The great Tory F-off

Poor Theresa. [cough cough]. She’s had a rough week. The plan was for her to give yet another speech-of-her-lifetime, a speech that was going to assert her authority over her restless party and silence her critics and those who want rid of her – which would be about half of those attending the Tory conference and just about everyone outside it. But that’s not quite what happened [cough]. The conference is over and Theresa’s leadership hasn’t been re-established. The plotters are out in force, or more precisely, farce.

Theresa’s toe curling embarrassment of a speech was of the sort we all experience whenever James Kelly MSP takes to his feet in the Scottish Parliament, but at least that’s local and contained. Theresa May’s speech was a nuclear riddy of global proportions, a galactoshaming, a megamortification. It was the kind of speech that was the stuff of therapy sessions. It could only have been made more embarrassing if she was actually standing there in her underwear wearing a clown face. There was the comedian with the P45, there was the coughing that wouldn’t stop, and then to cap it all the letters on the vacuous slogan on the wall behind her started to fall off, one by one, starting with the letter F. It’s a pretty damning kind of cosmic karma when even your own party’s witless slogan tells to you F off.

We’ve now got a Prime Minister who’s only remaining in her job because she’s managed to get the cabinet to feel sorry for her. This is the political version of a pity party. Tories don’t do pity for the poor, the homeless, the low-waged, people with disabilities drowning in a heartless benefits system, but they do do pity for a selfish and entitled woman with a frog in her throat. We already knew that this government was a bunch of muppets, but now the prime minister is hoping that she’ll be able to continue in post because she has swallowed Kermit.

Quite coincidentally this week, it was announced in the news that an evil clown had been sacked. On reading the story I first thought it was about Theresa, but it turned out to be a story about a clown in a circus who lost their job because young children were frightened. So maybe it was about Theresa after all. She would have a much more secure, and indeed socially productive, career as an actor in a Stephen King movie. This is the only way that normal people would actually queue up to see her. And she’s already got the grimacing down off pat.

The only thing more embarrassing and shaming than the current difficulties at the top of the Tory party is the embarrassment and shame that they’re wreaking upon the country as a whole. The rest of Europe is looking on in disbelief as Brexit talks stall and Britain consumes itself with leadership disputes at the top of the Tory party. In a recent debate about Brexit, one member of the European Parliament expressed his dismay that the EU literally doesn’t have a clue who it is negotiating with. Is it Theresa May, David Davis, or Boris Johnson? There is no cohesive British position, all there is is backstabbing and briefing as assorted Tory wannabes try to position themselves as the leader once Theresa takes the fall for Brexit. They’re setting her up for failure, and the entire country along with it, just in order to promote their own careers. That’s fairly typical of Tory behaviour, the only reason more people aren’t outraged about it is because we’ve come to expect it.

Things are so desperate that Jacob Rees Mogg and Ruth Davidson are actually being touted as potential future leaders of the Conservatives by the anyone-but-Boris faction. Jacob is Posh Cuthbert from the Bash Street Kids cartoons made creepily flesh, whereas Ruth has no policies except saying no to another Scottish referendum and isn’t even a member of the House of Commons. Besides, Ruth’s likely to go down with the Tory party’s hardline Brexit faction as well as a bridie at a vegan wedding. Although to be fair there is actually more meat in a bridie than there is in Ruth’s politics. The fact that this gas filled pair of party balloons are being seriously considered is because the alternatives are even worse. Whoever ends up as next leader of the party, we already know that it’s going to be a clown. At least the Keystone Kops had a functioning motor, the Tories can’t even manage that.

The ruling party in this country just had a conference during which Arlene Foster of the DUP was feted like some sort of superstar and no less than six cabinet ministers turned up to hear her speak at a fringe meeting. By comparision with the Conservative party, the DUP is the voice of calm moderation, that’s how screwed we all are.

On Friday, Theresa insisted that she was going to continue in her job, because apparently what the country needs is “calm leadership”. [cough cough] Calm leadership is precisely what the Conservatives are incapable of delivering. Theresa May has lost control of her party, and lost control of the country. Once that happens you don’t get it back again. She’s too weak to do anything about Boris Johnson, but he’s lacking the support he needs to topple her. The only reason Theresa May is still in power is because the Conservatives are desperate to avoid another election, and because none of the potential successors want to take responsibility for the looming disaster that is Brexit. No one wants to be in charge if it all blows up in their face, least of all Boris Johnson. The whole country is being held hostage in the meantime.

Despite Theresa’s assertions that she’s going nowhere, the plotting and manoeuvering will continue. The only thing that’s going nowhere is the Brexit negotiations, and all the while the deadline is looming without any progress being made. We’re facing the cliff edge, and those driving the bus are fully occupied with fighting with one another. How are those broad shoulders of the UK working out for Scotland’s No voters eh? It’s time we told the Tories to follow the example of their own slogan, and F off.

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0 thoughts on “The great Tory F-off

  1. Your last paragraph says it all Paul.

    There are more and more ‘grim’ Brexit news items every week, only the BBC does not report most of them.

    The latest is that the German version of the CBI has told its member’s to plan for a hard Brexit. The Bank of England is getting concerned about not having procedures and processes in place to manage the split in Banks as they move part of there operation outside the UK. Ireland is getting nervous about the ‘border’ issue. These news items are from the last three days. If you look at English version of other countries newspapers you are given a worrying picture.

    I only hope that when the Scottish vote comes that many No voters smell the coffee and wake up to reality. Fingers crossed.

  2. Well, if they helicopter Ruthie into a safe Tory seat in England at the next GE, at least we in Scotland will be rid of her contaminating presence! Great piece , Paul, but I’m rather miffed that you pinched my “F off” line …. OK, I guess everyone WAS saying it so I can’t actually claim it!

    • That is unbelievable. Is someone making sure that treesa falls faster and further? In truth, she hasn’t needed much help so far..

  3. “The only thing that’s going nowhere is the Brexit negotiations, and all the while the deadline is looming without any progress being made.”

    It’s going to be a hard brexit. Indyref2 coming soon.

  4. Ye Gods …these people have far too much power…there is a Tory collective madness as they are having a serious nervous breakdown about the tragedy that is Brexit…the eyes of the world are watching us. Courage Scotland!

  5. Call me superstitious but wasn’t God sending a message to the Vicar’s daughter that he is really Jackie Baileyed of her.

    The P45 etc. For the falling letters see the Earl of Mar ( Bobbing John), the 15th and the broken flagstaff. She is doomed and the DUP I wouldn’t trust them to build an unsinkable

  6. All the PM’s Men sat motionless when the ‘prankster’ approached May waving a piece of paper.
    Not one of them lurched forward to down the nutter. He could have had a bread knife, or a derringer for all anybody knew. But they all sat there, fearing the worst, or perhaps hoping for the best, that she would be made a right royal fool of, which she was.
    I gather her security was ‘outsourced’, to a private firm, which was NOT G4S, Lord Reid’s mob(?), but who have so far remained anonymous.
    I assume that the Manchester Police Force, Special Branch, the Armed Forces, MI5/6 or the WRVS were not considered good enough.
    The UK is in the grip of madness and rule by senile old has-beens.
    May is past 60, Davis is 68, Corbyn is 68, and Cable is a spritely 74.
    Nobody wants to step up to the plate who still has their own teeth and can speak without wheezing and coughing.
    It’s that bad.
    Thed SNP hold their conference this week. Cue the Herald and Record to wheel out 80 year old Jim Sillars in his bath chair to SNP Bad, the YEs Movement must ditch Nicola, Jackie Ballie-isms.
    No room in the Scottish Dead Tree British Nazi Prtopaganda Scrolls for ‘will say’ pieces from Sturgeon, Swinney, or Cherry.
    No just the usual nasty sinister little gibes and lies from a dying cadre of My England Forever bitter hacks and broadcasters.
    May is toast. The young Tories in their forties are at the gates ,ready to take over. She will get the blame for Brexit, as will Davis, Fox, Gove and Johnson, and incidentally ‘man up’ Davidson, who has been ‘found out’ by the chatterati Down There.
    Watch the Unionist MSM distort the content of the SNP Conference.
    WE go in October 2018. I’d be surprised if Indyref 2 doesn’t get big licks at Conference over the next few days.
    Scotland Unchained, no country for bitter old octogenarians I feel.

    • Man, you’ve just described the worst B movie of all time!

      It’s almost mesmerising watching the plot unfolding and I cannot wait for the next episode. Will the body be found in the library by the butler or is poison going to be administered? Is matron ready with a cold bed bath…

      It’s an almighty English farce.

    • I also await to see what the Brit. Nat. Press say about the SNP conference. Mind you I want to hear Indy mentioned loud and clear as well by NS.

      • Andy, I see that BBC Britland is ‘doing a Nigel Farage’ on Ruth Davidson.
        We all remember how obliging the British Nationalist Broadcasting Wing was during the rise of UKIP and the EU Referendum was is getting Farage’s face and nasal ‘common man’ racism across to the masses.
        Who can forget his pose in front of a massive queue of dusky towel heads amassing at the White Cliffs ready to invade Merrie England, steal all the council houses, claim the Social, and clog up GP Surgeries, while making bombs to blow up White Anglo Saxon John Bulls, when they were not getting free AIDS treatment that is.
        Well, they are at it again.
        Ruth Davidson, the New White Hope of the Blue Tory Fascists.
        She was headline news on BBC Breakfast today, the week end version where they don’t even bother giving 3 minutes to BBC Plantation Quay to churn out their SNP Bad ‘Update’.
        Apparently her precious wods are the only thing of note this Saturday morning in the whole of the UK, and the ‘globe’ beyond the borders of the Brit Nats’ ‘Global Britain’.
        Ruth Davidson urges the Blue Tories to get behind her pal, Big T.
        Her name has popped up everywhere from Marr, to Neil, to Sarah Smith, to Newsnight, and now on a Saturday morning with our cornflakes and orange juice.
        I wonder what Jackson, Two Jobs WATP Unelected Tomkins, and the Queen’s Eleven Seven Times Unelected Fraser think of it all?
        There is a cadre of young Blue Tory Ultras in their late thirties, early forties, ready to pounce once Brexit blows up in the geriatrics’ faces. They will make today’s Front Bench of Elitists look like the Quakers.
        Davidson atop her tank. leading a charge on Princes Gardens or George Square to smash the poll booths will fit right in there.
        The Chinese have told May ‘now is not the time’ for a Trade Delegation to visit China to set up Sooper Dooper World Trade Deals, because it clashes with Trump’s Jaunt Around Asia.
        Trump himself has declared that he will not back ‘Global Britain’s’ WTO deals, and indeed the Belfast Bombardier Workers jobs are in danger of the sack as the US imposes 220% tariffs on parts being imported from Belfast and Canada. May’s recent much heralded (well by BBC and Sky) Trade Visit to Japan has produced no new trade deals at all.
        Nobody wants to talk to May about anything at the moment, including the foreign car manufacturers who employ 400,000 English workers in Merrie England.

        Yet Tom Gordon drags Jim Sillars out of his 25 year retirement into the columns of his Brit Nationalist Herald and observes that a 80 year old embittered dodderer who has been a rabid anti European is talking sense, and we should all sit up and take notice.
        The Herald and the Record: where are they getting the money to stay open?
        It’s certainly not from sales or advertising revenue.
        Still |Tom and Sverin will be on BBC Scotland over the week end coining in more appearance money SNP Badding it.
        As the Iron Heel of Madrid closes in on the Catalan ‘separatists’, WM crumbles, and Corbyn mumbles.
        Now is the time for Indyref 2.

        • I see in this morning’s “Grauniad” that SNP MPs are purportedly urging NS to postpone any referendum until 2021. They say that all the SNP’s “Big Beasts” – including Alec and Angus – are behind this postponement. It could, of course, be a pack of BritNat lies, Jack. It probably is … but if it isn’t then “WTF????”

          • Och, Wendy, look who’s writing this pi..sorry, Jackie Baillie. Our old friend, and Toodle Oo The Noo Brian Taylor’s Permanent Unionist guest commentator, Severin Carroll.
            He anticipates that the Brexit talks will go smoothly, that the EU27 will agree to May’s ‘cherry picking’ two year transitional period, and that therefore The Leader of the SNP at WM, and Salmond, and Robertson, uncredited BTW non qutes, would want us all to live through two years of transitional Brexit, and NS should just ‘get on with the day job’, and stop interfering in the Mighty English Oligarchy’s task of selling Scotland off to the WTO, so that the SNP dance through hoops for Sevvie and Co, by which time the Unionist hacks would have time to make sure that Scots would not be better on our own by and England emasculated Holyrood by the 2021 Election..and and .. in the meantime ‘Sevvie’ has a wee swipe at NS’ husband.It’s Murrel’s fault, sack him.
            In other words , Severin, good Unionist mouthpiece that he is, cobbles together a load of Brit Nat Jackie Baillie at the opening of the SNP Conference, with his wet dream version of an SNP implosion that is just not going to happen.
            By October 2018, we shall all know what England’s version of Brexit/No Deal is. We won’t be hanging about for another 4 years.
            This hack treats his readership as idiots by peddling this arrant nonsense.
            The SNP will dance to the tune of the 1.6 million, not Sevvie of the GRauni8ad’s Scots Hater.
            They are inherently evil, Wendy, They write for their Masters in London, nobody else.

          • That’s just what I hoped you’d say, Jack. These days I see so much Jackie Baillie in print that I start to doubt my own judgement!! Thanks heavens for you, Sam and Paul to point me back in the right direction and preserve what is left of my sanity!

          • Wendy, you are in Canada and perhaps don’t get as much BBC Plantation Quay propaganda as we.
            Severin is one of the regulars on BBC Britland, and pops up on FMQ, and Brewer’s Sunday Politics, talking Jackie Baillie. He like, Clegg, and Gordon, and a whole range of unionists hever weres are on screen each day, unchallenged, indeed coached by the BBC Propaganda Gang.

            He is a bought and paid for British Nationalist who is paid to write half truths, and his skewered interpretation of what’s going on in the Independence Movement keeps him in a job.
            It’s SNP Conference Week. The Times has Commissioned a Yougov poll which indicates that in 4 years time the SNP wil llose its majority for Independence at Holyrood. The Herald Britald headlines this nonsense.
            The disaster of Brexit and the Brit Nat Surge to smother Scotland won’t happen in the meantime, aye right.
            It’ll be SNP Bad, Nats bad for a week now, as the Dead Tree Scrolls, Sally, Jackie, Glenn, Gordon, Brian, and the fourth floor cleaning lady at Plantation Quay SNP BAD Scottish National Bad all over the airwaves.

            We are a nation which these arrogant toss pots believe they can insult and threaten with their brand of threats and Jackie Baillies.
            Like the Spanish Police Thugs, I don’t know how some of our hacks face their children at night.
            Scots are dying because of subjugation by London, yet still they back them.
            I’d put money on Severin and Tom Gordon joining Hang On A Minute Gordon Brewer on Sunday Politics tomorrow, spouting the same pish, sorry, Jackie Baillie, as Carrell churns out in this speculative unfounded guff in his Grauniad article.

  7. Thanks Paul for this. Watched Theresa May Conference speech and you have summed it up beautifully. Thank you for all your writings … Such an inspiration to us all.

  8. Being English living in self imposed exile in France, and a supporter of your independence, there are more of us than perhaps you realise.
    The end of the 30 year Thatcher experiment is coming to a close..rapidly. Together with Brexit things will get very messy.The sustaining illusion of the empire will finally hit home, although it will probably take another 50 years.The great political thinker James Marshal Hendrix observed.
    ” Castles made of sand float down to the sea eventually”
    If you can get the moment right there will never be a better time…although the timing is everything.
    It’s yours. Take it.

    Go well in the World.

  9. The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness. John K. Galbraith

    The modern UK conservative on the other hand is a reactionary un-reconstructed Thatcherite. A politician of the far right, who simply cannot and will not understand that selling off a states assets while continuing the subsidy of those self same assets, is not free market economics but a perverted and demented form of socialism. Furthermore this dementia-ism is more dangerous, unstable and unsustainable than the socialism they despise.

    Cartoonishly inept and belligerently imbecilic, They struggle to make this more palatable and cannot see that an increasing number of people simply don’t want this. They take comfort in empty jingoism and flag waving as policy. Bombastic headlines from the usual suspects as negotiating positions that the EU must respect. Even Armando Iannucci would have thrown this script in the bin as totally unbelievable. Its the sort of insanity that makes Yes Minister and In the think of it, look like reportage.

    They have made the UK seem like a feeble minded and boorish old fool. A col. blimp for the 21st century. The UK as Grand Duchy of Fenwick without the satire. A parliament of clownshoes, who couldn’t be trusted to pour water out of a jug with the instructions written on the bottom.

    And what of Labour? – what have they done to challenge this descent into farce? Too busy riding the crest of a High and Beautiful wave. To full of themselves to see the cliff face racing up towards them. They also have absolutely no plan. But think they can achieve what the tories cannot, because they think they are not the total knob-ends the tories are.

    And poor old Scotland. My Country and my land of Birth. Getting dragged along for the ride courtesy of a no vote I am told to respect. If only those Unionist parties in Scotland had demanded that Westminster respect the No vote as well, instead of acquiescently going along with it, and pretending this is what they wanted all along.

    • Well said, David. I love the instructions written on the bottom of the jug of water analogy.
      They seem to be that naïve.
      Today we read that the EU27 spearheaded by Germany and France have rejected May’s two year Transitional Period notion, at least until the divorce bill is paid, and the fate of EU citizens working in England and Wales is resolved, and, despite Michael Fallon’s unchallenged assertion on BBC Propaganda TV that the Irish Border Question has been resolved, the Irish Question is sorted.
      May should announce immediately that EU citizens working here have preserved 2019 rights to work live nad prosper in the UK as though the current EU regulations were in place, indefinitely.
      It would be a start.

      I am in no way a ‘nationalise everything’, Red Trotskyist, but there are some aspects of Thatcher Major Blair Brown sell offs that I still can’t get my head around.
      Gas, electricity and water should have remained in public ownership, of that I am in no doubt.
      They are essentials to life, yet they are privatised. If you can’t afford it, no gas electricity or water for you. The misery and premature deaths that Government Induced fuel poverty hve visited on our citizens over the past 3 decades is unforgivable. It must stop.
      We have the Big Six gas/electricity suppliers who are all selling us the same gas and electricity but at different prices, so that they can make profits. For what?
      They cream off millions of our hard earned for doing nothing other than billing us for the same product with six different letter heads..
      Thank the Chief we rejected privatising water Up Here.
      Similarly ‘public’ transport.
      I’d renationalise the railways and buses tomorrow.
      Monarch airlines goes bust and 100,000 UK citizens are stranded. The Free Market that May coughed her way through in action. Surely to god transport is an essential that cannot be subject to ‘market forces’ and red braced speculators in London?
      Bring back a publicly owned airline. BOAC OK!
      For 30 years, the money grubbers have gorged themselves in buying up public assets for a song and making billions out of selling us back our own assets.
      The Postal workers, remember Vince Cable sold off the service at a billion pound loss to his pals in the City, are to strike over pay, pensions and working conditions.
      The Free Market bites. Less wages, and conditions, more profits for the money men.
      Time to remodel a ‘mixed economy’ for Free Scotland come October 2018.

      • I don’t know for certain but I’d imagine that the funding for providing the return flights when an airline or package holiday company goes bust is provided for by x% of everyone’s ticket price / holiday cost being paid to ATOL who then fund the cost of any charter flights that may be needed? This seems like a far more equitable way of dealing with the problem rather than nationalising & amalgamating every airline & package holiday company based in the UK, removing the x% levy and then funding any necessary emergency charter flights out of general taxation. (Or to put it another way, I don’t think we should be subsidising people’s foreign holidays for them!)

        • Holidaymakers pay taxes too, Alastair.
          My point is that water gas Electricity and transport, and some other essentials should not be subject to market forces, i.e., profit driven.
          What happens if a company goes bust? We all pay.

  10. Posted elsewhere, but I reckon it fits with oor Treeza’s speechifying.

    ‘Divisive nationalism’.

    Tories don’t really do irony Grouse. The only divisive nationalism I’ve experienced in my entire life has been at the hands of Westminster government and unionist establishment orthodoxy. They ARE the dark face of nationalism. Elitist, patronising, arrogant, ignorant, isolationist and intolerant. The ideology of me myself and I. Their idea of perfection? New and more interesting ways of selling the idea that the politics of self is somehow acceptable to the public. That greed is good. That poverty, want, disability is somehow a personal choice and that its ok to exploit and alienate those who experience same. No, I feel no unity with the Tory idea of ‘Britishness and belonging’.

    Just to be perfectly clear. I will never ‘belong’ in that union and mainly because I care. Anyone who cares about the less fortunate and the ‘other’ in our society doesn’t belong in a Tory Britain. A Tory’s idea of a ‘United’ Kingdom.

    The Tories and their unionist support are the darkest of nationalist movements. Their tools of choice are public manipulation via intimidation, fear, division and violence. Their aims purely self serving and disregarding of the many (their disposable assets).

    This really shouldn’t be a difficult choice for anyone with a shred of conscience or humanity.

    • Zero hours, minimum wage, Pay Day loans…slavery.
      The Tory Way, of all three hues, Red Blue or Yellow.
      Keep the masses in debt by not paying them enough to enjoy any level of existence other than a miserable Never Never Land of debt and grinding unregulated poverty and poorly paid work.
      The Lords at the top, the Hoi Polloi at the bottom, and clever lawyers ensuring that the poor pay, and the rich get richer.
      Yet it is not the poor and oppressed that are taking to the streets in Barcelona.
      Freedom is the fertile ground of a fair and civilised society.
      Step one, independence, and NOT after some mythical 2021 date.
      Now’s the day and now’s the hour, see the front of battle lower, see approach proud Angle’s power….

          • I’ m just in rom a night out with the lads. Wendy is right, It’s nothing to do with ‘the English.’ They are as much victims as we Scots.
            End of comment.

          • You are right that the English are as much victims as us, worse even because they have no alternative. An English friend said to me the other day, “Dave and I have always voted Conservative and always will”. I said that I couldn’t understand that, but, thinking about it, it makes as much sense as voting Labour in England.

            Thank goodness the Scots have a way out – I just hope and pray that they take it!

    • I found this interesting also. I note his comments on the class system and the media. Just like mine. His summation at the end of his piece about UK futures is true also. This has been clear since before the Brexit vote but our London nutters do not seem to comprehend facts.

  11. And on the day of the SNP Conference, the Sunday Mail doesn’t disappoint.
    Professor Matt Qvortrup, whose exotic name is the Scrabble equivalent of a Full House in Poker, trots out the usual ‘SNP Peaked’ nonsense.
    He reveals to all us thickos that the Scottish National Party’s ‘r’aison d’etre’ (a wee bit of EU lingo there; nice touch.) is to see Scotland return to Self Deetremination.
    Gosh, thank the Chief we have smart Professor types to save us from this evil cult.
    He drags out the Quebec analogy. The SNP Government is fooling us all with their social democratic policies, and that’s all wearing a bit thin, now that Labour is surging from 15% to 26% in the polls.
    Och, I’m fed up trying to paraphrase this pusillanimous sophistry from yet another ‘Prefessor’ British Nationalist. He talks the usual Unionist shite.
    Well, Prof., 1.6 million of us voted Yes, there is a Pro Independence majority at Holyrood, 35 out of 59 MPs at WM are pro Self Determination, and NS has not deferred Indyref 2 until some vague date after the 2021 election; far from it.
    As she clearly set out in her June Speech, once we know chapter and verse what Davis Davis Hard Brexit/No Deal is in October 2018, the citizens of Scotland, including the 180,000 EU citizens who have honoured us with their presence to work here, pay taxes here, settle here, bring up their families as New Scots here, will go to the polls to decide on Independence or no.
    Our Dead Tree Scrolls, unionist Ultra Right Wing British Nationalist Fascisti to a man/woman are churning out the same old same old. They have nothing left with which to threaten and bully us .
    Is any other nation in the Free World smothered by lies and distortions from the so called Free Press as we are?
    I wouldn’t wipe my dug’s erse with any of these rags.

    We go in October 2018, no later.

    Sorry, Prof Scrabble, good try, but no cigar.

    Who commissioned that big hospital on the South side of Glasgow, and that wee bridge at Queensferry?
    Does the Good Prof lecture tuition free students?

    It’s called ‘getting on with the day job’, Professor Scrabble.
    Dear Reader, can you imagine Ruth Davidson, Wullie Rennie, or Anas Sarwar as FM and the Unionist Brit Nats running Holyrood?
    I doubt that even their own supporters have considered that.

    Looking forward to the Conference.

  12. Ziggy M – Your comment and observations are appreciated. I find it useful to hear viewpoints of people standing clear from the ‘muck and bullets’

    Also thanks, as always, to WGD, Macart and Jack C as well as Wendy and the others for a mature input on this post.

  13. OT but strangely not. For the record, Ruth Davidson was allowed to rabbit on uninterrupted by Andrew Marr today, and following a suitable break for his medical team to wash the brown stuff from his tongue, he then interrupted our First Minister 14 times.
    NHS waiting times, blah de blah. I take it Ruth gave him his crib sheet before she chuckled and waffled her way through her usual vapid nonsense.
    Lots of ‘don’t you think the SNP is shite’ questions from the Bought and Paid For Westmister ‘semi educated tenement dweller’ willing Retainer craving London social status as the captions rolled and Marr attempted small talk but no eye contact with the FM. her face was a picture. She knew that she had been set up by the Ruth Davidson fan club.
    BBC Plantation Quay, the last redoubt of Colonial England.
    Christ, can you imagine Ruth and Murdo and Jackson in charge of our NHS, and Police, and Education?
    Just look southwards, folks.
    All this and David Torrance reviewing the ‘papers and just to add insult to insult, Marr coos and oohs with two London Luvvies over play opening in London tomorrow. How we laughed at his wee joke about Scottish weather.
    ‘Reverse haggis?’
    Oh, my sainted mother.
    What a patronising wee show from one of our ProudScotBut sell outs.
    Our FM slapped the Marr down right enough.
    Take your poison back South, Andrew.

    • Just watched Mike Russell own Gordon Brewer, despite what must have been a record number of ‘Yes buts’ from the Brewdog.I’ve never seen him talk over so much. Russell at one point laughed at him.
      We get it, Gordon. You got your message across. No Indyref until after 2021, but preferably never so that we can all join you in post Brexit Merrie Britland.
      Earlier Sarah Smith tried to ‘yes but’ John Swinney to no avail.
      They really are getting desperate.
      Kevin Pringle, once the utter catastrophe that is Brexit is known,and that should be about October 2018, then we will have enough info to hold Indyref 2. Not after a ‘second mandate’, in the dim and distant. The Scottish Government holds a mandate now.
      WE grasp the thistle long before 2021, guys.
      And Brian Taylor’s face was a picture when Brewer tried to infer that the SNP would avoid talking about Independence at their Conference.
      Gordon, it does what it says on the tin ‘The Scottish National Party’. Taylor knows that Indyref 2 will get quite a few mentions.
      BBC Sunday Morning politics. Three ProudscotsBut sell outs bordering on drivelling stupidity.
      On a programme where Brewer’s job is to ask questions, and let people answer,he had more air time than his ‘guests’, spouting his Brit Nat gems throughout the programme. The world of Brexit and Independence according to Gordon Brewer.
      And guess who popped up on Marr’s, Smith’s and Brewer’s wee shows. Ruth the Next PM Davidson.
      They have gone completely mad.

  14. I am getting seriously fed up today on the subject of retaining EU membership. Three things to remember near as I can see.

    1. Its not a question of are we leaving. Its a question of how quickly we can gain full status i.e. Going into a theoretical holding pattern for fast track ratification. (Remember, there is no precedence for this circumstance)

    In short, we’d be in the same situation we’d have been in had we voted for independence in 2014.

    2. Brexit is underway. It has a very high probability of happening and its a matter of soft or hard (steady now). A50 has been activated and concludes in March 2019 with possible (yet to be negotiated) extension for the UK RE: handover period. Any number of political event permutations could occur in the next two years which could make an utter arse of wild speculation.

    3. The ONLY thing the Scottish government can do besides looking to build some European consensus from ALL our population is to give us the opportunity to choose for ourselves via another indy ref and only then when a. the opportunity presents itself, b. necessity drives the issue c. when all the FACTS are known on the final Brexit deal d. preferably when we can win

    OR some mix of all of the above.

    You could fill chasms with what we DON’T know about the constitutional and legal fallout of this galactof**k and not even the ‘experts’ have a clue what’s coming next. NO PRECEDENCE means just what it says on the tin.

    Lastly we really, really need to focus on the prize here. The prize is independence. Without it, there’ll be no choices for anyone. There’ll be NO EU, NO EFTA, NO constitution, NO control of our economic choices or any other damn thing.


    People not exercising their democratic right in June put a huge fucking spanner in the works for the Scottish government and they can’t act without the confidence of the people. You use your democracy or you lose your democracy. Plain fact is, people didn’t get out to vote and get behind a government they’re hoping will bail them out when the shit hits the fan.

    I get it. People are tired of big issue votes. They’re suffering from voter fatigue. All sorts of different reasons. Well we better get over those issues rapidly, because if we don’t, there are others who WILL be more than happy to crap all over your right to choose and make some choices for you. Choices you may not appreciate.

    Rant done.

      • Been on a few sites today Jack for a ‘quiet’ Sunday read (in between bouts of sanding paintwork) and FF, Fkty, FF, Fking sake! If I hear one more bod say if the SNP don’t retain our membership of the EU I’ll do this that or the other, there’s going to be serious harm done to expensive white goods.

        The SNP can only advocate membership of the EU and offer us the opportunity to vote FOR it. The EU out damage has been done. Only UK gov can currently retain membership of the EU and that horse has well and truly bolted. The Scottish government do NOT have competence over foreign affairs (that’s reserved last time I checked). IF we want the holding pattern and a fast track back in to protect our new Scots, or retention of access to the single market, then INDEPENDENCE and returning control over foreign affairs to our parliament is pretty much it.

        Anything else is… wait for it… mitigation and offsetting, which is kinda what people instructed our government to do.

          • Pete’s reasoning is sound and I can see where he’s coming from, but not even he can foresee events and ramifications.

            His basis? A less than resounding result in the snap GE. Polls still registering the electorate evenly split and a stalled momentum. However, who is to say when his opportunity may present itself? Brexit has many procedural and legal twists and turns to take and throughout all of this, polling will continue. Also, he’s not the FM and that’s where the real decision will have to be made.

            The ground is shifting daily Lizzie, for our government as well as ourselves. They can only react appropriately as each and every event presents itself currently. They’ve effectively been frozen out of Brexit talks and can only keep their powder dry and amass as much evidence of UK governmental negligence as possible in the meantime.

            Folk need to remember they’re not masters of their own destiny. We’re not an independent nation and cannot take the measures we could or would as we would wish.

            And don’t we know it. (sigh) It’s frustrating as hell, but it is what it is. All we can do whilst these shenannigans are being acted out is be ready to go for it as and when and keep talking to folk.

          • By October 2018 there will be no hiding place for the Brit Nats.
            We’ll know what is on offer if we don’t act to stop it.
            Many Leavers may want to go down with SS Britannia; I’d imagine a majority will have second thoughts.
            Now is not the time, but is the beginning of the end of their Empire.
            October 2018 and the naked emperor will stand before us cooing ‘trust in me.’
            It is a nonsense to wait another 4 years, then fight an election, when we already have a mandate to hold Indyref 2.
            Will the Tories not implement their Cuts Programme for five years until we have another election, which if they win, and only then, gives them the authority to Rob the Poor, and Give to the Rich?
            BTW has Strachan lost it? He fields a bunch of over the hill not playing first team football Anglos and leaves young Scots on the bench, and is surprised when he fails yet again, with the Old Timers who let us down before?
            There’ll be champagne in Plantation Quay tonight.
            I am sick as the proverbial parrot.

  15. The much publicized fiasco that evolved in Theresa May’s speech would ensure that those, who do not normally tune in to party conferences, would watch her speech in it’s entirety.

    One hopes that Scots who are oblivious to the dominating dictatorship style as regularly displayed by the Tories towards Scotland and our government may have picked up on the language used by Theresa May when she spoke about another independence referendum.

    Whoever wrote her speech was certainly targeting it at the mostly English part of the audience in attendance , when phrases such as ‘the case for a second referendum in Scotland DENIED’ with the emphasis on the word DENIED. Spoken like a true dictator , because the use of words like DENIED are indeed how dictatorships exist. They deny their people the right to vote, their human rights , to voice dissent and to challenge their governance.

    In fact in Scotland, we are indeed a people oppressed and are regularly DENIED what we want within this unequal union.

    So if any Scot watched this and still thinks we, in Scotland, are an equal in this so called ‘union of nations’ and are not in fact beholden to and (over) ruled by a WM government , who presently only seem to want to represent the xenophobic voters in UKOK or rather in England , then I would say that they Scots are in total denial .

    It is obvious that May cannot hide her obvious contempt on this matter when she is so very willing to voice such a statement in such a manner.

    The ease with which she dismisses the legitimacy of a second Independence referendum when she knows Brexit was NOT voted for in Scotland indeed it was HER ‘nation’s’, majority of 15,188,406 votes to leave , who yet again chose and who yet again gets their own way in deciding the destiny of all the ‘nations’ within her unionist ‘Union’……unfortunately this time with the help of Wales’s 854,572 votes to leave !!!!

    She refuses to recognise our democratic vote in Scotland . We are once again subservient to the desires of the dominant ‘nation’ within UKOK. So Theresa May plays yet again the Unionist card when she clearly knows that within her UKOK parts of her so called ‘union of nations’ do NOT want to travel down the road as chosen by HER and HER party and HER nation .

    Her party whose voters now consist of UKIP pariahs, the deluded clueless working class, middle class wannabees , business men and of course their most fitting voters , that is , the ruling classes.

    I would say that “now is not the time” for her and her party to dictate what Scots can and cannot do and “now is not the time” for fake soundbites such as the unionist ‘British dream’ to be promoted when we are clearly , thanks to Brexit, enduring the unionist ‘British nightmare’ .

    If any Scots buy into this then they will only prove they are indeed weak and unstable and very much the willing minority within this Union of inequality………and post Brexit a ‘I told you so’ will , I am sure, fall yet again on deaf ears….so if Scots do not want to buy into the unionist fantasy as created by unionists then there is but only one choice , and that is self determination, through a legitimate right to decide via a second Indy Referendum. Though I think the Tories logic with Scots fits into a C L R James quote ” If you are not their slaves you are rebels” . ……and of course tis much better being a rebel than a slave is it not… least as a rebel one has some hope in getting one’s freedom.

    • What really stuck in my craw was the absolute venom in her voice and her expression when she spat out DENIED! Oh, how I detest that woman!

  16. Right now Stuart and Tam BBC radio . . . Are doing their best to turn Scots against Gordon Strachan. . . I can’t think of a non swear word to describe these two PUKES.

    When the anthems were being played , Richard Gordon talked over the entirety of “Flower of Scotland” immediately followed by the Slovenian anthem when he was silent.

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