If the dictator’s cap fits

Wonder of wonders, let the band play. There was actually a news story about Scottish politics in the Unionist media that managed to get from beginning to end without asserting how terrible the SNP are, how screwed the independence movement is, or how Alex Salmond has never read anything apart from the Ladybird Book of Independence Declarations.  No, really. I almost fainted too.  Has the Unionist media passed peak-Ruth? Probably not, but sometimes her actions are so egregious that even her fanboys can’t ignore them.

Tory activist Belinda Don is very different from the Scottish Unionist press in that she’s not a big fan of Ruth Davidson. She most likely doesn’t have a photie of Ruth on her mantlepiece posing in a jolly manner with a gutted fish. She’s immune to the dubious charms of Tank Girl. Belinda is so annoyed with Ruth that she’s breaking the Tory omertà against speaking out in public against the Supreme Leaderene and is not only speaking out, she’s taking legal action too. This is a story with far more political consequences than the decision of a blogger to sue Kezia Dugdale. This is a story that goes right to the very heart of how the Conservative party, or rather Ruth Davidson’s Conservatives™, operate. What makes it even more delicious from a pro-independence Schadenfreude viewpoint is that the entire affair is entirely of the Tories’ own manufacture. If they hadn’t decided that democracy in Scotland was merely a serving suggestion, they wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place.

Belinda Don was second on the Conservative list for the EU election in 2014. The sole Conservative who was elected in that ballot was Ian Duncan. However the Tories wanted to get Ian into the Scottish Office, some rumours had it that they wanted him as the new Secretary of State for Speaking for the UK Cabinet in Scotland, seeing as how David Mundell has less authority and gravitas than a failed contestant on a Saturday evening game show who’s just been dunked in a gunge tank to the accompaniment of the Birdie Song by someone dressed as a chicken.

So Ian stood as the Tory candidate for Perth, and even though this was a seat that the Tories were very confident of winning, Ian lost. This may have something to do with the fact that Ian bears an alarming resemblance to Herman Munster. Although the Tories threw everything into the fight, the SNP’s Pete Wishart narrowly retained the seat, much to the relief of Labour MSP Neil Findlay, who’ll now still be able to keep playing his favourite game on Twitter of making up anagrams of Pete’s name. Although someone whose own name is an anagram of I’ll die fanny really ought to think twice before going down the anagram name route. Och silly me. A Labour MSP? Thinking twice? Thinking once would be nice. But I digress.

Despite the fact that the good voters of Perth had looked upon the Tory choice and said “Naa, we don’t want this guy in our parliament”, the Tories decided that mere democracy shouldn’t get in the way of their absolute right to decide who gets into government. Ian was suddenly and rapidly offered a peerage, resigned as an MEP, and was off to the House of Lords and a post in the Scottish Office anyway. Voting eh? Voting is for democrats.

According to the normal rules, when an MEP resigns, the next person on that MEP’s party list should automatically get the gig as that party’s MEP for the rest of the term of the EU Parliament. Or in this case until March 2019, when the UK crashes out of the EU and is left with only Donald Trump as a friend. If he hasn’t caused WW3 by that point. Although if he does you can be sure that the British government will be the only European government not to criticise him. Ian resigned, and there was Belinda waiting for the phone call to tell her she’s the last Tory MEP for Scotland. Only the call never came.  The party has refused to confirm her.

The distinct lack of a call is not unrelated to the fact that Belinda and Ruth are not exactly besties. Belinda may have a photie of Ruth in her hoose, but if she does it’s on a dartboard. She was one of those who prominently opposed Ruth’s candicacy for party leader back in 2012, and if there’s one thing that Ruth is good at apart from posing for photo-opportunities with her pals in the press, it’s holding a grudge.

Sources in the party are saying that Ruth’s leadership style is authoritarian and unforgiving. A woman who likes to dress up in military uniforms has dictatorial tendencies. Who could have seen that one coming? Ruth Davidson is running the Scottish Conservatives as her personal vehicle for advancement. It’s the tank that she’s planning to use to further her career. Scratch beneath the cheery photo opportunities and there’s something very ugly.

Belinda is now taking legal action to prevent the Tories from offering the MEP seat to anyone else. Her supporters claim that unless you’re a part of Ruth’s clique, you get nowhere in the Scottish Tories. This says rather a lot about the recent revelations that the Tories had been appointing as candidates a whole slew of people with some very worrying connections to the far right and the Orange Order. Just as long as you’re a supporter of Ruth Davidson, the party doesn’t care if you’re a bit of a fascist with a sideline in sectarianism. It doesn’t do the due diligence on candidates, just as long as they support Ruth. That says a lot about Ruth’s leadership, a lot that doesn’t paint the Tories in a very flattering light.

Painting the Tories in a flattering light has been the single minded job of much of the Scottish Unionist media for the past few years. And that’s not been easy, what with the rape clause, the soaring gap between rich and poor, the housing crisis, Ruth’s rapid conversion from Remainer to Brexiteer, the dirty deal with the DUP, the utter lack of coherence and planning for Brexit, Ruth’s propensity for tweeting photos of actresses in underwear (can you imagine the outrage if a male politician had done that?), etc and depressingly more etcs.  But it won’t stop them.

Ruth likes to dress like a dictator, it’s no surprise she acts like one too. The vain, self-regarding and deeply flawed Ruth Davidson is the Unionist establishment’s only remaining hope of saving the UK, and they’re going to protect her. This latest dispute is far more serious than a Twitter dispute between non-party Yes supporters, this goes to the very heart of how the Scottish Conservatives are led and run. It goes to the very heart of democratic accountability in Scotland. Yet you can bet that it won’t receive a fraction of the coverage received by a Twitter dispute within the Yes campaign.


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0 thoughts on “If the dictator’s cap fits

  1. Brilliant post, Paul. I didn’t have to look up ‘egregious’ as it seems to be the “in-word” in North America at the moment so I had looked it up a couple of months ago! Be that as it may, I have ordered popcorn and root beer and will be watching “Belinda vs Ruth” with great interest and a fervent hope that Belinda Don wipes the legal floor with Moothie Ruthie and causes more of an earthquake than a flutter in the Scottish Tory hen coop!

  2. No need to worry about WWIII. No-one’s going to attack North Korea, because they have a nuclear deterrent. Isn’t that how it works?


    • I suspect the game plan is to force an internal coup in North Korea, or a Chinese invasion. And the quid pro quo for the latter would be a secret recognition of Chinese maritime expansion. Trump is not an absolute monarch, he still functions in a democracy ( of sorts ), so I shouldn’t lose any sleep over his late night toilet stop ramblings.

  3. Awesome. 😀

    Laughed like a drain and I don’t think I’ll ever tire of the whole schadenfreude thingy. Still practising the evil laugh BTW.

    On Ruthy? Her veneer is the depth of wet bog paper and just as prone to tearing or slippage. It really doesn’t take much tbf. One slightly awkward question is usually all it takes and all masks get binned pronto to be replaced by the shouty, pointy fingered and generally incoherent (approx. a thousand wurds a minute), character we’ve come to know so well.

    Time to break out the popcorn.

  4. Oh dear, and just when folk were getting a bit disappointed with the summer weather along comes a whole load of stuff to put smiles on faces. Stuff the weather, this is getting better by the day. First, Scotland refused to conveniently slide into recession and BBC Scotland had to bin that SNP hatefest. Then the weans did weel at their exams and mair from deprived backgrounds got tae uni. Mind you the BBC weren’t convince it wis aw due tae the SNP and was aw them deprived weans gettin tae uni a guid thing. Then somebody went and fund £15 billion o’ Scotland’s oil money doon tha back o’ a sofa that somebody wis trying tae hid. And now this. Mayhem in the Scottish Tory ranks, near civil war even. What’s not to like? I’m off to get a large quantity of popcorn….. enjoy!

    • Independence will be something new this is same old uk shite if I wanted to wacth re runs I’d use youtube

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  6. You are on fire today….. ! Thanks for much needed laughs – it was the Herman Munster line that got me…..( I note that Munster was the 5th Earl of Shroudshire so also a peer)
    Now I can never see a picture of Baron Duncan of Springbank without hearing the Munsters signature tune…

      • Indeed, J Galt.. That title, for that man, shall be rescinded in oor Indy Scotland, give it to a local care worker or other such deserving person, if we must keep the titles- not sure we would tbh..
        Scrap the title, gie the wee care worker Lairdy’s money, and onybody that wants it can hae a lovely large malt ..except munster Ian .. Ahh .. That’s that sorted..
        .. guid.
        Ruth Dung On – her own doorstep, on the shoes, all doon the cammo troozers an’ every hin!!
        – this is getting fun all over again..

  7. And of course SLAB are also doing a similar thing. A Labour member voted by the membership to a candidateship has been vetoed by the Scottish National Executive. Corbynist grassroots democracy? we’ll have none of that here! This is a Local Party for inner clique boys and girls only, is what SLAB is doing.

  8. The torys screw everything even themselves infighting not another one stale beard is better than this fuck up ruth the mooth caused she’s pissed of her overlords in London getting tell to basically sit down shut up and do as she’s telt now this come back again

  9. “…seeing as how David Mundell has less authority and gravitas than a failed contestant on a Saturday evening game show who’s just been dunked in a gunge tank to the accompaniment of the Birdie Song by someone dressed as a chicken.”
    You forgot to mention that during the recent talks with John Swinney and Mike Russell, Fluffy’s flies appeared to be undone (not that I’m prone to scrutinising other men’s nether regions I hope you understand).
    As for Belinda, I won’t be holding my breath that she will take this to it’s natural and just conclusion. I’m sure she can be bought off just like the rest of them.

    • Funny while I was reading ( another good one Paul) I was thinking the same thing .
      Will be bought off, they always are.
      We’ll find you a nice wee position over here, job done.

  10. seeing as how David Mundell has less authority and gravitas than a failed contestant on a Saturday evening game show who’s just been dunked in a gunge tank to the accompaniment of the Birdie Song by someone dressed as a chicken.
    That did it for me Paul, a tenner on its way

  11. We joke about it, but this murky little episode perfectly illustrates the point that we need to kick this bunch of freeloaders out of Scottish politics once and for all.
    Lords Purvis, Darling and McConnell have now been joined by Lord Ian Duncan, who have one thing in common. Their attitude to the principle of democratic government? Fuck democracy and the free will of the citizens of Scotland.
    Money, wealth, power, and the ancient Nobility-headed class and privilege system rule Scotland.
    In their eyes it always was thus, is now, and will forever be.
    Yesterday the Chinless Wonders headed North, to kill animals for fun and relaxation.
    A bunch of rustic servants rummaged in the undergrowth scarifying gentle creatures to break cover and flutter alarmingly skywards to be blasted to kingdom come by some wealthy spoilt brat with a big gun that probably cost a couple of grand.

    High fives all round, and the first batch despatched by air to the Ritz Carlton to be eaten by more chinless wonders in ‘the capital’.
    Nothing changes in the world of the elite and wealthy. Entry to this exalted class is limited. You can be born into nobility and by accident of birth become king or queen of the whole damn shooting match.
    There are enough lickspittles who will bow and curtsy before you to make it happen. God save the king resonates throughout every Officers’ Mess the length and breadth of the land.

    BBC and ITN employ grovelling little toadies to gush subserviently about how wunnerful you, and your spouse, and your offspring are.
    You get a wee stint in the Navy, Army, or Air Force, and they pin a lot of medals on your chest.

    When you ascend the throne when it’s your turn, you are commander of the whole lot. Army, Navy, Air. You even get a wee religion to lord over.
    You get your face on stamps and folk name hospitals and bridges after you.
    You want for nothing.

    The pattern of ascendancy is repeated among the lower ranks of the Establishment hierarchy.

    I never voted for Lord Duncan, yet, in this corrupt world, he actually gets to interfere with my rights and choices, he is supra-imposed on me, without the slightest whimper, protest, or objection by BBC/ITV and the Dead Tree Scrolls, or the Socialist class..

    Bow Down to your Imperial Masters, or we’ll send a gun boat, and wee Ruth will straddle the big gun triumphantly waving the butcher’s apron chubbily in the air.

    Poison on stilts, the whole corrupt grubby wee system.

    Enough already; time to crash the Sunday morning frying pan.
    Full Scottish methinks.
    Have a great Sunday , ye Democrats by name, lend an ear, lend an ear, ye Democrats by name, lend an ear..

    • Is there a country with totally clean, out in the open, democratic politics? I’m not saying there isn’t, just wondering which places would score highest on this measure.

      I certainly don’t like the idea of these twits literally lording it over us plebs; the English had a revolution once, which not untypically soon degenerated into a dictatorship. So what to do?

      I suppose it could be argued that it’s better to have these (insert insult of choice) out in the open in fancy dress, rather than pulling strings from some dark corner. But then no doubt that happens anyway?

      There, I’ve had my grouse. Have a very happy Sunday folks …

      • It’s one of the better blended whiskies, Marco, from the Glengoyne distillery? Grouse, that is.
        Utopia of course doe not exist, and tbh if it did, I don’t think that I’d want to live there; the rich will always be with us, bless.
        But my vote should count for something.
        I’d find it extremely alarming that the surgeon who was about to operate on me held her position merely because her mother was a surgeon before her, and it was a hereditary gig, with none of that bothersome studying being involved in appointing her.
        It would be enough that she was ‘born into’ the job.
        Yet that’s how kings and queens get the gig.
        The bald truth is that once we have achieved Self Determination, all these Scots Lords and Baronesses will have no position in Government: we shall be electing a second Chamber if required.
        A Government of the people by the people and accountable in all matters to the people of Scotland, may not be Utopia, but it will do until Walt Disney or Richard Branson reopens the Garden of Eden.
        Until then, they are laughing at us.

  12. To be accurate all political parties have issues, no exceptions. However it seems to me that the conservative party has more than most. This example by the ‘dug’ being typical. Just this year how many news reports can you remember of overspending on elections, corruption, back stabbing etc. etc. and so the list goes on.

    The galling bit is not the human failures it is the cover ups and the twisted media stories that annoys me. I can remember in my youth ( a few years ago now) about the great British press being the bastion of honesty, accuracy and fairness. Never believed it then and it is worse now. There seems to be a close link between the conservative and labour parties and the press which is worrying. Yes the Independence movement has the National but that is balanced compared to many of the others.

    Ruthie was never my favourite politician but in the last two years she has shown herself as she truly is. Power corrupts. She should remember that fact.

  13. I wonder what view the European Parliament takes of these shenanigans. Does it have no say in how its members are elected? We live in interesting times…

  14. It should be noted that it is A story – singular – and will probably remain so. Compare this with the recent interview with Ms Michelle Thomson, who was severely traduced by the media and this continued even after she had been ‘let off’ to paraphrase the nasty media. She was right, too, to express discontent with the support she received from the SNP ‘management’. The ‘story’ (piece of creative writing?) received big licks on all BBC bulletins for three days.

    The Tories are ruthlessly nasty (with Ruth or without). They will either buy people off with ‘billets’ in the Lords and/or places on the boards of sympathetic (i.e donors to party funds) companies or they will ‘monster’ them with an unrelieved viciousness that make normal humane people wince and feel sorry for the victim. Mrs Anna McCurley, former MP is an example of monstering. Michael Fry received it, too.

    The irony is that many people admire the Tories for their vicious ‘toughness’. I recall a conversation about 50 years ago about some current example of this ‘toughness’ and one of the group, a die-hard Rangers fan, responded, with clear admiration, ‘thae people ur born tae rule’. (No condescension implied as I spoke that way, too.). ‘That’s why thae go tae private schools tae learn how tae rule.’

    • As the proposition that the Honorary Colonel never does U-turns – I had a spine-chilling flashback to Herself saying “the lady’s not for turning” when the phrase “U-turns” popped into my febrile brain – anyway, as I was saying, as it’s so obviously counterfactual, we have to ask ourselves a question: is it an unwitting falsehood, or a deliberate, flat-out lie?

      If it’s the former, i.e., the writer actually believes it, then they’re living in that alternative universe of alternative facts which under normal circumstances is classed as some kind of mental disorder, as it’s delusional… on the other hand, if it’s a deliberate lie, then it’s a moral disorder which may or may not be accompanied by the pathological, mental disorder sort of lying like The Donald does all the time.

      I don’t like to make such statements about psychological stuff as I am not qualified to, so please understand them in that light. Test what I said against reality as you understand and know it…

  15. This sack fight out in the open would be entertaining for independence supporters , and here comes the BUT ,it isnt going to happen , the waggons will be used to circle this little local problem , ranks will close , if anything the tories are pretty good at presenting the united front , while the left wing are very good at presenting all their dirty washing to a waiting unionist media .

    • There seems to be a lot of uncertainty over what exactly the rules are here or how they’re supposed to work. Apparently the vacancy should goe to the next-on-the-party-list but only after they’ve been certified (don’t smile!) by their party. It’s not entirely clear if this is just to confirm their membership of said party, or if the party bosses can use the mechanism to skip one or more candidates, e.g. to rule out #2 and #3 so that #4 gets the vacant seat.

  16. So will this be headline news….na thought not. But meanwhile a wee stushie between a few so called yessers and a well known blogger is bigger than Ben Hur!!!! But this should be paraded on the front pages to show the undemoctractic nature of rooth the mooth’s leadership of the Scotsman Tories

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