The only way out of the darkness

If you’re old enough, you might remember the fall of the Berlin Wall, and then several years later the election of a Labour government after long and dark decades of Tory rule that crushed the soul, took a blowtorch to hope, and destroyed communities. The 90s were when many people really did have reason to believe that things could only get better. A brighter future beckoned, a Europe at peace with itself, a Britain in which the rampant greed and selfishness of the Thatcher era had been replaced with a kinder and gentler country which cared for the weak and provided for the have nots, a Scotland that had some control over its own destiny and a say in shaping its economy, its society and its fate. And here we are twenty years later, surrounded by the ashes of dreams. Things only got shittier.

The future has never looked bleaker. If you are a young person, the chances are that you will spend more on housing than your parents or grandparents, but you will have only a fraction of the chances that they enjoyed of ever owning your own home. You face a future of insecure housing, of precarious employment, of debt. When you do find yourself falling out of work, as you invariably will at some point, there will be no social security net to catch you. There will be no state pension waiting for you when you get old, you’ll be working until you drop and juggling each pay cheque as you pay off your debts. You won’t even be able to dream of saving up enough to retire to a sunny life on a Mediterranean shore, because Europe’s doors will be closed to you.

Embrace the grey sky, learn to enjoy the rain as you trudge to the foodbank. You’ll get what you’re given and you’ll be grateful. Promises made to you don’t need to be kept because you’re a nothing and there’s nothing you can do about it. The future is no longer bright, it’s dreich, it’s depressed, it’s debt-ridden. The future is a letter from the DWP to your elderly self as you struggle with arthritis, poor eyesight, a heart condition, and diabetes, telling you that you’re fit for work. You’re a burden.

Meanwhile the minority who enjoy inherited wealth will continue to get richer, they will continue to hoover up the best jobs and the best opportunities. They’ll go to private schools and move seamlessly into lucrative employment thanks to mummy and daddy’s contacts. They’ll tell themselves that what they’ve got they got entirely on their own, and then they’ll preach to us that this country is a meritocracy. They’re the Iain Duncan Smiths and the Jacob Rees Moggs. People like them will be our masters in this isolated island of Brexit cut off from the world. They suck up the wealth and value created by the sweat of the poor and they call the poor a burden on society. They blame those they’ve victimised for the victimisation. That’s the future of Britain. It’s a Daily Mail headline as policy. When they tell us that Britain is taking back control, they don’t mean that the likes of you or me will have more control over our own lives.

Things are so god-awful that many people are left hoping that Theresa May clings on to power because any Tory who might replace her is going to be even worse. There’s yet another Brussels dinner, yet another last ditch hope that something might be rescued from the wreckage of Brexit, yet another realistic assessment that there’s nothing new on the table. No hope. No future. No chance. The only thing that the UK is good at is delivering doubt, manufacturing fear, and trading in nostalgia and xenophobia. So much for Scotland needing the safety, security and stability of the UK. This is not the future that was promised to us in 2014.

This is not the country that we were told that Scotland was to be an equal and valued partner in. It’s a damned peculiar definition of partnership. It’s the partnership of a gagged and bound masochist with a sadist. It’s the partnership of a lamb being taken to slaughter and the farmer who will profit from its meat. It’s the partnership of despair with exploitation. It’s the partnership of the zero hours contract worker who struggles to work on an empty stomach and subsists on a poverty of options and the boss who rakes in a salary in the millions and who fills their boots with stock options. It’s the partnership of sit down Scotland, shut up and do as you’re told.

This week we witnessed the crumbling of yet another of the hollow promises made to Scotland in order to keep us a part of this farcical theft of opportunities that’s called the UK. Vote No and 13 type 26 frigates plus a number of cheaper type 31s would be built on the Clyde for the MoD, became eight frigates and maybe five type 31s, became three type 26s and maybe another five later on with the chance of an unspecified number of type 31s. And now it’s become three type 26 frigates and no type 31s at all. The silence deafens. There are no howls of protest. The same people who screamed their outrage at baby boxes are silent as one of the key promises of the Better Together campaign turns to dust. But they still blame the SNP for the MoD’s mendacity. This is Scotland in Union, hopes and promises slowly dying one by one and those who kill off our dreams blame those who offer an escape into a brighter land.

But it’s not too late. We can still wrest our future out of the hands of the selfish minority. We can still create a Scotland that’s a place where we can all live dignified lives. We can take our destiny into our own hands. We can think independently, we can act independently, and we can create an independent Scotland. It’s now clearer than ever that a Scotland that chooses its own future is the only way out of the darkness.

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0 thoughts on “The only way out of the darkness

  1. Seldom read a darker, more disturbing and more pessimistic account of current affairs. Maybe because it is so accurate that it is such a scary vision. The Stockholm syndrome which has gripped Scotland leads to petrified rabbit in the headlight inaction which is not a cheerful conclusion either.
    I just hope the right preparations are underway to make independence an overnight fact – no protracted quibbles and negociations, no unanticipated hiccups. Just a plain switchflipping changeover. Some time this year, if possible, or early next year at the latest, please.

  2. Great post Paul and couldn’t agree more. As for the apologists who blame the SNP? Those who claim there were no assurances or threats on the yards surrounding the 2014 indyref? They truly do live in a delusional world where their preciousss, preciousss union can do no wrong.

    To remove any doubt though –

    So we’re clear on that now m’kay?

    Carrot and stick by no less worthies than the then defence minister, Philip Hammond and of course the PM himself, David Cameron. Assurances and threats were made. The threats came home to roost regardless. So much for loyalty and so much for partnership. A Westminster definition of partnership we’ve come to know only too well. A definition as fluid as their views on what constitutes ‘Britishness’.

    Still, you have to admire their consistency. Probably not their honesty, honour, professionalism, empathy or humanity, but their consistency in stabbing partners (as well as each other) in the back is quite remarkable. So, to those affected is it just politics? Is it ‘them’s the breaks’? Or is it about time to have a rethink?

    Personally, my idea of what constitutes partnership is a bit different from HMG’s.

  3. Can Scotland really afford to wait too long for Indy. I think not. We need hope now and we need to know something is being done to get us as far away from the hellish mess that seems to be our future. Who exactly do we put our faith in to help us to Indy? The snp are showing little sings of a plan.

  4. As I read the latest blog I was reminded of the book “The ragged Trousered Philanthropist” by Robert Tressell aka Robert Noonan. I believe the book accurately describes the situation today in the UK and Scotland in particular under Westminster governments. (I would suggest the current crop of Labour members should read this book and remember it.) However we are fortunate that we can take responsibility for our future into our own hands by voting for independence and a country where we decide for ourselves what is best for us all and work together to achieve that goal.

      • It’s a long time since I read “The Ragged Trousered Philanthropist” but it certainly left an indelible impression on my mind. I agree with MM. That book should be required reading for all our young people.

        Thank you Paul and thanks also to John Jones for suggesting that current Labour members should read that worthwhile book by Robert Noonan.

        We MUST have independence – and soon.

  5. “Escape to a brighter land”–I’m busy checking to see if i have any German or Jewish blood so i can move to Israel or Germany under the law of return which seems like a greater prospect than my fellow Scots voting for independence.

    • :'( what a sorry state of affairs. I tooo have become depressed lately at the bile on social media. Then I try to remind myself that these UK sycophants are just a noisy minority…

      Aren’t they…?

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  7. The last time I felt this powerless was in 1980 as the West cranked up the Cold War again.
    If. Scotland again bows in servility then the only future I anticipate for myself is an ever more nihilistic one.
    Much as I despise the corrupt old genocidal, warmongering bastard, Churchill, I do think that quote of his about “…a new Dark Age, made more sinister by the lights of perverted science.

  8. We need to keep up our efforts to inform the benighted. Leave The National on the bus; tell people about the various indy websites like this one; wear a badge. Any other ideas to spread the word would be gratefully received.

  9. Paul. I hope Mags Curran, Jim Murphy, Douglas Alexander, Alistair Carmichael, Ian Bayonet Davidson, and the rest of the pack of lying, bullying, British Nationalist ProudScotsBut traitors are reading this excellent condemnation of the Iron Heel Oligarchy.
    I’m sorry, it’s not ‘just politics’.
    Those named above are responsible for premature deaths, poverty and lifelong despair and penury.
    I find you all guilty of state engineered death and deprivation of thousands.
    Not one of you is worrying where your next meal is coming from.

    Job done; sold out your country to our foreign neighbours for cash.

    Democracy alone will not deliver Independence.

    We are an occupied nation in which most of the influential jobs in our institutions, Universities, Finance Houses, and the outrageously undemocratic and anachronistic Monarchy and Lairds stitch up, still control and subjugate our nation.
    Our religious leaders have all gone deaf and dumb.

    I doubt that there is one University Head, one CEO in our Banks and Insurance Houses, one Law Lord, who is pro Independence.

    If you want to ‘get on’ it’s an essential part of their CV’s.

    The British Nationalists producegeneration after generation of Captains of Commerce, Uni Professors, and Lord or Lady Haw Haw to keep the rest of us in our place. They promote the next generation of the occupying force from a pool of their children, or the children of their mates.

    There is a sub strata of the Home Counties Oligarchy strategically placed in wealthy quartiers of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Inverness, and Dundee, and below this a professional class who are Brit Yoons from birth, God save the Queen, and perpetuate the status quo of narrow privilege through a network of private schools, golf and tennis clubs, and in the older ranks, religion and secret societies.
    Our entire MSM Up Here have been cloned from this inbred gang of Elitists, and they will lie, manipulate, threaten, bully, destroy reputations, and sell their very souls for financial gain, promotion, and power.

    I fear that it is going to get Catalonia nasty Up Her, Paul.

    I still maintain that we diary in October 2018 for Indyref 2.

    Things are moving fast. The Blue Tories are actively touting No Deal walk away now, as May tries to woo the EU27 over the After Eights and café noir in Bruxxells.
    It’s not working.
    Over by October 2018.
    Brilliant writing, Paul.
    Have you taken it in, ‘something for nothing,’ Lamont?
    What a mess you lot made of Scotland.
    I have no more patience with any of you. Move to the Motherland if you think that Scotland is too wee to run itself.
    You will not be fucking missed.

    • “I hope Mags Curran, Jim Murphy, Douglas Alexander, Alistair Carmichael, Ian Bayonet Davidson, and the rest of the pack of lying, bullying, British Nationalist ProudScotsBut traitors are reading this excellent condemnation of the Iron Heel Oligarchy.”

      Even if they read it Jack, they have no compassion, understanding, sincerity, integrity, courage or the powers of listening and reasoning, so they will simply keep spitting their hatred out. They know nothing else. Dante has reserved a special place for them in his ‘inferno’.

      They should indeed piss off to their Motherland.

  10. we need a great big beacon of hope sometime soon. its all getting very dark 🙁
    time to get competent, tv friendly, energetic indie leaders officially appointed 🙂

  11. Still nothing on the BBC website about BAE and Glasgow. I have texted a complaint and there are plenty of complaints posted on the Ferry story. Can everybody send in a complaint to the BBC (for all the good it will do).l

  12. Next month the corrupt and cowardly British Establishment and it’s deluded followers will revel in the false pretence of care for those who died in awful wars, and if they can, will draw some vicarious glory to their own cowardly persons. Ask them why these poor souls died and the answer will be along the lines of “for democracy, for decency, for fairness, for a better life” – Yes that’s the answer these establishment monsters will give while they do everything in their power to act against the values they tell us people died for. I’m ashamed to say that I believed all the British propaganda until my mid-forties. British values my arse!

    • millions died, yet nothing changed. Kings Queens Princes, the Lairds still control lands stolen in the dark past, the rich get richer, and the poor are still with us.
      In other words tens of millions died in vain.
      Nothing changed.

        • Night is as dark as you think it ought to be, Bill. (The Kinks?)
          We are not taking to a lifeboat, young sir.
          We are repelling boarders.
          The SS Caledonia will break its Brit Moorings and sail towards Europe, while Their Majesty’s Britannia McBritanniaface sets sail for the far horizon peddling Kent jam and Yorkshire puds to the Aboriginals in their former colonies.
          This time we shall prevail.
          I expect millions of English residents will head North to Independent Scotland as refugees/economic migrants.
          There will be plenty of work when the car giants move here from EngWaland.
          Almost half of them wanted to Remain.
          I have no sense that we are abandoning ship. Quite the opposite in fact.
          They can’t deny us a referendum, Bill. We are not Catalonia. We are a sovereign state in a political construct with other nations, that’s all.

          • Bill, I recommend a good malt, several packets of Tayto Cheese and Onion, and a box set of ‘Only Fools’.
            The October news so far in brief.
            No fracking.
            No smacking.
            No slacking.(AWOL MP running the line in Barcelona.)
            No Jacking. (Jackie Baillie ‘pish’.)
            Go on, Bill, smile. You know you want to.

          • I am veering wildly between hope and despair, Bill, as I think many of us are at present. I feel so impotent, especially being an ex-pat just now. I want to see people rising up all over the UK, not just in my beloved Scotland, and telling this neo-Liberal, proto-Fascist Westminster government that what they are doing is NOT acceptable to ANY of the nations of the UK!

          • That’s just how I feel A’bh – sometimes hopeful but mostly downbeat.I can see no way of beating this monstrous union without some decent media.

  13. question do all the brit scot parties tory,labour,lib-dems,bbc,all national papers and all the rest of i am scots but westminster rule is better than independence will they stay in scotland after independence? or will they move to whats left of uk? and after brexit will rest of uk accept them or deem them foreigners and deny them access?

    • That’s a good question.

      A Scottish citizen is a Scottish citizen regardless of point of origin and welcome. How and ever, would the government of England/Wales/NI welcome those who wished to leave Scotland and who wished to continue living under that system of government? Would they say, be welcomed with open arms as English citizens regardless of point of origin? Would the loyalty they show the Westminster system be reciprocated?

      A question, so far as I’m aware, that has neither been put to the PM or members of her cabinet, nor has any answer or scenario been proffered. The answer to that might be very interesting and telling indeed.

  14. An excellent post, Paul, but deeply, deeply depressing. I’m a pensioner and I’m glad of it. The future for our young people looks bleak indeed if we fail to grasp the Independence nettle very soon.

    • It will be interesting to hear the yelps and squeals of the “I’m proud Scots, but …..” brigade when they realise that their offsprings’ futures are fucked.

  15. It was my generation that suffered the consequences of thatcher evil rule that better future never happened labour was useless they never did clean the mess completely they a few good years aka the boom years yet blew it all before the banking crisis of 09 then the torys lie there way back in and the debts over 2 trillion now we are better of alone and leave england to clean it’s own mess

  16. Yes, things look bad for most of our youngsters. The prize of Scottish Independence is the great aim now, to set us on a path to sovereignty, vigorously democratic, concerned for the many not the few. It will not happen with the present British establishment, it is true. However, the dark clouds are gathering for the EU, where the establishment is as neoliberal as Westminster’s, siding with Spain against Catalonia, concerned for preserving the vested interest of an in-crowd. The EU, which colluded with the Thatcher years, may well fail entirely, the Euro may well collapse totally, and there is no need for Scotland to go down with that ship. We can become strong, and can become a source of strength to trading partners and friends throughout Europe – I think that equal relationship, state to state, is better than a federation of states with laws streaming out of Brussels to hamper all of them. This friendship from Holyrood should be able to be extended to EFTA states, and to the many ex-colonised members of the British Commonwealth with whom we have much in common. Scotland should sustain not only the prospect of escape from the mire, but also the vision of coexistence in a bright family of nations, some European, some furth of Europe, all our friends in a post-nuclear, non-militaristic, socially concerned and health and welfare- supporting statehood. Yes IndyRef2.

  17. What do those who keep the real information from the public gain from it. The journalists, the TV producers and presenters, the politicians who claim to represent the best interests of the people?
    They cannot hide away across the world, with secret bank accounts. They live with the people they are lying to. We know their names. What do they think is going to happen in the long run?

        • No, it’s not a pretty picture is it? Supposedly a treasury report t’boot. Now tbf, even as a Treasury report it’s speculation on both possible and probable outcomes based on research/reports from other sources. How and ever it does bear out the speculation of other credible non governmental sources (not to mention the speculation of most folk with two neurones to rub together).

          If even a third of those predicted conclusions are correct (and I believe a great deal more than a third likely), then a hard Brexit is going to be catastrophic for the populations of the UK. It will deliver a degree of hardship and deprivation not seen on these islands in generations. That’s not rhetoric, not exaggeration, not wild doomsaying, simply arithmetic as borne out by HM Treasury itself. The UK is a net importer whose population is highly reliant on free and open trade for even the most basic of day to day items. Day one, without a deal in place, those items won’t be there anymore and no hope of replacing them with either trade or homegrown manufacture anytime soon. THAT is just trade for THINGS. It doesn’t even scratch the surface of the deeper and wider issues concerning travel, customs, legislation, rights, creation of new administrative bodies and costs, and so much more.

          Another interesting point about that report if true and accurate, it means the government is and was fully aware of the outcomes arising from Brexit. The strong and stable rhetoric, the ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’ sound bite. The call for unity and backing Britain even. All of it was done in the certain knowledge of outcomes heading the way of the general public.

          UK politics at its finest Wendy. Billionaires, millionaires, entitled and careerist manipulate public opinion through division and alienation for their own selfish, greed and power obsessed ends. They convince entire demographics of the poor to hate each other and those bastards laugh all the way to the bank whilst populations tear each other apart over a catastrophe they did not create.

          I saw a piece on Barack Obama last night giving a speech on what for him would be a local election of some governorship. He said something which struck a chord.

          ‘Those who campaign and win on a ticket of division, cannot govern in or command unity’. (excuse the paraphrasing, but its quite close I reckon)

          He’s not wrong.

          • No , Sam, he’s not wrong as we can plainly see in both the USA and the UK today. Scotland MUST get out from under this appalling, dystopian future. We need to see the likes of ‘Eck and Angus barnstorming on behalf of “Yes” as never before, while Nicola “gets on with the day job”, which to date she has done very well indeed, imho.

            I am terrified that the country I love will be trapped in this nightmare because of treachery on the part of some and apathy on the part of others. How can we get this Treasury report into the homes of every “No” voter? How can we break the ‘firewall’ set up by the BBC, STV and the printed media? I sometimes feel that we are all being corralled in a soundproof box …

    • It certainly makes grim reading, but instead of getting depressed about it, let’s get hold of the document being quoted, and share it far and wide, so that no one can be left in any doubt as to Westminster’s intentions. Once people realise that the Tories are willing to inflict on us the status and prosperity of a third-world country as a by-product of the pursuit of their own nefarious ends, the case for independence becomes unanswerable!

  18. In any divorce, the instigating party, if seeking to reconcile the relationship on good terms and maintain cordial discourse thereafter, should always be generous and be willing to exceed any demands for goods, property and assets.

    Leaving the EU will have significant financial implications for all the other member states and the £20bn offered by the PM is a shameful insult, given the mess her government have created.

    The UK should offer at least £1tn to exit the Union and the government should seek funding from the many billionaire backers of Brexit rather than use taxpayer’s money – which would be absolute folly. The same wealthy individuals should also be lightened of a further £1tn to be immediately paid into the UK Treasury to help mitigate the funding chaos Brexit will undoubtedly have on our public services in the years to come.

  19. The biggest threat to Scotland is Corbyn – and the parcel of rogues in Scotland who are intent on undermining independence through him. He and they are without scruples. They are as unconscionable as the people who supported the subjugation of smaller countries in the Soviet Union.

    These people claim that they wish to represent the poor but they have proven time and again that they wish only to exploit them. The absolute contempt I feel towards them exceeds even that which I feel towards the now fascist Tories.

    My heart bleeds for the young Scots who are now being targeted as the next generation of mugs by well known ‘socialist activists’ who are set to follow in the footsteps of Brown, Darling, Reid etc.

    I can only hope that their truly despicable plotting will fail.

  20. Great stuff Paul.

    I think one of the biggest perpetuators of the delusional concepts of entitlement and exceptionalism within the Bringlish elite is the public (i.e. private) school system. No other country in Europe has that to anything like the extent it is in the UK.

    It isn’t even good for those who go through that elitisation process. OK they may come out into positions of power and wealth but at what personal cost? Emotional husks devoid of empathy or any sense of real life existence. Do they end up happier for it? or, as I suspect and observe, do they not end up bitter and self loathing filling the void in their own existence with alcohol, material possessions, hatred and intolerance?

    In many respects, they are just as hampered from reaching their full human potential as those they deny the facility to reach theirs.

    Not saying we should feel sympathy for them though, just pointing out that the system is just wrong, completely wrong, on all fronts.

  21. Paul – it may sound daft but I read this after watching a video of a terminally ill 50-odd year old chimp recognising its carer from the 1970s, and reacting to him, stroking him, eating from his hands. It was very moving indeed, and reminded me how important it is for us to be gentle, caring and loving during our short existences on this here Earth. I was crying my eyes out upon watching it, then I read this article.

    It’s not a stretch to say I feel very sad. Sad at the stupidity and gullibility of my supposedly well-educated and intelligent compadres. Sad at the fact we could have simply walked away in 2014 – and if we had, England would also have a much brighter future than the one it has now chosen for itself. Sad at the fact that I still see yoons everywhere, arguing black is white and Scotland is shite.

    We really are in the last chance saloon, and the staff are rolling down the shutters. Are we going to f*** it up again? Please, Scotland. PLEASE.

    • That doesn’t sound daft at all Az. Thanks for posting it.
      The stupidity and gullibility and anthropocentric delusions of many humans is astounding and, you are correct, we could have been in charge of our own destiny at this moment. The Bringlish (I love chicmac’s word) might also be in a better place by now.

  22. Brilliant article Paul. Scotland has voted in a Government who want Independence. We dont need any Referendums. Let the Government decide when we want Independence. It has nothing to do with Westminster. When Scotland went into the Union with England the people did not get a choice. The Lairds and the powers at be decided for us. Now the people must decide what we want to do. We voted in an Independent Government so lets get on with it. Nicola must strike now. I believe there is an Independence conference being held around the beginning of next month lets get it on the table there and be done with it !!!

  23. How depressing all this is. Even some of the ‘better’ papers are having editorials etc. on the negative Brexit effects now. At last!! but not enough, yet.

    There is a tendency by a few scribes on the web to denigrate those who have wealth. As indeed you do Paul referring to people with ‘old money’. Yes people with money have the wherewithal to make it grow and yes the tax system allows misuse which is not correct. I do not have wealth nor does my family but I get annoyed at the left leaning stories that have a go at those with some wealth. Without wealth there can be no prosperity nor would there be enough tax collected to help the less well off.

    The problem with the UK is its structures of benefits and taxation and our woefully low productivity which I hope an independent Scotland will correct so that we have a fair society, fair to all, including those with wealth. Regrettably Brexit will make it worse for everyone. However it is not Brexit that has damaged the less well off today, it is the state. The bankers in 2008 caused much of todays woes, as did Gordon Brown selling of the UK’s gold and taxing pensions etc. etc. etc.

    As many of us say we are all citizens of Scotland, rich and poor, left and right, Christian and Muslim. As you state clearly Paul the quicker we ditch the UK the better we will all be so that we can all prosper and all share in the wealth of the new independent country. That country will need to change its economic model and taxation regime if it is to make a difference.

    Back to where we are now. What I cannot get is the Brexiteers would rather follow dogma and care nothing for the effects of that dogma on the economy and hence all of us. They should be arrested for treason to the people that voted them in. To me they are all low life numpties.

    • I agree very much with your post Andy. We are a mixture of talented people who depend on eachother in developing Scotlands wealth, where it should be more equally devided and taxation more honestly reinvested in our public services. It is called teamwork.

  24. A very depressing snapshot of this country , no hope , no future , and no prospect of a change anytime soon .
    What do people do when they have nothing left to lose , first is probably deep depression then a realisation if we havent got it we will take it , take it from the ones who have it , they are easily identified and the areas they live are prime targets , the highest fences and other defences wont help , then we have a real problem with a underclass doing exactly what they want because the police cant be everywhere .
    This Tory party are dicing with everyone’s safety here and the think they will be safe , cast your mind back to the riots that happened down south a few years back , utter chaos and lawlessness , this is under the surface for the time being , they are relying on people’s self control , but remove hope ,and self control goes out the window , and we all suffer because of the few tories who have enabled this possible imminent catastrophe to set roots .
    Well done them .

  25. Has everyone caught up with the twitter feed of Jo Maugham QC – who is tweeting extracts from the secret Treasury report on the impact of Brexit/WTO? Dynamite details and the date of the report adds to that. Paul, have you seen it?

    • Hello Sandra

      Posted a link earlier slightly upthread and yes it pulls no punches. It’s as stark a review as you’ll read anywhere. What people need to bear in mind at this point, is that this is supposedly a Treasury report compiled by civil servants to inform government.

      So why weren’t the public informed? Why instead, official statements on the bestest super brexit opportunity ever waffle? This is the sort of report Scots were fed from day one of indyref campaigning. The fact that this report is post a referendum campaign speaks volumes. It speaks to complete governmental and systemic unpreparedness for a given outcome. It figuratively condemns the actions of those who launched a state wide referendum without agreed upon outcomes and pre planning for those outcomes.

      Support independence or not, what cannot be argued about the Scottish government’s approach to the 2014 indyref was the preparation and launch of the white paper. In the end a small majority decided to reject both it and independence, but at least they had something to reject. The EU ref campaign was a fact and legal agreement free catastrophe of epic proportions.

  26. We need to keep our powder dry and we must hold our nerve. The SNP is waiting until Scotland, including farmers and fishers, are sold out. May will sell out Scottish fisheries, just as sure as the turnin’ o the earth, for English cars and finance passporting.

    Indyref 2 will be held the day after that is revealed and the Britnats can’t hide the sell out, as the 27 remaining EU members are duty bound to report the final settlement to their own govts for ratification.

    Nowhere to run to, Theresa, nowhere to hide.

    And not even Reporting Scotland can ignore that last inevitable betrayal of Scotland.

    Equal partner – my arse. Scotland is England’s last colony.

  27. “I understand anger at Douglas Ross skiving. But what irks me is constituents getting in touch to tell me their Tory MP won’t reply to them”

    “I’ve loads of vulnerable constituents coming to me for help because they get nothing from their MP- and I’m not alone”

    “And to think I used to be able to signpost folk to two incredibly hard working SNP MPs who would do their best for them. It’s distressing”

    Aberdeenshire is in a bit of a mess since the Tory’s won seats there at the last GE.

  28. …the real depressing part is that the NO voters will still be voting NO. Given all that has happened the polls are not shifting!

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