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gingercartoonI don’t usually do crowdfunding, having always preferred to sell books and rely on the donate button which is at the end of every blog article on this site – or at least at the end of every article I write myself. It wouldn’t be fair to attempt to raise donations on the back of someone else’s work. This year however, and with no small amount of trepidation, I’ve decided it’s time to do a fundraiser. Fundraisers always fill me with dread, which is why I avoid them. They mean putting yourself to the test, to ask whether people really do value your work enough to put their hands in their pockets. But needs must.

There won’t be any new instalments of the Collected Yaps this year, so there are no new books to sell for the time being. That doesn’t mean there won’t be any more books in the future, there probably will. However for the time being there are no plans to publish any more books. After publishing no less than six books within a fairly short period of time, the Collected Yaps Volumes 1 to 4 (anthologies of blog articles), and two volumes of Barking Up the Right Tree (anthologies of articles for The National newspaper), it’s probably best to wait a while before publishing more.

While I am hugely appreciative of the donations that people give by clicking on the donate button at the end of articles, the truth is that it’s a pretty hit and miss method of funding the site, and certainly doesn’t bring in enough to live on. Occasionally an article seems to strike a chord and there’s a wee spurt of donations, but other times days can go by without anything coming in at all.

There are a few things I’d like to do over the coming twelve months, and it would be good to have a wee bit of financial security in order to do them. The grass roots independence movement really needs to be re-energised and re-engaged, and I would like to continue the work I’ve been doing over the past year or so going out to speak to local groups and help them re-establish themselves in any way I can. Me and the dug have been across the length and breadth of Scotland, from Campbeltown and Stranraer to Thurso and Orkney and from Fort William and Skye to Duns and Dunbar. There will be a lot more visits to local groups over the coming months. In August the dug and me will be in Pitcairngreen near Perth, Cumbernauld, and Lanark, and in September we’re due to visit local groups in Forfar, Bellshill, East Kilbride, Dalbeattie, Alness, and Girvan.

I never charge a speaker’s fee when going to speak to a local group. Local groups don’t have much money, and I speak for them in order to allow them to do fundraisers for their own activities. However I do need to support myself somehow. Until now I’ve been relying largely on book sales, but as already mentioned, there won’t be any new books for the time being. I want to do a lot more speaking events over the coming months because it’s vital that local independence groups stay energised and active, and in order to do that a wee bit of personal financial security is required.

I’d also like to get these long-awaited Gaelic maps published. Publishing them has been put back due to unforeseen elections and assorted other issues. But the fact is that in order to get them published it’s going to take a fairly hefty sum to be paid up-front. Self-publishing maps is turning out to be a lot more complicated than self-publishing books.

Blogging takes time. The articles on this site weigh in at over 1000 words every time, and I manage to get several articles online every week. This is a not insignificant amount of writing. It’s a greater output than most other blogs. In total I’ve written approaching 2,000,000 words on this blog since it started in 2013. That’s more than JK Rowling, and though I flatter myself that my blogs are magic there’s not a wizard in sight. But I also hope that as well as quantity, this site also delivers quality, and that you find that the articles on this site are worth reading, and that they are occasionally informative, amusing and provoke thought and emotion. I try very hard to approach blogging as though it’s the creation of literature that can stand the test of time. I don’t alway succeed, but I do like to think that one of the reasons this site has such a great following is because of the quality of its content.

Content creation doesn’t come out of thin air. Bloggers have to eat. They have to read newspapers and watch the TV news, so you don’t have to. They have to think of smart arsed things to say. They have to reach down into their souls and bare their feelings. At least, this one does. All of that can only be done if you have the security of knowing that you’ll be able to pay your bills and keep food on the table.

So I’m doing a fundraiser. I’m hoping to raise £10,000 which will enable me to support myself for the next year. I hope it’s not a greedy sounding amount. It works out at less than the minimum wage. This amount will allow me to continue to blog, to go and give talks in support of local groups all over Scotland, and to appear at pro-independence events and to support other pro-independence initiatives. I’m very grateful to have so many loyal and regular readers, this blog would not be possible without you. Please help me to keep it going and keep the Dug’s tour of Scotland going too. All support however small is gratefully received.

You can donate via my crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo –


Alternatively you can donate by Paypal by clicking the donate button.
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Or you can donate by making a payment directly into a special bank account I’ve set up for the purposes of this fundraiser, or by sending a cheque or postal order. If you’d like to donate by one of these methods, please email me at weegingerbook@yahoo.com and I will send the necessary information.

Many thanks.

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  1. Great, I have been waiting for this. I think that CF during certain periods may be better than the Donate button. Good luck!

  2. Paul, stop being so modest, if the wings man can raise £100k, so can you. This is your job, you deserve a reasonable income and dog food is no’ cheap. And if you do raise a ton of cash, maybe you can build your own TV studios so you an get on the telly at long last and lose that terrible badge of honour

  3. I’ve contributed a little.   I wish I could afford more but hopefully others can pick up the slack.  Your blogs are really welcome and I’ve shared them far and wide.  You’ve certainly helped bring a few that I know over to the pro Indy side. Good luck!!

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  5. Far too modest. You’re essential reading, Paul.

    I’m going to do a wee monthly standing order so there’s a few pounds going in regularly. Not much, I’m afraid, but done with lurve. 😀

    • I’ve always preferred to have something to sell. The past two years I’ve published new books and selling those has brought in enough to live on. This year I’m not publishing a new book, hence the fundraiser.

  6. You so often write exactly what I’m thinking but so much more eloquently ☺ Small contribution made I wish it was more but I’ll try to hit that donate button a bit more often too x

  7. Wee donation made Paul, love your blog, sorry I haven’t donated before now.
    Sometimes we take the good things in life for granted!

  8. Borassic this week, but count on a donation next week.

    First site checked every day and yes, first means first.

  9. Good to know you’re ready to continue to assist the independence groups all over Scotland. That certainly requires cash. I’m sure we’ll all do our best to help you.

  10. WGD keeps me going, makes me smile laugh and greet . As said before ,i learn from the folk on here and just want to say thank-you to ALL. john 58 x

  11. Thank you WGD please keep well. It would be great to read your ecstatic post when we escape to a better future for our beloved children.

  12. I’m a hardened old cynic but your blog has both moved me to tears and made me laugh out loud. There’s not much can do that these days. You and Ginger are some team Mr Kavanagh. Respect.

      • Paul, I’ll be on the look out for you at your event nearest me in W Glasgow.
        Brown envelope as I am wary of any online money transactions no matter how much the Much Younger Light Of My Life assures me it’s OK.
        To think, Mundell spends £639k on Magnus Of the Herald and a team of Scotland Office Rocks Propagandists, yet up until a few weeks ago, he was the Lone Blue Tory Up Here.
        Onwards, mom brave.

  13. Can’t afford much but my £10:00 is now yours which comes with my eternal gratitude for keeping me sane in this madhouse called Great Britain.

    Keep up the good work Paul and I’ll hopefully see you in Falkirk if it is on your crusade trail. God Bless.

  14. Hi Paul,

    Donation made. As a long time reader and (very) occasional comment maker from down in NZ keep up the good work. I hope people in Scotland will experience the joys (and challenges) of living in a small independent country like the one I’ve moved to. I’ve yet to find a Kiwi who would want to be governed from Canberra. Perhaps Kiwis are genetically designed for being able to self govern and carve their own path…. 🙂

  15. Donation made. Really like your blog. You often put into words what I think, but much more eloquently. You also often make me laugh out loud. Thanks for that.
    It’s good to read intelligent and thoughtful comment after the nonsense which appears in so many newspapers.

  16. Donation made. Living in Spain, the only contribution I can make to the independence movement is to donate to people like Paul who work so hard to spread the word around Scotland.

      • Pretty much.

        Of course the only way to have a differentiated settlement is recognition of Scotland as both country and state.

        The UK parliament, it’s system of politics, it’s entire political remit would have to change to accommodate any other outcome. It won’t do that. Not because it can’t, but because it won’t. Devolution as it stands will not deliver/guarantee retention of single market entry and we already know it absolutely will deliver full fat exit from the European Union.

        So if devolution can’t deliver… that only leaves Scotland’s population with one option.

    • An interesting read. There’s absolutely no way this UK government is ever going to listen to or work with the Scottish government. Even if they did, we would never be able to believe a word they say.

      Independence is absolutely the ONLY option. It won’t be easy, but it’s the only way to get out of this Brexit mess. I feel sorry for English friends because they have no available ‘get out clause’ and even in the unlikely event that the decision is made to reman in the EU after all, the UK is irrevocably broken now IMO.

      • Annie, our English neighbours do have a slim ‘get out clause’, if only Labour and Lib Dem stand on a platform along with the SNP, Greens, and Plaid (DUP?) to hold a second EU Referendum if returned to power as a Coalition.
        It may be argued that May’s Government won’t survive the autumn, and a ‘snap snap’ election called for October.
        There seems to be movement towards Remain as the madness of May and her Brexiteers unfolds, and the real impact on the economy, industry, particularly car jobs situated in vehement Leave areas like the NE and W Midlands of England, and the dire Health and Residency consequences for Brit ‘immigrants’ living in the EU, and conversely the skills gap opening up abruptly in April 2019 of up to 3 million staff shortages in vital services like Agriculture,Health, Education, and Finance from April 2019 when ‘No Deal/Bad Deal’ seems to be the likely outcome due to the incompetency of Davis and his Negotiating team.
        WGD is vital to continue reminding us all of the sheer lunacy of Scotland sitting back and thinking of England.
        The richness of his prose is priceless.
        I doubt that he would go without a warm meal, a wee dram, good company and a bed for the night any where in Scotland, do you?
        Still man does not live by bread alone.
        He has been a tireless and considerate Champion for Scotland, and he deserves all our support no matter which form that backing takes.
        Annie, you are more than doing your bit.
        Hasta la vista.

  17. Happy to contribute Paul.
    I don’t often comment, but read and look forward to each and every article.
    Keep up the good work whilst helping to save my sanity!

  18. Stop underestimating yourself Paul! £10,000 for a whole year! That’s ridiculously low. Consider George Osborne charges £26,000 PER HOUR to give one talk.

    That’s what we are up against folks.

    Scotland is in the fight of its life to get away from the British Establishment.

    The disparities between our country’s (Scotland and England’s) ambitions could not be more stark than what Paul says he needs to continue to bring the truth to the people of Scotland and what George Osborne gets for bringing his primarily English Establishment lies to the people of Scotland.

    Just listen to the public school boy accents for the 13 new ‘Scots’ Tory MPs! How many are actually Scottish born?

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