The bendiness of bananas

When I was a wean people used to scoff about banana republics where the establishment had no respect for democracy, no respect for the rule of law, no respect for the checks and balances that ensure that the people get a hearing in the corridors of power. They’d laugh at the inflated balloons in their fancy uniforms who strutted and posed as they trod democracy into the dirt. They’d look contemptuously on the failing states where infrastructure crumbled and distasters piled up in human tragedies, losing count of stories of grief and loss. But we’re not laughing now as we look upon the ruined road to the failed state, and realise it’s the one that we’re treading. Britain is the only country in the world that has become a banana state over the bendiness of a banana.

We’re living in a country where there’s actually a person whose job is to hold a hat on a stick during the state opening of parliament while the government is clueless and mired in confusion as it takes us to the cliffs of Brexit without a plan or a clue. We’ve got no right to feel superior to the banana republicans with their fancy uniforms and bloated pride. Britain is every bit as bad. Britain is country where democracy is weak and accountability as meaningless as a flunky with a hat on a stick, a stick that Scotland is being beaten with.

The Prime Minister has taken it upon herself to define what Brexit means. Our interim Prime Minster lost her majority after taking us into an unwanted election on a personal crusade to increase her own power. She failed, but she’s carrying on as though nothing much has happened. We’re still expected to trust in Theresa to make all decisions, the banana republic dictator who’s the arbiter of everything. The puffed up authoritarian with her flunky with a hat on a stick as the country is mired in a crisis that her party created as a by-product of putting its short term party political interests first. The Tory response to this crisis is to grab yet more power for themselves. Laws passed by so called Henry VIII powers, the powers of Holyrood changed as a result of Brexit and devolved competencies being taken back by Westminster. And yet no one voted for any of this.

There’s a huge power grab going on at UK level, and by weakening and diminishing the power of the Scottish parliament the Scottish Unionist parties are complicit in it. What’s been happening in Scotland over the past few days and weeks amounts to nothing less than a concerted assault on the pillars of Scottish democracy by a vindictive British state that sees its rule threatened. This is what a British coup looks like.

Holyrood has already passed a bill for a referendum, but the Tories and their pals want that vote overturned because they gained more seats – but still didn’t win a majority – in another election entirely, an election which had nothing to do with the powers of Holyrood. Can you imagine what the response of the Tories would be if the SNP or other parties demanded that Theresa May put a halt to Brexit because the Tories had lost seats in a council election? But that’s exactly parallel to what the Tories are demanding of the Scottish government now, and they’re being aided and abetted by a supine press that’s helping in the destruction of the free society it’s supposed to be defending.

The Unionist parties wouldn’t be so desperate to prevent a second independence referendum from ever taking place if they were confident of winning it. If they were confident of winning they’d be desperate for another referendum, because then they could silence the calls for another vote for decades to come. The reason they’re so desperate to prevent another referendum is because they know the chances are that they’d lose it. They’d lose it because there is a large and substantial body of Scottish opinion that wants independence, and another body of opinion which is no in principle opposed to it but which remains to be persuaded. All the Tory foot stamping in the world won’t make that go away. You do not heal differences of opinion by demanding that those who disagree with you shut up.  People are told to shut up in banana republics.

Meanwhile voting in Scotland no longer seems to count for anything much. Scotland voted by a very large margin to remain a part of the EU, but that vote is being ignored. Scotland’s parliament voted for a referendum, obeying the mandate given to the Scottish government by the people of Scotland in the Holyrood election of 2016, but the Unionist parties demand that vote is ignored. Scotland returned the SNP as the largest party, giving them a large majority of Scotland’s Westminster seats, but that majority is being ignored. Scotland said no to a Tory victory. Failed Westminster candidate Ian Duncan gets elevated to the House of Lords and is given a job in the government despite being rejected by the voters of Perth. Whatever happened to respecting the result of the ballot? What was that about no means no? That only applies when it suits the Unionist parties. It doesn’t seem to apply to the Tories in Perth or anywhere else.

Today it was confirmed that the Scottish Parliament has the right to vote on Theresa May’s Great Repeal Bill because it has a direct impact on devolved powers. The Scottish Parliament must vote it down and say no to Theresa May’s power grab, say no to the Tory self-interest that’s destroying democracy, say no to Scotland being ripped out of the EU against its will. It won’t prevent Brexit. Yet again Westminster and the Tories will overrule Scotland. But we shouldn’t make it easy for them.  The Tories created this constitutional crisis, and this is the crisis that will show that the UK state is no longer fit for purpose.

It’s not too late to halt and turn back before Scotland becomes the kailyaird state, a walled off and neglected back garden of a broken Britain fit only for growing the stunted banana plants of small horizons and little hopes. The Conservative assault on Scottish democracy must be resisted by all and any legal means available. The Scottish Government must make it clear that its mandate to hold another independence referendum when the results of the Brexit process become clear remains undiminished. It’s more important now than ever that the grass roots independence movement steps up and organises. Democracy is nothing if it is not a participatory process. The Tories want us to stop participating, to sit back quietly and meekly as they order and command. Let’s not let them. This is about more than the bendiness of bananas.

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0 thoughts on “The bendiness of bananas

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  2. “The Conservative assault on Scottish democracy must be resisted by all and any legal means available.”

    This may be hard when the Tories can change what’s legal anytime they want to.

  3. As always unable to read anything you write without nodding vehemently in approval. And once again sorry you are preaching to a converted audience. Hardly any englshperson or -personage will read it and see the errors of their way or the unfairness of their brethren.
    I would so hope you get a column in – say – the guardian or some other paper with a circulation beyond the ermine jerkcircle. These people need shaking up, not mildly stirred.

    • Oh geezer don’t get me started 20 years wasted down in that shite hole called England they think they fine alone that they don’t need anyone Scotland is a foreign country is another of there stupid mindsets I could go on

    • Agree wholeheartedly, Cloggins. The “Err … ummm …” section of the English electorate would benefit enormously from reading Paul’s posts. A scant few read it when I post links on my Facebook page – and some even have intelligent comment – but the vast majority of those who comment are “BritNats” on whom its pearls of wisdom are definitely wasted. A column in a reputable organ of the press (I suppose there are still such things?) would be the way to go.

  4. And since the torys so called win they are almost knifing each other with rape clause ruthie and Maggie may acting like Megatron and starscream of transformers one wants to takeover while the other won’t give up power at any cost while dealing at the same time with another enemy in this case the eu scottish torys being taken to court by one of there own there manefesto in England ripped to bits practically and the queen now saying westminster should of involved the 3 devolved parliaments of Scotland Wales and northern Ireland instead of going alone today this is one giants mess and it’s only day 3

  5. HS2 from London to Birmingham to go ahead, costing hundreds of millions in lost business to Dundee and Aberdeen.
    But that’s billed as strengthening the UK’s infrastructure, don’t ya know.
    Again the hoary old aerospace industry expansion gets a whirl in Lizzie’s speech.
    Banana Republic?
    More like the Duchy of Grand Fenwick. If they were still alive Peter Sellers or Alastair Sim could play the Grand Duchess Treeza in the movie.
    Engwaland sending a man or woman to the moon?
    Make Britain Great again.
    Mark Carney goes public, admitting that we will be poorer post Brexit; it begs the question, why is this madness being played out?
    This Monday, Davis was the Mouse That Roared, and Europe chucked him a lump of Gauda to chomp on until October.
    Garage forecourts are to be fitted with power points for the electric cars 95% of the population can’t afford.
    Oh yes, and austerity still bites. The rich get richer, and the rest of us can feck off.
    Great summation of the Unionists’ UK, Paul.
    Davidson Dugdale and Rennie have gone into hiding.Were they starring in Edinburgh today? I haven’t bothered checking.
    Let’s hope they stay hidden.
    Tomorrow, May is scheduled to go to Brussels, and in the space of a couple of hours, solve the Bargaining Chips dilemma.

    By Friday morning the problem, sorry ‘challenge’ of 3 million EU workers clogging up ‘our’ NHS, and claiming the Social, and jumping the queue of True Brits on the Housing waiting lists, while our elderly ex pats in Dordoigneshire have been threatened with, well, nothing by their adopted countries will be solved. My erse.
    Yet our MSM continue to ignore the chaos unfolding before us.
    Lord Ian Duncan will steady the Scottish ship, I’m sure.
    Paul, you continue to scintillate.

    • BTW, try and catch Eddie May’s roasting of an ‘under the weather’ Boris Johnson, whose befuddled comments on the Queen’s Speech should alarm those, who, unlike the majority of us, seem unconcerned that this bloated privileged oaf is Foreign Secretary.

    • “My Erse” – I didn’t know you had Irish Gaelic, Jack! 😉 But you are right, as usual, a remake of The Mouse That Roared is definitely on the cards! I await the results of “Torysa” May’s jaunt to Brussels with ‘bated breath …

      • I’m a polyglot, Wendy. I love the smell of fried parrot in the morning.
        Johnson, Davis, Davidson, are parroting the same old ‘best deal for Britain’, ‘make Britain great again’ nonsense all over the airwaves, which ultimately leads to them being mauled by any interviewer worth their salt.
        You may recall Davidson’s shameful and bumblingly bad defence of the Two Children Rape Clause Tax Credit obscenity, her waffle about breaking the Pensions triple lock being a good thing, and her leading the Hollyrood Howlers, Dugdale, and Rennie, in a three part harmony of that old Better Together Classic:-
        ‘So sad, we’re mad, the People of Scotland were had, the EssEnnPee are bad.’
        The singing parrots.

        Of course, the person who entices the sun to come up each morning so that its radiance may flood my world with her beauty is the original girl from Belfast City, and some of her more colourful turns of phrase may have rubbed off on me.
        ‘Hell slap it up them.’ is one of my favourites, but only if uttered in a raw Belfast brogue.
        Bumbling bumptious Bo got it slapped right up him yesterday, to be sure, to be sure.

  6. When the Secretary of State for Scotland insists the Scottish Parliament should have a vote on anything – Beware.
    If I heard him correctly on TV tonight he said (not as you might hope, perhaps expect e.g. that naturally all Scottish Fishing and Agriculture will be devolved to the Parliament), but that the power of said MSPs was ‘going to change’ – Independence would certainly change/enhance their power – what Can he have in mind?… let’s see, if he has Scotland’s or the Conservative Party’s interests at heart.

    Here is a man who only the other day stated he was not even not prepared to engage with the democratically elected MSPs of the Scottish Parliament, and those in the majority (where 35 is > 13 > 7 > 4 , where 35 is greater than 13 + 7+4.=24, an overwhelming mandate of MPs and of MSPs.

    Maybe he has seen the light in that a mandate is effected when a majority vote on something, like when a Parliament/MSPs vote to have an Independence Referendum (that vote passed 69 to 59).69 being a bigger number than 59.

    As Margaret Thatcher once said … when there a majority (of elected representatives) in favour of Independence… the game is up.

    Enough of this lions led by Donkeys…..its time to shape the direction of travel.

    • I think we need to be very worried if it ‘sounds’ as though Fluffy is saying something in support of Scotland. Why would he, when he never has before? We really need to watch those Tories like a hawk!

      It’s so obvious to anybody with half a brain cell that they would be happy to let the Indyref go ahead if they were really that confident the people of Scotland would vote no again.

      • I take your point, AnnieM, but there is another angle.

        Just suppose that the May-bot and her minions have come to the realisation that the omnishambles / galactof*ck that is Brexit is (a) insoluble and (b) spells the death of the Tory Party as we know it. In this case they need a convenient scapegoat, don’t they?

        Why would they not set up Scotland as the fall guy so that when it all goes to Hell in a handcart they can point to Scotland and say “Look! It’s their fault it all fell apart … nothing to do wiv’ me, Guv!”

        Why else would they so obviously reserve the fishing and farming legislation to Westminster in the full and certain knowledge that Holyrood would block the deal? It is my belief that they are deliberately setting this up to fail and making sure that Holyrood and not Westminster will take the blame.

  7. What can I say? We are dealing with a bunch of thieving, lying drongos who are determined to keep our country as a colony of the English, and who will resort to any means to accomplish this. They need to hang on to us as without the money and resources they steal from us, the English would be bankrupt.

    The sooner we get rid of the English government, the better; and we don’t need their permission to hold an independence referendum as, apart from anything else, we have every legal right to do so under international law. The English still cannot get it out of their head that the Empire and the Raj are relics of their inglorious past, and that the Scots are no longer willing to get down on their knees and tug their forelocks to our colonial masters.

    We should give serious consideration to declaring UDI, now.

  8. This has ALWAYS been about our rights, our democracy, our system of government.

    Our RIGHT to choose… anything.

    This is what the YES movement have been trying to impart to the public consciousness for almost five years. This is what party politicians and in particular those invested in the Westminster system, would stifle or deny the population of Scotland.

    They say you never truly appreciate a thing till it’s no longer there. Things you’ve always had for the asking, but never fully understood the importance or the significance they had in your life. They’ve just seemingly almost always been there for you when you needed them. A vehicle in a rural area, modern communications and plentiful electrical power, a supermarket. No need to go out hunting for a woolly mammoth or bison today dear, I’ve just been down to Lidls for a tray bake Lasagna and some garlic bread. Imagine suddenly finding you no longer had access to what most folk would consider those necessities?

    Take it up a notch. How about your health, a loving partner or friend? How about your human rights and freedoms? Your democracy and your right to determine your form of governance?

    We take so much for granted in life and never imagine there is, or has, always been a cost.

    So, yeah, imagine you’ve been convinced that losing is winning by our party political chums and their media. Imagine they convince you to vote their way and hand over your rights and sovereign will. Then imagine they don’t give those things back when you want them. They’re simply gone.

    Personally, I’d rather appreciate my rights and freedoms whilst they’re still here. I’d also rather tell our public servants what’s important rather than have them dictate what they feel is important in the jobs we provide them with.

    What we’re doing here is so much more important than party politics. It is truly beyond that stage by some considerable degree, though some (the more self interested and dishonest) would insist otherwise.

    It’s about right and wrong.

    • Yet, there are hundreds of thousands of Scots citizens who would choose subjugation over Self Determination yet, Sam, even after reading your excellent summary on the dangers of losing our basic rights.
      It will take something more prosaic, something more immediate, a blow to the pocket, a dearth of fruit pickers, the £10 bottle of Chardonnay, granny or granny forced to leave their retirement village in Playa Del Retiros because their £ based pension can’t pay for even the most frugal of euro priced retirement in the sun, who suddenly land on their children’s doorsteps one wet, dreich, miserable October Day and they have to convert their Games Room into a Granny Flat and have grab rails fitted to the bath, to wake some folk from their complacent slumber.
      The Selfish Gene will kick in eventually, when reality bites.
      The good news is that a mere 3 days into the Brexit talks, it is patently obvious that May and company are being not up to it, and worse still, May’s backroom team are jumping ship in their droves.
      A day trip to Rothesay and a round of crazy golf, and a delicious fish tea, with bread and butter, and an Eiffel Tower sponge cake may be this year’s Staycation favourite.

      • What’s really taking me to the fair Jack, is that both No.10 and the meeja have suddenly discovered Scotland’s legal and constitutional roadbump in their omnishambles. The sheer dishonesty of it staggers the imagination.

        They ALWAYS knew. The bastirts simply chose to ignore, deflect and point blank refuse to inform the populations of the UK. THAT is why so much hinged on both LA ballots and the GE. THAT is why they threw the kitchen fucking sink at the Scottish Government throughout both elections. Flooded Scottish Conservative campaign coffers and ramped up the media saturation with SNP bad Ruthie good.

        In the backlash from catastrophic Brexit and the growing economic calamity, the constitutional issue, Scottish law and a Scottish government willing and able to back it, HAD to go.

        The UK is in desperate straights economically and politically. Not just today’s government of course, but successive governments have over invested in their narratives of sovereignty, supremacy, demographic divisions and EU bad. They’ve created a perfect storm of political chaos and societal breakdown.

        The real movers and shakers have always been fully aware of Scotland’s economic importance and asset value to the political union. The problem for them, was the Scots, their laws and their democracy.

        Basically what many of us have said from the start on the nature of the constitutional conflict between referendums, Scots Law and Scottish sovereignty is now coming to a head. The other team have and are attempting to subvert or negate all of the above. Until now they’ve merely been content to ignore them or convince people they didn’t exist. Now they are coming for them because they have to.

        Question is, what are Scottish citizens going to do about it?

        Personally, I’d say it’s time to assert those rights and our law. Personally, I say we tell Westminster to take a hike and don’t let the door hit their arse on the way out. Personally, I really do think it’s about time we stood for something, rather than be prepared to lie down for anything.

        What they are attempting to do to the population of Scotland is wrong. It’s just that simple.

        • Indeed, Sam. They’ll push it and push it, and Gordon, Glenn, and Sally will back them up.
          Sunday Politics last week end was the tin lid for me. Brewer interspersed the usual half hour of Unionist drivel with three or was it four calls for Nicola Sturgeon, because it’s she and she alone who demands Indyref 2, to call off a second vote, when ‘everybody knows’ that the Scottish people don’t want another divisive Referendum.
          ‘If you push me, I shall resist. If you want to stop me resisting, stop pushing.’ Confucius: who else?
          Our law trumps English law on this one, and they know it.
          It won’t stop them though.
          The disgrace and affront to democracy ( ‘I’m a democratic’ Davidson, are you reading this?) by ennobling Ian Duncan, electoral failure, then foisting him on the Scottish public as a Heid High Yin clearly indicates the direction of travel.
          They actually think that they can ignore the law of this land, and international law to boot.
          £4 billion in whisky exports is a lot to lose when you are bobbing about in the North Atlantic, rudderless, attempting to broker deals with Outer Mongolia to flog them marmalade and Kendal Mint.
          We are witnessing, more rapidly than even we anticipated, the pathetic death rattle of a corrupt little Oligarchy.
          This time we are ready.

          • Yep, and considering Kendal Mint, Melton Mowbery pork pies, Cheshire cheese etc. Will be no longer protected and can be made in Scotland,Germany, Spain, Greece and any other country which chooses to go into competition in that market, things will be extra tough. It’s a long list of products if you want to check it out.

          • Thing is they’re pushing the wrong angle and deliberately so. Scotland cannot veto Brexit for the UK and indeed would not, even if it could.

            The bastirts are deliberately stirring it and using their media to crank up anti Scottish feeling .

            What people need to accept, is that Brexit is happening. It is a process begun with a referendum June 2016 – Parliamentary voting processes (including the sidelining of devolved legislatures) decided in the Supreme court December 2016 – Ratified by the chambers in Westminster and Article 50 duly triggered in March 2017 – Settlement process underway June 2017 and ongoing.

            Action – Process – Consequence

            This current fight is all about Scottish law and the repatriation of powers over extremely valuable assets. It’s about Scottish citizens rights as union partners. This is all about the Great Repeal Bill and where it intersects with Scottish law.

            It’s about the TYPE of Brexit which will come and about how much control parliament has over the rights and laws of union partners in that aftermath.

            In short, Brexit is going to happen to Scotland too, but we have a say in how that story ends.

            We still have an out you see. We have the legal and constitutional tools to at least fight being taken out of the single market in the short term and if we choose, we can re-enter the EU rather swiftly in the longer. Where UK gov has burnt bridges in Europe, the Scottish government have built them.

            The chiefest tool in the box? A referendum on independence. All rights. All powers. All sovereignty. All assets and choice – available to the Scottish electorate and the government of their choosing.

          • I caught the De-mob happy Yoons at play on FMQ, and Taylor’s summary with two Right Wing journos, closely followed by Reporting Scotland headlining with SNP Bad on FE Colleges.
            It is relentless..
            Taylor mumbles on about repatriated powers following Brexit and ‘discussions’ to be had by the London Tories and Holyrood about what bits they may be minded to devolve, but there won’t be another Refrendum in the Oct ’18 to April ’19, definitely not says Hamish of the Times, and he should know, because he’s a right wing Unionist, and Scotland is only a wee backwater colony anyway…I ramble.
            Dugdale was her usual embarrassing self, and Jackie Baillie managed to slurp her way through a wee SNP Bad moan .( it not time for the lunch time feed bag yet?)
            I’ve looked it up.
            How many of our gang get 16 paid and pensioned weeks’ holiday a year?
            Holyrood in recession:
            11-19 Feb 1 week
            1-16 April 2 weeks
            1July – 3 Sept 9 weeks
            7-22 Oct 2 weeks
            23 Dec 7 Jan 2 weeks
            A total of 16 weeks where MSPs are off on a break.
            16x £1200 a week = £19,200 holiday pay plus contributions to their Pension Pot.
            Now since most of the Yoon MSPs are List placements, from their Jobs For the Boys lists, and have no constituents for whom to provide a surgery, and don’t actually do anything of value for their communities, because the citizens already have councillors, MSPs, MEPs, and MPs, it means that the thick end of fifty odd Holyrood Hangers On are getting money for nothing for 3 1/2 months of the year.
            It’s time we scrapped this d’Hondt nonsense, and introduced STV, or some form of PR which reflects the core principles of democracy.
            Lord Duncan Smith has had the Keys to the Kingdom handed to him, and untold riches and privilege lie on the other side of that door; Just ask Alistair Darling or John Reid, or George Robertson.
            The Unionist brand of politics is corrupt to the very money money, must be funny, in a rich man’s world.
            I’m not laughing.
            Taylor and the BBC you are beyond contempt.

          • “It’s time we scrapped this d’Hondt nonsense, and introduced STV, or some form of PR which reflects the core principles of democracy”.

            Couldn’t agree more, Jack.

          • Which clarification makes no sense, because my previous post is awaiting moderation. 🙁

    • Well said, as always, Sam. It is time – and more than time – that we reminded those who have been elected to office that THEY work for US and not the other way around.

      Their job is to do our will – not to force their will on us. History shows that when the powerful forget this they often cease to be ‘the powerful’ in pretty short order.

  9. I believe the “Great” in GRB has been discarded in the new manifesto, but assuming May is still around I hope Scotlands Parliament gets a chance to vote on it.
    I know the Scottish Tories in Edinburgh will vote with their bosses in London, but I will be very interested to see how SLAB votes on the day. Voting to remove hard-won powers in Edinburgh would seem like committing suicide. Oh well, it’s their choice.

    • the trick being how much effort they put into hiding from their adoring public what they actually do ,as opposed to what they would have their supporters believe they do , i have never came across so many abject liars as these unionist politicians in scotland , they dont even bother hiding it any longer , most of these MSPs have not been elected and we cant get rid of them .

  10. Scratch the surface and we see this whole tory government is held together by spin and the professional PR companies whos only aim is to hide the truth , Mayhem is a product of this she never answers a question , any bloody question without trying to make sure the answer cant be used to question her further , smoke and mirrors dosnt come close .

  11. There was an entertaining programme yesterday on BBC with David Tennant talking with the Proclaimers. When they were discussing Letter from America I realised how many people have forgotten or not been told what destruction was wreaked upon Scotland some 30 years ago which is not really so long ago.

  12. The problem is we all pontificate in ad nauseum but embark upon no direct action to challenge the cause of our gripes.

  13. Did I hear correctly that Jackie Bailly said indiref 2 is off the table at the Fm question time today?

  14. I made the mistake of watching FMQs today. Note to self – stop doing that to yourself!

    The naked hatred emanating from Davidson, Dugdale and Rennie is just nauseating. It doesn’t matter what Nicola and the SNP do, good or bad, they just can’t bring themselves to concede that anything is improving or is a good thing. I mean, they’re even picking faults with the baby box for heaven’s sake!

    I know that they are the opposition but that’s not constructive criticism, it’s just pure bile. What sad and pathetic little people they are!

    • I couldn’t agree more – they have forgotten the role of the opposition is to provide “checks and balances” so that no Government can ride rough-shod over the electorate. To them it is all about power and Party – they have totally lost sight of the people they are supposed to be serving. They need to be reminded of their duties, their obligations and the fact that THEY work for US – and not the other way around!

  15. The real threat to Scotland doesn’t come from a Tory party that is clearly in turmoil. It comes from a resurgent Labour Party that is equally comfortable with destroying Scotland for the greater good of socialist ideology. That is the same ideology that has been a disaster the world over.

    The real existential threat to Scotland is Corbyn’ s Labour. The man is a weasel who knowingly lies about and discredits the achievements of Scotland’s national party.

    He will fully support the Tories in destroying what the SNP has achieved.

    All I have, as a lifetime supporter of independence, is the hope that a sufficient number of Scots will one day see that they are being lied to by the unionists – left, right and centre – about the performance of the Scottish government and the opportunities offered by self determination. I have zero belief in the notion that the left in Scotland would support independence from a Corbyn led UK. The left have sold out everything they ever claimed to value when they found it expedient and they will continue to do so.

    From my prospective the truly radical stance taken by the SNP, under the leadership of Nicola Sturgeon, has been a platform of decency and honesty in the face of lies and deceit pumped out by the unionist parties. That is the approach I wish to see continued. That is the approach that I believe will ultimately succeed.

    • I totally agree with your last paragraph. Nicola is the only genuine political leader around at the moment (IMO), who supports her country, not her party. If she did a U-turn on the manifesto on which she was elected and took Indy off the table, she would be letting down all those people who elected her, and I don’t think she will do that.

      I think she’s amazing the way she sticks to her guns while taking flack from all sides. OK, the SNP Government may not be perfect, but it’s a lot nearer the mark than the UK one!

  16. Yeah, so I’ve seen the Herald piece and Mr Mundell’s threat. That is what it is right? A threat.

    So let’s be clear for the sake of the terminally hard of thinking Tory readership (we know you do).


    HMG, Conservative central office, the massed ranks of the UK media and yer helpful wee friends in both the Labour and Libdem northern franchises have thrown the kitchen sink at the SNP over three ballots and two years.

    Politically you’ve opposed for the sake of opposition. You’ve lied, smeared, dissembled, misrepresented, misled, broken electoral rules, tactically voted, pished whatever ethics you had left up against a wall and otherwise acted according to the proud tradition of politics as it is practised in the UK.

    The SNP HAVE WON every single ballot across three sets of electoral rules at every time of asking. Those are electoral rules which you flaunt and also put in place by the by. They still won.

    You’ve run down our institutions publicly. Voted in concert across chamber. Got into bed with each other so many times at every level of politics it now resembles a West End bedroom farce and in point of fact it seems a complete waste of time to consider yourselves separate parties. In real terms you’re not. You’re the same party and really should simply get it over with and make it official. I’d suggest registering as the Yoonytunes. The opportunity to play with catchphrases such as ‘that’s all folks’ seems entirely too good to miss.

    In short you’re a disgrace to true political practice, open democracy and (yes) human rights. I’m pretty certain, given the current behaviour of all these parties, that protection of our democracy and our human rights really is NOT entirely uppermost in their minds.

    In their world losing is winning, betrayal is loyalty, transparency is ignorance, debate is manipulation, a massive material change in political, societal and economic circumstance is strong and stable better togetherness… black is white.

    One more time with feeling. NO political leadership, of ANY stripe, has the right to take independence as an option off any table, especially under such constitutional circumstances as faces the electorate at this time. No political party or national leadership worth the name, in a modern western democracy has the right to remove the electorate’s right to choose.

    THAT is what Mundell/Harrison (never gets old), Dugdale and thingy propose. To either convince you to give up that right, or take your right to choose away.

    Only Ms Sturgeon and Mr Harvie appear willing to ensure that we as an electorate, as a population, retain that right. That’s YES voter, floating voter and NO voter. ALL of Scotland’s population.

    If you don’t want to use the life raft of independence in any future referendum simply vote no. It’s that simple. But DO NOT, under any circumstances, EVER, give up your right to choose.

    At that point you really aren’t living in a democracy.

    • cant disagree with any of what you post , dealing with snakes who change their stance on everything on a daily even hourly basis is totally mind boggling , whats worse we are actually paying them to do it , more than half these excuses have not even been elected , just placements .

    • Sam, I look forward to lord Duncan’s debut, on Brewer’s Sunday Politics show which will be one of many scores of propaganda broadcasts from the Newly appointed, sorry canonised, but never democratically elected, Grand Panjandrum of the Scottish Colony, when we shall be reminded once again that The British People democratically voted to remain in the UK, voted to Leave the EU, and that the People of Scotland don’t want another divisive Referendum, not now, not never , no way, fuck off you SNP scum, all two million of you.

      I’m sure the new Head Of BBC North Britain will line up some ‘stars’ for Lord Smith of Camelback’s opening night.

      Alex Bell, Kenny McAskell, some old gruntfuttocks like Sillars or Wilson, Right Wing scribbler-whores like Massie, Torrance, or Brian Taylor’s old buddy, Severin, or perhaps an ex Big Beast and fellow Lord, like Darling, McConnell, Reid, or maybe they will grab Murphy in from his diurnal jog along Pacific Quay in his 1998 Scotland top, or sparing no expense, the Broon Turd himself may make a clunking fist appearance.
      Sam, they are all Tories.
      We used to distinguish one from the other by dubbing Pre-New Labour- Old Labour middle class careerists ‘champagne’ Socialists.
      Mandelson, Blair, and Brown just made it official.

      They beat Major’s Tories at their own game by being more right wing than the Right Wing.
      Dugdale, Baillie, Gray, Marra, Lamont, Murray, are neo conservatives, the Devil’s Spawn of Tony Blair’s New Labour New England.

      They resisted Devolution every step of its 19 year history, and as yesterday’s FMQ clearly demonstrated, they unreservedly side with the other two Right Wing Parties, the Real Tories, and the Closet Tories aka the Lib Dems, in their hatred of their fellow Scots who dare to vote for Self Determination, as Free Men and Women in a nation which The Yoons deny even exists: they are at war with Scottish citizens who refuse to be occupied and exploited by England,who demand to be heard, and to contribute to decisions affecting the very survival of our land, Scotland.
      Ruth Kezia and Wullie would pop the champagne corks if the English parliament shut Holyrood down tomorrow.
      ‘Champagne’ Yoons.

      We now have another unelected Lord telling us what’s good for us, despite ourselves.
      Are you still a ‘democrat’, Ruth?

      OT: Now that all cigarette packaging is a uniform black, Treeza May’s proposal over dinner about solving the EU Bargaining Chips dilemma could not have been written on the back of a fag packet.
      It might as well have been.

      EU nationals who have worked in England for five years, can stay. Aw, the nice.
      They will have to give up the protection of European Law, though, but, and be subject exclusively to the New Great Britain Laws, TBA.

      Any EU national working in England now, but for less than five years, can work towards the five year target. Better and better?

      There will be an early cut off point soon, any day now, TBA, to stop a last gasp stampede of millions of Johnny Foreigner flooding our shores as HMS Golden Bind under the command of T May-son and her Ergo-Nots slowly hauls up anchor and sails off into the Atlantic in search of trade and native populations to ‘civilise’.

      Well, and that’s it.

      The back of a stamp would have been space enough to scribble down this solution to the EU migrant worker dilemma.

      Nothing about anything really.

      What if the 27 responded by suggesting that the ‘ex pat’ Brits who had not been in Hacienda Dunna Roamina for five years or more feck off back to Blighty?
      What a fuckin’mess.

      Och, it’s panning out as expected, Macart.

      She hasn’t a clue.

      The Blue Red and Yellow Tories are lost in the wilderness, but nobody wants May to go, or Davidson for that matter.

      When Brexit collapses in disarray, May and Davidson Up Here will get the blame; Lord Duncan Smith will make sure of that, on Brewer’s Sunday Droop.

  17. It has started: Some on-line blurb called ‘Investment Week:-
    “Scotland could see its credit status downgraded to ‘junk’ if it votes to leave the UK, according to Moody’s, as a result of the pressures falling oil prices have placed on its public finances.”
    This is a straight C’n’P from the article, the bulk of which is blocked unless I subscribe.
    I’ll put money on this 2104 Blast From The Project Fear Past being Lord Smith’s first quote on Brewer’s Droop on Sunday.
    Scotland will be a basket case financially cos the oil is worth nothing, any more, all of a sudden, now that England might lose its colony.
    Why don’t the park tanks on Bruntsfield Links and George (Matheson?) Square and be done with it.

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