Oh the irony

A guest post by Samuel Miller

A few articles this week have caught my eye and more than one have a hint of irony about them, not to mention a soupçon of ‘who knew?’

First up was a piece on Fishing grouds/rights which is apparently causing a bit of a fallout between Messrs Hammond and Gove and most definitely falls squarely into the ‘who knew’ category. Aye, it appears that running true to form, a Tory chancellor, in a Tory government is (wait for it), planning on using ‘UK’ fishing grounds as a Brexit bargaining chip to secure whatever concessions are possible in ongoing EU talks.

You’re shocked… I can tell.

Who indeed knew that Tories having a pissing contest over party leadership, power politics and right wing ideologies might be telling fibs over the return of sovereignty, powers and access to resources? Who knew, that as soon as cunning plans went south for the winter and sphincters started to tighten, they’d instantly renege on any promise they made in favour of using those resources to their own best advantage? What those who chose to vote Tory at the last election, vote leave in the EU referendum and vote no in Scotland’s indyref now have to consider, is just what kind of a deal would Mr Hammond cut on those rights from being outside the EU? Will it be the same deal? A better deal? A worse deal? Newsflash! A Westminster government WILL use any and all resources, any and all means to secure what is best for Westminster government. Something to consider for the future.

Next up is a bit of an update to an excellent post by this site’s host last week. It appears Ms Davidson has gone AWOL from the day job (or it may have something to do with the fetching camouflage overalls). Cue wobbly lines and flashback for a quick reminder. This event has spookily occurred on the back of a tweet from the Scottish Conservative and Unionist leader which stated quite unequivocally: – “The President of the United States has just turned his face to the world to defend Nazis, fascists and racists. For shame.” So far, well said, you’d think. Right up until THIS came to light. The reinstatement to the Tory party of two councilors who had been suspended for… you guessed it, a record of racist and sectarian tweets.

Wobbly lines and back to present day. The real story is of course, as noted at the beginning, the apparent reluctance of the Scottish Conservative leader to defend this decision, do ‘the day job’ of leadership and face some admittedly uncomfortable questions on the subject. At some point I have no doubt Ms Davidson will resurface. There’s bound to be a camera op with costumes and flegs involved sometime soon and you’d have thought GERS day to be that very day. How and ever, it’s worth pointing out that the longer it takes for Ms Davidson to surface and face some questioning on this decision and the reasoning behind it (though you wouldn’t have to struggle much for an educated guess), the worse it looks.

On to some irony, not to mention some comedic farce. The most recent update to the UK negotiating position on Brexit. It appears the EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier is somewhat frustrated with the UKs continued efforts to parallel trade negotiations with exit/settlement negotiations. Mr Barnier and indeed the EU in general have been entirely consistent on the issue from day one. The settlement and exit strategy of the UK from the EU must come before any negotiations on future trade agreements.

As the linked article states, top of the EU’s to do list will be settlement of financial obligations, citizens rights, Ireland’s border and so on. Mind you, Mr Barnier’s frustration is entirely understandable when UK gov. keep attempting to negotiate via media statement and seemingly undeliverable and unagreed upon demands. Statements such as the UK demanding that no extra cost/charges be levied on UK goods (already meeting EU standards) sold to the EU after Brexit has been concluded.

I’m not exactly sure the UK government have entirely grasped the concept of Brexit meaning Brexit at this point. The concept that you cannot enjoy the advantages of a club if you leave the club (just a smidge of irony there). I’d say you either knew what leaving meant before you made your choice to do so, or you didn’t. I suppose you could also see where other non EU nations, who follow regulations when selling their products to the EU, might get a bit grumpy if the UK were granted such exceptional status.

Anyroads, back to the meat. It would seem the EU are not willing to pre negotiate future trade relations till a Brexit settlement has been reached and concluded. So no pre negotiation then.

All together now… OHHHHHH THE IRONY!

Finally a word about GERS. A subject well covered by some weel kent faces on this day pretty much every year and from all over the political spectrum. You’ll also find pub experts, club bores, metrosplaining broadcast and meeja pundits, all of whom have their views (cough). I won’t insult the readership of this site by going over what most of us believe to be the reality of GERS and I won’t pretend to be an expert on national and international macro economics. No, I won’t do that.

I’ll merely provide a link to someone who is:- HERE

Worth going over the author’s CV when you get there, though some folk will already have encountered the gentleman’s work and views on economics.

The point of these examples? Is simply to show a pattern. A pattern of government, practice of politics and abuse of trust. The week isn’t over yet readers. Think on that.

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  1. Good article, Macart, our NE fishermen must be really loving the fact their industry is being ‘sold off’ to help Westmonster’s Brexit deal.
    Have little sympathy for them – never trust a Tory.

    • It has always annoyed the h*ll out of me that our NE fishermen have allowed themselves to be bamboozled into blaming the EU exclusively for all their ills; in other words, they bought the Tory Brexiteer line that Everything is the EU’s Fault. (They’ve also bought SNP Bad.) They forget that blame must be shared with Westminster governments that have always treated Scotland’s resources as belonging in their entirety to the UK – like the “British salmon” that Wings drew attention to the other day.

      However, given that the vast bulk of the UK’s fisheries catch is landed in Scotland, the industry is far more important to us than it is to England (whether interpreted as England or the rUK). As Scotland’s interests do not figure large in the electoral calculations of Westminster governments, Tory governments in particular, they have effectively horse-traded the interests of Scotland’s fishing industry in return for sweeties for the City.

      This is an assertion that I would like to see disproved – if possible. However, when the fisheries negotiating lead for a long time was in the safe hands of Tory peer Rupert Charles Ponsonby, 7th Baron de Mauley, and in the light of the Gove / Hammond spat you describe, Macart, I think I may be waiting a very long time for that. If ever.

      Shame on our NE fishermen for allowing themselves to be so easily misled. Sorry, you NE fishermen, but that’s how I feel.

        • They are not necessarily gullible, but they are certainly closed minded. Of all the people whom I know, the most closed minded of them all vote Tory. They think that I am silly for wanting change.

          It’s not that they are thick, they are intelligent adults, but they want the continuance of the Establishment since that is what they have now.

          • The status quo is no longer an option for any of us, ScotNat or BritNat. It’s going to be upheavel whether we get independence or not, so why not go the whole hog when it’s going to be all change anyway?

            Let’s face it, the closest we can get to the status quo is with independence in the EU, after that the lifelong Tory and Labour voters can continue voting for them if that’s what they want. Personally, I think I would probably vote Green, but think that it’s a strong possibility that an independent Scotland would return to Labour. That would be fine because they would be voted in by and answerable to the Scottish people.

          • I agree. Once Scotland is independent of Westminster I don’t care WHO people vote for because whoever is elected will be elected by Scots, for Scots and will have to engage in politics purely with Scotland and her people in mind.

      • The fishermen also over fished and depleted stocks. They caused the industry cuts not the EU quotas. These allowed depleted stocks to recover.

        Fishermen voting Tory to me is like a coal miner voting for a gas fired power station.

        • As an ex coal miner Andy let me tell you that I have been listening to these promises from the early 1950’s, a period where we have had around 40 years of a tory goverment and 13 years of Tony’s tories and not only do I not remember any promises being kept, I dont know anybody else who has.

  2. An excellent well written summary of the ongoing shambles. Thank you.

    Ruth Davidson has once more to defend the indefensible. Her defence of the rape clause still stands as a huge pointer to her values.

  3. All the points you make are true Sam. Irony it is indeed. How often in the last year or so have I read or heard something and thought “Oh no, not again”.

  4. “the Scottish Conservative and Unionist leader which stated quite unequivocally: – “The President of the United States has just turned his face to the world to defend Nazis, fascists and racists. For shame.” ”

    For shame indeed. Perhaps he’s running so fast on this point to catch up with his predecessor?


    Perhaps someone could ask Colonel Ruth “Mainwairing” whether her Unionist party bosses in Westminster abstained on the above vote or not?

    • I fairly recently let rip at the Honorary Colonel in a rant elsewhere, in which I demanded to know her response to those Nazis in Charlottesville. Well, she’s condemned them now (I think it was after I wrote, not that I’m suggesting any causal connection, but I don’t want to run the risk of checking because that might show me up for not being up to date with the facts). However…

      It’s definitely a case of too little, too late. Trump eventually went through the motions of saying “Of course Nazis and the Klan are really not very nice people at all after all”, and people realized that he had to say that at some point but, by delaying it the way he did, the takeaway for the groups in question was that Trump was for them, really, and only going through the motions. And by this point, I think everyone in America’s “fact-based community” is aware that Trump’s equally appalling father was arrested in Manhattan back in the 1920s for marching in a Klan demonstration, robes, hood and all.

      The Colonel’s response to Charlottesville, like her response to the home-grown racists and bigots stinking up her own troops, was equally tardy, and as such, ineffective and unconvincing. A disappointing performance indeed – she really must try harder, or she will reveal herself as a really very nasty piece of work indeed.

      My own prediction is that, on balance of probability, she will do just that: if she as a gay person like me can tolerate the fragrant Arlene Foster and the political branch of the Ludge which she leads, then she can tolerate anything.

      I can’t. They make me sick.

  5. One of these days the light will come on , the Penny will finally drop , how many times do you need to slapped in the face before you finally get it , the person who has just skelped you might not have your best interests and welfare at the top of their to do list , this is when Memory is important .

    A simple view of what unionist politicians have promised in the past and what they have actually delivered is a guide to future intentions and trustworthiness .

    They tell lies it’s staring us all in the face they simply cant be trusted , ever waken up .

    Corbyn is not the messiah , not the saviour of scotland and a not a defender against rabid tory dogma , he is just another unionist meant to confuse the public by presenting this charade he is not a tory so its ok to back him . A message for the Gullible to swallow again .

  6. Ms Davidson’s tweet regarding her condemnation of President Trump will play well with her cheerleaders in the self-appointed ‘progressive’ media in London, such as New Statesman, Guardian, Observer, Prospect and, until recently, websites like Left Foot Forward, who present her as a doughty, plain speaking fighter for liberal values as opposed to that terrible Sturgeon woman whom Steve Bell, the cartoon cartoonist racially as engaged in incest as all Scots apparently do.

    These paragons of journalistic virtue are deeply engaged in the production of ‘fake news’ regarding Scotland. A few months back, I received a telephone call from the Guardian asking me to take out a subscription. I declined and was asked why. Amongst the reasons I gave was that I considered that for many years the Guardian has been institutionally racist with regard to Scotland (and to Wales and Northern Ireland). I spoke in a reasonable manner. The person who was speaking became immediately apoplectic, stating that he and his colleagues were incapable of being racist and without any courteous closure cut the line dead. These people are what Burns called ‘the unco guid’.

    • I just completed that survey (using my old Perthshire constituency details!) and told them they were welcome to publish my responses under my own name. I’ll bet a pound to a pinch of sh1te that they don’t, though! 😉

    • I posted a serious reply, but came up with what I thought was a line that Wee Ginger Dug could have coined (and probably has); “Labour; Two-faced on trident, abstaining on austerity.” A nice bit of alliteration!

    • Thanks for the reference, AnnieM – I did like A’bh did just now, and gave all the reasons why I – and many Scottish former Labour voters – simply cannot vote for Scottish Labour. However, they seem to want only people who HAVE returned to Labour – not that I let that stop me, of course.

      I could just have said “Scottish Labour are not just a waste of space, they are actively toxic”, I suppose, but I believe it was worthwhile to tell them exactly why I think so.

    • You beat me to it Macart. She says that the two councillors are ‘getting help’ so that’s all right then. I wonder what she would have said if they were SNP councillors – no, strike that, I KNOW what she would have said!

      • Again, pretty much. I think its fairly hard to come to any other conclusion than protection of seats and the avoidance of by elections.

        Hypocrite it is then.

      • The, what is it – Oh; the irony. These two seen by all red-handed guilty and nothing more than an embarrassment. Michelle Thompson MP. No undue behaviour and the MSM has her run out of town. One moves from disappointment to despair.

  7. Haudin’ the fort solidly there Sam. You’ve no been short of materiel and, as you say, the week’s nae dun yit.

    I wonder if anyone will dare to question the precious one or will she be allowed to soundbite her way out of it. One thing’s for sure something will come along soon to knock it off the news. Unfortunately for the colonel the smell is just not going to go away no matter how quickly the meeja can move on. It is despicable that these people are allowed to continue in office.

  8. A fellow worker of mine’s whole basis for voting no at the indi ref was that a no vote would give away the fishing rights. He really couldn’t see it is just another chip for these bastards to give away.

  9. If I didn’t know better I would suspect the British Nationalist government was somewhat incompetent.

    But they can’t be because if they were no one would vote for them.

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