The row of the summer

Well that went well. After loudly proclaiming that it’s time to get down to business with the EU, David Davis, the Secretary of State for Thick Vain Lazy Toads, spent less than 15 minutes with Michel Barnier in Brussels followed by a cursory meeting involving senior officials lasting an hour before heading back to London in order to leak something embarrassing to the newspapers about his colleagues. Who wants to be in Brussels ensuring that the country isn’t turned into an economic basketcase worse than the worst predictions made for Scotland by the frothiest of frothing Unionists during the independence campaign when there’s very serious business in London to get back to – shafting fellow members of the government as they all jockey for position once Theresa May has been tossed off the Brexit cliff along with the economy.

You’d have thought that 110 days after his boss pressed the big red Brexit button – the one marked “self-destruct” – the time to get down to business would have been quite some time ago, especially since there are only 730 days between pressing the button and the whole thing exploding in our faces in a very unpleasant mess. 15% of the available negotiating time has already passed, much of which was taken up with an entirely unnecessary vanity election for Theresa May which ended in a debacle, much like the EU negotiations are shaping up to be. Yet here we are, with one seventh of the available negotiating time already eaten up, and still we’ve got no idea of what the British government actually wants to get out this process other than a magic unicorn and all the advantages of EU membership without having to pay for them or being a member.

A photo of the encounter between Dave and Michel showed the EU side, two women and a man, with stacks of briefing papers in front of them, while the all male British team was fronted by nothing more than an embarrassed smile and a vacant expression as they wondered whether the women were train drivers. The British press team insisted that the lack of briefing papers on the table was merely because Dave hadn’t retrieved his documents from his briefcase, which is possibly the first time in history that a half-eaten M&S coronation chicken sandwich and a dog eared copy of the Daily Mail open at a page with a photo of Michael Gove which has been defaced by crudely drawn spectacles and a beard have been described as diplomatic papers. He did have a piece of paper in his pocket saying “have cake, eat cake, remember to pop into M&S on way back from Eurostar”, which is as close to a negotiating strategy that the UK has got.

This was what Dave had touted as the “row of the summer” just a few months ago, when he’d also claimed that as soon as the Brexit starting pistol was fired he’d forget about Brussels and be off to Berlin to do a deal with an eager Angela Merkel. It fell much further short of a row than the distance between Brussels and Berlin. In fact the row of the summer goes hadn’t got any further than the cabinet office in Whitehall, where the real row of the summer was taking place.

This is the row that involves nasty Tories leaking anonymous briefings to the press that their nasty Tory colleagues are in fact nasty Tories. Someone called Dave a vain thick lazy toad, said that Phil Hammond was sexist, and that Boris Johnson was a boorish buffoon, and then everyone blamed Michael Gove for being a crawling wee gobshite whose idea of politics is to stab his friends in the back before his enemies do. All of which may be true, but none of which comes as any surprise. The only surprising thing about a press release slagging off a Tory cabinet minister from anyone who is described as a friend of Michael Gove is that Michael Gove has anyone who can be described as a friend.

Whitehall rumour has it that the Toady One only got the negotiating gig because when Action Man Dave was a member of the SAS he was trained to garotte the enemy with a length of chicken wire. This is about as close as anyone in the UK government is able to get to an understanding of EU poultry subsidies in Latvia. However as anyone who ever possessed an Action Man as a child will know, the Action Man figure is missing certain vital bits. In Dave’s case the vital bits consist of anything approaching a semblance of awareness that he and his colleagues are sleepwalking the UK into one almighty disaster.

According to the Guardian, some Conservative MPs are going to attempt to get rid of Theresa May after Westminster’s summer break, which is due to begin on Friday. The only thing uniting the Tory party at the moment is the need to avoid another General Election, because they’re afraid that they’ll get humped. With the Tories party interest always comes first and foremost, and if securing the interests of the Conservative party means bringing down the economy, falling out of the EU with the worst deal possible, and turning the UK into an even bigger laughing stock internationally than Donald Trump, then so be it. Back in 2014 we were told that Scotland needed the broad shoulders of the UK and the security and stability of Great Britain. So how is that working out, hmm?

None of this is going to get any better any time soon. The Tory party will continue tear itself apart as its leaders fight for the captaincy of the Titanic. Labour will continue to make all sorts of fine sounding promises and then fail utterly to deliver on them. Britain will continue to slide towards irrelevance and the potential of economic disaster. For independence supporters, it’s pretty much a question of allowing the UK to destroy itself. But that doesn’t mean we can sit back with the popcorn. Not everyone joins up the political dots. We need to use this time of weakness in Westminster to organise, build a coherent story of the better Scotland that is possible, and educate people that talking about independence is not a distraction from education, health, jobs or public services, independence is the only way to secure them in an increasingly insecure British state. The collapse of Westminster into a mire of its own manufacture wins us only half the battle, we need to win the other half ourselves. While the Tories consume themselves in their row of the summer, let’s get winning the case for independence.

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0 thoughts on “The row of the summer

  1. A belter,Paul
    Of course the pet Yoons Up Here have been on holiday since the 1st of July, and won’t be back until 3rd September when they will reprise the three part harmony of Davidson Dugdale and Rennie, and a backing group of easily the biggest political talentless bunch of Gravy Trainers ever assembled on these isles. Oldies But Goldies will be belted out every Thursday; ‘Education Gap’, ‘Mental Health’, ‘A&E Waiting Times’, £15 billion deficit’, ‘Get on with the day job’, and ‘scrap Indyref 2’, and pocket their £1200 a week Money For Nothing.

    Brian Taylor and Severin Carrell and Lindsay MacIntosh will coo about Ruth ‘scoring points’ on the attainment gap, and Kezia making it awkward for Nicola on waiting times at A&E. The usual ‘parish council’ distortions, lies, and too wee too poor too SNP BAD mince from the scribble whores and the BBC.

    The New Labour Yoon shop stewards at Govan will assure the men that 3 Frigates are coming, and that 3 is really 13; the Union Leaders of EIS will blame the Bad EssEnnPee new curriculum for the Attainment Gap, and like good little Yoons let Davidson, Smith, Fraser, Carlaw, and Fucking Tomkins off the hook, refusing to condemn publicly and loudly Ruth’s Arch Right Wing Neo Fascist Party for robbing the poor, giving to the rich, and expecting starving weans, all 260,000 of them whom Jackson Carlaw and Liz Smith have gleefully condemned at birth, to catch up with wee Well Off Johnny at his private school.

    Curry Feast for 500 Sarwar will blame the ‘1400’ elderly NHS bed blocking on NS and the Bad SNP, and let the Health Boards, and the LA Health and Care Chief Executives on Footballers’ wages (most Yoon Council placements) off the hook, and not once turn his guns on the Fat Tory Boys across the Chamber, who are killing the English NHS and would gladly ‘outsource’ our Scottish Health service if they were in power.
    The Rape Clause, the Chinese style two child family restriction (‘the poor should not have children’) the Estate Agents’ dream Dementia Clause, the £2 billion in cuts to Welfare, disabled Benefits, and pensions, yes, pensions, which Hammond has planned for Scotland over the length of this DUP Fuck The Pope bolstered May Government, while the obliging MSM continues to peddle pointless little parochial chit chat and ignoring the fact that their readership and viewers/listeners voted to Remain in the EU, and that independence parties have formed the current Holyrood Government, and returned 35 out of 59 MPs to WM, despite the biggest concerted YOON onslaught in political history.

    In the Collatin allotment, we will be hoping that our spuds are not hit by potato blight when we turn our lawns into vegetable plots when the EU says: ‘legumes pas plus’.
    Leaving the EU will kill Scotland’s economy.
    We cannot stand meekly by while Ruth boogies the night away, and Kezia shows off her latest eye candy.
    Paul, you are absolutely on the money. We campaign and we campaign now.
    We are about to be bludgeoned into submission by a compliant Media and some of the most powerful elitists on this planet, if we stand by and let it happen.
    Now’s the day, and now’s the hour.
    Rise, Scotland, your date with destiny is at hand.

    • To campaign takes organisation.

      This means that local groups need to start as one. I think before we do this we need a clear economic message that we all stick to covering the currency, building business, how future taxes will be structured, social plans, etc.etc. We do not have this at present. Shouting YES is great but not enough.

      It is also likely to be two plus years before a referendum so we have time to get the message right before we campaign. The SNP, SC and others need to get our ‘wee blue book’ ready this year.

  2. I’m seriously considering leaving these shores. I never thought I’d say that through fear, but there it is. Of course I’ll keep my vote here and vote for indy, but I’m fearful for the future, much as it pains me to admit it.

    I won’t even share my thoughts on where this could all end, but let’s say I don’t scare too easily 🙁

    • I’d do the same – were I in the position to do so. Unfortunately I’ll have to stick it out as the only way out for me is the cold stone slab. Here’s hoping there is some light before then.

    • Sadly, if you leave to live in another country you will not be able to vote in Indyref2, so that plan won’t work!

      Also, believe me, living elsewhere does not take away any of the fear, in fact, in a lot of ways, it makes it worse!

    • Fear, flight, fight, Az.
      I have a sense that you will be here for the ‘fight’ phase of the massive change Scotland is going through.

      The irony is that as Brexit unfolds, the Union unravels.
      Our time has come, Az.
      The Union is dead now; it’s just that nobody’s told Mundell yet, despite his £639,000 Communications Team.
      Stay and fight, oh child of Scotland.
      ‘Tis what we do now contributing to this excellent site’ it’s what you are doing now, reading my words.
      WGD is mightier than Trident and all its hellish destruction.

  3. WGD writes, “We need to use this time of weakness in Westminster to organise…let’s get winning the case for independence.” I think that’s going to be an uphill task. Too many of the unconvinced see the campaign for independence as a distraction while we face Brexit. That view is, of course, fomented and fuelled by the Tories, the Brexiteers and their tame media. it will not be at all easy to change the views of those clinging to the Union. The undoubtedly catastrophic outcomes of Brexit – and I firmly believe they’ll be far worse than even most of us can predict – may, in time, change the views of some of the unconverted but they’re just as likely to seek scapegoats as to change their stance on Brexit/the Union/bad SNP. Az said above,”I won’t even share my thoughts on where this could all end” – I, too, can foresee dark times ahead post-Brexit. If Brexit is the unmitigated disaster many of us expect (no “if”, it’s a given) or if the Brexiteers get a sell-out Brexit (as they see it), there may well be a backlash that goes beyond Twitter-trolling. History shows that the mob has its way of expressing its opinion.

    If these comments seem pessimistic, it’s because I am. Many people voted for Brexit in spite of the fact that, even from the outset, it could clearly be seen to be disastrous for the U.K. Now that it’s becoming clearer by the day that it will indeed be a disaster I don’t see much evidence of a major shift in the pro-Brexit camp. I think that those who voted for Brexit were/are, to be brutally frank, fundamentally stupid. I don’t think that has changed – they haven’t got any smarter. To be honest, pessimistic scarcely begins to describe how I feel about the future.

    • Great post, Paul. It certainly is the time to get organized. No time for dreary chat, Andi! Get up and help us free Scotland!

      • “Dreary chat”, Jan? Beware of echo chambers and wishful thinking. Sure, let’s get organized – around what? around whom? I’ve said this before, but I’ll repeat it. There’s a group of ex-colleagues meet regularly for lunch and chat. They are all of similar educational background, all reached managerial positions in public service – of the nine of them, only one voted for independence and the other eight haven’t changed their minds since. That’s one reason why my comment was pessimistic. I haven’t canvassed my near neighbours as to their politics but remarks made in conversation convince me that I’m in a minority (of one?) in espousing the cause of independence. Get organized? Yes, we’ll have to be and well-organized at that.

  4. As Andy points out above, ‘organization’ is required. I’d go further. A focus is required. A rebranding of the message and clear organisational structure. The disparate groups of the YES movement and individual supporters have been absolutely brilliant in the past (near) three years since September of 2014. They kept communicating, debating, arguing and generally keeping hopes of self determination and self government alive. Their engagement in the political process has changed the face of Scottish politics and held both the establishment political class and their media to account for their appalling actions.

    An amazing achievement by any standard.

    But the time is coming when we really do need to get the band back together properly. A YES movement led by a selected board and spokespeople. Arguments, literature, strategy and a clear set of aims.

    A focus for the YES supporting public to get behind and hope for those who want to become part of the YES movement.

    The opposing forces have spent nearly three fucking years shitting on Scotland and in particular YES voting Scotland, from a great height. Their intent and focus has been all too clear. Crush the drive for self determination and put rowdy natives back in their box by any and all means necessary. Neuter Scotland’s parliament and government. Foster and foment division within the YES movement by taking small differences and turning them into unbridgeable chasms.

    It’s fair to say that this same broad church and lack of formal structure over the period has also been our friend, made the YES movement hard to take down as it were.

    IMO it simply wasn’t the time to get us all pulling in one direction, but as I say, that time IS coming and people are desperately looking for that point of focus for their efforts.

    • Bound together as a solidly packed bunch of twigs, we cannot be broken.
      If we allow them to separate us into individual twigs, they will systematically snap us in two like dry kindling with ease and contempt. Robin, Cat, Jim, are you listening?
      It is time for left wing/centre Scots Labour members/voters to make their minds up.
      The choice is stark. Out of Europe, our lives dominated by the 85%, never having a Parliament for which we voted, or back independence within the EU, and once achieved, with a government of the Scottish People in place, voted for by the Scottish people, and more crucially, and this tenet is at the heart of all modern democracies, accountable to the Scottish people, take Scotland forward as an independent nation and all that that entails.
      There would even be room for a ‘Reunification Party’ if there were a demand, but good luck with that one.
      I see the Yoon scribes are being briefed to blame it all on Paperless David Davis, who is as ‘thick as mince’ all of a sudden.
      The Dead Tree Scrolls are laying the smelly stuff on with a trowel. Davis’ three hour trip into Enemy Territory with two bemused and briefless minions riding shotgun to negotiate, well, nothing, features strongly in columns of the Assassination Bureaux of the Usual Dead Tree Establishment Suspects.
      He is toast, or more precisely, mince and toast, like the delicacy they used to serve up at the Plough in Rosemarkie. Delish.
      We need a strong character to front the YES Movement.
      There are plenty of vcandidates.
      No more Mr or Mrs Nice Guy.
      We need a leader who will rip Davidson’s Dugdale’s and Rennie’s lungs out every time they lie, threaten, or deny Scotland and its people.
      It’s here, it’s now.

      • Yes, there is a perfect storm of political betrayal and scapegoating on the horizon. It’s one of the squalls attached to the ongoing omnishambles of Brexit/austerity UK. The debt and the deficit are pretty much unmanagable UK wide at this point. 9 years on from the financial crash overseen by Labour and 7 on from Cameron’s first pledge to erdicate both debt and deficit, the catastrophe worsens. The population has endured 9 years of austerity and watched as their life chances disappear, their burdens increase, the poor are forced into desperation and starvation and society fractures under the strain. Brexit has become an epic/biblical economic catastrophe before its even been rubber stamped and the UKs political stock internationally has fallen off a cliff.

        The rats are turning on each other to apportion blame. No one, and I do mean no one, wants to own responsibility for the state of the UK today. Who knew? Politics as it is practised… etc.

        You are either the government responsible for the administration, stewardship, care and governance of your population, or you’re not. You are responsible for your system of politics and its practice. If you sat in cabinet or government benches in Westminster over, (let’s be generous, though it easily can be traced back a lot further), the past two decades? YOU – ARE – RESPONSIBLE. YOU DID THIS. ALL OF IT.

        Well done you.

        On the subject of the YES movement? Completely agree Jack. Time to put the egos and the party politics in the drawer. Just wake the fuck up to what we’re facing and what it will take to do this the right way.

        If party political types want a country where they can feel free to preach their ideologies, philosphies and ideas to people, they are first going to have to have a country and parliament to practice their politics in. Stands to reason, no?

        So what’s it to be? Self determination, or do the oppositions work of division for them? Consensus around the thing that unites and a willingness to understand each other and come halfway, or handbags at the ready?

        We – CAN – do – this, but only if the rosettes and party ideologies are put to one side and we agree on the prize. Our parliament, our powers, returned to the care of our citizens.

        When THAT is achieved… knock yourselves out for our votes. Just remember to play nice.

    • Agreed. Who provides the focus? There are options but we need a single charismatic cheer leader with vision.

  5. I get the very strong impression that neither of the two Westminster main parties want to be the one which has to handle Brexit. I think the last GE was called by the Tories in the fond hope that Labour would win and have to do the negotiations, thus leaving the Tories relatively unscathed in time for the next general election.
    Corbyn wanted to improve his own profile, but without putting the Labour party into the risky position of actually winning, and having to negotiate the UK’s exit from the EU.
    We, the Scottish electorate, are in the enviable position of watching them ripping themselves to pieces in the full knowledge that we WILL get a vote at the end of the process and regain our status as an independent nation.

  6. Jack C; we have a leader, Nicola Sturgeon, however she is constrained by Parliament protocol – protocol sometimes enforced, by a weak presiding officer. Instance him allowing the Ruthie bellow of “sit down” to Nicola to stand, was disgraceful.

    I agree with WGD we need to become more visibly active. Marches and meetings. An advantage of Yes is that we do not have a leader for the BBC and MSM to target. In 2014 the multitude of the town hall/church hall meetings across Scotland was a success. The BBC and MSM could only gape, and ignore.

    One of our group has proposed a generic meeting title –

    “What Does Brexit Mean To Me?”. – tonight’s topic – The Scottish National Health Service
    – tonight’s topic – Fisheries and farming
    – Conventional Defence Force vs Trident
    – Economics and Trade
    etc. etc.

    Inviting our many able politicians and experts as guest speakers.

    • Gavin, the thing is the YES Movement is a coat of many colours, not just SNP members.
      It is perfectly acceptable to be a laissez faire Conservative, or a Left Wing/ Nationalise Everything Socialist, or a Liberal Freedom of the Individual Limp Wrist and yet want Scotland to be a Self Determining nation in its own right, in or out of the EU.
      We are a kaleidoscope, an Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat, sometimes a chimera, at other times a lamb, as elusive as a wisp of smoke, yet as obdurate as a Clyde-built pocket battleship.
      We play the enemy at their own game:- attack attack attack.
      We slaughter Davidson and Mundell on their vicious antisocial Far Right Tory philosophy, We kick the living daylights out of Dugdale and Baillie on their unflinching support for Tory led deaths and poverty, and slap Rennie and Cole Hamilton about the cheeks for their feckless mumbling irrelevance. Metaphorically of course.
      We need a Big Beast this time, of the stature of Angus Robertson, or more nuanced, Joanne Cherry QC, to lead the wolf pack, with a gang of outriders slapping down the hordes of Press/TV/ and Yoon Elite who as we know from experience ‘gang up’ on the Independence leader/figurehead and attempt to bury the YES message in a barrage of lies, threats, distortions, and screaming invective. The Dead Tree Scrolls and the BBC Propaganda Wing must be neutered. Online site like this excellent blog must proliferate, and get the message out.
      England is fucked and we are not going down with them.

      In short we go into this one mob handed, with answers to all the Project Fear lies on the EU, Defence, the Currency, and so on.
      Fuck the timid approach.
      We go for their throats this time, big time.
      No more Mr and Mrs Nice Guy.

  7. The Dunkirk spirit is a live and well in England— “flee the continent left to the mercy of the Germans and get the Scots to fight the rear guard action? and then declare a miracle.

  8. Another absolute cracker of a post, Paul. The Guardian’s piece about food security is one that has really worried me because it has the ring of absolute truth. We must ensure that we are not caught up in this no matter what.

  9. Jack,
    To get the message out we need to have the undecided, the not-interested, to pay attention to what we say. We cannot achieve that via the Dead Tree Scrolls nor the BBC. surely only the most vacant(?), among us cannot be worried about Brexit, .

    Westminster I belief, has no intention of fully informing the public on Brexit. Worse, I doubt it they actually have informed themselves via some thought and discussion.The public did come to attend meetings,big and small across Scotland, hopefully they would come to “Brexit explained by topic” meetings.

    England is fucked you say. In response another concern I have, I cannot see Westminster accepting a result via the ballot box.They will cheat, by whatever means necessary.We need to think that scenario through – postal votes? Unsealed ballot boxes? And please, no electronic voting., like taking candy from a baby.Maybe the Scottish Government is preparing a formal cessation of the Act of Union? I can dream.

    • May has placed an embargo on her ministers even discussing any aspect of Brexit with their parliamentary colleagues, Gavin.
      We are expected to stay silent until Oct 2018 when Davis will emerge from the talks with the lousy deal which he and his paperless duo have negotiated, and we shall be expected to meekly accept it.
      The Repeal Act will indeed lead to the Iron Heel Oligarchy in London ‘taking back control’, not only from Brussels but from the devolved Governments of Wales, N Ireland, and Scotland.

      We shall be powerless. The 85% arrogantly believe that they will steamroller us into submission, and Mundell will treacherously bleat that this subjugation of Scotland by England is the ‘democratic will of the BRITISH People’.

      They are traitors, in many Scots citizens eyes, selling out our country to our English neighbours.
      They must be exposed for what they are.

      We need dedicated YES Movement Teams to face the three pronged Unionist attacks from the Blue Red and Yellow Tories, who are all virulently opposed to Scottish Freedom.
      We need experts in every field, a dedicated Media wise team to counteract the BBC/ITV broadcasters, and a similar squad taking on the Dead Tree Scrolls at their own game.
      You may recall NS being assaulted by Brewer Murphy Davidson and that little toad Rennie for half an hour on BBC Yoonland?
      That will never happen again.
      When Glenn Campbell interrupts replies, he should be prepared to be pulled up for his Yoon bias, live, on the box.
      ‘When you are finished talking over my reply which is clearly designed to deny the viewers my opinion, then I shall continue. In the meantime, Glenn, Gordon, Brian, Jackie, Gary, let me know when you stop interrupting.’ should do it.

      We need no longer sit through another Scottish licence payer funded QT and be treated like idiots by Dimbleby and co.
      The gloves are off.
      Dedicated teams, facing up to the various strands of Project Fear and the Media Propaganda Machine.
      If they hit us with one sheet of lies, we retort with 30 pages exposing their lies and distortions.
      WGD and WoS on steroids, in their faces and very very public.

      • You forgot andrew neil and marr plus jo coburn of the daily politics as well always interupting the snp but let the torys drone on

      • Jack,

        Kind of agree with nearly all of what you have to say.

        “When you have finished interrupting me perhaps I would be allowed a word?”

        I am more than a little fed up with idiots as arbiters of what is, and isn’t, broadcast. Frankly we would be no worse off if we didn’t play their aggressive and self serving game.

        I am perfectly capable of coming to a judgement on a politician without their assistance. They should leave their bias, and it is bias, at the studio door. They should really not have an agenda. But they do.

        • Oh, Robert, Douglas, Donalda will always plant a starving nurse on foodbanks in the audience, and pack the bleachers with middle class well off I’m all right, Jack Yoons. John Lewis checked shirts are de rigeur.
          It may be that the YES side should simply refuse to appear on Yoon Broadcast set ups at all.
          Every British broadcaster and Dead Tree Scroller is vehemently opposed to Scottish Self Determination, IMHO. Marr, Neil, and Coburn do not even hide their disdain any more. They despise us and our movement.
          It may be argued that we need to set up a proper ‘Project Win’ Team, with the best brains in their field staffing the various strands. The EU, Currency and Finance, Defence, the Media, and so on.
          I watched Hang On A Minute Brewer coaching a young Corbynista through his first faltering interview the other week on Sunday Politics Scotland.
          The lad was frozen in the headlights so Brewer filled in the blanks, with a lot of ‘Don’t you thinks’, and ‘so what you are Really saying is..’ then mouthing the Momentum Militant Corbyn line to take that the poor lad was too terrified to spout, to which the young Militant only had to mutter, ‘uh-hu’, and ‘Yes’,every time Brewer stopped for breath.

          ‘ Hang on a minute, let me get this clear, so what you are saying is that Corbyn bounces?’
          ‘Uh, yeah.’

          They make no bones about it. They hate the thought of an Independent Scotland, in the EU and out of the UK.
          They are steeped in a Unionist culture and background, and are a parcel of rogues in our nation, and sadly, proud of it.

          • Quite so. Nothing really to add here. It is how we switch their viewers around that interests me. Any thoughts?

      • I agree with you, Jack, that the time for timid suggestion has gone. Everything has changed. The idea of Scottish independence is up front and normalized. We must now act with determination and with the total confidence we undoubtedly feel. And, as you say, a strong YES leader is essential.

        • Jan,

          We sit at circa 45% of the voting public. I am a small beer member of ‘Pensioners for Independence’. I do not know how we persuade that demographic, but we have to try. I think that it is a bridgeable gap.

        • I may be alone in this, but I am pretty impressed with Nichola Sturgeon. Best Prime Minister we never had, perhaps?

          • The eu nationals will be on the yes side this time as Nicola said they could stay yet it’s westminster that’s caused them pain especially with brexit there are those that like being dictated by england they would never be convinced those types should live south of the border in my opinion and see how unionists really do things but the labour for indy and the eu nationals are 2 factors that could be a big help English Scots for yes is another factor we just need something to take down imperial bais on the news and that’s the major problem

  10. My children watched a Men In Black film where all the aliens were fleeing ‘earth’ due to a forthcoming disaster. A brief peek at the financial sections of the ‘British’ press, and their European counterparts, seem to show a similar exodus of businesses ‘seeking’ new premises around Europe. Prescience?

  11. BBC Breakfast, all 3 ¼ hours of English hegemony from Salford includes two minutes of news ‘where you are’ every half hour.

    This morning 19/07/17 these are the main headlines in this vibrant and rich country of ours:

    The main story appears to be that a HoL Committee on the impact of Brexit on Devolution has concluded that there is a strong economic and political argument for Scotland to have ‘different arrangements’ and that Brexit must be arrived at by consent of all of the UK but that NS’ and the Scottish Government’s proposal to remain in the Single Market was somehow impracticable and COULD be politically disruptive.
    In other words, just the same old same old ‘back in your box’ Scotland nonsense contained in ‘Thick As Mince’ Davis’ single A4 page dismissal of the Scottish Government’s proposals to Mike Russell all those months ago, and Mundell’s £639,000 Communications Team’s trope that the Scottish Government will be consulted but that ‘ now is not the time.’

    Back in your box, Scotland.

    Next, good news for Scottish fishing despite all the Remoaners predicting doom and gloom post Brexit. Cod is back on the menu!

    Then this wee gem of BBC/Labour propaganda irrelevance.


    “NHS spend on private agency staff has more than doubled in 5 years according to figures compiled by Scottish Labour
    The Party CLAIM the SNP (That’s the BAD EssEnnPee. Ed.) is mismanaging the Health Service leaving staff under -resourced.
    The Scottish Government says the amount paid out by the NHS on agency staff is tiny.”

    This is headline news? A tawdry wee piece of lazy summer filler Labour junk?

    I heard it on the BBC. It must be right.

    The SNP are mismanaging the NHS, privatisation has doubled in five years, the service is under resourced, and it’s all the BAD EssEnnPee Government’s fault.

    Then a wee bit about Sellick and the Women’s National Footie team playing in a Euro tourny, and that’s your 1 minute and 56 seconds of televised news from the birthplace of John Logie Baird.

    ‘”England’s cricket team….
    We are back to 3 hours of English news.

    Why bother, Donalda?
    Just shut BBC Scotland once and for all and give us all peace.
    It serves no purpose other than to drip feed Unionist Propaganda now.

    Scottish Six? What happened there?

    Some on here ask:- How do we fight this relentless flood of Scotland is shite nonsense?

    By showing it up for what it is.
    State controlled Public Broadcasting propaganda and brainwashing.

  12. I don’t have TV now-a-days, Jack, but I foolishly listen to the radio. I’m afraid GMS more or less delivered the menu you describe above. GR made a poor attempt at aggression towards Lord Somebody or Other who turned out to be a “crossbencher”………in other words not voted for but paid for via taxes. Let the poor souls south of the border sort out that muddle. We must regain our independence in order to spend our income wisely and make Scotland the envy of the world.

  13. Paul, a few weeks ago I read something negative about the Scots… the “too wee, too poor, too stupit” variety. It got my goat and bothered me all day. Working in my garden, as I do most days, usually does the trick, banishing rotten thoughts to the composter.
    Not that day though, and not in the weeks since. The replies, retorts, reprimands, buzzed around my head and I finally put it in writing.
    It is endless, what Scots could write to laud themselves. Where did they forget all this?

    The “You” in my mind is a wee teenage lad, sitting on the steps of the Dewar Statue in Buchanan Street. He’s wondering what there is for him, because he’s too feart to contemplate the future.
    I know he’ll get there.

    ‘Heh, YOU’
    ‘Who Me?’
    ‘Aye, YOU’.

    YOU were shipped to Australia for being “too poor” to feed your family and had to steal a loaf of bread.
    YOU helped build that country with the hands that stole the bread.
    YOU have rivers, lakes, cities, towns and villages, mountains and parks, named after you all over the world.
    YOU weren’t “too feart” to go steerage after the Clearances, to Canada, America, Africa,anywhere a ship would take you.
    YOU were there at the Alamo.
    YOU were there at Dunkirk.
    YOU weren’t “too feart” to go.
    YOU started the National Parks System in the USA.
    YOU started their Navy.
    YOU were the first Prime Minister of Canada.
    YOU were a Governor General of Canada and in your spare time wrote “The 39 Steps”,”Prester
    John”, “The Island of Sheep” and more.
    YOU weren’t “too stupit” then.
    YOU with your brogue, to this day,make the Scots welcome the world over, open doors closed
    to others.
    YOU will get a cup of tea and a bed for the night, faster than any other nationality.
    YOU and your discovery of penicillin saved the lives of possibly millions.
    YOU bring joy to the hearts of millions as they pick up phones and hear the voice of loved ones.
    YOU have a museum in your honour in Baddeck, Nova Scotia, to commemorate that.
    YOU can “get oan yir bike” but only because a Scot made it possible, tyres and all.
    YOU made the smooth road possible to ride that bike.
    YOU gave the world “Ivanhoe”.
    YOU gave the world “Treasure Island”
    YOU gave the world a song that unites everyone all over the world, every New Years Eve.
    YOU invented at least two of the worlds favourite drinks.
    YOU made teeth extraction “nae bother, a piece o’ cake” with anaesthics.
    YOU can watch Tech to Tripe on a television You invented.
    YOU were the first European to see Victoria Falls.
    YOU have a fully built country all around you.
    YOU built that country the same way YOU built the others from scratch, the world over.
    YOU have roads, railways, buildings, libraries, bridges, places of worship
    YOU built them.
    YOU have schools, colleges, universities.
    YOU built them.
    YOU benefit from them.
    YOU have rivers to fish, mountains and glens, oil under the sea.
    YOU have some of the worlds most spectacular scenery.
    YOU have towns and parks, places for the kids to play.
    YOU have everything you didn’t have when YOU went out to build other countries.
    YOU have some of the smartest people.
    YOU can have it all again, if YOU put a “tick” in a box and become YOU again.

    What else do YOU need?

    ‘Heh, where are YOU going?’
    ‘Hame fur ma tea. Mince and tatties, ah think we invented that tae’.

    Wha’s like Us?

      • Most definitely Wendy. I’m flattered. Where in Canada are you?
        Thank you Sam and Jack, praise indeed from two great scribes!

        • Thank you. I’m in a little town called Lindsay in Central Ontario, Molly. Hubby hails from Diabaig on Loch Torridon and we lived in Achaphubuil & Inverailort (Lochaber) before moving to a farm cottage between Coupar Angus and Blairgowrie prior to moving out here in 2014.

          • Wendy, Molly, I recall my first visit to Toronto to my brother who had just ’emigrated’ from Scotland in the late 60’s when the English parliament very helpfully began shutting down heavy industry in the West of Scotland (and elsewhere in the Northern UK I hasten to add).
            We were having a post prandial in the Royal Canadian legion in Acton and chewing the fat with other Brit Isles ‘exiles’.
            One lad from Dublin revealed that he had just received a letter from his mother back in the Old Country letting him know that his younger brother was emigrating to Newfoundland, and could he pop over to make sure he got settled in OK.
            The Dubliner wrote back:- ‘Dear Blessed and Sainted Mother of Mine, why don’t you do it? You’re nearer.’
            Ontario and Calgary. Why you two are practically NEIGHBOURS. Not.
            When we compare Canada, Australia, or the US with this humble speck of rock we call Scotland, it puts this big bad world in perspective, doesn’t it?
            Yet WM dare not let us go?

          • ‘Tis true, Jack. I’m nearer to my family in England than I am to my niece in British Columbia, so great is the acreage of Canada! I think that’s precisely why WM won’t let us go, you know. When all you have is a wee fly speck in the North Atlantic you don’t want to relinquish even the least little bit of it! Especially when that wee bit contains (almost) all that is best in the whole.

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