Stinker, failer, soldier, cry

When I go on holiday, I switch off from Twitter. Going on holiday means just that, it means switching off, and instead of obsessing over what’s bubbling in the carp filled pond of Scottish politics, you lie on a beach somewhere sunny or take in the sights of a new city. That’s unless you’re Ruth Davidson. If you’re Ruth you don’t spend your time on holiday lying on a beach and flicking through a photo album of Gillian Anderson in lingerie, you keep an eye on what people are saying about you on Twitter so you can use it to claim that you’re being victimised because you’re unclear on the difference between a functioning democracy and a tinpot dictatorship where politicians are happy to strut about in fancy uniforms.

It’s the first rule in the playbook of power, when you’re powerful and privileged, any criticism of your power and privilege means that you become a victim and you’re being oppressed by those horrible people who’re pointing out that you’re powerful, privileged, and abusing the power and privilege that you enjoy. Poor Ruth, she’s the victim in all this you see.

Despite supposedly being on holiday and spending her time objectifying women in lingerie and posting pics of them on Twitter for the benefit of her male fan boys so that they can objectify women by proxy – because apparently it’s totally PC when a lesbian does it for you – Ruth instead chose to post a thirty five part rant on social media about how unfair it is that she’s being criticised for posing in uniform as the honorary Colonel Boakie of the Signals Regiment. It’s all a cybernat ploy which is being stirred up by that horrible SNP.

Unfortunately for Ruth, some of us don’t need the SNP to tell us why it was wrong for Ruth to have been offered the position of honorary colonel, why it was even more wrong for her to have accepted it, and why it was most wrong of all for her to pose for photos in uniform for her fanboys in the press. Ruth doesn’t get any of this, but then we’re talking about a woman who thought that the whole point of the gay rights campaign was to allow gay people to be reactionary bastards too, so self-awareness, or indeed political awareness, isn’t exactly her strong suit, or rather, uniform.

Honorary colonels aren’t paid. As the title suggests, the rank is honorary, and is generally awarded to people who have some previous connection with the armed forces. Although it has to be said that “previous connection” is sometimes very loosely defined. The purpose of an honorary colonel is to promote the interests of the regiment, and to give it a higher public profile. According to the Army in Scotland’s official facebook page, “The role of Honorary Colonel is an important one. Every Army Reserve unit appoints a public figure to promote and advocate the regiments’ work across the local community. The position usually requires a person well known to the general public and normally have a connection with their unit or the work it does.”

Honorary colonels seem to fall into two broad categories – the chinless wonders and the celebs. Despite the fact that his military career consisted of an unsuccessful and ignominious month in the Royal Marines, Prince Edward appears at public events bedecked in uniform with a chest full of medals by virtue of the fact that he’s an honorary colonel of no less than three British army regiments – an honour that he got because of who his maw is, which is the same reason he’s got all the tin on his chest. And there we were thinking that he’d got all those medals in what must have been a particularly action filled month in the Royal Marines. The rest of his siblings likewise hold a fistful of “honorary” ranks, as do other assorted members of the family and various members of the aristocracy. Then there are the celebs. Celebrities who are honorary colonels include such military experts as Jools Holland, Carole Vorderman, Lorraine Kelly, and Chris Hoy.

The problem here is that Ruth Davidson is not a member of the royal family or the minor aristocracy so beloved of the higher ranks of the armed forces with their sense of entitlement and social privilege a mile wide. Neither is she a celebrity like Lorraine Kelly or Carole Vorderman, despite the fact that Ruth will happily pose for any publicity photo opportunity or take any game show gig that she can get. Ruth Davidson is an elected politician. There is a clear and obvious conflict of interests in offering her a position requiring her to “promote and advocate” on behalf of the armed forces. It blurs the line between politics and the armed forces, which in a democracy can only function if they are under the firm control of democratic institutions and responsible to them.

To be fair, other politicians have accepted the rank of honorary colonel, such as Labour MP Lindsay Hoyle, or Winston Churchill, who became an honorary colonel during the very special and peculiar circumstances of WW2. Mind you, Ruth does like to imagine that she’s fighting a war against evil cybernats.  Hoyle is the deputy speaker of the Commons, and so in theory above party politics.  Ruth however is very much an active and partisan combatant in political skirmishing.

By offering Ruth Davidson the position of honorary colonel, the officers who made the decision to give her the gig have politicised the role. They have placed an elected politician whose responsibility is to her constituents in the compromising position of being beholden to the army. Worse, according to the Scotsman, the army did so without following the normal procedures and having two candidates. They directly offered the rank to Ruth. That’s a very dangerous thing in a country where there is no written constitution and no clear distinction between the various branches of the government. Serving military officers are perfectly entitled to hold political views in private as private individuals, but they are most certainly not entitled to display their political preferences in public by choosing a Conservative politician for a high profile role.

Ruth meanwhile, was so blinded by the opportunity to pose on a tank, this time actually in uniform, that she leapt at the title offered to her by the Tory boys of the officers’ mess. Her acceptance only displays her lack of thought, and her unsuitability for high office. This is a woman who makes no secret of the fact that she aspires to become First Minister of Scotland, and yet she’s quite happy to place herself in a position where she’s obliged to promote and advocate for the army. By accepting the rank it means that should there be a direct conflict of interests between what’s good for the officers of the regiment, and what’s good for the public as a whole, Ruth is obliged to side with the army. The army should serve the public, Ruth is the public’s representative. By accepting the rank of honorary colonel, Ruth Davidson has made it clear that she serves the army first, and the public only second. That’s the lack of forethought that means Colonel Ruth deserves to be cashiered.

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0 thoughts on “Stinker, failer, soldier, cry

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  2. To me it is a farce that she accepted the position of honorary tosser and even more so that she tweeted so much it nearly collapsed the twitter sphere. Added to this is the fact she ain’t no oil painting in a uniform either, at least not one I would want.

    Ruth is so full of her self for the gain in seats at the last GE and for going to see her holiness at number 10. She is to me demeaning herself with her words and actions.

    I could never vote Tory,( or Labour for that matter), but I can still respect a politician based on their actions and what they fairly fight for and believe in. However Ruthie, like so many others, are just lying opportunists on a power craze. The image of politicians has declined over the years due the way they behave and the way the media act supporting them.

    If only Holyrood could change the law to make MSP’s at least act with respect for others and abolish lies. Yes they should be able to emphasise the parts of a story they like and kiss out bits. However they now tell blatant lies. This should become an illegal act for those who represent us.

  3. & her proposing officer is also a city banker with stout tory principles no doubt, what a cesspit we live in. this daily onslaught is debilitating

  4. For goodness sake, she was in the TA for 3 years; hardly a distinguished army career!!! What on earth do so many people find special about this horrible wee wummin?

    • I’m not at all sure, Annie. I think it’s just that she’s a Tory (rare in Scotland) and a lesbian (very trendy) and that the combination is extremely unusual. Add an honorary rank in the Armed Services and you’ve got a trifecta of “difference” ….

  5. You don’t happen to know where she got her photo album of Gillian Anderson in lingerie do you ?

    Just curious…..

  6. Useful to remember that General The Lord Richard Dannatt (General Francis Richard Dannatt, Baron Dannatt, GCB, CBE, MC, DL, a retired senior British Army officer, member of the House of Lords, and Chief of the General Staff from 2006 to 2009) had this to say about a Labour MP who had cited her position as an Honorary Lieutenant Colonel for a temporary period when representing a client for a court-martial: “‘Being made an honorary colonel is something very different and is a reflection of a career of dedicated service and achievement by a senior military officer.”

    I wonder if he would still maintain that position in Davidson’s case, or would he make an exception because she did two years in the TA?

  7. Stupid and thoughtless on so many levels by Ms Davidson and completely opportunistic and thoughtless by those who placed her in the role.

    A manufactured politician enjoying the limelight of manufactured celebrity and now compromised in the position of manufactured soldier. Bad and bad enough that the actions of her party have imposed some of the most draconian, harmful and internationally condemned legislation of the current political age. Ms Davidson is a politician whose own actions have personally brought real and lasting harm to her electorate.

    Wonder if this is the very definition of ‘Officer’s Mess’?

  8. The not so subtle subliminal message that this was intended to portray ,the link between the armed forces and the UK government ,This has davidsons fingerprints and some tory advisor all over it , she is unable to do subtle it’s all in yer face grunt groan shouty , this overtly aggressive persona is her style ,
    As Paul has pointed out , this act of stupidity has had the opposite effect from what was intended , it has drawn attention to other things this person has been linked to , the dubious friends and supporters ,in her party and who have been elected councillors her involvement in the postal vote question ,the acceptance of the DUP deal who object to and believe everything in her personal life is a mortal sin , not just objectionable but totally sinful in their eyes .
    There seems to be a question about everything she is involved in , something is never quite right and straight forward , indeed something smells , and the media aint letting on .Who would have thought ? , its the same as the witch hunt on every single SNP in westminster who was subjected to intrusion beyond belief , and yet no similar vendetta has ever been mounted on the recent influx of tories,what are they hiding about ruth and the tory party ? , we will never know .

    • Hideously badly timed as others have commented on with pictures of other politicians in (pseudo) military uniforms. Even if May hadn’t gone as far as blatantly allying with the DUP there was always going to be a hint of threat in a politician as vocally opposed to to independence accepting such a prominent position in a reserve regiment.

      If we hadn’t taken the hint the description of her 35 tweet rant as dealing with the SNP somehow undermining army recruiting in Scotland is dangerously close to painting independence as a threat to the military capability of the UK. It’s a crass and, hopefully, thoughtless thing to do. I say hopefully because otherwise it was an intentional threat of military intervention should Scotland’s electorate ever dare think of voting for independence.

  9. At your eviscerating best, Paul.

    This shameless little nobody embodies everything that is hostile to a peaceful outward looking social democracy.

    Her politics are of the devil, and she typifies an elite bellicose Establishment political wing put in place by a cynical all powerful centuries in the making Oligarchy who openly protect and increase the wealth of the Few, while politically and socially engineering the income, life chances, democratic voice, and maintain the subjugation and oppression, of the Many.

    Colonel Gaddafidson refers to our Defence Force as ‘the Fighting Forces’: the warlike nature of England in the throes of constant war and death has produced sad little figures like this woman.

    We have ‘celebrated’, ‘commemorated., ‘honoured’, every possible anniversary of WWI and WWII via the BBC and stage managed Armed Forces Day(s) since 2014(sic)

    Buy a poppy, you fucking traitor!

    To bury the military follies of two world conflicts in which many 10’s of millions of working men and women, and Lord help us, children, died needlessly, we are exhorted to ‘honour the dead’, and woe betide anyone, like I here, who criticises the whole tawdry war business.

    I can see nothing in the background and history of WWI which justified the wholesale slaughter of legions of young men on both sides.

    They were fighting for ‘King/Kaiser and country’ whatever that meant.

    Dan Snow and that Long Haired Scots Loon are never off the Telly recounting tales of slaughter and valour.
    Blood and guts drip from their every salacious word.

    We are constantly at war, or so they keep telling us; this time ‘on terror’. Whit?

    Apparently an information film was released today instructing holiday makers what to do if there is a terrorist attck on their holiday resort.
    I could have saved them the money.
    Run like fuck, and hide.
    They attempt to hold us in a constant state of fear and paranoia.

    Davidson in the public face of Big Brother.

    We are constantly at war, and the towel heads are out to get us.

    We even had a Tory elitist mutter:- ‘The n***er in the woodpile’ today.
    A Freudian parapraxis, or does the use of this vile Enoch Powellism tell us what our Lordsand Masters really think?
    They want us to live in fear and mistrust of the foreigner, no matter their nationality, or actual threat to GB.

    The Froggies, Krauts, and Dagoes will be front and centre by autumn, branded the enemy by the Dead Tree Scrolls and BBC, as Johnny Foreigners dig their heels in on Brexit.

    Our ‘Armed’ Forces will continue to be High Profile, and Fear and Mistrust Of Foreigners will be preached by the Davidsons of this land, a vision in uniform, ‘Ready’ to repel the imaginary foreign hordes menacingly moored off the white cliffs of Dover.
    An smutty odious little warmonger.
    WWII and the Holocaust was a different matter, yet tens of millions were slaughtered needlessly.
    Rant over.

    • “They were fighting for ‘King/Kaiser and country’ whatever that meant”.

      famous banner over liberty hall in Dublin was inspired by Scottish born and Edinburgh bred James Connolly “we serve neither king nor kaiser but ireland”

      Another message from Connolly which is worth bearing in mind ” Remember the great appear great because we are on our knees.Let us rise”

      • The powerful. The entitled. The establishment. The leaders (?). They wage wars. It was ever the populations who fought and suffered in those wars.

        Empires eh? Expansion through aggressive commerce or acts of overt military intervention, but always, ALWAYS because of greed. You have something I want. I’m going to take it because I can. Land, resources, strategic access, you name it. Once it’s acquired, it then has to be defended. Greed morphs into triumphalism, possessiveness, false pride.

        And when two such empires or great states decide it’s time to see who’s boss?

        Humanity is no different from any other creature on the planet. We simply use sophistry to disguise our acts of naked greed. We’re not invading. We’re educating natives, or fighting a holy war against the heathen and the godless. We’re not forcibly colonizing and enslaving. We’re entrepreneurs expanding amicably for living room. We’re not replacing native cultures and their structure of leadership. We’re simply giving other countries administrative guidance and the benefits of our system of government.

        The excuses are endless. The reasons are always the same, as are the inevitable consequences. Hatred, conflict, misery. A legacy of each passed from generation to generation.

        As for those whose naked greed and ambition sowed this legacy? They generally have a statue or two erected. Some might have a street or park, or a toon named after them. Some may have the odd national holiday or street party in their ‘honour’. What they rarely if ever do is consider, even for a heartbeat, the consequences of their actions.

        Well done them.

        • Well said, Macart.
          Eddie Izzard’s ‘ Do you have a flag?’ routine comes to mind.
          The genocide of Native Americans was ‘manifest destiny.’
          Davidson’s ‘Fighting Forces.’
          Looting and pillaging.

  10. Sometimes seems that we become more like Prussia year by year! From the time of Frederick the Great, the military had an extraordinary position in Prussian society. Alfred Vagts, writing about that continuing military influence in Germany before the wars, coined the word “militarism” to describe an ‘excessive militarisation of society, a veneration of the army not justified by necessity, and a readiness to respect uniform ‘ rather than the qualities of the wearer.

    Already here, any criticism of the armed forces in this country brings howls of fury from some quarters. Nothing less than unswerving devotion is acceptable.

    Chubby little Ruthie clearly imagines herself cutting an impressive figure in uniform and like a lot of laptop warriors would like us to fall into line, unquestioningly, like good little citizen soldiers. The day we can’t find enough people in our society to laugh at the military pretensions of such as Ruth will be a time to worry.

    • Yes but at least Prussia came up with social policies such as old aged pensions which put Victorian and Edwardian Britain to shame and Bismark’s reinsurance treaties kept the peace for decades.

      • Yes, at that time it had the most socially advanced legislation anywhere. Bismarck instituted those reforms as he shrewdly realized that the socialists were gaining ground politically. He was most interested in the cohesiveness of the state and understood some compromises had to be made.

        The growth of the German state is fascinating but too complex here to go into. Despite militarism allied with powerful elites, coming into conflict with the ideals and ambitions of liberal society yet the German state could claim to be the most enlightened and advanced in Europe. (Marx thought that the workers’ revolution would be most likely to take place in Germany for that reason.) The working class here would have looked to that state with some envy. Today, who wouldn’t prefer to live in modern day Germany rather than the UK state?

  11. Yes JGedd.
    Laughter and ridicule are the weapons of choice for fighting this construct of the Establishment.
    Watch how quickly she goes when the laughter and ridicule makes her a non-asset, a liability!

  12. Great article, thanks. Great comments as well. Jack, you are so right, I couldn’t have put it better. These little twirps would send our young to the frontline tomorrow, they really would. My dad had no dad from the age of 10 due to WW2. My grandad, obsessively grew vegetables,(nothing wrong with that, but I wonder if it was his escape) by all accounts, due to 2, so called, ‘ world wars’ he was hardly able to communicate otherwise. A skilled, intelligent man, what must he have thought about the world, then, and into the future.

    What our families went through for these gits to stay rich, for their disgusting self aggrandisement, they talk down our country, put on a pretence of being worthy human beings, and it makes me sick to the core.

    They know nothing of suffering, and care not one iota about those who have and do suffer because of idiots’ wars, and because of the elite rich taking all, everything, leaving nothing for the rest. Nothing.

    Scotland, get out soon, this UK is doing you no good at all, get out before it is too late.

    • My father and uncles all served, and survived WWII.
      One uncle, a young man of 23, took part in the Dunkirk rescue.
      He had a thick head of wiry rust coloured hair, which it is reported,turned white in the early years of the war,
      None of them had ‘war’ stories to tell, but that doesn’t stop Snow and Oliver ‘reimagining’ bloody battles as entertainment. I know from snippets from their ‘womenfolk’, that they were in the thick of it from ’39 right through to ’45.My dad had just turned 21 when he left to fight the Bosch.
      We cannot imagine the horrors which they must have witnessed and endured.
      In our family, they never talked about ‘the war’.
      My maternal grandfather was an underage piper in WWI; one of those lads over the top armed only with his bagpipes and a skirl.
      He spent 18 months in a sanatorium recovering from mustard gas poisoning. Again, this from my grandmother who cautioned us not to mention it to our grandpa.
      They’d be embarrassed that I write even this brief comment; many reading this have similar stories about their parents and grandparents.
      We are truly standing on the shoulders of giants.
      Ruth Davidson cramming her generous frame into a uniform insults their memory to be honest.
      Those men are remembered for their lifelong gentleness and devotion to their families.
      I miss them all to this day.

      • Well said, Jack. My maternal grandfather served in WW1 and was buried up to his neck in a collapsed trench at the tender age of 18. When he was eventually dug out he had rheumatic fever and didn’t know who / where he was, so no-one reported to his unit what had happened to him. When he eventually returned, he was strapped to the gun carriage for being AWOL. He survived the conflict but from that day until his death his hands shook uncontrollably and he could never have a cup of tea more than half full. We learned what had happened to him through friends who served with him – he NEVER spoke of it. His younger brother missed WWI but died in the HMS Lancastria at the beginning of WWII.

        My parents met during National Service in the RAF. Almost all my family served in the Armed Forces, including my husband, who was with the SBS in Borneo in the early 60s. Like you – the sight of Ruth the Mooth prancing about and posing in a uniform to which she has NO right makes me sick to my stomach and more angry than I can express. I hope and trust that this will prove her undoing.

        • OCW, perhapsif your grandad HAD spoken about it, and been helped to release the trauma, his hands might have stopped trembling. I find this “they never spoke about it” motif worrying. It says something about our culture.

          • We all tried to get him to talk, over the years, but his response was always the same “I lived it once … I don’t have to go through it again.” He was a very gentle, kind man but this was always said with such force and repressed anger that no-one ever pushed the point. There is also the fact that those who suffered as Grandad did were often referred to at the time as “lacking moral fibre” – so of course they would not speak of it.

          • Wendy, the men in my family showed no sign of suppressed trauma, far from it.
            They did not make a point of ‘not’ talking about warfare, if you see what I mean,as though stoically bottling it all up.
            It was not taboo; it just never came up.
            My anecdotes are remembered bits whose sources were second hand, mainly from the women in the family. My mother was 19 and my dad 21 when they wed, then he sailed off to war.
            My older brother had to wait ’til 1944 to be born.
            I was a ‘welcome home present’ in 1947.
            A big chunk of young couples’ lives were taken away from them, and sadly millions did not make it back home at all on both sides.
            I recall the Dirk Bogarde/Tom Courtney WWI Court Martial drama where a young private is tried and executed in the field for desertion. The title escapes me.
            Your grandfather’s treatment and lifelong suffering is a heart wrenching tale.
            No one can doubt the ‘moral fibre’ of this legion of young ordinary men and women who served.
            Davidson in uniform posing like a grinning haddie insults every last one of them.

          • Actually it says a bit about those who experienced war on an industrial scale. Unlike today where veterans are a minority those who survived the First and Second world war had a bond that they shared with those around them. Picking at the scabs of trauma they all shared isn’t something they needed to do especially when the sympathy they might elicit could simply turn into a reinforcing of the horror.

            Unless you have a plan for somehow breaking out from constantly reliving the same experience talking about it risks reinforcing the patterns you’re trying to escape. You’re talking about people who’s very survival meant going forwards despite what they’d seen.

            The organised commemoration on Remembrance Sunday is politicised but not as much as Armed Forces Day which conveniently sidesteps the whole dying for your country aspect of being in them. The advocates of a white poppy miss the point that the red represents fields of poppies and thus masses of needless deaths. One of the most potent uses of imagery, accidental or not, is the end of Black Adder Goes Forth.

            The creation of the NHS and rise of the Labour to government both came from those world wars.

      • Well said Jack.
        A late uncle of mine who died last year, aged 91, was a Chindit in the 1944 Burma campaign. All he might say occasionally about his experiences was “I shouldnae be here…”
        Still only 21 years old on demob in 1946.
        My granny (his mother) insisted on sending away for his campaign medals. He was happy enough to take part in Remembrance Day parades with his local British Legion branch – but he would never ever wear the medals on these occasions.
        A very understated person – unlike the perfidious piefaced duplicitous little scroat Ruth Harrison.
        Standing on the shoulders of giants indeed.

      • Agree with the sentiments in your family story. Ruth to me is a joke to those who served whether they were in conflict or not.

        My Dad joined the Navy aged 17 in 1941 and spent time on the North Atlantic convoys before going to d-day on 6 June 44. His wee wooden boat went close to the beaches to lay smoke to hide the Canadian and Scottish troops minutes before they landed. His boat got damaged hitting an underwater obstacle so they ran it onto the beach along with the first troops. A very close explosion made him deaf from that day forward.

      • “Ruth Davidson cramming her generous frame into a uniform insults their memory.” Davidson’s clownish antics in a nut-shell, Jack. The Tories are very obviously going through a difficult time when they’re forced to turn the spotlight on that foolish member. She’s an embarrassment, nothing more.

  13. Oh, there’s a soldier, a Scottish soldier,
    A wee fat Tory ane wha tweets each day
    And she gets bolder, ‘cause the press has told ‘er
    She’ll soon be chasing the Nats away.
    But it’ll take mair than her tank and honorary rank,
    Mair than an army: we’re no sae barmy
    Tae let the Tories win the day.
    So tell ye whit, Ruth – jist shut yer big mooth
    And like auld soldiers, fade away.

  14. She’s going to have bigger problems soon if the independent spouting any truth to there new articles as theres one about thersea may asking jeremy corbyn for help which seems to have drawn ruthie English masters to getting there daggers for overlord mays back ready as she’d probably have to chose where she stands on that if that kicks off in London

    • Robert, I observed that May was now one heart attack, sex scandal, and expenses fiddle away from losing her majority, and that given the Blue Tories’ track record, it wouldn’t take long for her ‘storng and stable’ Government to crumble.
      The said Lady in the ‘wood pile’ has been suspended from the Tory party.
      One down, two to go.
      The excellent comments above, and Paul’s stellar article serve to demonstrate that we all respect the essential role that our men and women in uniform play in defending our country, be that country Scotland, England, Wales, or Northern Ireland, and remember our forebears’ sacrifices and their consequences to individual families.
      The cheap tawdry stunt of awarding this frankly nasty little piece of work an ‘honorary’ title, which she has subsequently milked for all its worth to further her own narrow ambition, must be challenged, and ridiculed if necessary.
      It would be a failing on my part to the memory of my father, uncles, and indeed nephews, if I stood by and said nothing.
      She is a fraud, and a liar.

      • They all are and they don’t care in the nasty party anything that can be used will be used by the torys but just backs up how corrupted the honors system is allowing ruth the mouth to get that camoron was using it for his cums it got that failure mp Mirihi black ousted in 2015 a knighthood let’s not forget the sir stooge headline from the National glad is all blowing up in mays face shows the English what the mps they vote for and force on the other 3 nations true colors really are

      • Craig MacKinley next to go? Has he been suspended. I’d like to see Kirstene Hair’s expenses every rich farmer’s field in Angus carried her mug. It must have cost a fortune.

  15. There’s so much I could say about this diabolical situation but as so many people have put it so eloquently already, I’ll stick to a couple of points I’ve made on Twitter already.

    In her Gattling Gun Twitter assault, Ms Davidson posted not one, but two letters from the powers that be, thanking her for taking on the role of Colonel Gadabout, a role which she & her colleagues are at pains to insist has nothing to do with her “day job” as leader of the Scottish Conservative party (Branch Division).

    Why then, were both of these letters addressed to “The Right Honourable Ruth Davidson MSP” at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh ? If this was a purely personal appointment, recognising Ruth’s three years as a private in the Signals (no active service, didn’t complete Officer training due to injury), then surely the letters would have gone to her home address ?

    Secondly, if the appointment has indeed been made to give the Armed Forces some recognition and promotion in Parliament, why then choose an MSP ? Defence is reserved to Westminster so surely an MP would have been a more logical choice ?

    The whole charade is ridiculous, it makes the army look foolish and makes Colonel Irrigation Davidson look even more pathetic than usual. Just another excuse to visit the dressing up box, eh Ruth ?

  16. Instead of taking time out of her holiday to undermine democracy, why didn’t Ruthie take time out of her weekend at Edinburgh gay pride to show up and condemn the DUP blocking equal marriage in Northern Ireland? The Tories were the only main Scottish party not to provide a speaker, despite their representative being called from the stage. So Ms Davidson, who has built her reputation “detoxifying” the Tories in Scotland by being an LGBT Scottish Unionist, wasn’t prepared to publicly defend the human rights of Union LGBT citizens. Having betrayed Unionists and her own community, what then is to stop her selling out Scotland? Oh.

  17. I notice that the EBC Scotland (there’s a laugh) cannot even be bothered to get Scottish history correct. They have been rabbiting on today about St. Columbo bringing Christianity to Scotland, which is totally incorrect. Christianity was, in fact, brought to Scotland in 397 AD by St. Ninian, a Galloway Pict, who set up his base at Candida Casa in Whithorn. Columbo was actually thrown out of Ireland for being a trouble maker, and had to get permission to set up in Scotland from the Ard Righ of Scotland.

    It is typical of the arrogance and ignorance of the EBC that they cannot even get historical facts correct. No wonder Ruth the Mooth (Colonel Blimp) feels so much at home with the media in Scotland.

  18. I wish Paul would stop moaning about Ruth’s military credentials- I heard in a pub she was involved in the Iranian Embassy siege. .. .

  19. I think it fair to say that Ruth Davidson has made it clear that she serves herself first, her party second then possibly the army, and maybe the public if the notion takes her.

  20. I note with exhilarated wonder at the limitless ingenuity of humans to progress as a species, that the Chinese have teleported a photon from the Gobi desert to a satellite in space.
    Any day now, in moments of sheer frustration, we may be able to retort:-
    ‘Beam me up, Chan!’, and mean it.
    The Colonel Gaddafidson saga has been such a moment.

    • Yeah but if certain things didn’t hold us back as a species then we’d of had flight in the da Vinci Era technology wasn’t available then I find a load of bs think the Borgias had more to do there than technology of that Era of history Scotland could of brought the microchip revolution 20 years early but because westminster holding us back it never happened until thatchers rain of terror we as a species are our own worst enemy

  21. As an aside, I applied to GCC to erect a hundred feet tall 2000 pallet bonfire on the grassy knoll at the back of our street, bedecked with ‘I hate the English’ messages written on Union Flags and Unionist election posters of Davidson Dugdale and Rennie promising the earth and delivering nothing but more misery, pinned to its mighty walls to commemorate the third anniversary of Indyref 1 September 18th 2014, as it has now passed into fokelore and become part of the Pro Independence ‘culture’.
    Guess what, I was turned down, and to add salt to the wound, was accused of being a narrow minded Nat bigot, and cautioned that I could be charged with hate crimes if I proceeded with our planned celebration of the ‘Glorious 18th’ if I attempted to go ahead anyway.

  22. My house guests are off to visit a distillery so I have time on my hands to do absolutely nothing for a while. Sure enough, the De’il makes work for idle hands.
    I’ve been scanning the online blogs.

    I note, with the deepest of sighs, that the biggest failure in the history of Scottish politics, no, not Dugdale, nor The Eggman, nor the 323 ‘Leaders’ which the Labour Branch Office has gone through since 1999, but that intellectual giant Murdo The Queen’s Eleven Fraser, who has taken time out from sipping Pinot Grigio with his Better Half on the sweltering banks of the Thames, to lay bare in a single tweet the selfish minds at work inside the heads of Blue Tories.

    He suggests that the new Road Bridge should have tolls, rather like the M6 diversion in Birmingham, to relieve the flow of traffic on the ‘old’ bridge.

    The Tory way; pay for your health, and jump those nasty NHS queues, pay for your education, which includes a golden key to the best clubs and the fast track to the Top Jobs for the Boys Societies, pay for your motorway journey, and a path will be cleared for your elite carriage to bypass the traffic jams of the Working Stiffs on the rare occasions when you are obliged to venture out among the Hoi Polloi and the helicopter is in for its service.

    The idiots who paid for the bridge can look on from a stationary position in the daily commute jam on the old bridge as Range Rovers, Lexus, and Beamers, and Murdo Fraser’s expenses-fuelled jalopy whizz across the New Bridge.

    There will always be an elite who can buy everything, and whom the Blue Tories will support unflinchingly at the expense the Plebs of Perth who must cross the water into Edinburgh every day.
    Remember this, citizens of Perth, and Scotland. Murdo Fraser, the man for the Few, not the Many.

    A man who has been repeatedly rejected by the citizens of Scotland in plebiscite after plebiscite, yet he still manages to get on the Blue Tory Gravy Train, through the old boys network.
    Parking fees? Bridge tolls? Petrol bills?
    The Queen’s Eleven lad doesn’t have to worry about piddling little matters like paying his way in the world. We pay his outgoings for him.

    Now he wants to steal our bridge for his rich mates.

    Surely his Perth constituents would never forgive him. Silly me; I forgot. He doesn’t have any constituents.
    On a day when it is reported that Scottish women are using socks and tissues because they cannot afford sanitary towels, this little nobody is still preaching elitism and filthy rich privilege.
    He is beyond parody.
    He’ll be elevated to the HoL soon.

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