The dug does Livingston

On June 22, I did a talk in Livingston for the Livingston East branch of the SNP.  Phantom Power was there to make an audio recording of the talk, and it’s now available for download as a podcast. Due to the limitations of my WordPress account, I can’t make the download directly available from the blog, but you can stream the podcast or download it by clicking on the following link.…

Download the podcast as an MP3 file, click here

If you’d like me and the dug to come and give a talk to your local group, email me at

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0 thoughts on “The dug does Livingston

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  2. Excellent Talk and meeting Paul, all your points and opinions bang on the mark , my guess is your going to be extremely busy in the forthcoming months,

  3. Dear Paul,

    Enjoyed your talk!
    When I’m confronted (by mostly English folk) about Scotland being an economic basket case – I agree with them. It goes something like…
    Yes, we’d be like a northern European country, we’d be like….Denmark.
    And look what’s happened to Danish Oil and Gas.
    What! They haven’t got any!
    What a blessing!
    Have you been in Copenhagen recently? It’s so expensive and they’re so poor, they’re all riding around on bikes.
    That usually shuts them up.
    Very Best Wishes,


  4. Thank you Paul, and Phantom Power, for that wonderful podcast. It’s the nearest I can get to ‘an audience with the Dug’ here in Spain. It was also good to hear your explanation of the big difference between Scottish and Catalonian independence.

    Can’t believe that my big brother, who lives in Livingston and has been SNP for years, missed the opportunity to be at the talk! Is there a timetable anywhere of places and dates for your talks?

  5. Paul, you were on form here.
    As another observed, you are going to be a busy man over the next few months.
    Brexit is a castle made of sand, and lumps fall off it daily.
    We shall prevail, almost by default; but prevail we shall.

  6. Annie M and Malcolm, sorry I don’t have the link as it just showed up under recommendations on you tube. However you can watch it on The National online newspaper under comments. You don’t have to subscribe to watch it.

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