Journey to Yes, 18 – Chris’s story

The latest edition in Phantom Power’s compelling Journey to Yes series. Chris says Yes. 17 year old Chris Wilson is rising star in the Scottish Liberal Democrats and Central Scotland Youth Officer for the party. Chris’ home town of Motherwell was devastated by the Conservative’s deindustrialisation policies under Margaret Thatcher and John Major in the eighties and nineties. There has been lasting legacy on the town but this also inspired Chris to get involved in politics. A promise of a more federal UK influenced Chris’ decision to back No in 2014. The failure to deliver meaningful powers for Scotland and the Brexit vote convinced Chris the independence is now the only choice for Scotland. The Scottish Lib Dems now must resolve their support for the union and the EU. Chris believes the party is more divided over independence than appears and that, as the Tories’ disastrous negotiations continue, support for Scottish self-determination and more autonomy from the UK party will grow. The Scottish Liberal Democrats can have a bright future in shaping Scotland as a successful independent nation on the global stage.