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Huge thanks to Macart for keeping you all amused and informed in my absence, but now I’m back and all refreshed. Or at least as refreshed as it’s possible to be when you have to delve into the jaded and miserable world of British nationalism in Scotland. It’s only when you escape it for a couple of weeks that you realise just how bereft of positivity and happiness British nationalism in Scotland is as an ideology. You’ll see more cheerful and optimistic people at the Wee Free funeral of a serial adulterer who was addicted to drinking and gambling on a Sunday.

We had the GERS figures and the annual ritual of Scotland’s British nationalists taking a peculiar pride in the supposed penury of their country. The release of the figures is inevitably followed by the annual ritual of the British nationalist press telling us how the figures demonstrate how screwed an independent Scotland would be financially, and the equally inevitable ritual of never explaining that the entire point of independence is not to run Scotland the way it’s being run as a part of a British state which is – by its own figures – running it into the ground.

That Scotland is supposedly financially screwed is now the entire case for the maintenance of the incorporation of Scotland into the British state. There’s no emotional case, there’s no political case, there’s no democratic case. There’s certainly no economic case either if the GERS figures are indeed as accurate a representation of Scotland’s finances as the British nationalists claim that they are, because those figures show a country with an embarrassment of resources and a resourceful, talented, and educated population which has been impoverished by decades of mismanagement from a Westminster parliament which has sole control over the levers of macro-economic control. No wonder Britnats are miserable.

However there was a spot of cheer and gaiety when Jeremy Corbyn came to Scotland to bring his triumphant campaign into the very heart of SNP voting territory – because challenging the Tories isn’t what Labour in Scotland does. While independence marches and rallies which are attended by tens of thousands of people are lucky to get a 15 second mention in the news, Jezza’s rallies dominated the headlines even though they had fewer people attending them than went to that Wee Free funeral for the serial wick dipper. Still, it did give the British nationalist press the excuse it needed to pen a few more articles about how it’s all over for the Scottish independence campaign.

In an incoherent and rambling interview on Good Morning Scotland, Ruth Davidson advised that you shouldn’t say anything online that you wouldn’t say to a big burly bloke in the pub who’s half-cut and waving a broken glass. Which is a fairly good description of your typical Conservative party council candidate in the West of Scotland. The interview came after the entire country had been playing Where’s Ruthie, which is like Where’s Wally only without any sense of accomplishment, or indeed the same level of maturity. Ruth had gone into hiding after condemning Donald Trump’s refusal to condemn right wing extremists but refusing to condemn the right wing extremists lurking within the ranks of the Scottish Conservatives.

A couple of Tory cooncilors had been suspended from the party after being linked to online abuse, far right sentiments, and sectarianism. Ruth claimed that all was well now, because the cooncilors had undergone diversity training. Most of us don’t need diversity training in order to know that sectarianism and fascism are wrong, but clearly the Scottish Tories are starting from a much lower moral baseline. Rumour has it that the diversity training consisted of making Tory members watch a video of the 1970s sitcom Mind Your Language.

Complaints are becoming more frequent from people trapped within the court of Versailles, otherwise known as Scottish Tory HQ, that Ruth Davidson is an autocratic leader and the only way you’ll get anywhere in the party is by sooking up to her and grovelling before her. The only surprising thing about this development is that anyone should be surprised by it. Ruth has a liking for right wing politics, wearing military uniforms, and riding about in tanks. That’s the very definition of an authoritarian personality.

The big news is that Kezia Dugdale has become the latest leader of the Labour Accounting Unit in Scotland to choose to resign. Although to be honest Jim Murphy’s claws had to be prised off the leadership with a crowbar and a ten litre can of WD40. Kezia’s resignation means that Labour is now seeking its ninth accounting unit leader since devolution. There are supermarket chickens with a longer shelf-life, although they don’t contain as much E. coli as Labour does and they’ve certainly never proposed a camplyobacter bacteria as a council candidate in Falkirk.

Kezia’s had enough of the toxicity, and has decided to let Labour in Scotland stew in its own poisonous juice. The only thing that the party’s elected representatives hate more than the SNP is each other. Having made Kezia feel that her position was untenable, the party plotters in the Jezza camp are now refusing to stand for the vacancy, which means that the only candidate so far is Anas Sarwar.

The Blairite former hereditary MP for Govan has been accused of being an unprincipled careerist. This is unfair. Anas does have a very strong set of principles. It’s just that those principles begin and end with whatever it is that will advance Anas’s career at any given moment. Anas Sarwar is what you’d get if you crossed Jim Murphy with the evil teddy bear from Toy Story 3. He’s a kindergarten Jim Murphy, the same ruthless self-promotion, the same single minded pursuit of his own career, the same breathtaking over-estimation of his own abilities, the same snide self-interest, only it’s all expressed through the medium of play-dough.

We could be in for a long period of time during which Labour in Scotland is leaderless, rudderless, and simply going through the motions without any conviction or goals, although to be honest it’s going to be difficult to distinguish that from the party’s behaviour for the past couple of decades. So it’s all business as usual then.

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  1. Welcome back. An interesting week coming up – they’re all interesting these days – with Westminster debate on Repeal Bill. What will britnat Labour do this time? Apart from looking after its britnat interests.

  2. Welcome home! You’ve either been doing a lot of reading or you kept up with Scotland’s politics whilst away! Anyhoo, looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday in Forfar – #Blether-In.

  3. Welcome back Paul. You certainly haven’t lost any of your writing talent or sense of humour during your break. This one had me laughing out loud, especially at the description of JC’s rallies in Scotland!

  4. Welcome back from me also. Sam did a great job while you were away.

    With the repeal bill, Brexit, SNP new plans soon for Indy, spineless Ruthie etc I am sure you will be kept busy.

  5. ‘Most of us don’t need diversity training in order to know that sectarianism and fascism are wrong, but clearly the Scottish Tories are starting from a much lower moral baseline.’ – Class, pure class! Welcome back.

  6. At last someone else is giving Labour in Scotland it’s proper title. It is officially registered as an Accounting Unit, and should be referred to as such. No matter how often Kezia Dugdale insisted it was autonomous, it is still just an autonomous Accounting Unit.

  7. “We could be in for a long period of time during which Labour in Scotland is leaderless, rudderless, and simply going through the motions without any conviction or goals”.

    Not true – they’ve got Ruthie to lead, Ruthie to take them to the right, and they just have adopt Ruthie’s convictions and goals. This should ensure that they go straight to 4th place in any future elections!

    • That’s putting the tin hat on labour and making them officially the conservatives under ruthless labour just like the uk is dead wonder which will die frist labour in Scotland or the uk place your bets

  8. How the Irish must rue no longer being part of the Union. Their GDP is only 80 billion greater than Scotland’s; despite having no comparative oil, gas, fishing, whisky industry and less population. “Thank you o lord for the sea between England and thee” indeed rings true.

    I’m now at the stage where I look at historical parallels between host countries and the British empire. The British have constantly argued that secession would lead to the bankruptcy of the host nation post indy from the USA onwards and it has always been proved untrue. Mind you Scotland does have a problem in that 20% of our population are rUK first and second generation citizens who saved the Union last time: And each census does show that Scotland is becoming less and less Scottish and more and more rUK born every year- which really poses a problem with self determination. Notwithstanding the native Unionists.

  9. Welcome back, Paul! You have resumed your tenure with a bang of equal chuckle and cringe inducing properties. I think the coming weeks will prove “interesting” indeed and look forward to reading your take on them. Sam was a brilliant care-taker and kept us all both informed and entertained … but it is good to have you back.

  10. Paul,were you to rephrase the statement, “You’ll see more cheerful and optimistic people at the Wee Free funeral of a serial adulterer who was addicted to drinking and gambling on a Sunday.” with the following, – You’ll see more cheerful and optimistic people at the Muslim funeral of a serial adulterer who was addicted to drinking and gambling on a Friday -, Would that be acceptable?

      • My point is that in our culture we rightly consider it not ok to put down Muslims, but consider it ok to put down Wee Frees. So because Islam is a religion with many denominations, but the Wee Free Kirk is only one denomination of the Christian religion it’s ok to put down the Wee Free Kirk, its members and adherents? BTW I’m not a Wee Free.

    • It would not be as funny or as appropriate to the subject matter … but I don’t think it would be in any way unacceptable. My husband and his family – all of whom grew up strict Wee Frees – would find Paul’s analogy as witty as I did. Their religion may be a trifle dour but none of them have had a sense of humour by-pass …

          • It’s a question of put-downs. I don;t believe that it’s ok to put anyone down, whether Muslims or Wee Frees. I’m a multi-culturalist, multi-ethinicist, a Christian who favours religious pluralism in state and society. My own family is multiethnic, multicultural,and multi-linguistic. I believe in a tolerant and forbearing society. Si believe that we need to tolerate and forbear with the Wee Frees. don’t think that Wee-Free-Phobia is acceptable, any more than phobias about any culture, ethnie, religion, gender, sexual orientation etc is acceptable. Or does tolerance, forbearance, and anti-phobia does not extend to Wee Frees?

          • I’m sorry but I didn’t see Paul’s comment as a “put-down” and I do believe this is a major – and completely unnecessary – over-reaction to a perfectly harmless, humorous remark in the context of the article. If this was said to any of my family-by-marriage, they would chuckle with the best. In fact they would be the first ones cracking harmless jokes at the expense of their own religious sect.

            There is a joke that circulates in the family about a member of the Wee Free Kirk who dies and goes directly to hell. A non-believer in his family manages to contact him through a medium and asks what it is like there. He replies, Oh, much the same as in the village at Communion Week – you can’t get near the fire for Ministers!”

            I accept what you say about inclusion etc. but would respectfully suggest that you need to “lighten up” a little.

  11. Great to have you back Paul and Dug. Boy, do we need some cheer and cheer you give us. Would like to have seen a wee response to the blast of negativity from the usual scribes regarding our fab new Queensferry Bridge by the Daisley, Foulkes and others if you’d had time.

  12. I’m honestly starting to wonder what it would take to throw my hat in the ring for leader of the Labour party Scotland branch.

    Worse still is I might actually get the job!

    • My wife said “I think I’ll join SLAB and throw my hat in the ring for Leader”,
      I said “dont you think I would be better suited for that being that im more involved in politics innat”?
      she said “No”
      I said “why?
      she said “cos your an arse”
      I said “I rest my case”!

  13. Of course the strange thing about the training/retraining of the racist/bigoted/alt-right neo-fascist tory councillors is that one of the charities involved denies all knowledge of training/retraining them 🤔

    Call me a cynical old Yes voting Socialist tory loathing Republican with an aversion to military uniform wearing,Orange Ludge cheering, career chasing vomit inducing LIARS but I think that they might not have been sternly spoken to at all – how about you ? If I’m being a bit obtuse, pass me the Play Doh & I’ll model my thoughts along with some acrobatic dance moves to try & make ma’sel a wee bitty clearer

    I teach Social Care students, and I’m quite open with them – if they come into my classes demonstrating discriminatory values then they either learn pretty quick how to be anti-discriminatory, or they find themselves another career path. You’d think political parties would have similar vetting procedures eh ? Mebbes I’ll suggest it tae Ruth, in nice simple terms she’ll understand……pass me the Play Doh 😉

  14. Welcome home, Paul.
    ‘Business as usual’ indeed.
    The two and a half minutes from BBC PQ this morning were devoted to SNP BAD.
    Apparently, the Scottish Government refuses to mount a sepsis awareness campaign,
    Apparently ‘All four opposition parties’ attack the Scottish Government for not meeting Fuel poverty targets last November.
    Scotland v Malta. The weather, road works, and that’s the news from Scotland. Business as usual.
    Our MSM paint Scotland as a little parish council backwater, but trouser big BBC Executive bucks to stifle news about our beautiful country Scotland.
    BBC and the Dead Tree Scrolls trivialise Scotland the Nation, under orders from their British National Party Masters.
    Well, no more.
    Holyrood opens its doors today, and Rennie Davidson and Insert Name Here Red Blue and Yellow Tories will attempt to clog up the administration of Scotland by endless FOIs, lies, and threats, to deliberately gum up the administration of Scotland’s public business.
    The irony is that the SNP is the only ‘British/UK’ Party fighting Scotland ‘s Brexit corner.
    In the SNP we have 35 WM MPs, and a Holyrood Administration which alone is dealing with the UK crisis that is Brexit.
    We voted 62% remain, we gave the Holyrood Administration a mandate to hold a second Indyref if there were a material change to the constitution, NS and her Government produced a separate EU Strategy for Scotland as England an Wales opt to leave.
    We shall not put up with Rennie and pot holes, Davidson and Public Conveniences, and Whoever Gets The Red Tory Berth, banging on about attainment levels.
    WE are in the Big Boys world now. Brexit is the only item on the agenda this year. We are fighting for lives.
    I demand that the Scottish Government devote its energies to fighting my corner: we must remain within the EU, and if necessary stage a second Independence Referendum to achieve our ultimate goal, Independence within the EU.
    No other outcome is possible, otherwise we may as well close up shop now.

    • It won’t stop the British Nationalists quoting a £13 billion black hole, and the Daily Record lying that our oil revenue has dried up, that we are too poor.
      Cheats traitors and charlatans.
      It’s not ‘just politics’. Our MSM and British Nationalist Unionists are deliberately starving a large section of our population. They know that they are doing it. Austerity means reward the rich, starve the poor. It’s a conscious decision. And the editors of our newspapers and broadcasters are presiding over this atrocity.
      They are starving our children so that the wealthy get more wealth.

      We are in torrid times, Sam, during which they lie cheat and steal in order to deny Scotland its rightful place in the world.
      I will resist naming names, until they start quoting more British Nationalist lies once more.
      The oil has not run out. GERS are fiction concocted by British Nationalist Unionists to fool Scotland, and its people.
      The Red Blue and Yellow Tories, and the Scottish Branch of the English Establishment will do anything, try anything, threaten anything to keep us as a dependent colony.
      No more.
      There is no room left for politeness.
      You are either for Scotland or against Scotland.
      England and Wales have made their choice.
      We the citizens of Scotland chose differently.
      If Davidson Rennie and Whoever do not fight tooth and nail to reflect the democratic wishes of the 62%, then they are the enemies of the People of Scotland.
      GERS are lies and distortions. Yet not one media outlet challenges this fiction.

        • Out getting the rolls. Heard a wee snippet of Sarwar being interviewed by Beattie of BBC Radio Steamland.
          He really is that shallow.
          He wants to fight injustice and inequality now that Indyref is off the table.
          This man needs medical help; it cannot be healthy to be so deluded and live in a perpetual state of denial.
          When he’s FM it will be fee paying education for all?
          As usual he had no answer to Beattie’s question. Socialist, yet kids at fee paying school?
          I hope he gets the gig. We need a good dose of comedy.

          • Whatever we may think of Sarwar personally it does speak volumes that Scotland will be the first UK country that is likely to have an Asian/muslim mainstream party leader. I think Anna Lo in Northern Ireland may have been the first Asian leader before loyalist “inclusiveness” forced her out.

          • And your point, m boyd?
            I couldn’t give a damn what belief system any politician chooses to follow.
            This man is a charlatan.
            To think that we should cut him some slack because of his religion stretches our tolerance to the limit.
            He is a champagne New Labour neo conservative unreconstructed Blairite. lying through his teeth about supporting Corbyn’s ‘progressive’ agenda. He doesn’t have a Socialist bone in his body.
            Sarwar would renationalise the railways, utilities, and scrap fee paying schools? He’d scrap trident? He’d reverse austerity?
            Och, gie’s peace, m boyd.

  15. O/T -or is it? Just seen that we will soon have a new benefit scrounger to support. Will they attract any financial penalty for having a third child?

  16. “Rumour has it that the diversity training consisted of making Tory members watch a video of the 1970s sitcom Mind Your Language.”

    Word has it that they got the tapes mixed up and they were shown the full series of “Love Thy Neighbour”!

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