A dead water feeling

A guest post by Samuel Miller

Dead water is the nautical term for a phenomenon which can occur when a layer of fresh or brackish water rests on top of denser salt water, without the two layers mixing. A ship powered by direct thrust under the waterline (such as a propeller), traveling in such conditions may be hard to maneuver or can even slow down almost to a standstill. Much of the energy from the ship’s propeller only results in waves and turbulence between the two layers of water, leaving a ship capable of traveling at perhaps as little as 20% of its normal speed. (Source Wiki)

Scary, isn’t it? The waiting.

It can certainly play bloody hell on the nerves with folk who are just getting their groove on again with politics after a few decades, or even for the first time ever. So much happening to us in the form of Brexit, austerity ideology, unashamedly reneged pledges from indyref 1, the collapse of political institutions, the rise of intolerance, isolationism and such. Worse. It can appear that no one is listening to our concerns, or cries for action, fairness or explanation. Most reasonable sane people just want stuff to happen now (if not sooner) and our government should get it fixed and WHY THE HELL ISN’T IT? Didn’t we just green light another majority? What are they waiting on? Somebody say sumthin’!

Also seems there are plenty of people telling us what to think with their ‘hot take’ du jour t’boot. So many talking ‘at’ us and not enough talking ‘to’ us. So, yes. Plenty to be concerned about if truth be told. It’s also a perfectly understandable and perfectly human reaction to all of the above.

Fear, uncertainty, doubts and confusion creep in about friends, political allies, their motivations and commitments to this that or the next thing. People who put a great deal of their personal agendas and time aside to work together with others and tackle a greater issue, begin to remember their differences of opinion on whatever and question why they should have placed faith or trust in another to begin with. Frustrations and differences buried in time of immediate action surfacing because, well mainly because there’s seemingly no forward motion, no momentum or impetus to direct those energies. Focus on direction and purpose drifts, or is made to drift. Sound familiar? A time of ‘Dead Water’, wasted energy, deflected effort, enforced inactivity.

‘Course it doesn’t help when some twisted bastirts from the true source of the problem feed those doubts on a daily basis. When you are bombarded 24/7 and 365 days a year with said FEAR, UNCERTAINTY and DOUBT. It doesn’t help when they actively sow doubts between friends, undermine trust (in just about everything), foment frustration, seemingly deny you redress and a platform to clear the air or inform accurately and in context. It doesn’t help when our public guardians of the fourth estate are apparently guardians of THE state and orthodoxy. Makes it hard for those they don’t approve of to get that fair hearing don’t you think? Yes, they’ve been making good use of this period of enforced inactivity, because they know it won’t last forever and you better believe they are more than acutely aware it does have an end.

Regardless, at such a time as this it’s easy to forget why we all came together. Why we’re here at this place and at this point in time and why we put all that other stuff to one side to work together.

I remember.

As I recall, it’s the belief that the peoples of Scotland are best placed to make decisions affecting the peoples of Scotland (And no. The plural isn’t accidental). Self determination. You don’t need to come from any particular part of the political or societal spectrum. You just need to believe in that simple principle. All parties and no parties. All levels of society. All creeds. All points of origin. All of us together. Natural born and new Scot. It’s the very thing that will provide you with a representative government willing to govern for all and not simply a demographic. It’s kinda what makes you a population and will make you a country.

Personally, I’ve never worried over whether you voted SNP, Green, SSP, Conservative, Labour, Libdem, independent or didn’t vote at all in the past. It never mattered to me where you were born, how much you earn, (or don’t), what colour your skin is or whether you wear Buchanan plaid troosers with a Paisley pattern shirt combo on dance night at the local Pally (though…. DANG!).

YOU are a Scottish citizen and you need only remember what makes you, and what made you, a YES voter. So cutting through all the stuff people are throwing at us from every direction, about now I’d say we’re beyond the party politics stage. That patch of dead water we’ve found ourselves in won’t last forever. It does have an end and it’s very much in sight. Pointless arguments, twatter spats, snark and other hi jinks need to be put in their proper place and perspective. They mean nothing, NOTHING, compared to the societal and economic hardships we can help avert if we all pull in the same direction. We can do it. We’ve done it before and gave those and such as those a challenge they never thought they’d face from ‘ordinary’ Jock and Jeannie public.

The establishment had and still have so many advantages on their side and yet we let them know where the true heart of a nation lies. We let them know what makes a country, a country and it’s not borders or landmass. Its not the trappings of state. It’s not military might or pomp. It’s not patronage or how much of the corporate world and media you can call on when you’re in a bit of a bind either.

It’s the people.

Only the people have the power and the right to decide their own future and form of governance. No single party can deliver that. No party EVER could. The ONLY thing a party of government could ever do is be willing to offer you the choice and facilitate YOUR decision.

We are, I believe, going to be given that choice again in the not too distant future and it’s worth remembering that a referendum doesn’t belong to any party. It belongs to you and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. So right now, if you don’t do politics, or don’t normally support the SNP, then fine. I think we can all get behind why most of us wouldn’t vote for one party or another in ‘normal’ circumstances. It’s a deeply personal choice. What’s happening to the politics and society of the UK right now though, aren’t normal circumstances. What is happening to Scotland, because of that political and parliamentary union we’re currently enjoying, is nowhere near normal, or right, or just. This is no longer about voting for the SNP or any other party, it is about supporting the Scottish Government in their efforts to avert economic and constitutional calamity for the population of Scotland. That would be all of us mainly.

If it helps folk who normally place their support and their trust elsewhere, don’t look at them as a political party, but as a means to an end. You do not need to be an SNP member or supporter to recognise that right now, at this particular period in time, they are the best chance, the ONLY chance the people of Scotland have of being given a constitutional choice. Safe to say we won’t be seeing an orderly queue forming to offer Scotland’s electorate any choice from the other mainstream parties. You’d think though, since their politicking dumped this epic galactostooshie in our laps, they’d at least say sorry. (shrugs)

You know, it’s often said that running your own country is for grown ups. I fully agree. I think it’s time for all of us to grow up now. If we want a system of government where our voice will be heard, with a written and codified constitution, a progressive, inclusive and outward reaching internationalist aspect, and an accountable legislature, then it’s only going to happen one way.

ALL of us together.

The SNP are the key to a locked door. All folk need to agree upon is turning that key and stepping through the door. What folk do on the other side is the grown up bit.

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  1. Well said Sam I share with you exactly those thoughts. The establishment want to drive a wedge between supporters of Independence and the media is the hammer used to force the wedge deeper. We should put all our differences aside for the sake of the good of all.

    We need to have the whole cake before it can be shared equally, the crumbs are no longer acceptable.

  2. We are edging there slowly but surely.

    The problem for the Regime’s forces is that all of their arguments against Independence have been found to be false.

    The final task is to get the clear message out to the unknowing.

      • I think we need to keep an appeal to the EU, or the UN in our back pocket though. We are treated and run like a colony. As a nation we do not want to leave the EU, and as a colony we wish to be free to determine our own future. I agree that the establishment is both stupid and arrogant (I would add – ruthless), they have shown in history that they make a fatal mistake with colonies because of this arrogance, and they’ll do the same here. They are unwilling to let Scotland have a say in its future, and on the occasions they do they manipulate the result ( the 40% rule, The MSM in the 2014 ref. the Scotland Bill) – and now Brexit. When its last colony is free, England will have its freedom too, the countries will go their own way and make their own way in the world. They with their elite surrounded by vacuous pomp and ceremony, us with a modern 21st century pragmatic outlook. I’m glad I’m in Scotland.

        Thanks for the article Sam, it won’t be long now.

        • But westminster done so much damage to england it will die as a nation that’s why westminster so desperate to hang on to Scotland if I’m wrong then explain the week before September 18 2014 Cameron went on TV and begged Scotland not to leave because when we go solo and the English people turn on westminster the first thing westminster will do is blame us for englands economy going down the toilet

      • We don’t need their permission to have a referendum. This is a divorce from an abusive partner. An abused person will not, indeed dare not, ask permission to leave.

        • Am I correct in thinking that the UK doesn’t actually have a constitution? If I am, then I think that Indycar Gordon Ross’s suggestion is correct and we should apply to the UN decolonisation section.

          There’s no way this UK Government is going to facilitate another referendum. Let’s face it, it’s not in their interests any more than giving them a good Brexit deal is in the EU’s interests.

          • I hate to say it but these are the things that let the SG down, they don’t seem to be fighting for Indy, I know they could be doing it in a quiet way but that isn’t helping we need to start hearing more positivity from them and yes even have a special body looking into the hows and wherefores

          • Sandra when contacted locally about opening a yesmovement the SNP first ignored it then dragged their feet offering little if nothing in support,they are just another political party interested in themselves only.

    • I think you are right that many No voters who were sincere switherers had suspected and now recognise that most of the Project Fear assertions were mendacious. However, having severed the bonds which held them to the union, they are unsure of where to hitch them next. There is a fear of the unknown. I am convinced of the case for independence, but there are moments when I have doubts about aspects.

      Gramsci had it pretty well when he said, ‘the old is dying and the New is cannot be born’.

      This is where ‘thinkers’ like those of Commonweal and others are invaluable in that they can present viable scenarios, including, most importantly how we can get from where we are now to where we are in a position to make decisions about the kind of country we want to have.

      Fortunately, I think there are some decent humane people in England who are beginning to think about what a different England might be possible. They are beginning to cast off the Bernigtlaainnd or Britain/England conflation/confusion.

      • England’s finished westminster done to much harm I should know I’ve lived there no English will have to start from scracth by first stop living on past events that the English problem that’s done the most harm the conservatives are proof of that

  3. Wonderful, inspiring and right to the point.
    “twatter spats”.. I am still laughing.
    I wait every night for your blast of sanity, and i am never disappointed. Thank you for helping us through these insane times.

    • OOPs made an effusive mistake there, A guest post by Samuel Miller, and, obviously inspiring to me, but the sentiment still holds. Blasts of sanity are a relief from the “moronosity” of the blurb we have to read to find the nuggets.

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  5. Excellent stuff, Sam. Continuing the thread of optimism and positivity with the force and articulacy we have come to expect from you. However, my favourite part, and one I shall endeavour to weave into daily use from now on, is the phrase “epic galactostooshie”! Priceless! 😀

  6. Indeed Scots do need to grow up. So simple really. Others have managed it. This fetish attachment to the great white queen Britannia is juvenile and from the outside looks rather pathetic. In Algeria when the ref. result was declared the local press was scathing in its commentary on Scots and their shameful ‘cowardice’.
    Unionism, Britishness signify intellectual and cultural, as well as political, bondage.
    The cautious, conservative, courin ‘Scotch’ stereotype has had its day.

  7. Babysitting again Sam. Much as I love Paul’s writing I always look forward to your stand-in posts.

    I haven’t paid too much attention to the ‘divisions’ of the Yes camp. It happens every silly-season. When they’ve no target to aim at they start bickering amongst themselves. We’re in the calm before the storm and right now there is no perceptible course for the movement to take. We’re just treading water.

    The minute we have a target and a course I believe the movement will come together in a unified front that will turn into a tsunami that will bring about the end of the british establishment.

    It still won’t be easy and we mustn’t allow the establishment to sow division in our ranks as they have been trying to do, This time around they will not find it so easy to argue against self-determination given all of their broken promises from the last indyref. The establishment has little left in the way of ammunition, They are desperately (especially the bbc) trying to rebuild ‘britishness’ but their problem is that there is nothing much left of britishness that any of us on the indy side can relate to . Their main thrust will have to be emotional.

    Their problem with appealing to the emotional side is that many of the britnats on their side are the unacceptable face of Scotland, the Orange Order and ra peeple. That leaves them appealing to the GSTQ britnats and I suspect there is a limited audience for all that royalist pish.

    Given a level playing field and no interference from various intelligence services another independence referendum would be an easy win. My fear is that we will have so much interference in the next referendum that unless we can have complete transparency and external oversight of the vote it will be rigged against us. They showed us how easy that was last time around.

    I hope the SNP / Yes will make sure this time that there are exit polls and full control over postal votes. The tory run Idox (vote counting) company must be excluded from any involvement and if it were up to me the Electoral Commission would also be excluded. If we don’t get on top of these issues before the next indryref I fear we will be likely to ‘lose’. I hope I’m wrong.

    • I agree totally with your comment about having a level playing field. We will lose without one.

      All private companies : especially iDox, of which Peter Lilley – a Conservative and Unionist MP – is a Director, must be prohibited from touching anything to do with the voting. Only Local Authority and Police Scotland personnel can be allowed.

      The postal voting can be made impervious to manipulation in one simple move…. Do not open the outer envelope until it arrives at the Counting Station, when the contents are then validated and their Ballot Papers added to those from the personal votes from the Voting Places.

      The Electoral Commission will administer whatever Holyrood stipulates. We will lose if we don’t ensure a level playing field.

      We must lobby our MSPs on both points.

      • There is still the problem of who registers for postal votes. I’m convinced many holiday homes in my area were used for postal votes.

        • I agree, there was massive fraud in 2014 and it is our duty to oversee the voting system next time or face the prospect of history repeating itself.

          • With the greatest respect, maxi, we need to review the voting system and implement strict procedures long before the vote. Then, and only then, is it worthwhile overseeing the voting system to ensure that it is being fully implemented.

            The current processes are full of holes and opportunities for manipulation.

            For example :
            The Handbook for polling station staff supporting the Scottish Independence Referendum Thursday 18 September 2014. http://www.aberdeencity.gov.uk/nmsruntime/saveasdialog.asp?lID=58768&sID=25484 states : “In some areas, it will be the duty of the Presiding Officer to deliver the materials to the count centre while in others the Counting Officer will have arranged for materials to be picked up from the Polling Station and delivered to the count.”

            This is not definitive and is therefore potentially insecure since there is no central, accountable, control over who is driving the van and therefore no control over what happens during the journey. The boxes from my local Voting Place were collected in an unmarked white van, although the local Council has literally hundreds of distinctively marked vans. In past elections, journeys which should have taken 20 minutes have taken two hours.

        • Weechid, I would love to know how to stop that. I was speaking to an ex-army person who told me that he was billeted, with many others, in a warehouse in Northern Ireland with the sole intention of registering to vote and then voting as ordered. It is irrelevant whether or not that story is true. If a manipulation can take place, we need to acknowledge that and plug the holes now.

    • You of course are right the intelligence services who are quite competent, the BBC and the free press will be brought to bear against any democratic self determination nonsense.

      It will be very uphill, outside help from the EU and the UN is required, without this we will likely fail.

  8. I like your analogy Sam, pretty apt ATM.

    The problem with humans is we all think we can fit into a certain shape of box. Some fit into green boxes, some red, blue…well, you can guess where I’m going here!

    At present, I find I fit into a nice yellow box with a funny design on it’s side. I expect that box to get to a certain destination and then I will step out, look around and see which box, if any, I want to fit in.

    But, I really need to decide for myself which box. I think some forgot that important bit…

    Before the first Indy referendum we had arguments on-line with the usual tedious folk, with repetitious, often imaginary problems, but we all more or less came together in a massive feeling of solidarity. So many woke up to the possibilities, and challenges,of a Scottish future.

    There’s a bit of a void right now until all the background stuff is organised. I for one cannot wait because when we join with other positive friends, there’ll be no stopping us. 😀 😀

  9. This hiatus and lull at present is frustrating and worrying in equal measure….in my head it’s like what are we waiting for..brexits a looming disaster,Westminsters power grab and diluting what little authority we have at holyrood…that’s it in a nutshell…nation or region…an opinion poll showing any form of movement towards indy would be a morale booster…that combined with next months rally will help keep my doots and angst in check…saor alba…

  10. AnnieM @9.58
    We need to be careful about claiming “Colony” status.
    We are entitled to a share of the UK asset’s as a partner leaving a Union that we have contributed to.
    A Colony leaving, I suspect would not be able to make the same claim.
    Wouldn’t that just suit Westminster down to the ground,we leave with nothing and they get to keep everything!

    • I’d have thought that we’d get everything on our soil/waters, and Westminster gets the rest.

      I don’t think Westminster would be very happy with that, tbh, since then we’d get the nukes, the oil, the fish and the whiskey, to do with what we will (I’d guess that we’d will the nukes decommissioned and gone, but that’s not the point)

    • I don’t know Liz, but feel that we need some help/scrutiny outwith the UK because we sure as hell won’t get any from within.

    • there is no way that Westminster will give us anything anyway, the only way we get anything is by not paying what they say is our share of the debt owed by westminster

  11. I agree Sam. We all need to support the actions of the SNP as they and only they have the power to make it happen on one level. The rest of us are the other part. We need to support the SNP and all indy groups. This is why the SIC and the SNP are making a point of openly talking together.

    Like everyone else I am frustrated at the delays to get action.

    Brexit is showing its grim hand already but wait until after March 19. A disaster even if we end up with a deal of sorts after that time. The WM lot have not got a clue on this topic.

    Good post Sam. Much appreciated. Keep them coming. Two weeks of blog power.

  12. Pretty well nailed it Sam all dressed up and no party to go to, so many itching to get started and no clear route to our intended destination , so the grumbling and petty bitching starts ,
    The truly baffling position of Mayhems tory Fascist government are confusing many people .
    After all the rhetoric that this intended Exit from the EU will take a long time possibly more than the two years intended , what does Mayhem do she calls an election ,time wasted , Parliament goes off on their holidays more inactivity ,
    Since the calling of article 50 what progress has been made ?.
    I have the impression this lot dont intend to take this seriously , they have looked at the work needed and said oh f/k its to complicated ,so the excuses are being worked on and all the blame will be placed on the EU for being impossible to deal with ,They are going to upend the table and walk away .

  13. ‘Course it doesn’t help when some twisted bastirts from the true source of the problem feed those doubts on a daily basis. When you are bombarded 24/7 and 365 days a year with said FEAR, UNCERTAINTY and DOUBT.’ F. U. D
    The BBC are total FUDmongers!

  14. Well blimey between this and WGD’s last “reason to be cheerful” article I’m impressed. How good it is to see some constructive and positive thinking on display rather than the negativity and pessimism frequently found btl.

    All you bloggers, twitterers and fb’ers get these articles out there NOW!

  15. The treaty of the union of the two parliaments must be one of the oldest in the world, if not the oldest. The Scottish people, being sovereign, should enable the Scottish parliament to rescind the treaty as not being fit for purpose.

    • But as the fellow in the video above argues, there first needs to be a challenge, a ‘test case’ if you like, to call out WM and force them to either comply or show their true colours.

    • There is little doubt it is not ‘fit for purpose’ for the modern democratic age and does not meet the needs and expectations of many – arguably of ‘any’ in Scotland,

      It is interesting that, for example, the recent impositon by a PM/Westminster Parliament …..that was, we were told, ‘listening to Scotland’, treating Scotland as valued and equal partner of this Union …(one in which the Supreme Court has recently ruled the devolved administrations do not require in law to even be consulted by Westminster) ,,,,of,’English Votes For English Laws’ – you may wonder…where exactly is that mentioned in the text of this indissoluble’ Treaty of Union? i.e. ‘English Votes For English Laws?’ who agreed to that (in Scotland) at the time? – nobody.

      and who agreed to it in modern times – the 59 Scottish MPs? – hardly – history has already recorded the voting record of the 650 Westminster MPs (of which 59 are elected from Scotland) the bulk of which are from England, in the unfolding history of this Union (not forgetting in effecting English Votes For English Laws)… the considered opinion of the Speaker (from Scotland?) as to whether a matter is to the exclusion of Scottish MPs.

      It is of course unlikley, improbable or rather mathematically impossible for Scottish MPs to effect anything of substance within the terms and simple arithmetic of MP representation at Westminster, within this Union (note that the number of Scottish MPs as per the trend, will lkely shortly be reduced further (from an already historic low) – assuming of course ‘we’ want more of the same?

      As we see events unfold on the latest topic of the day – Scotland’s unwanted (certaibnly not voted for) exit from the EU – where every consituency voting area in Scotland (including Liberals, Conservatives, Labour, Greens and SNP) all voted, as one country, to Remain, by clear majority, in the EU..

      … let us recap what Article 50 actually says :-

      1. Any Member State may decide to withdraw from the Union in accordance with its own constitutional requirements.

      2. A Member State which decides to withdraw shall notify the European Council of its intention. In the light of the guidelines provided by the European Council, the Union shall negotiate and conclude an agreement with that State, setting out the arrangements for its withdrawal, taking account of the framework for its future relationship with the Union. That agreement shall be negotiated in accordance with Article 218(3) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. It shall be concluded on behalf of the Union by the Council, acting by a qualified majority, after obtaining the consent of the European Parliament.

      3. The Treaties shall cease to apply to the State in question from the date of entry into force of the withdrawal agreement or, failing that, two years after the notification referred to in paragraph 2, unless the European Council, in agreement with the Member State concerned unanimously decides to extend this period.

      4. For the purposes of paragraphs 2 and 3, the member of the European Council or of the Council representing the withdrawing Member State shall not participate in the discussions of the European Council or Council or in decisions concerning it.

      A qualified majority shall be defined in accordance with Article 238(3)(b) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.

      5. If a State which has withdrawn from the Union asks to rejoin, its request shall be subject to the procedure referred to in Article 49.

      The Scottish Parliament voted by clear majority 69 to 59 this year for a vote on Scotland’s Independence.

  16. Well the Tory branch office in Scotland is apparently welcoming back a true believer. Click on the photos to see what the true believer thinks.


  17. Hi, Sam.
    I’ve been busy with visiting relatives most of the summer, so I’ve somewhat lost touch, but not quite, if you see what I mean.
    I couldn’t agree more with your opening piece. We the people will decide.

    Some would paint us as ‘insurrectionists’, insurgents in our own country, creating division and upsetting the status quo, and betraying the UK by ‘siding’ with the EU27 (28 if we include us) because we voted to, and are hell bent on, remaining within the Single market and freedom of movement to work play and retireme anywhere we like throughout Scotland and the rest of Europe.

    David Davis got wall to wall coverage by our Dead Tree Scrolls and Distorting Scotland who,in full knowledge of the Irish and EU had already dismissed his cockamamie borderless Ireland scheme as ‘fantasy’ and his frankly daft proposals for the rUK’s future trade and customs arrangements with the Emerald Isle post Brexit’, still got the message out there.

    This is the man who dismissed the Scottish Government’s well thought out Proposals for Scotland in Europe post Brexit , on a single sided A4 slap down to Mike Russell all those months ago.

    It would have been unworkable for Scotland, but somehow it would be ok in Ireland.

    Perhaps we should take to the gun and bomb. (That’s a joke, GCHQ. Good day to all you Watchers and Listeners, anyhoo.)

    It is reported that Liam Fox is wandering the globe setting up all those juicy trade deals with countries out there in the Big Bad World.

    Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland will have no input on any of these talks, negotiations, deals.
    The English Parliament will do it all for us. And rest assured they will get the best deal for us all, not just England. Aye right.

    May is to produce five ‘position papers’ on Brexit next week.
    A ‘Position paper’ is Whitehall Mandarinese for ‘suck it and see’.

    1 year and 3 months since England and Wales decided to commit financial social diplomatic and economic suicide and the Swiss Maid May is just getting around to penning a few thoughts on paper onwhat Brexit is all about.
    They haven’t a clue.

    I predict an Ides Of March day for Theresa this September.
    She’s toast.

    I’ve read the comments and listened to the clips which your excellent piece engendered, Sam.
    We are not ‘insurgents’.

    We are the citizens of Scotland.

    We wait for no foreign power to give us permission to decide our own country’s future.

    The Union, a 300 year old stitch up by the Robber Barons when most Scots were slaves, serfs, and oppressed by the same self serving Lairds, is now in tatters.

    We ask no one’s permission.

    When Mundell Murray Davidson Dugdale (remember her?) and Oor Wullie lie, threaten, belittle, and betray the citizens of Scotland to prop up their sad little Oligarchy, we simply ignore them.

    We have a mandate to go to the people again, on our relationship with the EU, and Self Determination.
    It is OUR Scotland, not Damian Green’s. He need not bother coming North again to put Swinney and Russell in their place.
    It has gone too far. When Brexshit hits the fan, Scotland will be ready for another plebiscite, between Oct 2018, and April 2019.
    There might even be a Lab/SNP/ Green UK Parliament by then.

    • Spookily Jack, you’ve hit on one or two subjects there I hope to expand upon in the next couple of weeks.

      The next one tomorrow morning though should hopefully focus some minds. It appears short, but there are a fair number of links and a good deal of reading attached.

      So, watch this space etc. 😀

      • To your ‘dead water’ analogy, Sam, I’d add ‘white noise’, the derogatory sense of the phrase, not the scientific definition: endless stultifyingly stupid chatter from the British Nationalists.
        They have done nothing to take forward Brexit in over a year, and still believe that England has the ‘upper hand’ in negotiations.
        They really do believe this; that the EU will let them drive a tank through the EU set up on freedom of movement, the single market, a customs union, and the European Justice system.

        As I have observed before, we keep our powder dry.
        The British Nationalists will do the job for us.
        England and Wales are heading for a ‘thirties style Depression if they go ahead and No Deal exit of the EU. Fact, and it’s their own ‘experts’ and the BoE who are predicting the Crash.
        Yet still they plod on regardless.
        Well, we have an escape pod.

    • “David Davis got wall to wall coverage by our Dead Tree Scrolls and Distorting Scotland who,in full knowledge of the Irish and EU had already dismissed his cockamamie borderless Ireland scheme as ‘fantasy’ and his frankly daft proposals for the rUK’s future trade and customs arrangements with the Emerald Isle post Brexit’” – but not everyone was onside, Jack. This from ‘Newsthump’ – 😀

      • Derby O’Gill and the Little People manning the magic border. LOL, Wendy.
        Reporting Scotland featured David Davis’ proposal for a Magic Border at 6.30 that evening as though it were a sensible proposal and worthy of consideration. The Irish Government and the EU Commissioners had already branded this nonsense as ‘fantasy’.
        So BBC PQ were still running with ‘fantasy news’ hours later for no other reason than to show our English Overlord Davis as Head Honcho Eurexit Supremo, even although we all knew that he was in fantasy land.

        Needless to say, Jackie, or Sally, did not report on the ‘EU/Irish reaction to Davis’ Madness.
        SNP BAD: EU BAD.

    • It is difficult to imagine the future of England and Wales being in more inept hands than those of Fox, Davis, Gove, Rudd, Johnson, Green, and May.
      They are simply ‘way ‘way out of their depth, and with each passing day it shows.
      Corbyn and McConnell are silver haired old throwbacks, Militants from the Derek Hatton ‘eighties, and it shows.
      Davidson Dugdale and Rennie, and the slew of list Fellow Travellers and Hangers On, a rag bag devil’s own collection of xenophobes, racists, Scotland Haters, Brit Nat zealots, knuckle draggers, and bigots, represent everything that is rotten in Scottish politics.
      They are hanging on like grim death to the quite ludicrous notion that we Scots will wake up one morning and declare for the union.
      We will abandon any notion of Self Determination, of remaining within the EU, convinced by the Brit Nat argument that we must submit to eternal subjugation by our Big Neighbour.
      Slave at last, slave at last, God Almighty, slave at last!
      The next Holyrood session should be fun.
      Over in October for May.

      • More likely they wait in hope for WM to begin limiting the powers of Holyrood, probably not a frontal assault, rather a gradual chocking, draining the life, indeed the very will to live, out of Scottish politics.

        Unless the SNP (or someone, or some group) takes the initiative, and takes it soon in some startling and imaginative way, then I fear we’ll be on a steady downward slope. I really hate to sound so pessimistic, but honest folks, something has to happen soon.

          • indeed, Marco.
            This is not a game.
            We are talking about the future well being of our nation, Scotland.
            Incredibly we are expected to stand by idly while English politicians drive us into poverty and isolation, aided and abetted by Scots born careerists who would sell us down the river for money.
            We have a British Nationalists Elite presiding over the main levers of power in our country, from the land owning Lairds, to Chancellors of our Universities CEO’s of our Banks, Finance Houses, Insurance Companies, Law Lords who preside over Scots juris prudence, wealthy business people and industrialists, secret societies, and a far right xenophobic mob of Brown Shirts who threaten violent reprisals if the people of Scotland exercise their democratic right to self determination.
            Nazi salutes from football hooligans in George Square are tacitly accepted as the dire warning of what will happen if we continue to be ‘divisive’ and not do as Arch Right Ultras like Davidson Fraser and Tomkins demand, bow down to our English Overlords.
            How else do we explain this pandering to racist bigoted homophobic low life by our Fourth Estate, back door politicians who now sit on councils the length and breadth of Scotland, and god help us, have joined the Unionist Gravy Train at WM.
            The Dead Tree Scrolls and our state broadcasters are now completely controlled by the British Nationalists.
            The Brexshit is about to hit the fan, and civil unrest that is hoped for by the agents provocateurs.
            who nudge and taunt those of us who demand that Scotland remain an independent nation within the EU , in the hope that we finally ‘lose it’ and turn to the ‘Ulsterisation’ madness that the rabble rousers like Torrance salivate over, and then the British Nationalists have an excuse to send in the troops.
            This is the sort of sick scenario that is played out in the minds of evil men and women, from the laptop loyals, to cynical pea brained politicians languishing in Unionist sinecures on the benches at Holyrood.
            Kelly, Tomkins and Fraser and their knuckle dragging followers are a thinly veiled version of fascist oppression, designed to thwart democracy Up Here.
            They are beneath contempt.
            Their world is about to come tumbling down on them; and they know it.

          • That line is from one of Bob Dylan’s finest songs. It would make a marvellous anthem for the Yes movement.

            Let’s ditch ‘Flower of Scotland’, and go for this one, especially the last two verses…..

            Oh, the foes will rise
            With the sleep still in their eyes
            And they’ll jerk from their beds and think they’re dreamin’
            But they’ll pinch themselves and squeal
            And know that it’s for real
            The hour when the ship comes in

            Then they’ll raise their hands
            Sayin’ we’ll meet all your demands
            But we’ll shout from the bow your days are numbered
            And like Pharaoh’s tribe
            They’ll be drownded in the tide
            And like Goliath, they’ll be conquered

          • “And the words that were used, for to get the ship confused, they will not be understood when they are spoken …”
            Once enough people think differently, the old rhetoric will just fall flat. I’m not one of those who believe that “it’s all in the mind, man!” (LOL!) However a great deal of our reality is social/political, and much of that only exists if enough folk buy into it and believe it. So the real revolution really does begin “in the mind”, and if that new vision becomes infections and achieves a critical mass then it should carry all before it. The Old Order will simply collapse, hopefully without too much of a fight?

          • Since I have got the tune stuck in my head, I think that I should do the same to others.


            To be very serious, there is a distinct parallel between the 1963 March on Washington – which sparked Dylan’s song – and the desire for Scottish Independence. For those readers not as old as those of us who remember it, here is the background.

            “The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, the March on Washington, or The Great March on Washington, was held in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, August 28, 1963. The purpose of the march was to advocate for civil and economic rights for African Americans. At the march, Martin Luther King Jr., standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial, delivered his historic “I Have a Dream” speech in which he called for an end to racism.

            “The march was organized by A. Philip Randolph and Bayard Rustin, who built an alliance of civil rights, labor, and religious organizations that came together under the banner of “jobs and freedom.” Estimates of the number of participants varied from 200,000 to 300,000; the most widely cited estimate is 250,000 people. Observers estimated that 75–80% of the marchers were black. The march was one of the largest political rallies for human rights in United States history.

            “The march is credited with helping to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and preceded the Selma Voting Rights Movement which led to the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.”

            In percentage terms, the US march was 1% of their population. The March for Independence in June of this year was 3% of our population. This is encouraging.

          • And like Goliath, they’ll be conquered.
            Les, I remember the day a 16 year me old bought this gem.
            You have made a grown man cry, but in a good way. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

          • Interestingly, Dylan’s song was influenced by the revenge song from The Threepenny Opera by Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht, sometimes called The Black Freighter or Pirate Jenny’s song.

            There are several versions of this but I think that the version by Nina Simone has particular bite since she adapts it to fit the black experience in the southern states of America. This recording is from 1964 at the height of the Civil Rights struggle which makes it all the more powerful as a song of the powerless and exploited against those who would oppress them.


          • This has accidentally turned into an interesting look at a similar struggle for identity by others. The Civil Rights Movement ultimately succeeded, but not without suffering. If any of us thought that a fight for independence is easy, here is a brief extract from a document on the 1964 era in the US.

            “In 1964, civil rights organizations including the Congress on Racial Equality (CORE) and Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) organized a voter registration drive, known as the Mississippi Summer Project, or Freedom Summer, aimed at dramatically increasing voter registration in Mississippi.
            “The Freedom Summer, comprised of black Mississippians and more than 1,000 out-of-state, predominately white volunteers, faced constant abuse and harassment from Mississippi’s white population.
            “The Ku Klux Klan, police and even state and local authorities carried out a systematic series of violent attacks; including arson, beatings, false arrest and the murder of at least three civil rights activists.’

            They succeeded, and so will we, but we must acknowledge that we will be met with very firm and targeted resistance.

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