The Lib Dem refonundrum

The Lib Dems are tying themselves in knots in order to avoid accusations of hypocrisy over their policy of seeking another referendum on the EU but steadfastly refusing to concede another referendum on Scottish independence. It’s hard to understand why they’re so bothered, seeing as how being inconsistent is pretty much the Unique Selling Point of the Lib Dems. The Tories can be relied upon to be incompetently nasty. Labour can be relied upon to devote itself to infighting and just being incompetent. The Lib Dems however are proudly competent, they’re highly competent at saying one thing in opposition and then doing the exact opposition the second that they get a wee snifter of power.

Anyway, it’s not a good look, trying to argue that the UK needs another referendum on the EU on account of the fact that the Leave campaign lied through its teeth, while refusing to allow another independence referendum in Scotland even though the Better Together campaign likewise lied through its teeth. It’s OK to lie through your teeth just as long as the Lib Dems are on board with the lying. It’s only when the Lib Dems are the liees and not the liars that there’s a problem, apparently.

It’s the Lib Dems being the victims of the lying instead of the liars which is the sort of thing that gets Vince all puffed up like one of those hallucinogenic toads, the kind which if you lick gives you crazy and insane visions of impossible and fantastical realities where all sorts of weirdness comes to pass. Although this is very much like what usually transpires at a Lib Dem party conference, come to think of it. Those would be fantasies like the Lib Dems winning enough seats in an election to be able to form a government, or Wullie Rennie being a respected statesman whose every word people cling on to like divine wisdom, or people actually believing that demanding a second referendum on the EU but refusing a second referendum on Scottish independence is really moral and principled and not opportunistic and two-faced at all. Lib Dem conferences are full of people who take this sort of surreal nonsense seriously. Well, I say “full”. It’s easy to be full when your container is so teeny tiny small.

Since he does have some awareness of the reality of the universe outside the otherworldly territory of the Lib Dem conference, Vince Cable has decided to tell the press that he doesn’t want a second EU referendum. There would be no justification for that, according to Vince. It would be terribly hypocritical to insist on a second referendum on the EU while refusing to allow a second referendum on Scottish independence. But Vince still wants another referendum on the EU, and he still doesn’t want another referendum on Scottish independence. Something about this makes the Brexiteers’ favourite phrase “having one’s cake and eating it”, spring to mind. But Vince has a way out of the referendum conundrum, or refonundrum. He wants a another first referendum instead. Having a second referendum but insisting that it’s really another first referendum is completely different, and totally not hypocritical at all. Oh no. Because Vince says so. Totes different. Toads’ eyes bulgingly different. Ribbit.

The second referendum on the EU wouldn’t be a second referendum because it would be a first referendum on the facts, opined Vince in an interview with a BBC reporter who was contractually obliged not to scoff and who didn’t press him further. Pressing British nationalist politicians on the contradictions and sheer utter sanctimonious double-dealing of their stance on preserving the Union isn’t part of the BBC’s remit. Instead Vince was allowed to set out his stall for a second referendum that’s not really a second referendum and to continue in claim that it’s not really a second referendum even though he doesn’t believe that it’s not really a second referendum any more than the BBC reporter or the viewing public do. Any word salad will do, as long as it allows Vince another referendum on the EU but still to refuse another referendum on Scottish independence.

There’s a hallucinogenic toad at the Lib Dem conference that when you lick it takes you into a dream world where Scotland is an equal and valued partner which leads the family of nations that makes up the UK. It’s just a shame that in the real world, all we’ve got is a foul smelling swamp where Scotland’s hopes and dreams are drowned by Brexit loving toads.

A second referendum on Scottish independence would likewise be a first referendum on the fact that everything promised to the people of Scotland by the Better Together campaign in 2014 turned out to be a big fat lie. This sounds remarkably similar to the whole Brexit thing, come to think of it. Scotland was promised a set of things by supporters of the British state, and as soon as they got the No vote that they wanted they delivered the exact opposite. Vince says that the people of the UK deserve a referendum on the kind of Brexit that they’re going to get, which is completely different from the kind of Brexit which they were promised during the EU referendum campaign. Vince doesn’t think that the people of Scotland deserve a referendum on the kind of UK that they’re getting, even though it is completely different from the kind of UK which they were promised during the independence referendum campaign.

Vince Cable and the Lib Dems might have found a form of words which gets Vince through an interview on the BBC and allows him to square the circle of the Lib Dem’s refonundrum, but it’s not going to persuade anyone else. When the Lib Dems stop licking the toad, they’ll see that their party, with its 82,000 members across the entire UK, is smaller than the Scottish independence movement. A recent opinion poll showed that support for independence remains buoyant, and that’s before the independence movement even gets into gear. There’s much more of a prospect of a second Scottish independence referendum than of a second EU referendum. Scotland will still have its say on the EU, just not in the way that Vince Cable wants.

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  2. Humourious Paul and accurate. Bunch of tossers getting lots of media coverage to support their eight MP’s. It will be interesting to see the coverage of the SNP conference.

  3. I saw Vince today on AMS talking about the Lib Dems as the third U.K. political party, completely ignoring the fact that they are actually the fourth U.K. party. Needless to say, Andrew Marr never picked up on it.

  4. Hypocrisy, thy name is Vince Cable! This is eye-wateringly, gob-smackingly, mind-bogglingly stupid even for the Lib Dumbs! I don’t know how he can expect ANYONE to take this crap seriously. That toad has a lot to answer for.

  5. ‘But Vince still wants another referendum on the EU, and he still doesn’t want another referendum on Scottish independence’

    The problem that Vince has (and others) is that his Party (Willie Rennie I am sure was there on the day) voted in the Scottish Parliament following due democratic process.
    The Liberals voted with the Conservatives and Labour Party (no surprises there) and could only muster a combined total vote of 59 votes opposed to requesting/holding another Referendum on Independence – whereas 69 votes were in favour of holding a Referendum on Independence .. 69 MSPs were returned by the electorate representing viewpoints in favour of Independence, hence when such a vote was requested in the Scottish Parliament (due to events we are more than familiar with) the resultant 69 votes in favour versus 59 against) being the majority and Mandate for such a Referendum to take place.

    Now Vince Cable, the Liberal Party, the Conservative Party, the Labour Party, the Scottish media, the National media, the Westminster Parliament (and the BBC, who still cannot put a genuine Reporter on the ground in their own City of Glagow to objectively report in real time on events) can all selectively choose to ignore democratic process …and the clear Mandate of the constituted Scottish Parliament.. but the People of that Country know what They voted for and whether they were to lose such a vote or win it (though preferable!), is not the what matters, …..but that the Parliament has decided there should be such a vote.

    If we have reached the stage that the democratic will of Parliament is to be ignored (Vince’s and others stance) then pray tell Mr. Cable what have the Liberal Party (or any of the others) to offer this Sceptred Isle under the continuation of the Union? …

    I have to say I was more that a little disappointed with the Vince being allowed any air time to spout his ‘viewpoint’ that Scotland (and the Scottish Parliament) is not, and should not, be allowed such a vote (according to Vince), Vince who knows all about Scotland … in particular that their Parliament, should and must at all costs, …. be ignored.

    • Well said. Makes you think just what has been going on the last 300+ years. Cable and his pals favour a style of fair weather democracy. What suits them, and the people of Scotland are caste aside. Democracy then becoming the eephant in the room. No thanks, we will stick with reality.

      Given the fantasy politics of the britnats though, it’s a surprise more people are not like zombies, looking for frogs to lick! Oh, wait…

  6. Excellent, your best yet imo. My only quarm is the term, ‘word salad’. I would be inclined to be more harsh and call it, verbal diarrhoea.

    What I hear of what is piped into kitchens and living rooms via the BBC, seems to stink to high heaven!

    How many Libdem MP’s, 9? Blimey, why on earth are they even given air time. A load of air head troughers, but still pulling the wool over some peoples’ eyes unfortunately.

  7. The English parliament is, and always was, full of cheats, liars, hypocrites and charlatans, and it is well past time that the Scottish people woke up to the fact.

    The English government, as well as the Red Tories and Yellow Tories need to hang on to Scotland for the exact same reason that the Spanish government needs to hang on to Catalonia. They need Scotland for the money and resources they can steal to support their bankrupt state; just like the Spanish government needs Catalonia for the money they can steal from them to support their bankrupt state.

    Both the Scots and the Catalonian people need to get rid of their colonialist, neo-fascist overlords and stand on their own feet, free from these parasites.

  8. I’m a bit confused here; if people know that the BBC is only a propaganda tool with most of its presenters merely useless figureheads, why do people pay for the privilege of being insulted on a daily basis?

    • Is it not against the law to watch tv without paying the licence fee? Please show me that it’s not and I can then persuade my better half to stop paying. Personally, I have weaned myself off the BBC over the last month or so and would love to re direct the fee to our own home grown media. Can I include Bath in that?

      • it is legal to watch TV without a license. As long as its streamed content as in Netflix or Amazon etc etc. and not a UK terrestrial catch up service. DVDs and or Blu ray or even content on youtube. If thats too much for you because you really need to see GBBO or whatever, then you have to pay the telly tax.

        I stopped paying for terrestrial TV nearly 5 years ago. Mostly because its shit. I realised that I was watching streamed or rental online, rarely anything at all on UK telly schedules.. When i realised that you don’t need a license for that – I was outta there. Its not just UK MSM you wean yourself off, its the commercials and that brain cell destroying pap they put out on Saturday evening. I couldn’t tell you a thing about anything on UK TV anymore. That even goes for commercials.

        I stopped buying UK newsprint 6 months ago. Plenty of other places to go for news and opinion. This site is one I visit once a day.

        • Thanks for the info David. I’m finding I hardly watch the telly these days so that might be a sign that the brain cells are recovering. Will have to work on my wife though.

  9. Sorry for being under-informed, but is Vince Cable the leader of the Liberals now? I’ve been away for a while working abroad, and their internal affairs didn’t really grab my attention.

  10. Being a pedant, I have to take issue with your comment. ‘ The Tories can be relied upon to be incompetently nasty’. The Tories are very competent at being nasty.
    It running the country that they are incompetent at.
    Absolutely spot on article though.

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