Tory fantasy politics in an empty room

David Mundell gave a speech to the Tory party conference, but no one was really paying any attention. Well, I say “gave a speech to the Tory party conference”, but the vast majority of the conference was elsewhere when Fluffy was fluffing. They were off doing more important things like seeing how far they could get their tongues up Jacob Rees Mogg’s backside, or plotting with Boris Johnson about how to overthrow Theresa May, or shopping for red white and blue nail varnish in the nearest branch of Boots. The few who bothered to turn up to listen to Mundell’s inconsequences clustered together in front of the telly cameras in the hope of making it seem that he has as many fans as last year’s boy band. If that is, the fans of last year’s boy band were a bunch of geriatrics with zimmer frames, trying to persuade us that David was the lead singer of Hip Operation. Although not one on the NHS, because thanks to the Tories you’ll have to wait for longer than an average working class life expectancy before you’ll get one.

The truth is that more people have turned out at pro-independence public meetings to meet my dog than could be bothered to listen to Fluffy. Which means that a rescued mongrel dog from Spain has a bigger influence on the Scottish constitutional debate than the Scottish secretary of state. This shouldn’t come as any great surprise to anyone, the person who delivers a double latte machiato to cabinet meetings has a bigger influence on the Scottish constitutional debate. David Mundell isn’t trusted with anything more complex than a used teabag and a pot of lukewarm water. His sole role in Scottish politics is to deliver to Scotland whatever message his superiors tell him to deliver, but since his superiors are incapable of agreeing on whether the sunshine starts the day in the east, the west, or out of Boris Johnson’s backside, all he’s got left is freeform waffle. So he decided to fall back on a trusty favourite, lecturing Nicola Sturgeon on how she’s got to give up her obsession with independence.

Just a couple of days ago, Theresa May told the press that thanks to Ruth Davidson, the issue of Scottish independence had now gone away. This was somewhat contradictory when we consider the contents of Fluffy’s perorations, because if he felt the need to insist that Nicola Sturgeon stop thinking about the constitution, independence, and Scotland’s place in the world then clearly the issue of Scottish independence hasn’t gone away after all. Maybe Theresa just didn’t feel the need to tell the cabinet’s tartan teddy bear that he was now surplus to requirements, which only goes to prove her lack of empathy as she’s clearly surplus to requirements herself.

In any event, it’s not that the Conservatives are dealing with a deck of reality cards. The issue of Scottish independence hasn’t gone away. It’s not going to go away, and all the Tory foot stamping and insistence in the world won’t make it go away. There is no independence movement in the world which achieves the support of about half the population, then says to itself, “Oh well, that’s it all over. Let’s give up and go home,” and resigns itself to the current constitutional settlement forever just because the main party of independence won an election but failed to win it by a sufficiently crushing margin. That would be an election during which the independence party went through the entire campaign insisting that the election wasn’t about independence anyway. As definitions of “gone away” go, this is like closing your eyes when a person you dislike stands in front of you waving a YES placard, and insisting that they’re really halfway around the planet hiking up a mountain in Borneo.

In truth it’s public trust in the Conservative project which has gone away. The party is, in Ruth Davidson’s words, having a bit of a “nervous breakdown” as any semblance of a political consensus in the UK collapses and the Tories cannot agree on how to respond. Just a few months ago the Tories were riding high and were convinced that there was a huge majority in the UK for their version of a hard line Brexit and a return to a red white and blue political nostalgia, taking Britain back into some sort of Downton Abbey. Then they got a rude awakening when Theresa May lost her majority.

These are not political circumstances in which there’s no appetite for Scottish independence. These are political circumstances in which most people who don’t consume politics are either hoping desperately that everything will work out in the end, or are refusing to think about the impending train wreck. Time is however, running out, and when it does run out the independence movement will be there to provide a vision of a way out of the disaster wrought by an arrogant and selfish British establishment.

The Tory party is so adrift from any moorings in reality that a significant section of the party honestly believes that the way to attract back voters who are interested in the socially progressive and anti-austerity messages of Scottish independence or Corbynism is through the hardline Thatcherism and social conservatism that are in store with the ludicrously affected 18th century schtick of Jacob Rees Mogg. Another equally deluded part of the party thinks that the me me me-ism of Boris Johnson is the road to salvation, because in Boris Johnson the party has found the perfect distillation of the selfishness and self-interest that Conservatism stands for.

Today, Tuesday, Boris Johnson gave a speech to the Tory conference in which he waxed lyrical about all the wonderful things that a post-Brexit Britain can achieve for the rich, for global corporations. Meanwhile back in the real world the European Parliament overwhelmingly passed a resolution saying that insufficient progress has been made in Brexit talks for the EU to enter into negotiations with the UK about a trade deal. The Parliament supported a motion stating that the UK has seriously impeded talks because of a lack of clear proposals on the part of a British government. MEPs spoke about their frustration and anger that one of the biggest obstacles in the negotiations was due to the fact that the EU didn’t really know who it was negotiating with and their belief that the British government was putting the needs of the Conservative party before the interests of the UK. The Tory party is lost in a fantasy world of its own creation, and its dragging the whole country with it.

Maybe if David Mundell called on his own party leaders to concentrate on the day job instead of their obsession with jockeying for personal position, he might have delivered a speech that would have made slightly more people pay attention. Instead the Conservatives prefer to indulge in their own selfish and petty games, and throw the blame at everyone else for seeking a way out of a disaster that the Tories have created. All the Conservatives have to offer Scotland is some non-entity with no power or influence sounding off about his fantasy life in an empty room. Independence is the politics of the real world.

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0 thoughts on “Tory fantasy politics in an empty room

  1. Having met the Dug I can assure you you both have infinitely more bearing on political reality than Fluffy, who I have also met, will ever have. Both you and Ginger keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks,Paul. Between the guffaws at your rapier wit, you saved me having to listen to this unfortunate little man’s delusional guff.
    Boris is a Yank of course. He’ll be right at home with Domestos rinsed chicken, and Texas steroid beef.
    Boris and Ruth are the front runners to topple May?
    Next you’ll be telling me that Trump is POTUS.
    Michael Fallon assured BBC Radio 4 yesterday that the Irish Question had been sorted, that May’s Positional Papers had all been accepted by EU 27, and that Brexit is going to be a smash.
    I doubt that May will last until Guy Fawkes.
    Ruth’s gone awfy quiet, well, for her, anyways.
    The Political Establishment in England has lost it completely. thank heavens.
    UK over by October ’18.

  3. I just caught up with Davison’s pre-recorded interview with Brewer on Sunday Politics.
    She is showing all the signs of megalomania.
    Apparently the SNP did not win 35 out of 59 seats in the UK GE; they don’t have a mandate at Holyrood to hold Indyref 2 just because they with the Greens hold a majority, and 62% Remain in Scotland can be ignored because Ruth says that we will still be in the Single Market after Brexit.
    She has promoted herself to Cabinet level, and talks as though she is privy to low level details of Davis’ EU27 negotiations, and that she and Boris are on tweeting terms.
    She had no answer to the billion pound bung to the DUP, the party who would have her chemically cured of her ‘deviation’, and laughed as only she can, like a jolly hockey sticks fourth former, when Brewer asked, has she arranged for Scotland to get a bung from the ‘Magic Money Tree’?
    She really is an empty headed little careerist, who prattles on nine to the dozen, spouting ‘tommy rot’.
    The Scottish People returned 35 SNP MP’s, voted 62% Remain, and there is a Pro Independence majority at Holyrood, Ms Davidson.
    No amount of you denying the ‘democratic will of the Scottish People’ will chance the ballots.
    What substance is she taking that she can deny this pre-recorded on the BBC, and Brewer lets her away with it?
    There won’t be Single Market Status, or Freedom of Movement, or any form of pseudo EU, and this lame brain knows this; yet still she prattles on uninterrupted by Hang On A Minute Brewer.
    The Ruth Davidson Show, free, on the Beeb, on my licence money.
    Gordon Brewer, what is the point of your show?
    Just display a placard, Union Good, Seps Bad for half an hour on a Sunday.
    Madness stalks the halls of Manchester.
    One thing is clear; Davidson has no chance of leading the Blue Tories.
    She comes across as vacuous and unaccountably patronising.

    • I started to listen to Ruthie’s 17 minute conference speech but had to give up after 2 minutes because I couldn’t bear any more of her simpering grin and ‘jolly hockey sticks’ demeanour.

    • To be sung to the tune of Lily Marlene aka The D-Day Dodgers:

      Dear old Moothie Ruthie
      Ye think ye’re awfy hot
      Standin’ up in Manchester
      And spoutin’ “tommy rot” ….

      It needs a better brain than mine to complete the lyric but this would be the gist! 😉

    • No need to pay “licence money”. Cancel it. Bin the TV. Get multi facet news from the web and much cheaper and better entertainment from Netflix/Amazon etc subscription services. Write to BBC at Pacific Quay explaining why you are no longer prepared to fund their anti Scottish Britnat state propaganda and have a good laugh at the gibbering reply you will receive.

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  5. It appears our party of UK government isn’t exactly reading from the same page. Mind you, in a party whose fav pastimes include ministerial backstabbing, assaulting those who can’t hit back or serial bouts of epic political self harm, what else is new?

    Bless. 😀

      • Why do you think they stay south of the border especially mundell lucky that traitor can run should of got lynched during the torys snap election and did i hear that right last week the torys said they wasnt ready for the snap election remind me again who called the snap election

  6. My daughter sent me this poem today, in the style of the Cat in the Hat:

    Ode to the Maybot

    I do not like our PM twit
    I do not like her, not one bit
    I do not like her EU stance
    Giving Scotland not one chance
    I do not like her 50s views
    Denying Scotland’s right to choose
    I do not like that she finds it strange
    The fact that Scotland needs a change
    I do not like her tricks and spin
    Telling Scots they’ll never win
    I think she needs to change her view
    Scotland is OURS and we’ll see it THROUGH!

  7. Very interesting Paul that HM’s Heid Honcho is now saying she will have direct talks with our FM.
    Until recently all we have heard is the bravado and bluster from HM press and the Tories about her monkey (Blundell) as being the person who should do so.
    Also noticeable that the Heid Honcho is referring to Holyrood as the Scottish Government.
    So,will we see the organ grinder in chief appearing back in Edinburgh?
    Bet not.

  8. Apologies for O/T Paul, but I’m hearing the King of Spain has made a speech where there was no request for any dialogue or any condemnation of the police violence. If this is true (and I haven’t heard it for myself yet), he may just have burnt the last bridge.

    • Yeah the Spanish language press is reporting that he’s accused the Catalans of acting outwith the law. He said (my translation)

      “With their decisions they have infringed in a systematic manner the legally and legitimately approved rules, demonstrating an unacceptable disloyalty towards the powers of the state. ”

      He added, “with their irresponsible conduct they could even put at risk the economic and social stability of Catalonia and all of Spain.”

      “In a clear and emphatic manner, they have placed themselves totally outside of the law and of democracy.”

      He added, “Today, Catalan society is broken and at loggerheads.”

      Therefore, ” and in the face of this situation of extreme gravity, it is the responsibility of the legitimate powers of the state to assure the constitutional order and the normal functioning of institutions, the validity of the state of Law, and self government of Catalonia based in the Constitution and its Statute of Autonomy.”

      I took his comments from here –

      Nowhere did he mention, much less condemn, the heavy handed and violent aggression of the police. It looks like he’s preparing the way for the Spanish government to activate Article 155 of the Constitution and suspend the Catalan government.

  9. Thank you Paul for the translation…disgraceful statement

    Ruth is also a disgrace. She has, it appears, taken part in a deliberate undermining of the stability of Scottish society by choosing sectarian placemen for the Scottish Parliament and local councils.

    Her expressions of political grandeur are a cover up for her actions against Scottish society.

  10. Nothing changes. I am totally disillusioned by them all. Mind you we did find out during Alasdairs court case that lying and dirty tricks are the norm for most politicians. Twats.

  11. I know that it’s pointless, but I can’t help wishing with all my heart that Scotland had been brave enough in 2014 to go for it.

    If the Catalans can’t achieve it with such an amazing display of courage and solidarity I can’t see it happening in Scotland (not peacefully anyway).

    • I think that if the Catalan government does declare independence then Madrid’s reaction would be a defining moment. Hopefully any reply to a negative action by Madrid will be peaceful via strikes etc. and not decline into fighting. I think they may cancel the devolved parliament in Catalonia.

      I to regret that people in 2014 did not have the wherewithal to think for themselves and not believe the Vow rubbish.

  12. Watching Ruth Davidson cavorting around in public is a weird experience, like watching Julie Walters as Mrs Overall in the Making of Acorn Antiques.

    – “Darling, I’m a huge huge star.”
    – “Who is she again?”

  13. I think someone is telling wee porkies , things aint adding up ,according to Ruthie & Mayhem all the Nats have gone away , shit when did this happen i could have sworn i saw some this morning .
    Has anyone told the SNPs MPs at westmonster they aint MPS any longer , and what about the ones in Holyrood the MSPs , looks like a whole lot of folk have disappeared overnight .
    I must check BBC in Scotland they would know wouldn’t they .

    On a slightly more alarming note it looks like we are heading for a who blinks first position in Spain , instead of trying to unite both sides it appears the monarchy has backed one side to the exclusion of the other , and matters might just be getting out of control , i have a bad feeling about this , was sundays events just a Practice for things to come , the Fascist tendencies of the spanish government might just want to go much further in light of the muted response from many governments , What’s the saying bad things happen when good men stay silent .

    • What gets me, Robert, is that Gordon Brewer allowed her to talk this pish without interrupting and exposing her as a mad woman with a dose of facts. There are 13 Blue Tories in Scotland, a bunch off list MSP’s who failed at constituency level, and a grubby wee band of fascist, racist, homophobic, sectarian Councillors and sub human former UKIP fascists.
      Yet Just To Be Clear Brewer let her spout lies unchallenged.
      Has the whole team at BBC Scotland sold their souls?
      Looks like it.
      They are a laughing stock as they sit there silently and let the Unionist British Nationalists lie through their teeth, unfettered by anything like journalists with integrity. Pre-recorded so tht they can edit out her maddest rants, I presume?
      The day is coming, guys. We shall be an Independent Nation again soon.
      What will you broadcast and write about then?

      • Yep Jack never have so many been assaulted about the eardrums by so few .

        Have we missed something or did the tory party in scotland take all parliamentary seats bar 3 ,in their spectacular rise from the ashes

        I seem to remember the block unionist vote still fell short , even when they have every media outfit behind them it hasn’t worked , and for the bbc allowing the collective unionist block airtime and state straight faced say without interruption a majority of SNP MPs dosent constitute a mandate ,defies gravity and the Laws of Physics , it has become well and truly farcical .

        I think the Independence movement and the SNP have been too timid , look how the Catalans are fighting for their rights , ok we might get gubbed again that doesn’t end it we keep pushing until the unionist get fed up resisting what is now an unstoppable force .

  14. Ye Gods! Hope you clocked May’s speech Paul.

    Galactof**k doesn’t begin to cover it. Coughing fits, set falling apart, fake P45… just WOW! 😮

      • Keystone cops material if ever there was Wendy.

        On a grimmer note: I’ve heard that the Spanish government are sending military units as logistical support for their police in Catalonia. See the tweet I linked to above under Paul’s earlier response.

        • I saw that and it is VERY worrying indeed. I hate to say this but “Scratch a Spaniard (in office) and you’ll find a Fascist.” I was very disappointed by King Felipe’s speech – he could have done much to mitigate the situation but he chose instead to harden attitudes on both sides. The Spanish Establishment is spoiling for a fight, it seems.

  15. On Catalans for Yes FB page the breaking news is that Catalonia will declare independence on Monday. The proverbial will probably hit the fan then.

  16. There they were, Blue Tory Ducks all in a row: Hammond, Rudd, Johnson, Fallon Gove, Patel, Davidson, Mundell, all dying a thousand deaths as May spluttered and coughed her way through her Make England Great Again Speech For the Many Not The Few death rattle speech in Manchester this afternoon.

    Hammond should have slipped her a laxative instead of a cough drop, then she wouldn’t dare have coughed again.

    It was as though she were choking on the unbelievably arrogant bullshit flowing from her mouth.
    t was not ‘Britain’ she was addressing; it was ‘England’, or more specifically London, where ‘starter homes cost 8 times a buyer’s salary’, or the ‘North’, and specifically the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ Manchester.

    The English NHS was ‘world class’, apparently, there would be a 100 new Free Schools a year, and £2 billion ‘more’ pumped into LA and ‘affordable’ housing, in England.
    Help to Buy was being extended so that SE FT Buyers on £100k per year could get on the Property Escalator.

    There is a Magic English Money Tree after all.
    We in The Frozen North are expected to feel sorry for poor souls trying to make ends meet on £100k p.a., when starter flats in London, according to the Walking Coughing Dead, cost more than £800 k?

    Davidson was accredited as Leader of the WM Tories in Scotland, while Mundell sat beside the faux embarrassed sheepishly grinning Honorary Colonel, quite happy to be so publicly demoted to a bit player role by his Boss.

    The UKGE result ‘denied’ us Colonists the right to vote for Independence, apparently.

    Fu-cough, Treeza.

    What can we say about the ‘prankster’?

    He was white, and deliberately dressed as a Dim But Nice Tory Boy, which was enough of a disguise to fool the private security firm, (not Manchester Police, or the Army, or Special Branch, who were obviously considered not good enough to protect our PM.) an unnamed by the BBC mob who were paid good money, my money, your money, to do the job which we pay our public servants to do, protect our senior politicians.

    In a week when a mad man in Vegas runs amok, this ‘prankster’ was allowed to get up close for a dangerously long time, then gently escorted from the hall, stopping for a wee chat with Boris on the way.

    It reeked of a put up job.

    What a difference an ‘F’ makes.

    When the ‘F’ fell off the ‘For’ of ‘ Building A Country That Works For Everyone’ Background Poster, I fell off my chair laughing..

    I assume that the sign writer who put together this trite meaningless sound bite undertook one of May’s six week ‘technical’ courses in sign writing before he or she was given the job.

    ‘Building a Country That Works… or Everyone’, does it for me.

    What a frighteningly disastrous Conference.

    While Boris was touting Libya as the new Dubai, once, they get rid of the dead bodies, May coughs and splutters her way through her Global Post EU England/Britain Vision, looking every bit the frail old woman she is.

    England, you have gone completely stark staring bonkers if you think that three old fogies, May, Corbyn, and Cable, are the answer to all your woes, and will lead you into a bright new Global Britain free of EU interference.

    I note that Dominic Raad has resurfaced. One to watch.

    What an almighty mess the Blue Tories are in.
    Not that I’m complaining, but, mind, though.

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