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It’s been only a few days since the launch of the Wee Ginger Fundraiser, and the wonderful readers of this blog have truly blown me away with your generosity and support. The fundraiser hasn’t just reached its target within a few days, the target has been utterly smashed. Although the target had been set at £10,000, donations received now stand at £11,280 on Indiegogo, plus a further £6550 which has been received directly or via Paypal. That makes a grand total of £17,830, an incredible 178% of the target. I can’t say thank you enough.

I was more than a wee bit apprehensive about launching the fundraiser. The fundraiser was set to last for two months on Indiegogo because I really did think that it would struggle to reach its target. I’ll be honest, I would have been delighted if the fundraiser had raised half the target – £5000. Instead it’s raced through its target within a few days. Frankly, I’m gobsmacked. It’s not often that I’m left stuck for words, but readers, you’ve managed it.

Indiegogo doesn’t seem to allow fundraisers to close early, so the fundraiser will remain open for its originally determined period. Indiegogo don’t pay out the funds until the end of the fundraising period (and there’s a pretty hefty commission to be paid too), so I won’t actually get any of those donations until September 20 – not that I am complaining!

I’m touched, humbled, and incredibly grateful that the readers of this blog are so willing to put their hands in their pockets in order to support it. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. The money means that I can continue as a full time blogger for the next year, and will continue to travel the length and breadth of Scotland, giving talks to local pro-independence groups without asking for a speaker’s fee. If you’d like me to come along and give a talk to your local group, just get in touch at weegingerbook@yahoo.com

Once again, an enormous thanks to everyone who’s helped. You’ve made a cynical auld git a wee bit less cynical.  I’ll leave the fundraiser details on the blog article template until the end of the Indiegogo fundraising period, but I’ve already been given more than I had ever expected, and I’d prefer it if you considered giving your kind donations and support to some other good pro-independence causes.

There are a number of other good causes which are well worth your consideration and support. It’s all very well complaining about the lamentable state of the Scottish media, but if we want to build something better we need to support it.

iScot magazine is a fantastic and high quality glossy magazine which promotes a positive vision of Scotland. The magazine is not a big business, and runs on subscriptions and crowdfunding. It’s a publication that does Scotland proud, and precisely the kind of magazine that’s able to reach out to undecideds and people who had previously voted no. Please help them to continue. iScot need £20,000 in order to secure their future for the next year, they’ve currently raised £7,384. Please help them reach their target – and subscribe to the magazine!

CommonSpace is a multi-author website which gives a space to pro-independence voices on the Scottish left. They give young and aspiring journalists the opportunity to get a start in what can be a very difficult business. CommonSpace are hoping to raise £60,000 in order to employ a fresh team of young journalists, they’ve currently raised £18,112.

gingercartoonWee Ginger Fundraiser

I’m doing a fundraiser this year to keep this blog going for another twelve month and to allow the dug and me to continue visiting local groups all across Scotland. You can donate via my crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo –


Alternatively you can donate by Paypal by clicking the donate button.
Donate Button

Or you can donate by making a payment directly into a special bank account I’ve set up for the purposes of this fundraiser, or by sending a cheque or postal order. If you’d like to donate by one of these methods, please email me at weegingerbook@yahoo.com and I will send the necessary information.

Many thanks.

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  1. You’re worth every penny Paul, pleased to have chipped in. Mair power tae yer elbow sir. Oh and gie Ginger a wee clap as well.

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  3. So absolutely delighted for you Paul, will make my small contribution to one of your suggestions!! In support of our wonderful nations independence!!

  4. You are worth every penny & more, Paul. I visit around a dozen Yes sites daily but there are four I consider of paramount importance to me & to the Yes movement & your site is one. It is very kind of you to try & share the love (aka cash) with the other two sites you mentioned but, to be completely honest, both leave me a little cold compared to your offerings. I suspect you don’t appreciate just how good you are at this writing lark. ATB, Hugh

  5. You and the wee dug deserve every penny. iScot is my favourite magazine. It’s disappointing that it isn’t sold in more retail outlets. The magazine is a quality publication with interesting and varied articles, including a contribution by yourself. I have given a couple of subscriptions as gifts and they have been warmly received. I hope they will be able to continue publishing.

    • Totally agree with you Ms. Lawrie.

      We seem to have little in the way of mainstream publications but have an abundance of online and other new ‘fan dangled’ modern methods of communication, which appear to be not getting the message through to the rest of our country-women and -men, quickly or widely enough. I believe we need print and broadcasting media to do this.

      Congrats to WGD and others reaching their targets, let us try and help where we we can in regard to those others giving of their time etc to our cause.

  6. You might want to put your bank account details on here too, so people can if they like donate witout either indiegogo or paypal taking a cut. Many of us are using online banking now.

  7. Carry on with your brilliant and witty work, Paul – you and Stu Campbell are really sticking in the craw of the Yoon MSM and their followers.

    The fact that you continually shred their partial, lop-sided, biased and untrue garbage,makes you invaluable to the Pro-Indy Cause.

    Will def get along to see you and the Dug in the flesh, later this year.

    All the best from the missus and myself.

  8. Cheers Paul for your acknowledgement, on a vey selfish note, I want the feeling back in my heart and mind prior to the 2014 referendum ie the electric buzz that I saw and felt everywhere on social media, there was hope and a rebirth of belief of justice for all Scots that things were going to change, a feeling that this time we are going to do it.
    Like many Scots after we lost, I was angry and hurt and couldn’t believe how we had thrown our chance away; but circumstances have brought us back and given us a chance at owning our own destiny and path and you and the dug have greatly helped me to understand that we can do it Finally. ( once again I apologise for my rant ) but please let us END this most Rancid UNION.

  9. What do you get when you combine Marcus Gardham, ex political editor of Herald Scotland and rabid Unionist propagandist, now head of David Mundell’s £640,000 a year Arch Tory/ Pro Austerity /Anti Scottish Team at the nugatory Scottish Office, with Alan Roden, ex political editor of the Arch Right Wing ‘Scottish’ edition of the Daily Mail, now Kezia Dugdale’s Labour Branch Office (you couldn’t make that volte face up) PR guru, Aberdeen Asset Management, erstwhile sponsors of the Oxford Cambridge Boat race, and current sponsors of the Ladies’ Scottish Open golf competition, who cobbled together a nice wee Unionist Propaganda platform under the ostensibly innocuous title of a ‘Leadership Forum’ with a Q&A session chaired by Sarah Smith, the BBC’s London based ProudScotBut Hammer of The Nats, and Ruth Davidson, the martyr, a modern Joan of Arc, as ‘guest’, and Michael Settle reporting it all on the front pages of the terminally doomed Herald?

    Herald Headline:-
    “Hitting Back: Davidson says some ‘social abusers’ (my parenthesis) are men still living in their mums’ basements, tapping keyboards with their pants on.”
    Michael Settle quotes Colonel Davidson as having spoken out about the need to hit back at the ‘vile’ (Settle’s parenthesis this time) homophobic abuse she often gets on social media.
    He quotes her anguished words:
    ‘They call me fat, useless and a dykey lesbian’: Ruth Davidson speaks out at ‘vile’ homophobic abuse on Twitter.’

    And there you have it.

    The Herald, Roden, Gardham, Settle, Sarah Smith, Aberdeen Asset Management, and ex BBC employee Saint Joan Davidson combine to come up with this summer tit bit.
    For the record, as I tap away at my keyboard,I don’t have a basement, I am fully clothed, my Sainted Mother is at peace and well out of the clutches of the Unionist Arch Right, Anti Scottish’ Anti Social Justice, Red Blue and Yellow Unionist ,Rob the Poor Reward the Rich, parties’ clutches.
    But mud sticks.

    We cybernats are ‘social abusers’, homophobes, misfits, who skulk in subterranean caves, smearing a poor wee innocent lamb, just because she is a lesbian and carrying a few extra pounds.

    Aye, right.

    It is no coincidence that this farce has been cobbled together while Stu Campbell is bringing Dugdale to account over accusing him of reported homophobic attacks on Mundell the Mighty.
    Davidson is an apologist for the Rape Clause, the Dementia Tax, the ‘vile’ £32 billion cuts to public services, civil servant jobs, Disablement Benefits, pensions, Family Tax Credits, housing benefits, and as British Imperial warmonger, crammed herself into uniform and insulted the memory of my father, uncles, who ‘served’, and suffered in WWII and fought against the fascism which Ruth and her party represents.

    She is to many the anti Christ, the destroyer of the Social Contract, the epitome of Class Elitism, and an enemy of the Common Good.

    Paul, when I read your personal account of what it meant to be different in Scotland in the latter half of the 20th century, and compare it to this vile little creature’s attempt to tar the Independence Movement with the same homophobic brush, and this tawdry ugly sinister anti Independence rubbish cobbled together by Big Finance and the Propaganda Unit of the Herald, Settle, Gardham, Sarah Smith (of BBC infamy) Roden, and Davidson the Victim, I am in no doubt that we are in for a long hard slog to counter this sort of plutonium grade propaganda poison .
    Yet still we fund your blog, in our own independent way ensuring that you will always have the backing of the real voice of Scotland, the citizens of Scotland who demand more than blind obedience to the Iron Heel Oligarchy.
    BTW, there’s a women’s golf tournament kicking off in August some time, somewhere in Ayrshire.

    • ‘Marcus’ Gardham? Now how’s that for a Freudian Slip? Julius Caesar must have been lurking somewhere in my subconscious. Brutus, Cassius and the Backstabbers. A One Hit Wonder from ancient Rome.

      • I’m sorry, but what’s abusive about saying that Ruthie is fat, useless and a lesbian? She is, without a doubt all three of those things. I suppose that saying she is fat may be a trifle unkind, but the other two words are self evident.

    • So David Ruthieson is complaining that ‘They call me fat, useless and a dykey lesbian’.

      Perhaps I am easily puzzled, but how can you complain about the truth?

      • Och,Les, she is to be criticised for many things.
        The Supreme Court has just ruled that it is illegal for Ruth to charge sacked workers a £1200 fee to take a case for Unfair Dismissal to an Employment Tribunal. It appears that this ‘smash the workers’ ruse by Ruth is considered a breach of our Human Rights. Red Blue and Yellow Tories force through inhuman laws to attack, emasculate, and impoverish the Common Man and Woman.
        Ergo, Ruth is inhuman.
        There, and I’ve no’ mentioned her weight once, not do I care if she falls in love with her hot water bottle.
        When we read of Paul’s personal nightmare, we cannot let this devious little woman, backed up by the Scottish Branch of the MSM Establishment, to use her sexuality to attack the Independence Movement and online bloggers.
        She is by her deeds, a despicable little person, who is also carrying a few pounds more than are good for her health.
        On other news, BBC Radio Scotland rep[orts that the economy grew by .3 % in the first quarter of 2017. That would be the English economy, but Radio Shortbread failed to mention that.
        No news on Scottish growth, which as we all know was good.
        The Fourth Estate, Fifth Column, guardians of Unionism while the Yoons are away on their holidays.
        Davidson sets herself up to be ridiculed.

  10. When I sent my donation to paypal, I mentioned that I would double my standing order to you, I did not realise that paypal take a cut, so I am cancelling the standing order through them I already have your bank details from buying books previously, so I will set up a bank standing order using those details. I hope this is ok, let me know if not. Reading the comments here, I hope you realise how valuable you are in the fight for Independence.

  11. I totally agree with the others that you are worth every penny you receive Paul. It’s an indication of how humble you are that the amount has come as a surprise to you.

    However, if you feel that you personally don’t require all the money that comes to you, then why don’t you pass some on to people that you think could use it?

  12. Paul without you we would only have Wings and whilst stu is great, you are without doubt the most gifted wordsmith in Scotland. Fantastic ,honest and truthful.

  13. You and the dug deserve every penny Paul!! I’m just sorry my wee bit couldn’t be more! I heard you speak and met the lovely sookie dug in Dingwall and it was a superb evening! You are a gifted political and social wordsmith and we are lucky to have you on our side. Treat yourself and the dug to a wee treat!!

  14. Paul, 17K a year is not even the living wage let alone what you are worth. I suggest strongly that you do a yearly crowdfunder to keep you and the dug in the kennels you deserve. You demonstrate aptly that the pen(BLOG) is mightier than the sword. Please keep on writing.

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