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The Wee Ginger Fundraiser has exceeded its target by an amazing amount, so it’s only right that I give some space to some other projects which are worthy of consideration and support. We all know that the Scottish film industry is struggling, movies made in Scotland, about Scotland, and starring Scottish actors, are few and far between. But that doesn’t mean there is a lack of talent and ambition in this country, far from it. Tim Fraser-Granados is an Edinburgh based independent film maker. He’s currently working on a feature film, a Scottish neo-noir thriller, but as Scotland doesn’t have the same support for its film makers as is found in other countries, finding the financial backing to get the film off the ground is proving difficult.

Over to Tim …

Hello everyone!
I’m Tim Fraser-Granados, an indie filmmaker in Edinburgh who’s been hugely inspired by film noirs and Raymond Chandler and James Ellroy (this is not an adaptation of Ellroy’s novel; this film is its own thing). My team and I are going to be making a Scottish Neo Noir this autumn in Edinburgh. It’s a dark and gritty crime story that blends fiction with historical facts and figures:

David Boyd, a Detective Chief Inspector, is haunted by the unsolved murder of his father in 2012. 5 years later, a woman asks Police Scotland to find her missing husband. Boyd is drawn into a labyrinthine plot of grisly murders, blackmail and political conspiracy.

We have a crowdfunding campaign for Blood’s A Rover and we are hoping that you decide to become part of our team! You can contribute to the campaign, and share the indiegogo page, and the links to the various teasers and interviews we’ll release every weekend between now and 1 September with your family and friends at home and abroad. In exchange for your contribution, you receive a perk that can be anything from a postcard to a dual format edition of the film on Blu-Ray and DVD to a day on set to an invite to the cast & crew screening. We aim to take the film to local and international film festivals and hope to secure a cinema release at home and in markets abroad, and a home video release on Blu-Ray and DVD. Join us and be part of what we believe is going to be an extraordinary and memorable film!

We are going to release new teasers and interviews every weekend so do subscribe to the Youtube channel, like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter.

Official website:

Facebook page:

Youtube channel:…EGhzQhTHvj2osA

Vimeo channel:

Campaign pitch:

Teaser 1 (the leading characters):

Gordie Holliday’s interview:

Teaser 2 (the phone call):

Composer Jeff Bernstein’s interview:

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  1. Thank you, Paul, much appreciated. Hope everyone else likes what they see and if you do, please consider a donation or placing an order for one of our perks. We can ship the thank you cards and pin badges to you already. I’ve been penning the script for 18 months and got a good cast together. It’ll be different from what you usually get to see in Scottish cinema, we are positive about that.

  2. Just my kind of film! I could only get to indiegogo through the official Blood’s a Rover website, not through the link given. Donation sent.

  3. New teaser & interview! This weekend, a scarred man (Ian Hanmore, Game of Thrones, Dr Who, Outlander) plots a murder, and lead actor Cameron Brown talks about the character of David Boyd and what attracted him to the film.

    Blood’s A Rover: The Scarred Man Teaser


    #bloodsarover #scottishneonoir #indiefilmmaking #gameofthrones

    Lead actor Cameron Brown talks about the character of David Boyd and what attracted him to the film.


    Please tell your family and friends about the indiegogo campaign and ask them to contribute. Every order helps!

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