The latest video from the estimable Phantom Power. The views of a Scot in the EU and an EU National in Scotland. It’s been well over a year since the Brexit vote and there is still no clarity on the status of the thousands of EU citizens working and living in Scotland or the thousands of Scots living and working in the EU. Rosie from Glasgow now works as a musician in Gothenburg, Sweden. Ellen from Bonn, Germany now works as a computer games tester in Glasgow. They share their stories, fears and ideas on what might and should happen next in Scotland’s relationship with the EU – a decision 62% of Scots voted against and which formed a central argument in the 2014 independence referendum.

Ellen is now Creative Director of EU Citizens for an independent Scotland and you can find support and more about the organisation here:
0131 618 9600

Facts about the personal and impact of Brexit:

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  1. As I posted elsewhere yesterday, very well said both Rosie and Ellen. Another great contribution from Phantom Power.

    From the First Minister’s programme for government:

    “However, we are equally determined to protect Scotland’s interests.

    The UK government’s EU (Withdrawal) Bill represents a power grab. It seeks to replace EU law in devolved areas with unilateral Westminster decision making. That is simply unacceptable.

    As it stands, the Scottish Government will not recommend to this Parliament that we approve the Bill. We will continue to seek the agreement of the UK government to amendments that will address our concerns. However, in case that proves impossible, we are also considering the option of legislation in this Parliament to secure the necessary continuity of laws in Scotland.

    We will also continue to argue the case for continued UK membership of the single market and customs union. Leaving either will have deeply damaging consequences for our economy and wider society. As I said in June, we will consider again the issue of a referendum on independence when the terms of Brexit are clear.” (My bold)

    It’s not how much of a speech you devote to a subject, it’s what you say that’s important. 😉

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  3. A very personal view of what is going to happen, the Tory government has given its reply to all EU residents, and its pretty simple F/U all .
    Nice to be part of a country that has a really affinity and understanding with others on the planet .
    This Tory government that some people’s in Scotland voted for is living up to all expectations ,compassion and understanding is being replaced with hatred and a deep distrust of anyone and anything not English, that sadly includes the misguided Scots who thought it was a great idea voting for Tory MPs , in the belief that they will be viewed differently from the rest of the jocks , how delusional some people are.

  4. We couldn’t wait, so I now have dual German and ‘British’ nationality.

    Unlike the UK, Germany doesn’t charge your life savings for this and deals with it promptly and without prejudice. I’m currently getting retraining because of an industrial injury. All it took was a doctors letter to this effect and I was considered as an equal to a rich banker for the application.

    Another major difference is that the German Basic Law says the state cannot break a family. This means that my Japanese wife is safe in Germany as my wife.

    Only one of our children had German citizenship from birth, but under the law they are entitled to it as soon as they apply.

    The process took six months and we have only help and support from local people and government departments.

    This is how a grown up democracy works…

    If Indyref had succeded, things may have been different. As it is it occurred to me that as a German I’ll be an EU citizen after Brexit, and if Scotland is still in the EU…

    • I wish Germany allowed dual citizenship to me, but I’d have to trade in my German for a UK passport after swearing allegiance to the queen. Y’know, if I had the cash to pay for citizenship which I likely don’t qualify for even after 15 years here.
      Not to whine, though, Andy – I am delighted you have it better than us and have managed to secure your families present and future. My heart breaks for everyone whose escape routes from Brexit Isle have been barred.

    • As a frequent visitor to Germany, Luebeck where my wife was born, I totally agree with your sentiments. Germany is what Scotland could be if it were independent, not to mention the Curry Wurst.

    • I really do, and I’m glad I had the chance to say so. Scotland needs to remember: ”O wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us – To see oursels as ithers see us!”

      • I makes me so proud that wonderful people like you come to our country and find it a place that you want to call home.

        My pinned tweet on twitter reads “When #Scotland adopts you she touches your soul and you can never again be free of her.”

        I guess you have been adopted and that makes me very glad. I sincerely hope we can find a way to prevent people like you suffering this unnecessary pain. An independent Scotland would provide the security that all our adopted Scots need for a happy life.

        Thank you for your belief in Scotland. xx

  5. Two young people, the future of Europe, talking sense.

    Yet wizened old politicos like May Corbyn and Cable get to decide our fate.
    Madness on stilts.
    Yesterday another old fart, Michael Fallon featured prominently on the BBC propaganda streams.
    He announces that Freedom of Movement will cease from March 2019.
    No need for Brexit talks. The Master of Blue Tory War has spoken.
    From April 2019 we will not be allowed to leave these shore unless we have Letters of Transit from our English Overlord?
    Iain Davidson’s ‘bayonetting’ of the Govan/Scotstoun/Rosyth ship builders begins in earnest as Fallon breaks yet another British Nationalist Better Together promise. Now that English Yards have been tooled up, then feck Scotland, feck the boat builders who were frightened into voting NO.
    It is clear that as the Repeal Bill gushes through WM this week, the English Establishment will consider that they have ‘taken back control’ completely, and that Scotland has been put back in its colonial box.
    England Rules Ya Bass.
    The oil and gas sector has shed 150,000 jobs in the past 3 years since Cameron pledged that the ‘broad shoulders’ of the UK would protect jobs, but only if we voted NO.
    He’s since resigned, bought a hut for £25 k and taken up smoking.
    Yet more betrayal and broken promises.
    The Oil Giants are still making Big Bucks and extracting our oil, Scotland’s oil, from our lands for nothing.
    The Rape of Scotland continues unabated, while Davidson Rowley and Rennie argue pot holes and Public Conveniences, like the Good Little Brit Collaborators they always were.

    What reaction can we expect from the EU27?
    On Freedom of Movement.
    According to the Brit Nationalist Homeland Security Document EU Nationals will have to jump through Secret Service hoops to get a job even at the top end of the market; doctors, scientists, and so on.
    Dundee and Stranraer will struggle to recruit tatty howkers or berry pickers.

    What about UK workers going the other way?
    If May’s 82 page Ban on EU workers document is to be believed, we must assume that EU27 counter proposals on the status of Brits abroad will be equally as harsh.
    Fallon announces that from April 2019 we shall be forbidden to move, work, or settle in the EU zone.

    Is that it then?

    3 million EU nationals to leave the UK in the next 18 months, and 900,000 pensioners and Brits Abroad will be sent packing by the EU27?

    Are we Scots expected to take this?
    Because England and Wales voted to leave the EU, we are to be dragged kicking and screaming into the wilderness with them?

    I think not.

    Of course the Scottish MSM have already marginalised the Scottish Government, the SNP, and the YES movement.
    The 62% do not count; the ‘UK’ voted to Leave, argument over.
    Scotland the colony.

    English citizens voted to leave. So feck you, Scotland, Norn Irn.

    The storm clouds gather like a hurricane comin’.

    Great lucid video from two very bright vibrant young Europeans.
    Just the sort of information and counter Brexit arguments which BBC PQ would NEVER broadcast.
    Indyref 2 by April 2019 is now a certainty.

    • Guess we’re getting to the meat of it today Jack. The repeal bill and the Henry VIII clause.

      Anyone fancy a central government that can pass legislation at ministerial level without parliamentary oversight? Especially THIS government?

      Y’know, the Scottish government and the wider YES movement have put up with a great deal of media pish over what constitutes a dictatorship. The slurs and smears launched against Scotland and its government by the commentariat have been pretty grim over the period.

      Well, if this debate and vote goes with May? I’d say all the peoples of the UK will get a true taste of what a dictatorship looks and feels like. Oh, and if the Scottish electorate are less than impressed with better togetherness to date? I’m guessing we’re going to be deeply unimpressed with our ‘partnership’ under a central government with those powers to call upon.

      The next two day’s will tell people much of what they need to know about the ‘United’ Kingdom, so I’d pay close attention to proceedings.

      Just a thought.

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