Second class, second rate, and miserable

This week, as though any further demonstration was needed, we discovered just how hollow and second rate Ruth Davidson really is. The most puffed up politician in the entire UK, in a highly competitive field, Ruth isn’t just devoted to her own self-promotion, she has a wee band of happy clappy followers in the British nationalist press who are delighted to tout the dubious charms of a woman who was once a BBC journalist. The truth about Ruth is that she needs the SNP to keep talking about independence, because when they don’t Ruth has nothing to say.

This week Nicola Sturgeon unveiled the legislative programme for Holyrood, a programme which contained no mention of a referendum. There are 16 new bills scheduled for the Scottish Parliament in the 2017 to 18 session. There’s a bill to pardon gay men who were convicted for sexual acts which are now legal. There’s a bill to introduce low emission areas in Scotland’s polluted city centres. The criminal age of responsibility will at long last be raised from 8 to 12, the internationally recognised age. There’s to be action on inconsiderate parking and to introduce smart ticketing for public transport. The government is also planning to consult on the introduction of a deposit scheme for plastic and glass bottles and drink cans in order to reduce waste. And there’s a whole lot more besides. The Tories were still upset however, because the Scottish government is now considering raising the income tax paid by the wealthy, and protecting rich people from paying for public services is pretty much what the Tories are all about.

Apart from the tax thing however, you’d think that after three years of banging on about how the Scottish government should forget about a referendum and concentrate on Ruth’s definition of the day job, that the uniformed authoritarian would be happy. You might think that she’d stop repeating her mantra that Scotland doesn’t want another referendum and tell us her own Scottish Conservative policies for all those many things about the SNP administration that she’s unhappy with. But unfortunately none of these things can be achieved with a cheeky photo opportunity with some dead eyed farmyard animals wrapped in a Union fleg. Which is as good a description of Scottish Conservative local cooncillors as you’re ever going to get, although admittedly it’s a bit unfair to farm animals. Some of them apparently possess a rudimentary sense of empathy and care for the well-being of their fellow beings, which is more than you can say for Conservatives.

We all know that the representatives of the Ruth Davidson Self-Promotion Party are deeply unhappy with the way in which the Scottish government runs our health service, education, transport, and economy. What we don’t know with any degree of clarity is what alternatives are being proposed by the representatives of the party that can’t ever bring itself to admit, at least during elections, that it’s full of C-words. The C-word in this context is Conservative, in case you were wondering. Because there were a couple of legitimate candidates for the C-word in that sentence.

You don’t have to look far to discover the reason for their reticence. You only need to glance south of the border where the health service, education, transport and all aspects of the economy are firmly in the hands of a bunch of right wing ideologues who have no hesitation in proudly proclaiming that they’re a bunch of C-words. The great difficulty for the C-words on this side of the border is that their colleagues in England are making a right C-word of running those public services. NHS England is being privatised by stealth and is teetering on the verge of collapse. Education in England is in crisis from primary all the way through to tertiary, with a growing number of schools outside local authority control, pupils being excluded in order to protect schools’ positions in league tables, and students at university being lumbered with tens of thousands of pounds of debt.

It’s not much better for the Labour party, which is in power in Wales. There are serious issues with Welsh education, and some very grave challenges facing the Welsh NHS. No one is trying to argue that everything is perfect and rosy in Scotland. This is the real world. Nothing in the real world is ideal, although the British nationalist media in Scotland are doing their best to promote the view that Ruth Davidson is. This was never going to be an easy task, it’s a bit like trying to tell people that Ant and Dec are the best people to run the Large Hadron Collider, but that doesn’t stop them trying. To be fair, Ruth would make a very good Saturday night game show host. She’s already got the vacuous self-promotion and the unshakeable self-belief off pat. Just don’t let her near anything that anyone has to depend on.

The point however is that those parties in opposition in Scotland who claim to be holding the Scottish government to account are in power in other parts of the UK where their records can be examined and their policies put into practice, and they’re uniformly performing worse than the equivalent Scottish services. That’s why they concentrate on telling us just how awful the SNP is, and don’t ever come up with concrete means of demonstrating how they would do any better.

Of course, the definition of a British nationalist in Scotland is that everything in Scotland, everything Scottish, and everything that’s ever come from Scotland, is a bit crap. That’s the only case they’ve got for maintaining Scotland’s place within the British unitary state, the cultish insistence that there’s absolutely nothing that Scotland could ever do that would be better than anything with a British fleg on it. That’s why the British press is full of sour faced articles about the new bridge over the Forth. Scotland isn’t to be allowed to take pride in a massive, and beautiful, new piece of Scottish infrastructure. That’s why British nationalists in Scotland are always so sour-faced, humourless, and miserable. The survival of their ideology depends on the assertion that Scotland is a miserable place.

This is also why Ruth Davidson is always going to be hollow and second rate, because as a British nationalist her job is not to make Scotland any better, it’s to bang on about how crap everything in Scotland is so that people will still believe that we need Westminster to look after us. She’s hollow and second rate because her job is proving that Scotland is hollow and second rate. But we know better. The ambitious scope of the Scottish government’s legislative programme this week is a tiny taster of what Scotland could achieve as an independent nation. It’s not Scotland that’s second class and second rate, it’s Scotland’s British nationalist parties.

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0 thoughts on “Second class, second rate, and miserable

  1. There’s a vacancy for a second-rate Saturday night game-show host since the repellent ‘Brucie’ shuffled of this mortal coil. Perhaps the Beeb should invite Wee Ruthie to audition? The opportunities for self-promotion and raking in the bawbies might even outweigh those she currently enjoys!

    • Does any one really still watch the Beeb anymore , because the last time I looked which was around 4 years ago it was just similar programs to try keep up with STV, or ITV , and the other channels with better content on them . Only the unionists that would ever see it on the Beeb .

  2. I’m afraid that the Ruth Davidson fan club is now well established here in England. She is being touted as a successor to May after a few years as an M.P. In England. What astonishes me is that her supporters in England have not seen what she has done or not done in Scotland. Obviously they don’t read your Blog. He cv is being manipulated as we speak and this is coming from a range of sources, not all of them right wing Tories. The fact that she is seen as an alternative to May is no recommendation and although I feel Scotland has a lot to offer in terms of exports, she is not one I want either here or there. The only consolation Scotland may have after she has ” transformed Scotland’s Tories” is that you will be well shot of her. Thanks guys.

    • Hi pwest9………..if indeed she is being over promoted in England as a prospective PM then the one consolation would be that the Tories will ,at last, fall……….and her career will go the way of many before her who also chose personal ambition while in denial of their own real political ability…….in other words I foresee that ultimately a back bench future beckons for Ms D….what goes around comes around.

      Have a good evening.

    • The New Statesman continues its adoration of Ms Davidson, with a paean from Mr Chris Deerin in the current issue. The other self proclaimed ‘progressive’ media have adopted the same admiring tone for more than a year.

      The FM, if she is mentioned at all by these media, is almost always portrayed in a bad light. In these media, there is little real understanding of Scotland, which reflects Jeremy Corbyn’s opinion the ‘we cannot have different legal systems in different parts of England (or The UK, to use the synonym)’. On many occasions when I have spoken with friends from or in England, including expatriate Scots, whose views on a wide range of social, economic and political matters are identical to mine, their eyes glaze over and they assume the fixed smile of tolerance for a harmless idiot, when I speak of why I support independence. They are often angry if I say that I feel they have a colonialist mindset: it is impossible because they support the right of determination of all peoples – except Scots, Welsh and, possibly, Irish, which never enters their heads, because ‘we are all the same: English/British.

      Journalists, like Kevin McKenna, whom I think truly supports independence, is much more equivocal in his pieces for the Guardian and Observer. He tends to veer towards their editorial positions, but, without quite endorsing them. He usually gives the readers an SBPbaaaaad bone. In the current, New Statesman, Julia Crampton, who is very much metrocentrically arrogant, who has written ‘puff’ pieces about such as Ms Kezia Dugdale, has been accompanying the Blessed Jeremy (whom, in common with her NS colleagues, she excoriated with a venom equal to that of the right wing papers, before the GE) on his regal tour of Scotland interviewed Ms Cat Boyd for her current piece. She is very flattering about Ms Boyd, commenting on her appearance, which, given Ms Boyd’s feminism, I wonder how it has been received. She also gives quotes from Ms Boyd, which reflect her admitted vote for Labour at the GE and abstention on EU, which indicate doubts about Scottish independence. Of course, we have not heard Ms Boyd’s account of the meeting and whether the quotes are taken out of context, so, we must not jump to conclusions. Ms Boyd, like almost all proindependence supporters, has concerns about why we failed in 2014 and how we should go on from here. Nevertheless, she has been used to bolster the ignorance about Scotland of the electorate in England.

      • I think you have a point about views on Independence this side of the border. Not from me. I support a free and independent Scotland with a vengeance and am sure that we will achieve that sooner rather than later. I support Corbyn for PM of England but feel they are adrift in Scotland. Labour squandered their position in Scotland as did the Blairites in England. The SNP get my support and when I return to live in an independent Scotland I will become a member.

        • A’bh NicCoinnich, This was one of the articles to which I was referring, since it was the one which I had read most recently. Your comment regarding the sub-editor might well be correct, assuming that newspapers still employ sub-editors these days.

          Mr McKenna is a very experienced journalist who has held senior posts with a number of papers, so he is well aware of the kinds of ruses and misrepresentations which are commonplaces. So, I wonder why he is unable to exert some influence over the heading, knowing that papers like the Guardian are hostile to independence.

          In the case of Ms Boyd, she works for a trade union and she has opinion pieces published regularly, so she is aware of how journalists will select quotes, remove them from their original context, dispense with the careful qualifications and then place them in a different context which then makes it seem that the original is in support of the Writer’s position.

          I remember during my working life, being asked to comment on a single datum, amongst many, which had just been published regarding the institution in which I worked. In the interview was allowed to give a nuanced view which took into account the range of data, which indicated that clear progress had been taken. I was asked if I was surprised about the data, to which I replied that I was not, since I and my colleagues had supplied all of them.

          When the paper came out, the headline was “Bottom of the Class for xxxxx!” and the line below read, “I’m not surprised says, boss!!”

          The first three paragraphs described the single poor datum in lurid sensationalist terms. In the remaining ten or so paragraphs, there was the gist of my full response, factually accurate, but reordered and reading in a rather boring way. Most readers would have just taken in the headline and the first couple of paragraphs.

          Since everything I had said was somewhere in the piece, I had no case for a complaint.

          I never trusted journalists again!

          • Entirely understandable! I suppose it depends on how you read Mr McKenna’s piece … it came across to me as positive once I got past the crappy headline. I imagined the BritNats seizing on it with glee (from the gist of the headline) and then being faced with some actual truths in the body of the article, which must have been a salutary experience for them.

  3. Yes they are indeed promoting Ms Davidson as the REAL opposition to the SNP and a prospective PM…though in fairness that is no real achievement when one considers Jacob R M is also being touted.

    On what do they base all of this kudos ?…….some small gains in a recent election based solely on the constitution and with not one Scottish Tory policy produced….and if there was any they MUST have been very bad as nothing was publicised in the MSM re their policies….only in Scotland eh .

    Biased much ? Tis not the person they promote but the cause ……the cause being the Union.

    Where was she when the Brexit result was announced ?…….Why did this mighty leader of the opposition not unite with the people she claims to represent and demand that OUR democracy was respected and acknowledged …………….why did she instead creep out from her unionist hiding place and automatically take the side of the union and it’s democracy over the will and democracy of the people and country where she is supposedly elected as a politician to represent.

    That she is allowed to constantly berate the policies of the SNP while her own party down south are destroying these same institutions with ill thought out and draconian policies is once again solely down to the union and it’s survival.

    What has SHE achieved that improves the quality of life for those who live in Scotland ?

    She is but a mere unionist servant whose only goal is to deny her country of birth the right to self determination………she is but a useful pawn……..and with her past and current performance a proven useful idiot too.

    I too noted Paul the many unionists who tried , in vain, to deride the pride felt by many for the new bridge and yet failed to see the pathetic shenanigans that enfolded with the clock stopping on Big Ben for maintenance reasons……………once again we must lie at the feet of BritNat symbols and ignore all that is ‘Made in Scotland’ and could be perceived as a major feat for Scotland.

    It is obvious her promotion by the media is but a propaganda tool to brainwash the uninformed so that she can achieve success not through ability but through publicity

    Unfortunately no concessions or praise is made or given to the FM who is dammed if she does and dammed if she does not and whose achievements are deliberately obscured by a media who insist on associating her as a mere divisive nationalist and NOT the stateswoman she truly is , and post Brexit , has surely demonstrated this side of her leadership to the world.

    As I have said before Ms Davidson will be found out……… and do they not say………the higher they climb the harder they fall……….just as Mrs May is but a caretaker PM……Ms Davidson is but a caretaker too and there will come a point where not even the media will be able to suppress the truth in respect to this obvious chancer and ‘ proud Scot but ‘……yes her time will come…….but perhaps not a time she will enjoy or reap any reward from………if there is ANY justice in this mad mad world we now seem to be living in.

  4. I’ve been under the weather, and taken a back seat for a week or so.
    The ‘day job’ that NS and the Scottish Government, and the Greens if they would get their fingers out of their arses, are administering the devolved areas of government, within the confines of money doled out to us by WM, but also, the SNP as a UK Party is duty bound to protect Scotland’s interests in the Brexit talks. WE voted Rewmain, we voted for the option of Indyref 2.
    Mundell, or rather Gardham writes that ‘we’ voted to leave the EU. No we feckin’ didn’t, Mundell.
    These Fifth Columnists are not Scottish, they are British Nationalists, subservient through the democratic deficit to their English Overlords, and in the pay of the Scottish Landed Gentry and the Wealthy elite Up Here.
    We voted 62% Remain, and remain we shall.
    I charge all British Nationalist Scots with high treason. They are prepared to sell the country of their birth, or location, to satisfy the demands of English xenophobes and elitists.
    Well we are having none of it.
    13 Tory MPs,. 7 Labour MPs, and 4 Lib Dem MPs and not a Dickie bird from any of them to defend Scotland ‘s EU rights and uphold our democratic will to remain within the EU.
    The Union is finished, Brexit will kill England and Wales economically, diplomatically and socially.
    WE are not going into that dark night with them.
    Great visceral analysis of Davidson, Paul.

    Surely she is without doubt a baseless nobody, who has contributed NOTHING to Scotland’s development or interests.
    She is a nasty little Brit Nat, who would abandon Scotland for a safe seat in Solihull in a blink.
    The Herald, Record, Scotsman, have already taken debate about Brexit off their pages. It’s parish council business, and Brexit is left to Davis Corbyn and Cable to sort out
    Nothing to see here, Scotland, move on..
    We have no say in the matter, according to the hacks and Brewers at the Beeb.

    There is a mighty storm brewing.

    The nonsense reported today about ‘opposition’ to merging Police Transport Scotland with the main force typifies the Better Together Brit Nat Nonsense.
    In England and Wales the Police have had to endure cuts of between 20-40%, 1/3 of Officers are off with stress, and tens of thousands of police jobs have been cut.
    But, would BBC Scotland or Herald Britland compare and contrast any aspect of Scotland/England; police, health, education, LA spending?
    The Tories, and the LibDem Tory Coalition before it, are destroying civic England and Wales.
    Davidson and Rennie would destroy Scotland if they were given the chance.
    Not in this life.
    We are being subjected to a massive propaganda war, and they bone-headedly believe that if they ignore us, that we shall eventually give up, and allow traitors to sell us down the Thames, for English Gold and Honours.
    I’ll be back next week. The above is a post feverish rant.
    The Unionist Politicians at Holyrood are an affront to democracy.

          • The bitch is back, Wendy. A wee bout of pneumonia is all.
            It has been insightful sitting back and watching. The BTL in Herald Britland has been a joy to read.
            A few bitter British Nationals who cling on to their Union like rats treading water amid the flotsam and jetsam that is the remnants of Old England.
            There is no pretence at a defence of Brexit any more; or hiding their intention to drive home the colonisation of Scotland and Norn Irn these days.
            I do hope that England is setting up Reception Centres in Berwick and Carlisle for all the Returned who will doubtless flee Scotland when we retake our Freedom and remain in this dreaded EU.
            MY appetite, both metaphorically and gastronomically has returned with a vengeance.
            I will analyse every bit of nonsense Davidson Rennie and Rowley utter from the Despatch Box this session.
            Pot holes and Pissoirs…no more. Our very existence as a country is under threat and the Unionist hangers on have fallen silent. I wonder why.

          • Jack, I don’t think there’s any such thing as “a wee bout of pneumonia” and having nursed my husband through it I know exactly how debilitating it can be. I’m very glad “the bitch is back” … but please make sure you don’t let the craziness set your recovery back!

          • Wendy, the Vision Who Lights My Every Waking Moment and the rest of my family have been cossetting me and cuddling me back to health.
            Getting there.
            As I say, if the British Nationalists who warm their arses on the benches at Holyrood attempt to thwart the democratic will of the Scottish People, who voted overwhelmingly to remain within the EU, just because they are tame little Unionists and answer only to their London Masters, then we call them out for what they are: bought and paid for Fifth Columnists.
            Pot holes and pissoirs are just about Davidson’s Rowley’s and Rennie’s pay grade.
            They don’t give a damn about Scotland’s future, or the well being of their fellow citizens.
            When I hear this lot hurling SNP BAD Scotland Crap garbage about our Education system, our Scottish National Health Service, and our Police and Emergency Services, while our MSM and the Red Blue and Yellow Tories destroy Public Services, Education and Health in England and Wales, I rage at the conspiracy of silence.
            I look forward to a Herald piece: ‘If you think things are bad Up Here, look what the Unionists are doing to Health, Policing and Schools in England and Wales.’
            Won’t happen of course.
            The MSM and especially the FOI/BBC PQ are determined to lie, exaggerate, and by omission paint Scotland as a basket case, teetering on the verge of social and economic collapse.
            The Big Lie.
            Well as Brexit unravels and EngWaland starts to sink into the Atlantic, I look forward to how the MSM Up Here try to hide the collapse of the UK Up Here, while NS gets on with the ‘day job’ of keeping Scotland within the EU.
            If that requires Indyref 2, so be it.

  5. Good again Paul. I am not sure, but reading between the lines I feel you have concerns about Ruthie’s ability as a politician.

  6. Paul you just spelled out why the english up here would never go back to england and why they could be what wins us indyref2

    • Funny you should say that, Robert. I was on the point of posting something very similar myself. When I was first lucky enough to live in Scotland, back in 1989, and I joined the local SNP, there was a whisper going around that Scotland would achieve her Independence if and when enough disgruntled English folk moved across the border ….

      • Well brexit is looking like turning the ones up here that voted no in 2014 to yes also read in the independent comment section that one English woman in Wales has wrote she’s proud to be anti brexit and fuck the English and there intolerance just shows how badly westminster has screwed us all with this brexit

  7. As usual Paul does not miss when Ruthie is the target ,to bad Kezia in her time as caretaker never managed to score even a near miss on ruth the dodger , the continued attack on scottish services with no viable comparison available to any of the unionist parties , shows just how useless they are in running services in the parts of the country they control , they cant show anything better managed , so they resort to downright lies , and the media turn a blind eye .
    Every day our media insist black is white , the bbc in scotland are past masters of deception they include in every single item that shows the scottish government doing something well , has BUT , included this continued use of the word BUT , this must depress the people who promote this guff .

  8. Kezia made the foolish error of regarding the SNP, a left of centre party, as her foe. Challenge the SNP government for sure, as the Greens do, but acknowledge shared values.The Conservatives are the opposition Labour should challenge.

    Siding with the Tories in Better Together was one colossal mistake. Next up I expect Sarwar to become their leader and so the SNPBaad stupidity will continue.

    Any litigation popped thro’ your mailbox yet Paul? You must be a target of the dark money litigation ops.

  9. I see from Iain Smart’s blog that he doesn’t think much of Kezia. He even suggests that she will come out for Independence at Indyref2. He is giving his support to Anas. As a Blairite that will do nicely for him, but it will continue the factionalism. Labour will not be taken seriously until they at least allow a free vote on Independence. It will interesting to see how Labour’s Holyrood lot deal with Nicola’s Programme for Government.

    Personally, I think he is a secret admirer of Ruth the Mooth.

  10. Here’s an idea. How about, once a month at First Minister’s Questions, the First Minister gets to ask the questions. The leader of the opposition gets to answer two, and all the others get to answer one each. Questions can be on anything relevant to the Scottish Government’s remit. Then we might find out which of the parties actually has a policy on anything other than “No Referendum” and we can laugh at what constitutes a policy.

  11. “Of course, the definition of a British nationalist in Scotland is that everything in Scotland, everything Scottish, and everything that’s ever come from Scotland, is a bit crap.”

    So true, Paul but I have almost given up trying to point this out to my zombie Daily Heil-reading relatives. With them, The Cringe is strong, and to acknowledge it would be to make a mockery of their miserable Boswell-like time on earth.

    Jack Collatin: sorry you haven’t been well but still love your Rambo-rants, mon vieux. Look after yourself.

    Care for two fingers of Aberlour for your health?

    *reveals hand with second and third fingers retracted into palm*

    Paul: I would like to consult you re some Glasgow (Lanarkshire) place-names. If you’re ok with that, you will have my e-mail address. It’s principally re. Ruchazie, Rottenrow and Barrachnie.

    I know you’re very busy, so it’s fine if you don’t have the time at the mo.

    There will always be time after the revolution.

    • Barrachnie (where I was born) is Gaelic Barr Fhraoichnidh “the heathery hill”. The same second element occurs in Pitrachnie in Fife and Dalrachney in the Highlands.

      Ruchazie bugged me for years. According to an old parish history, it’s first attested as Rachasie. It’s probably Ruigh Chasaigh, Old Gaelic for the Reach (or slope) of the Causeway. Another possibilty is Rath Casaigh – the fort of the causeway. A casaigh was a wickerwork causeway put down over boggy land. Ruadh Chasaigh, the red causeway, is another possibility.

      Rottenrow is Rattonraw in Older Scots. It’s a common enough street name in Scotland and England and is invariably from raton, the older form of the modern word rat. It means a rat infested row. The Glasgow street has been claimed to come from Rathad an Righ ‘the King’s Road’ in Gaelic, but personally I think that’s unlikely.

      Email me at if there are other Lanarkshire etymologies you’re interested in.

      There’s a Glasgow Uni PhD thesis on the place names of the Monklands here

      • Thanks very much for your swift reply, Paul. Will consult as and when.

        My thoughts are normally regarded as a boon for insomnia.


  12. I don’t view Ruth Davidson as a total incompetent. She has followed an agreed strategy to the letter. Scotland’s darker side of sectarianism has been chosen by strategists to open old wounds in Scottish society. Divide and Rule updated.

    Her actions have legitimised sectarian views and attitudes that folk in Scottish society have worked hard for many years to overcome. I hope that she does leave. She will not be missed. It will to take some years to heal the wounds she and her companions, have inflicted upon Scottish society.

    Some legacy Ruth, not forgetting for a second, your support for the rape clause.

  13. @ Alba woman. Agree some legacy Ruth. She disgusts me.

    The Scots police failed Scotland at St Geo Square on Sept 19th 2014 when they failed to control/arrest the BritNat hooligans. The sight of the two sisters being pushed around by thugs and then being taken off to a police station shames our police.

    No doubt if challenged the police would say that they had concern for order at the Square. Didn’t they know that the BritNats were arranging to meet at St Geo Square?Really?

    • There’s no saint in George Square and there were certainly no saints there either on 19 09 2016. The BBC ignored it as did the Glasgow newspapers. Many of the thugs , that night had English and Northern Irish accents, not Scots at all.

      If thuggery, violence & riot was their modus operandi when they ‘won’, what would they have done if they had lost?

      My 18 year old daughter was chased by three men that night at the side entrance to Queen St Station. Her crime? Trying to walk home with a bag which had numerous YES badges on it. That’s facism. She called home to me that night in tears. Luckily she is very fit and showed her middle aged, beer bellied assailants a ‘clean pair of heels’.

      She still has her bag and wee YES badges and carries it every day. She’s 21 soon and looking forward to Indyref2 and will spend the rest of her days ‘fighting’ for her country’s freedom from Westminster and to rejoin the EU as a normal indy country.

      The UK and Britnat ideology is not a normal country. It is ironic that it will be English nationalism which releases Scotland, as modern Scots are not going to want to live in a country dominated by narrow, inward looking, xenophobic, entitled English nationalism and Corbyn is very much a dyed in the wool, xenophobic and entitled English nationalist.

      • Bibbit, the Herald and Record rely on these knuckle draggers buying their Dead Tree Scrolls.
        There is a whole secret ancient Scots Oligarchy who thrive on the proles divided by ‘religion’.
        Set commoner on commoner and the rich and powerful remain in power, on top of the foetid dung heap of a broken society kept going by editors of Unionist rags.

    • A SLAB activist argued with me last Thursday outside a Glasgow Polling Place that both sides were equally to blame for the trouble in George Square. Thankfully, I was able to see him off on this and all his SNP BAD statements. Mind you, he also denied seeing the much photographed houses which were decorated with No on one side and Yes on the other with the “we love our neighbours” banner strung between them. Hard for him, since the houses in question were directly opposite the now closed Labour Rooms. Intentionally blind, intellectually bankrupt.

  14. Can’t think of a more repulsive individual in contemporary politics. Can picture her pished in Kelvingrove park at 4am, with a strap on and a couple of her goons in search of bad nationalist boys to punish for their sedition.

  15. They Brit Nats are relying on manipulating the poor uneducated OO types who don’t have much.

    It’s true the ruling class using selected parts of the lower orders to cause division despite the fact the very proles would benefit from independence.

  16. Thats it in a nut shell.

    A yoon is someone who believes themselves to be a 2nd class citizen of a country that they are subsidised to pretend they are a part of. They can’t imagine a Scotland that has more than paid its way in this Union of theirs. A poverty of spirit. A poverty of imagination. the two key pillars of Unionists in Scotland. Their British identity a insult. A booby prize as boon.

    They strained every sinew of their miserable little British bodies. They had full support of the entire UK media and the establishment. And they could only manage slightly more than half. The high water mark of union if you will but the wave has broken and is rolling back.

    They can only gaze backwards, miserable and unhappy. And so they pish and shit on anything that reminds them of how worthless being British in Scotland really is.

    The entire argument of the union was built on scares and fear mongering. But now all those qualms and fears they projected onto a independent Scotland are coming true in the Union. What argument is left to them now?

    Scotland in Union: A worthless shit but proud of it?

    You bet your sweet bippy they are miserable now.

  17. The union exposed isn’t a pretty sight to be sure, now is it? The British Nationalist support likewise. Intransigence, intolerance, isolationist and self obsessed. Exceptionalism writ large. There is no better togetherness and there never was. There was only ever do as you’re told, conform, accept what you’re given and obey your betters.

    The political union is bereft of compassion, empathy, understanding and … unity. It’s bereft of simple fellow feeling and perhaps more importantly…hope. They don’t even pretend anymore. Their support, a support they actively courted by the by, aren’t exactly the picture postcard types for warm fuzzy togetherness, now are they? Well over a decade’s worth of media campaigning and political strategy by establishment parties hasn’t exactly inspired a feeling of of oneness. In fact it’s gone out of its way to promote societal division, undermine trust in institutions, our government, our parliament. In each other. THIS is today’s United Kingdom.

    Indeed this is the Scotland which Westminster politics and the media created. Well done them. Take a bow.

    Political events such as Indyref, EU ref and the subsequent brexit. Corrupted by self interest, greed and power politics. The catastrophe of the crash, austerity ideology and punitive legislation. The rise of the celebrity politician: Farage, Davidson, Bojo, Gove, Davis and so many others. This is the politics of celebrity and soundbite. Politics by media. Manufactured hatred. Manufactured to suit corporate and political interest. You and I? Pretty certain collateral damage in society doesn’t rate highly on these folk’s agendas. Fact I doubt any one of them loses a seconds sleep over the harm they do.

    Whatever happens in the future, the UK, ‘the union’, has been exposed for others to see. It’s not held together by love, personal investment, care, or loyalty to some worthwhile ideal. It’s held together by intimidation, fear, corporate interests (though not for much longer), political triangulation and strategy. It’s held together by a media that frankly couldn’t give shit so long as it picks up a wage cheque and continues to wield influence.

    Personally, I don’t think your average Westminster policy gonk and their pet meeja have thought through their strategy entirely. If you constantly divide and divide again. If you constantly tell people who to hate, or mistrust. If you tell them what they are and aren’t capable of for long enough.

    Just what do you think happens to such a population? The cohesion in such a society? What is there left believe in, or trust? Who is there left that you can trust?

    Maybe something they should have thought of. Whatever they think they’ve won in the past? I think they’ve lost a lot more than they know.

    P.S. You want to know about the state of democracy in the UK today? Pay attention to the vote in commons and reaction over the next 48 hours.

    A QED moment: HERE

  18. Well, and so it continues.
    BBC Scotland News Where You Are this morning tells us that Alex Cole Hamilton calls for the old Bridge to be reopened because of delays in crossing via the New Bridge, leading, according to the BBC Propaganda Wing to commuters losing half a day’s work.
    No names, no details, just a wee quote from Cole Hamilton on an unsubstantiated claim that workers are losing a half day’s work because the Queensferry Crossing is shite.
    If you want to bring us news of Cole Hamilton BBC PQ, how’s the LIb Dem expenses scandal enquiry going?
    I’m sure Brian Taylor will have a crack team on exposing the British Nationalists’ election expenses scandal. Well, once he’s finished worshipping at the feet of tony Boom Boom, architect now, of Scottish Devolution. Aye, richt.
    Cole Hamilton, names and details please of commuters losing half a day’s work? Or are you just lying?

    • I’m not sure he’s thought that through. Seems to be a pattern forming.

      Whilst he’s busy attempting to play student politics, the rest of us will get on with the day job of worrying over whether our democratic rights are about to be binned in the next couple of days.


    • As you know Jack there has been a queue the Forth crossing every rush hour since the late 70’s. I am sure Cole Hamilton knows this as well.

      • The only moan should be that they should have made it three lanes each way.

        Also thanks to the Tories delaying the new bridge build in the recession of the early 90’s and then Labour cancelling its build all together in the late 70’s at a cancellation cost of over £200m we now have one new for lane bridge and one nearly knackered one due to the damage caused by out of specification traffic volumes. Had the new bridge been build in the 90’s we would have had four lanes each way. It was LABOUR that caused this loss of facility.

        • And Jack MacConnell gave Gordon Brown back a billion because he couldn’t find anything to spend it on. That would be Lord MacConnell, the good champagne Socialist who is now coining it in working for the Man.
          Never mind, the newly elevated Lord Ian Duncan will sort it all out for us too stupid Scots.
          We have democracy North Korean style in Scotland.
          They have set up a garrison stockade in Edinburgh now, and ditched the notion that Scotland or the democratic will of the Scottish people matter.
          We have been invaded, a bloodless coup, yet still we meekly stand aside and let this Repeal Bill nonsense play out in a foreign country, our future in the hands of foreigners Down There in England.
          Their Union is dead, and Brexit will be the last nail in the coffin.
          The clouds darken.

      • And this is considered ‘news’ to fill the derisory televised 3 minutes of ‘news’ allowed to Scotland by BBC TV in daytime.
        It is clearly a crass piece of BAD SNP, gets Cole Hamilton’s name on the telly, garbage, sanctioned by the Corporation which is charged with informing the nation (England?) educating the nation (England?) and entertaining the nation (England?).
        They spend more time discussing the English cricket match than covering news for the whole of Scotland.
        In this week of all weeks, when the Blue Tories are going to grab all powers back from the EU to London, Cole Hamilton invents a ‘lost a half day at work’ lie, and a wee lass at Pacific Quay blearily reads this toss out as a piece of Scottish News, without even blushing.
        They are robbing Scotland of our democratic rights, but let’s ignore that at Pacific Quay.
        Pissoirs and pot holes, and NS is rubbish.
        They enrage and disgust in equal measures. My fellow Scots Fifth Columnists.

        • They more or less gave the game away today Jack , on the BBC National News , it was stated our health services have better provision re mental health than the rest of the UK outside London ,

          This is totally at odds with the screaming from unionist parties here and of course the BBC in scotland who ran days of dramatic failure in our health service , indeed catastrophic failure
          Surprise surprise not a bloody mention of the nation news report on BBC Scotland news , as case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing , and they think people are not noticing this , who to believe ,outside sources or our media in scotland my what a dilemma eh ? .

          • Every breath they take, from now on in ,Robert.
            Third item on the lunch time news; Glenn Campbell quoting the Tories as not backing NS plea for Cross Party cooperation in fighting Scotland’s corner over Brexit, because Ruth declares that the SNP have not taken the prospect of Indyref 2 off the table.
            So that’s official: Ruth Davidson will fight against the democratic will of the Scottish people to Remain within the EU?
            She is backing English Tory Hard Brexit despite knowing of the economic disaster that this will visit upon Scotland, the nation, where she was born, educated, and makes her living.
            The Tories Up Here, and the rag bag of new Unionist MPs in the Labour Lib Dem ranks are conspicuous by their absence. They are backing England dragging their fellow Scots out of Europe.
            They are traitors in many people’s eyes.

          • Yet Willie Rennie, whose Coalition Government with the Blue Tories began the austerity cuts which are being blamed for the rise in Mental Health problems, prattles on about
            crap mental health provision in Scotland, which is reported as the best in the UK outside London, One of the many unfounded SNP BAD Scotland Is Shite lies and distortions all three Brit Nasties hurl across the Chamber every Thurs during FMQ.
            Of course BBC PQ are too busy talking Ranjurs Big Tax Case, much more important than anything like Health in Scotland.
            What a sick wee parochial joke BBC Sco is now.

          • Scotland’s mental health services were – and I believe still are – the best anywhere in the UK. After almost 40 years of struggling with mental health issues it was not until I came under the care of a Scottish mental health team in Tayside (Coupar Angus & Perth) that any progress whatever was made in even diagnosing, much less adequately treating, my conditions.

            That I am now well is a testament to the availability and efficacy of mental health services in Scotland – and no thanks whatever to the myriad dilettantes who dabbled in my ‘care’ in England for thirty years!

        • in addition to this i wonder who in pacific heights deemed it appropriate Nicola Sturgeon’s warning and her plea that all parties come together to protect the scottish parliament, from the onslaught to come from the tories at westminster , This warning was relegated to third in the running order behind a unexploded mine that was discovered three weeks ago , and something about the SFA god knows what ,
          The BBC in scotland have dropped any semblance of impartiality they seem to be on a total war footing designed to crush the SNP , and have assumed official opposition status , on behalf of the westminster tory fascist regime .

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