Calling things what they really are

Language is important. It makes a difference what words we use to describe things. When we accede to the Conservative inspired move to rebrand social security as welfare, we’re acknowledging and giving justification to their ideologically inspired attempts to destroy a universal system which everyone pays into and which everyone benefits from and to replace it with a state funded charity which magnanimously grants alms to those poor the state deems to be deserving. The choice of word welfare implies that it is a form of charity. Social security implies a system of protection that we all pay for and which we all may need at some point. The change in language from social security to welfare makes it easier for the Tories to demonise the poor and punish them for the poverty that Conservative policies create.

It’s time to rethink the language that we use to talk about Scottish independence. For too long we’ve allowed Unionists to portray this campaign as a choice between non-nationalism and nationalism, with all the negative baggage that the term nationalist carries. Things are not helped by the inadequacies of the English language, which conflates two very different phenomena under the umbrella term nationalism. Nationalism can mean a movement which seeks to establish a state for a nation which currently doesn’t have one, and it can also mean an ideology which seeks to aggrandise the power of an existing state, most often at the expense of minority groups or foreigners. When I speak Spanish I never call myself a nacionalista, which in Spanish is most often understood in that second sense. I’m an independentista, that’s the Spanish term for an advocate of nationalism in the first sense. The use of the term nationalist exclusively to describe independence supporters means that independence supporters can be maligned and misrepresented in a way that Unionists are immune to, even though Unionists are those who are most likely to be practitioners of nationalism in the second sense described here.

We can’t do much to avoid the use of the word nationalist to describe independence supporters. Unionists are going to keep using it even if we take a collective decision to call ourselves by some other phrase. Unfortunately when you tell people in English that you’re an independentist they just tend to ask you how much you charge for orthodontic work. We can’t change the English language, but we can change what we call Unionists so that they cannot escape the consequences and implications of their British nationalism, just one typo away from being brutish.

Unionists are not Unionists. Even in their own terms they are not Unionists. A true Unionist would regard the constituent members of the United Kingdom as equals. They would recognise that Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland were equal parts of a multi-national state, each with an equal right to have its voice heard and its views represented. That’s what a Union implies. But Unionists don’t promote that idea. They are incorporationists.

We live in a state which for the purposes of attacking internal independence movements calls itself a Union, but which for all other purposes is a majoritarian state in which the party which secures a majority of seats in Westminster takes all power even when it enjoys the support of only a small fraction of the population. The United Kingdom is not driven by what Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland want and express at the ballot box. It’s not even primarily driven by what England as a whole wants. It’s not a Union. It’s a unitary state and a deeply flawed democracy.

Britain represents the subordination of Scottish interests to other interests. The British state is fundamentally an expression of British nationalism, which is English nationalism with the radicalism and the humanity bleached out of it. That’s why we’ve got a Tory government. That’s why we’re getting Brexit. If that’s fine with you, and it’s a perfectly consistent political stance for it to be fine with you, then at least have the decency to call it what it is. And if you don’t have that decency, then Scottish and Welsh independence supporters should start doing it for you. You’re not a Unionist. You support the incorporation of Scotland into a Britain that’s driven by nationalism, driven into perdition by the Scottish Conservative and Incorporationist party. You’re a British nationalist.

To be a supporter of this state which has incorporated Scotland makes you a British nationalist. Acceding to the term Unionist means that supporters of the British state and the British nationalism that it espouses are able to cloak their nationalism in a non-nationalist veneer. How many times has a supporter of the British state assured you that they are not a nationalist? A person who promotes and fosters the most narrow minded exclusionary British nationalism, a state which seeks to cut itself off from Europe and to demonise migrants, is able to tell themself and you that they’re not a nationalist. They’re able to affect an air of moral superiority that they’re above petty nationalism while clinging to an exceptionalist nationalism that tells them that they’re not nationalist at all. They’ll do that even when they’re proudly displaying a Union flag in their social media avatar. Yet they’re nationalists, pure and simple. They’re British nationalists. We should not be complicit in allowing them to escape from the reality and the logic of their own politics. Ruth Davidson, Kezia Dugdale, Willie Rennie, they’re all nationalists, British nationalists.

The Tories, Ukip, the Lib Dems, even Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party, all of them propose and promote projects which are based upon British nationalism. If they really hated nationalism and all that it entailed they would oppose Scottish independence on the grounds that they were in favour of a one world government and the abolition of all nation states. That’s the only way in which you can be “not a nationalist”. The self-described non-nationalists of Unionism don’t come remotely close to that goal. They’re not interested in that goal at all. They’re interested in maintaining and securing the British state and the aggressive nationalism that the British state espouses.

The campaign for Scottish independence is not a campaign which opposes nationalists and non-nationalists. It’s a campaign in which two different nationalisms compete for the future of Scotland. If you are campaigning for the maintenance and continuation of the British state, you are a British nationalist. British nationalism isn’t just for fascists, but it’s not a coincidence that the actual fascists, the out and out racists, the supremacists and the alt-right in this campaign, they’re all on the side of British nationalism.

It is not anti-nationalism to subordinate Scottish nationalism to British nationalism. It’s merely the substitution of Scottish nationalism, a nationalism which is peaceful, civic, and outward looking, for a British nationalism which is increasingly xenophobic, paranoid, and founded in an unshakable exceptionalism, a nationalism which is dominated and defined by a conservativism and a readiness to go to war. Unionists, British nationalists that they are, don’t score themselves extra moral brownie points for that. They don’t get to tell themselves that they’re not really nationalists. They are just deluding themselves. Subordinating Scottish nationalism to British nationalism doesn’t make you a non-nationalist. It makes you a patsy.

Scottish nationalism is a response to British nationalism, an attempt to defuse and weaken nationalism because an independent Scotland could be a place in which democracy counts, in which the people have a voice, in which the elites are held accountable. British nationalists, of whatever hue, have no answer to that. There is a moral choice in this campaign, and it doesn’t lie in choosing British nationalism.

It shouldn’t be the job of Scottish nationalists, Scottish independence supporters, to allow the delusions of British nationalists to continue unchallenged. We should not be colluding in the British nationalist fantasy that somehow they are not nationalists and are immune from nationalism. They include amongst their number proponents of the worst sort of nationalism. In the case of the Conservatives it’s a nationalism which is growing ever more intolerant and nasty. We shouldn’t allow them to hide behind the label of Unionism. Call them what they are, they’re British nationalists.

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  2. I think we have consensus, Paul; we drop the desultory play ground nick names like ‘Yoons’, and refuse to refer to them as ‘Scottish’ in any form, as in the Scottish Labour Party, The Scottish Conservative and Unionist party, the, well whatever the Lib Dems are calling themselves these days.
    They are British Nationalists, Red, Blue, and Yellow Tories, Better Together to subjugate Scotland and thwart the political will of Scots citizens if what we envisage as Self Determination runs counter to the British National agenda.
    It was Lamont who reminded her Fellow Travellers that they were a mere Branch Office, an entry on an account ledger, and that London Rules.
    There is nothing ‘Scottish’ about Dugdale’s, Davidson’s, or Rennie’s politics.
    They are there to do their English Masters’ and Mistresses’ bidding, just like the long list of British Nationalists before them.
    I recall the threats and warnings issued by Scots born British Nationalists during Indyref 1.
    Vote Yes and BAE pulls out of Scotland.
    Vote Yes and Standard Life moves its business to London. Vote Yes and the British Nationalists will make sure that we are kicked out of Europe.
    Vote Yes and Asda Morrisson’s, and Tesco’s will jack up the prices of everything.
    Vote Yes and Ian Davidson will bayonet you all.
    Vote Yes and England will punish you severely, and Ruth will be the one lowering our drawbridge in the dead of night to allow her British National collaborators into Scotland to lay waste to our land.

    England’s Empire was built on the knack of getting enough of the local natives to run the country for them. There are always locals who will betray their fellow citizens, their neighbours, members of their family even, for money and power.
    Davidson, Dugdale, and Rennie, and all those belted earls who still cling on to vast tracts of Scottish countryside because their forebears hacked and butchered their way to the top of the pile centuries ago, will never admit that they are in place, and paid handsomely with honours and future jobs working for the English Establishment, to suppress their fellow Scots, destroy Scottish Civic Society, and ensure that England continues to exploit our natural resources and neuter any attempt at re-establishing Home Rule Up Here.
    They are blood and soil xenophobes, racists, and sectarian bigots, just as many of their Better Together Partners, the OO, the DUP, the UKIP/Tory Councillors are.
    They are from now on collectively classed as British Nationalists. A Coalition of Oppressors, an anti Scottish Collaboration, hell bent on eradicating Scotland as a nation.
    Wonderful nuanced writing< Paul.
    Yoons no more.
    We call a spade a shovel from now on in.

    • It occurred to me as I pressed ‘post comment’ that all three British Nationalist ‘leaders’ at Holyrood, and Mundell and Murray, the WM Tea Boys, have individually threatened their fellow Scots with a trade embargo.
      England, according to them, our biggest export market (and I would dispute this) will no longer trade with us if we opt for Self Determination and remain within that pesky EU market of 500 million customers.
      What they are saying, from within their British National exceptionalist cocoon, is that their handlers in England have authorised them to act extra-Brexit and impose sanctions on one of the EU28 (that would be Independent Scotland) while Davis is trying to cherry pick a Soft Brexit deal with Scotland’s 27 partners in the real world.
      Mundell will unilaterally impose an embargo of Scots Beef, wood, electricity, fish, spuds, and so from being imported into the British National State.
      England will source its Scotch Whisky elsewhere?
      Oh, please, Glenn Campbell, Gordon Brewer, find me a slot on one of your SNP BAD programmes to ‘debate’ the perils of Scots Self Determination with these Woodentops.
      I’ll wear a tie, and shower that day. Promise

      • Aye Jack, and just where will they pick up that oil from to feed those 8 refineries in England and Wales. The water of course that’s pumped south daily, or even gas. £6 billion in electricity flows south every year, and the 4 strategic reserves , how do they replace those. What will they do with the Whisky bottling plants, and the food processing plants when Scotland’s surplus is going to Europe and not England. Roll on Indy.

        • My point exactly. Mundell is a Scot who threatens his fellow scots with an English blockade og goods and services which they cannot do without, especially as they wander the world touting for trade deals.
          They are as thick as that.
          Last time I looked we supplied 70% of England’s timber.
          Yet Davidson and Rennie act out the playground bully by threatening the very people who elected them with the Wrath of England.
          Are they really Scots/
          Some would arguie that they have sold their souls for English Gold, and are such a Parcel of Rogues in the Nation.
          Some have been waxing lyrical about Fifth Column perfidy for centuries now.
          plus ca change…

  3. Very well said, Paul. One of the things I spent a great deal of time trying to do in MSM comment threads was to explain that the ‘N’ in SNP stands for National and not Nationalist, i.e. the SNP is the National Party of Scotland. Their responses ranged from sneering remarks about semantics, through “well what’s the difference?” and on to the usual abuse and invective.

    I am in wholehearted agreement – from now on those who wish to crush the Scottish desire for self-determination will be referred to as British Nationalists – which is what they are.

    • No. There are plenty of decent people in London, many that suffer the same predations of the Westminster government that we do and many that voted Remain. Its not the English or the Londoners that we are opposed to, it’s the over-entitled public schoolboys (and girls) of the British Establishment that we want to be free of.

      • Nail firmly hit on the head. I have English relatives and lived in England for a while. They are reasonable human beings.
        The people who are at the root of the hate campaign are the Establishment. I use this term to include all those who work to maintain the population in thrall to their ‘betters’, i.e. the Monarchy, the aristocracy, the landed robber barons, the heads of the Civil Service.
        We need an independent Scotland to give us a chance to shake off the forelock-tugging individuals who sell out our interests to the Establishment. (I would cite the naming of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Glasgow as an illustration of this kind of behaviour.)

      • Sandy, I wasn’t meaning the ordinary inhabitants of London. I meant ‘Londoner’ as short for the London based elite and their provincial servants in ‘Scottish’ Labour etc

      • Hear! Hear! I was about to say very much the same thing myself. I was born in London and you would have to work hard to find someone more fervently in support of Independence, and more angry and disappointed at what is happening in England today, than myself. If the “Londoners” comment was meant as a throw-away one-liner it missed its mark. On the other hand, if it was sincerely meant then it was a symptom of exactly what the BritNats are always accusing us of and needs to be amended forthwith!

  4. Something caught my eye as I was reading Adam Smith’s ‘Wealth of Nations (the OUP Selected Edition) the other day. In her introduction, Kathryn Sutherland describes, “..the Act of Union of 1707, when Scotland AND ENGLAND ALIKE (my emphasis) ceased to exist and were incorporated in a United Kingdom of Great Britain.” Logically, therefore, a Unionist must accept that, just as they assert that Scotland is not a separate country, there is no longer any such country as England. Has anybody told the English?

  5. This will become the accepted term *after* independence is gained for those odd people who want Scotland to be ruled by another country… not until after though I think.

  6. After years in business, I came to the conclusion that there are two types of English used in our main island.

    There is Scottish English, based on the language of the legal courts, which is clear and to the point.

    There is English English, based on the language of the royal courts, which is deliberately ambiguous.

  7. I wish I had your way with words Paul. Another completely spot on piece.

    “A true Unionist would regard the constituent members of the United Kingdom as equals.” How true is that! Brit Nats from now on they are!

  8. British Nationalists want Scotland to be run from the capital of another country. Don’t the terms ‘Imperialist’ or ‘Colonialist’ also apply quite well to them?

  9. ‘Something smells rotten in the state of Denmark’ me thinks.

    The increasingly violent rhetoric in Scottish politics is but a reflection of the ever growing population of aged British Nationalists moving into this country. Their increased voice in Scottish Democracy is a side of the Queens shilling many have shied from debating, to date. But it explains much that is happening in Scotland today. They are the primary reason for the Unionist revival in Scotland.

    For the past ten years, the demographic changes that have taken place in Scotland should be a profound cause of concern for any supporter of independence. The commonly held belief that demographics favor eventual independence, are dangerously misguided. Based on current population trends, this estimate defies logic.

    The largest demographic population currently migrating into Scotland are UK pensioners. Hundreds of thousands have arrived in Scotland since 2010. Meanwhile, young and bold Scots alike, with fire in their bellies, continue to depart our shores to seek a better future for themselves, and their families, elsewhere. It is the perennial Scottish dilemma.

    It is safe to assume that our new residents from the rest of the UK have little sympathy towards the cause of independence – 85% or more of them will weigh against independence in any future vote.

    Although it is true that some UK pensioners are themselves refugees of Brexit Britain, and are likely to throw in their lot with independence, their numbers are small. The majority are not in the least bit interested in making a new life for themselves outside of a Union they have lived in all their lives. Anyone who thinks otherwise are deluding themselves.

    Many of our new neighbors are willing tools of those who are hell bent on reducing our nation to obscurity. Their loyalty to the crown is absolute. Never having directly contributed anything of note to Scottish society, they have come to retire and avail themselves of our enlightened public services. Callously, to escape the depredations of their fellows in the other Nations and regions of this unequal Union.

    Another half a million or more are likely to arrive by 2022. We should accept these also will not be coming to help us carve out a new nation. They will arrive not as residents, but colonists of the British state.

    Indeed, the majority already view themselves as North Britons, not Scots. The notion of being citizens of Scotland is anathema to them. Five minutes perusing their contributions to the constitutional debate on what constitutes our “Free Press” in Scotland, is sufficient to understand where their loyalty lies. They are the audience that the BBC and Reporting Scotland serve. We just pay for it. Pride in their Imperial past runs deep with them. ‘Dulce et decorum est’ is still there battle cry.

    In August 2014, a month before the referendum, I read an article describing the implications of pension issues post-independence. One statement is particularly illuminating and prescient:

    “However, questions remain around how these more generous policies would be funded, particularly as Scotland has a population that is ageing faster than the rest of the UK.”

    How is Scotland aging faster? By the increasing inflow of UK pensioners, the continuing flight of our best and boldest, and the active culling of those Scots who remain. The only conclusion that can be drawn from this state of affairs is that Scotland is being reduced to an extended care facility for North British loyal pensioners. The regime is determined to strangle Scottish independence with Depends.

    Waiting to force the issue of independence is a zero-sum game. The growing presence of these North British pensioners over the next decade are an existential threat to the very idea of the nationhood of Scotland. I am sorry to say so, but if we do not put a stop to this mass migration of UK pensioners into Scotland soon, we will never be independent.

    It is ironic that a nation that needs immigration to flourish, is being overwhelmed by immigrants who bring only their medical needs and dementia to our society. With Brexit, this condition will only get worse. They will increase the burden on our social services while simultaneously reducing our ability to improve economic activity. The old are not engines of growth and innovation. We require energetic citizens for a healthy and progressive nation.

    With the free time afforded them by their retirement, many have turned to the digital airwaves to relieve their boredom. Their crazy lunacy is now ubiquitous across the web. This is the reason why many discussions have turned nasty. It is simply a by-product of the nature of their growing voice in Scottish politics. We should not be surprised by this turn of affairs. It will only get worse as time passes. God help us all.

    • I don’t necessarily agree with everything you say here, just most, but one thing occurs to me. If we don’t get independence, our government will be diluted or, more likely scrapped, so that the ‘benefits’ the UK pensioners are coming to Scotland for, will no longer apply.

      • Toni, when we regain Self Determination, and opt to remain in the EU, your alleged ‘colonists’ (I’m not convinced of the ‘settlers’ versus ‘colonists’ argument.) will have the Best of Both worlds: dual Scots (EU) nationality, and retain their rUK isolationist nationality.
        If they are true There Will Always Be An England British Nationalists and eschew a Scottish identity and passport, then they will become embroiled in the tug of war Brexit contest, the WM EU workers in the UK/ ‘ex pats’ retirees on the Continent ‘bargaining chip’ gambit which May will surely lose.

        Take out a Scottish Passport or remain exclusively British and watch your pensions devalue against the Scottish Unicorn and stump up for your medical treatment.

        I’d caution against assuming that all 400,000 emigrants from our southern neighbour are here to subvert Scottish democracy.
        That’s just a tad too neurotic for even this old cynic.
        After all many may vote for Independence and Remain in Europe because it offers them the Best of Both Worlds.
        Intriguingly, many English born Scots citizens might, just might, believe that Scotland is a nation in its own right, and as their adopted home, vote YES because it is the right and proper thing to do.

        • Thank you for this, Jack. The kind of thinking displayed by Waiting For Scotland is very hurtful to former “White Settlers” like myself and merely gives justification to those BritNats who already accuse us of the racism and xenophobia which they fail to recognise in themselves. We, as a movement, are better than this!

          • Wendy, I’m afraid that we have much more of a problem with Scots born Brit Nat zealots that any imagined Irish Plantation type emigration from South to North to outvote and eventually outbreed the locals.
            Independence will be won by reason and argument, not targeting Scots citizens by choice who have done us the great honour to have moved up and worked here, and contribute to our economy.
            Perhaps we should install a border control and deny entry to those whose politics we don’t like?
            Trouble is, who are the ‘we’ who have the right to decide which political philosophy is allowed a voice in an Independent Scotland.
            When xenophobia rears its ugly head, get out of the room before its body appears.

    • Xenophobic, much? I was a “White Settler” myself and in spite of meeting with attitudes like this in some of the more remote, rural communities where I lived, I am still fervently in support of Scottish Independence and I still believe that people of my age (64) are capable of rational thought and can decide, as I did, that Independence is the cure for what ails Scotland.

      Even being called a FEB to my face didn’t deter me from my belief that the so-called Act of Union was a criminal con perpetrated on unsuspecting Scots by a group of Anglophile Aristocrats with an eye to the main (Hanoverian) chance!

      Stop with this train of thought, please. You merely give validity to the BritNat rhetoric which accuses us of racism and xenophobia.

      • I apologize for my intemperate rhetoric. I knew it would probably offend. But I take exception to the accusation that my piece was racist. UK pensioners come in all shapes and sizes. It is not their color that concerns me but their strongly held political points of view. In my experience, the older you get the more immovable you become. You are the exception that proves the rule. For every enlightened pensioner, there are ten who are fearful of change.

        It is a simple fact that currently the largest group taking up residence in Scotland today are pensioners from the rest of the UK. With Brexit, and the subsequent loss of young migrants from the EU, this demographic will only increase in significance over time. Will someone please explain to me how we can build a new nation and future for ourselves, when the largest contingent of new residents to our country are only here in search of a quiet life? And who, at the mere mention of a threat to their pensions, will oppose independence tooth and nail. This is not a fantasy. 75% of pensioners opposed independence in the last referendum. They are likely to do exactly the same in the next. Even if we guaranteed them the moon.

        • Apology accepted. Just think, though. Is it not possible that those same pensioners, with an eye on the maintenance of their health care and their pensions, might well vote FOR independence this time around? If they have moved to Scotland it just might be that they have done so because they recognise that in rUK they are in danger of losing their health service and their pensions in the wake of an increasingly shambolic Brexit, under an ever more right-wing Westminster Government. I cannot be the only “formerly English old trout” who feels as I do – and even if we are a minority, it is incumbent upon us to show those who want to have the best of both worlds the error of their ways.

          • Wendy, I hereby confess (but just between us) that around half a century ago I first came to Scotland and very soon became Scottish. Much later and for complicated reasons, I left Scotland, but I stayed Scottish and wouldn’t wish to identify as anything else. Had there been such a thing, I would have claimed Scottish citizenship, and claimed it proudly. As it is, all I have is an old passport bearing the magic words “domicile Scotland”. I had intended to return, somehow, after independence, but Indy, like tomorrow, seems to never come …

          • We are birds of a feather, then. I left Scotland, most reluctantly, when my elderly parents in Yorkshire needed me to be nearby. When they passed we were financially able to come out to Canada – Hubby having had dual nationality since he served in the RCMP in the 1960s – to try to reconnect with his estranged son. When asked where I am from I always answer “Scotland”. We, too, hope to return one day to an Independent Scotland “if we are spared”, as my late mother-in-law would have said.

          • God love you Wendy. I sincerely hope you are right. But I’m buggered if I know how the hell we’re going to get our message through to them. They are the primary consumers of the nonsense spouted by our god awful Union press, the BBC, and its northern office at Reporting Scotland. I don’t know how many times I have had the hate directed at Scottish Independence by these agencies, spouted back at me by sixty five year old pensioners. Be they Scots, English, Irish or Welsh.

            If they are thinking for themselves, they are certainly disguising it well :).

          • Then it behoves us to ensure that our message is, in future, as well broadcast as the nonsense you refer to, WFS. With the likes of Paul, Sam and Jack on our team it should not be beyond us.

            “Once more unto the breach …” (Yes, I know that was an English playwright putting words into the mouth of an English monarch but the sentiment is appropriate, I feel). Alba gu brath.

          • From another old trout, cheer up, troops.
            I turn 70 next month, and I will be forever Scottish, no matter what.
            Many No Pensioners have a choice to make.
            A real dilemma this time.
            Follow England and Wales into the international wilderness, with the prospect of the Dementia Tax, the triple lock being busted, their holiday homes in Spain being repossessed, and their Winter Fuel Allowance, now that as Soft Southerners living in the Barren Frozen North, is more essential than ever, scrapped, and I feel many may vote Yes this time around.
            We aren’t all in our dotage, Waiting For Scotland.
            I shall rest my arthritic fingers and thumbs now.

          • I admit to being somewhat neurotic, and slightly terrified, over the numbers of our brethren who have recently taken up residence from south of the border. English people coming to Scotland in large numbers, over a short period of time, has never really gone all that well for us natives in the past.

            You are right though. I should not be impugning these folks intentions based on my own terrors. They may in fact be refugees, escaping from the zombie madness that seems to have gripped their fellows in England. The sane simply seeking a way out. On the other hand, they could also all be zombies. Just sayin 🙂

            Come the referendum, I pray they will vote with their heads, and not their hearts.

            And in future, I promise to keep my own internal zombie firmly in his place, and as far away from the keyboard as possible.

    • You are right, and the stats prove it. Of all parts of the UK, Scotland has had the highest net internal migration, 39,650 people left Scotland for other parts of the UK in the year ending 2014, but 49,220 moved to Scotland, including 44,880 from England.

      And to highlight another point made about exports to and from Scotland (as if the English, post independence would stop buying our goods) Scotland actually buys more from England, than England buys from Scotland, so cutting off your nose to spite your face springs to mind!

  10. In actual practice, British nationalism means English-raj-class nationalism, with Celtic arriviste hangers-on throwing in their lot with the English imperial ruling class for their own private gain.

    They – the raj – still continue to do their imperialist/colonialist-exploiter stuff here in The Isles as well as in the steadily-shrinking roster of other places in the world where Mrs. Windsor’s writ is still supposed to run. The damage to the – entirely commendable – civic nationalism of the Celtic nations (and the raj-occupied Six Counties of Eire) which you distinguish correctly from idiot jingo-nationalism, Paul, is large, and continuing, because of the raj’s entrenched, self-perpetuating wealth-and-land-holding power, and the unjustified extra influence over government that this gives to the rajistas.

    The nations of the Isles, very much including the rank-and-file citizens of the English nation, need to be rid of the malign, self-perpetuating, *obdurately ANTI-democratic* English-raj class. We destroy them, peaceably, by taking away their excessive wealth, their outrageous land-holdings, the breath-takingly criminal City of London global exploitation rackets, and their thus-enabled disproportionate power to influence government policy, both in Paedominster, and in the other parliaments of The Isles. They are only a small minority class, after all. Once expropriated and reduced to the rank-and-file status of the rest of us-all, they can be left to join in with everyone else in governing The Isles democratically. No need for bloody pogroms and exile to strip away their unjustifiable power. Socialistic, egalitarian and strictly democratic means could achieve it, if enough of us get savvy enough to push things in that direction.

    Only then can we hope to form some kind of confederation of equal, sovereign nations, with social equality for all the citizens – which confederal cooperation is, of course, pretty well inevitable for the peoples of these islands if we want to see our countries run effectively; with genuine, glasnostic democracy throughout.

  11. Works for me Paul. I’m pretty much done watching the YES movement be used as a punching bag by the most abusive of partners.

    I’ve posted a few times on their naked theft and redefinition of the words unity and partnership, not to mention their definition of what constitutes ‘Britishness’. None of the above (to rip off a famous movie quote), ‘is what they say it is’.

    Pretty certain that by this point we’re all kinda sick of being labelled by pointy headed, self serving politicians and policy gonks or metrosplaining, right wing, epically vacuus meeja fuckwits. (SEE? We can label pretty effectively too and with far greater relevancy and accuracy.)

    I’m certainly sick to death of their labelling and redefining of language. It’s way past time we called them what they are and called them out for what they do.

    Yer akchul definition of the word: UNITY (noun)

    1 The state of being united or joined as a whole.
    ‘ways of preserving family unity’

    The state of forming a complete and harmonious whole, especially in an artistic context.
    ‘the repeated phrase gives the piece unity and cohesion’

    1. the state of being one; oneness.
    2. a whole or totality as combining all its parts into one.
    3. the state or fact of being united or combined into one, as of the parts of a whole; unification.
    4. absence of diversity; unvaried or uniform character.
    5. oneness of mind, feeling, etc., as among a number of persons; concord, harmony, or agreement.
    6. Mathematics: the number one; a quantity regarded as one.
    7. (in literature and art) a relation of all the parts or elements of a work constituting a harmonious whole and producing a single general effect.

    So no. There is no such thing as a unionist, for there most certainly is no such thing as unity in the United(?) Kingdom. They do not inspire unity, or a sense of belonging. In fact if you go by the public record of our own media, they’re never done telling you who doesn’t fit. Who they don’t want. Who should be excluded. Who should be hated. Who should be shunned or punished (deservedly or not). Anyone connected to the YES movement is more than aware of this phenomena.

    Nor are they big on mutual agreement, accord, consensus, peace, fellow feeling, empathy or partnership. Which, y’know, are pretty much the essential basics for any kind of significant union you’d think. Safe to say that they clearly have no understanding of the concept involved and they haven’t earned the right.

    Words mean nothing without action and intent. Unity or union is certainly not how I would choose to describe the actions of HMG, the UK media or their less savoury support.

    So what are they?

    See above the line.

    • Sam, describing folk who have been ground into deliberate poverty by the politically engineered policies of Davidson Dugdale and Coalition Rennie as, ‘the less well off’, does it for me every time.

      Newspeak and Doublespeak; the vocabulary of tyrants and Dead Tree Scroll and Broadcasting hacks.

      • The truth of a thing Jack – You are what you do.

        The Scottish government have waged no wars. They haven’t mis managed and crashed economies. They haven’t knowingly enacted legislation which would harm major demographics of their own population. They haven’t unleashed a hugely antagonistic media on their own people. They haven’t insulted or denigrated their office or their population and at ALL times have sought to govern for ALL. (yes, even when following the majority vote which meant it went against everything they believe)

        The ‘UK’ government however and the parties who support this system of government? Pretty certain the same cannot be said for them.

        They have sent our people into conflicts which should never have been and for reasons less than honourable. They have catastrophically mis managed economies. They have compromised their house to the corporate world and patronage. They have knowingly enacted harmful legislation upon the populations of the UK for personal and political advantage. They have badly abused national partners and used the media to divide and manipulate society to suit. They have done all of that and more.

        You are what you do.

        One more time with feeling. Does this sound like any union or unity, or partnership any sane person would wish to be a part of?

        The word ‘union’ may be on the paperwork, seems we reside in anything but.

        • It’s the paperwork that will hang them, figuratively speaking, the Treaty of Union and GERS. Not quite sure which of just those 2 are going to cause most damage to the establishment, but both could be likened to the sword of Damocles hanging over Westminster head.

  12. Paul, their use of the word Unionist also implies togetherness and positivity. Time to call it what it is

  13. The Scots language is littered with words from other European tongues. Let us adopt “independista” as we have adopted other words. If it says what we mean more accurately let’s use it. Now I’m going to put the gigot of lamb on the asiete in the hus that I bygit.

  14. I now use the term “Britnat” for supporters of the “Establishment”.

    When necessary I can spit it out with venom.

    Or with pity. “Proudscotbuts are mere Britnats!”

    The spoken word can be even more nuanced that the written.

  15. Great article.

    I notice though that you didn’t explicitly mention the tendency of many a left leaning British nationalist to refer to her or himself as an ‘internationalist’. As you know Wikipedia defines ‘internationalist’ as ‘a term used to express the moral superiority of the speaker over a supporter of Scottish independence’. OK I made that up! But anyone who has engaged with those who use the term will recognise the underlying truth.

    At best some of these Britnats are merely ignorant of the one world government understanding of ‘internationalist’. At worst some are deliberately deceptive. They understand, but they pretend not to for political gain. Sadiq Khan? Charitably, most left leaning Britnats are probably negligently or wilfully ignorant of the inconsistency of their position. None of these positions of course have any virtue attached to them. And if any left wing British nationalist expresses their ‘internationalism’ in terms of being part of a nation state which has an inclusive attitude to the people of other nations, then we ask them to justify why that would not apply to a future independent Scotland. Or we just burst out laughing at the idea that British society is not currently racist, xenophobic, warlike etc. and getting worse.

    Whatever position these non communist left wingers are coming from, we should not allow them to get away with ignorance, deceit or self deception. As you say, we should not be colluding in their fantasy. We should be referring to them as ‘British nationalists’ in discussions about them but also in most of our conversations with them. They won’t (and from experience don’t) like it, but hopefully it will cause many of them to reflect on the nature of the UK state and British society. At the very least we will be communicating in the same language and challenging their self righteous complacency. Let’s see how they deal with having to defend their version of nationalism. The danger to our society of not challenging their delusion is too great. Start practising people. “British nationalists” it is.

  16. Agreed. If you believe Scotland is nothing more than a region of the UK, then there can be no union. How can a region be in a union with the nation it is a region of? The idea is utterly absurd. If you hold you the idea that we as a nation were extinguished but England wasn’t, then you are in reality Northern English.

    No more of this proud Scot but nonsense. You are British. Have the decency to say as much. For if you cleave to the old lie that you have the best of both worlds and hold a dual nationality. You are not just a pasty but a bloody idiot.

  17. History , our own history that was willfully substituted with a version that suited the state , since the growth of film and radio from probably 1900 we have been subjected to propaganda and manipulation meant to eradicate any sense of scotland being a nation ,

    This i believe was assisted by our own people in positions of authority and influence ,they were the ones who either by promises of personal gain, or a sense of duty to the state enabled this deception.

    The SNP have a mountain to climb i believe , this web of obedience and subservience to westminster is well entrenched in our institutions , this is no accident , even a slight scratching of the surface will reveal this , a small example the edinburgh festival , is it headed by a scot ? , dont be bloody silly scots cant be trusted with anything that might reflect and promote us as a nation.

    This is why most of the unionist supporting parties at Holyrood dont really believe we should have a parliament , thats why their aim is just to disrupt and not assist the freely elected administration , the endless FOI demands are an example meant to hinder progress , anything and everything to gum up the works .

    Every move the SNP administration makes is instantly forwarded to westminster , by a compliant civil service , who are in place not to assist but to keep a close eye on what is going on .

    This might take some time and more than a little effort , it is a daunting prospect when every media outlet is against independence , then again it must be very troubling to the promoters of the union all their efforts haven’t worked , Independence hasn’t went away it is stronger now than it ever was , and they dare not admit it , thats why ruthie keeps shouting there is no appetite for independence

    who would you trust ruthie and the bbc ? . Aye f/n right comes to mind , onwards and upwards .


  18. Here in the SW Scotland, we have a constant wave of English retirees coming into the area. I have had growing misgivings about the increasing effect of this population replacement for some time. There is a very small minority who are in favour of independence but I’m afraid that the majority are simply irritated by the movement for independence. Witness the vote across the South of Scotland in the recent GE.

    If you come to this area you will immediately notice the way that the population profile has been hollowed out. Young adults, as soon as they complete their education, particularly if that has included university, leave this area. There is nothing for them here. If you visit some of the prettier villages, you will hear mainly English accents in local shops.

    Storey Homes, which contributed funding during the last indyref to the British nationalist campaign, has a large footprint here and has transformed part of Dumfries into what is virtually a suburb of Carlisle with new builds in the style of the vernacular architecture of that area. Storey Homes is Carlisle based but boasts of its cross-border expansion.

    I was afraid that after the No vote in 2014, having seen this increasing presence, that we had missed our chance.

  19. The SNP could consult the population by way of a of a post-Brexit scenario document of leaving the EU and staying, in wholly in the spirit, in the Union with England. The scenario would align Scottish social benefits with England – so,
    no free prescriptions,
    no free eye tests
    NHS privatisation
    introduction of university fees,
    support funding for HS2,
    renewal of Trident,
    fishing and farming policy administered from London,
    and of course the loss of the EU Human Rights Legislation.

    The population invited to respond with their views. We could even consider operating a six month trial period! A pity for the students of course. And the chronically ill.

    Now consider, throughout Scotland Conservatives and Labour have combined to administer councils.I wager that they would seize the opportunity to form a coalition government at Holyrood, and then the above listing would be the reality.

    The voting results at the recent general election were a concern. A wake-up call as I’ve outlined above may encourage voters to think through the issues a bit more closely.

    And BritNat it is now.

  20. Wordsmith supreme Paul. Thanks for this. Time to get off the back foot. Two different types of nationalism to choose between. BritNat it is.

  21. The British nationalist way:

    “Depriving the people of their national consciousness, treat them as a tribe and not a nation, dilute their national pride, do not teach their history, propagate their language as inferior, imply they have a cultural void, emphasize their customs are primitive, and dismiss independence as a barbaric anomaly.”

    Reinhard Heydrich

  22. Corbyn is travelling to Scotland soon to further the BritNat cause. Those who will be promoting him will be promoting the BritNat cause. Some of them will claim otherwise, they will claim to support Scottish self- government. They will be lying.

    • No, they won’t necessarily be lying. They may be misguided, they may be kidding themselves on, they may be naive. Whatever – calling them liars is a guaranteed way of losing their support for independence. Calling someone a liar is good for one thing only – alienating them.

    • “Violent nationalism, otherwise known as imperialism, is the curse. Non-violent nationalism is a necessary condition of civilized life.” M Gandhi.

      • They know the position they have put forward is on pretty shoogly ground Wendy, but that’s not the point of the release. The point is to pass the buck.

  23. The Scottish National Party is not The Scottish Nationalist Party. We are the National Party of Scotland. The name, Scottish National Party, lends itself to members and supporters being called Scottish Nationalists. I think that your argument is correct, but nationalism does carry nasty connotations. I don’t call myself a Scottish Nationalist. I call myself a Scottish Sovereigntist, because that conveys the political ideal and goal that I have: Scotland as independent sovereign nation and country. Only then will we be able to relate with England as an equal, and not be dominated by it.

  24. “Yoon” rhymes with “moon”, as in “howling at the”, which makes it great fun to use.

    I know I shouldn’t. I feel very bad.

    Now I’ll have to stop.


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