up with which you will not put”, Jack! 😉

          I read this morning that at some horrendous banquet for Tory donors the May-bot claims to have “saved the Union” by getting 13 Scottish Tory MPs elected to Wastemonster.

          I wonder who is going to tell her that 13 is less than half of 35?

          • Sorry, Wendy, you can tell when I’m teed off; I ended a sentence with a preposition!
            ‘Up with which I shall not put.’ is of course the correct construction.
            The Bella Caledonia article highlighted by Macart below covers Unionist Newspeak, and the death of democracy in Scotland.
            The Tories ‘won’, because the Dead Tree Scrolls and BBC PQ tell me so.

          • Haha! My own grammar goes to Hades in handcart when I’m seriously “p155ed”, as they say over here. (As opposed to p155ed-off, that is, not as in stocious!) I’ve just read the Bella Caledonia post and it’s a corker. Plenty of fodder there for gainsaying the current Unionist narrative.

        • ‘Gay’ is a lovely old word to explain a person with cheery deposition who is happy and flamboyant. I used to get annoyed at the acronym ‘gay’ to signify homosexual people but I guess I have just got used to it. The language always changes.

        • Yes, it is. You do not have to be ‘open’ about your heterosexuality; being heterosexual is the default, assumed by society, and there is no problem of heterosexual invisibility. Gay and bisexual people, however, still frequently have our existence ignored, and if we do not explicitly come out we are still often assumed to be straight. The existence of homophobic groups like the DUP shows that same-gender relationships are still not on an equal footing with opposite-gender ones, and the necessity of coming out shows that being openly gay (as opposed to closeted) is still a necessary concept.

          As far as the word ‘gay’ is concerned, part of the point of its modern usage is that ‘homosexual’ is a medicalized term, imposed on us from the outside, and today is often a dogwhistle used by fundamentalist/alt-Reich homophobes to delegitimize gay identities; by contrast, ‘gay’ is a word that we chose for ourselves. If it makes you feel any better, the modern use of the word ‘gay’ is most likely older than you are, having originated no later than the 1920s. Words change their meanings, and ‘gay’ is less a euphemism and more a term of empowerment and self-identity.

          • I’m not offended, and I don’t think you’re an idiot; you raised a question that I thought needed an answer. No hard feelings at all, and I’m sorry if I got excessively strident. (-:

          • Seph, I am a tired old warhorse when it comes to individual freedoms, married to a Social Contract which encompasses and protects us all.
            I cannot possibly talk with any degree of authority or depth on sexuality, or oppression because of race, colour, or belief systems which are not my own.
            I thank you for broadening my knowledge, and remain chastened, but a lot wiser, because of your excellent post.
            Peace, brother, as smallaxe would say over on WoS.

          • Sorry to correct you again, but in my case it’s ‘peace, sister’.

            Peace, all the same. (-:

          • I sympathise, Jack. I too find the politics of gender and sexuality a bit of a minefield. I have a niece who is “gender queer” and I love her dearly but I am always putting my hoof in my gob around her because it is all new to me. When one is “of a certain age” and straight it is very tricky steering a safe course – however much one supports LGBTQ equality and abhors casual discrimination. I mean well but I invariably screw up. ‘Tis the way of things, sadly.

  14. It’s maybe not for everyone I know but I love voting and elections. I feel this tory mess will be unravelling probably even sooner than the October some people are predicting. They are the emperors new clothes of politics standing naked without a clue and without a plan. Bring on the next Indy ref 2, soon during this self made chaos.

  15. I see on twatter that Owen Jones has apparently been sending out the rallying call for Labour in Embra. Upto and including the SNP bad meme.

    I had thought better of Mr Jones, but when push comes to shove he sees himself Labour left, which is cool and all, but I don’t think Mr Jones quite understands what Labour in Scotland stand for. For that matter neither do they, but that’s another story.

    In short, party before people raises its head yet again.

    I am so fucking sick to death of ists, isms and labels of any description. Party politics and religion, absolute killer combo throughout human history and a great way of generalising and labelling demographics.

    Here is EXACTLY where I stand on this.

    You don’t need a party affiliation, you don’t need to be far left, left, centre left, centre or centre right to be a decent fucking human being. That somehow you’re only ‘right on’ if you follow this party or that individual. Personally I judge people by their action and intent and vote accordingly.

    Westminster government of ANY stripe, its practice and system of politics is wrong on just about every conceivable level. The political make up of the union is wrong. The nature and practice of party politics in the UK is beyond appalling for its treatment of the electorate at large. Dear God! Some of those who sit in chambers can barely hide their contempt for those they are supposed to represent and care for.

    As an institution it is anti democratic, oppressive and (YES) criminally societally divisive by nature.

    I believe that before politics and society across these islands can progress, the Westminster system, the Westminster parliament and the political union on which it is founded must be dissolved and a new politics based on the social union, respect and equality of nations take its place.

    IMV, the people of these islands and how they interact are not the problem. Most folk just want to cut along in peace. The institution and the establishment behind the institution are the problem and ALWAYS have been.

    That problem is beyond party politics and party politicking at this point. Its beyond ‘games’. Those games are what have brought us to where we are today and what a place that is.

    It’s time now, I reckon, to concentrate on the only union that ever meant a damn, the social union. To protect that, the political one, its chief institution and the practice of party politics UK style has to end.

    • well said, Sam.
      For a start can we scrap the farcical FMQ, which is merely a stripped down version of PMQ Down there.
      it serves no purpose other than as a twisted vehicle for Tory Labour and Lib Dem Third Raters to hurl lies, exaggerations, and threats across the Ethernet through the conduit of our FM, who tirelessly bats away fake howling rage from a procession of fifth raters on all sides, whose only remit is to destroy democracy and our civic society in Scotland.
      Owen Jones looks after only one person; Owen Jones.
      Renta Common Man. he is never off our screens. The Wolfie Smith of the 21st Century.

    • I too had thought better of Owen Jones – I’m disgusted of wherever the Scottish equivalent of Tunbridge Wells is! I agree wholeheartedly with your comment, especially about ‘ists’ and ‘isms’. It’s particularly irritating when folk who should know better cannot recognise the distinction between “National” and “Nationalist” in the name of the SNP! I have a stock paragraph which I post ad infinitum when people get it wrong – which is just about every day.

      • Fear not ferr Wendy. The poop has finally hit the fan.

        No. 10 has just confirmed that the Scottish government will have to ratify both sections of the Great Repeal Bill and certain areas of Brexit legislation.

        The next phone conversation between the First Minister and the PM should be a beaut. 😀

        Now remember where you heard the term ‘constitutionally incompatible result’ first.

        P.S. LOLMAGEDDON 😀

      • Unfortunately, Owen Jones, like many on the English left, could only share our perspective when it appeared to be part to of the same discontent with the Tory government. Now they feel that they can see the possibility of a Labour government and the SNP vote is an irritating obstacle. The goal of a Labour administration must seem eminently achievable now and they are willing to walk on our heads to get there.

        It was ever thus.

  16. YES WELL Quelle Surprise

    Theresa May was schmoozing multi-millionaire Tory donors at the Savoy while Grenfell Tower residents faced homelessness and talks with the DUP stalled, HuffPost UK can reveal.

    The Prime Minister spent 50 minutes hobnobbing with Conservative backers at the lavish London hotel on Tuesday, despite aides insisting she was too “busy” for other engagements.

    Her appearance comes in the wake of recent terror attacks, as Brexit negotiations open and the day before the Queen’s Speech is put before Parliament.

    May was accused of a lack of “humanity” after she dodged survivors of the Grenfell Tower blaze during a swift 15-minute tour of the site in the immediate aftermath.

    But at the Savoy event – where tables cost up to £5,000 – the Prime Minister posed for selfies and a bottle of champagne was raffled to raise funds.

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