The worst panto ever

We’re lurching ever closer to the precipice, crashing out of the EU with no deal being struck. Theresa May claims that the ball is now in the EU’s court. The EU looks back and says, “Eh, no. Your problem. You fix it. The ball is in your court.” It’s a whole load of balls as the UK and the EU tell one another, your court, no your court, no your court. This is what all the fine words and grand promises of the Brexiteers have come down to, the batting back and forth of oh no it isn’t, oh yes it is, oh no it isn’t. It’s like the worst panto ever, and I’ve been to one with the Krankies in it.

The UK is desperate for the EU to say that enough has been done in the preliminary negotiations to allow talks to move on to the post-Brexit settlement and a trade deal. You know those people that you see at a nightclub with a pained expression on their faces as they do a wee dance outside the toilet in the hope that they’ll be able to keep it in long enough. They’re less desperate than the UK. Nightclubbers in need of a quick Jackie Baillie only run the risk of peeing themselves and embarrassing themselves in a dark venue which they never need to visit ever again. The UK runs the risk of crapping all over the economy and embarrassing itself in front of the entire world. There’s no close it can pop up and disappear from public view for a short while. The mess is going to be seen and smelled in every British household.

The EU is in no hurry. It’s not the EU which faces the looming deadline of March 2019. The EU has the perfectly reasonable point of view that it was Britain which caused these problems, so it’s up to Britain to come up with a solution to them. Anyway, as former Taoiseach John Bruton pointed out on Monday, it’s not like the EU knows who it’s negotiating with. It’s not really that clear who is in charge in the UK just now. One half of the Tory party wants Theresa May to sack Boris Johnson. The other half of the Tory party wants Theresa May to sack Philip Hammond. The only thing that they can agree on is that none of them much like Theresa May, although they’ll put on one of their many faces and say otherwise in public because none of them want to be standing next to the fan when the Brexshit hits it.

The Tories have as many positions on Brexit as they have faces, and Labour is only managing to look coherent because they’re carefully avoiding saying anything much at all. There is so much uncertainty in British politics just now that the EU has no guarantee that any agreements reached at the moment will be adhered to by whoever it is that’s in power in the UK in a year or two’s time.

John Bruton’s comments came as a report by the Irish government on the Irish border post-Brexit was leaked to the press. To save you reading it, it essentially boils down to “feck feck feck feck”. It describes the UK claim that it is possible for the UK to both leave the Customs Union and have a customs free border with the Irish Republic as “somewhat naive”, using the same patiently exasperated tone of voice that you use to a selfish and very spoiled six year old who tells you that for their birthday they want you to get them a magic flying unicorn that craps chocolate buttons that give you the power of invisibility. Britain is hoping that some combination of wonderful new computer technology will allow it to have its Brexit cake and eat it, but this is a state which has all the technological competence of a drunk man wearing boxing gloves trying to text his girlfriend for a lift home.

Britain wants contradictory things from Brexit, and it’s hell-bent on dumping the responsibility for achieving them on everyone else. There is no magic unicorn, there is only Boorish Johnson and Jacob Rees Mogg, both of whom are easy to confuse with mythological creatures in a poor light. In a good light you can see quite clearly that they’re the stuff of nightmares. Let’s be honest here, this country is an utter utter embarrassment. Johnson is cringe making as foreign secretary, and Rees Mogg is just cringe making, and yet these dangerous fools are being seriously touted as the next Tory leader for no other reason than their apparent ability to quote Latin tags. In nomine hominis parvi. That’s Latin for “in the name of the wee man”.

Scotland’s role in this epic political farce led by a Widow Twanky and a Boris Balloon who’ve got as much chance of making a success of Brexit as finding a goose that lays your actual golden eggs is to look on helplessly from the sidelines. We might have chosen the option in two separate referendums that we were told would keep us in the EU, but we’re not merely leaving anyway, we’re not even being consulted in the process. We’re scarcely being kept informed. Scotland voted explictly for a reinforcement of devolution. Scotland voted explicitly to remain a part of the EU. But we’re being taken out of the EU by a government which is determined to use Brexit as an excuse to undermine and weaken the devolution settlement. Apparently this is democracy and if we complain we’re not respecting the referendums. Well that’s just a whole barrel full of rancid Jackie Baillie that is.

For the independence movement, the priority just now must be to organise ourselves, to get ready. The end game for the UK is approaching, and we need to be prepared for it. The only way out of this mess for Scotland is through independence, we need a broad based non-party and all-party campaign that is making the case for it. Other people got us into this mess, but it’s going to be up to ourselves to get out of it.

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0 thoughts on “The worst panto ever

  1. Another cracker, Paul, we are indebted to you for your insights.
    But as the panto continues lets make sure that amid the laughter, we keep in mind Westminster’s acquired taste over centuries for treachery and deceit and not forgetting revenge.

  2. Let little Britain departure from the Europe begin and just watch what the empire really thinks of Britain when our masters the English the ruler os scotland and its citizens come knocking on the former colony door a little notice where out leave a message and I’ll try and get back to you.

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  4. S’about the size of it. 🙂

    The SG need do only one thing to keep the pot boiling. Do NOT ratify the Brexit bill or proposal in the Holyrood parliament.

    It’ll be a poop or get off the pot moment for May. Either allow Scotland a say, or force your will on the Scottish population and kiss yer ‘unity’ goodbye.

    It’s a pickle for them. 🙂

  5. I know folk are worried about the best time to go for it…but we are moving towards a position where we must face the choice …run by the scruff of the neck out of the EU and eternity with Westminster in total control…or the biggest democratic fight of our lifetime….our children and grandchildren need us to do this… least they will see that we really tried to capture a better future for them.

    Fortune favours the Brave!

  6. This this this.

    “We might have chosen the option in two separate referendums that we were told would keep us in the EU, but we’re not merely leaving anyway, we’re not even being consulted in the process. We’re scarcely being kept informed. Scotland voted explictly for a reinforcement of devolution. Scotland voted explicitly to remain a part of the EU. But we’re being taken out of the EU by a government which is determined to use Brexit as an excuse to undermine and weaken the devolution settlement. Apparently this is democracy and if we complain we’re not respecting the referendums. Well that’s just a whole barrel full of rancid Jackie Baillie that is.”

    Do not ever stop!!!

  7. Excellently put.

    The tories have created one huge stinking, rotten mess with Brexit. I just wonder, how on earth can they be even vaguely competent at governing, and ‘getting on with the day job’. What we are hearing about is probably the tip of the iceberg. It always is with WM, especially when there is a crisis, and we certainly are facing a crisis. The lack of any plan was a disgrace in itself, but now, the tories are really just taking the absolute p**s out of every one of us. That’s what thy meant by ‘for everyone’. It was the same as Cameron, who just couldn’t say enough times, ‘all in this together’. They mean the mess up of the economy, environment, trade relations, healthcare, social care, welfare, etc etc, that they create, will be suffered by you!

    It all seems out of control, like a driverless car on a busy motorway. Only Scotland with the SNP at the helm, seem to be capable of rational, effective governance right now.

    The scary thing is, the tories do not care, and the opposition they have created by way of ‘new labour’ are incapable of demonstrating any rational response to the terrible mess. Labour are part of the problem, not good.

    Scotland, when the time is right, and Nic Sturgeon says lets go for it, make sure to
    make a rational decision about what kind of future for the kids and grandkids.
    It’s rational, not radical,( as I have heard said recently), to expect a forward looking, socially responsible present and future for our country.

    Those who work to make things otherwise must be very short sighted, irrational people. Can anyone understand their selfish motives?

    Human’s have choices, those in government should only be there if they are the most rational, level headed and caring people on the planet. It seems the opposite is the case, mostly.

    Scotland’s, the SNP’s political vision, if you like, is life affirming, and that is the way it should be. We need more of that in the UK and around the globe if we as a species are to survive.

  8. Loved phillippa whitfords summing up of the situation…Scotland has to decide if it’s a back seat player, mouth shut and at the whims of tessy and co, or to sit in the passenger seat, take control and let’s go forward with our own life’s journey ahead…what’s it to be then voters..enough said…

  9. We must prepare for a No Deal Exit from the EU, according to Shapeshifter May.

    The ‘devolved administrations’ will have no input in the negotiations.

    David Davis and Liam Fox are sorting it all out for us.

    We shall be told in due course that we are to eat juicy bleached Kentucky Fried, and Texas Steroid T Bones. ‘CE’ no more.

    Mundell has already demanded that our FM take independence off the table and that we Scots citizens sit back and spread our legs and think of England and its colonies. The Handmaiden’s Tale, or should that be Tail.
    The Scottish Tail is not going to wag the English dog, so there.

    We are not respecting democracy, apparently.

    There are lots more of them ,and only a few million of us. According to Mundell and the Professors, and the Dead Tree Scrolls, Scotland ceased to exist 300 years ago.
    We are quite bluntly ordered to shut the feck up, and get back in our colonial Scots and Irish boxes.

    That would be the British Nationalist version of ‘democracy’ which sees the ‘will of the Scottish people’, and the resolve of the citizens of the North of Ireland (the situation in Ireland has been set back a century because of Brexit and the DUP bribe) completely ignored not only by all three English parties at WM but also the Ruth Davidson’s Party’s 13 Blue Tory WM Placemats, what’s left of the rudderless Red Tories, and the utterly irrelevant wee bunch of Yellow Tories led by Rennie Up Here.

    Davidson, who was given Pantomime Dame coverage by Marr, Smith, Brewer, and all media points South of Gretna on Sunday, talks of the ‘country’ as either England, or ‘the UK’, or ‘Britain’, but definitely NOT Scotland.
    We must pull together and back the Blue Tories in defying Johnny Foreigner to ‘Make Britain Great Again.’ She has sold out and already eyeing up seats Down There.
    They actually believe that if they stomp their feet in mock rage that we Scots will just fall into line, like the bayonetted wounded we werer post 2014, and once Johnson has swept our dead and dying ScotsNat bodies out of the way, revert to being the Grouse Moor of the Rich, a vanquished nation, a subservient sub culture, and meekly follow Merrie England into the wilderness.
    A week is a long time in politics; 12 months an eternity.

    By October 2018 we will know. Davis and Fox will not be able to hide it from us. England is heading for a monumental disaster. Well we aren’t going off into the wilderness with them.

    Brexit will be an unmitigated disaster, and a second Independence Referendum inevitable, not in the Never Never Blade Runner 2022 and Beyond World of the Brit Nats, but betwixt October ’18 and March ’19.
    Over by October.
    We shall be Free.

    • How is it, that I cannot put my thoughts into the written word and you can. Keep it up Jack, its people like you, Macart & the dug that perks the rest of us up when we find ourselves getting sick of the english MSM.

    • Davidson is a traitor because she’s a bicth that hates Scotland Marr Neil Coburn and every other bbc employee is nothing but Scotland haters because the majority of Scotland trust Holyrood over westminster to run scottish affairs that’s a fact proven time and time again so why would so many be against independence when Holyrood would still upon independence be the scottish parliament just with the same powers of independent nations like Japan Canada malta USA etc makes me cringe how they could be against independence and would rather stay with anti scottish pricks like may and her ilk corbyn and useless red torys being the only alternative.

      like Mirihi black said today we may not know where we are going but we know what we are leaving behind

  10. Lorry parks to the rescue! Defiant words from May. That will frighten them! Batten down the hatches! Dig for victory!
    All sounds great, but it is like creating the Home Counties version of WWII Festung Europa, Fortress Europe over here!
    Festung Britannia, we’ll show ’em!
    Ironically, it creates an internal siege mentality, which is not going to end in a Sieg, if you pardon the pun!
    One understands today the latest figures re the UK governments deficit etc are being discussed.
    They may add to the gloom in Whitehall.

  11. Believe in Britain… a meme doing the rounds these days. Apparently you only believe in Britain if you get behind a Tory government and back Brexit. You only believe in Britain if you conform to a Tory idea of unity. You only believe in Britain if you conform to the Westminster political class definitions of Britain and Britishness. … Uh Huh!

    Guess I’m not British then.

    I don’t believe in Brexit, nevermind getting behind a Tory wet dream vision of Brexit. I don’t conform to a Tory’s idea of unity and I absofuckinglutely do NOT conform to or identify with the Westminster political class’ idea of the ‘British’ identity.

    At this point I’m pretty much done respecting the 2014 indyref vote and as for the June 2016 EU ref? What’s to respect? Scotland should never have had to face that vote. The Scottish electorate were promised, guaranteed, that the only way they could ensure continued membership of the EU was by voting NO in 2014. How does that fucking pledge square with an EU ref less than two years later which instantly endangers that assurance and threatens a constitutional crisis?

    That’s a rhetorical question by the way. I know the answer already, as does any reasoning and reasonable human being. It doesn’t ‘square’. It should never have happened and a constitutional crisis NOT of the SGs making was dumped in everyone’s laps.

    As for respecting and going along with the result? No. No, not really. HMG did not respect the result of 2014. The result they wanted and got by the by. The list of broken pledges, assurances and guarantees is pretty damning at this point. So why on earth should I respect those who do not respect us? Why should I support those who break their word? Bear in mind, they didn’t break their word because of unavoidable circumstances. Sometimes shit happens and you can’t keep a promise and that’s both life and politics. THAT is NOT the case here by any stretch. No, they systematically broke their word on EVERY pledge they made to their partner in union and continue to do so to this very day. Why? Mainly because they could, or felt they could. Ignorance, arrogance and self entitlement. A dynamite combo in anyone, but in an entire system of government and its political class a recipe for inevitable societal carnage.

    So, no. No, I won’t be getting behind Tory Britain and Britishness. When the inevitable happens in this ongoing Brexit catastrophuk, just for once I will take a very great and self satisfied pleasure in watching Westminster politics go into utter fucking meltdown. They won’t suffer like the rest of us of course, (their kind of political shark never do), but I sincerely hope the public humiliation lives with them the rest of their days. I hope their names go down in history as a fucking byword for idiocy and calamity for generations to come.

    P.S. I decide my identity, what I stand for and no one else.

    • …but the oil’s running out, Sam. Lord Darling said so in a BBC Plantation Quay Indyref 1 chat calling Salmond a liar.
      What’s that you say?
      The Norwegian Government’s Oil Giant Statoil has discovered £5 billion in oil in the Moray Firth and more to follow?
      Well that got buried sharpish by the MSM.
      Whisky exports, the UK ‘s biggest Food and Drink export, tops £4 billion a year?
      Oh what a curse Scotland’s natural resources are!

      I stand shoulder to shoulder with you, Sam.
      Nobody, especially cartoon cut outs like Davidson and Mundell, will define my nationality and where my loyalties should lie.

      I am a Scot, born and bred, and owe no allegiance to a discredited corrupt Union.
      We Scots will not be brow beaten into subjugation again.

      When Mundell, Davidson, Carlaw, Two Jobs WATP Tomkins, and the Queen’s Eleven Fraser and the 12 anonymous Blue Tory ‘Scots’ MPs, and their mates in the Red and Yellow Tory ranks,speak of ‘the nation’ they mean England and its subjugated satellites, one of which in their eyes is our nation, Scotland. They are Scotland Deniers. They deny their birthright for cash.

      Not while I have breath in my body will I allow these lickspittles and their willing collaborators in the Press and Broadcasting to smother my voice, and ride roughshod over our democracy.

      England and poor Wales are going to hell in a hand cart.

      There’s nothing we can do to stop their folly.
      More’s the pity.

      I’m looking forward to the FM’s Conference speech to a hall bursting at the seams with delegates who don’t need Zimmers to venture abroad. I make this observation as a 70 year old.
      The average age of Ruth Davidson’s Party membership is 71 now. I’d still be in the Youth Wing!
      Anas Sarwar as leader of the New Revived ‘Listening’ Red Tory Branch Office. Oor Wullie still chuntering along pointlessly.
      Unionism in Scotland in free fall now.
      Not long now.

      I am a Scot. Scotland is my country, my nation, my home. I am not ‘british’ other than to identify where on this planet my country of Scotland is located. On the British Isles.

      There is no such place as the ‘UK’.

      It is a political construct, 300 years old, when a bunch of robber barons ‘sold’ our nation, without our permission, to their English pals.

      Next time you hear Davidson and her Yoon Loons talk about ‘the country’, remember this, they are talking about their spiritual home, ‘England’, but not the ‘England’ of the Hoi Polloi, but the ‘England’ of the ‘Home Counties’, the land of the rich, the ennobled Oligarchy, of whom they are devoted subjugated servants.

      Get off your knees, Proud Scots.
      Now’s the day.

      • Getting deeply sick of being told who I am supposed to be and what I should consider worthy of my loyalty and respect. Mainly by people whose definition of identity changes with political need and who are ‘fundimundilly’ unworthy of the latter from anyone with a sense of empathy.

        I won’t take lessons on respect or loyalty, right or wrong, from the UK media or their chaintuggers. Basically, they can get tae.

  12. Ha ha!

    A new panto. “The Darling Duds of May”

    Theresa May shouts “I’m looking for the Empire, can anyone tell me if they see it?”

    Audience shouts “It’s behind you!”

    She turns to look.

    Audience shouts “No, it really IS behind you!”

    Boom, boom.

  13. “Britain is hoping that some combination of wonderful new computer technology will allow it to have its Brexit cake and eat it”

    Get back to me when they solve one of the halting problem or P=NP.

    • The computer system for customs they are hoping for is in use now between Norway and Sweden. The system is good but only a partial solution. You still get traffic queues. As you can guess the volumes of trade are a lot less there than between the UK and the EU. To use this system they will need to get every EU country to adopt it. Not going to happen. They have their heads up their arses yet again

      • The head of customs in the UK has already told HMG to expect massive chaos at all ports. He reckons a solution will take at least seven years to define and put in place if we are lucky. No pay rise for him then.

        • The CEO at Dover reckons that he will need 250 more customs officers at that port alone, and that there will be 17 mile tail backs when England and Wales leave the Customs Union and Single Market. He recons that there will need to be additional arterial roads and hundreds of millions spent in upgrading Fortess England.
          Come on Severin, Torrance, Clegg. Gordon, Campbell, Brewer, McKay, Taylor, when will you start reporting the truth of Brexit?
          I heard Nick Eardley on BBC Shortbread announce that the SNP Conference is muted because of the uncertainty over the timetable for Brexit.
          Mmm. Article 50 time table quite clear, Nick. Exit negotiations must be completed by October 2018, to allow the English/Welsh to take their Brexit Deal to WM, and the EU 27 will retire to consider the proposals, to be signed off by both parties by March 2019. That’s the timetable, Nick. Glad to help out there.
          It is staggering if true that Eardley doesn’t know this. Or perhaps he does, but it would get in the way of his ‘muted SNP Conference’ nonsense if he acknowledged the date when England and Wales will find themselves at the cliff edge, October 2018.
          I’d imagine that everybody at Conference knows when England and Wales have to make their minds up.
          Och, Andy, it’s going to get much much worse for the Brit Nats.
          May might even ‘No Deal’ it in a panic.
          There is not one item of agreement yet.
          Davis is obviously hopelessly out of his depth.

          • Well when brexit comes up in the press that’s the common theme on brexit may is preparing for a no deal brexit the independent plastered it over the front cover of today’s edition record trying to hide it as back as they can

  14. Paul, I for one want you to be on the Debunk The Yoon Press Yes Team for Indyref 2.
    Tom Gordon and the Herald Britland excel today.
    They hate Independence and Nicola Sturgeon, don’t they?

    Give Davidson the Keys to the Kingdom, why not?

    Grammar Schools, Free Schools, Virgin GP surgeries and A&E, privatised water, frack Scotland ’til it bleeds methane, sell off any public assets that Thatcher Blair Brown and Cameron missed, PFI every public building in Northern Britain, stick students with £9 million pa tuition fees, pile a Dementia Tax on the elderly, get prescription charges back on, introduce tolls on every road and bridge in Scotland, reduce tax to the Filthy Rich JKR’s of this colony to 25%, and get that Universal Credit Scheme up and running pronto, because half a million Scots in poverty is not enough of a ‘saving’ to cut the deficit while rewarding the rich.
    Doesn’t bear thinking about; but that’s what the Herald, the Scotsman, the Record, and the P&J are supporting. What this country needs is a good dose of Arch Right Wing oppression by our Southern Neighbour?
    We need a UN investigation into the suppression of Free Speech in Scotland.

    • I cannot understand the problem with Universal Credit payments. People are being shafted as they have to wait six to seven weeks between one benefit stopping and the other starting. Why? Surely all you need to do is continue the benefit payments for the six weeks of the UC assessment and stop one the day before the others start.

      • It is totally unworkable, Andy.
        UCS is meant to ‘top up’ a worker’s earnings to a level where they are ‘better off’ in work rather than languishing on benefits as an alternative life style.
        No argument there.
        However, and this is not a ‘but’, there are tens of thousands going in and out of work every week, and earnings, especially with a million now on zero hours contracts, fluctuate markedly, depending on hours worked, and levels of pay, overtime rates, and son.
        It is an almighty administrative mess, and their UCS system just can’t cope, or respond at short notice to changes in circumstances, fluctuations in earnings, sackings, short term part time zero hours work.
        Hence the six week window to assess a UCS cliam, or change in circumstances.
        In addition to this, the notional’ rent’ element that is included in the weekly UCS payment , unlike now where the DWP/JC pay ‘rent’ directly to the landlord, is paid to the UCS customer who then pays rent to their landlord.
        A recipe for disaster as deprivation and life threatening circumstances with short money pile up and rent arrears accrue.
        There are reportedly tens of thousands in rent arrears in the pilot areas like Inverness.
        Of course, the Blue Tories have cut allowances and benefits,some of the hidden austerity grabs to pay the rich 1% ; for example the Two Child Cap on WFTC/CTC, the scrapping of nearly £30 a week in Employment Support Allowance for Disabled Jobseekers, and the removal of the Housing Benefit element of UCS for 18-21 year old recipients.
        The Tories, Blue Red and Yellow, all love UCS.
        Rob the poor, give to the rich. Not very ‘Universal’ is it?
        It’s a mess and needs scrapped.

          • I believe that the Scottish Government is going to pay the ‘renr’ element direct to landlords, and introduce a fortnightly payment, with ‘hardship’ payments to those destitute.
            What was that from Mundell about Holyrood getting on with the day job?
            England’s NHS, Police, Education, LA administration, Social Security systems, are in utter meltdown, yet Marr comes Up Here and quizzes NS about Scottish NHS Waiting Times, while allowing Davidson his new Queen of the Blue Rinses to chunter on uninterrupted for 12 minutes.
            I wonder when Bombardier announces 1000 Belfast redundancies will Ruth fly over to cuddle Arlene?
            The EU 27 need do nothing of course. It is not they who want to leave the EU.
            Davis looks every inch the tired old battle scarred man he is. Totally out of his depth.

  15. It worries me that there is a percentage of young people who take pride in not supporting Scotland’s national football team because they support Rangers and prefer to support England instead even though they have no connection. Although I am talking about football it has wider implications for how people feel about their nation and how they may vote in a future referendum. Some British Nationalists in Scotland are so anti independence now that it manifests itself as antiscottish and now even pro English. Scotland is a strange country. When we go abroad we are so full of pride and are quick to tell people we are Scottish and yet at home many who are influenced by anti scottish/snp media follow a trend of anti scottish cringe. I struggle to understand the mentality.

    • Aye, Alasdair, you are right. Scotland is a strange country. When the locals would rather support England than their own country something has gone sadly wrong. Maybe we need a couple of Rangers players in the national team. (Maybe we need to qualify for Euro 2000. Maybe we need a minor miracle….)
      Of course there is a lot more to life than football, but football engages many people far more than politics engages them. Sturgeon and the SNP are just some vague baadness that gets mentioned in a subliminal way. The constant drip drip drip of the media.
      I’m back into Glasgow this weekend from Canada. If you see all the complimentary Sun newspapers nestling in a rubbish bin, I take full responsibility.

  16. On my way back to London from my first SNP Conference. It was fantastic. What brilliant people we have fighting for our cause and for all the people of Scotland, whoever they voted for.

    Really proud of what the party stands for and their total commitment to the people of Scotland and to justice, peace and freedom across the world.

  17. The UK gov want things from the EU, that the EU will not give. The UK will never get what the other 27 EU member states pay for. Its that simple. If you haven’t been paying attention, then be aware that China, Japan and Canada are now in negotiations to get access to the export markets that the UK will be abandoning.

    The UK govs response? blockades at the channel ports. Wow. Never mind that that the EU actually doesn’t export much to the UK but we export a lot to the EU. This is pretty much like a mobster coming round to extort money from you but then shooting both his own feet off to show that he was serious.

    China, Japan and Canada won’t be the only nations coming round to see what juicy morsels the UK left as it limps off in a huff.

    To paraphrase the poet James Lowell: What fills me dismay is the degradation of the moral tone. Is it or is it not a result of Democracy? Were the tories not voted in by the people to govern the UK?’ If so then what does that say about the UK voter. Gladly supporting a Kakistocracy rather, for the benefit of knaves at the cost of fools?

    • Is it Democracy if we make our decisions based on false promises and twisted half truths? Add to that, that many folk won’t take the time after a hard day at work (I don’t blame them) to find out the reality of the spin they’re told. Not quite so difficult if you can afford access to the internet to reach sites such as this one, wings etc. Democracy needs a proper media and I hear very little about the Scottish Government doing anything about this. I do hope the Independent grass roots take a serious look at this. I’d love to hear other views on this topic so any comments, links etc would be gratefully received.

  18. At least in a real-world pantomime (oxymoron alert?) the best boy (who may be a girl) gets the girl while the ugly sisters (who will be men) get their comeuppance. Meanwhile, the pantomime being performed in the big hoose by the Thames is hampered by the lack of a script and the players are ad-libbing ad-nauseum seemingly unaware, or uncaring, of the real world outside.

    Let’s remind ourselves of something: any one of the EU27 countries could veto a proposed treaty establishing Britain’s new relationship with the EU as the terms of future EU-UK trade relations are very likely to need a unanimous EU vote. Why would a country threaten to do this? Three examples: Spain and Gibraltar, Ireland not wishing to see a border with Ulster and Romania wishing to maintain freedom of movement for seasonal agriculture workers. The complexity of an agreement which meets the Brexiteer’s desires and the EU27’s requirements looks unachievable.

    The mummers ad-libbing ad-nauseum darn sarth respond to critical reviews with ‘it will be all right on the night’. The more sympathetic reviews suggest there is a new leading dame waiting in the wings though she is, currently, otherwise engaged in Thursday matinee performances or straddling innocent ruminants.

    When viewed from up north with a powerful set of opera glasses, spectators of this ongoing farce or tragedy probably suspect there will not be a happy ending. It will end in tears. Viewers up north need to write their own script, with their own players. Then there will be a happy ending.

  19. Cast yer minds back. – I do wonder just what exactly Theresa May’s negotiating position was that would have enabled Britain ‘to get the best possible deal’ (ad nauseum) so that it would have been total madness and reckless folly to give ‘our’ negotiating position away to Europe a year ago when repeatedly asked what it was by the pundits…


    What a load of bollocks.

    The truth is the English political class have fucked it up wherever they have been in the world through their pathological superiority to all matters.

    Isn’t it just la-la-land listening to their delusional views debated endlessly by the BBC Tory party commentariat knowing full well that none of it will matter because Europe will just repeatedly tell them to go and raffle themselves.

  20. “Can I appeal to each and every one of you at this conference those here those watching at home who are SNP members please go back to your branches and constituencies and map out an organisational plan for the next years.

    “Because … there are 1,300 and some days until the next Scottish Parliamentary election and there will also be a referendum on Scottish independence.” Angus Robertson Depute Leader SNP

    “When we think about those wasted opportunities, it should make us all the more determined that, in future, we will do things differently. It should make us determined to put Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands.

    Friends, As I have always said, Scotland should have the right to choose our future when the terms of Brexit are clear. We have a mandate to give the people that choice.

    That mandate was won fairly and squarely. But exercising it must be done with the interests of all of Scotland at heart. People want clarity about Brexit first. We respect that. But to all of you here in this hall and across our country who are impatient for change, let me say this.

    We may not yet know exactly when the choice will be made. But we can, we must, and we will always make the case for independence. With the UK government so engulfed in chaos and taking the country down a path of self imposed decline, the need to do so has never been greater.” Nicola Sturgeon First Minister of Scotland and SNP Leader.

    Sounds about right. 😉

  21. It’s hilarious too watching the BBC, the Times and bits of the Tory commentariat touting Ruth Davidson as leader.
    She serves a purpose of sorts in Scotland as someone to oppose the SNP. If she really went to England to face the reality of questions and the bear pit of Tory politics she would no longer serve any purpose for anyone.

  22. I was reading this morning that in a worst case Brexit scenario farm profits will half. It is on the BBC web site.

    Good speeches yesterday from Angus, Mhairi and Nicola.

    Everyday now we get more Brexit doom and gloom. Sad for all of us but good for Indy.

    • It’s like listening to a series of mad folk talking rot, Sam.
      England’s public services, the NHS, Police and emergency Sevices, their Education system, are crumbling to dust while JK Rowling and Lord Darling rake it in, and the Blue Tories retreat further and further into madness.
      In 18 months, England and Wales leave the EU.
      At this moment they have not reached agreement with the EU27 on anything. May has more or less threatened the 3 million EU workers with expulsion if there is a No Deal outcome, which looks more than likely, Spreadsheet Hammond will ground all EU flights on E Day, 1st April 2019, and Fox wanders the world trying to sell Kentish Plum Jam and Kendal Mint to the Outer Mongolians.
      I have observed before: Madness stalks the green lanes of Old England.
      We keep our powder dry, even yet.
      The Brit Nats are doing the job for us.
      It’ll be over by October, 2018.
      Freedom beckons, ye sons and daughters of Scotland.

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