Brexit the Movie

A new movie has been released, Blade Runner 2049, which depicts a dark and dystopian future. It’s basically post-Brexit North Lanarkshire with Harrison Ford and special effects and some really high tech. The dystopia is already here. It’s just that there’s bugger all that’s artistic or Oscar worthy about it, and the most technically complex thing that will be left once the Tories have wrought havoc with Brexit will be a pencil sharpener.

Our descent into dystopia continued this week with the news that Britain has now got its very own post-Brexit Board of Trade. It all sounds terribly exciting, although far less glamourous than anything involving sex androids, because the only robotic performances we’ve got are those from members of the Conservative cabinet. It becomes even less exciting once you discover that this new trade board has got precisely one member, and that member is Liam Fox. Or to give him the proper title about which he is so insistent – the Disgraced Former Secretary of State for Adam Werrity’s Lobbying. So it’s not really a trade board and more of a trade bod.

At least the new Board of Trade has the advantage that it will be able to make decisions very quickly. Liam will make a presentation to Liam, who will send it to Liam for consideration, and then Liam will weigh up all the alternatives that Liam has brought up and come down on the side that’s favoured by Liam and will then communicate that decision to Liam. The only problem is that it won’t be able to make any decisions because the UK won’t be allowed to make any trade deals of its own until after the country has left the EU, and probably not until after the end of the transitional period that Liam’s boss is desperate to arrange because otherwise the economy will plummet faster than Harvey Weinstein’s reputation.

The Board of Trade was originally set up to regulate the despoilation of the colonies and the running of slave plantations. It wasn’t set up to reach fair trade deals, it was originally set up by the rich in order to apportion the swag from their systematic theft of land, resources and wealth from people poorer and weaker than themselves. So pretty much like a Conservative plan for privatisation then. The original terms of reference of the Board of Trade is not an unfair assessment of what the Tories are planning to do with the rest of us once they’ve achieved their wet dream of a hard Brexit. Liam can’t negotiate any trade deals just now, so effectively he’s got a non-job, and has been reduced to setting up this Board of Trade in order to justify his self-aggrandising existence to the rest of us. If you look up the phrase “waste of oxygen” in a dictionary of political terminology, you’ll find that it’s defined as “Dr Liam Fox, the Disgraced Former Secretary of State for Puffing Up His Own Ego.”

He doesn’t have anything else to do, so apart from setting up a Board of Trade that he’s the sole member of and which can’t negotiate any trade deals anyway, he fills his time – according to Private Eye – with using government premises to host the launch of a new hard Brexit think tank headed by his pal the gollum like Daniel Hannon. This is apparently against the rules, but what are rules when you’re the man in charge of trading in Liam’s massive ego. If it were possible to monetise Liam’s estimation of himself, the UK would be the richest nation on the planet and we could do away with austerity. Unfortunately no one is in the market for Liam.

The sole member of the new Board of Trade thinks that political instability is a dreadful threat to economic security. To which anyone looking upon the epic unfolding disaster that is Brexit with its Tory backstabbing and its cluelessness can only say “No shit Sherlock”. However Liam thinks that the greatest threat to his free trade orgasmatron is Scottish independence, so it is incumbent upon us all to do all we can to bring about Scottish independence as soon as possible. It’s now a matter of morality. It’s independence or Liam. One of the chief proponents of Brexit claiming that the prospect of Scottish independence is the greatest source of instability facing the UK is a bit like Sawney Bean looking at raw fish and seaweed sushi and going, “Eeeeuww, how could anyone possibly eat anything as eeeky as that?”

Although we must recognise that from the perspective of the rest of the UK Liam has got a point. Without Scotland they’re screwed. Without Scotland the arse would fall out of the pound. Without Scotland they’d have nowhere to put their nuclear viagra and would lose their seat on the UN Security Council. Because if you honestly believe that Scotland is an economic basket case and is only kept afloat because, uniquely, the Tories like to throw billions of pounds at us out of sheer altruism, you probably also think that Liam is a huge credit to East Kilbride.

We’ve got a totally useless new Board of Trade, which trades in nothing but Liam Fox’s self-promotion, but back in the real world the Brexit talks have become mired in what the EU’s chief negotiator has described as a disturbing deadlock. Michel Bernier is disturbed, and that’s without even having to look at Michael Gove or listen to Liam Fox. Because no progress has been made, he’s unable to recommend that negotiations begin on the UK’s post-Brexit trade deal with the EU. So that’s Liam twiddling his thumbs for the foreseeable.

We’re getting closer and closer to the once unthinkable prospect of falling out of the EU without any deal being done at all. The Conservatives are still more interested in falling out with one another, manoeuvering for personal position, and blaming everyone else for their own shortcomings. When they come to make Brexit The Movie, they’re going to need some pretty good special effects to represent the monsters of the Tory party, but the dystopian wasteland, the Conservatives are creating that all by themselves. It’s the rest of us who will have to suffer its consequences.

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  2. British nationalist Scots like Fox are the worst.

    It’s going to be a no-deal brexit . Scotland will regain its independence.

  3. I am a proud scot and my wife of 20 years is from Yorkshire, I have always been a supporter of the EU while my wife was against and we both wanted Scotland to be Independent and a full member of the EU. But after what I have heard and seen what has happened in Catalonia and the absolute no voice from the EU regards to citizens of the EU being beating and prevented from being able to vote, what right do they have in asking the UK Government to except the EU court for the EU citizens. I reckon the EU has just lost that argument and me personally I would never put a YES or tick to any box that ment Scotland being part of the EU.

    • Just how many spelling mistakes can you make in one post? Are you for real or have you been partaking? Well done all the same.

        • I thought I was making my self clear. My Wife wanted the UK out of the EU and voted for the UK to leave the EU. She thinks an independent Scotland should be a full member and would vote for that.

        • hettyforindy: no not crap, an opinion. Independence is an emotive subject, i want it for reasons and my partner doesn’t for reasons. Just listen, debate and not name call pleeeeese. Also why is it the “supposed” 100% comment, I read it as his actual coment. So should you.

      • For your information I am only using a 4″ phone. I am sorry that the spelling mistake upset you so much, but thank you for bring it to my attention.

      • missed the point of his post, with or without spelling mistakes you can understand it. Patronising and glib. Try engaging and debating. I think you may like it (once you get over yourself)

    • I think you may be missing the point. If you don’t vote yes for independence (100%YES?) you will most certainly be out of the EU, but also the single market and customs union, so I don’t think you care very much for the future of Scotland.

      • Never once did I say I wouldn’t vote for independence of course I would the question of Scotland being independent and joining the EU would never be put on the ballot paper. I have always stated to people that said they would vote no in a future referendum if Scotland would join Eu, its a easier to leave the EU than it is to leave the UK. I was at that SNP conference and trust me from tommy Sheppard to Alan smith up to Nicola Sturgeon there is no appetite for any referendum. I was at an event at the conference Alan Smith was holding on Europe and people where posed a question about independence he was told straigh that the party is for independence and full member of the EU the guy replied thats not what the party is about and trust me he wasn’t the only one saying that.

          • And for anyone that doesn’t know Scotland is leaving the EU that fact is clear we have no say in that that’s the UK government decision. If Scotland becomes independent she would have to apply and that not certain if Spain would vote to support an independent Scotland going after what I have just seen, Spanish government would oppose.

          • 100%, are you Balir McDougall, or Alan Roden?
            You certainly ain’t 100% anything other than lost in a fantasy of your own making.
            This is my last response to you ‘100% Yes’.
            You are a Brit Nat Plant.

          • Amen to that, Jack.

            (Just like all those other postings which begin “I have been a long term supporter of indy/SNP but..” then go on to spout some typical UKIP pish.)

  4. We Scots absolutely have to have our own voice in the UK. We might not have been able singlehandedly to prevent the neoliberal majority among the EU ministers from totally trashing the Greek economy, for which they deserve a good kicking, and we might not singlehandedly be able to stop the Usual Suspects – the Spain, the UK, Poland and Hungary, for example, which all qualify as fascist regimes – preventing any significant criticism of Spain being voiced by the EU’s Council of Ministers or Parliament.

    I expect that what individual members in the Parliament will be much more interesting to hear. Meantime, the way the EU is structured means that apart from the fascist tendency, they just can’t broach the question of member States’ constitutions. It’s not the right forum.

    What is going on out of the public eye is certain to be far, far different, even if the various bits of the EU are not in a position to talk about it publicly.

  5. Of course the absolute real disgrace is that Scotland has been sidelined, ridiculed and silenced re Brexit. Scotland has been told to shut up and put up.

    You could hardly make it up. The 2014 referendum result was secured on a lie, many lies in fact, absolute outright lies from the britnats in Scotland, and from the Tories, and also the red tories, disgraceful people.

    As Paul points out the UK treasury do not send the crumbs to Scotland, having taken pretty much all revenues raised in Scotland, out of altruism. The injustice of the whole damn set up is just shocking. The system was set up by England to keep Scotland shackled, and to keep the people poor, begging bowl in hand.

    The ‘block grant’ is not a bonus. It is not a ‘grant’. It is as miniscule amount as possible sent to Scotland, after all of the oil money has been stolen and squandered by the Britnats in charge at WM.

    The Britnats can see that the SNP are doing an amazing job for Scotland and Scotland’s people within the constraints of the so called union, so they are well aware of just how much more the SNP government would do, if Scotland was independent.

    To have a government like the one in England, who are cruel to their own people, irresponsible, and totally wreckless with Brexit and the economy, is just a freaking tradegy. It’s backward, destructive, and like Bladerunner, dystopian.

    Hard to understand how people can live their lives knowing what suffering they are inflicting on others much worse off than themselves and it’s getting worse.
    Ethical and morally destitute seems to be on the rise, it’s scary in the extreme.

    Scotland, get out as soon as the time is right. That is all.

    • Everything you say is correct Hetty. They, the Brit Nats that run the UK are certifiable idiots as far as I am concerned. How can they fight to make things worse. How can they sleep at night. As Paul has stated above it has buffoons like Liam in it. Why did people vote for him.

      Then we have hope. Hope for freedom soon. Contrast the WM and SG party conferences. On showing a good record and one lying to itself.

      • Andy, Hetty, we have reached the point of no return.
        With his usual acerbic wit, Paul ridicules the corrupt system Down There that attempts to maintain the status quo: Scotland, the subjugated colony, where each week billions of pounds of our resources, products and expertise are channelled through England, and our English Masters dole out miserly pocket money to the serfs Up Here while squandering the rest on everything from WMD, HS2 and channelling public money to the rich, nobility, and the London Banks.
        Well, no more.
        I will fight to my dying breath to resist Unionism, and the enforced occupation of Scotland by an Iron Heel SE Oligarchy and the Miles Briggs Taxi Men and Women Placemats Up Here.
        A dark storm is brewing which has the potential to make the disgraceful scenes in Barcelona two weeks ago look like a local skirmish.
        I am a Scot, and a European.
        Mundell and Davidson are NOT Scots; they are Brits.
        They are Scotland Deniers. They are betraying Scotland and denying the will of our citizens.
        Well, the worm has turned.
        The lights have gone out all over England, to paraphrase.
        In the darkness, evil in the form of Fox, Johnson, Gove, Rudd, Fallon, May, and the WM 590, fumble and mumble, while the UK crumbles to dust.
        None of them are that bothered. They are all well heeled, and guaranteed post politics sinecures no matter what.
        We are on the brink of the Final Conflict, Hetty, Andy.
        The idea that millions of Scots citizens are prepared to sell their rights for perpetual subjugation so that Boris can get his Empire back to play with is beyond parody, although Paul makes a pretty good stab at lampoonery here.
        By Christ, there is ‘division’ across the UK.
        We have yet to find out what the Brexit Deal is likely to be, but the smart money is on No Deal, and disaster for our English neighbours.
        Independence is inevitable now, unless we are positing that 2 million plus Scots citizens will still vote No.
        Somehow I don’t see it.

    • Getty I used to live for a wee while in Northumberland. The only time I ever came accross the name Betty or Bettie was there. So are you from the nicest part of England?

    • I totally understand the frustration of being out of the EU against our wishes, but September 2014 gave the UK a mandate to brush Scotland aside any time it chooses. No good wishing for something that’s not going to happen. The plan should be to convince the unsures and previous “frightened of change” no voters of what a bleak future we face without our independence. WGD keep up the great work, love reading your stuff. Amazing writer.

  6. I clocked Mr Fox’s statement yesterday along with his ‘greatest risk to free trade agreement is an independent Scotland’ schtick. Which is, y’know, weird because we’ve been told repeatedly that the UK IS already a single market (yeah, I know).

    So basically before, it really wasn’t and now Mr Fox wants to set up his Board of Trade to make it a bit more official and ensure that it really is. Uh Huh! Couldn’t have anything to do with a regulatory body which would have Westminster oversight over ALL UK trade then, because that would make it a bit like a mini EU regulatory body which a goodly number of folk voted to walk away from in June 2016. I thought folk were told that UK business would thrive in competitive markets without overbearing and stifling regulatory oversight. That was the argument, yes?

    So just to be clear – A great Repeal Bill set by the Tories and enabled by the Henry VIII clause without parliamentary oversight. A British bill of rights also set by the Tories and pushed through if necessary by use of same legislation (don’t think they wouldn’t) and finally Tory proposals for a British board of trade.

    I’m seeing a pattern… (sigh)

    • Ah, Sam, it is designed to conjure up images of The Honourable East India Company with its private army of a quarter of a million men, raping Asia and the Indian sub continent, the Hudson Bay Company divvying up Canada with the US of A., and reprised as Fox’s treasured Board of Trade.
      Either this man has completely lost it, or he has this mad notion that Empire 2 is a goer.
      Either way, the resurrection of the Empire’s shame, the Board of Trade, is deliberate.
      Ministry of War? Auld Lizzie re-designated as Empress?
      I cannot believe that Canada Australia and NZ still have to bow down to the Windsors, or whatever The Firm call themselves these days.

  7. Must be great to be Liam and waken up to know the Brits are so much better than anyone the way sawney bean was propaganda dreamt up by the London based press to demonise the Scots and portray us as backward uneducated and worthless RING ANY BELLS!!

  8. Getty I used to live for a wee while in Northumberland. The only time I ever came accross the name Betty or Bettie was there. So are you from the nicest part of England?

    • I am never going to use my phone again to update anything. The Getty said Hetty when I hit the post comment button
      Aarrhhhh sorry folks

  9. Love your writing, Paul, as always.

    One of the things that is opening up, is what the EU is all about, just how much it encompasses. The Brexit ref was a dog whistle to racists. But now, even they are beginning to see what a cluster*uck the whole thing is, and just how complicated it will be to replace.

    As the wheels of the bus fall off before it even gets to the cliff, what will an Indy Ref for Scotland really be asking…

    That we make our own decisions,
    That we go independent and stay/leave in Europe

    Most importantly what will be in the best interests of the English Nationalist Establishment to push for? Either to split the vote or to actually aim for.

    As the time nears, I suspect, more and more people in England will have quiet conversations about the real financial input Scotland provides to their economy. Though they will never admit it.

    England cannot afford to lose Scotland. These are desperate times for them. The buffoons on display are not the real power, so I wonder what is going on behind the scenes.

    I suspect that if/when Scotland announces another indy ref, England will insist upon one too, on the subject of Brexit.

    I suspect there will be sufficient votes 2nd time round for there to be a majority vote to stay.

    Just how will that muddy the waters I don’t know. But I think it is worth thinking about and planning for.

    For many of our No Voting Pensioners, the thought of a complex, long drawn out, decision making vote on what type of European membership we should have, will be energy draining to say the least. Please note, I am not being disrespectful, just trying to see things from their point of view.

    Anyway, the above is food for thought.

  10. Its people like you and that are holding the Yes and Scotland back, it would be better if you think before you speak. Calling someone a Brit Nat plant what sort of dialogue is that because there opinion is not the same or has changed to what your is. I suggest you keep your narrow minded comments to your self because you clearly not learned any from what the gentleman has been saying on this site “We need to in gage with the no side to win”.

    • I agree that you are entitled to your opinion and your opinion should be respected like every other poster on this site and not be attacked in a personal manner.
      However, I read most of the indy sites and there are unionist ‘plant/s’ on most of them. Whether you are, or not, all that concerns me is when indy2 comes you put your x in the yes box and I hope you and your wife do.
      I think a lot of people have an issue with the EU, I certainly do, but the goal is self-determination for Scotland first and we should never lose sight of that.

      I use ‘Grammarly’ for grammar and spelling in all my documents which you can download for free in the google apps.

      • If the only problem I have in live is my spelling or grammer and that I respect and not offend others then that’s fine by me. I had no idea of what paranoid ment til now.

        • You are not offending me, I love Wee Ginger Dogs blog. He has a rather wonderful knack of writing what you are thinking – sometimes. I read your posts and was a bit taken aback that some thought you were a britnat. I am not impressed with name calling. You have your opinion and I have mine. Please don’t stop commentating, its good to debate .

    • The problem is that some of them are in fact BritNat plants. We’re in a propaganda war, and the other side don’t fight clean. Our referendum in 2014 showed that, the Brexit referendum showed that, and just because we don’t have anything looming, it doesn’t mean it’s stopped. It is there, it is constant, and it is ongoing.

      I do have some experience in the area – I studied Russian in the days of the old Soviet Union, and as a translator at the International Criminal Tribunal Tribunal for Rwanda, I got another slant on it. I’m not expecting anyone just to take my word for it, but do analyse what you’re reading and hearing, think about it, do not accept it at face value, and see if it actually makes sense – checking your facts if necessary.

    • I also have an issue with the EU especially after the Catalan episode but I did vote yes to independence in 2014 and will continue to do so until it is won. Once independence is gained we can fight it out after whether we stay or go. There are still a substantial amount of Scots leary about the EU and who voted for Brexit. This doesn’t mean they are BritNats any more than I am a cybernat for voting yes. I came from a definite no to a passionate yes after reading and finding out information through blogs like wee ginger dog and Wings etc. I agree with you about the name calling, unnecessary and a it gets you nowhere, Debate and engage.

    • Sam, these people treat us as though we are uneducated idiots.
      Sarwar the anti Establishment Candidate.
      For feck’s sake.

      Labour is dead Up Here.
      The storm clouds are gathering. You are either for Independence, or willing to sell your birth
      right and be ruled by your English Masters.
      It is as stark as that now. Freedom or subjugation to an Iron Heel English Oligarchy and the Scottish Branch of the Brit Establishment.
      There is no other choice now.

  11. Oh FFS! Right on cue

    Apologies for a non archived link, but the independent doesn’t archive accurately and people will want to read this for themselves.

    I honestly don’t think these self important, self entitled fuckwits can help themselves. Diplomacy is almost certainly a lost art in Westminster politics.

    • Scanning BBC I Player; I note two Mills and Boon romantic series. Men and women in uniform and their romances under fire, defending the Empire.
      ‘The Last Post’, in the ‘sixties, when Nasty Towel Heads in Aden were decapitating God fearing squaddies for no reason other than the fact that the Brit insurgents invaded their land and were robbing them of their ….er..oil…, and God give me strength, a 21st Century version titled ‘Our Girl’.
      We had hundreds of war commemorations and documentaries last year, 2016, glorifying war and the millions of working class men and women on both sides who died for their Kaisar/King, and to preserve the wealth and lands of the Oligarchy.

      Hammond let it slip. The EU27 are ‘the enemy’.
      Empire 2 is the goal.
      It is not a quantum leap to assume that we Scots who shall vote for Self Determination very soon now are also considered their ‘enemy’.
      It is going to get very dark before it gets light.
      I wonder if we shall be treated to 14 hours of Colonel Ruth on TV this Sunday?

      • I was there, Jack, between 65-67 and I don’t remember any squaddies being decapitated – I’m not saying though that it didn’t happen; just that I never heard of it. I do though remember the appalling treatment meted out to the natives by the Army in general and not just in Aden. They generally behaved like they had a God-given right to do so. May God forgive me.

        • I’m truly sorry to have touched a nerve, Kenzie. It was not my intention.
          But to make crass facile BBC ‘dramas’ laced with sex out of recent and ongoing wars and imperial thuggery goes beyond the pail.
          I am positive that your Maker has forgiven you.
          The English Establishment glorifies war and erstwhile colonial expansionism.
          Many believe that England is still a Big Global Player and although designated a Commonwealth of Nations, they still have an ‘Empire’ in all but name.
          Whenever I hear one of our ProudScotsBut Unionists ‘deny’ us the right to Self Determination, or indeed to stay in the EU, I prefix their Imperial Nonsense with ‘My English Masters have instructed me to tell my fellow Scots that’….
          ‘There will be no second Referendum’
          and so on.
          I can only imagine the images that you live with, Kevin.
          I am truly sorry if I offended.
          21st Century Scotland is a peaceful land, with no ambition to invade other nations to exploit their natural resources.
          Only independence will ensure that any future WM wars are not done ‘in our name’.

          Peace, brother.

          • You didn’t offend me, Jack, just awakened past memories of which I am decidedly not proud. Thank you for your kind words.

        • PS I watched the first episode of “The Last Post” and what a load of crap it was. To give one example of the many errors on display; irrespective of rank, nobody, but nobody was allowed to take a vehicle out of camp unescorted.

          • Kenzie, I have resisted watching either. The synopses were enough for me.
            Good TV is hard to find these days, especially the British/London Fare.
            How many dramas are based in London each year? Most of them.
            Give me a good book or reruns of Yes Minister every time.
            It is a disgrace that poor Scottish punters and their children cannot watch Scotland’s International football matches ‘free’ on terrestrial TV, yet we are fed England’s games into our living rooms (not that I’d watch) as part of their legendary ‘crown jewels’, like the Oxford Cambridge Boat Race, and the Grand National.
            Thank you for your service to the country, Kenzie.
            You have earned your peace.

  12. And yet millions of our friends and neighbors continue to vote for them.

    Sisyphus has nothing to compare with the astonishing nature of British Nationalism. The faith these folks exhibit in the cavalcade of clowns that passes for the current Cabinet, and their poisonous enablers in the fifth estate, is one of the enduring mysteries of our time.

    The King of Ephyra only had to deal with a large inanimate rock. The BritNats are rocks that walk and talk. A waste of space and good oxygen. Technically, they can still be classified as inanimate. Many of them do aspire to be gollums, though, so theirs that.

    I am thinking that Goethe sums up our current dilemma perfectly:

    “Against stupidity, even the gods themselves struggle in vain.”

    • How I wish we had functioning news media and journalism in this country. Present company excepted and all that, but our people are being deliberately propagandized to within an inch of their lives … with the alternative, psy-ops generated facts in the shining uplands of the alternative, BritNat universe in which Johnny Foreigner does as he’s told, the Lower Orders know their place, and nanny knows best when it comes to those uppity wee Jockanese people, because the Scotch are obviously far too wee, far too stupid and far too poor to survive on their own. I mean, stands to reason, eh, guv?

      So no, we are not going to be permitted to know the truth about the impact of Brexit. We would only worry our pretty little heads about it, or start misbehaving and pretending to be adult people with full citizenship rights, and refuse to accept our status as subjects and demand full citizenship instead.

      As for the “deliberate” and the tinfoil millinery, it’s actually immaterial whether it’s deliberate propaganda warfare or not. The effect is the same: we are in a propaganda war.

      • ‘Provoke a reactionary response from stakeholders north of the border’ was a pretty telling statement.

        Yes. Yes, I think a ‘reactionary response’ would be fairly understandable. UK gov has lied to the people of Scotland on a great many issues over the years. They’ve also witheld a great deal of important information on a great many important issues directly affecting peoples lives.

        This is merely the latest entry in a long and shameful litany of deceit.

        ‘Partners’… hopefully not for much longer.

        • Well, I recall that they buried the negative impact of HS2 on Aberdeen (-£220 million), and Dundee and Angus (-£96 million) almost overnight back in 2013, when Danny Alexander, who is now long gone with his knighthood and a cushy wee reward from the Establishment of a sinecure working for the Moneymen in Hong Kong, was announcing that the total cost of HS2 was £47 billion including contingencies, and that this would be the final figure in 20 years time,end of.
          Absolute nonsense of course. Now at £54 billion and rising.
          He was sacking 500,000 public servants at the time to fund tax breaks for the wealthy, as part of the Coalition’s Austerity Package.
          The same Hybrid Government that cut disability allowances, pensions, Child Tax Credits, Working Families Tax credits by a boastful £28 billion.
          Of course the Mandarins have undertaken Impact Analyses on the effect of Brexit, country by country, Region by Region.
          Of course Davis and the WM Parliament won’t release the damning report on Scotland and the NE of England.
          We don’t matter.
          Mundell, ‘Lord’ Duncan and Davidson are the High Commissioners of the Scots colony.
          We are to do as we are told, or else.
          Day by day the relationship between the English Oligarchy and the other 3 nations in this dying Union deteriorates. Brexit has merely sped up the process of dissolution.

          4000 workers in Bombardier’s Belfast works are about to lose their jobs. WM does nothing.

          BAE jobs in Govan/Scotstoun and Rosyth are under serious threat from the Blue Tory Defence Minister.
          Job Centres are closing and the unemployed need to phone a 55p a minute contracted out (private) help line begging in desperation for subsistence allowances.
          England’s Health Service, their Police and Emergency Services, their Schools and Universities are in Blue Tory engineered chaos.
          Their Brexit Deal will be at the expense of Scotland and the Frozen NE of England.
          They know that. Why aren’t they telling us?

  13. I really enjoy reading the WGD. I feel sorry for the Scottish people who are being screwed by this corrupt british establishment. I have lived in Africa since coming here in 1975 having left Scotland due to the work situation. I cant offer much advice but the people need to be informed continually what is and going to happen. My daughter and family live in Scotland and I keep telling and begging them to get out and vote SNP. They tell me all their friends vote for anyone who is not SNP in other words they want to stay in the union. Of course they all have good jobs. I really dont like it as I can see what’s going to happen and it will be too late as Scotland will be completely stuffed. I am in my seventies now and my wife and I are more patriotic now than ever. It makes me sick that a lot of our so called friends in Scotland cant or won’t see what is happening to our wonderful country.

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