The fantasies of a trailer park government

The UK government apparently knows more about the effects of Brexit than it’s prepared to reveal. This isn’t a good sign. If the effects were going to be just absolutely wonderful they’d be plastered all over the pages of the Tories’ favourite pro-Brexit propaganda sheets. According to a former aide to David Davis, the Brexit Secretary, the government has researched the economic effects of Brexit, but is refusing to reveal its findings. According to the former aide, Scotland and the North East of England will be the worst affected parts of the UK. The government has refused a Freedom of Information request from opposition MPs asking for the research to be published. This government, that is supposed to represent and defend our interests remember, is refusing to confirm or deny that any such analysis exists.

It’s like that show Catfish on MTV in which a person involved in a long distance internet romance with a beautiful but strangely elusive young woman far away who comes up with a series of increasingly implausible excuses when ask to commit to a meeting or even a video call. The show helps the unrequited lover to track down the object of their affections, only to discover that the person they thought was a lithe and glamourous 21 year old with a successful career in sophisticated Los Angeles is in fact an unemployed overweight balding middle aged man with a scratch card addiction who lives with twenty flea-bitten cats in a rubbish strewn trailer in rural Alabama, typing away on his laptop as he sits in his stained underwear. The closest he’s ever come to sophistication and glamour was when his neighbours appeared on the Jerry Springer Show. Mind you, the closest the British government gets to sophistication and glamour is Michael Gove, so the trailer park guy does have one up on us there.

In response to the Freedom of Information Request, the UK government gave its reasons for refusing to confirm or deny the existence of the research. Apparently telling us the truth would undermine the Brexit negotiations, and would risk a “reactionary” response from people north of the Border. This is like the guy in the Alabama trailer park refusing to confirm or deny that he’s an unemployed overweight balding middle aged man with a scratch card addiction who lives with twenty flea-bitten cats in a rubbish strewn trailer because the people that he’s told he’s really a glamourous 21 year old woman are going to be severely pissed off with him.

The purpose of withholding this information isn’t for our benefit, it’s for the UK government’s. They have just told us in not so many words that if they did tell us the truth about themselves we’d be angry with them. And they’ve got the gall to imply that we’d be the ones in the wrong for being angry. We’d be “reactionary”. Hell yes we’d react. It’s an unwittingly revealing comment. It proves that we are ruled by incompetents who expect, indeed demand, that they should suffer no consequences for their incompetence because we might “react” when we discover the truth. When you unpack their constant refrain “respect the results of the referendum”, that’s what it really means, “We demand not to face any consequences for our incompetence, malignity, and selfishness.”

At least the guy in the Alabama trailer park does have a legitimate claim to his dreams of wealth and a luxurious lifestyle. You can actually win a fortune on scratch cards. Admittedly there’s a greater chance that you’ll be struck by lightning. It’s a tiny chance, but it is quantifiable and real. The chances that the Brexit that this government has in store for us is going to benefit Scotland are less than the chances that David Mundell is going to stand up for Scottish interests in the UK cabinet.

The probability of either of those two things happening in this universe are significantly less than the chances that you can open a portal to an alternate universe where they do happen using a roll of duct tape, a used battery, and a plastic tub containing the remains of last night’s curry. Coincidentally you can find these things in that trailer park in rural Alabama, which explains a lot about the British government’s negotiating strategy. To be honest, even if you could open up a portal to the infinite alternate universes in the multiverse, you’ll still never find one in which David Mundell ever stands up for Scottish interests. If got a plastic tub containing the remains of last night’s curry in my bin, it’s far more likely to stand up for Scottish interests than David.

The British government’s response does tell us quite a lot though, and none of it good for the British government. It tells us that the Conservatives hold us in contempt. It tells us that they have a sense of entitlement that makes the people who appear on Made in Chelsea seem like Trappist monks who’ve given away all their possessions to help alleviate poverty and have taken a vow to dedicate themselves to sharing the deprivations of the poor. It tells us that they think we’re stupid.

If the Scottish media really did stand up for Scotland in the way that they claim to, they would be hounding the government until this research was published. But with a handful of honourable exceptions, the Scottish media is the mouthpiece of the British establishment. It is no more likely to stand up for Scotland than David Mundell is.

Despite the disingenous attempts of the British government not to say one way or the other, it’s certain that this research exists. We may have a government which is headed by selfish and incompetent idiots, but they are not everyone in the British civil service. It would have been a pretty stupid civil service which hadn’t done some basic research into the economic effects of Brexit on various parts of the country. And besides, a guy who was once highly placed in the relevant UK government department has admitted that it exists. For the UK government to try and deny it only confirms the very worst fears about what the research contains. It’s not good news for Scotland. Brexit is going to shaft us, a Brexit that we didn’t vote for. We’ve got a government that sits in its stained underwear in a metaphorical trailer park in Alabama, trying to sell us its masturbatory fantasies of Brexit glamour and sophistication.

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0 thoughts on “The fantasies of a trailer park government

  1. We need to get a move on. We’re going to be hooked lined and sinker. Against our will and will have no way to get off the hook. They will put in a catch that we can’t get out of. Hell will they let us go. Talk about hell, it would freeze over before they do. In Nicola we do trust… Nicola you better have 4 ace of spades. The fight is on.

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  2. Perhaps this is an occasion when a petition signed by 1 million people might be useful.
    Of course, the wording would have to be carefully crafted, but we know someone with great skill as a wordsmith.

  3. Can’t we group together and drown the Scotland Office in FOI requests? And keep it up every time we’re knocked back? It is shameful to not release information we, as tax payers, have paid for. And if they haven’t done the research, they’re possibly criminally negligent.

  4. When you think how the Yoons besiege the SG with vexatious and expensive FoI requests, this is particularly enraging.

    Why can’t more Scots see the utter madness and economic disaster of Brexit? I was talking to a wee guy doing some work in the house this week. Unbidden over a coffee, he scoffed at another independence referendum, thought Brexit would turn out ok because “everyone wants British goods” and Scotland is just “too poor”.

    When I worked my way through my canvassing rebuttals (not Homer Simpson ones) with a smile on my face (honey, not vinegar to catch the fly), the guy looked quite shocked because it didn’t accord with the SDE or Daily Stuermer.

    In the end, he still said, sheepishly, “I’m still a No voter”, without any reason, of course, but I could see he was a bit shaken. As he left, I gave him a warm hand-shake and said, “You’ve got to believe in your country, don’t you, in the end?”

    Poor guy looked totally conflicted and quite sad, I thought. Reachable, though, reachable.

    These wee conversations will win it for us, rather than formal, door-step canvassing, in my opinion.

    And if we even had a 60:40 Yoon press, as opposed to a 90:5, we’d be free already.

    We can win this, vile seps.

  5. Spreadsheet Phil stated, ‘We have a model that can look at sectoral impact’. The model could be using complex artificial intelligence on a sophisticated multidimensional neural network with exacting multifunction specifications or is, perhaps, something scribbled on the back of an empty fag packet with a thick nibbed felt pen.

    The Internet is a wonderful thing, and despite the meeja being curiously silent on this topic (surprise, surprise), a quick google shows that, a while ago, HMG published and from it we can read that, when assessing the options of membership of the EEA, negotiating bilateral agreements, or WTO membership, it concluded, ‘The Treasury’s analysis shows that the UK would be permanently poorer if it left the EU and adopted any of these models. Productivity and GDP per person would be lower in all these alternative scenarios, as the costs would substantially outweigh any potential benefit of leaving the EU.’

    What, no £350m per week for the NHS then?

    So, there is a model; possibly a spreadsheet pulling data in from external sources, which will allow ‘what-ifs’ to be done. Getting HMG to publish the outputs of various scenarios is proving tricky. However, the Good Law Project is gearing up to take HMG to court over its refusal to release the information.

    • If the output of the model hinted, suggested, merely mentioned in the passing or made passing inference that Brexit would be beneficial to the UK PLC, the information would be being used, out there, in your face, on billboards, programmed into the Maybot’s EPROM’s limited vocabulary. It is not. Read what you will that this is not happening.

  6. I now have a mental image of ‘trailer park boy’ lodged in my head and I can’t shift it……..still….it’s better than thinking about the ‘government’ in Westminster.

    • Both rely on a basic psychological weakness most of us share, we’ll willingly believe what we want to believe, even when a little thought or research would show it to be most unlikely. No doubt this ability to ‘suspend disbelief’ has its uses, but it’s oh so easily exploited; by priests, politicians and con-men of every stripe. I’d say the gentlemen WGD refers to, he of the soiled underpants, is probably the least harmful of this breed. In other words when something seems much too good to be true, the sad truth is that it’s usually exactly that, fantasy, just someone’s humid reverie.

  7. I’ve sent this to Alyn Smith,

    There’s more than one way to skin a cat.

    Dear Mr Smith,

    I read today that Westminster is refusing FOI disclosure with regards the existence of and the contents of studies done with regards the Economic Consequences for Britain following Brexit.

    Apparently to reply might provoke ‘reactionary’ behaviour from unruly Northeners.

    I suspect it highly unlikely that Westminster managed to pull together any form of report without using many of the statistic gathered by and published by the EU.

    Can a freedom of information request be done with the EU to confirm if specific reports were requested by Westminster. I’m sure The SNP MPs there will be able to supply the Department names, etc that would have made the requests.

    Can the Scottish Government then request copies of the same reports.

    Or is it more likely the information was freely available and already published.

    If so, and in any event, can we get it please.

    Sincerely – Reactionary Scot

  8. I’m sure that Ruth, Mundy, and the newly ennobled electoral failure, ‘Lord Ian Duncan, who apparently has had 50 meetings with Scottish Government officials to discuss post Brexit aquaculture, agriculture and air rifles, and with reportedly little positive response from the BAD SNP’s team every time they met, as well as the 12 nonentities who now sit as Blue Tory MPs at WM, along with their 12 Red and Yellow WM Tory Partners, can get hold of a copy of this Impact Analysis.
    Well, Ruth and Co., how’s about it?
    I forgot, according to Spreadsheet Phil, we are ‘the enemy’.
    Am I your enemy, Mundell?

  9. Yes. Yes I am feeling a little reactionary.

    When I first learned of this report earlier I thought, oh here we go again. For our unionist readers (and I know you do) we’re meant to be partners. That’s the big sell of your ‘union’ isn’t it? We’re partners, better together, best buds. In what alternate reality do you treat partners and friends the way UK gov treats the Scottish population? In what warped relationship do you systematically lie to and mislead your partner, your friend? Where is it ok to alienate and other demographics of those in your care?

    Let’s be clear here. There is no excuse. No occasion. No right in this action. This is merely the latest in a long and shameful list of such occurrences.

    So here is what I’m saying. I’m done respecting the result of 2014 and I most certainly do not respect the result of June 2016. I think we’re beyond giving HMG and its support the benefit of the doubt and it’s more than clear that they believe respect to be a one way street. Why do I feel this way? Because the system of government and politics which brought about those results. The media and voter base which won and revelled in those results, seemingly do not respect anything. They did not and do not respect honesty and transparency in a partnership they ‘champion’. They did not and do not, respect and honour the result which they won.

    Clearly they did not and do not respect us. Righto then.

    With so much and so many at risk. With so many suffering and about to suffer from the actions of this system of government and its practice of politics, ‘reactionary’ doesn’t begin to describe my feelings on this omnishambles.

    • They lied to the back of their teeth in 1975 with the burying of the McCrone Report, so why would they break the habits of a lifetime in this instance, i.e. English governments lying to the Scottish people about anything and everything?

  10. Re oor man in Alabama in his unclean underwear, was he separated at birth frae “oor” Davie Mundell and, maybe, their sibling, Ruth the Mooth?

    Sounds plausible given their respective bios.

    • No more Mr and Mrs Nice Guy, Sam.
      Davidson, Carlaw, Findlay and Baillie are betraying Scotland.
      They are selling us off to the SE English Oligarchy.
      I cannot be more blunt.
      Scotland doesn’t matter.
      They lie and threaten to protect English Rule over Scotland.
      It is now as base an argument as that.
      Get a grip, ProudScotsBut, traitors, for that is how we view you now.

  11. Was inadvertently skimming a tv channel last eve, and lo and behold mister timeteam baldy chap was digging in with… “do we really need borders, what are they about…” as they swanned about on border terrain.

    • Just caught the Brewdog on Sunday Politics from Atlantic Quay.
      Sarah Smith can’t even bring herself to mention to English viewers that Scottish viewers were transferring to their ‘own’ politics show any more.
      Old Andra used to at least bid us all Farewell of a Sunday morning. Bitter, Sarah.
      Are we your ‘enemy’ too?
      A deliberate omission, of that there is no doubt.
      The BBC is removing any mention of Scotland except SNP Bad from the airwaves. Small wonder the English are clueless about what’s happening Up Here.
      Jim Sillars, rabid anti EU Octogenarian, was wheeled on and Brewer coaxed a load of snide mean spirited little Nicola Sturgeon shite comments from the Old Dodderer, and touted the notion that we should not hold Indyref2 until 2023 and beyond.
      Sorry, Brewdog, you’ll be selling advertising space for the Findo Gask Thunderer in an Independent Scotland by then.
      He had Clegg of the Raggard and that lassie Cat Boyd,( is she a Far Leftie, I can’t keep up these days), ‘summarising’ the news and Clegg did not disappoint.
      He agrees with Old Jim.
      They really hate NS, the SNP, and the Yes Movement.
      Pointless little programme now.
      Brewer comes across as a petty nasty wee Unionist, churning out the same whinging nonsense week after week.
      FYI, Gordon, Jim, David, Cat, we shall know the outcome of Brexit Talks by October 2018, in enough time to hold Indyref2 by Spring 2019.
      Jesu, to think my TV licence money is goin to these rather shallow obsessed little Unionist serfs.
      There can’t be many watching this repetitive Independence Bad dross every week, surely?

      • Been out since early Jack, but have caught some of this appearance by Mr Sillars from a few others.

        Upon a time I had some respect for Jim Sillars. Upon a time. However, recently, as an outspoken critic of the Scottish Government, he’s made several loud interventions in the public realm.His personal views on the EU and history with the SNP leadership are well known. I fear he’s going to be a go to guy for the media in their attempts to undermine the Scottish Government and unfortunately it seems Mr Sillars will be more than happy to oblige.

        Apparently and from what I can gather, he seems less than pleased with the calibre of potential leadership talent within the SNP and is somewhat critical of the First Minister…

        … Uh Huh!

        I’m going to go with disagree on that and I am far from a fan of party politics.

      • looks like an all out war on the SNP, demonising Nicola Sturgeon and others in the SNP. It is a classic tactic, and worked against Alex Salmond and indy ref in 2014. It is also, or maybe largely aimed at anyone outside of Scotland, it’s called divide and rule and the Britnats are experts at it.

        Scotland is being demonised, while the Scottish government are working their socks off to keep Scotland afloat against huge odds. With the tories and red tories’ determination to portray the SNP as the enemy, when in fact the britnats are the actual enemy of the people, especially in Scotland.

        We have to get out of the UK before it is too late.

  12. Our biggest enemy is in our own inertia at least the no voters,I,m not talking about the died in the wool unionists they won,t ever change even at hells door they won,t countenance a yes vote,it,s the other 15% or so who for whatever reason still don,t/won,t “see the wood from the trees” trying to convince them is still going to be an uphill battle.”Convince a man against his will,that man remains a doubter still”we lack serious backbone in this country and have done so for hundreds of years,sad but true.

  13. The media, TV and ‘newspapers, who won’t tell us the truth, what do they gain from it? I don’t mean the owners and corporations who run them from the top, I mean everybody else who make these mouthpieces work, do they think they will be immune?
    And the civil servants who sit on the information, do they not live here and share the streets where all live?
    Is the UK Brexiters in government and the tentacles of the establishment, do they think the army will make it work? Or the police?

  14. Just struck me…if Brexit is going to be such a jolt to the system then can the journalists who are complicit with the yoonquackery be certain that their papers will survive the 10 year depression?
    It’s a case of be careful what you wish for…
    The Scotsman, the Herald, the local newspapers…there won’t be the advertising revenue available if things get bad and their reputations are going to be so shot anyway…would they even survive a whole year if depression hits?
    “So Mr Daisley can I ask what you’ve been doing in the last week to find work…”

  15. Jim sillars a member of the snp…well, with friends like that as they say…undermining nicola and her leadership, supporting fracking, and inferring support for indy 2 is non existent…what a bonus for brewer and co…and no doubt will be spun, rehashed for good effect..Jim and kenny mcc both now causing harm on a regular basis…time they were sidelined and told to button it….

    • ‘a Gordon for you, a Gordon for me, if you’re no’ a Gordon. you’re no’ use to me.’
      Tom Gordon and Gordon Brewer doing their Ultra Right Wing British Nationalist best via old Faithful Dodderers to destroy Nicola Sturgeon’s name and reputation, while SNP Badding in their wee grubby Unionist Foreign owned rag and TV channel.
      Last week they gave us wall to wall 24 hour Ruth Davidson, the saviour of the Blue Tories, the next FM, the woman of the moment, while grown men wet their pants interviewing their ex colleague.
      We are ‘the enemy’. yet I have to pay Brewer’s wages while he insults me and at least half of Scotland, while Gordon’s Herald is kept afloat by Dark Money from the States.

  16. A good view of the position of this useless tory administration , useless being the operative word , the obvious invisibility of Fluffy , out of sight out of mind as opposed to the anointed one Ruthie who in reality has as much real support of the Late Margaret Thatcher .
    The sad appearance of Jim Sillars on Sunday dancing to the bbc tune was really disturbing , whats the point Jim ? , what he said was not an alternative route to independence it was a kick in the teeth to all supporters , as for the comment on Fracking , looks like he is on a collision course with the rest of scotland , the only thing missing was the earth is flat , well done Jim HAPPY NOW ? .

    • There was more than a hint of frailty and decrepitude which Brewer exploited to the full, especially when he was coaxing the 80 year old to say that was NS was the best of a bad bunch, but not up to the job.
      Watch Brewer’s sly grin and body language when he teases that little gem out of the old man.
      BBC and the Dead Tree Scrolls have sold out.
      I ask, are here no pro Independence journalists left.
      Write SNP BAD or you’re sacked?

      • Aye Jack remember when the bbc tried to show some kind of imparsiality ? ha ha me neither anyway now all pretence is gone with the new holder of the post at Pacific Heights , lots of folk getting pissed off with this daily boot in the Goolies from one organisation .
        Lost count of the times i have heard people saying the SNP as a matter of urgency need to confront this government organisation head on , every time any SNP rep is involved with them they need to be challenged , make it personal go for the interviewer make them squirm , challenge their personal political affiliations , and keep up the they are the enemy dont forget it mantra .

        • Mike Russell laughed in Brewer’s face last week as he attempted to drown out Russell’s cogent replies on the EU by constant ‘Yes Buts’,’ Hang on a Minutes’, and ‘Don’t you think that the SNP is shites’ interruptions.
          They don’t even make a pretence at balance.
          It is clear that the wee MSM clique operating out of Glasgow are mates, drinkin’ buddies, from the same cultural and educational background, and dyed in the wool Brit Nat Unionists.

          • thats the spirit , often and loud , they are not our friends never will be why give them respect .

  17. Collaberators with the British Establishment and particularly those in the Scottish media ought to bear in mind the law of consequences. That they appear confident in their being none points to the belief that they have backed the winning side, or that they will make their escape in time. With Scots scattered liberally throughout Europe and beyond, might I suggest that they seek refuge in a remote enclosed monastery.
    In Tibet.

    • agreed whats the saying we never forgive – we never forget , never mind a truth and reconciliation committee i want bloody revenge on these lying b/rds , let them find an other carcass to feed on preferible south where they want to be . let their friends pay their bloody pensions we aint .

      • Makes you wonder what Norway, Finland, Iceland (big tall lads, Gordon), Holland, Belgium, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, find to fill their news bulletins every day when STV and BBC Plantation Quay can cover Scotland’s news and current affairs in a 3 minute TV slot buried in England’s cricket news, Jeremy and Treeza’s latest shenanigans, and the latest on Harry Kane as Captain of ‘the national team’.
        Donalda MacKinnon (?) was the New Broom brought in to pep up Plantation Quay.
        Well she’s certainly made an impact.
        BBC News and Current Affairs has now been stripped down to parish council news, murders, salmon poachers and school orchestras.
        STV is no better, and BBC Radio Scotland is a mixture of music and Agony Aunt phone ins.
        Obesity, noisy neighbours, bins not emptied. Three hours of this pish every morning followed by 1 1/2 hours of SNP BAD News.Then David Torrance, or Margaret Curran or Tom Harris reviewing the latest trendy movies in the afternoon. Jesus on a bike!
        Scotland isn’t really a country you see, and the MSM ensure that the ‘region’ is starved of the ‘grown up news’ that small countries like those listed above broadcast to their citizens.
        There is no doubt that TV and newspapers Up Here are in the hands of an elite few, whose job is to belittle Scotland, its achievements, and to smother any notion or report any developments that suggest that we will be a Self Determining European Nation very soon now.
        Imagine during the Indyref 2 Campaign that Glenn Campbell chairs yet another put up job of a ‘Leaders Debate’, or Hang On A Minute Brewer invites Sturgeon and 3 Unionists to the studio so that he can coordinate yet another Nicola/SNP BAD/ Independence Mad Unionist Better Together rant.
        You may recall Murphy Davidson and Rennie, with Brewer leading the charge during Indyref 1.
        Nicola Sturgeon was shouted down, bullied, and talked over; and that was just Brewer the ‘impartial’ BBC presenter.
        Not the next time.
        The YES Movement should simply refuse to take part in future.
        BBC Scotland News and Current Affairs, STV, and the long list of MSM hacks invited on air by their TV mates have only one agenda. Smash the Independence Movement, and defy the democratic wishes of their fellow Scots.
        They lie on camera these days. Who’s going to stop them?
        There is a name for that.

        • Well said, Jack. Time for the gloves to come off now, I think. And when we have achieved our Independence, woe betide the sleekit S.O.Bs at BBC Scotland, STV and all the BritNat meeja. We will have our revenge … never doubt it!

    • I am 73. I don’t have time for patience.

      I have anger and frustration, and I have a desire to do whatever I can to take Scotland out of the hands of the nasty, scheming, vindictive, self seeking, egotistical creatures who have kept our nation under their heel for too many centuries.

      I believe in Karma, for both good and bad actions. I have seen it in operation.

      I have patience in many things, but not here.

      • Les, I’m 70. I too have run out of patience.
        We have a gaggle of Unionist Fools Up Here who would gladly witness the destruction of their Nation, Scotland, for money power and position Down There in Toryland.
        If I were even ten years younger….

        • When you reach our age, I am 75, after decades of lies from both of the major tory parties (red & blue) it is natural to run out of patience. After 30yrs of convincing myself that the labour party was as bad as the tories, it was not until Tony and his fellow privately educated suedo socialists came along that I admitted to myself that I had been corrrect in my thinking all the time, and the only answer is independance, One thing worse than a tory is one dressed up as a socialist.

  18. The case will be made that we on WGD rose ‘publicly and tumultuously’ to resist WM’s legal right to ‘deny’ the People of Scotland to hold Indyref 2.

    We are ‘separatists’, ‘insurgents’ in Tony Boom Boom’s words.

    We must be crushed. Throw us in jail and toss away the key.

    Choices: do I flee Scotland and seek political asylum in Biarritz, and continue fight the good fight ‘en exile’, or allow myself to become a Independence martyr and be huckled off to jail by an English Expeditionary Force sent Northwards to quell the Scots insurrection?

    What is unfolding in r-Spain and the Independent Republic of Catalonia right now may very well be repeated here on the Brit Isles when EngWaland crash out of the EU with No Deal, and we Scots rise up and opt for Independence within the EU in defiance of our London colonial Masters.

    62% of us voted Remain because we realised that leaving the EU would be a disaster yet, we are expected to be dragged into the wilderness because of a 300 year old Deal between the Robber Barons?

    By Thursday it’s going to get Ophelia strength ‘tumultuous’ in Catalonia, and r-Spain.
    By Christmas, the dark storm clouds will gather over England.

    • BBC Online Headline: ‘Two Catalan separatists in Spanish custody.’
      Sam, we are ‘separatists’, and Spreadsheet Phil Hammond’s ‘enemy’ already.
      Soon we will be in ‘UK custody’ for threatening Indyref 2 when Mundy and Lord Ian Duncan have forbidden us to even discuss the notion ever again.

        • It is reported that some soul in Norn Irn is being threatened with prosecution because they declared ‘Fuck the DUP’.
          Well, Fuck the Blue Red and Yellow Tories. Fuck them all.
          I await my summons.

  19. Well… who knew?




    Also just been reading up on this epic example of clown shoed stupidity.

    ‘Grow more food’

    So ok. Britain crashes out of the EU with no preparation, no trade deals in place and no hope of securing any from anywhere in the near future. The answer apparently is to grow more food in the face of potential price rises. Oh, better yet…

    … this food magically grows overnight? Meat animals are born, age appropriately and are butchered to order in the same timeframe? Then there’s the land that will be required to grow these missing crops, feed these animals. Experienced people to work the land and tend same. All to be ready to go on day ‘1’ mind you.

    Dear God! This man is a government minister. Perhaps the ‘planning for all eventualities’ should have happened before there was an EU referendum? Just a thought for Tory halfwits when planning their next pissing contest for the big chair. The consequences for such epic fuckwittery extend beyond the careers of some self entitled twats with deep feelings of insecurity.

    The examples above aren’t in isolation. They’re not blips, or accidents. This is an ongoing single example. This is the reality of Westminster Government.

    • The solution is in plain sight, Britain will simply have to take back some of its former empire, the many colonies that supplied food and raw materials to the UK back in those glorious days when Britain was a Great Imperial Power. Pity they lost their grip …

      But then can we really put much reliance on the EU now that they appear to have thrown in their lot with neo-fascist Spain, without even the many little member countries speaking out?

      • You can rely on the EU to look after the interests of the EU I’d say. Their response to the situation so far in Spain has been poor, but pretty much predictable. Europe is in a state of political flux and they’re trying to keep it together using what ‘by their lights’ would be reapolitik and diplomacy. Perhaps had their response/reaction been stronger we wouldn’t be seeing what we’re seeing today?

        Spain will push what they see as an advantage for all its worth. There may come a point however, when the actions of the Spanish government become a threat to the stability of the EU and in the same vein as above the EU would cut them loose or enact public sanctions to protect itself.

        What the EU and Spain should realise is that people are watching with interest and will take note of what they are witnessing. Y’know, I actually don’t mind that people have an anti EU stance. It’s simply not what I believe.

        Personally, I’m pro European and internationalist and I have no bone between EU or EFTA in terms of preference . My vote is there to be won at a more convenient and appropriate time. My concern is primarily about an independent Scotland and how we relate to and interact with the world

        • In principle, the overarching structures and agreements of the EU, or something similar, should facilitate the break-up of the old imperial multi-ethnic states, which after all date from an age of rivalry between France, Spain, Prussia etc. But rather than move in the direction of a “Europe of the Peoples” the EU as we have it seems to have lurched in the opposite direction. What really shocked me and made me re-evaluate was that fact that afaik the only people to speak out in the European Parliament against Spain were UKIP members. (FFS! UKIP!!) Where were e.g. the Baltic states, newly liberated? As for Ireland, the less said the better I think.
          When the time comes for Scotland to finally reclaim her nationhood, who will be our friends and allies? The Catalan situation is not exactly promising, is it?

          • The Catalan and Scottish situations are based on entirely different constitutional basis. Best to remember that and not feed into populist media myth. As for friends in international politics? A rare thing at the best of times. Relationships tend to be based on mutually beneficial interests.

            People and peoples are and can become friends. Governments do the other thing.

    • I live on a farm Sam and have spoken to the land owner about growing more food. Bollocks he says. This is unlikely to happen unless the way farms and food producers are funded and incentivised changes. A free market could do it with no farm support funding at all allowing for a totally unrestricted market although this would mean many farms going under and food prices going up. The prices going up is what would cause more food growth.

    • On a day when it is announced that there are over 200 FoodBanks in Scotland, and the Tory Government is accused of starving the poor into charity and deprivation, it is revealed that wee Fat Ruth is to appear on a Great British Fuck Off Celebrity Bakeree ‘for charity’ this autumn.
      This wee self promoter will do anything, ride anything, just to get noticed.
      She is now classed as a ‘celebrity’ by her mates at the BBC.
      She is the leader of a narrow Arch Right Brit Nat minority party in Scotland, who failed miserably at the last UK and Scottish GE’s.
      Yet she seems to be the darling of the BBC.
      While she’s baking a sponge many of her constituents will be turning the heating down, and visiting a charity shop looking for a winter coat.
      What a fucking wee self promoting unfeeling chancer this lass is.

      • My sentiments precisely, Jack. If anyone needs a reason to ignore this piss-poor excuse for “entertainment” then here it is! I’d say more but I’d be likely to puke all over my keyboard …

        • Makes you wonder why Nicola doesn’t find it necessary to self promote in this pathetic way? Maybe because she is a real and effective politician genuinely ‘getting on with the day job’.

          • Exactly, Anne! Nicola is too busy trying to run our country with one hand tied behind her back by Ruth the Mooth’s masters in Westminster! One woman’s work and then some!

  20. Thinking about independence, as always, I am pleased at the increase over the last few weeks of seriously bad Brexit news. Hopefully it will make UK people think and when the time comes many here in Scotland. Pity much of it does not reach the red tops.

    Have you seen the latest that one measure of UK wealth has dropped from £469Bn to a deficit of £22Bn. This is 25% of the UK’s GDP, just gone. Seems no one wants to invest in the UK anymore. The budget should be interesting in its level of waffle. News on this in papers and the National page 2.

  21. As usual succinct and erudite but I am disheartened we are preaching to the choir. I have been at this since 1967 we have had setbacks but have always risen to fight on. It is like the glass ceiling how on earth do we break through.

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