Rebooting Ruth

We learned something very interesting last weekend. We learned that if you want to start a blog which claims to give a platform to voices that aren’t usually heard in the traditional media and puts forward radical and challenging ideas, it’s best to start a right wing blog and claim that members of the Conservative party and the British establishment are struggling to make themselves heard in the British media. For the sake of all the gods, don’t start a left wing pro-independence blog from a tenement in Barlanark. It’s only Conservatives who are really challenging and radical in a way that the mainstream media is interested in.

Call yourself Unherd, and claim that your blog is for those who want to “investigate unheard ideas, individual, and communities.” That would be unheard individuals like Ruth Davidson, who as we know struggles to get a hearing in the media, and then when she does she’s drowned out in a barrage of harsh questioning about her lack of any policies other than saying no to another independence referendum. Poor Ruth. You’d hardly know that she existed. It’s a tough life being so marginalised that you can only get a dozen press guys to turn up for your latest publicity stunt. But never fear, she’s exactly the kind of fresh and innovative voice that our new blog is aimed at providing a platform for.

Don’t bother doing a crowdfunder. That’s for the little guys. If you can, find a hedge fund millionaire to give you a shed full of money to start your new grassroots blog, and then you can get yourself an expensive office in a posh London tower block. This is much easier to achieve when your blog is providing a platform for Tory politicians with an eye on their career. It’s all the better if like Ruth Davidson they are able to invite a pubload of journalists to a quirky photo shoot with a gutted fish, which is a reasonable description of an appearance alongside Michael Gove. Then your new voice of the ordinary punter blog site will get touted on the Andrew Marr politics show as a refreshing addition to the world of British political media. Success! That’s the empowerment of the common person provided by social media. It’s just a shame that it’s as grassroots as window display in one of those shops where there are no price tags because if you need to ask how much it is then you can’t afford it.

The most surprising thing of all that we learned over the weekend was that Ruth Davidson fancies herself as the deep thinker of the Scottish Conservatives. Ruth has also been in the news this week complaining about the abuse she gets on social media about her sexuality, her size, and her uselessness. I’ve got no time at all for people who attack others because of their sexuality. I’ve got no time at all for people who attack others because of their size. There is no excuse for that kind of name-calling, and it ought to stop. Attack her for what she says. Attack her for her ridiculous attention seeking antics. Attack her for her woeful lack of policies. Attack her for her refusal to condemn the sectarian bigots on her own side. Attack her for putting the interests of her career and her party before the interests of Scotland. It’s not like Ruth doesn’t give us plenty of perfectly legitimate ammunition. Ruth Davidson’s sexuality and weight are completely irrelevant to the fact that she really is useless.

Ruth proved her uselessness with her article on Tory activist Tim Montgomerie’s new totally grassroots-no-really website. It was a very clear attempt to position herself in the Tory leadership contest while seemingly condemning other politicians who are positioning themselves in the Tory leadership contest. This was the only clever and useful thing about the article, at least from Ruth’s perspective, although the word “underhand” is probably more appropriate.

The article itself was a second rate rehashing of soundbites that would best grace an O Grade modern studies essay. This is what passes for deep thought amongst the Scottish Conservatives. But then this is a party which counts Jackson Carlaw and his crusade against Gaelic road signs as one of its heavy hitters and by comparison with that the Big Colouring In Book of Things That Go Weeee counts as a philosophical tract. It’s very easy to pose as an intellectual when your party’s historical analysis consists of banging a big drum and chanting songs about 1690.

Ruth’s article asks why people are losing faith with capitalism, and she asks this on a website which has sprung to prominence from nowhere after it’s allegedly received a large amount of funding from a right wing businessman who backed Brexit, and which then gets touted on the BBC as the next big thing. She asks why people are losing faith in capitalism, and then cites a number of examples of inequality and injustice which are a direct result of Conservative policies, such as how young people are encumbered with student debt, or are unable to get on the property ladder. She never actually mentions that these injustices are a direct result of Conservative policies. If she wants to know why people are losing faith in capitalism, perhaps she only needs to look at her own party. The Conservatives are not the solution to capitalist malaise, they are the cause of it.

However what this is really about isn’t rebooting capitalism. It’s got a lot more to do with booting Ruth’s career. It’s not a coincidence that the day after Ruth’s excursion into grassroots (TM) blogging, there was a sympathetic piece in the Unionist press about how frustrated she is with the party leadership in London and intends to use the thirteen Tory MPs in order to shift the party leadership in a direction more to her liking. That’s all fine and dandy, but those MPs are answerable to the Tory Whips in Westminster, not to Ruth Davidson. They were not exactly vocal in ensuring that Scotland received a similar benefit to the billion or so that Theresa May was lavishing on Northern Ireland. Quite the reverse, they were keen to argue that Scotland didn’t merit any consideration.

Ruth is expected to be in London more frequently, attending meetings of the UK cabinet. This comes just a few days after reports that the Scottish First Minister would no longer have meetings with Theresa May, but would instead have to meet with Scottish Secretary David Mundell, and the failed Conservative candidate for Perth Ian Duncan. An unelected politician is the voice of the British government, and a politician who failed to win an election gets a seat in the cabinet. That’s what the Tories think of Scottish democracy. So much for Scotland being an equal and valued partner in this family of nations. In the exact same spirit as the Conservative treatment of Scotland, I’ve now decided that all communications I receive on social media from Tory apologists will be referred to my niece’s hamster. Ruth’s career and that of her party and Tory attempts to manipulate the media are very much in need of a reboot. They need to be booted out of power.

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    • Comment not addressed to you RB.

      Apologies but Comment Button seems to have vanished. No doubt “my bad”.

      Love The Dug and his commentary – thank you and keep growling Dug.

      However, are you shape changing into a a feral Trotskyite kitten, Paul, given the tenor of your recent postings?

      Ms Boyd an ally to the Scottish re-independence cause? Bella Caledonia? “Capt” Haggerty as she styled herself in, perhaps, cynical anticipation of “Colonel” Davidson seeking a wannabe Pinochet generalship endowed by the Brit “mothership?”

      Are you at it, too?

      Suspect they are all “at it” in a battening on to the re-independence cause and deflecting it with their absurdities.

      For the record, I am not SNP although I support them in their struggle. At this point, unequivocally.

      I am Workers Party of Scotland.

      What are you?

  2. Based on her blog post, she has no clue about the works of Adam Smith but likes to make out she does. Her reference to Smith as the “father of capitalism” was a really howler and much mocked on Twitter.

  3. I admire your stoicism, Paul.
    When Davidson crams her generous girth into khaki, it is difficult not to comment.
    Howver you are correct.
    She demonstrates her uselessness and heartlessness on a daily basis, and rather than manipulate the media, she has a posse of willing Yoon hacks more than willing to turn up for her latest stunt.
    It fills their ‘papers and pleases their London and US Masters; job done.
    Dugdale and Davidson use their sexuality shamelessly at every opportunity, while 260,000 Scottish children struggle to get a meal during the summer holidays.
    Och, I give up.

    • Update: therapy being sought for said hamster, and possibly for niece who is now in danger of Torynonsenseitis due to contact with said hamster. Prognosis is currently undetermined.

  4. Where can we get a copy of ‘The Big Colouring In Book of Things that go Weeeee’?

    Does Willie Rennie know about it?

  5. Yeah, a bit of gold star rated trolling there from both Ms Davidson and the meeja. It’s currently about all they are worth really.

    Ms Davidson is many things, but first and foremost … I’d say dishonest. Your own summation Paul, pretty much nails the sum and what passes for substance of the *Conservative and Unionist leader in Scotland. (*Note: Not leader of the Ruth Davidson, NO referendums, Me masel’ and I party)

    That’s the point though isn’t it? There is no substance to Ms Davidson. Her persona is all surface and no depth. She is a media creation whose sole purpose is to undermine the Scottish parliament and government. She’s there to act as a media counterpoint to our First Minister and be the face of the union that the likes of Mr Mundell could never be. Little Ms Camera op and sound bite. Jolly hockey sticks and cammo attired freestyle buffalo wrangling. All smiles and chuckles when the ops are choreographed and those behind the camera are deemed a safe pair of hands.

    She is of course a willing participant in this exercise. Ruth is nothing if not a career minded opportunist, but simply scratch the surface with say, a difficult question? Place her in front of an interviewer who doesn’t bat for the same team and the real Ruth Davidson soon emerges. Petulant, angry, overly assertive, uncomfortable in the face of scrutiny.

    Ms Davidson’s true record of parliamentary representation speaks for itself. No Scottish policy bar one and plenty of support for whatever passes for policy from Westminster. That’s about it really. A selfish, career minded and camera friendly place person.

    Her dishonesty in all things constitutional is beyond question. Her portrayal of her political opposition and those who believe in self determination is beyond shameful. Her courting of the darker aspects of the unionist vote and the weaponising and undermining of our public institutions is probably the lowest point in Scotland’s political history. What she has done, she is patently incapable of undoing and the repercussions will be felt throughout our population for many years to come. But then…, I don’t suppose she cares who cleans up the mess her actions leave in their wake. I see no evidence of regret or remorse from Ms Davidson or the media who created her. So, safe to say that either emotion doesn’t even cross their horizon.

    It is after all, just politics as it is practised… etc.

    The irony in all of this is the term ‘unionist’. Where is this unity she purports to defend and espouse? She is a Conservative and Unionist, right? Perhaps Ms Davidson could explain what part of undermining the achievements of our SNHS, our police force, our education, our businesses and inward investment is particularly indicative of support for our communities? What part of playing an active role in the demonising of half your population, the empowering of bigotry and intolerance is particularly unifying?

    Unity? Partnership? Personally, I’d say that ‘division’ is a word and concept I have absolutely no doubt Ms Davidson is far more familiar with.

      • Not to say the temptation to just type ‘feck’ (a lot) wasn’t there, but frankly Ms Davidson’s not worth it. 😉

        • Sam, as the Collatin Household prepares for the next influx of relatives, this time from the Emerald Isle, and mercifully only for a long week end (I love them dearly and unashamedly bed down with them, and others, when I visit England’s former colony; I’m sure all who read this know what I mean.) I will yet again be asked why Scotland puts up with this nonsense.
          Davidson’s English HQ is attacking Corbyn demanding that he set out in detail his plans to eradicate the £100 billion in English student debt. Apparently he ‘pledged’, ‘vowed’ even, to scrap tuition fees Down There, and presumably create thousands of summer vacation jobs for students as ticket collectors and station porters on the renationalised railway network.
          What taxes would he raise? Which public services would he cut?
          Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

          It is reported that English students and graduates are saddled with a future tax burden of £100 billion, while in Scotland our young have no tuition fees at all.

          As Ruth, Kezia and Wullie would have it, our Scots preppies get ‘freebies’ paid for with English taxes. The ‘£15 billion black hole’ nonsense writ large.
          Aye, right.

          Perhaps we should demand detailed proposals from Ruth, who is so arch right Tory as to out-Tory her English Handlers on everything from Brexit to the Rape Clause, what are Ruth Davidson’s Party of 13 Chancers detailed proposals to introduce tuition fees in Scotland when she ascends to her rightful place as Empress of Scotland in 2021?

          For that matter, we should insist on Willie Rennie and his four Libs Dumbs providing detailed plans for charging students to pay for their FE Up Here,and while we are at it, demand from Dugdale her New Labour/Tony Blair/ Neo Conservative proposals on taxing our students in her Socialist Utopia.

          Of course Labour Up Here has a whole sub strata of versions of Labour with which to contend.
          Rowley would defend Corbyn, and bluster that scrapping tuition fees wasn’t in the manifesto, that rich kids should be punished and made to pay, that they only had two weeks to prepare for the election, and (I call this the Carmichael defence) they promised anything, ‘vowed’ everything, knowing full well that they had no intention of delivering on the warm Socialist Fuzzies if elected,because well, it was ‘only politics’.

          Davidson, Dugdale, and Rennie are never held to account.

          I have yet to see, hear, or read any MSM condemnation of the Yoon Mob and their alternative ‘vision’ for Scotland going forward.

          Davidson and Dugdale now back the Tory Brexit.
          The 62% count for nothing.

          We are crammed back into our colonial box. We are paying £1200 per week plus expenses to 50 odd Unionist Draught Excluders, their only function being to prevent the chill winds of dissent from the Northern Colony blasting Southwards and upsetting their English Masters.
          Scotland doesn’t matter.

          The Yoons don’t need to bother with something as time consuming, above their pay grade, and intellectually complicated as detailed Scottish Manifestos.

          Scotland”s shite, the EsEnnPee are Bad, and Nicola Sturgeon needs to get on with the day job is all that’s required, filmed in full colour, every week by Toodle Oo The Noo Brian Taylor and the Beeb.

          Brexit is happening.
          Scotland sit the feck down and eat your cereal.

          By the third week in August, even the Diehardest of Brits returning from their holidays will know that it doesn’t look good.

          Patience and calm will prevail.

          I still think that the Brit Oligarchy is at work right now, while their pesky puppets at WM are off sunning it, and Brexit will be shelved, and wither, then die in the autumn.

          What this country needs is a damned good war.
          Now who said that?

          • To put not too fine a point on it Jack, no one forces them to live in Scotland.

            If Scotland is just so awful, full of thieving, shiftless, argumentative drunks as some of our political class would have it, then they are fully entitled to leave any time they so wish. Perhaps some do have their eyes on a shift. Who knows?

            What they are not is public servants. You can’t represent a community, a parliament and a country whilst actively trying to undermine same. You can’t use our institutions as political weapons, or place people in harms way because you’ve undermined their trust in those services and institutions and claim to care about anything other than yourself and a wage packet.

            Above all, you cannot claim to belong to something you patently hold in contempt or consider unworthy.

            On voter intent and demographics? I’d say we’re pretty much at a certain tipping point. Those who could be persuaded by reasoned debate and argument, have been persuaded already. Those who regretted their vote last time out, for whatever reason, are steadily growing in determination to right that choice should a second opportunity present itself. (see under the superb Journey to yes collection by Phantom Power)

            As for those who are blindly, or steadfastly loyal to a system which demonstrably does not return that loyalty? No debate or argument will ever change their world view. No, it’s going to take Brexit and austerity hitting them where it hurts… In their own homes. When the wage packets stagnate or dry up. When jobs are lost and what they believe are their rights are ignored. When their businesses fail, their farms and land are no longer workable, their families desperate. When their world view as sold to them by the political class and the media meets the real world. A world that requires travel visas, and imposes trade tariffs, new customs checks and levels of administration like you wouldn’t believe possible. That’d be a world full of countries who don’t really care about those Daily Heil inspired views on immigration, protectionism, isolationism and intolerance. Countries which have their own flags to wave, their own histories, their own cultures, their own democracies, their own economies and a willingness to work together you know.

            THAT is when they may, just may be ready to make a different choice. If not even then? Well, I’m hoping we show more tolerance and patience for their views than their representatives ever have for ours.

          • Indeed, Sam.
            Hammond was on bleating about a one, two, three, year Transitional period post April 2019 so that, for example, Heathrow, can get its act together with beefed up Immigration and customs posts.
            Maybe Sir Danny Alexander held on to the names and addresses of the 500,000 civil servants he sacked? Maybe Wullie Rennie has a copy.

            Like it has just occurred to them this week that this is BIG, and catastrophic?
            Everything changes for England and Wales in just 20 months time.
            We are on course to choose another path, Macart.
            Many will have already changed, but still retained their basic political beliefs.
            The Union has gone, and England ‘expects’.
            God help them Down There.

  6. Bit unfair to use Ruthiebabes and Carloss as prime examples of Scottish Tory general uselessness (though Ruthiebabes is, of course, only a colonel)…have you HEARD Annie Wells attempting to present a coherent argument? Or, for that matter a coherent sentence? There must surely be a staff party in M&S every Saturday in celebration of her departure. Stroll past both Sauchiehall and Argyll Street stores mid evening and listen for the sound of champagne corks popping. Parliament”s loss is most definitely M&S’s gain.

  7. All right Ruthie is a Tory (spit) and the UK Government is Tory (just), BUT SHE IS NOT AN MP!!! What is she doing sitting at the Cabinet table?

    Democracy in the UK is stone dead!

    • Not sure how she can fling her hat in ring for the PM job either. Surely EVEL prevents that from happening, unless of course she is planning an early departure to a safe seat in England. Kind of hard to explain how a loyal britnat politician ( politician used very loosely) can’t become PM unless they represent an English constituency in this wonderful, equal union.

      • Agree that EVEL will knacker Ruthie’s ambitions unless she does get an English MP seat. Think of the street party we could have after she goes…

          • Secretary of State For Scotland thou art, and Guardian of Scotland; and shalt be
            What thou art promised. Yet do I fear thy nature;
            It is too full o’ th’ milk of human kindness
            To catch the nearest way: thou wouldst be great,
            Art not without ambition, but without
            The illness should attend it. What thou wouldst highly,
            That wouldst thou holily; wouldst not play false,
            And yet wouldst wrongly win. Thou’ld’st have, great Secretary of State,
            That which cries, “Thus thou must do,” if thou have it,
            And that which rather thou dost fear to do,
            Than wishest should be undone. Hie thee hither,
            That I may pour my spirits in thine ear
            And chastise with the valor of my tongue
            All that impedes thee from the golden round,
            Which fate and metaphysical aid doth seem
            To have thee crowned withal.

  8. I don’t care about the woman’s size or about her sexuality. To be honest this obsession of what people do with their own bits has always puzzled me – why should anybody care. This woman is an ugly person and that has nothing to do with her appearance. She is ugly because of what she does and how she does it – not in her bedroom ( or wherever else she might chose to perform one of her basic human bodily functions) – but on the political stage. Her total contempt for her fellow countrymen, her complete lack of empathy for other human beings and her over inflated ego all contribute to the poisoned little person that she is – and I’m not getting at her height either. Little in the sense of small minded, small thinking.
    Maybe I’m being unkind. I’m sure being a Narcissistic psychopath is a medical condition. Perhaps if she could get help (from the Scottish NHS that she never tires of bashing?) she could, through therapy, learn to become a better person.
    As for people complaining that she is “useless” – certainly to her constituents, for whom it would appear she holds no surgeries, she would seem to be of no use whatsoever. Her lack of policies reveal her blatantly obvious inadequacy as a proper representative of the people but to the British state she is a very useful tool, becoming, somehow, the “acceptable, human face of Scottish Conservatism” a “charismatic leader”. A very useful patsy to persuade the gullible to vote Tory. It is completely incomprehensible to me how anyone can fall for the hype and not see this person for the vicious character that she is.
    If so very many people are insulting this creature maybe she should take a good, long hard look at herself. The solution lies within, Ruth – or perhaps it doesn’t – maybe you are a completely irredeemable, despicable little excuse for a human being after all.

    • Brilliant post WGD! Had me chuckling and hooting, and also told me things I didn’t know, like how Unherd came into being. Revealing! I agree with Macart and Weechid. I don’t give a tuppenny stuff about her sexuality, but I despise her political capability, total selfishness and self-centredness.

      It’s astonishing how astute political reporters, albeit Tory minded, who don’t think twice about challenging the political establishment, think she is a rising star. Have they actually looked at what she says? What shocked me even more was the Indy supporters who said that an Indy Scotland needed politicians of the calibre of Ms Davidson. Well yes we might, but only as adrenaline hits or light relief.

      Politically, she is self serving and duplicitous, with apparently no principles, morals or convictions, as she changes her mind at will – or at the will of the Tory party, with the possible exception of the question of LGBTQ rights – but only where it affects her. She was only interested in assurances from the lovely Ms May that the rights already achieved in the U.K. would not be limited by the DUP. She had no care or consideration for those in NI being affected by the horrific policies there, no care or consideration for women’s rights in NI or the UK (rape clause anyone?), no care for women politicians who receive not just insults but abusive and threatening texts, tweets and posts on a daily basis, no care or consideration for those affected by welfare cuts who are having to use food banks or are being evicted from their homes. And no care or consideration ever for the poor, children or adults, disabled or disadvantaged.

      As far as Scotland is concerned, we are only invited to England rarely on account of we might steal the silverware. We are failing in every key indicator, except we are not. There is never a hint of praise or agreement, or any suggestion that might improve the delivery of the work of the Parliament in health, education or social care. And behind her bleats Ms Dugdale the following lamb, echoing most of the sentiments. I honestly believe that the SNP misread Ms Davidson. I think she was told to break Ms Sturgeon’s hold and was told how to do it, ably assisted by the MSM. There’s little doubt that Ms Sturgeon and the SNP have been damaged, fortunately not fatally. I don’t believe she was clever enough to think it through by herself, so likely CCHQ and Rupert Murdoch were the guiding hands, which shows how much of a threat Ms Sturgeon is.

      I sincerely hope that when Indy happens, we will have better quality and more committed conviction politicians in opposition than Ms Davidson. Otherwise our political democracy will be badly damaged.

    • There is no real treatment for Narcissism – even though it is a recognised mental health disorder. If the person who suffers from it knows they have a problem and seeks help, the best they can do is teach her/him how to “adjust their thinking” when a narcissistic thought or action comes to mind! Cannae see Roothie asking for treatment, masel’ – can you, Weechid?

  9. Maybe I am being cynical, but skimming through Ruth the Mooth’s article and several others on the Unherd site, they all seem to have a similar style and prose, start to finish.

    Ita like reading the Spectator.
    Ghost written perhaps?

    • It was almost certainly ghost written. She is the front for a particular clique which is jockeying for power within the Conservative Party. She has cheerleaders, too, in supposedly leftish publications and websites like New Statesman, Guardian, Observer, Left Foot Forward. Indeed, these publications are so drooling that they outdo the right wing ones in their uncritical admiration.

      I have an acquaintance who describes things which are the tops as ‘the dog’s bollocks’. These quasi lefties clearly consider her to be canine testicles.

      (Perhaps Mr Kavanagh could enlighten me about the origin of this phrase, given his canine nomenclature, for it completely baffles me.)

  10. Taking this person seriously only adds to her bloated ego trip , I wish Nicola Sturgeon would stop giving her fully detailed answers to her demands for answers at FMQs ,

    I doubt is she listens to any of the answers she is given , the point is to score ,any hit is immediately followed by the usual chorus of jeers from the desk thumping dopes behind her ,

    Treat her and her westmonster government with ridicule and contempt at every turn , highlight the failed policies and remind her even with the combined might of the unionist parties against the SNP the union side failed and has failed in every single election in scotland ,
    They recorded one win in 2014 , this aided by the biggest propaganda exercise ever mounted by the state in peacetime in this country , even then they just managed to win , or so we were told ,

    it’s not those who vote who count , its those who count the votes that count ,

    Never again should the organisations who were involved in any way in the preparation , counting,transport , be allowed to be within touching distance of any vote , postal vote security must be tightened up and be unable to be tampered with , Trust the british state i wouldn’t piss on them , they cant be trusted and yet fools here in scotland continue to cling to this myth that they matter , they count, they are a valued part of this rancid scabby one sided union , fools every one , they are the ones holding us back , not the english .

    I hope representatives of the our government are observing the methods used by the Catalan people in their quest for self determination , they way they have responded to a very hostile spanish government , and they way they reject demands to name individuals so as to compile a dosia of the main people involved , so far the response to spain has been get stuffed , maybe something that should be replicated here . Treat Mayhem and co with the same respect as they treat us .

  11. I don’t believe that Davidson wrote the Unherd article. I agree that it is not a deep philosophical economic analysis, yet even at the O grade level that WGD refers, I doubt she is capable of writing on the subject of economics.

    Regards FM Question Time, Nicola needs to adopt some of Alex Salmond’s style, why sincerely answer when the Davidson, or Dugdale aren’t interested in the answer? They are only playing to the gallery.

    “Sit down” by Davidson to Nicola at FM Question Time was a disgrace, a further aspect was the failure of the Presiding Officer to require Davidson to apologise and withdraw .

    Davidson is being schooled, and then used like a puppet.

    • Aye the presiding officer , now there is a thing, it would be nice to see him actually have some presence ,and possibly some control over some of the more rabid behavour in the chamber,

    • Good news, parliamentary reform is in the offing. I wrote some notes on it at the time (start of July, end of June, about that time), briefly: The Parliamentary reform debate was quite informative, though I doubt I will ever read the 75 recommendations. Points I found interesting were that the presiding officer should have more powers (on conduct, speaking times etc); that the format of FMQs should change as it does not make parliament look good (so very true!); that party whips should not be used, to allow individuals more freedom to represent their constituents (it wasn’t put quite like that, but that is the gist).

  12. Davidson trying to talk about serious issues reminds me a Fry and Laurie sketch that spoofed the Australian soaps. The two characters talking about their Spa and Fitness business and using pseudo business jargon to give the impression the show was more than a soap and had some content.

  13. Ruth is a selfish, me first narcissist who has zilch to offer politically….her ego knows no bounds.pity the hierarchy cant find her a nice, safe constituency south. Of Carlisle as a reward for her undermining, and destabilising mission at holyrood….a real trooper our ruth…looks don’t matter or who you date, but harming your country for self gain is an ugly trait and offers little respect…a course In self awareness might help address her issues….

    • ‘Twouldn’t help, Kat. The Narcissist would only see this as another example of how wickedly the rest of the world treats them. Only if she recognises that she has issues and seeks help herself can anything be done … and then not very much!

    • Only interested in ME.

      In my working life I met a few like her who were only interested in SELF and did not give a toss for the business or the team. Shysters, all of them.

  14. Truth be told, if the Blue Tories elected a Bobo Doll as leader of the Branch Office, there would still be half a million Scots |True Blues who would still vote Tory.
    Rather like the ‘monkey in a red rosette, weigh the votes’ era of Labour’s Branch Office.
    Arch Right Blue Tories vote to retain the status quo; a social hierarchy with Them at the top, and tiers ‘below them’ to tend their bars, empty their bins and make their cars, and a festering Underbelly, numbering in hundreds of thousands, who ‘ will ‘always be with us’, and that’s just the Divine Order of things.
    Davidson is there merely because she is breathing. She is a figurehead, and the Press and Broadcasters will prop her up no matter how evil or stupid she behaves.

    I take it that she got a fee, as would Sarah Smith from Aberdeen Asset Management for peddling her nonsense and sullying the Women’s Open Golf Tournament with naked Yoon Propaganda.
    In essence, there are many hundreds of thousands Up Here who want nothing to do with Scotland surviving, as long as their wee well off patch remains intact.
    Dugdale is no better despite Torquil of the Raggard gushing about what a great leader she is.
    They are mere figureheads, and they know it.
    As for Rennie, Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
    We wait. as Brexit crashes around about their ears, even some diehard Yoons will rush for the lifeboats.

    • Yes, she is a figurehead, but one for powerful forces in the Establishment.

      We must never underestimate the barbarity of those who believe that their position and privileges could be taken from them. They will fight, they will lie, they will manipulate and, when that looks like failing, they will cheat.

      Those who wish to retain the status quo in any scenario behave like cornered animals.

  15. Therapymum your considerations seem very resonant to me. I do not think Ms. Davidson has the intellectual ability to direct the Tory strategies of political manipulation in Scotland. She appears to be following a tight script of developing along with willing workers,the political legitimisation of the Orange Order. The approach to Bridgeton is marked by Union Jack and Ulster flags. It reminded me of coming off the ferry at Larne. Well done Ruthie …….a developing enclave of Bridgeton ……success!

    What about the rape clause Ruth? Are you continuing to defend the absolute indefensible….. Following the script from your political pals?…I think you have your own problems of manipulation and control.

  16. With regard to the final paragraph of the text in which you highlight Ruth as gaining a seat at the cabinet table. forgive me if I’m wrong but I can’t see a source or evidence anywhere.any good o grade modern studies essay would have one of those or are you mimicking the self serving, narcasistic Ruth and scare mongering?

  17. If I ever have any assets, Aberdeen Asset Management ain’t getting their grubby hand on them.
    What must the women golfers think of being upstaged by this nobody, and Sarah Smith?
    Les Bremner, the elite have no need to ‘behave like cornered animals’.
    They control all the corners.
    Davidson barracks NS at FMQ for not closing the educational attainment gap.
    Apart from the nonsense pantomime this weekly farce is, her pal Big T has just done another U turn on scrapping free school meals for infants and substituting a mid day ‘dinner’ with a free breakfast TO SAVE MONEY to give to the rich in tax breaks.
    Ruth would happily see this imposed on Scots kids if we ever let her near control of the Scottish Education system.
    She is as responsible as her WM ‘chums’ for deaths, deprivation, and educational butchery here, and in the other nations on these islands.
    She is an elitist, and doesn’t give a damn about Scotland, and its people.
    In her eyes, Scotland does not exist as a nation; we are a dependency of England.
    Dugdale, Rennie, and their motley Holyrood crew, and their new WM MPs are there to line their pockets, and suppress Scotland and drain our wealth Southwards.
    WE are letting Big Oil extract our black gold for less than nothing: Free Oil, and Jack’s Tax Pounds in subsidies on top!
    The new Laird Ian Duncan, an unelected ‘good egg’ who is doubtless a member of the right club(s) now rules over me?
    I think not.

    They are not ‘cowering’, Les. They are ‘glowering’.
    Our Dead Tree Scroll hacks are a thorough disgrace.
    Sarah Smith and the cosy wee band of broadcasters are Yoon to the core.
    Their BBC London bosses won’t mind if viewer figures plummet Up Here. It’s only Scotland after all, and who gives a fuck what happens in a colony ‘where you are’?
    Brexit will hit them like a wrecking ball; let’s see how the Tory MPs in the NE react to Aberdeen and Edinburgh getting royally screwed by Davis and Fox.
    It’s out of control and it’s coming their way.
    I predict Reversexit in the autumn.
    No one is predicting anything other than absolute Armageddon if they follow through with Brexit.
    The ‘glowering’ elite will not allow it to happen; they will not allow Scotland to go it alone, still in the EU, a competitor of Empire 2, either.
    Get the pop corn and Fanta in.

    • Jack, When I called them ‘cornered animals’, I did not mean that they thought for a second that they were going to lose the fight nor that they were cowering. Rather, I meant that they were gathering together, snarling and baring their teeth ready for an onslaught on those who dare to corner them. This will be dirty.

      They do not intend to give up the, as you put it, “status quo; a social hierarchy with Them at the top”.

      I started with nothing, so I appreciate what I have now and I feel great contempt for those who were born into money and privilege and who do not have compassion for those less fortunate than they are themselves.

      • I sensed that,Les.
        The current Independence spat is no different to any other uprising the Empire has had to quell in its bloody and shameful history.
        We are not Ukraine, or Bosnia, but they will crush us by any fair means or foul.
        The Oligrachy is the Cyclops Polyphemus, and we are trapped in its cave.
        How many of us must we watch devoured by this one-eyed beast before we poke its eye out?
        Sum Nemo; sumus Nemo.

  18. Paul, a wonderfully written article, you may have been able to write real irony in those first two paragraphs, a real feat when writing to such a wide audience! I feel guilty for not contributing to your fundraiser, I do regularly read, and enjoy, your blog, after all. But I gave my money to Stu’s legal action fundraiser after you wrote your article about it – thank you for that, I have no idea how to judge what might offend people, what is reasonable, what is not – so you caused my reassignment of funding, and you seem to be happy with what you have already received (But not buying a yacht anytime soon??).

    I’m going to bring up something that is niggling me, the use of the word ‘useless’ to describe someone actually feels like it is as bad as criticising someone for their size, appearance, or sexuality – it is a general all-encompassing term that implies they are incapable of doing anything – Ruth is a terrible representative, a rubbish politician, her skills are not suited to the position she has – but she can’t be useless at everything – surely she has skills that can be put to use in society somewhere – I believe this of everyone. Sometimes people are in jobs not suited to their abilities, but it doesn’t make them USEless, just not good at that particular job.

    I know I am being nit-picky there. I spent most of my childhood (yes, those heady days of the 70s and 80s) being called useless, and it grinds away all your self confidence. In later life you realise that it was just a way of the name-caller to let out their frustration that you couldn’t do what they could, no harm was intended. This means I have over-analysed the word and the uses of it, and even when using it in jest I always qualify it with ‘at something’ – never should someone be just useless, it implies you are picking on someone with less ability than,,, who? Ruth is a nasty person, she has a cruel, lazy and selfish personality, but not useless, in fact, she is very useful to some people!

    Strangely, if you had said that about Kezia,,, I might have had more of a problem arguing the case – for some reason a little picture of her pops up in my head every time I read the word – I’m kidding! (A bit, but I’m fighting it!).

    • Contrary, (I assume that you are ‘contrary’ in the ‘Mary, Mary, quite contrary’, pronunciation and meaning of the word.) I refer to the whole Yoon Mob Up Here as mere Draught Excluders ‘their only function being to prevent the chill winds of dissent from the Northern Colony blasting Southwards and upsetting their English Masters.
      Scotland doesn’t matter.’
      So you are correct, they are of some use.
      Through the wonders of i Player I’ve just skimmed throughout the 25 minute loop of BBC Breakfast.
      There is not one item of news relevant to Scotland Wales or Nor Irn.
      Not one.
      Yet this ‘useless’ hegemony is beamed here every drudging pointless day.
      Manchester have appointed a walking and cycling Czar or is it Tsar?
      The North prefers brown sauce, and the South prefers ketchup, or is it catsup?
      We are bombarded with this ‘useless’ mind numbingly Anglo centric dross 24 / 7.
      Welcome to the chat, Contrary.

      • Haha, thank you Jack, I like the Draught Excluder reference! And the rest. I still stick by my opinion that calling someone useless is derogatory in a way that implies that their disability, or is it inability, is their own fault – is it that they are not trying or that they are incapable? I agree wholeheartedly with your opinion of BBC and media – dross, which I minimise my exposure to as much as possible! Feel so much better for it too. Don’t pay the BBC tax – even though there will still be some taxes going to them no doubt, but minimising contributions is good – and don’t watch. No point is there? They don’t really provide the news. I still listen to radio Scotland in the morning to get all my teeth-grinding in for the day though.

        As for the pseudonym, Contrary, your guess is as good as mine. I wanted something gender-neutral, and used it for my first comment online on some obscure publication and article written by Warwick University I think, because they blatantly used UK instead of England, which I felt was inappropriate for university professors (wished I hadn’t bothered of course!). And then felt I needed to stick with the name for some continuity – then every time I think to change it, to something at least more interesting, I think that would be a contrary thing to do so,,, well.

        In my mind it goes ‘contrary to expectations’ or ‘contrary to commonly held belief’ etc – but I far prefer your Mary Mary quite Contrary! Shame my name isn’t Mary though. I’m just rubbish at thinking up names, really, no meaning to it!

        • I am ‘contrary’ enough to use my own name, now that I am retired and can air my opinions freely.
          I take your point ; it’s useless to accuse someone of being ‘useless’, with no adverbial clause of reason attached. Someone is useless because….
          It stretches the imagination to breaking point to identify anything which is absolutely ‘useless’.
          Willie Rennie could be an artist’s model for the Broons characters, for instance.
          I’m in the book. easily located if anyone wants to challenge my views on Life, the Universe, and Everything.
          I watch what I am saying that way, sort of.
          Peace, Contrary, and welcome to the Pleasure Dome.

          • Many people know that the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything is, according to one of Douglas Adam’s books, 42. What not a lot of people know is that Adams knew about computers and the ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) code 42 is an Asterisk, in other words exactly what you chose it to be.

            How was that for a completely off-topic post for a Friday evening?

          • That is very kind. I am simply three dimensional, or four if you include the time aspect of my advancing years.

          • My ancient knees are giving me gyp tonight, Les, so I am not at the watering hole with the rest of the Friday Night Rat Pack, hence my presence on here.
            Is there such a phrase as ‘receding years’?
            Benjamin Button comes to mind.
            Complex man, F Scott was.
            ‘Giving me gyp’. Where did that come from?
            What a language English is. I’m havering through lack of Guinness.
            Off to watch a movie now.
            A bientot.

          • 😀 haha, you are thinking up some cracking uses for politicians, you should be a careers advisor, Jack!

            That IS being contrary, but I wonder how many people believe that is your real name?? Mine is merely a way to prevent some preconceptions that might occur in using a real name – we all do it, me included – that tendency to stereotype based on name or appearance. This being the Internet, we can force the person reading our opinions to not have an already half-formed opinion on what it will be (stereotyping is a useful way to make sense or our environment, but can sometimes stifle open-mindedness). I am not trying to disown myself from my comments in any way.

            So, preconceptions are useful, but on a political blog? It should be your political standpoint maybe that is reflected in the name – no clues for anyone in either of our names there! I will need to think further on this!

          • Contrary, I meant not to cast asparagus on your motive for remaining at arms length; probably a wise move in these turbulent times.
            I am simply past caring.
            I have the rugged ,if slightly older, good looks of George Clooney, I have wealth beyond the dreams of Branson, correspond and meet up regularly with Noam Chomsky, hold 25 honorary degrees from some of the best Universities on the planet, and know that the wee lassie in the nurse’s uniform feeding me pills every day is really an MI5 spy.
            Got to stop now. The wee light on my PC’s camera has just flickered into life….

          • Thank you for such an honest biography 😀 gives me a clearer picture of where you are coming from Jack ,,, just not sure about the asparagus :-p

          • Contrary, I took you for granite; I don’t know you well enough yet. No more malapropisms, well not yet.
            Some ‘cast aspersions on’, I cast ‘asparagus at’ my friends.

          • Wendy, when England’s economy collapses after Brexit, they’ll use Scotland the subsidy junkie as an escape goat.
            I’ll get ma coat.

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