The Internationale – Scottish Labour version

A reworking of the Labour anthem the Internationale for all those Scottish Labour people who were acting on social media yesterday as apologists for the brutality of the Spanish state.  Internationalists my arse.


The worker’s flag is deepest red,
but this song’s just a figurehead,
Cos when the people fight the state
SLab cheers for what the state dictates.

Let’s raise the bloodied batons high!
Cheer as the rubber bullets fly.
Catalans may flinch and Scot nats sneer,
Labour backs the police in riot gear.

Barcelona’s bloodied under Spanish might
while the people’s party denies the right
of the people to decide their fate
and Labour hacks cheer Rajoy’s hate.

Conference songs about solidarity
only mask the cruel reality
Scottish Labour will be the friend
of the establishment right to the end

We’re Scottish Labour and what we do
is to keep Scotland’s flag red white and blue.
We may fight like ferrets in a sack
but we’ll keep the Tories on your back.

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0 thoughts on “The Internationale – Scottish Labour version

  1. Sad but oh so true – the blinkered bunch have only one thought ,never give independence a fair shake however tenuous the link , as for Brian Wilsons support of the spanish government’s actions yesterday , well how much lower can this reptile get , along with his two faced party Labour i wouldn’t Jackie Baillie On them .

  2. The people’s flag is deepest red,
    It should be Labour’s necks instead.
    And ere their necks grew stiff and cold,
    Their chicken hearts beat London gold..

    Then raise the scarlet standard high. (chorus)
    Within its shade we’ll live and die,
    We cowards flinch. We Traitors sneer,
    We’ll keep the red necks grubbing here.

    Look round, the Frenchman loves its blaze,
    The sturdy German chants its praise,
    In Moscow’s vaults its hymns are sung
    While Glasgow swells the cringing throng.

    It waved above our widow’s mite,
    When all ahead seemed dark as night;
    It witnessed many a dirty deed and lying vow,
    We must not change its colour now.

    It well recalls the sellouts past,
    It gives no hope of peace at last;
    The banner bright, the symbol plain,
    No human rights and personal gain.

    It suits today the weak and base,
    Whose minds are fixed on self and place
    To cringe before the rich man’s frown,
    And haul the sacred emblem down.

    With heads uncovered swear the vow
    To kneel and cringe and still we bow;
    Come Cheezy Dugtails or Jerry Corbetts
    we’re still the same old Labour wets.

  3. Ace, Paul.
    There is no Labour Party now.
    Corbyn is a sad cartoon.
    The Tories have started well on their Beano.

    It must be quite alarming being trapped inside the head of David Mundell these days.

    He has been given the title Secretary of State for Scotland yet he seems to have been side-lined, denied even access to even the most public of information that his Blue Tory Masters are putting out there for public consumption.
    In his speech today, apparently, he will say that Nicola Sturgeon, and the Hateful SNP should give up all notion of a second Indyref; we had one in 2014 and it was decisive. Scotland voted No by 55% to 45%.
    And that’s it. We voted to be a colony of England for ever more.
    This is Mundell’s version of democracy.
    Forget the lies and threats. Forget the broken promises. Forget the Austerity measures visited upon Scotland by his Blue Tory Government and backed by the Red and Yellow Tory British Nationalist Unionists.
    The fact that he feels that he can order a political party, the SNP, to abandon Independence, and that would resolve the matter about Independence tells us much about Mundell’s idea of democracy.
    Political parties dictate to, rather than serve the wishes of the people.
    45% of us voted Yes, that’s roughly 1.6 million.
    Many of the 55% who voted No, did so on the basis that the promises, threats, and downright unchallenged lies of the British Establishment reflected reality.
    Many No-ers know differently now.
    All of us reserve the right, just like the Catalans, to change our mind at the ballot box.
    The Oil is not running out; HMRC have shifted thousands of Scots jobs from Scotland to Crawley; the Govan, Scotstoun, and Rosyth yards are under very real threat, as Fallon opens up the cast iron guaranteed Vote No Frigate jobs ‘to the market’, which Vow breaking news seems to have been met by resounding silence from the Labour Shop Stewards in Scotland who touted ‘Vote No or lose the work’ during Indyref One.
    Mundell is responsible for the Bedroom Tax, the Rape Clause, the Two Child per Family Chinese Population Control by the Elite, the billion pounds a year in cuts to Scotland’s public services, and allowances to the disabled, ‘just about managing’ low income families, and is responsible for 260,000 Scottish children living in Blue Tory engineered poverty, while 500,000 of his fellow citizens live below the poverty line.
    It is he who is crippling Scotland. It wasn’t a big boy who did it and ran away.
    Mundell and Davidson are destroying Scotland’s civic society, and laughing their frikking heads off while they go about the Devil’s work.
    We voted 62% Remain in this Land, yet Mundell ignores us. What part of the democratic will of the Scottish people does he not understand?
    We were quite clear in our messages on the EU, at the ballot box during the hastily arranged UK GE, and the last Holyrood Election.
    Yet because Mundell is a Brit National, and Solihull will always come before Shawlands, because there are more English than Scots in this precious corrupt crumbling Union of his, he sees nothing wrong in telling us all to shut the fuck up and accept slavery..
    At Manchester Davidson is at it as usual, slagging off Scotland, and doing the dance of the seven veils to entertain the Nasty Party.
    She won the GE in Scotland, so there.

    Mundell urges his fellow Scots to forget that we voted Remain, to forget the Scottish Government’s alternative proposals for 62% Remain voting Scotland to stay in the Single Market , sound proposals which were thrown into the bin in front of Mike Russell by David Davison day one.
    We have been reminded in no uncertain terms that the wishes of the Scottish People will be ignored. We shall be forced out of Europe, by dint of superior English numbers.
    The Chancellor announces £400 million for HS2 to link the ‘Northern Cities’, that would be Hull and Liverpool, and we are to sit on our hands while England expands at the expense of Aberdeen Edinburgh and Glasgow.
    More money is going in to propping up the idiotic tuition fees scheme Down There.
    Up here we believe that investing in our future doctors, engineers, scientists, teachers, is a wise publicly funded commitment.
    Down there, Higher Education has the same market value as selling Mars Bars or Toilet Seats.
    Capitalism, except for Monarch Airlines, works?
    Michael Fallon, the man who pulled the rug from the Govan BAE Frigate contracts was on Radio 4 lying through his teeth.
    The Irish Border problem has been solved, the EU27 have agreed England’s two year transition period, and Brexit will be a raging success.
    Where can I buy one of the Blue Tories’ Happy Pills?
    We will not go down gently, Mundell. Perhaps you can outsource crowd control Up Here to the Madrid Polis?
    Red Tory/Blue Tory? There is no difference now.

    • .Where the, more cerise than red these days, Labour banners flout the sky, And fan our People cold….

      …. as for the ‘Guardian of Scotland’, the Guardian of Scottish Democracy itself, our very own Secretary of State for Scotland,(Conservative) will of course place his constituents’ wishes paramount, champion Scotalnd’s Parliament….and act according to the democratic will of (the majority of ) its People….lest ye forget…

      …..69 votes in favour of holding an Independence Referendum by the Scottish Parliament on 28th March 2017 versus the 59 votes against (this majority ‘in favour’ of holding an Independence Referendum……achieved by the Scottish Electorate’s representatives in Parliament, thier MSPs voting for this… the legal, constitutional and democrtatic mandate to hold an Independence Referendum,

      Also all consitituencies in Scotland (the entire Country) voted by majority to Remain in the EU, in that particular Referendum.

      A vote on Independence……and in due course remaining in the EU, for Scotland awaits.

      • As you say, we voted overwhelmingly one way, yet Mundell and Davidson strut their stuff down in Manchester sneering and laughing at the Scottish electorate.
        They are bone headed stubborn fascists, and I use the term in its truest sense, who would defy the will of the Scottish People, and force us into submission to the will of 17 million English xenophobes among our bigger neighbours to the South.

        Davidson and the Blue Tories Up Here deny that Scotland is a country in its own right, will not admit that we are tied in an unholy illegal Union with England, and that as such, they are Fifth Columnists, in place to do their English Masters’ bidding.
        They are London poodles.
        They both argued to Remain in the EU, yet when 2/3 of Scots concur, they are more than willing to betray the nation, for their own advancement, money, power, and to please their English Masters, Johnson, Davis, May, and the Dreaded Mogg.
        There is now an English/Scottish dichotomy, whether they like it or not. We the Scottish People, voted Remain, and Remain we shall.
        They’ll need to get the riot police up from London on the promise of limitless overtime and bonuses with their water cannon, rubber bullets, and riot sticks if they think that we Scots will walk meekly into the Fantasy World of Merrie England without a fight.
        We shall hold Indyref 2 , probably in October 2018, when May and Davis, (or Johnson) walk out of EU27 talks, and Ireland descends into chaos. It’ll be like the Miners’ Strikes all over.
        England and Wales will collapse economically, socially, and politically as the 48% Remain, mainly the young, and the millions who didn’t bother voting, suddenly realise what No Deal will mean to their jobs, their way of life, and their pockets.
        Corbyn and the Militant Momentum Mao Labour are as anti EU as the Rees Moggs of this world.
        England has been overrun by Arch Right and Trotsky Left Little Englanders united in fending off Johnny Foreigner.
        Twa fleas from the same dug, a poisonous symbiotic hellish Them and Us pact designed to keep them all in their cushy jobs, and to hell with the people.

        By the autumn of next year, the Little England Bonfire of the Vanities will destroy the London Oligarchy. They are running out of bluff and bluster time.
        It can only end one way. Scotland leaves their crumbling little Union.
        Roll on October 2108.

    • They will adopt a position that is the opposite of the SNP. Regardless of the context. Almost as if finding common cause with the SNP, might make the case for independence more appealing.

  4. Labour, Red Tories Through and Through
    There’s a plush seat in the House of Lords
    For Scabs like you.

    Labour – For the money, no fir you.

  5. Labour’s ‘position'(bent over with its trousers down) brings me again to the conundrum of the Ind Ref vote and what did they do with the win, or are going to do if by some chance they get a majority in Holyrood?
    45% voted Yes, 55% voted No. But that 55% is made up of two groups with entirely different ideologies. Even if they don’t look that way in Holyrood they must be to win Westminster in England, and neither of those two get to keep the 45%, it’s not theirs to command.
    That’s the problem when it comes to ‘running’ Scotland. Each of them will act as told by their Westminster Government, and will need to carry out that Gov policies, even if they tweak them a bit.
    The SNP is bigger than either of them in Holyrood and, unless there is a great catastrophe, going to remain that way, and those who want independence are going to continue to fight for it.
    So where do they go with the win, I don’t mean what they may claim they will do, but in the real situation they would be in?

  6. I read some of the sneering comments from the SLab ratpack and was duly disgusted. To witness the horrific scenes taking place in Catalonia and read their vile reactions was truly appalling. That anyone with any humanity could view paramilitary thugs smashing their batons into crowds of defenceless people and yet simply see it as a chance to rush to twitter in order to make political justification for establishment brutality is beyond understanding.

    There is something more sinister going on here than simply positioning themselves in the matter of Catalonian independence – while thinking all the time of Scottish independence. They are, in effect, defending in advance any similar actions that might be considered in the future by their very own establishment. They want what happened to be an object lesson to anyone considering a Scottish referendum. They are just the sort of snivelling would-be bullies who would shelter behind any such violent crackdown.

    Still simmering, though, about the vacillating response of the EU to what happened yesterday. All credibility shredded, reputations tarnished. Will they have the nerve to criticise any tinpot regime outside the EU using similar tactics to what happened yesterday in full view of the public in a European democracy?

    • It says a lot doesn’t it? Their only response was a sneer curling their lips as they hurled one insult after the another at us. The context – the sickening images of state violence against peaceful civilians ignored. Even when it was acknowledged – feeble and pathetic hand wringing.

      No – they’d rather try and make themselves out to be the real victims. Let that one sink in for a few minutes. Scottish labour – getting on the fake outrage express on another day trip to stupid town.
      To have fallen so far and learned nothing. I am of the opinion that one of these days they are going to wind up stuck in stupid town as permanent residents.

  7. Looked in on some of those twitter convos yesterday. There’s no other way to describe some of the comments as anything other than appalling and shameful Paul. They were a disgrace. Apologists for brutality against a peaceful democratic vote. No excuses. No semantics. No shame.

    It’s weird, but the Internationale ran through my own thoughts too and the exploits of the International brigade. I doubt the socialists of yesteryear would find much in common with those who claim the title today. Amazing to think that those who claim the name seemingly do not aspire to the clothes that go with it.

    The Spanish government declared the vote illegal. They being sole arbiters of Spain’s law and constitution, you’d think that would be that. How and ever, being the legislative body of a state doesn’t make your laws ethical, democratic or even right. It simply makes you a law maker. How many regimes throughout history, legislated for and committed the most heinous of acts? How many states committed acts of mass murder, naked discrimination against any demographic they saw fit, acts of civil and human rights abuse. I can think of a few and I’m sure most folk reading could make a pretty decent list of their own.

    The point being, that upon a time decent people said enough! They made a stand against those acts of injustice and made themselves heard. They marched. They voted. They put themselves in harms way and in many cases were persecuted for their stand and their beliefs. I’m sure there may be a Labour history buff out there who could come up with an example or two… from their history. Apparently more recent examples are somewhat lacking. Maybe they could start with some simple human empathy.

    They might want to think about that the next time the current crop in Scotland start flapping their gums about ‘socialist, not nationalist’.

    • Universal Credit Scheme, Sam. 100,000 already going six weeks without any money, resorting to Food Banks. The National roll out is going ahead despite the fact that low paid ‘just about managing families’ will be £2800 worse off and tens of thousands have been plunged into rent arrears because of Blue Tory cuts.
      Ciorbyn and Cable think that UCS is a good idea too, BTW.
      Disabled unemployed citizens have had their £30 a week Employment Support Allowance scrapped, they will be £30 a week worse off, the Rape Clause, the Bedroom Tax, the Dementia Tax. the Two Children CTC ceiling, ….we need not delve into history or scour the globe looking for a Rogue State, to cite a totalitarian state hell bent on crushing civic society. Welcome to New England.
      Mundell Davidson Carlaw Fraser and Two Jobs We Are The Fucking People Tomkins are killing thousands of our citizens by statute.
      Go on, sue me, ye Blue Tory Brit Nats.
      England is descending into total madness, Macart.
      We ain’t sliding into the abyss with them.

    • Oh, well said, Sam! I am sickened by the stance taken by Labour – they have now completely cooked their goose as far as I am concerned. I was prepared to accept them in respect of England as a lesser evil than the Blue Tories … this has shown me that they are just more of the same. It makes it a lot easier for me – I was divided before with my Scottish half being SNP all the way and my English half thinking “OK, Labour for Engand.” Well, Heaven help England now – they are screwed whoever governs in Wastemonster. Democracy in the UK is on its deathbed.

    • Well said. Just because a government makes a “law” does not mean that everyone should go along with that law as it may well be evil in intent as well as totally immoral.

      Hitler and his gang made many laws, to the detriment on his own people as well as to the detriment of peoples in other countries. We did not say then that his laws must be obeyed, nor should they have been. Just as the “laws” of the Franco fascists should not be obeyed as they, like Hitler’s laws, are evil and immoral, and a total breach of human rights.

  8. Once upon a time a long time ago there was a Labour party which achieved much and stood up for the little people.

    Sadly over many years that party disappeared.

    The rump of the once great party is basically now Tory.

    There are still some decent people in Labour, they know their party is in terminal decline.

    They are probably a bit embarrassed by many now running the party.

    They know they should leave now, but they can’t.

    The few remaining decent ones would be welcomed to our side, come over to Scotland leave the London blue and red Tories to get on without you.

    You know it the right thing to do.

  9. The People’s Flag is deepest pink,
    It’s not as red as you might think;
    The Militants wings are cold and stiff,
    Cos’ we pushed them off the nearest cliff;
    So raise that loyal banner true,
    That good old red and white and blue;
    The militant wings are cold and stiff,
    Cos ‘ we pushed them off the nearest cliff.

    It suits today the stupid and daft,
    It shows the future, we’ll come last;
    Our 7 MP’s are greedy and vain,
    At the next election, you’ll see nane;
    So raise that loyal banner true,
    That good old red and white and blue;
    Our 7 MP’s are greedy and vain,
    At the next election you’ll see nane.

    So grab your chance and grab it now,
    Be a loyal Scot and take a vow;
    For Scotland’s Freedom dearly take,
    Before it is too bloody late;
    So raise OUR loyal banner true,
    St. Andrew’s flag of white and blue;
    For Scotland’s Freedom dearly take,
    Before it is too bloody late.

    • I wrote that way back in 1992 after the election of John Major. The first two lines, if memory serves was written before that election, that Labour threw away spectacularly, by acting if they had already won. It was published, I think, in Private Eye. This was back in the days when it was readable.

      • Of course in the run up to that election I’m pretty sure it was 44 MP’s I wrote about. I just brought it up to date. My, how the mighty have fallen. All the bigots that followed Labour for Generations now Follow the Ruth Davidson Party, (the Party that dare not say it’s name).

  10. I try, very hard, to suppress my inner sub-editor, but, in this case Paul, you have totally blown your Socialist credentials. Sorry and all that, but.

    You have re-written the Labour Party anthem – The Red Flag – rather than The Internationale – the international socialism anthem.

    Still not a bad job, but, I have to keep you right on this one.

  11. Imagine if the likes of the General Strikers had had to face the wrath of the Scottish Labour Party. They wouldn’t have stood a chance.

  12. Radio 4 this morning said only 2M voted out of population of 7.2M in Catalonia. The problem with that is: a) the electorate is only 5.6M; b) the police confiscated 750K votes; and c) How many people: did the Police stop from getting to the voting stations or were too scared to risk it to vote. Radio Scotland went one better and called the Catalonian strikers today separatists despite an earlier piece on Radio 4 where a Catalonian striker made it clear that he was opposed to independence but was against the reaction of the Madrid government and that’s why he was striking!

  13. Down here in EFC (England’s First Colony), where we have known nothing but Labour’s nepotism, incompetence and corruption over four or more generations, our much-missed poet Harri Webb (who demonstrated with his every breath that it was possible to be on the Left and a nationalist) wrote this:

    “The people’s flag’s red-white-and-blue
    And several other colours too.
    See lining every tainted fold
    A tarnished fringe of Saxon gold.

    So raise the venal banner high,
    For Sale, For Sale is all our cry,
    And ‘neath its shade we’ll try like hell
    To sell our native land as well.

    Corruption’s black and envy’s green
    Upon the leprous fold are seen,
    And guiding through the shades of night
    The Yellow Streak shines broad and bright.

    So hoist the harlot emblem high
    Above the fragrance of our sty,
    Sustaining us in all our frauds
    Until we reach the House of Lords.

    Come clown and cretin, thug and sot,
    Let’s all hang on to what we’ve got.
    Use every ruse, however vile,
    Till each has made his little pile.

    So raise the stinking standard high!
    We stumble onward soon to die
    A shambling shower of senile wrecks
    The Dragon’s breath hot on our necks.”

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